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Digimon: Rising (PG13 for V,L, and S if you want it)


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OOC: Sorry about forgetting the rating, Arcadia.

This is an RPG I tried a while ago, but it didn't do so well. I liked the idea, so I decided to try it again. I've made a few changes, not the least of which is shortening this opening post as much as I could. It's still long, but you can skip the first part (the record set 5-A part) if you want to. I reccommend that you read it, but it's not essential in the first part of the RPG, and there'll be a brief summary of it when it becomes relevant. Also, there are a lot of spaces and short paragraphs in this post, so it looks longer than it is (although it's still long). Now, on to the story:

[b][i]Record set 5-A, record 23, Chipher archive. Copy of inscription originally found on set of five tablets of unknown origin and age. Translated to English. Translated inscription is as follows:[/i][/b]

[i]There seems to be an endless suply of threats to our world. Believe it or not, it was even more dangerous in the distant past. The greatest threat came about 10,000 years ago. As with most evil Digimon, nobody knows where he came from. His name was Mekratrimon. [/i]

[i]No Digimon even came close to standing a chance against Mekratrimon. He had no trouble destroying all who chose to fight. He was faster than any other Digimon, meaning that none could escape him. He was unequaled in his physical strength and matchless in his power. Mekratrimon was seemingly invincible, and came very close to controlling our world.[/i]

[i]Nobody knows where they came from, or what they were. There are even arguements about how many there were. Like Mekratrimon, they suddenly appeared one day. They called themselves the Elemental Guardians. As the name implies, each one represented an element. There were definatly four representing the four main elements: fire, water, earth, and air. How many others there were is unknown.[/i]

[i]Individually, the Elemental Guardians were no match for Mekratrimon, but together, they were able to defeat him. This left them very weak, however, and they knew that they would not live much longer. So they chose four young Digimon. They gathered their power together and divided it among the young Digimon. The Elemental Guardians were never seen again.[/i]

[i]The idea was that the young Digimon, who named themselves the Guardians, would be able to locate and destroy any who would threaten our world, which they did very well. When one of them was about to pass away, he or she would choose a Digimon to take his or her place, and would transfer his or her power to that Digimon before passing on. The Guardians, named for the Elemental Guardians who created them, still exist today.[/i]

[i][b]End record.[/b][/i]

[b][i]Record set 2-B, record 15, Recall archive. Brief summary of contact history between humans and Digimon, and of current research procedure:[/i][/b]

[i]On April 1st, 2012, a government-employed AI research team that will remain anonymous accidentally discovered what, twenty-one days later, they confirmed as a parellel universe. They all signed non-disclosure agreements and went back to AI research as a specially-chosen team followed up on their discovery.[/i]

[i]On December 23, 2012, the research team discovered a way to send objects and people to the parelell universe and, presumably, bring them back. Millitary recon probes were sent and renturned several times, followed by cows and monkeys. Finally, the process was deemed safe enough to send humans across.[/i]

[i]On February 3rd, 2013, a seven-man team of millitary survival experts was sent across. They were supposed to stay for five days, but contact was lost on the third. A larger and better-armed team was sent across to figure out what happened.[/i]

[i]The second group found the only two survivors from the first group. The group didn't believe the pair's accounts of a 'monster', but soon experianced the truth for themselves. Fortunatly, they encountered a nicer creature than the first group did. This creature identified itself as Jijimon. Jijimon believed them when they said that they were from another world. He explained the basic rules of what he called the 'digital world' to the team members (see record set 3-C, record 1, Active archive), who were ready to believe almost anything after what they'd seen. All of his information has since been confirmed.[/i]

[i]After two more trips, with an average survival rate of 78% for all four expeditions, the top-secret Digital Institute of Research, or DIR, was established. Construction of the top-secret facility, to be located underground in a remote area of the Nevada desert (chosen because of Area 51. If anything happened, unlikely but possible, it be associated with Area 51, not DIR), was completed on March 6th, 2014. The facility contains residencies for all researchers and digital world field agents, as well as the most advanced computer network in the world.[/i]

