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Your manga and what you think of them


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Yeah, i did it for video games and anime so it wouldnt be fair to not do one here. You know the rules, you dont have to do them all at once, just some.

.hack//LEGEND OF THE TWILIGHT vol 1-2-3: God, i love this manga! The sheer hilarity and cuteness of it all brins me joy. The ending was very confusing though.

Dragon Hunter 1-2-3: My brother was collecting this and I traded with him for it. Its a pretty cool Korean manga, but I never really got into it. I like the extras.

FLCL 1: I know there are two but the manga was so frieking boring I gave up completely.

Gatekeepers 1: Once again, I traded with my brother, and once again, I gave up before the second volume. Its pretty cool though.

Getbackers 1: I bought this from my cousin for 5 bucks. Its a really funny feel good manga, but I never bought the next volume because of all the fanservice.

Hellsing 1-2: I havent gotten around to buying 3 but I definetaly plan to. This manga kicks, and its a lot better than the anime.

Inuyasha 1: This was one of my newest buys. I plan to collect the whole thing.

Jing: King of Bandits 1-2-3-4: Once again, I havent gotten the cash to finish it, as you will see is true with a lot of my manga. This is truly great, and Yuichi Kumakura is the most creative being on earth.

Naruto 1-2-3-4: I freaking love this manga! Ninja action and awesome battles! Sure, I have every issue of Shonen Jump, but does that really matter?

One Piece 1-2: Another SJ novel. Really cool action and a great story.

Ragnarok 1-2: This is easily one of my top three avorite manga. I love how all the stories merge together, and the artwork is beutiful.

Ranma 1/2: I love this manga and Ive read it like 10 times but I just have this weird feeling that I dont want vol. 2!!!!

Rave Master 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8: You can guess what my favorite manga is! Im positively obsessed with this manga. Sadly, the show has edited DVDs that may never be fixed!!! I hate Tokyopop. In fact, the show is part of what made me stop collecting manga.

Rurouni Kenshin 1: I plan to collect all of this but I cant get around to it! My favorite show, soon to be my favorite manga.

Saiyuki 1: The show is great, but the manga is horrible rubbish. Id give it away.

Samurai Deeper Kyo 1: One of my favorite anime. I got volume 1 for 5 bucks from my cousin. Its not quite as cool as the show yet.
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how many and which ones...about 30-40 currently

A.I. Love you 1-2

Azumanga Daioh 1-4(complete)

Chobits 1-8(compete)
oh jeez...forget alphabetical, go by memory...

Negima 1-4, i got #4 3 days ago ^^

Love Hina 1-14(complete)

Samurai Deeper Kyo 1

FLCL 1-2(complete)

Sabre Marionette J 1

Excel Saga 1-3

FullMetal Alchemist 1-5

--dont have them, but ive read them--

A.I. Love You 3-5
.hack//twilight 1-3
Ai Yori Aoushi 1-3
Comic Party 1
Cowboy Bebop 1-3
DNAngel 1-3
Diaobolo 1
Fruits Basket 1-6
GTO 1~3 or 4, i dont remember
Kill Me, Kiss Me 1-4
Rave Master 1-3
Samurai Girl Real Bout High School 1-4
Warriors of Tao 1
Wish 1-4
Trigun 1-2
Oh My Goddess 1
Saikano 1
Battle Angel Atilla(who knows?)
Neon Genesis Evanglion 1-7
Alice 19th 1
Naturo 1
i have started reading some more, but i dont remember them all, and i think i own a few more, too. someone wanna count em up for me, lol?
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[color=darkblue]I will say this one time, and one time only.

In order for this thread to stay open, people will have to actually stick to the thread title, meaning [i]give reasons for the reason you read/like the manga.[/i] Just posting lists is [i]not[/i] going to cut it, okay?

Remember, this is the first and only warning.[/color]
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Gunslinger Girl v. 1: This is one of the very few non-shounen-ai series that I'm collecting. I wish ADV would put it out faster, but I have almost no complaints with the first volume. The artwork is smooth, the story is moving (though I found the anime more shocking, perhaps because I watched it first), and the manga-ka did an excellent job of showing implied movement and action.

