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RPG Pokemon : New Legends


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Current Location:
Rustorboro City


Joey stood there, in the path of Rustorboro City. The city was [I]booming[/I]. He stood there looking at the Pokemon Center. Walking in, the door's opened infront of him. Looking around, he stood there in the doorway, staring at all the different Pokemon. To his left there was a [B]Grumpig[/B], to the right, a beautiful [B]Butterfree[/B] soaring in the air. Many, many other Pokemon was there.

"This is wonderful! I have to get some Pokeballs to start my Journey."

Reaching to his belt, Joey grabbed ahold of a Pokeball. Holding it in his hands. It enlarged, the room turned a tint of Red. When it cleared, a [B]Scyther[/B] stood in the large building.

"Scyther!" It said.

Walking over to the desk he registered to become a Trainer. When he was done he was given a pack of Pokeballs. He only took out what he could fit on his belt, twelve.

"You can always get more Pokeballs at a Pokemon Center. So do not worry how much you have now." The young lady that had helped him registered smiled at him.

Joey smiled back and walked out of the building, down the rode, outside of the city. He heard many Pokemon calls. Standing there, he grinned, eagerness was getting ahold of him, taking in a deep breath he walked on.[I]I must train so I can defeat Roxanne, so I may be able to get the Stone bade.[/I][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Current Location:
On route to Rustorboro

Imric walked, one hand in his pocket, the other throwing and catching his only Pokeball. His eyes were focussed on the path ahead of him.
'First stop, Pokemon Centre....then to train more....' he thought to himself and he quickened his pace.
He had been travelling a long time to get to this place, coming all the way from Cinnabar Island was a long haul. He looked to the sky and clipped his Pokeball back into place. He missed the Island...he missed his Uncle and the Fire Pokemon...and he hated to admit it but he missed her.
The only friend Imric had ever had on that Island, the only human friend that is, Alex. He had never admitted they were friends even though everyone knew. The two had grown up together, studied together and played together when they were younger....and then he left and they never saw each other again.
As Imric was still staring at the sky, he didn't notice a person jogging towards him. He carried on walking slowly until....
The two boys hit each other and fell to the ground.
"****!" Imric shouted, rubbing his chest. He looked up and glared at the boy who had run into him.
He was shorter than Imric and he looked younger, with light brown hair and blue eyes. Imric continued to glare.

[COLOR=Indigo]OOC: Is this okay?[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Current Location: Route 112/Mt. Chimney[/B]

Lucas looked up blankly at Mt.Chimney. It was huge... and it looked like a real hard climb to the top. But lots of Pokemon would be up there, and mayve he could get some battle experience before he went to Fallabour City. Going up the Mountain would also mean a chance to train his Charmander more, and live up to the family name and train a Charizard.

"Looks like a long way up..." Lucas gulped. He looked down at Charmander, who was also staring up. "But we're ready, aren't we?" Lucas laughed. Charmander cheered loudly, only saying its name, but no doubt it was a cheer.

"Char-Char!" It seemed to speak to Lucas, but Lucas couldn't understand anyway. He only understood a little. Lucas grinned, and began to walk up the steps, past the sign saying "Mount Chimney". Charmander followed behind, looking side to side.

"Aha! One more step to the top, one more step to livin' up to the-" Lucas cut off, when he saw a shadow of some sort leap from the rocks. Charmander and Lucas looked around frantically. "Charmander, you see that?" Lucas said in a hushed voice. "It's probably a Numbel or Machop, but Machop live below the mountain... I'm not sure one will be up here." Lucas whispered. He looked around, trying to see in higher places of the mountain, but there was too much steam.

"Char! Char!" Charmander yelled. It pointed forward, and as soon as Lucas looked to were it was pointing... BAM! A Pokemon had hit him with a kick right in Lucas' nose. Lucas yelled in pain and fell on his back, with a big red mark on his face.

"Err... so I'm guessing it's a Machop..." Lucas muttered. Charmander looked over him, almost raising its eyebrow (wait... do Charmander's have eyebrows?).m Lucas groaned heavily, but jumped to his feet. He was right, it was a Machop. One stood on the rocks, in a fighting pose. "Alright! A Machop! Go Charmander!" Lucas yelled pointing. Charmander leapt into battle. "Yes! A Machop!"[/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=darkgreen][b]Current Location: Rustboro City Limits[/b]

Kay jumped as she shot her head back up in to place, trying to stay awake as best as she could. She looked over the surrounding area trying to see if a truck was coming down the road. [i]He still isn't back[/i]. Kay stretched her arms out and looked down to see Eevee quitely sleeping in her lap, the sun warming his coat. [i]Slacker.[/i] Kay poked the pokemon on the nose and his eyes slowly opened, giving her a grumpy look. Kay just grinned at him and stood up, Eevee leaping off her legs and onto the rock she had been leaning against.

She then heard the muffler from an automobile and looked down the road to see an army camo. truck coming towards the girl and pokemon. "It's about time!" Kay exclaimed as Eevee jumped onto her shoulder. The truck pulled up and a muscular man emerged from the truck, Lt. Surge from Vermillion City AKA Dad. Kay smiled at him as he pulled a bag of pokeballs and a rectangular device from one of his large jacket pockets. They had redgistered Kay earlier to be a trainer, of course, they had forgotten the pokeballs and pokedex.

"Well, that's everything..." Surge said with a small smile as he handed the newly bought supplies to Kay. After she was done attaching pokeballs to her belt, Kay made a thumbs up. Surge ruffled her hat with a grin and then held out his large hand. "It was nice knowing ya'. Now get out there and get a good pokemon team of your own so you come home and take my job." Kay laughed slightly as she shook his hand firmly. With out another word, they turned at the same time and headed in opposite directions. Eevee sitting on kay's back pack, just about ready to fall asleep again. Kay glanced down at her hand to find a silver chained necklace with two tags on the end of it.

"Army men..." She grumbled with a shake of her head and then continued down the path that lead into Rustorboro City, sliping the chain around her neck. She was finally starting her own pokemon journey, about time! [/size][/color]
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[B]Current Location: En Route to Rustorboro[/B]

Alex bent low over Navy as the Ponyta sped through a thicket of trees, blue flames flowing out madly like a horse's mane.

