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RPG future dbz...(play)


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*Ken walks around the destroyed rebel base on earth, the Federal Space Angels have attacked earth yet again... the rebellion on Earth, Mars and Pluto is not going good...*

*Ken runs down the hall ready for anything in ssj2 firing ki blasts as the Federal Space Angels*

*Ken walks outside and a hundred Fed Troops stand ready to capture the base*

Fed Troop: You're under arrest rebel.... stand down or die...

Ken: Not a chance... *he flies up*

*Ken closes his eyes as all the clouds in the area turn black and swell up as Ken unleashes his great power*


Weatherman: A F5 Hurricane has just formed over the Rebel Base... i repeat winds up to 300 mph and hail, tornados, and waterspots possible...


*Ken sits in the eye of the hurricane as the unleashing begins... a shockwave bursts forth that liquifys the troops and buildings... turning them to nothing...*

*Ken's hair slowly grows to his feet and his eyebrows disappear...*

*a final shockwave ensues that creates a crater a few miles deep and wide*

*Ken looks up thru the eye of the hurricane at the Federal Space Angels MotherShip and SpaceShip Armada... *

Ken: Ka.... Me.....

*A orb appears in his hand, it is colored red*

Ken: Ha.....Me....

*The orbs grows gigantic*

Ken: HA!!!!

*A large beam flys into the Federal Space Angel's Mother ship and Fleet... the explosion is so large the shockwave destroys the moon...*
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Kai flys to the descimated scene behind Ken and observes the damage.

Ken: Late as usual.

Kai: Doesn't look like you needed help anyway. Oh yeah, congrates on ssj3. By the way, you might be interested to know that the Federal Space Angels, with their mother ship destroyed, have gone on a rampage. *smiles* Split them with ya.

Ken grins.

Kai: Once our friends show up, we can split up the attack points. Until then, I'm going to save Washington DC. Have fun.

Kai goes ss2, and he is gone in a flash of light, on his way to Washington DC.
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Ken thinks: Was that the real mother ship.... or just the command ship of the fleet....

*Ken looks up and sees a ship exit hyperspace.... it has a giant ion cannon and it faces down to earth... the ion cannon charges*

Ken: OH ****!!!

*Ken uses instant transmission as a giant ion beam comes down sending everything to hell...*

*Ken reappears at a mountain over the sent-to-hell area*

Ken: It's a Ion Frigate... Call b.... Firepower Enough to destroy the state of texas in a hit...

*another ship comes out of hyperspace*

Ken: Oh crap... a Heavy Cruiser... the firepower to destroy africa...

*more ships begin to pop out of hyperspace, destroyers, command ships, more ion cannon frigates, assult frigates, carriers, and hundreds of fighters...*

Ken: It's a full scale siege....

*Ken goes from ssj2 to ssj3*

Ken: This'll wake them up *grinz*

Ken: Ka... Me... Ha...Me....Ha...

*The beam flies up and hits a heavy cruiser, decimating it and the surrounding fighters*

Ken: Heh heh... time to have some fun...

*Ken begins firing Ki beams into space...*
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Out of nowhere, Leona teleports next to Ken, in SSJ2 form.

She started firing.

Ken looked over at her. "Where'd you come from, Leona?" She grinned, then responded. "I sensed your power, and a bunch of other powers... So I figured you might need help, so I came." Ken nodded. "Right."
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Ken: Incoming.... *Ken points at all the ships moving to face the direction he and Leona are in*

*Ken forms a ki shield around him and Leona as a ion beams pummel the surrounding area to nothing....*

Ken: Well.... the Federal Space Angels have alot of fight in them...

Leona: Why are they attacking Earth anyway... it is their home planet, the rebels are on pluto as well

Ken: Earth is where the rebel leader is...

Leona: And who is the rebel leader?

Ken: A guy named Ken.... *he grins*

Leona: !!!!

Ken: Heh....

