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Sign Up Welcome To Your Lesson on Love [M - LS, pos V]


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[COLOR=#ff00ff][FONT=Trebuchet MS][center][IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v641/ozyssite/lol2.jpg[/IMG]
Thanks Ozy!

[size=3][u][b]Welcome to Your Lesson On Love[/u][/size][/b]

Kagami High School resides in the small city of Kitakata, in the region of Fukushima.

In this school, in this town, teenagers will face the many hardships of growing up.

Crushes, romances, affection, competition, rivalry, sexuality and love.

Some want others to be their companions, their partners, their lovers.

But of course, things don?t go as always planned.[/COLOR]



The sounds of sparrows chirping outside echoed through an apartment building in the small city of Kitakata. The city was a little ways north of Tokyo. A few miles out of the city was a large beautiful lake. It was called Kagami Lake because the water?s reflection was said to be a mirror to the sky so that the dragon of the lake could think he was in Heaven with the other dragons.

Kitakata was a clean, peaceful city. There wasn?t much crime, or little the public heard of. Most people were on good terms with their neighbours and friends. This air of happiness was mostly seen in the local high school. The students there were some of the best in the country. Kagami High School was highly regarded academically and athletically. Past students had become successful in what career path they have chosen.

A nice-looking apartment building stood in one of the main streets. A slight wind rustled the leaves in the trees along either side of the street. The sun shone softly down through the eastern windows of the apartment building. On the third floor, you could see someone sit up in their bed. This person was Alex Kiyamoto.

Alex sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes.
? Mmmm?.. morning?.. school?.?

He looked around his small room, his silvery blue hair swished around as he turned his head. His schoolbooks were all over his desk from studying last night. Getting out of his bed, Alex grabbed a towel and a pair of shorts and walked to the living room. He grabbed his MP3 player before leaving his room.

In the living room, Alex put replaced his slacks for shorts and put his headphones on, starting his usual morning workout. The sun shone through the large glass doors that led out onto a small balcony. Half an hour of an intense workout, Alex gathered his towel and slacks and walked to the bathroom.

Taking a nice refreshing shower, Alex came out of the bathroom, bumping into his flatmate, and best friend.

? Good morning Jace-chan!? Alex said brightly. He received a grunt in reply as Jace dragged his feet to the kitchen to make himself a coffee. Alex laughed at Jace. He went to his room and got changed into his school uniform before going out to the kitchen, seeing Jace sitting at the bench, sipping a cup of coffee.

? Not a morning person Jace-chan? I can?t have my 3D partner slacking off on me,? Alex said provokingly. Jace looked up and glared at Alex who just laughed at him.

? Ok princey-boy, your badboy partner is just not a morning person!? Jace replied crossly.

Jace and Alex were known as the 3D boys ? Duo Dude Death. This was a nickname given to them by their fan-girls at school. Alex was the prince every girl wanted to be swept off her feet by. Jace was the badboy every girl wanted to have protect her. And most guys at their school were envious of the two of them. The two boys had been best friends with each other since grade school.

? Well Jace-chan, you?d better get ready for school. Otherwise I?ll leave without you so you can get attacked by Kitoyama-san downstairs,? Alex said, watching for Jace?s reaction. Jace almost choked on his coffee. Kitoyama-san was an elderly lady that had taken a liking to Jace, and Alex was the only one who could pry her off of him. Jace slammed down his cup of coffee.

? Sometimes I wonder why I live with you,? Jace said before returning to his room to get dressed. Alex smiled as Jace retreated in disgust.[/COLOR]


Welcome to Demonchild and Reiku?s new RPG ? Welcome to Your Lesson on Love. ^_^

Now this RPG is a romance RPG, but don?t let that turn you off. There will be heaps of action, twists and turns in plots and sub-plots, unexpected events happening, strange beings visiting Earth. We?re joking about the last one, but you can never know with us. ^_~

Anyhow, this is supposed to be a corny, soapie-style RPG that everyone can have a laugh at. It?s going to be based around Kagami High School, the students in it and their relationships with other students and the events that happen. We are all in the same home/form class, so most people should know each other.

Now, we shall have an Underground thread up for this RPG that includes a timetable for all students, a map of the city showing important places like malls, usual hangouts, the school (we will be editing it so that it includes where every character lives), school uniforms, up-and-coming events, etc. Please check this before you sign-up.

Link: [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=651131#post651131]Welcome To Your Lesson On Love - Underground[/URL]

We know that this sounds complex, but we?d like this one to have a good run. Trust me, some many unexpected things will come at you, you won?t know what to do.

Now try and make your characters interesting. ^_^

Here is a list of subjects your character can choose from. You can choose 4 other subjects than Mathematics and English/Japanese. However, make sure that none of these subject choices clash on your timetable (see Underground thread).