Les Bijoux v. 1-5: The first three volumes demonstrate some promise. The last two are so awful that they temporarily shattered my faith in humanity, and forever turned me off to the boy-girl transformation genre.

Gravitation v. 1-9: A fun, crazy rollercoaster ride of a manga, and my favorite multi-volume shounen-ai title, at least until Bokura no Oukoku starts coming out. Maki Murakami is a master of insane comedy. The artwork gets off to a rough start but soon improves dramatically; the characters are well-developed, and the English translation--zany and packed with pop-culture references--is simply a delight to read.

Here is Greenwood v. 1: I loved the OVA, and the manga is even better. The secondary characters (such as Fukikake and Watanabe) are the best part of the series.

I'll post more titles later. ^_^

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I will also do the ones I have read but not own.

Trigun vol. 1-2: Really good manga. Knives freaks me out more here. I really get confused by the art some times.

Tokyo Mew Mew: The only Shoujo manga Ive read and one of the first. My cousin had it and I read it and got confused, because I wasnt used to manga.

Escaflowne 1-2: This was really cool, but the fanservice drove me away from the series.

Lupin 111 volume 1-2: Okay but too extreme.

Project Arms 1-2: This is a cool manga but the story is seriouslu whacked.

Yu yu Hakusho vol 1-5: I like the mana more than the anime but their too alike.

DBZ: poop

Yu-Gi-Oh: Surprisingly enough I really like this manga and am seriously considering buying the volumes.

Hikaru no go: It was good at first but I got too bored.

Ill do more when my brain works again...
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Negima 1-3: I love this series because of the art work. The storyline doesn?t hurt either

FLCL 1-2: I love the story. Plus I loved the anime so I had to get it.

Psychic Academy 1-3: I like this just because of Ai's brother Zero

Saiyuki 1: I loved the original story about their journey so it would only make since I?d also get a manga version

That's all for me since i just got into Manga
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I haven't been into Manga for very long, not quite a year. Only 3 serial mangas occupy my bookshelf. Also, I don't have as many as you guys because I don't have a lot of money. I'm not saying that you do, but my parents don't just buy stuff for me either. And I am also not saying your parents do this too. Its just how it goes at my house.

InuYasha : I like this one. It's got a good story and is rather humorous. A good display of emotion and not to mention the fighting!

Yu Yu Hakusho : I like this one for the same reasons above, and for the fact that it gives me something to look forward to in the coming months because I haven't seen all of the Animes. The sixth one comes out in Feburary, so yay!

King of Hell : You probably haven't heard of it, but I did make a thread for this one. This one is good because it is quite original, because demon slaying only goes so far. I have yet to buy the nineth, but I will the first chance I get!
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ill just do my GN because ive got the sigle comics but there is way to many to do that

Wish vols 1 2 3 4 ~complete~ I really like this it cute, and happy. but yet so sad at the same time. I Love any work that is done my clamp

FAKE Vols 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ~complete~ I love this series. It has to be one of my fav manga series ever. Shame about the ova, wish they had made it in to a series instead. Even if you don't really like yaoi, i was recommend it to any one, wonderfull stroy

Magic Knight Rayearth vols 1 2 3 ~complete~ Clamp what can i say its just great. Even tho they changed the anime a little i still love this. The anime is one of my fav's. Its just got everything in it

Magic Knight Rayearth 2 vols 4 5 6 ~complete~ Just like above wonderfull. Acutally the second series both anime and manga wise was my fav. Got to love the characters espically eagle vision =D

Ah My goddess Vols 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Nice i love the art work, funny i wish i had the rest of it

Eeerie Queerie vols 1 2 3 4 ~complete~ I love yaoi/shounen-ai and this was no except to it. This a great story of being the main character being possesed by spirts wanting to use his body, to working out the feelings he has for his new friend. Funny, halieriouse~sp? at time.

