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RPG Armoured Core: Angels of Chaos


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*Aeon steps out of the mech he was in*

Aeon(thought):ahh that was fun....caught in close for a second their but iam fine

*aeon turns around and looks at his badly beatin up Mech then watchs as his partners mech is brought in and waits for him to climb outta his mech*

Aeon:Say Chole how do you get through those frays without hardly a scratch on your mech?

Chole:*shrugs* I just attack without hesitation....well i will talk to you later gotta go to debriefing

Aeon:Yeah me to.....Hey man sorry bout that accidental shot just when i saw you move in from behind those other mechs i thought you were enemy...hadn't even relized you left my side.

Chole: Don't worry about it you didn't do any damage

*As Chole a Mechanic walks up and starts shouting in Aeon's Face*

Mechanic: Thats the 5th one this week that you have nearly totally wrecked!!

Aeon: sorry sorry i ran into some unexpected trouble

Mechanic:Yeah well this time it is comming outta your part of the pay not the companys!

Aeon:-_- fine.

*Aeon walks off to the debriefing room*

*he arrives just as chole walks out who gives him the "your in deep S***" look*

Aeon:.....Reporting commander

Commander:Now look here Lt.Aeon thats the 5th mech you have severly damaged this week.....*he proceedes to chew Aeon up before allowing him to debrief*

Aeon:well the mission started out.....and you see.......then their was.....as the mission was almost over we got ambushed by some zodiac-9 members.......*remembers that part all to well...if Chole hadn't moved as swiftly as he did with the 2 he took on then Aeon proublly wouldn't be standing here now*

Commander: Dismissed Lt.Aeon and one more mech like that and i will demote you

Aeon: Yes Sir *walks out of the debriefing room then decides to go spend a large portion of his paycheck getting some food and drinks at the bar*
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[color=crimson]*A light rain falls over a canyon... the skies are dark and a thunderstorm is coming, a few Mechs line the top of the canyon looking for soemting*

Pirate Mech 1: Ken has to be around here.... with our treasure...

*Ken overhearing that looks at the sniper rifle veiw*

Ken: That's right... eat this...

*The first pirate mech blows up with the sniper shot*

Ken: One down... 3 to go...

*He reloads the massive gun and aims at the second one which is scrambling to where the shot came from*

Ken: Not today... g'bye...

*The second mech is down*

*The third flies down to the base of the canyon and cautiously looks around, while the fourth goes out of Ken's veiw*

Ken: 3 is my lucky number.... click... *boom*.... you dead... the 4th went where...

*Ken flies up sniper rifle armed looking*

Ken: There he is... retreating *smirks* Bye... click... *boom*[/color]
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[I]Flash spins around in his AC, slashing the last enemy MT in half, with his powerful LS-Starlight lazer sword... It explodes, scattering some debris across the street... The Radar starts beeping, and a monitor flickers on. On the display is an AC...[/I]

Computer: Enemy reinforcements confirmed as a Ranking AC.
Flash: Another AC?
Computer: *alert siren sounds* AC identified as [I]Genocide[/I]

[I]The AC Genocide speeds towards Emerald Se7en, at top speed, boosters putting out huge amounts of power.. As it closes in on Emerald Se7en, Flash aims the Dual Plasma cannons... Thanks to his high-quality FCS, it's an easy lock... Flash is about to fire, when suddenly, his FCS goes haywire, and the locking screen turns to static...[/I]

Flash: ...the Hell?

[I]Suddenly, Emerald Se7en is pinned to the ground by a huge Energy Submachine gun, pressed up against its head... He hears a grim laughing through his radio...[/I]

Flash: ...Ken Hayabusa... You bastard...
Ken: Ha ha, good to see you again Flash, you witless F**k.
Flash: Pssh, whatever.
Ken: So, still hurting from last time I kicked your sorry ***?
Flash: Bite me.
Ken: Tsk, tsk. So angry. Perhaps you need a lesson in manners.
Flash: ...Sorry Ken, but I gotta fly.
Ken: Well then, I think you need your wings clipped.