"Ok, Navy, we're almost there. We can rest once we get there, 'aight?" Alex asked over the scream of the wind, and the Ponyta whinnied, being one of the only Pokemon who couldn't even say it's name.

Being totally used to the wind pressure while on her Pokemon's back, Alex tightened her leg hold and released her arms, taking out her Pokedex and turning to the Map section.

"So... once we get to the Pokemon Center, we can stay there for the night if all goes as planned."

She nodded and put it back in her top left vest pocket. She had already registered as a Pokemon trainer, so there was no need to waste her time on that. Blaine had done it the day before she had decided to leave. He also got her tickets for the S.S.Anne to travel from the Island to solid ground. Pangs of homesickness erupted inside of her as Alex remembered Blaine and the island. And him, of course. She couldn't forget Imric. Imric, a boy with little to no friends, and Alex, a popular girl with loads of friends. No one expected them to become friends, but what did they expect? Alex and Imric lived, studied, and played together for years and years. Then he left, and she hadn't heard from him since.

Alex snapped back to reality when Navy slowed to a trot, infront of them two boys were sitting on the ground, yelling at eachother about whose fault it was. Alex rubbed her Ponyta's neck lovingly, and, knowing this sign easily, the horse Pokemon stopped completely and, after Alex slid off quietly, whinnied. The older looking boy's head snapped around, almost as if he could recognize that whinny from anywhere.

OOC: Bleh, hope this is ok. Having a bit of a writers block, so I needed to find some people to interact with to get my brain working again. Hope you guys don't mind.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][B]Current Location: Mt.Chimney[/B]

Charmander and Machop eyed each other. They didn't make a move, not yet. Lucas stared at the two Pokemon, thinking what he should do. Charmander seemed to snarl at Machop, and the two began to circle each other. Suddenly, Machop leapt at Charmander with a Karate Chop. It hit Charmander in the chest.

"Crap! Charmander! Quick, Tackle Attack!" Lucas yelled. Charmander quickly attacked Machop with a very powerful tackle attack, sending Machop flying towards a rock. But Machop managed to leap on the rock instead of crash into it. "Don't let attack again, use Slash attack!" Lucas yelled. Charmander leapt at Machop with its claws in the air, ready to strike. But Machop got Charmander first. It smacked Charmander in the chest again with a low kick, then Machop landed on the floor gracefully.

"Maaachop!" It yelled Machop raised its fist in the air, and just stood there.

"Charmander, you can attack it now, its using Focus Energy!" Lucas shouted. "Tackle Attack!" He shouted. Charmander charged forward with all its power, tackling the Machop into a rock. It was a good job the Gym Leader at Mauville City registered Lucas, now he could catch Machop with the Pokeball's he had! Lucas took out a Pokeball, and started to look more serious. He tossed it at the Machop, hitting it clear on the head. A red beam zapped Machop into the Pokeball. The Pokeball landed with a crash on the ground, and began to shake. Both Lucas and Charmander watched closely. Then, the Pokeball stopped shaking. Lucas didn't move.

"Charmander!" Charmander yelled happily, leaping in the air.

"Alright! I got Machop!" Lucas yelled. "Now... I don't think we need to go over this Mountain. We'll go through the desert on Route 111 and then go to Fallabour Town from there!" Lucas said[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Current Location: Rustorboro City Gym
Natalie lent against the gym's outer wall, right beside the door. She was waiting for someone to have the guts to go and defeat Roxanne. She looked from underneath her white cap to see a boy walk up the gym's path with a Scyther at his side. The boy stopped at the door and looked at her.
" So you're going to challenge Roxanne?" Natlaie asked the boy.
" Yep. What's it to you?" the boy replied. His Scyther stood composed beside him.
" I was just wondering. What's your name?" Natalie asked in a kinder tone.
" It's Joey, and this is Scyther. Are you a poke`mon trainer?"
" Of course. I'm Natalie and I want to become a legednary trainer."
" Cool." They shook hands.
" So, are you going to do it?" Nat asked.
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OOC : This happened before I ran into Imi's Character. Also, Cloud Strife, I am sorry but I see that you are not experience alot of Rp's. Such as axually having paragraphs for the Rp. You are out, no offense. Please everyone else ignore his Post.

Current Location:
Rustoboro Gym


"Sure, why not? I have been training this Scyther for a long time." Joey stood there, staring at the wonders of the Rustoboro Gym.

"Scyther.." The grass pokemon gently moved it's wings.

"It is going to be tough. I have not caught a Pokemon yet. So maybe I should wait Natalie. It would be best if I atleast had one more Pokemon." Standing there, he stared at the entrance of the Gym. His palms slightly ready, making a fist.

"Yes, I need another Pokemon." Joey slid his Pokedex out of his front vest pocket. Natalie still leaned against the wall. Quickly he chosed the map, finding his current location, then searching around to see which Pokemon was around.

"Looks like...[B]Taillow[/B] would probably be around Route 104. That is where I am going to be heading. Sorry Natalie, I know when I am not ready to take on a Gym leader. Right now is one of them." With that Joey started South to Route 104.

[B]Bang[/B]! Before Joey could think, he ran into someone. Although, he did not get knocked down.

"Do you mind not stepping in the path just standing there?" Anger was building up inside of Joey, although he pushed it down.

"Klutz..." The taller boy replied.

"What did you just call me? It was your fault anyway..."

Both of the boy's started to argue. It went on so long, there legs became tired, so they sit down. They still argued as they heared the whinnie. [I]Sounded like a Ponyta![/I]! Joey immediately though. He looked over, there it was, a [B]Ponyta[/B], although this one with blue flames.

Looking past the [B]Ponyta[/B], Joey suddenely noticed a [B]Taillow[/B] that just landed as the young girl got off her [B]Ponyta[/B].

