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Faerie Tale (title pending) [PG]


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[size=1]Hi, everyone. For a while now I've been interested in starting an rp similar to this, but the closest thing, [b]The Great Christmas Caper[/b] didn't garner any support. I suppose if this one doesn't spark any interest either I'll just accept the fact that my writing stinks...haha. Anyway, the title is still under construction, but I think I have the basic meat of the plot is as ready as it will ever be.



On a warm summer's day the Wilson family pulled into the cracked driveway of 212 Forestwalk Drive. Slowly crawling from the car, the youngest of the Wilson family, little Taylor, grunted as he dropped to the ground, his glasses slightly creeping down his nose. Pushing them up his face, Taylor looked at his new home. The home, though quite old and deserted, had a unique look to it. Vines crawled up the sides of the building, winding around the chimney. Numerous bird nests sat perched along the roof, and the pathway to the front door seemed to need a machete, cluttered as it was with grass, flowers, and dandelions. The whole place seemed like a haunted house splashed with bright green, with bits of yellows and reds mixed in. After Mr. Wilson cleared a path through the jungle of plants, he opened the main door with a slow creak. As Taylor took a step in, an audible squeak was heard, and a rat scampered across the upper banister, spilling dust into the air, the particles drifting through the rays of sunshine spilling in through a broken window.

"Why are we staying here again, mom?" he asked, a touch of concern nibbling at the back of his mind.

"Oh, honey, I told you! Your Great-Uncle David is letting us stay at his old summer home this season! Your father can work out of the house, and we all needed a break from the hustle and bustle of the city."

Taylor merely glanced at her, then stared at his shoes, letting out a sigh.

"Oh, don't give me that, honey. You know, I had so much fun here as a little girl! Did I ever tell you those stories? Abou-"

"[u]Yes[/u], mom, you told me. Fairies and dwarves and elves and talking trees...how old do you think I am? I'm almost 10. I'm not a baby anymore."

Taylor's mom looked out the window for a bit, staring at the forest behind the house. He sighed and closed her eyes.

"Oh, my boy...sometimes, maybe you should [u]try[/u] believing in those things. If only for a second..."

Suddenly, Mrs. Taylor's face tightened, and she gave a loud cough. Bending over slightly, she continued to cough, eventually holding the windowsill for support. Mr. Taylor raced into the room, supporting her arm and helping her to stand.

"Honey, are you alright? I told you, you shouldn't be up and about in your condition..."

"I'm fine, I'm fine. It was just the dust."

Noticing her son's concerned face, Mrs. Taylor smiled.

"Really, I'm fine! Now go and unpack. I promise, we're going to have a wonderful time here. Just you wait!"

With that, Taylor slowly started upstairs to his room. Little did he know how true his mother was; this was going to be the summer of his life.


This rp will take place mostly in the forset behind Taylor's temporary home. Aside from a girl, all other players will be forest spirits (elves, faries, gnomes, dwarves, ect.). Since Taylor will meet the other players by exploring the forest, I'll be PMing people after Taylor stumbles across them and they can introduce themselves.


[b][u][i]Race info[/b][/u][/i]

[b]Human[/b] - The main character. I also wish to have one other human player, preferably a girl.
- Taken by [b]Danethol[/b]. One spot remains.

[b][color=magenta]Fairy[/color][/b] - Very similar to pixies, fairy's are small, impish people, fairies fly around with insect-like wings, which range in looks from butterfly to dragonfly. Though they love pranks now and then, fairies are generally good-natured creatures that don't wish harm of cruelty on others. Get along well with elves and changelings.
- [b]Methuselah, Bloody_Moon, Dragon_Bait15[/b]

[b][color=purple]Pixie[/color][/b] - Very similar to fairy's, pixies are essentially fairy's with a mean streak. With wild hair, face-paint, and crude clothes, pixies are also fond of pranks, although theirs are more mean-natured than those of the fairies. Enjoy annoying fairies, elves, and dwarves.
- [b]Pumpkin[/b]

[b][color=dimgray]Gnome[/color][/b] - Very similar to dwarves, gnomes are about three feet high and are experts at hiding. Their disposition towards humans has never really been documented, because instead of threatening or welcoming people, gnomes choose to hide away and refuse all contact. The shyest of the races. Prefer to keep to themselves.

[b][color=darkred]Dwarf[/color][/b] - Very similar to gnomes, dwarves are less shy of people, but are far more rude. Known to make up insults on the spot and anger quickly, dwarves are nevertheless more rude than actually mean. Hate goblins and pixies, tolerate all others as long as they don't bother them.
[b] Daermon_Nashabe[/b]

[b][color=orange]Elf[/color][/b] - A bit taller than dwarves and gnomes, elves are frequently known to befriend people, and are often said to dance and play with children. Good natured and kind, elves are the easiest of the races to make friends with. Get along well with fairies and changelings.
- [b]kairiKIce2, DemonicElf[/b]

[b][color=seagreen]Changeling[/color][/b] - About the same height as gnomes and dwarves, changlings are green skinned, rambunctious forest spirits. With the ability to transform into any forest-dwelling plant or animal, changelings rival gnomes in their stealth and hiding abilities. Fond of playing with children, Changelings often take the form of a cat, dog, or bird so the child is not startled by their appearance. Though slightly hyperactive, Changelings are essentially a very nice race. Get along well with fairies and elves.