DNAngel vols 1 2 3 I have never seen the anime i really want to, so i can't compare it to that. But i love it so far, Cute characters, and the drawing is just so lovely and smooth

Gunsmith Cats vols 2 3 4 Ok i guess this is a bit different from the rest of my collection, not really cute or anything. Kinda funny but the story lines are really good. I would like the rest of the series, but it wouldn't be the first one id like to complete

Aquarian Age Juvinille Orion vols 1 2 3 - this only 5 vols long i think and im yet to get the last 2, But its great so far, i wasn't overly sure at first with just the first vol, but after getting the second one i thought it was great. Character are great. And its full of cute bishi's lol

Fruits Basket Vols 1 2 3 4 - So far im really liking it, i love Kyo hes great and funny. I really want to get the rest of it, that and i want to see the anime

Saint Tail vols 1 2 3 ~ i brought all 3 vols of ebay as one lot, and at the time of acutally buying it i had never heard of it. ~Ya i just brought it just off a wim~ but i auctally really like it, i wish i could just find the rest of the vols.

Shirahime - syo ~complete~ I haven't auctally got around to reading this yet, go it for x-mas. Its by clamp and the art work is lovely

Hana Kimi vols 1 2. OMG i love this manga so far i so need to find the rest. Its funny with Mizuki trying to hide the fact that shes really a girl in an all boys school. Sano acutally knowing that she is a girl but not letter onto her that he knows, and Nakatsu trying to hide any think he feels for mizuki cause he thinks hes gay. I have to find the rest soon

Legal Drug vol 1. Very good so far, to hard to tell anything major about it, im waiting for vol 2 to come out.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle vol 1. I got this because a friend told me it was really good, and all tho i love clamp i never really thought about trying it, But i am really glad that i did, so far the stroy it intersting. I love all the mix of the different clamp characters in there.

El-Hazard The magnificent World vol 1. I acutally have had this ages, and forgot about it till a while ago. I want to find the rest. I Think i read some were that it was only 3 vols long i really should find them. Because the first vol was funny

King of bandits Jing vol 4 - At the time of buy this vol i hadn't seen the anime but knew of it, i looked good and i was curiose about the manga so i found one of the vols on ebay and thougt i would give it ago, and i really liked this one the drawing is really good and the character design is great. Now just to find the rest. Lol its the money that stops me from doing it lol. So many different vols to collect of everything hehe.

Inu-yasha vol 3 ~ can't remember it really read it ages ago, all tho i want the rest of the vols i don't think it would be one i would buy straight away there is others i want first

Sailor Moon Super S vol 1 - i acutally won this in a drawing comp lol. Its quite good, the rest are so hard to find over here in england

Hmm i think thats it lol
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[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]I don't actually own any manga. I prefer to spend time at random bookstores reading them.

So I'll post some manga that I've read.

Demon Diaries: This made me laugh and I just liked the overall story. And Kara's art is amazing.

Hot Gimmick: I've fallen for another twisted shoujo romance. But the story is addicting, and I love the characters.

Immortal Rain: It's a little different from what I usually read, but from the story so far, it shows some promise. I like it.

FAKE: I loved this. It was hilarious, and as the yaoi fan I am, I couldn't put it down. I've re-read it so many times. This could easily be my all time favorite.

Kill Me, Kiss Me: <3 x 1000. That's all I can say. I loved it.

Girl Got Game: This is turning out to be interesting. Not my favorite, but good if I'm bored.

Hellsing: I've read the first three volumes. I really liked them. It was funny and violent. Quite good overall.

Paradise Kiss: I just loved this manga. The characters were original, the plot was lacking a bit, but the ending made me cry. I guess I just loved the characters. Especially Isabella. <33

Legal Drug: I'm not much of a CLAMP fan, but the first volume was good.

The Wallflower: I started reading this out of boredom one day and I really enjoyed the first volume. It was hilarious.

Saikano: I've read the first volume and am waiting impatiently for the second. A very nice manga.

Saiyuki: This made me laugh, I don't have too much to say on it, but it was good.

That's all I can remember for now. I'll post more if I can think of them. These are basically my favorites. [/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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hmmm like my anime collection, my manga collection is small but growing rapidly. heres what i have so far:

.Hack //Legend of the Twilight - vol. 1&2 (never got around to reading it :D )

Azumanga Daioh - vol. 1-4 (very funny, but the anime is better imo)

Bleach (English) - vol. 1-4 (already read through the japanese versions, but i just had to have them)

Bleach (Japanese) - vol. 1-15 (Still the best series i've ever read)

Chobits - vol. 1-8 (loved it, very cute series, have read it several times through)

FLCL - vol. 1&2 (very far out, great series if kinda short lived)

Love Hina - vol. 1-9 (still trying to collect the rest of the series, but kinda embarrasing to buy...)