"Scyther, quick furry swipes!" Scyther nodded, in a instant the Pokemon was in the air. It's lethal blades slicing out at the [B]Taillow[/B]. Quickly Joey threw a Pokeball at the Pokemon. A bright red flash lit the area. As soon as the Pokeball sucked the Pokemon in, it fell to the ground. Swaying back and forth, it's button blinking from white to red. [I]It Stopped![/I]

"Good, atleast I have another pokemon. Great job Scyther." Joey went and picked up the Pokemon. He noticed that the [B]Tailow[/B] was young and in-experienced with fighting, Joey would change that of course.[/size][/color]
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Current Location: Rustoboro City

Natalie followed Joey and watched him capture a Taillow. She smiled when she saw Scyther's skill. It was a beautiful thing, watching a Scyther battle, especially a well trained one. She joined Joey at his side.
" Nice capture. Your Scythe is very skilled," she said, looking sideways at Joey.
He smiled. " Thanks."
" No problem. But now I'm thinking that you could have taken on Roxanne with just your Scyther," Natalie said, putting her hand behind her head and smiling innocently.
" Yeah? Well, at least I have a backup." They both turned to the girl who had hopped off her Ponyta and to the taller boy Joey had argued with before.
" Hi! My name's Natalie. And you guys are?" Natalie asked them. [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"Imric...." was the serious reply, he was still annoyed that this dumb kid had run into him [B]and[/B] had caught a Pokemon before him.
The boy, Joey, shifted a bit under Imric?s cold glare, then the girl spoke up,
"My names Alex, and don't mind Imric, he?s just grouchy!" she laughed.
"Damn right." Imric said flatly, folding his arms across his chest and closing his eyes.
"So you two...know each other?" Joey asked, looking from Alex to Imric.
Alex nodded, "Yep! We're both from Cinnabar Island, isn't that right, Imric?"
Imric nodded in reply and Ponyta stamped it's foot, nuzzling into his back. Imric jumped and spun around, glaring at the Ponyta who just looked back innocently. He raised and eyebrow and the Ponyta looked down sheepishly. Imric sighed, "Fine." he simply said and he turned to Alex, "Your Pokemon sure is stubborn" he said, another nudge in his back made him continue.
He sighed and looked up at Alex, ".....I....missed you." he said after a long pause.
Natalie giggled and Imric blushed, "That's cute!" she squealed and she turned to Alex, waiting for the reply.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Indigo]OOC: Aww, poor Imric, getting bullied by the girls ^^; Sorry this is so short...my brain seems to have taken a vacation.[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=SlateGray]Current Location:
Route 104


"Yes, so Imric and Alex know each other. My name is Joey, and this is Scyther." Scyther stared coldly at Imric. The pokemon seemed not pleased with this other boy.

"Oh, yeah." Joey held a pokeball in his hand. He tossed it at Imric, the boy's face was stunned.

"You can have [B]Taillow[/B]." Turning around, Joey started further down Route 104. He stopped beside a small oak tree. The sun was hot, Joey and [B]Scyther[/B] sit there in the shade. Watching the surroundings to see if they were any pokemon around.

"Hope we can get you some friends [B]Scyther[/B]." Grinning he looked down at the grass pokemon.

"Scyther..." The grass pokemon moved it's back wings slightly.

[B]Scyther[/B] quickly glanced behind the tree.[I]Click[/I]! It sounded like a branch broke. [I]Houndour![/I]

"That's a [B]Houndour![/B] Quick Scyther, Agility, Quick Attack, then Slash!" Scyther nodded.

[B]Scyther[/B] used the ability Agility, confusing the Houndour as multiple [B]Scyther[/B]'s appeared around the Pokemon. [B]Houndour[/B] shook it's head, charging straight forward, using Tackle.]Scyther had stopped to do Quick Attack, [B]Houndour[/B] followed the smell, hitting [B]Scyther[/B] hard with a tackle. Joey's pokemon recovered quickly and used Quick Attack. [B]Houndour[/B] was hit head on as [B]Scyther[/B]'s head slammed into the back of it.[B]Houndour[/B] flew through the air.

"Houndour!" It said's it's name as it hit the ground. Jumping straight up, charging at [B]Scyther[/B]. It suddenly stopped and used Ember. The flames flew threw the air, hitting [B]Scyther[/B] directly.

"Scyther, are you okay? It knows your a grass pokemon. So it will use fire attacks. Avoid them!" Joey commanded his pokemon.

[B]Scyther[/B] jumped quickly into the air, dodging another Ember attack. While in the air, it flipped and landed in a tree. As soon as it his the limb, [B]Scyther[/B] launced himself at [B]Houndour[/B]. The Pokemon was preparing to use Ember! Quickly, [B]Scyther[/B] brought down it's lethal blade as [B]Houndour[/B] was opening it's mouth.

"Keep trying Scyther! He is getting tired.!" Joey stayed calm, although his body jittery.[/size][/color]
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Location: Just outside of Rustboro City

Nyssa walked along with both her hands stuck in her jacket pockets. The wind blew her hair every which way. Nyssa was very happy right now. She had registered as a trainer at New Bark Town and was now ready to explore the Hoen Region. Nyssa felt hyped. She couldn't wait to see all the unique Pokemon in the Hoen Region... Nyssa'a Natu hopped from around the bend in the road, chirruping excitedly.


"What is it Natu?" Nyssa asked.

Nyssa bent over and looked directly into Natu's eyes. Nyssa saw flashes of the road ahead before her eyes. When Nyssa first had Her Pokemon Natu could only send images of colors and shapes to Nyssa. But latley Natu had been able to send pictures of what it had seen. First all Nyssa could see was an empty road but she then saw a girl with an Evee walking away from a truck.

[I]Probably a trainer.[/I] Nyssa thought.

Just then the truck that Nyssa saw in the vision drove by. She did a double take on who she saw in the truck. She whirled around to look again but the truck was already far down the road.

[I]Was that really...the gym leader Lt. Surge?[/I]

Nyssa shook her head...[I]Couldn't have been.[/I]

Nyssa continued her casual pace. But Natu tugged at her shoelaces.

"Oh, so you want me to meet the girl ahead on the road, huh?" Nyssa asked.

