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[COLOR=#ff00ff][FONT=Trebuchet MS][center][size=3][u][b]Welcome to Your Lesson On Love[/u][/size][/b][/center]

[size=3]MAP COMING SOON![/size]

[u][i]Kagami High School's uniform[/i][/u]

Guys - plain white short-sleeved shirt with a silver and black diagonally striped tie. Plain long black pants.

Girls - plain white blouse with same tie. Either plain black long pants or a short pleated black skirt.

[u][i]Subjects you can choose from - choose one from each group[/i][/u]

[i]Group 1 - [/i]
Business, Visual Art, Geography

[i]Group 2 - [/i]
History, IT, Biology

[i]Goup 3 - [/i]
Gym, Phsyics, Languages

[i]Group 4 - [/i]
Performing Arts, Chemistry, Media

[u][i]Timetable[/i][/u] - the timetable is at the end of the post. I don't know how to fix it. Sorry.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9 - 10:30 am Business / Visual Art / Geography English/Japanese History / IT / Biology Gym / Physics / Languages Performing Arts / Chemistry / Media
10:35 - 11:50 am Mathematics Gym / Physics / Languages Business / Visual Art / Geography English/Japanese Mathematics
1 - 2:30 pm English/Japanese Performing Arts / Chemistry / Media Mathematics History / IT / Biology English/Japanese
2:35 - 4 pm History / IT / Biology Business / Visual Art / Geography Performing Arts / Chemistry / Media Mathematics Gym / Physics / Languages

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[color=blue][size=1]Well, I've already signed up. This looks like a really interesting RP, Reiku. ^_^

Hey.. I was a bit confused about the "Location" part of the sign up.. I just put "Coming Soon" since it's supposed to be based off your map which, obviously, isn't up yet. So as soon as the map gets put up, I'll edit it. ^_^[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=GREEN]Very cool RPG! I will sign up, but I'm having serious writer's block right now (which is also why I haven't posted on "Tattoo" in a while). My sign up should be up in the recrutment(sp) thread by the end of the week :animeswea , just give me some time to think up a good character.

Hope this goes well :catgirl: [/COLOR]
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[color=Navy]I don't have much to say.

Cool RP idea, I like it. Hopefully I'll keep active in this one. I get a lot of writer's block so that's a big problem that I need to get over.

I hope I won't mess up, because since you said we have to play opposite our real gender. And I rarely play Male characters. I hope we get some males in so we have female characters.

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[size=1]Oops. -.- A couple of us didn't see the 'play your opposite gender' thing. So about now we have roughly five guys and five girls. >.> If you still want me to change my character's gender, I will, but I'll have to totally rethink my character. -.- But oops again.

And (this isn't relative, i just found it interesting) most know who Kaela IS, they just don't know her, except Ken, and Rin. >.<[/size]
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[quote name='Skye][size=1']And (this isn't relative, i just found it interesting) most know who Kaela IS, they just don't know her, except Ken, and Rin. >.<[/size][/quote]
[color=blue][size=1]Hehe. That's 'cause you're special. xD

I [i]totally[/i] skipped over the opposite gender thing, too. Sorry. I mentioned it in my edit, but me no wanna change Rin. But I will if I have to. I'm just gonna whine 'cause I'm too lazy to do it. xD[/size][/color]
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Well now, I can't wait for the map to show up. I forgot to mention this on my character's bio, but the apartment complex he lives at is called Sakura Central. (Sorry, creative juices have been sucked out at the moment like my attention span in Geometry. :p)

This is a great RPG Idea.
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[COLOR=SlateGray]Ok, I would have to play as a male but it seems you have all the males you need. So I am going to sign-up as a girl if that is ok with you Reiku. It's just I didn't want to make everything uneven.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#ff00ff][FONT=Trebuchet MS][u]People who have joined up:[/u]
Reiku - Alex
demonchild781 - Jace
Who Am I? - Micky
Kitty - Rin
Sakura - Zephan "Zeph"
Opal - Ranmaru "Ran"
StarrStruck - Aka
Kairi - Maria
Ozymandius Jones - Hoshiko
Astdis - Ken'Ichi "Ken"
Skye - Kaela
Albel the Wicked - Kina
Jung-Woo - Andrew "Drew"
SolarPrincess - Kyo
lil kitsune boy - Haruko
Raid3r - Dirk
ChaosSquriel666 - Natasha
Lady Dust - Amy
Gelgoog - Courtney

[u]The Classes:[/u]

[b]Business:[/b] Alex, Micky, Ken, Haruko, Dirk, Amy
[b]Performing Arts:[/b] Alex, Zeph, Ran, Aka, Maria, Jace, Ken, Kina, Drew, Dirk, Amy
[b]Gym:[/b] Alex, Micky, Rin, Zeph, Ran, Maria, Jace, Ken, Kaela, Drew, Kyo, Haruko, Dirk, Amy
[b]History:[/b] Alex, Rin, Ran, Aka, Ken, Drew, Dirk, Amy
[b]Languages:[/b] Micky, Hoshiko, Kina
[b]IT:[/b] Micky, Zeph, Maria, Hoshiko, Kina, Natasha, Courtney
[b]Visual Arts:[/b] Rin, Zeph, Ran, Aka, Maria, Hoshiko, Jace, Drew, Kyo, Haruko, Courtney
[b]Chemistry:[/b] Rin, Hoshiko, Kyo, Natasha, Courtney
[b]Physics:[/b] Aka, Courtney
[b]Biology:[/b] Jace, Kyo, Kaela
[b]Geography:[/b] Kaela, Haruko
[b]Media:[/b] Kaela

[u]Teachers for the classes:[/u]

[b]Maths -[/b] Miss Aya Ichiro - a middle-aged teacher who likes maths. She's strict but also nice at the same time. She realises maths is boring and tries to make it more interesting for everyone by doing strange things.