[I]As Ken swings his Laser blade around, Emerald Se7en's boosters kick into action, and Flash Over-boosts out of the area... Ken sends one last message...[/I]

Ken: Wuss.
Flash: Until we meet again, Ken...

[I]Emerald Se7en flies away from the area, boosting towards the rondevous point for his dropship...[/I]
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*Tus looks around searching for the mech he badly damaged*

Tus: Where are you...THERE!

*He unlodes his m. gun on the mech *** it swoops around a tree and aproaches. With a big falsh the mech blows to pieces*

Tus: About time...Now where am i?

*tus looks around*

*A energy blast sends tus's ac back*

Tus:There you are! Your [B]DEAD[/B]!
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Chole heads to his TL-32 after the debreifing and starts maintenence.[/i]

Mechanic: You sure you don't want us to help you out on that?

Chole: I'm sure of it! Thanks anways! Now if I could only get the computer to accept this gyro controller when I plug it in...


;Accessing Port Controls/Internal Parts/Torso...

{Update torso BIOS 1.00 to 1.01}

;Pending...................................Update denied.............


Chole: Damn! *Kicks metal plating of AC* What's wrong with you? This'll make you better...eh but you seem to be doing fine right now so I won't hold it up to you.

[i]Chole jumps out of his TL-32 and heads to the base's food hall. A mechanic watche him leave...[/i]

Mechanic: Talking to his AC again...

Mechanic2: Don't mind him, he's just a kid....

Mechanic: Yeah, a kid with a huge bi-pedal at his command.[/COLOR]
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Tus: gotcha *tus Shoots at a enemy mech that fly stragiht up* Damn *aiming again at the mech he unloads another shot at the enemy but this time the shot hits* Yeahh Now for some real fun.

Stanger mech: You think that hurt me? Hahaha. You remind me of your father. a weakling. *the enemy mech fly straight for tus* Taste Steel!.

Tus: you first *his Fangs slide down his arm to his hand and shove it into the enemy mech* Now i have my revenge.

Enemy: Haha*cough cough* yeah right. i didnt kill you dad who killed your dad was Oskborn. But you will never be able to destroy him unless you can find his weakpoint and thats his *A shot come fly out of nowhere and hits the enemy mech . Boom*

*The blast knocked tus's mech off its feet.*

Tus: You!*he looks up and sees a pure blacke mech that was huge* YOU...you...you...ahhhh*he starts to unload his pulser rifle on the mech*

Oskborn: hahaha. dont think that mech can hurt me..:demon: Die you idot.
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*After an hour of evenly matched fighting another message comes through.*

Oskborne: :laugh: your not that bad... but i have to go so ill end this now.:naughty: *oskborns mech nightstalker fly to the air and whips out a Z-354 enerygy rifle and aims it carefully... Swift fang starts to go full burn away from night stalker...* you might be fast but not fast enough!*tsewww the blast hitsone of swift fangs boosters. He shoots again knocking off a arm. and again and again. Swift fang is barly able to keep medium burn as he is shot agian. tus takes out his puilser rifle and shoots an area and makes an explosin.* hahah gotcha. now i can leave.*nightstalker flys away As swift fang is slow moving towards the closest human setlement*

*a few hours later he reaches the settlement that happens to be the one that chole is at*

*his ac collapses as many mechanics watch. as he leaves his mech he reliezes that he barely survieved*

Tus: i need... some...hel..p*he colapses on the ground as many mechancis rush around him*
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*as he is eating in the bar and wishing he was old enough to drink something he hears a mech pull in and another pilot rushes in*

Pilot: Hey some strange mech just pulled into base....it was magorly damaged and some kid just feel out....

*the pilots in the bar look around then go back to their buisness as if this happened every day.*

Sean:Ahh i will go check it out.....gotta go see the repairs are going on the last mech i used anyway.....

