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Little Britain


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[SIZE=1][B]Britain, Britain, Britain!

Okay, now I know for sure that I'm not the only one who watches this comedy. I'm not sure if it shows in the US or anywhere else, but hell! Who cares? I love it! I've been watching the series one DVD for sometime now, and it's on BBC Three so I watch it then.

...So, anyone else? Matt Lucas and David Williams acting and writting it together is just magic. Pure. Magic. They're so funny, and Little Britain is just gold. The characters in it are brilliant (Lou & Andy, Vicky Pollard and Anne being my favourite, Daffyd is funny too). Man, how I love the script! Every episode isn't the same, it's just funny, funny, funny! Sure, it's more adults than children, but still... it's great fun!

Hehe, something funny I can remember off the top of my head:

Social worker:[/B] ?So where's your baby Vicky??

[B]Vicky:[/B] ?Yeh but no but no but Carly found a pube in her lasagne, and Darren said he was gonna go to third base with Amber but that was RUBBAAASH and don't listen to Amber. I like Amber but she ain't my friend so you better talk to Amber but I dont know her. Anyway, I dont know nuffin' so SHUT AAP!?

[B]Social worker:[/B] ?All I want to know Vicky is where your baby is...??

[B]Vicky:[/B] ?Oh, I swapped it for a Westlife CD."

[B]Social worker:[/B] ?OH MY GOD! HOW COULD YOU?!"

[B]Vicky:[/B] ?I know.... they're RUBBAAASH!!"[/SIZE]
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Yeah I watched it also but one thing you didn't note is that it stars the dude from Doctor Who ( I know cause my dad told me) and Anthony Stewart Head (Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). My favourite bits were probrably the only Gay in the villiage sketches because he gets so competitive about it (His clothes are funny too) or The Crap Hypnotist bits because he is just really shoddy and a bit of a git. I was shown in Australia from about August to late october and received excellent reviews.
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[SIZE=1]Heh heh I've always enjoyed watching Little Britain, it's one of the few comedies on BBC that can really send you in fits of laughter [[B]Dead Ringers[/B] and [B]2DTV[/B] being the others]. Daffyd or "[I]the only gay in the village[/I]" is amusing, there's a lot of Graham Norton in him, although sometimes they do repeat his stuff a bit often. Lucas and Walliams are very good when they're actually together in a sketch, the ones between the carer and the disables fellow [I can't think of their names] are always predictable but funny. Anthony Stewart Head can be funny but I think when you look at him you see Giles as opposed to the Prime Minister, although that does tend to make it a little funnier. All and all it's a great little series and I really do enjoy it.[/SIZE]
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