[i]On December 25th, 2014, DIR researchers created the Digital Enhancement Device, or Digivice, as the field agents call it. The Digivice can be set to perfectly complement a specific Digimon (Rookie-level only), and once set, can not be changed. The Digivice can then be used to trigger the Digivolution process in that Digimon. Currently, Digivices are capable of boosting Digimon to the Ultimate level, and DIR researchers are hard at work trying to modify it to allow Mega-level digivolution. All field agents have Digivices and partner Digimon. New agents are taken to the digital world to find willing Rookie-level Digimon to set their Digivices to.[/i]

[i][b]End record.[/b][/i]

All right, that takes care of that part. Oh, in case you didn't figure it out, the archives are compiled by humans at DIR. Also, the date this RPG starts on is March 2nd, 2018

Now, remember in the 'history lesson' part, when I mentioned the Guardians? Well, as I said, there are four of them, and I'll allow people to sign up as them. Here they are, with pictures when applicable:

NeoMagnadramon: See attachment for appearance. She is very fast and very agile, but not so durable. While she is the weakest of the four physically (strength, not durability), she is very powerful. Her abilities are holy-based.

NeoMegidramon (Note: although Megidramon wasn't exactly nice in the show, the Guardian NeoMegidramon is not a bad guy. None of the Guardians have any chance of going bad. If they did, they wouldn't be Guardians): See attachment for appearance. He's a bit slower and a lot less agile than NeoMagnadramon, but much more durable, and he has the greatest physical strength of the Guardians. However, he's slightly less powerful than NeoMagnadramon. His abilities are darkness-based.

NeoMetalGarurumon (NMG for short): See attachment for appearance. He is the slowest of the Guardians (but still pretty fast), and the least agile. But he's tough. Very tough. It takes a lot to bring him down, and he's also very good at dishing it out. His abilities utilize his numerous weapons.

NeoSaberLeomon (reserved for me) (NSL for short) (Note: I made this one up, so there's no picture. I've attached a picture of SaberLeomon, who I'll be basing NSL's appearance off of): NSL, like the rest of the Guardians, is big. His height is about three times that of the average adult human, with his body having the same proportional size as SaberLeomon. NSL is mostly red in color, with some yellow and orange on the legs. The red is the red of fire, and NSL can very easily be mistaken for a being made of fire. This is especially true of the trailing whatevers that extend from his nexk (he has six, as opposed to SaberLeomon's four), and also with the things around his head.

NSL is the fastest and most agile of the Guardians, but the least durable (he can still take quite a beating, though). He's just below NeoMegidramon in terms of physical strength, and he's the most powerful of the four. His abilities are fire-based.

EDIT: I currently don't have pictures of NeoMegidramon or NeoMetal Garurumon. As soon as I find pictures, I'll attach them.

Notes: The Guardians are technically Mega-level Digimon, even though they're much more powerful than almost every other Digimon there is. But they're not invincable. It's possible to hurt them, and it's possible to kill him. Also, if you're concerned about lopsidedness, don't worry. I have ways of equalizing the Guardians and DIR agents (see below).

Now for the human part. DIR field agents are the humans with Digimon partners. They are well trained, both in battle tactics using their Digimon partners, and in more conventional weapons. The weapons used by DIR field agents are state-of-the-art, usually explosive-based (and include machine guns and shotguns that fire explosive rounds, semi-automatic grenade launchers, and portable mini-rocket launchers, among others), and very effective on most Digimon. DIR agents also have access to the very latest in pretty much everything, from vehicles to communication devices (coms) to cameras.

One can't choose to become a DIR agent, because one doesn't know that DIR even exists. The road to becoming a DIR agent starts with a government evaluation of every little detail that is known about a person, from age to if the person is married or not to what job the person has to how many baseball games the person has attended. If the person is seen as a likely DIR agent, the person is approached by DIR recruiters, who give no indication as to what they want. All that they say to the person is that he or she has bee selected, and must make a choice: leave any loved ones and accept a position when all the person knows is that it will be dangerous and top-secret, or decline. It's a mark of success for the personallity eval system that nobody has ever declined.

