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A Lonely Goddess... PG-13 V


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Lanin paced the back and forth infront of her throne, her hear was beating quickly and breathing had quickened. [I]It's been too long, where is he, why isn't he back yet?[/I] She tought to herself tightening her grip on the item in her hand. As the sun outside began to set, her mind began to fret. She was alone for the first time in almost a centery, and she was afraid. She knew that most deities would not be affraid in their own temples, but she knew how powerful her new enemy was, and it truck fear into her heart.
Her high priest had left over an hour ago to cut off her enemy, but he had not returned and she could not reach him through telepathy. She needed help, but who?

Thats a sort begining I know but thats all I really need. This is a simple fantasy setting, you know with knights, wizards, clerics, rouges, dragons, elves, dwarves you name it. This selected party will be sent to find this goddesses missing high priest. The reason she needs help is because she needs to stay in her temple in orer to stay protected. She fears for her high preists life though, getting him isn't really the ttrick either, its getting himm back thats the trick.

I'm just asking fo...


I hope you guys have fun, I need at least 4 people to do this, but more will do as well. Enjoy!
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Name: Luna Lee
Race: Elf
Age: 14 (tell me if this age is too young k?)
Gender: Female
Apperance: Long black hair that goes down to her knees (wow thats pretty long huh?). Violet eyes that seem to change into a darker color. She likes loose and dark color clothes. She wears a purple color dress and it seems pretty long for her but she doesn't mind. Shes a really pretty. She stands out at 5' 1''(i think thats pretty average). Shes got a slender body with fair skin.
Personality: She really cheerful and friendly. Shes a great person to hang out with. Shes smart (not too smart). She likes to make people smile a lot. She has a vivid imagination and a creative mind. She can be a bit annoying sometimes but everyone thinks shes so adorable. ^^ She always looks on the brighter side of things and she will always stand by your side. She will only listen to orders to the people she trusts. Shes a great friend you can count on!
Background: When she was 11, her parents were taken away from these evil people. She was all alone and had nowhere to go. She went to a nearby village and tried to get a job but nobody would take her because she was young. She was in desperate need to get a job and find her own shelter and she finally came to this lady (Lanin) and begged her to let her have a job. When the lady said yes she jumped for joy and now she serve under her as a loyal servant and must survive. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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Name: Thorn Axeington
Race: Dwarven
Age: 125
Gender: Male
Apperance: A short chubby little Dwarf with a grayish beard that infuses straks of blue that run down the center to the tip. His tunic is a leather brown covered in chainmail that also covers his bald head. Two crimson eyes shine brightly with a round nose between them.
Personality: Like most Dwarves he feels to be superior to other races dispite the obvisous advantages and dissadvantages there are between them. He can be a real grump sometimes and does not take too easy to kindness. He usually will suspect you of trying to pull something over on him before he believes that you are just being friendly.
Background: Coming from one of the smallest homes in his city Thorn had always worked to help support his family. He gained apprenticship under a blacksmith and learned the art of making weapons made of steel and iron. If the need comes he will supply weapons of some of the best quality around, but for a fair price. The only odd thing is that he has some of the most creative weapons ever made, unnatural for a Dwarf.
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Name: Kaida

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Race: Dragon... (Mainly stays in her human form. Even though she is a dragon shes young and is not that powerful. One of the lower levels or dragons.)

Appearance: She has short silvery hair and a very slender body. Her skin is tan and she is about 5'7''. She may be tall but she is extreamly light... she is around just 95 pounds. No one knows why she is so light but its never been a problem.She is wearing black almost skin tight clothes./ Her dragon form is a bit different. She is the size of a horse and twice as long as one. Her scales are black but with a few bright orange scales in as well. Short spikes are all over her head except her snout and nose. Though she is large she is extreamly light. (Most dragons are extreamly light for their size... it makes flight easier.)

Personality: Quiet but most of them time warm and friendly... She is a bit of a coward at times. She has a fear of heights.

Bio: She cannot remember the day of her birth and is always wondering about it... Was she born like a human or hatched... She has always been afraid of heights... and because of this she has yet to learn how to fly. A dragon that cannot fly... Its made her outcast from others like herself because they were all ashamed of her and her flightlessness. She left them and travled around looking human. She doesnt have the ability to shoot fire either. She does however have the power of lightning... Small balls of electricity can be a shocking surprise for the foe (hah ha)... She has yet to learn how to use her firebreath.

ooc: If dragon isnt ok I can change it to something completely different... just tell me.
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Name: Alex Tidewater

Race: Wizard

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: [URL=http://doo.nomoretangerines.com/no421/just421.gif]Alex.[/URL] His hat is made of magic it increases his magic. When he puts it on it creates a shadow effect of his whole face. When he takes it off, you can see his spikey Blue hair, and Orange eyes

Personality: Alex is a nice person, well most of the time. He always says what's on his mind even if it makes zero sense.

