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Welcome to Genami High, Part: 1 (M-L,s, Possible V)


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Every school district has their own share of schools. Each rivaling each other in a certain way. Some may rival each other through sports, such as football or basketball. Some Schools also rival each other with the Magic Studies. But there is no way to explain the sheer fun and joy of beating the crap out of other students from your rival school. Unfortunatly it is Genami High that gets the worst out of all the rivalry. Every other School wish that they were like it because it was well funded, The Students were, on average, Behaved ( At Times) and they got the biggest cut of funding for the schools. And don't you know that it will be hell on Earth when certain students arrive to study at Genami High. Pranksters, Geniuses and Gits galore are at Genami High so why aren't you.

Ok, Heres the deal. The Story is set in a slightly Alternate World with magic and such but on the whole it is mostly like our world. I will have a few teachers but not too many otherwise it gets fairly hectic after a while. And the School also has Dormitorys If you were wondering.

Character's Name: (Simple, Your character can be of any Nationality)
Character's Gender: Easy
Character's Year in School: From year 7 to 12, Including Teachers.
Characters Age: Keep to your characters Year Level
Description of Character: Eitehr a Picture or a Detailed Description
Additional Character Background Info: You don't need to go far into your characters background but do tell us about the Personality and Classes and Extra Cirricular things that your Character does.
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Ok...^ ^

Character's Name: Lee Himura

Character's Gender: Male

Character's Year in School: confused about this but will go with year 11

Characters Age: 17

Description of Character: Golden blonde hair with sparkling green eyes. A muscular guy (not too much) and cool and calm guy. Enjoys to play basketball and he's a nice guy.

Additional Character Background Info: (fill it in later sry)


OOC: Sorry this is short but I will fill in later.
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[b]Character's Name:[/b] Tao Lee

[b]Character's Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Character's Year in School:[/b] 11

[b]Characters Age:[/b] 17

[b]Description of Character:[/b] [img]http://otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=22467[/img]

[b]Extra Bio And Info:[/b] She is a secretive quiet girl who sometimes gets angry easily. She prefers music class and plays the electric Guitar and drums very well. She is not a part of a band because not many people trust her shadowy and secretive attitude. When they get to know her they would know shes quite cool and fun to be around with but noe one yet has ever tried to get to know her. As for classes she takes math right off in the morning and is good at math but not the best. Art Band and Choir are also classes she takes. She is one of the top art and band students and many people dislike her for this.

[i](Innocent The year means grade... And when they said keep to your characters year level means your characters age should be what most normal 7th grades are aged at. Which for me was 13 with a few 14 year olds but not many. The leader just doesnt want 4 year olds in 12th grade and probably doesnt want 21 year olds in 8th.)[/i]

[b][i]But [/i]If you wanted to be teacher age i guess doesnt matter but you gotta be at least old enough to be out of high school. (dur) And as for the year that (for teachers) means what year/ grade you teach.[/b]
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Thanks Blanko, for clearing that up. We call High School Grades Year Levels over here in Australia.

Name: Alec Proteto
Gender: Male
Year Level: 12
Character Age: 18
Description: Alec stands about 5'7 and weighs 180 pounds, meaning he is about Average in Build. He has Dirty Blonde hair about halfway down his neck. He has Deep blue Eyes and often wears Grey Jeans, a Metallica T-Shirt, Nikes and a Black Duster.

Extra Bio and Information: Alec is a fairly loud and rude bloke, no strings attached and is in his Second year of VCE(last year). Granted, He is a Rock fan and refers to himself as the Godly One to give himself a sense of superiority. Personality Wise he is a bit of a wanker but he also has a deep side to his personality. He has an incredibly short temper so he will shake your hand just as quickly as he'll kick youir Nads. He takes advanced Trap Magic (Only thing he excells in besides Music) in School but he uses it in assorted Pranks on other VCE Students. He plays Drums in a band with two of his mates and has been trying to chat to a certain girl at the school.

(Anyone, THAT WILL RP AS A GIRL, can ask if they can be that character. If none ask then the character can be an NPC)
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....here it goes...

NAME Kite Laosen
Gender: Male
Year Level 11
Character Age 17
Description:see attachment
Other Bio: Kite loves to fight anyone and everyone he sees, but he knows when he should throw a punch or not. He can hold out in a fight for a while but tries not to get tired. He loves playin football, mostly QB, but can play alot of positions. He spends thirty minutes a day meditating,before school. He likes his bass guitar and spends alot of time working on his music. He really only goes to school because he has to but he tries to make the most out of it.
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You guys have got fairly good sign Ups so far but First: Innocent, It is very rare that you will get 16 year old in year 9. You will have to finish off your sign up. And Blamko, I'll need your appearence. I'll quite a few more people but by the time that I have 7 people ( Including Myself) I'll start the RP.
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Character's NameSess: short for Sesshomaru
Character's Gender: Male
Character's Year in School: 10th
Characters Age: 15
Description of Chearcter: um without the fury thing[img]http://sesshoumaru.250free.com/Main.jpg[/img]
Additional Character Background Info: He is smart but strong and fast he hates cats loves dogs he plays base ball and kendo and he snow boards he came from the north and moved all over perfecting all kinds of martial arts
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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1][b]Name:[/b] Rebecca J. Lier [Everyone calls her "R.J." or "Spike"]
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Year in School:[/b] 12
[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Description of Character:[/b] [See Attachment]

[b]Extra:[/b] "Spike", as she has become known as, has a long history of discipline "issues". She gets into fights all the time, then just waltzs out of interventions. There is a rumor that she once skewered a boy with a knife for looking at her strange, and that she carries around that knife to this day. She ignores most rumors about her, however. She is very loyal and trusting to her closest friends, and would do [i]anything[/i] for them. When she was 10, she was in an accident and can't remember anything that happened to her before the age of 7. She lives with a very religious foster family, but even they don't force her to go to church. Spike looks at all that fear her as no more than little ants waiting to be squished. Spike has never been very "good" at love and relationships with others. She keeps most of her emotions inside and wears a blank face at almost all times. Most of her desires are known by only her closest of friends, and her emotions are channeled into her guitar or into the faces of punks at school. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[QUOTE=Blanko]For one... the name is blanko not blamko

And for two... I have a picture already... which is her appearance[/QUOTE]

Sorry about that, It's just that it didn't show up. I'll give this until the end of the week for Sign Ups.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Character's Name: Aia Hunter

Character's Gender: Female

Character's Year in School: 10th

Characters Age: 16

Description of Character: Choppy, elbow-length blonde hair streaked with dark purple. Crimson eyes speckled with silver. Tall, about 5'8, and skinny. A medium-tone tan. She sports a tattoo on her right wrist of a broken mirror with 'Aia' spelled in broken glass. Usually wears black shorts or blue jeans and tank tops or t-shirts and black Chucks.

Additional Character Background Info: Aia is a bit of a ditz but she's very witty at the same time. She's incredibly spirited, almost always laughing at something, and constantly enjoying life. While she seems carefree, she understnads the hardships of life. Her family was murdered when she was young and she lived with the head of a group of assassins her whole life. When she's stressed, she plays gutair or gos for a run. She's an incredibly fast runner, a extrodinary gutairist, and she can even sing (she's an alto). Her grades are good enough to be passing but not the top, and it seems like she always has something else on her mind besides school. Some days she'll also go skateboarding or swimming.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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