Natu replied in a very definate "Tu!" which sounded like a yes.

Nyssa sighed, "Oh all right..."
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[size=1][color=darkgreen]Kay yawned, she had been so excited about starting her pokemon journey, but she hadn't seen any pokemon sense she started towards Rustboro City. She hated to admit it, but she was getting bored. Eevee suddenly leaped off of Kay's pack landing neatly on all fours, his ears twitched back and forth.
Kay blinked and opened her ears so she could try to hear what Eevee was listening to. It was a faint sound, but she could make out a boy yelling something out.

"Let's go check it out, we have nothing better to do." Kay said to Eevee, they started running off the trail, heading in the direction which the noise was coming from.

Kay peared around a large Oak tree to see a boy around her age, a Scyther, and a Houndour. From what she could tell, the Scyther was the boys and he was trying to catch the Houndour. She watched silently from her hiding place as the Scyther flew from a tree branch straight at the fire pokemon, which had its mouth opened ready to use an ember attack. [i]If that ember attack hits head on, that Scyther might have to back out of this fight... He could...[/i]
As Kay thought, the Scyther buzzed its wings rapidly as flames burst from the Houndour's mouth. The flames barely grazed the grass pokemon's stomach as it flew in and slammed against the Houndour, sending it into a tree where it collapsed on the ground.

The boy punched the air and quickly pulled out an empty pokeball. In a flash of red the Houndour was consumed inside the ball and it began to rock back and forth. Kay heard a twig snap behind and quickly turned around to see...[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1][B]Current Location: Route 111 (Desert)[/B]

"Man... how do I get to Fallabour town with all these sand storms in the desert?" Lucas sighed. He sat down on the a rock, looking out the Route 111. A sandstorm was raging across it... it looked impossible to cross. "Maybe I'll go the long way or something..." Lucas sighed. Charmander was sat beside him, also looking glum.

"Hey, are you Lucas? Ian bro', right?" A voice said. Lucas spun round, seeing a tall boy, or teenager, with a backpack full of Pokeball's and messy hair going over his eyes. The person had black and red clothes on, and a huge Magma stood beside him. The person was holding a bike up beside him also.

"I am." Lucas muttered, standing up.

"Good. My name's Aaron. Ten years ago, when I was a boy, your brother helped me catch some wild Pokemon, abandoned ones. He helped me a lot, now I caught over 100 Pokemon because of him. No one's heard of him for awhile, correct?" Replied the man. Lucas nodded. "Well... I haven't had a chance to repay him, but I have heard you're going on a journey."

"Well... what do you have in mind to give me?" Lucas asked blankly. Aaron chuckled.

"Ah well... I didn't know at first. But I can do this for you. Here, take these." Aaron said, reaching into his backpack. He ruffled around his Pokeball's, taking out some goggles. "These can get you past the sandstorm, but you may want to put your Charmander in its Pokeball first." Aaron laughed. He tossed the goggles to Lucas, then walked over to Lucas, particall handing Lucas his bike. "And this too. This bike will get you to Fallabour super fast. Though when you get to Rustoboro City, a young girl will be somewhere near there. She's called Sharon, and you'll know its her because she has a Raichu with her. Give her the bike and Goggles, she'll give them back to me." Aaron explained. Lucas grabbed the bike, and looked confused.

"You're doing this because of my brother? He must have done a lot..." Lucas muttered.

"He did more for me than you can ever dream of. I might have even died if he didn't guide me into beating and capturing those two Pokemon. Here, I want you to take these too." Aaron said, taking out two wrapped up Pokeball's from his backpack. "But let me tell you this... don't use these Pokemon until your Charmander has evolved. Let your Charmander evolve once first, then you can use these Pokemon. You can look at the Pokeball's their in, just don't use them." Aaron gave Lucas the Pokeball's, smiling.

"N-no. I can't take these." Lucas muttered. "I won't."

"No please, take them. These Pokemon are the one's your brother helped me get, I can't keep them any longer. They're trusting, and will obey you, I just can't have them anymore. I've got their evolved forms, but they won't evolve. I'm not abandoning them, I'm giving them too you because I know it's the best way to repay your brother. And they'll come in handy when you go on your journey, trust me. You're brother collected all kinds of Pokemon, mainly fire, but in his party he kept only Kanto Pokemon. I have a feeling you'll go his way. Now please, take them, those Pokemon are yours, just don't use them until Charmander evolves." Aaron said. "I have to go now, I might see you again someday, maybe I'll battle you..." Aaron said, running off back to Mt.Chimney. Lucas blinked, and so did Charmander.

"Kanto..." Lucas muttered. Aaron said he could look at their Pokeball's, but not the Pokemon. So Lucas unwrapped the brown paper around the Pokeball's, seeing they were both shinny, and looked new. But they were ten years old, so Aaron must have taken good care off them. "Hey... what's this...?" Lucas said, looking at the side of both Pokeball's. It was soe kind of marker, or some kind of ink that wouldn't come off, with the letters "Mars" on one Pokeball, and the letters "Venus" on the others. Lucas figured they were the names of planets. "Well... Aaron said I should only open them when you evolve... so I will... now, onwards to Fallabour!"[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Imric snarled and opened the Pokeball releasing the Tailow. The Pokemon turned around and looked at him, "Get going..." Imric said and stuck his hands in his pockets. The Tailow chirped and flew next to him. Imric stopped and the Tailow hovered and then landed on his shoulder. The boy twitched, flicking his blue pony tail in an attempt to calm down.
"Get off...." he said to the Pokemon in his most threatening voice. The Tailow chirped again and looked at him, it seemed confused.
"I have no use for useless Pokemon like you." Imric said and he brushed the Tailow away.
"I'm only interested in fire types." he glared at Joey and the other boy could feel Imric?s cold gaze boring into his back. He spun around as did his Scyther,
"What's your problem?" the annoyed boy asked.
Imric walked past, making sure to hit the others shoulder.
"You." he whispered and continued his way forward.
?Oh my...." Alex said, looking from Imric to the others, "He's just...um...."
"An asshole." Joey finished off and he started to walk away, "I hope he stays out of my life."
Alex looked annoyed and Natalie looked confused, she didn?t know any of these people well enough to try and help.
Imric disappeared from view as he entered the forest, straying from the path. the only thing that was heard was the bark of his Growlithe being released form it's Pokeball.
The Tailow Imric had 'set free' wasn?t too happy about his trainer walking off like that, so it followed chirping happily as it went.
"Well...at least he won?t be alone...." Natalie tried to joke.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Current Location: Route 113 (Towards Fallabour)
OOC: It might take a few more long post for me to get to Rustboro City.[/B]