[b][color=darkolivegreen]Goblin[/color][/b] - I only want one of these. Ugly, bald, and around the same height as gnomes and dwarves, Goblins are the most mean-spirited of the forest spirits. Known to fart in sleeping fairy colonies and toss acorns down on enraged dwarves, goblins are the most detested denizens of the forest. Even the pixies, who enjoy a mean joke every so often, steer clear of outright bullying goblins. Hate and are hated by all other kinds of spirits.
- Taken by [b]WarCraftGOD[/b]



[b]Name[/b]: American name for the other human, make-believe for the spirits. Try to refrain from Japanese.
[b]Age[/b]: Under 11 for the girl, anything for the spirits.
[b]Race[/b]: One girl, one goblin, and any number of fairie, gnome, dwarf, elf, pixie, and changling.
[b]Appearance[/b]: Written or picture is fine.
[b]Personality[/b]: What the character is like. This includes general behavior, attitude towards humans, likes and dislikes, ect.


Well, I guess that's about it. I'm ideally looking for a cast of about four to five or so people, with only one other person and one goblin allowed. The other races are free game. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

- Dane[/size]
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[B]Name:[/B] Fiore
[B]Age: [/B] 115 (looks around 18 though)
[B]Race: [/B] Pixie
[B]Appearance: [/B] Wavy red and blonde hair that goes half-way to her back, green eyes and wears a dress of green and gold. Her face is covered with gold glitter and has a green leaf sticking out from behind her right ear. Her figure is slender and she does not wear any shoes.
[B]Personality:[/B] She is generally wary around humans and finds them to be useless and mistrustful. She is also very competitive, has a temper, and can get easily offended if something comes across as an insult. Her main hobbies are pullying pranks on people, competiting and can never resist a bet. She has never lost a bet especially to a human, and takes great pride in herself. Can come off as snobbish and alittle bit high-matience, but there is more to her personality then she lets off. She is jealous of most faeries for their beauty and skill in most things, and strives to beat them in everything. [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Vyne
[B]Age:[/B] 23
[B]Race:[/B] Fairy
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://www.dreamworldstudio.net/artwork/gall_fanart/uneide_2peweekly_3.jpg]Vyne[/URL]
[B]Personality:[/B] Vyne is somewhat of an adventurer. He is a nice person but always seems to get into trouble in some way or another, especially with the Pixies. Most females find him extremely attractive and he has been known to use this to his advantage, though most of the time he is just a happy go lucky, humorous and kind Fairy. He likes humans though he has never come into contact with one; he is one of the bravest in his village and is a fierce warrior, especially when protecting his loved ones[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Thanks for joining us, Methuselah! Looks like an rp of mine is finally taking off...yay! ^ ^ Haha. Keep 'em comin', people. I only need two or three more applicants. Anyway, here's Taylor's info:

[b]Name[/b]: Taylor Wilson
[b]Age[/b]: 9
[b]Race[/b]: Human.
[b]Appearance[/b]: Taylor has short brown hair, with bangs that don't quite cover his bright blue eyes yet. He always wears a blue t-shirt and white shorts. His shoes are overly large, with a red and white design. His glasses are large and circular, and often slide down his nose. He always wears his treasured Sugar Bomb Cereal collecters watch on his left wrist.
[b]Personality[/b]: Taylor is surprisingly down-to-earth for his age. After he insisted he had seen a fairy in kindergarden he was laughed at and teased by his classmates. He eventually turned his back on fantasy, and began to grow tired of his Mother's stories of witches and goblins, elves and pixies. Upon sight of a magical creature, his first instinct would be to deny it's existence. Deep down, though, there's still a little boy who wants nothing more than to remember what it was like to believe in magic.

[b]Sidenote[/b]: Taylor's mother is afflicted with a yet unclear sickness. She isn't bedridden yet, but her coughing has gradually gotten worse, and Mr. Wilson has began consulting physicians. Mrs. Wilson refuses to let Taylor think she is sick. Taylor, however, has begun to notice her increasing symptoms, and is getting worried.[/size]
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Name: Lilex
Age: 20
Race: Fairy
Appearance: [URL=http://www.psycko-hentai.de/grafix/gallery/bg48/A_14.jpg]Click[/URL]
Personality: Lilex is sweet, inocent, kind, and a bit twisted. Her gentle demeaner makes poeple beleive anything she says. Her favorite past time is getting people lost. She has met many humens before and finds them strange and intresting, which is why she tricks them. She hides her malvolent side from the other fairies to protect herself from isolation. Because of her tickster ways she has become friends with some of the pixies who think of her as their own. She thinks on her feet and would save herself before she thinks about others. The only fairy she has respect for is Vyne. She shows her respect by listening to him and his problems.
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Guest WarCraftGOD
Name: Groshnak ( gro )

Age: 455

Race: Goblin

Apperance: Though it would appear that Gro is old, he is infact at the peak of his gobliny(did I just make a word up?) carrear. He has a full head of fake hair, his face is very scrunced up like a sharpe dog. His body is a raw and putrid odor of folded flesh. He stands at an incredible height of 3.5.