Negima! - vol. 1-4 (a lot of similarites to Love Hina but still pretty good)

Neon Genesis Evangelion - vol. 1-3 (just started buying this one recently, heard its very different from the anime)
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[B][COLOR=MediumTurquoise][SIZE=2][FONT=Lucida Console]
Yugioh v7-even though I've read all the Shonen Jumps I bought this one because I liked Bakura's little tabel top Rp game

Ragnarok v 1,2,3,4,5,-One of my fave. manga's I own. I like the story line and the art.Can't wait to get the 6th issue but I'm currently broke

The Mythical Detectivr Loki Ragnarok v1-I mainly bught this manga because I thought it would be a murder mistry, but it's not. Plus the title got me I thought it would be my fave. charecture from Ragnarok solving crimes. Good art, bad story. Should have bought 6th Ragnarok.

DNAngel v1,2,3,4,5,-My fave. manga I own. I like almost all the charectures, wiz is my fave, and I like how Dark just steals for fun . Personaly hate the anime,I've sene episods 1-4...they make Satoshi sound like he loves Daisuke

Trigun Maximuum v 3-got for X-mas and i really like it.my freind got it for me cause it had lots of blood in it, and his fave. person Wolfwood, I plan to get more of these when I get some money

demon Diary v 1,2,3,4,5,6,7(complet)- The first srious I finished. It has good art and a fairly good story line.kinda' funny. Yet later on it has a little bit of action.

.Hack//Legend of twilight v1,2,3(complet)-The first manga I ever bought was issues 1 and 2 of this.Like the story,art,and ending(very strang though) It too is one of my fave.

Castal in the sky v 1,2,3,4(complet) Once I saw the movie I had to buy the box set.It is not as long as some of the other one, and it my be in color but it is still good.

Rave master v1- Not really one of my fave. but read it from time to time. Good art.but I think the show ruined it for me.

Couldcept v1,2,3- Very good story line and good art. I t has action and is quite funny. One of my fave.

Neotopia v 1,2- Good story lots of talking and action.It 's in color even though i like just black and white

Psychic acaday v1,2,3,4,5-Again one of my fave. Good art, story,Has action and it's a twisted love story..what more could you want.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]
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Here is my little list of manga!

[b]-Ranma 1/2:[/b] I have this manga in both English and Japanese. It was the very first manga I started to collect. I fell into this after a friend asked me if I like Genma in panda form. I had not heard of it so I started to collect the manga. It has a panda in it, it's gotta be good! I find many quotes from Genma that are priceless! I love Rumiko Takahashi's style and the story was pretty funny. I enjoyed it but it does seem to drag on a bit after a while.

[b]-Chobits:[/b] I loved this series.It is not super long like a Takahashi's series so I really enjoyed reading it. I decided to start reading it after seeing the anime. It was interesting to see how the manga and anime differed. I think I like the manga better than the anime in this case.

[b]-Saiyuki:[/b] As many of you know I am a big fan of Minekura's art style. I really enjoy this series for the art as well as the story line. I think the twist she gave this old story was an interesting one. Mixing modern comforts (ie jeep, cigarettes, guns) with the original story was great. This is the first series to bring out the "fan girl" part of my personality.

[b]-Peacemaker Kurogane:[/b] This is the very first manga I have ever read that when I initially saw one of the characters I was inspired to do some fan art. I love the character design and am looking forward to finishing this series. Plus, it has Saizo in it, how can you not love a manga with a cute little spunky pig!

[b]-Gravitation:[/b] This manga is one of my favorites. I love the story and the character design. It takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster. Everything from love and heart-break to giant mecha pandas and silly rock star costumes. It makes you laugh and cry. Absolutely wonderful series.

[b]-Kare Kano:[/b] Another manga I started reading after seeing the anime. I really enjoyed the manga since it went into more detail with each of the characters than the anime. I love character development and I feel that Kare Kano delivers this to the reader. I enjoy reading and re-reading this series.