After accepting, the person is put through a series of tests. This normally takes about a week. Everything is tested: blood, fertility, reflex, physical strength, lung capacity, bladder capacity, everything. After that comes another week, this time of the most detailed background checks possible, done by multipe people. This is to insure the person's trustworthyness. Those that fail the tests are returned to their previous lives.

If a person passes the tests, he or she is taken to DIR. First, the person gets a history lesson about the discovery of the digital world and the history of DIR. Next, the person is taught the basics of the digital world (digivolution levels, vaccine-data-virus, that sort of thing). Digivice usage is next. After that, the person is taken into the digital world by veteran agents to find a Digimon partner.

After getting a Digimon partner, the training begins. Agents are trained to use all sorts of weapons. They're drilled on combat strategies. They and their Digimon partners train in all kinds of combat scenarios, from fully-equiped to without weapons, and sometimes even without a digivice. They are trained in both solo and group tactics. They are taught survival skills. They are put through rigorous fitness programs. After all the training, they're finally ready to be put to work. Because of the rigorous training program, even the newest agents are very skilled.

Notes: Digivices can currently only get the partner Digimon to the Ultimate level, but DIR researchers are trying to figure out how to enable Mega-level digivolution. Also, there is only one partner Digimon per agent. And while the agents and their partners are the best-trained people in either world, they're not perfect. They do screw up sometimes. Oh, and just in case you didn't pick this up, the weapons and training are what equalize the DIR agents and Guardians.

If you want to sign up as a non-Guardian Digimon or a human who isn't a DIR agent, PM me.

Sign-up time. Here's the DIR agent sign-up:


Age: 18-30, please. If you want to be younger than 18, PM me (these are trained agents, not randomly selected kids. They're normally not taken when they're below 18).



Bio: Optional. I find that having a set bio limits character development potential. If you choose to have it, remember to include the DIA recruitment process.

Personallity: Optional for the same reason that bio is. However, I recommend that you at least put something to give others an idea of how your character acts. It can be detailed, or just a couple sentences. Oh, be sure to remember that agents are carefully selected, and personality is the biggest part of a person's suitability for the job.

Area of Expertise: This is the area or two that your character is best at. It can be weapons, tactics, nogotiations, interrogations, etc. Just don't go too nuts, and limit it to two areas.

Digimon: Rookie form. I'd like it if you didn't use made-up Digimon, but I'll allow it. Appearance and attacks are required for made-up Digimon.

Digivolution Chain: Rookie to Mega. Again, appearance and attacks are required for made-up Digimon.

Here's the Guardian sign-up:

Name: Which Guardian are you?

Attacks: You get to make these up, but be sure that they're consistant with the Guardian you choose (NSL can't have water- or ice-based attacks, for example). Don't make them too powerful, though (I'll tell you if an attack is too powerful). Max of five.

Bio: Optional for the same reason as the DIR agent bio. If you decide to have a bio, you must include the circumstances that led to you becoming a Guardian, including the name of the Guardian you replaced (must be 'Neo-something-mon'. You can make up a Neo digimon by making changes to an existing Digimon, as I did for NSL. Oh, if you see a Digimon named 'Something-mon X', that's the same as 'Neo-something-mon'). You must also send the bio to me via PM for my approval before posting it here.

Personallity: Again, this is optional but reccommended. If you decide to have it, remember that the Guardians are carefully chosen, and have no chance of 'going bad'.

I'll allow you to have two characters, but you can't be two Guardians. You can be two humans, though. Oh, and I reserve the right not to accept you. Do't worry, I'm not too strict. I'll check any other RPGs you've been in, and from those and your sign-up, I'll decide if you're in or not. Again, don't worry, because I'm not too strict.

Now, just so you know what to expect, this RPG is not the standard 'helpless humans that don't know what's going on' type of RPG that most Digimon RPGs are. The humans in this RPG are trained professionals, and are normally more dangerous than their Digimon partners.

Now, this RPG is very action-oriented. There's a plot, of course (complete with my usual large and unexpected plot twists), and there will be times when not much is happening (ideal for character development), but be prepared for a lot of action. This isn't an RPG where the humans stumble around clueless. This is their job, and they know how to do it.

In the intrest of keeping this post as short as possible, I'll post my sign-ups (I'm playing two characters) later.