*Ken looks up and the ships stop firing finally*

Ken: They're sending drop ships.... some of their fighters are hard even for a ssj3.. this is gonna get interesting...
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Kai appears again by the two warriors sides.

Kai: I think Washington can wait a little longer. I've got a technique I think will work just fine against those ships.

Grinning, Kai charges his fist shortly, and launches a thin beam with a needle-like point at one of the drop ships. The beam penetrates the armor and continues to hit two more ships before continuing into outer space. The ships explode shortly after. Kai grins again.
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*Ken is going faster than the eye can see... ki beams fly everywhere hitting the drop ships*

Ken: There's too many...

*Ken continues to fire at the thousands of drop ships*

*Leona does the same...*

*Ken looks up at the full moon, his tail sways*

Ken: Oh crap...

*In ssj3 form he begins to go Golden Oozaru*

*His power erupts forth and all the dropships begins losing control on their descent*

*a crater forms under him as he begins to go into Golden Oozaru stage...*
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siren: hey!! no fun is complete with out yours truly!!! tenka sai!!!

a large blue-green ki ball decends into the fleet wrecking havoc as it went

ken: hey!! no fair!!

siren: :p haha... how abouy we play a game... most ships win

leona: haha! your on!!

siren: prepare to be wuped
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Ken: No time for games... incoming attack bombers... 4 o clock low...

*the attack bombers were in formation, shots of plsama were fired, one hit Ken dead on... even in SSJ3 it made him bleed*

Ken: ..... Kaio Kan..... times 300...

*Ken's power greatly increased as Ken raised his hands to the sky*

*He hundreds of Ki beams came from his bodt, exploding all around him...*
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Neil zanzokens into the area.

Neil: Time to die! Nova!

Neil fires a first Nova. The small,blood-red Ki blast flies at an impossible fast speed, the tail straight out.(It's like what Turlitz((From Tree of Might)) fired on Goku's back.) It's small size let it fly through the atomsphere, and hit a battleship. The explosion could be felt on Earth. The infernious flames bursted from space, and fried some other ships.

Neil smiles Vegeta's lil evil smile and chuckles evily.

Neil: Hit the dirt!

Neil fired Nova after Nova, blowing ships to peices, each explosion as big and firey as the first.

Neil: Time to play... SCATTER BLAST!!!!

Many Ki blasts flew at the ships that had attacked Ken, and hammered them to the ground. They managed to fire their plasma cannons in time to knock Neil into a mountain.

After a few seconds, the mountain explodes with a black and yellow explosion. Neil emerges from the mountain, transformed into SS9. His hair is up like SS Vegito's, and he smirks as he charges up a huge Nova.[/size]
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[color=crimson][i]Suddenly.... Several cloak generatiors came out and cloaked the whole fleet[/i]

Ken: Damn...

*His eyes dart across teh sky looking for a way to destryo the cloak generators*

Ken: Come on... Come on.... COME ON!!!

Ken: Kaio Kan Times 5000!!! KA.....

*Ken begins the attack...*

Ken: ME......

*a small orb forms in his hands*


*The orbs grows.... the earth begins to shakes....


*The orb grows even bigger*

Ken: HA!!!!!!!!!

*The KameHameHa Wave flies into space and Ken uses his energy to detonate the wave, causing a large eplxosion which takes out the whole fleet in one hit*

Ken: Easy...

*Ken's Long SSJ3 Golden Hair Sways in the wind...*

Ken: That's it for now.... let's hope they dont attack again...[/color]
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Ken, AIM me, doy!
[size=1]Debis(sp?) falls from space, and Neil jumps up, and begins punching and kicking, crushing the items before they hit Earth.

After a bit, Neil lands, and detransforms.

Neil: So, what now?
Ken: Uhhhh........ Let's est! I'm hungry!