[b]-Alice 19th:[/b] I fell into this anime after reading a preview manga. I thought the story sounded interesting and the art looked good. I am a fan of Fuushigi Yuugi by Yuu Watase so more by the same author I was willing to give a shot at. I took a chance and started to buy them. I enjoy the story and am still in the process of reading the series. So far, so good.

[b]-Battle Angel: Alita:[/b] I only have this one in Japanese. The art is great and I would like to get this in English. It should be interesting to see what kind of popularity this one gains after James Cameron releases his live action Battle Angel movie.

[b]-Naruto:[/b] What can I say. I had to start reading Naruto after seeing hundreds of cosplayers at anime cons. I love it. The characters are colorful and interesting. I love the personalities each character is given. I look forward to finishing this series.
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Guest nekochan
I started buying manga near the end of last year, so I have a small amount right now now.

[B]Tokyo Mew Mew 1, 2, 3[/B] This was the first graphic novel I ever bought. I love it personally. I find it's fun to read and all, so yeah.

[B]Magic Knight Rayearth 1[/B] This was the second series I started buying. I also like it. Guess I just love the fantasy stuff.

[B]Shonen Jump[/B] Not sure whether this really counts, but it was the first manga I ever bought. I personally like One Piece, Naruto, Shaman King, and Yu Yu Hakusho best.

My friend loaned me Inu Yasha two years ago which was how I really got interested in manga in the first place. Otherwise, that's it.
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Guest zeldafan
Dragon ball: I love this series. It contains a decent amount of action in my opinon plus i tend to like some of the humor in it also.

Case closed: this is a good series. It involves some humor but i llike it because it reminds me of sherlock holmes (sp) in the form of a graphic novel.

Chobits: A good love story .

Pschic acadey: I don't know why but reminds me of x men with the whole ability thing plus its got a good plot.

Azumanga daioh: Jut plain funny not much else is needed for this series.
I own more these are just the ones i felt like commenting on.
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ragnarok 1-2 i like it alot.i bought it in singappore and its kind of different there.
jing king of bandits 1-6 i love the storyline, characters and everything else
bleach 1-5 one of my favorite mangas
dbz 1-8 and 20 so cool its got tons of action and i like the fighting
shonen jump 13-34
onepiece 1 i like the storie and art
king of hell 1-3 dont have the cash to finish the series
rave master 1 so cool i dont have enough money
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Rurouni Kenshin vol. 1- 18 (19 and 20 are mine as soon I get back to the mall. As for the manga itself, I really wish this was true. One of the best mangas i've read, I've had vol. 1 for just about a year and I'm still reading it without being bored.)

Inuyasha vol.1 (I feel like I sliped on this one. I'm a big fan of the show and the manga is way better, so.... I'm undeserving of being called a manga/anime fan. Can't say much about it, I wish I had up to vol. 23 and I wish it was still in right to left format. The flipflop pics doesn't do the manga justice.)

Hellsing vol. 1-6 (WAY better then the first anime, and I'm sure the manga will still be better then the new anime. Also vol. 7 is mine as soon as it comes out. It so dark and funny, that I'm surpized that I didn't hear about it sooner then I did.)

Yu Yu Hakusho vol. 1-7 (Want vol. 8. It seems shorter then the anime. The only problem I find is that it still has a while before it catched up to the Shonen Jump mag.)

Eiken vol.1 ( Not for the people who have parents who check everything or have high moral values. Its about how a freashman joins a new school, over 5 thousand students from first grade to 12th. The main charature bumbs into the girl of his dreams and after she leaves for her club meeting, he gets forse into joining the same club by the crazy leader of the club. Being the only guy in a club full of girls, its amazing he keeps going after his dream girl ,yes she likes him too. I get alot of flack because I got it. Reason is, many of the girls on the show have over D cup sizes. Can't enjoy a good manga with sexual conduct any more.)
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hmmm let's see...my manga collection's actually pretty small, and a lot of them are outdated (in regards to my fandom XD), but there's still a few series that I enjoy and/or want to continue.