[b]English/Japanese -[/b] Miss Jane Elery - a young female teacher that comes from England. Came over to teach English to students. Likes the Japanese culture.

[b]Business -[/b] Mr Jinn Kiji - hardline teacher, very strict, doesn't like students being stupid in his class.

[b]Performing Arts -[/b] Miss Renee Triza - French
teacher that loves the performing arts and loves her students. Free-going and nice.

[b]Gym -[/b] Miss Rei Hizaki and Mr Sano Kiraki - a good combination of teachers. Like to let their students do what they want during lessons. Emphasise on fun.

[b]History -[/b] Mr Genki Ranigo - elderly teacher that it perverted somewhat but loves his history, gets excited over it, and almost has heart attacks.

[b]Languages - [/b]Miss Hilda Stuhmke - German teacher who has a thick accent. Very well-built. Big German girl.

[b]IT - [/b] Mr Bob Saunders - eccentric middle-aged teacher who loves computers. He thinks that they are his best friends in the world.

[b]Visual Art -[/b] Miss Hiroko Shida - A young lesbian teacher who is very arty. She doesn't try to feel up any of the girls or anything, but she is open with her sexuality.

[b]Chemistry -[/b] Mr Phil Kanowa - absolutely LOVES chemistry. He wears bright coloured shirts, pants and socks. Loves to make chemistry interesting by blowing things up.

[b]Physics -[/b] Mr Levi Sheahan - another hardline teacher but he doesn't control the class very well. Does a probablity test by throwing a chalk duster over his shoulder, seeing if he can hit a student.

[b]Biology -[/b] Miss Sarah Nevada - a very attractive young female teacher that wears lots of short skirts and revealing tops to school. The boys just drool over her and always ask for help because she bends down over their work. Innocent and doesn't realise what they're doing.

[b]Geography -[/b] Mr Reece Sullivan - a middle-aged teacher that has a nervous twitch in his left eye. Tries to be strict but can't control a class.

[b]Media -[/b] Miss Lily Chang - Chinese teacher that was once an owner of a media company (newspapers, magazines, advertising). She gave it up to become a teacher but is fairly wealthy anyway.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR=Blue][FONT=Trebuchet MS]She's not supposed to have four subjects, each corresponding to one of the four groups.


However, you can take a break if you wish, but DC and I would prefer it if you had four subjects, not three.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[size=1][color=red]I think she does have four subjects... ^_^; I think two of them are in the same group. Yeah, she has languages and Gym. -.- Could you take her out of languages and stick her instead into Biology? So sorry for the mix up.[/size][/color]
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I am sorry but I changed into Preforming Arts. I hope thats ok, I was wondering what it was then I asked DC and he said it was like band. So I wanted to be in band so....yea. I just wanted to let you know, Reiku, so you can change me into the class.

Thanks! Lady D.
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Sorry for my delay dear sister...I'll try and make it up to you shortly...I decided to post my sign up here so everyone could see it easier. I'll make my post momentarily...

- Sign up ?

*As a condition of the RPG, you have to be the opposite sex character compared to you in real life. Example: Girls play guys, guys play girls. This will make it much more interesting.* (ARE YOU SERIOUS! GRRRR....Ok.... :animedepr )

Name: Courtney Banks

Age: 17

Gender: Dur! Female

Appearance: Courtney is a rather short girl at the hight of 5' 5. She has curly blonde hair that only goes a little ways past her shoulders. Her eyes are a deep blue and her smile is such that it can light up a room. She normally wears whatever she feels comfortable in and doesn't much care for fashion, when she doesn't have to wear her uniform.

Location: I didn't see a map...eh...I'll live a few blocks away somewhere...

Personality: A very chipper person who not only wishes to get along with everyone but often does. Is a little insecure at times and as such can become a little depressed. Has a very good sense of humor, and loves to laugh. Can be a little clumsy.

Short History: She grew up in the burbs of Mid-west America. There she had a great life, did wonderful in school, had many frineds, and a loving boy friend. This all went away however when her mother was reassigned by the military to move to the base in Japan. Feeling betrayed by her parents Courtney decided to live away from her family, at least for a little while. So she came to attend this high school, one full of new people and a new culture.


Mathematics ? essential ? we all do it
English/Japanese ? essential ? we all do it
Visual Art
IT ? programming, computing

That'll be meh classes...

Relationships with other students: None as of yet...
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial Narrow]Right now this will probably make absolutely no-sense to any of you except maybe Reiku. In our next adventure we will be split into two groups as follows:

[U]Group One[/U]

[U]Group Two[/U][list]
[/list] [/FONT] [/COLOR]

Details to the adventure shall be coming to you soon :catgirl:
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