It didn't take too long to get through the desert. The bike Aaron gave Lucas was really cool! It rode quickly across all sorts of grounds, was easy to use and got Lucas on his way a lot faster! Right now, he was riding towards Route 113, his goggles on top of his head after riding through the sandstorm. Straight after they got out of the desert, he released Charmander, who was now holding on to the back of Lucas. Lucas was fully of sand and dust, but he didn't care. Lucas was riding so fast, he could hardly see some of the people in front of him.

"Woohoo! This is great! We already have 3 new team members, but the 2 new Pokemon don't really count... Oh well! Haha!" Lucas laughed. He sped up, Charmander almost flying off the back. Suddenly, Lucas came to a halt, the bike skidding to the side and Charmander almost falling off. Lucas stared around him. They had just came into Route 113, and there was Volcanic ash falling from the sky. It wasn't hot, just warm on the ground. Lucas started to cough, and pulled his goggles over his eyes. "Man... I can't move this bike, the ash is too thick... and you can't pull it Charmander..." Lucas sighed. "Oh, I know! Go, Machop!" Lucas yelled, grabbing one of his pokeball's. It hit the ground hard, and Machop came bursting out. Machop raised its arms in the air.

"Machop! Machop!" It chanted. Lucas remembered how much Machop's loved to work out and show off their muscles, and Lucas couldn't ride his bike with all the ash.

"Okay, Charmander, you walk near Machop, make sure no wild Pokemon come near, I want to get to Fallabour fast. Machop, you can help me. Pull the bike along, while I push." Lucas told them. Charmander leapt in the air happily, and Lucas laughed, coughing from the ash. Lucas grabbed the handle bars, and began to push, while Machop grabbed above the while and pulled, pushing soe ash away as he went.


It took awhile for them to get out of Route 113, and into Fallabour town. The town was fairly small, with no Gym, but still, Lucas had made it in a short time. He should thank Aaron, because without the bike, Lucas would still be in the desert. Charmander and Machop seemed a little worn not, but not too badly. Lucas sat back on the floor beside the Pokemon center, his two Pokemon beside him.

"Phew... now all we need to do is get to the next town... want something to eat?" Lucas asked his Pokemon. Charmander nodded happily, but Machop didn't. He was stood up, punching and kicking the air. He was fast, and powerful, it was really amazing. It seemed to love fighting, and working out. "Machop?" Lucas said, his voice raised more. Machop snapped out of his fighting, and blinked at Lucas. "Want a sandwhich?" Lucas asked. Machop paused for a few seconds, then smiled, nodding. It leapt beside Charmander, taking the Sandwhich out of Lucas' hands and eating it playfully. "Not far to the next City..." Lucas said with a sigh.

"Not far?" A voice laughed. It was a high voice, like a young man's, around Lucas's age. Lucas looked up. A shaggy looking lad was laughing at him. The boy had a Mightyena beside him, which also seemed to be smirking too. "You have to go through Metor(sp?) Falls! Ha! With those Pokemon you'll never make it!" The boy laughed. Him and his Mightyena ran off, the boy still laughing. Lucas growled.

"I'll show you!" Lucas shouted. "Machop, Charmander, c'mon! We're going to Rustboro City, and we're going to train on the way!" Lucas yelled. Machop threw his meal down straight away, running after Lucas, while Charmander came running along with his sandwhich in his hands, munching at it as he ran.[/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=SlateGray]Current Location:
Route 104


"What is up with Imric...Anyway, Great job [B]Scyther[/B]. That was good work cathing [B]Hondour[/B]!" Joey reached down to his belt. Taking a pokeball off of it, a slight [I]click[/I] sound was made when it was coming off.

"[B]Hondour[/B]!" The Pokeball enlarged in his hands. Red light shone in a line as the Pokemon was released. It seemed worn out because of the battle. Although, it still chanted it's name. It sit down abruptly.

"Seems like it is wore out. So I will go back to Rustoboro City to the Pokemon Center." Joey declared, without further conversation he started back to Rustoboro City.


Current Location:
Rustoboro City

Stepping onto the brick like ground of the City. Joey immediately looked for the Center. His light blue eyes searching around him as he walked. [I]There it is![/I] Stopping abruptly he looked right at the Pokemon Center. Walking straight in he looked at a beautiful nurse.

"Ma'am, would you heal both of my Pokemon please?" Joey asked in a pleasant voice.

"Yes! I surely will!" The nurse replied smiling.

Joey, immediately ordered both Pokemon to go with the nurse. Both was reluctant at first, but they decided to go. Standing there he looked across the room and saw all the Pokemon that was around him. Then he noticed the telecom system. He decided to call his mom and dad, walking over he dialed the numbers. Both his parents appeared on the screen. Joey explained all that happened, both smiled and decided to let him go.

"Their good to go!" The nurse came out from the emergency room. Both [B]Scyther[/B] and [B]Hondour[/B], both Pokemon looked at their Trainer.

"Scyther...." [B]Scyther[/B] sliced the air with it's blade.

"Hondour!" [B]Hondour[/B] bit the air.

"Thank you Nurse." Joey, smiled.[/size][/color]
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[size=1][color=darkgreen][b]Current Location: Route 104[/b]

"Treeco!" A inch away from Kay's face was a Treeco hanging upside down from a tree branch.