Personality: Mean. Hes grumpy 24/7 he has a rare case of insomnia, which he uses to the full potential by staying up all night and wreaking havoc in the forest. HE feals that he is better than all other forest sprits b/c he is taller and older than most forest spirits. All-in-all hes just a real *****.

( isint it perfect for me dane?)
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[size=1]Alright, sign-ups are looking great! I should probably get this thing started by tomorrow or the day after, so if anyone else wants to join, now's the time. I'm preferably looking for a changeling, dwarf, or gnome at this point, though I won't make it a rule. Thanks a lot guys, this is looking great.[/size]
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Name: Drizz Lionheart
Age: 145
Race: Elf
Appearance: Thumbnail Below...also wears black pants and prefers to be bearfoot. Standing about 2'10'':p

Personality: Drizz is a very kind soul who feels connected with nature; with the animals, plants and fellow creatures. His scars and eyes reviel himself to be warrior elf back in his younger years. But has come to this place to find peace with himself. Despite his longing for solitary with his thoughts...he enjoys one on one connections with others. The forest has a respect for him due to his wisdom and loving spirit, however, due to his rough appearance, most choose to let him keep to himself, but many don't come to understand that he still has the heart of a child...acting as a long protector of the forest, which he now has come to call home. He finds humans to be an intreging creatures, and enjoys interacting with them.
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Guest WarCraftGOD
yo ice... well I dont know how to break it to you buddy... um..... hes 5'10?

I think you meant like 2'10

you see thses elves arent your typicall, LOTR, legolas, badass elves. There fairy tell tiimkerbell nice elves. Other than that its a cool post but he cant be bigger than the main human...

yours respectfully as a great follower _ ID
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Syva ([I]stems from Sadbh[/I])

[B]Age:[/B] 99

[B]Race:[/B] Changeling

[B]Appearance:[/B] see attachment - all credit to artist

[B]Personality:[/B] Different from the common changeling, Syva has a calmer persona than most of her kind. Recently she has just come out of a number of years in solitude, which she entered into for reasons unknown to the public. However, her manner is still ever-friendly and cheerful, if not a little quiet. Penetrate this shell of a delicate manner, and one will find a changeling who is not only extremely bright and intelligent, but one that can also at times be stubborn, willful, and obstinate. Yet this only makes Syva more endearing to her few friends.

Syva loves to watch humans, and children especially are dear to her heart. She admires and cherishes their sweet innocence and curiosity, and loves to play with them. However, as they grow older, she grows more wary, and will eventually stop seeing them because of the danger they may present to her. She is a practiced hand at transforming into almost any shape/creature imaginable. Syva loves things that are strongly flavored, yet does not favor sweet things.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Realm
Age: ove 600(very touchy about this)
Race: fairie.
Appearance: [url]http://neondragonart.com/Art/2004/alternative_fairy.jpg[/url]
Personality: Happy go lucky but shes a loner she doesn't spend much time with her kind or any other, though she loves humans and will make one her friend if the give her chocolate. Often acting neive but she knows more then she lets on. She hates goblins and pixies but likes most human and chocolate, was friends with Taylor's mother. She lives at the edge of the forest and sometimes flies to the house when something is happening.*

*Will change last part if need be.
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Name: Kintos Stormhammer
Age: 720
Race: Dwarf
Appearence: [IMG]http://www.suikosource.com/images/chars/t/twaikin01.jpg[/IMG]
Personality: Kintos is very edgy about his low height and when it comes to Goblins he will rip the nose off of the first Goblin that looks at him crooked. He is obsessed with digging holes so that he could capture a group of goblins and throw him to the ground. He also has a huge dislike of any other sprite but it is difficult to gauge how much he likes someone because of his habit of insulting anyone that talks to him. Overall, he is not the most polite dwarf out there and he is proud of his reputation.
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[size=1]Sign-ups are closed! Sign-ups are closed! Haha. Dang, this was actually more than I needed...but I can make this work. DemonicElf, Cyriel, Dragons_Bait15, and Daermon_Nashabe, thanks for joining (and all in one night? Yeesh.). Anyway, since this story involves meeting the players gradually and not all at once, this could work. I'm also planning on having some characters leave for a while then reappear later on. I'm a bit busy as of now, but I should have the actual rp set up soon. When I do, I'll outline any final rules and PM people when it's time for them to enter the story. Thank a lot guys, I hope we make this a great game!

- Dane[/size]
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