[B]Saiyuki[/B]- 1-5- I love this series. Really I do. I also hear that the quality of the anime (older one) isn't quite up to par, so it's nice to have the very pretty and very interesting manga. And I've been meaning to buy the rest of the volumes, but I always seem to be in a financial slump >>;

[B]Bleach [/B]1-2- I like this series too. I've read a lot of the scanlations as well but since winter have fallen behind. I'm the type who can really only hold on to one big fandom at a time, and this was around when Naruto came into my life, so Bleach sort floated to the back of mind for now. I'd like to start reading it again when I'm not so busy and interested in other series.

[B]Battle Royale[/B] 1-2- Whew...I've seen the movie, and I think I prefer it to the manga. XD the manga's just so @_@ I actually remember getting a terrible headache while reading it.

[B].Hack/LotT [/B]1-2-3-Very cute! I absolutely love the art for this series. And it's a nice, light, story; very different mood from //sign.

[B]Chobits [/B]1-2-3- I kinda waffle on this series. On the one hand, the art is *really* nice, but on the other hand, I don't care for the story at all. So I kinda dropped it >>;

[B]Inuyasha [/B]1-2-3-12 XD- What can I say? My very first manga. I haven't the heart to through them out even though I'm waaaay past liking that series anymore XD Maybe I'll flip through them again when I'm feeling nostalgic
Fullmetal Alchemist[/B] 1-2-3-4 (japanese)- I practically know the scanlations by heart, so English wasn't necessary for me with this series XD I probably won't *buy* any more volumes now that I've sort of moved on with this series, although I still keep up with the monthly updates for the sole purpose of seeing Ling XD

[B]Naruto [/B]1- I read this first volume, ignored the series for a good six months, then [I]tore [/I]through it when I got wireless internet. XD Great series. Gotta love the looooong ones.

Soon to be added to my collection is [B]Eyeshield 21[/B]. I adore that series, and the only reasion I haven't picked up the volumes that have been released yet is because I lack the funds. But! with my birthday this October, I should be able to purchase them all and then some.[B] Dnangel[/B] is another series I'd like to own, but we'll see how that goes XD
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[Color=DarkBlue]Finally, a favorite's thread I can legally reply to. ;)

*[B]Angel Sanctuary:[/B] Volumes 1-3 I would like to thank Goddess for the good review on this one. This series is a rocking one from the plot to the art, I love it. I'd have to say my favorite character to date is Kirie. She was loyal, but corupted. Always a cool type.

[B]Bleach:[/B] Volumes 1-6 Funny story behind this actually. I was browsing the bookshop, and the name stuck out from the others. I had seen it when I was looking for anime to download, and I figured I'd give the manga a look. That was the start of my manga "obsession" and it hasn't ended yet. ^^ Orihime is awesome, because she has long hair. I swear that's the only reason!

*[B]FAKE:[/B] Volumes 1-4 Picked up on a whim, like most of my manga. In a spilt decision between Gravitation and FAKE, I went with FAKE because it only had seven volumes, and it was all there. Yup, I never regretted it. I'm at a crossroad between Bikky, Carol, and the FBI agent from volume three (Diana Spacey I think). All three of them are drawn to stand out, and I love that.

*[B]Monster:[/B] Volumes 1-3 This was bought after viewing the anime. I was blown away by the art as soon as I picked it up, and bought it promptly. I'm not sure which I like better, although they both are awesome. I'd have to say Dieter is my favorite character there, because he's one of those bounceback types. That's cool.

*^[B]Naruto[/B]: Volumes 1-9 Bought on a whim in the bookstore one day. I walked in, and was like, "OMFG, this is that thing that Kei and Mimmi talk about. I'll buy it and try to keep up with them." Once again, another awesome choice. The fight scenes, the jokes, Akamaru, Orchimaru. Need I say anything more?

*[B]RAVE[/B] Volume 1 I just bought this yesterday, on a whim. It's humerous drawings, and lightness drew me in, and Plue and the fight scenes held me. The actual story isn't all that different, but the characters are really what make it a good read.

*[B]RG VEDA[/B] Volumes 1-4 The only reason I bought this one was because Lawful Drug was too expensive. The shiney pages were alos a bonus, so I figured, why not? The plot itself is more complicated than a mathetmatical formula. It weaves from one point to the next, bringing the reader into more wonder, although surprises lay around the corner. That's the best part. Karyobinga is my favorite character, because she [/spoiler]died[/spoiler] for her sister. It's so sweet.