"Holy crap!" Kay yelled jumping back wards with fright. Eevee leaped to the ground growling at the curious green pokemon that was now laughing uncontrolably. Kay looked around to see that the boy who had caught the Houndour had disappeared and was no where in sight. [i]Darn, I would have liked meeting that trainer...[/i] Kay shook her head and returned her attention to the laughing Treeco.

"Ok Eevee, lets try to make our first catch." Kay said confidentally. The Treeco understood and dropped from the branch, landing on its feet ready for a fight. Eevee and the grass pokemon stared each other down for a moment and then Treeko charged towards Eevee. "Dodge it Eevee, then come back with a Headbutt!" Kay commanded. Eevee leaped to the left of the Treeco and then charged at it, his head down ready for impact.

"Tree-co!" Treeco laughed as it jumped slightly in the air and then bounced of Eevee's head and landing on a near by rock. Eevee shook his head free of dirt and then turned to face the grass pokemon once again.

[i]That Treeco is fast, we'll just have to slow it down.[/i]

"Eevee brace yourself for its next attack!" Kay said clenching her fist. the Treeco smiled happily and started another charge at Eevee, it was four feet away. "Quick, use Sand Attack!" Eevee spun around and kicked up dirt and sand sending it into the Treeco's eyes. It stopped its charge and rubbed its eyes in anger.

"Now use tackle!" Kay yelled. Eevee easily ramed against the blind Treeco, sending it tumbling over its feet and landing on its side. "Finish with headbutt!" Eevee easily hit his target, sending Treeco through the air where it landed with a thud.

Grining, Kay pulled a pokeball from her belt and enlarged it. She raised it into the air and took a deep breath before launching it at the dazzed pokemon that layed on the ground. In a small flash of red light the Treeco was transfered into the now occupied pokeball and shook six time before the red light finally went out.

"Alright!" Kay exclaimed happily as she jumped over to the pokeball that layed on the ground. Eevee jumped onto Kay's head in glee as Kay picked up Treeco's pokeball. "Our first catch, Dad will be a bit sad that it wasn't an electric type, but he'll get over it!"

After gathering up her new friend, Kay headed towards Rustboro so she could reserve a room for the night. She was careful to walk around a group of trainers, one boy seemed really pissed off and she knew how some people could be when they had a fire breathing pokemon and were in a bad mood. The whole way to the pokemon center she felt like someone was following her, but everytime she looked back no one was there. She could have sworn she heard a natu at one point too. [i]It must be my imagination... Those morning pushups must have rattled my head.[/i]

Walking into the pokemon center Kay noticed the boy who had caught the houndour earlier. [i]Alright, maybe now I can get a quick conversation with this guy.[/i]
Pokemon Team:
[img]http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs288.gif[/img] - Eevee
[img]http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs001.gif[/img] - Treecko[/size][/color]
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Current Location: With Alex in Rustoboro City

" Oh boy," Natalie sighed to herself. She just watched Joey stalk off and Imric storm off in a typical fire trainer's rage. She looked to Alex.
" So what do you want to do?" Alex shrugged her shoulders.
" Hey, what's your poke`mon?" Alex asked curiously. Natalie smiled.
" Come on out Dragoon." Natalie opened her only pokeball and from inside came a silver Dratini that floated around her trainer.
" Oh wow! A Dratini. And it's silver! Cool!" Zlex said, walking up close to it.
" You can pat him if you want. Your Ponyta is very cool too and rare because its flames are blue. Doesn't that mean they're hotter than red flames?"
" Yeah, how did you know?" Alex asked while patting Dragoon. Nat shrugged her shoulders.
" Just guessed."
From the forest, a bark from a Growlithe came to them. Imric emerged from the forest with his Growlithe at his side. He saw Natalie's Dratini and snorted with disgust.
" I thought you'd have a better poke`mon than that."
Nat's eyes narrowed dangerously. " Do you want to see just how powerful a well trained dragon poke`mon can be?"
" No. Because I know my Growlithe's fire attacks are uneffective against a dragon type."
" Wise choice," Nat replied. Dragoon kept circling around her in mid-air.
" So you are both from Cinnabar? I like fire poke`mon, especially Moltres and Entei. I want to become a legendary trainer, one who trains the legendary poke`mon."
" Wow. That'll be something if you achieve it," Alex said.
" Don't worry, I will," Nat replied. Imric snorted again. A chirp came from behind Imric. He spun around. The Taillow Joey caught chirped happily behind him.
" Buzz off!" Imric spat. His Growlithe warned the Taillow not to approach Imric with a low growl. Natalie walked over to the Taillow, picked it up and placed him on her shoulder.
" Don't worry Taillow, if he doesn't want you, I'll take care of you." Taillow looked sadly at Imric then back at Natalie with his head down. " Don't worry Taillow, he'll come round. Dragoon stopped mid-air and approached Taillow with caution. Alex laughed.
" Is Dragoon scared of Taillow?"
" No, he's never seen one before. Curiousity." Both the girls laughed with Imric staring coldly at Taillow.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Location: In a forest just off Route 104

Imric stalked through the forest glaring at anything that moved. his Growlithe, on the other hand, was a different matter. Blayze was jumping around playfully and yapping at the Beautifly (sp?), all of this was new to him since he and Imric had never left Cinnabar Island before.
Imric sighed and a slight vain could be seen twitching on his forehead (true anime style)
"Blayze...." he warned tapping his fingertips lightly on his partners Pokeball. The Growlithe whimpered and gave Imric it?s best 'puppy dog' look. Imric sighed and looked at his friend.
"Fine...do what you want but don?t get lost," he warned, "and if you see a worthy Pokemon.....kick it?s ***."
His Growlithe barked in response and ran off again, deeper into the forest.