PM me if you have any questions
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[color=darkorange]Ok... Just so you know I have attached NeoMetalGarurumon (as some call him= MetalGarurumonX But its the same thing.)[/color]

[color=darkorange]Anyways here i go.[/color]

[color=darkorange][b]Name:[/b] Tao Ling[/color]

[color=darkorange][b]Age:[/b] 19[/color]

[color=darkorange][b]Gender:[/b] Female[/color]

[color=darkorange][b]Bio:[/b] Nothing is known really about her past... Its all in files but she speaks about it to no one.[/color]

[color=darkorange][b]Personality:[/b] Determined, She Hates to make mistakes and she hates failure.[/color]

[color=darkorange][b]Expertise:[/b] Stealth (Shes a very quiet and sneaky person... She could appear right next to you and you wouldnt know it till you looked over at her or she spoke.)[/color]

[color=darkorange][b]Digimon:[/b] (I know you dont really want fake digimon but I wanna use Rraikmon in this one too)[/color]

[color=darkorange][b]Rookie:[/b] Rraikmon

[b]Rookie: [/b]Rraikmon (Pronounced Rakemon)
[b]Appearance: [/b](The person who drew this... Unfortunatly left out a PAW... She has four... but this drawing is missing one.)

[b]Champion: [/b]Rylonamon

[b]Ultimate: [/b]Rampantmon
[b]Appearance: [/b](I know it says Rampart but his real name is now Rampantmon. A long time ago i gave him two names Rampart and Rampant. I chose Rampant because he has the habit to run RAMPANT)

[b]Mega: [/b]Ramrexmon

now for attacks...[/color]

[color=darkorange]Rraikmon: Invisibility! (Not completely.) She can turn into an almost invisible mist from the collar down and fly around. (Collar up is the same as always.)
Attacks: Hot Mist, Freezing Mist, MultiBeam
[b]-Hot Mist:[/b] Her body becomes mist and its extreamly hot mist. She wraps around the enemy and squezes and burns them at the same time.
[b]-Freezing Mist:[/b] The same as Hot mist except for its freezing instead of hot.
[b]-MultiBeam:[/b] She shoots a beam thats extreamly hot and extreamly cold... These beams combine and cause great pain.

Rylonamon: Thought Speech (Her collars gem does this.) She has the ability to speak to anyone through her mind as long as she is wearing her collar.
Attacks: Tigers Eye, Sonic Horns, Stego Smash
[b]-Tigers Eye:[/b] She shoots a red beam from her eyes that can hypnotize or temporarily stop an enemy. Causes great mental pain.
[b]- Sonic Horns:[/b] Her horns begin to glow brightl red and they shoot blasts that are so high pitched it hurts any who hears it. She has the ability to make only one person or enemy hear it though so her friends dont get hurt by it. Causes great pain and deafens some enemies... expecialy dog types with sensative hearing.
[b]- Stego Smash:[/b] With a powerful swing of her tail she smashes her tail spikes into the enemy causeing physical harm.

Rampantmon: He (YES HE... Ultimate and Mega forms the gender is male... All forms before are female.) He still has the ability for thought speech but has no need for the collar.
Attacks: Heavy Crunch, Spike Smash, Dark Horn Beam, Rampant
[b]- Heavy Crunch:[/b] A super strong bite
[b]- Spike Smash:[/b] A super strong hit with his spike covered tail.
[b]- Dark Horn Beam:[/b] A black and red beam shoots from his horns.
[b]- Rampant:[/b] He is surrounded by red and black energy and runs at high speeds at enemies. He has no control over the actions during this mode and will cause damage to almost anything in his path. This attack only happens when he is extreamly angry.

Ramrexmon: Thought Speech
Attacks: Spikey Spin, Crushing Tail, Blade Ram
[b]- Spikey Spin:[/b] He rolls up into the best ball he can and spins. The spikes on his back cause extream damage.
[b]- Crushing Tail:[/b] A extreamly powerfull blow from his spike covered tail.
[b]- Blade Ram:[/b] Lowers his head and rams the blade on his nose into his enemies.