*^[B]Tsubasa: Resivior Chronicle[/B] Volumes 1-4 I bought this one just because of Sakura and Shaoran really. ^^;; After Mokona was introduced, I gave up all hope of stopping the series. The art isn't the best I've seen from CLAMP, but I enjoy it none the less.

Yeah, that's all I own. 34 volumes, and 28 are in German.

*= German
^= I have everything currently released

Because signs are cool, and keys are cooler...[/color]
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ive personlly only read three mangas

CHRONO CRUSADE-vol 1-5, this was actually the first manga i ever ead, and i saw it newtype magazine, and whats better than a nun and a demon working side by side against more demons. nuthing, i could think of not much others

LOVE HINA- vol 1-11, and eps 1-25 of the series, at first this series was like a big gaggle of girls beating up on kietaro, but as i read on, its story line and love connections seemed pretty relavent. i was a little dissapointed in the series tho, the last ep was like in the middle of the manga series, i was hoping for an extensionat least thru th 13th book( as i have not read it yet :D ) but a goodie nun the less

PET SHOP OF HORRORS-vol 1-5, this one was a very deep. very fantiful manga. other then the store clerk, count D, being gay, the plot lines for each story were very enticing. they kept u interested, and most of the time, u dont no what the end result is, unless u peak at the end of the book, lol, but id suggest this to a person into a merder mystery kinda category
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After coming back home from Japan, my manga collection just mutated.

Naruto: Vol. 1-27

Well, nothing much to say here. I started reading Naruto about 2 years ago I think, and I got hooked instantly. When I went to Japan, I kept up with the Shonen Jump's chapters by reading them in the station waiting for my train, etc. And then before I left, I just bought every volume that was out.

Full Metal Alchemist: Vol. 1-10

Same as Naruto. I actually didn't see the anime or read the manga before going to Japan, I just heard it was really good from reading reviews. I went to Japan, bought a used volume 1 and then it started from there. Reading it is a little bit more difficult than Naruto, IMO, but it helps my Japanese and the story is just plain awesome. I also prefer the manga over the anime, mostly because there are more characters and I like how the story unfolds.

Samurai Deeper Kyo: Vol. 1-31

When I was done reading Naruto or FMA, I usually felt like I should be reading something to improve my Japanese. And since I don't want to read my textbooks everywhere I go, I figured I needed a new manga series to buy so I chose this one. I thought that since it was an old series it must be finished, and it had samurai and ninja stuff too so I figured win/win/. Well, turns out it's not finished but oh well, story is still good (though repetitive for now - still on Vol. 18).

Peacemaker/ Peacemaker Kurogane: Vol. 1-6/ Vol. 1-5

I really wanted to buy a series that was finished and this guy at one of the used book stores in Japan said that this series was complete so I went for it. And I'm really glad I did. I love reading stuff about feudal Japan and this was about the Shinsengumi so hey, I thought what the hell. Absolutely love it so far (still only on Vol. 2 though :animeswea )

Blade of the Immortal: Vol. 1-12

Bloody and it's got an immortal samurai that's supposed to kill 1000 bad guys in order to finally get the chance to die. I was recommended this by a guy at a book store and I haven't regretted buying it (bit too pricy though at 13-15$ a volume). I definitely recommend this one to anyone who loves samurai stuff and graphically violent art (but it is very eye appealing).

Chobits: Vol. 1-8

Good story, and Chi is cute. Plus it's a short series and I like short series. Chi is cute.

Getbackers: Vol. 1-4

I really wanna go to the store and buy up to the current volume because the story (so far for me anyway) is addicting. And Hevn is hott. Don't really know what else to say about it, but yeah I don't really get tired of reading this series at all.

I really need to apply for a credit card so I can go grab the volumes that've just come out.
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inuyasha 1-5, 15-34, 37-39, 42
inuyasha totally rox, i spent all my parttime job money on them. now i'm broke...

ranma 1-19
it is the funniest thing i've ever read in the world. can't live without it. i'll flip through when i'm having a really bad mood swing.

rented MAR 1-11
it's ok, kinda cute. not worth actually buying it though.
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