About 10 minutes later Imric heard a yelp,
"Blayze!" he shouted frantically and he started to sprint through the forest, hurdling over the obstacles in his way. He arrived to see his Growlithe battling a Poochyena. Both Pokemon looked hurt, Growlithe was bitten and Poochyena was scorched.
Before Imric could throw a Pokeball his Growlithe was attacked again, "Kuso...." he swore in Japanese as his Growlithe whimpered in pain. Blayze had been a pet to Imric and wasn?t trained at all.
'Why did I let him run off like that?' Imric thought, he didn?t know what to do and was tempted to run over and pull the Poochyena off when?
"Tailloooooow!" the bird Pokemon shot like a bullet, hitting the Poochyena square between the eyes. The Puppy dog staggered and then fell over, it's eyes swirling in confusment. Imric threw his Pokeball and watched as it shook....once...twice....and then it stopped with a little beep.
Imric actually smiled, almost cheered. He ran over to Taillow and Growlithe, checking that they were okay. He returned Blaze to his Pokeball and picked up Taillow.
"Hey, little fella, you did well!" he said cheerily, glad that this little bird had saved his best friend. The Taillow chirped weakly and Imric let it rest in his Pokeball.
"Well....I better get to the Pokemon centre....or I'll be in trouble." with that in mind, Imric set off out of the forest, hoping to meet up with Alex in Rustoboro city.


(This is a good idea to put)
Pokemon team:

[IMG]http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs010.gif[/IMG] Poochyena
[IMG]http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs025.gif[/IMG] Tailow
[IMG]http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg058.png[/IMG] Blayze[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=SlateGray]Current Location:
Rustorboro City

Turning around, Joey was walking out of the Pokemon Center. He suddenely stopped, staring at a beautiful [B]Eevee[/B]. Then looking to it's trainer.

"Beautiful [B]Eevee[/B], Ma'am" Joey nodded and smiled.

Looking over the girl he could tell that the Pokemon was well taken care of, also well trained. Laughing he went to pet the [B]Eevee[/B] quickly it jumped back. Staring at [B]Houndour[/B] and [B]Scyther[/B]

"The name is Kayla, I saw you fighting the [B]Houndour[/B]" Kayla nodded, seeming not to smile.

"I didn't see you. Sorry, I was kind of busy. It was a hard fight, although worth it." Joey knelted down, petting [B]Houndour[/B]. At the same time he was patting [B]Scyther[/B]'s head. Both pokemon said their names.

"Scyther..." Slashing the air, the pokemon was happy.

"Houndour!" Barking aloud in the Center.

Joey, quickly gained his feet. The young girl, Kayla, kept staring at him. Suddenely he felt uneasy, reaching out his hand. He was going to shake Kayla's hand.

"Oh sorry, I was to busy admiring your Pokemon. I forgot to tell you, I am Lt. Surge's daughter." Kayla thought it should have a effect on Joey. Joey showed no sign of it bothering him. He just smiled and shook Kayla's hand greatfully.

"You can join me if you want." Joey asked still shaking Kayla's hand.

"Sure, why not. Do not have anything else to do.." They both let go of his hands. Kayla went to the nurse, reaching her Pokemon to her. [I]Later[/I], the nurse brought back the Pokemon. Both the Trainers walked out of the Pokemon center.

[B]Pokemon Team:[/B]


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Location: Rustboro City

Nyssa lingered behind the Evee trainer, concealed by the gathering darkness. So far she was impressed. Treeco wasn't a very common Pokemon and quite an acheivement to catch one. She was also interested in the Evee. Nyssa had never seen one before but heard how they had many evolved forms and evovled depending on how it was treated.

[I]I wonder wich pokemon that trainer plans on evolving her Evee into.[/I]

The girl ahead skirted around a group of trainers. Nyssa wondered why until she saw two boys in a huff, walking away from each other. Nyssa decided that avoiding the group was a wise choice and walked around them. Nyssa looked around at Rustboro City. It was so noisy and full of life. A completely different universe compared to her quiet home town: New Bark. Nyssa's Natu yawned.

"I guess we better find a place to stay for the night."

Nyssa began to walk towards the Pokemon Center and found that the trainer she had followed was heading the same way. Nyssa stpped in front of the doors to the Pokemon Center and looked up at the sky. The stars were so beautiful that night...almost as beautiful as the last night she saw her older sister...

Nyssa's eyes filled with tears but just as quickly she wiped them away angrily. Natu chirrped its name anxiously.

Nyssa clenched her fists, "We'll show them Natu...show the world that we're an unbeatable team!"

Nyssa gave Natu a tight lipped smile, "Which means we have to keep up with the competition and catch a Pokemon tommorrow!"

Natu repeated its name excitedly and Nyssa gathered it up into her arms and strode into the Pokemon Center.

(The Pokemon Team thing is a good idea.)
Pokemon Team:
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[size=1][color=darkgreen][b]Current Location: Rustboro City near the pokemon center[/b]
[i]"Well that was a smooth way of making friends..."[/i] Kay thought as she walked out of the pokemon center with the boy. She hadn't been trying to brag about being a gym leaders daughter, she was trying to think of something to talk about and that just poped in her head. She slapped her forehead slightly with her hand while a girl with a Natu at her side scrambled into the Pokemon Center. She made a double take of them wondering if she had been following her.

"Is something wrong?" The boy asked as he watched Kay's odd expressions. Kay turned her attention away from the girl and slipped her hands in her pockets.

"Just thought I saw someone I knew..." She said in a hushed tone. "Hey, I don't think I caught your name." She said wanting to change the subject.

"I'm sorry. My name is Joey, Ma'am." He said with a smile in a good boy kind of manner. Kay twitched slightly.

"Don't call me Ma'am, it makes me twitch. Just Kay." She replied simply with a smile. Joey blinked, slightly taken back, but he smiled and nodded as they carried on down the street aimlessly. Eevee was now walking along side with Scyther, looking up at the tall pokemon and giving it curious looks.