If you need something to be changed please pm me[/color]

[color=#ff8c00]Oh and The looks of my character Tao:[/color]
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Here's my sign-ups (I'm playing two characters):

Name: NeoSaberLeomon


Heat of the Flame: A wide-area spray of intense flame, ideal for dealing with speedy opponents or large groups of foes.

Hellfire: A column of fire erupts from the ground below the target. Very powerful, but not quick enough for the faster opponents.

Skyfire: A stream of fire shots down from above.

Firestream: Six individual streams of fire erupt from the trailing thingies. Each one can be independantly controled to a degree, and the six can be combined for a single, more powerful blast.

Fury of the Flame: NeoSaberLeomon is completly enveloped by fire. This adds additional power to his physical attacks, damages most foes if they touch him, and gives him a resistance to fire-based attacks that's even greater than his inherent fire resistance. Fury of the Flame can be maintaned for up to forty-five seconds.

Personallity: NeoSaberLeomon is aggressive, especialy for a Guardian. He doesn't make fights where none exist, but he never turns down a challenge, and is not one who normally tries more subtle methods of dealing with his enemies.

NSL isn't exactly good at making plans ahead of time. He's much beter at improvising, deciding what to do durring the battle, rather than before it. Sometimes he listens to the plans of the other Guardians, but if he doesn't like some part of it, he'll probably end up doing his own thing.

DIR agent sign-up:

Name: Azufe Kanajath

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Appearance: A very tall man at about 6 ft. 5 in. Very fit, as are all DIR agents, and naturally thin. He has short, black hair, and brown eyes. He has a scar on his left ankle, one on his left knee, and another on his right elbow. He usually wears shorts and a t-shirt with a smart-*** remark written on it.

Personallity: He's very into his job as a DIR agent. Sure, it's dangerous, but he has fun with it. He doesn't take huge risks, though, and he's not cocky. He just loves his job. He's a very fast thinker, and has a good mind for strategy. He's also very determined, and very critical of those who give up. He's one of the best agents DIR has.

When not on a mission, Azufe can usually be found in one of three places: in the workout area practicing, in his quarters reading sci-fi books (with the occasional fantasy novel thrown in), or in the rec center playing video games. He has a tendancy to screw around when off-duty (although he has regular practice sessions in the simulator), but when he has an assignment, he's very focused.

Area of Expertise: Strategy, both before and durring a battle. He's also very good at figuring out riddles (which are quite common in the digital world).

Digimon: Hawkmon

Digivolution Chain: Hawkmon-Aquilamon-Sylphimon-AincientIrismon
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[size=1][color=#C82356][B]Name//[/B] Angelina Lira Promitier
[B]Preferred Name//[/B] Angel
[B]Age//[/B] 23
[B]Gender//[/B] Female


[B]Personality//[/B] An individual who has a distaste for humans, Angel is one who is has a sharp tongue and a sharp wit. Some see her as the epitome of a cold and heartless Nazi, others see her as a DIR agent only wanting to do her job, while most fear her for who she is. It isn?t abnormal to see people scurrying away from her sight, running from her footsteps, or even confronting her with an altercation. Those who glance at her have a surreal reality appear to them, as if they were walking into a dark nightmare.

Angel is one who is able to keep a cool head during any situation, never showing a sign of weakness or fear. She is able to get inside one?s head and mess with them, making them believe things that are not true. She may seem like a stoic person, but the truth behind it all is that it?s the job that makes her this way. She believes in valor, honor, and courage, as well as honesty and optimism. It is not known completely, but it seems that Angel bottles everything inside, never releasing much of her emotion, which could be fatal on a mission, disrupting everything the DIR has worked for, but those who know her, those who chose her, know that she has the strongest emotional control of anyone and knows that she has the mental capacity to hold herself down.

[B]Area of Expertise//[/B] A woman of many talents, her true aspirations lie in weaponry, which includes marksmanship, sniper, and other such related abilities, and interrogations.

[B]Digimon//[/B] Labramon
[B]Digivolution Chain//[/B] Labramon- Dobermon- Cerberumon- Anubismon

[B]Name//[/B] [URL=http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied5/images/MegidramonX.jpg]NeoMegidramon[/URL]

[U]Tormenting Blades-[/U] The blades on his arms are retracted and thrown, while the blade on the tip of his tail is used as a glaive to attack the enemy.