Background: Alex was chosen at a young age to be trained as a wizard. He found a master named Brom who a teacher to other children as well. Alex was always made fun of by the other students, because whenever he tried a spell no matter how easy it was, it always back-fired especially the fire ones. Eventually he had to leave because he was making no process in his studies. Even though it hurt him, Alex understood. When he was leaving his teacher Brom gave him an old amulet, he told him it would protect him.
Alex never gave up on his dream. He went form town to town trying to learn parlor tricks, and any thing that had to do with Magic. He had read countless books and even though he doesn't show it is a fountain of knowledge.
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[B]Name:[/B] Tsuchi Doragon
[B]Race:[/B] Dragon
[B]Age:[/B] 203
[B]Gender:[/B] Female

-[url=http://www.paul-elisa.de/cabral/dragon/ciruelo_cabral_006.jpg][color=white]Tsuchi Dragon Form[/color][/url]-

-[url=http://www.paul-elisa.de/cabral/luz/ciruelo_cabral_bw002.jpg][color=white]Tsuchi Human Form[/color][/url]-

[b]Personality:[/b] Tsuchi is a very calm and kind creature. As a dragon, she tends to be more violent and wild, but she never intends to bring pain to another without good reason. Sensible and quite intelligent, Tsuchi is the one to come to if you have a problem.

[b]Background:[/b] [Will edit later]

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Name: I'sha Morgan
Age: 119 (human equivilant: 23)
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Elf/Half-Celestial
Class: Psychic Warrior
Height: 5' 10"
Appearance: Honey Brown Hair - Knee length and straight, usually back in a braid.
Sectional Plate Armor, Swings a short handled lochbarre axe as her primary weapon and a bastard sword as secondary. Feathered Wings - Dove gray. Violet Eyes and pale-ish skin. High cheekbones and a slightly pouty lip. She is toned and physically fit, but in a whip-cord kind of way rather than in a bulky muscled way. She loves to wear greens and blues.

Personality: I'sha has a quirky sence of humor, but would never dream of using her telepathic abilities to invade a friend's privacy. She would rather use diplomacy than fists to come to a peaceful solution to problems; but if it comes to violence - she lets her axe do all the talking. She is well-born but attemps to not be snobby. She is open and friendly, but tends to be quite sarcastic when annoied or stressed. She loves working with others and does far better battling in a group. She is never afraid to go first in a dungeon crawl, but wouldn't be offended if you asked her to go last in order to watch everyone's back. She's trained in tactics and strategy and will never go charging blindly into something if she thinks its a bad idea -- and she has no qualms telling you if she thinks its a bad idea. She's scared of spiders. :eek:

Background: I'sha is the second child of two born to Lord Morgan, a middle-ranking elven noble of the land. Her mother was a lovely celestial that Lord Morgan had rescued from an evil cleric who was going to sacrifice her to something even more evil and nasty. Moved by his heroism and generosity, the celestial vowed to stay with him as long as possible. As a widower, he was not exactly opposed to the arrangement. Lord Morgan's son, Sean, nearly grown himself, was a bit jealous of his father's new lady, but never begrudged them them their happienss.

Unfortunately, four years ofter I'sha was born, her mother was summoned back to the upper plains but the goddess she served, and Lord Morgan was left to raise his daughter in a house-hold of men. Tom-boy to the max, she could climb trees, ride horses and practice weapons just as good if not better than the boys. At about 56 years old, her psychic master came to her. She said I'sha's potential "called" her. She trained her, not only in the way of a psion; but as a lady, diplomat, and strategist as well. It seemed to I'sha that there wasn't anything her "Lady Master" didn't know.

This went on until not long ago, her "Lady Master" popping up once in a while to give her more training. She incouraged I'sha's use of the axe, calling anyone who said it was 'unladylike' closed-minded and backward. She was also extremely uspet whenever I'sha's rambunctious-ness would put her in lift-threating situations. She would often (often because I'sha was never known to be meek or reserved when challenges arose) say: "I have use for you. . . don't throw all I've done away."

Six months ago, she had a vision of her "Lady Master" - in the middle of arms-practice no less. The Lady apologized for decieving I'sha. She then revealed herslf as the goddess Lannin - the very goddess I'sha's mother was in service to. Lannin explained that her mother had begged the goddess to keep tabs on her girl and to train her to be the best at what-ever Lannin would need her for. I'sha wasn't sure she would be best at anything, but she was willing to try anything she was told by the goddess at that point. The goddess then told her of Feanor and her search for Fingolfin. I'sha set out in service of Lannin the next morning to help her with her search and has been following the divine guidence ever since.
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