[i]I wonder where we're going?[/i][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Imric was walking up the path when he saw that Joey kid and another girl walking towards him. He put on a serious expression and quickened his pace.
It seemed that Joey had noticed him because he frowned and looked at the floor. When Joey was about to pass him Imric stuck out his arm, stopping the younger boy dead in his tracks.
"About before....I didn?t mean to be such an ***....first impressions aren?t my strong point." with that he continued walking, he has avoided using the word 'sorry' and sounding like a loser but he had apologised...in a sense.
The two trainers watched Imric walk back towards the Pokemon centre,
"What was that all about?" Kay asked Joey. He just blinked,
"It doesn't matter." he replied and continued walking.
Imric entered the Pokemon Centre and walked over to the desk. A Nurse came over to him, smiled and bowed. Imric just stared back at her and frowned.
"My Pokemon are quite hurt, here." he said, shoving three Pokeballs into the Nurses hands.
She looked quite taken aback and slightly annoyed,
"Obnoxious brat...." she muttered as she left the counter, struggling to carry the three Pokeballs at once.
Imric just sighed and clicked his neck. He walked over to a couch and sat down.
A young boy, maybe 8 years old, was sitting opposite him and when he saw Imric sit down he perked up,
"Hey, mister!" he said in the most annoying 'perky child' voice.
Imric twitched and ignored him, 'Great...this is all I need.' he thought.
The boy didn?t give up, "Mister?" he asked and he jabbed Imric in the side.
Imric's eyes flared, "What the hell do you want, you little snot?" he shouted.
The boy stared, as did the other trainers in the Centre, and he started to wail. Imric growled, "Grrr...Kuso!" the Nurse came out with his Pokeballs and was about to ask him what happened,
"I don't care." came Imric?s answer as he grabbed his Pokeballs, making his way back outside the city.
He grabbed Taillow?s Pokeball and opened it.
The bird chirped and looked happily up at Imric, it flew up and landed on the boys shoulder.
Imric then reached into his pocket and drew out his Growlithe?s Pokeball, he looked at it and smiled,
"Blayze!" he called, throwing the ball into the air and then catching it in it's decent.
He bent down and petted his favourite Pokemon, "Who needs human friends when Pokemon don't talk?"[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Current Location: Meteor Falls[/B]

Charmander led the way through Meteor Falls, Lucas behind, and Machop at the back with the bike on his back. Machop's could lift almost anything with one hand, and a bike wasn't a problem. Meteor Falls was pretty light, but there were a lot of Zubat and Solrock hanging around. Charmander leapt back, almost falling over Lucas when a Zubat swooped down almost hitting him.

"Zubat's! I can swear that's the same Zubat who keeps trying to knock us over!" Lucas yelled. "Next time, flame 'em Charmander!" Lucas shouted. Charmander looked around, seeing if any Zubat's were coming, but it looked clear. Charmander continued to walk forward, then suddenly stopping. It was a very steep drop down... Lucas growled, lowering his head. He leapt down the steep, landing on his legs half way, almost falling over. Charmander followed, slipping down it also. Machop followed, walking down gracefully and not even slipping. Lucas fell back on the floor. "Man... this will take forever..." He sighed. Machop sat beside him, throwing the bike down. Suddenly, he noticed the sandwhich in Lucas's pocket. "Hey, if you wanted it you could've just asked!" Lucas laughed when Machop took it out of his pocket. They all seemed to laugh, but that stopped when all three of them heard a voice echoeing through the falls.

"Useless! You don't belong with me, I don't tame weak Pokemon!" Lucas knew that voice... from somewhere. Lucas, Machop and Charmander looked at each other. "Go on! Get away from me! Get!" The same voice yelled.

"It's coming from over there!" Lucas said, getting to his feet. Be began to run forward, almost tripping over some of the rocks. His too Pokemon followed behind, then they came to the same trainer from before, with a Tauros. "It's him!" Lucas shouted.

"Hey... you managed to get through! I could have gotten through a lot faster, if it weren't for this useless Pokemon!" The boy yelled, clenched his fist. Lucas gasped, he thought he was about to punch Tauros, but the boy stopped. Tauros had its eyes closed, it was afraid. "Ha! See? It's afraid! Stupid thing even has a neckless!" The boy shouted, his Mightyena barking at Tauros. "By the way, Mr.Weakling, I'm David. You're Lucas, I heard about you from other weak trainers!" The boy laughed. Lucas growled.

"You can't treat your Pokemon like that!" Lucas yelled. David sniggered, and began to back out of the cave.

"Fine, you keep it!" David shouted. Lucas growled. David had ran off on his Pokemon, so Lucas would keep it. As soon as Lucas turned round to Tauros... it seemed angry. Lucas gulped.

"Errr...." Before Lucas could even speak, Tauro began to tap its foot on the ground, ready to charged Lucas. Lucas quickly grabbed the bike off Machop, leapt and it, grabbed his two Pokemon and sped off as fast as he could. As soon as Lucas got out of the cave, Tauros charged, flicking dust up. David was stood near the cave laughing, but Lucas wasn't. "Oh crap! Oh crap! It's catching up!" Lucas yelled. He was riding as fast as he could, and Charmander was holding on to Lucas' s shirt as tight as he could. Machop was on the front, also holding on. "It's gaining on us!" Lucas yelled. Charmander growled, staring back at Tauros who was just a few feet behind them. Suddenly, Charmander began to charge up a flame in its mouth. "Huh? Oh wow! Great idea! Give us a boost Charmander!" Lucas shouted. He quickly pulled his goggles over his eyes, and grabbed Machop. Then, Charmander let loose a massive flame, making the bike so go fast Lucas could hardly see. They easily out ran Tauros, and Machop lost his sandwhich. Tauros skidding and stopped, picking up the sandwhich and running off into the wild.

"Maaaaaa!" Machop chanted, almost falling off. The blasted down the road so fast that miles became easy to pass in minutes. Charmander's flame suddenly stopped, but they were still going fast.

"There's Rustboro City!" Lucas yelled. He pulled the bikes on the bike, but he couldn't stop. "A-and I c-c-an't stoooop!" Lucas shouted. Suddenly, they sped into Rustboro city, Lucas slamming his foot down on the ground. The bike skidded to the side, making them all fall off, but they still stopped. Lucas fell on his face, Charmander ontop, and Machop landed on his feet. Lucas groaned, looking up with a big red mark on his forehead. "Hey... we stopped right near a Pokemon Center... that's lucky..."[/SIZE]

[B]Pokemon Team:
[IMG]http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs073.gif[/IMG] Machop
[IMG]http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs206.gif[/IMG] Charmander
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