[U]Megiddo?s Flame-[/U] Bursts of red and black flame escape from his mouth.

[U]Poisoned Glaive-[/U] Strange venom secretes from his tail and poisons his enemy as he pierces them.

[U]Emblem of Darkness-[/U] The symbol on NeoMegidramon is shown and is shot at towards the opponents, either paralyzing, confusing, or even hypnotizing them.

[U]Dragon's Whisper-[/U] The most powerful attack that NeoMegidramon uses. His body will become enveloped by fire and from that fire, NeoMegidramon charges and in a berserk state, he attacks.

[B]Personality//[/B] The one who strays far from the crowd, this Guardian is unlike the others. NeoMegidramon is distant, isolated, and only speaks when needed. He keeps this sense of darkness about him and all fear him. Many portray him as a dark figure lingering in the mists of the shadows, seeking out those who need guidance, some know him to be a greater being, lead to them to protect and shelter, whereas others believe only that he is a disguise, a ShadowWereGarurumon hidden in the clothing of a cute Sheepmon, but all know nothing of him.

NeoMegidramon is a calm and tranquil Guardian, but like a volcano, he erupts only when either aggravated or when the time comes. He is not easily lead to believe such false sayings, nor is he easily lead to battle anyone. He is a Guardian who believes in trust, honesty, and loyalty. Just because he is a digimon of dark and unknown power, it does not stand to believe that he is the epitome of the darkness. NeoMegidramon may seem quiet and peaceful, but he is a force to reckon with and a Guardian to be tried.[/size][/color]
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[color=Navy][b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]I'm here, sorry I didn't sign up earlier. The Bio and part of the Personality's the same as last time.[/color][b]

Name: [/b]Kaila "Kai" Hiwatari

[b] Age:[/b] 20

[b] Gender: [/b]Female
Appearance: [/b][/color][color=Navy][url="http://img91.exs.cx/img91/4927/ai9yl.jpg"]Here[/url], keep the goggles but make the shirt longer and white, put a leather trenchcoat over the top and change the shorts to navy blue cargos. She also wears [url="http://img169.exs.cx/img169/8239/rensq0241p028uv.jpg"]this[/url] pendant and [url="http://img169.exs.cx/img169/5079/rensq0247p0101026ez.jpg"]this[/url] ring.[/color][color=Navy]

[b] Bio:[/b] [/color][color=Navy]Kai's parents were originally killed in a car crash when she was 3. At that age, she wasn't really aware of what had happened and was sent to an orphanage. She grew up in that small, rundown orphanage, and she had no substantial memories of her parents. When she reached the age of 17, she was legally allowed to leave the orphanage. Many of the children wished that their 17th birthday would arrive, as hardly anyone was ever adopted or even looked at from their orphanage. She signed the release form and then she was free. But then she realised that free wasn't exactly all it was cut out to be. She had no idea of where to go, or even where she could stay. [/color][color=Navy]Kai[/color][color=Navy] had seen a small house that she was sure no one was staying at, because she'd looked through a window. She picked the lock with her home-made lock picks that she'd made when she started getting good at picking locks. She had stayed in that house for a while, and had eaten some food left there and when she was leaving, she took some of their money.

She would do that to several houses, as long as they were un-occupied and she had gained quite a bit of money. One day when she was leaving a house, she saw a couple of people in suits that were watching her, she had quickly run from them and climbed onto a roof of a building. From there she jumped over rooftops until she found another place. When she had gotten enough money she actually bought a small cottage that was quite old and run down. Then on another day, she saw the two people in suits. They had arrived at her cottage and knocked. When she opened the door, they said that they had evaluated her and asked if she was willing leave any loved ones and accept a position when all they told her is that it will be dangerous and top-secret. [/color][color=Navy]Kai[/color][color=Navy] decided to take a chance, her way of living wasn't that great, and she didn't have any loved ones anyway.