Everyone cept Ken falls, anime style.[/size]
Thanks, stormwing... You gave me *dun, dun DUUUUUUUU!!!* WRITERS BLOCK!!!!! HIT THE DECK!!!!!!! :cross::laugh::cross::whoops:-_-
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SuperSayian4444 [/i]
[B]Ken, AIM me, doy!
[size=1]Debis(sp?) falls from space, and Neil jumps up, and begins punching and kicking, crushing the items before they hit Earth.

After a bit, Neil lands, and detransforms.

Neil: So, what now?
Ken: Uhhhh........ Let's est! I'm hungry!

Everyone cept Ken falls, anime style.[/size]
Thanks, stormwing... You gave me *dun, dun DUUUUUUUU!!!* WRITERS BLOCK!!!!! HIT THE DECK!!!!!!! :cross::laugh::cross::whoops:-_- [/B][/QUOTE]

no one is immune:laugh:


siren: well you snoze ya loose... i second the food idea... i know a great all you can eat buffet... they kicked me out the last time i was there... do you think they still rember??
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[i] Forte is out in space training madly in SSJ 4 form [/i]

Forte: VIRAL SPIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[i] Thousands of blasts come out of Forte and explode everything around him [/i]

Forte: I must go on..... I need to push myself. I NEED TO EXPERIENCE IT.....FATHER! I WILL BECOME ONE AND I WILL MAKE YOUR DREAM A REALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[i] Forte explodes with rage [/i]

Forte: This planet is expendable....

[i] Forte flies in the air and lifts his finger and the planet splits in half [/i]

Forte: Next......

[i] Forte sees a giant Star fleet chased by 10 other giant ones [/i]

Forte: Now thats not fair...

[i] Forte teleports aboard the ship [/i]

Forte: Hello

Guard: Freeze!

Forte: I can help you

Guard: You can??

Forte: Let me speak to the high Elder

Guard: Fine, but im watching you...

Forte: Okay.

[i] Forte is escorted to the Elder [/i]

Forte: Your magesty, my name is Forte. The Enternal Fighter....

Elder: Ahh, i have heard of you...

Forte: Yes, im wanted across the galaxies... Grand Price on my head. 25 zillion gares....

Elder::eek: .... Wow, you ARE wanted.

Forte: Destoryed over 100 planets and races.....

Elder: Hmm, what brings you here....

Forte: I see you are being chased...

Elder: No..

Forte: Oh yes....

[i] Forte transmits the power of cloak to the Elder [/i]

Elder: Ah.... Your correct!!

Forte: Yes, let me help. I will destory them for you. As a price of gratitude, i would like a place to stay for some days....

Elder: Done deal...

Forte: Ill brb

Elder: Okay, men turn around

[i] The ship turns around and Forte comes out of it [/i]

Forte: I see you.... DIE

[i] Forte screams with power [/i]

Forte: Hydro Fire!!!!!

[i] A Clash of Aquar and Fira ( special types of water and fire ) launch at the ships [/i]


[i] Forte release his 5 Star Dragon Sword [/i]

Forte: Shuriyken Slasher

[i] Forte starts to slash madly [/i]

Forte: * heavy breathing * Uh, its done......

[i] Forte goes back in [/i]

Forte: Done...

Elder: Wow, thats incredible.

Forte: I didnt even power up....

Elder::eek: :eek: eek:

Forte: Now for my place??

Elder: Ah yes, the deal.

[i] Forte is escorted to the gala of food [/i]

Forte: :tasty: Im sooo hungry :tasty:

[i] Forte starts to eat everything [/i]

Guard: Hehe, he is hungry....
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sorry. I couldn't find a future DBZ sign-up. is it OK to do it here?

bio-is able to go to all levels. (SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, and SSJ4.)
discription-strong, great at martial arts, swift, adventurous, and cunning.

what siren said:

Siren-so... now that we've eaten what are we going to do?
*kool walks in.*

kool-explain to me why you didn't invite me, that's what! I've been having a hard time taking out ships on Pluto. ;)

Siren-Kool! It's been a while since we last met!
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