*sean heads to the docking bays*
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Chole heads into the cafeteria and orders a small snack. He sits in a corner alone, eating and drinking. After a few minutes he overhears a conversation behind him.[/i]

Man1: You know I heard that they pulled in an AC...

Man2: They know where it's from? They shouldn't be pulling in strangers...

Man1: They don't know...

Man2: What were they thinking?

[i]Chole quickly finishes up and heads back to the docking bay to check out the rumor[/i][/COLOR]
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*Kevin jump out of his mech as he heard the noise*

Kevin: Wow that's one beated up mech.
*when he look down he saw someone helping the pilot as he is badly injured*

Kevin: I better go see if I could help with anything.
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siren: yes... hold him...

siren passes him to kevin and runs to her mech, climbs up and comes out with a box, she returns

siren: lie him down

kevin: do you know what your doing??

siren: of course... i have to fix myself up more often than not

kevin: shoulden't we wait for a docter?

siren: no... by the time one comes he'll be dead... he's losing blood... now help me or go away!
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*he intercepts chole as they head for the docking bay*

Aeon:so what do you think this is all about?

Chole: Proubably just a pilot in a mech so damaged we couldn't see our emblam on it....

Aeon: yeah your proubably right....

*they walk into the docking bay and see 3 mechs standing there....1 is badly damaged and the other 2 seem in good repair*

Aeon: ok did our mercanery base just become a tourist stop or is it my imagination......that damaged mech is definatly not one of ours....

Chole:we are on one of the major supply routes between earth and mars.....so proublly a lot of mechs and their squads stop in here for rest and supplys....

Aeon: oh? guess your right.....

*they walk into the room where the see kevin and siren patching up the pilot.Both pilots continue walking*

Aeon:Shouldn't we help?

Chole:Looks like they got it under controll

Aeon:yeah i guess your right..*looks at the damaged mech*Boy that kid nearly rivals my skills in screwing up a mech!!
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Kevin: Okay just tell me what to do.

Siren: Hold this here and put some pressure on it. You got that?

Kevin: Yes. Now what?

Siren: Give a minute to stop the bleeding here.
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Tus: Uhhhh. Wha...what happened?

Kevin: your awake?

Tus: uhh...my head.:confused:

*puts his hand holding his head. Notice the stiches. PUshes kevin away*

Tus: I dont need your help. I have to leave as soon as my mech is repaired. He will find me soon. And that meens he will find this out post. And you all will be finished.

*tus starts back toward the Dock but falls*

Kevin: Your not healed yet you cant leave.

Tus: :flaming: i Will Oskborn. I WILL!:demon:
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Kevin: Don't be foolish you'll die. Beside that your mech is still a mess.

Tus: He'll come and kill you all.

Kevin: I don't care if I die. And if I die I'll die fighting.

Tus: So that is you what about the rest of the people here. And why should you care?

Kevin: I have seen to much killing and meaningless bloodshed. At least let your wound heal. You won't get far like that any way.
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On earth, in the city of Nakasaga in Japan, a boy of 15 is working on his AC.

Craig: I've got the TS-277 Tritarian boosters for Mecha Wind.

Slade: Well, lets get over to the hanger and put them in.

Craig and Slade get in a forklift each, and slowly drag the boosters into the air. They move along to the hanger.

Slade: Lets get these packages opened.

The two packages, measuring about 8 feet in length, and weigh about 1 metric tonne each, stand infront of Mecha Wind. Craig and Slade manage to get them opened.

Craig: Lower Mecha Wind down at 90'.

Slade tuns up to the control panel, and lower Mecha wind to 20 feet above ground. After a few hours, they manage to get the components installed.

Craig: Now it needs a carbonator change. Lower Mecha Wind to 2.5 feet.

Slade lowers Mecha Wind vis the control panel, Craig gets a wrench, gets on a slide panel,and slides under Mecha Wind.
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