They took her to a place and ran her through many tests. She passed and went through the whole process of learning and got her own partner digimon, Lucemon. She had met a man that was a year older than her, and from what she saw, he was one of the best agents, and she liked to believe that she was too. When not on a mission she's usually in the gym or training room/workout area. After all of the climbing and gymnastic things that she used to do, she's a bit of a acrobatic and gymnastic fanatic, always on the equipment. Sometimes if she's too tired and her muscles hurt, she'll just go to her quarters and read, mainly all fantasy books. And i she's too lazy to do either of those, she'll be in the rec center playing a video game, or watching someone play one.[/color]
[b] Personality:[/b] [/color][color=Navy]Kai is a calm person and doesn't get angry very quickly, unless it's the police. She is strong minded and never admits defeat, even when she's lost. She's a quick thinker and solves problems quickly. She can easily keep a cool head in a heated argument. Kai is very stealthy, flexible, agile and acrobatic and gymnastic and has been since she was a child. She's been trained in many of the Martial Arts since she was a child and is especially good at Karate, Kung-Fu and Judo. But if she doesn't like you, she'll show it, and you'd have to gain her trust because she has a sixth sense with people.
But sometimes she can have a quick temper from a case of mood swings, and if someone annoys her for a long period of time, let's just say you won't want to be around when that happens. She'll fight valiently if her friends or family are ever in danger.
In her free time, Kai likes to be outside and look at nature and everything that the world has to offer. When not doing that she's usually messing around with something electronic. Mainly the mini computer that she carries around in her pocket. [see [url="http://img169.exs.cx/img169/9809/rensq0227p01027xe.jpg"]here[/url], it's like an organiser kinda thing, you flip it open and the bottom is the keyboard while the top is the screen.][/color][color=Navy] Her best skill is her talent with computers and anything electronic. Though Kai takes her job at the DIR very seriously and thinks of herself as one of the top agents next to Azufe. Kai is also very stealthy, flexible and acrobatic and gymnastic, a skill that she acquired at a young age often helps her, which is her skill of picking locks.[/color]
[b] Area of Expertise:[/b] Anything electronic and she's flexible as stated above with her gymnastic and acrobatic skills which helps her a lot in escape and fighting.

[b] Digimon:[/b] Lucemon

[b] Digivolution Chain:[/b] Lucemon - Piddomon - Lord Holy Angemon - Seraphimon
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[COLOR=GREEN]Glad you're giving this RPG another try, Takuya. I'm only signing up as one character this time, as opposed to the two human characters I used last time.
[B]Name:[/B] Tairune Takanaka

[B]Age:[/B] 22

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Appearance:[/B] Tairune, or Tairu for short, has short brown hair and green eyes. She stands about 5' 6" and usually wears a denim vest over a white long-sleeved shirt with black pants. (I might post a picture here if I get time to draw one this weekend)

[B]Bio:[/B] A month before Tairu was asked to join DIR, her life was quite happy. She lived in Tokyo and worked as a program designer for a prominant software company. Her boyfriend, Seiya, had recently proposed to her. She was also very skilled at Martial Arts, which she used as a way to exercise and relax. But all her happiness soon came to an abrupt end one stormy Sunday night.
That night, an armed robber broke into their appartment. Trying to protect Tairu, Seiya was shot. On the way to the hospital, she could feel her fiance slipping away. She was approched by two men from DIR while he was in surgery and was asked if she would be willing to leave everything behind. Since, by this point she could tell he was gone, she accepted without a second thought.
With her experience in Martal Arts and technology, she quickly advanced though the training. Tairu, however, had become very withdrawn as a result of her fiance's death.

[B]Personallity:[/B] Tairu is very withdrawn and cold towards her fellow agents. She doesn't want to risk getting hurt emotionally again. The only one she usually talks to is her digimon partner, Salamon.

[B]Area of Expertise:[/B] Software design and hand to hand combat

[B]Digimon:[/B] Salamon

[B]Digivolution Chain:[/B] Salamon, Gotomon, Angewomon, Ophanemon (Note~ The Ophanemon I'm using is not any stronger than the mega levels of the other digimon partners of the DIR field agents.)
I hope this RPG lasts a bit longer this time around :catgirl: [/COLOR]
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