[list][*] [b]Mathematics ? essential ? we all do it[/b]
[*] [b]English/Japanese ? essential ? we all do it[/b]
[*] History
[*] Geography
[*] Languages
[*] Biology
[*] Physics
[*] Visual Art
[*] Performing Art
[*] Chemistry
[*] Media ? advertising, film making, video editing
[*] IT ? programming, computing
[*] Gym
[*] Note: If anyone wants to add another subject, PM me or Demonchild.[/list]

[size=2][u][b][I]- Sign up ?[/I][/b][/u]

As a condition of the RPG, you have to be the opposite sex character compared to you in real life. Example: Girls play guys, guys play girls. This will make it much more interesting.[/size]

[b]Name:[/b] [can be anything you like]

[b]Age:[/b] [16 or 17 only since we are all in the same grade]


[b]Appearance:[/b] [picture or written description]

[b]Location:[/b] [in reference to the map in the underground thread. Try and describe where your building (house or apartment) is]

[b]Personality:[/b] [at least 4 sentences]

[b]Short History:[/b] [at least a good paragraph]

[b]Subjects:[/b] [choose from list above]

[b]Relationships with other students:[/b] [We want this continually edited. As people sign up, change it if you already have an existing relationship with them. Example: Jace and Alex are best friends and flatmates]

[b]Demonchild will be posting up her character soon. ENJOY! ^_^[/b][/FONT]


[COLOR=#3333ff][FONT=Trebuchet MS][size=2][u][b][I]- Sign up -[/I][/b][/u][/size]

[b]Name:[/b] Alexander "Alex" Kiyamoto

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Appearance:[/b] See attachment - his casual clothes

Alex is about 6' 1" and had a toned body. His eyes are crystal clear blue.

[b]Location:[/b] The apartment building labelled with Jace and Alex


Alex is the 'prince' of Kagami High School. He is a sweet, kind, caring gentleman. He and Jace are known as the 3D guys - Duo Death Dudes. Girls swoon over him because of his princely looks and his kind, sweet personality. Alex likes helping others out at school and is one of the top football (soccer) players in the school, being an excellent mid player. He regularly works out to keep himself fit for the football session and to keep up with Jace just in case anything bad happens. If someone dear to him is threatened, he won't hestitate to protect them with everything he's got.

[b]Short History:[/b]

Alex was born in Kyoto before his parents moved up to Kitakata because of the reputation of the school and the city. He was raised diligently. His father hammered it into him that all women should be treated as royalty. His father was a true gentleman, business man and father all in one. Alex's mother was a kind and sweet woman. Thanks to them, Alex became who he is today.

When Alex was in grade school, he met Jace who intrigued him. Alex had never encountered the badboy type before, so he stuck at Jace's side. As they grew up together, they always hung around each other. Some people said they were almost brothers. Alex was the counter for Jace, and therefore balanced him. The two of them had got in some pretty sticky situations but they always managed to pull through.

In the year Alex turned 12, both of his parents died in a car accident. It was winter and they slide across a patch of ice on the road up in the mountains, crashing into the side rail and fell down the cliff at the side of the road. His father had written in his will that Alex was to take over the family business but Alex was too young. From the day his parents died, Alex lived with Jace.

Alex strives to become like his father, the way he remembers him, although the scars of losing his parents remain buried underneath his content exterior.

[b]Subjects:[/b] Mathematics, English/Japanese, Business, Performing Art, Gym, History

[b]Relationships with other students:[/b]
[*]Jace - demonchild781 - best friend and flatmate
[*]Ran and Zeph - Opal and Sakura - good friends and team mates on soccer team
[*]Maria - Kairi - best girlfriend
[*]Rin - Kitty - nice girl to talk to
[*]Aka - StarrStruck - likes to tease him but he just puts up with it very gentleman-like
[*]Kyo - SolarPrincess - a good friend through gym class
[*]Hoshiko - Ozymandius Jones - a nice girl that seems a bit flustered around him
[*]Ken - Astdis - a good friend through theatre class and soccer
[*]Kaela - Skye - a nice girl is his gym class
[*]Kina - Albel the Wicked - good friend through theatre class
[*]Drew - Jung-Woo - a good friend through class and soccer
[*]Dirk - Raid3r - competes against him in all classes even though Alex doesn't want to
[*]Amy - Lady Dust - knows through classes
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[B]Name:[/B] [COLOR=DimGray]Micky Lee[/COLOR]

[B]Age:[/B] [COLOR=DimGray]17[/COLOR]

[B]Gender:[/B] [COLOR=DimGray]Male[/COLOR]

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://animevisions.net/Pictures/guys/guys75.jpg]Micky[/URL] [URL=http://animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/KANON24.jpg]Micky's Sister[/URL]

[B]Location: [/B] [COLOR=DimGray]*LATER*[/COLOR]

[B]Personality:[/B] [COLOR=DimGray]Fun, caring, atheletic guy. Nice guys to make friends with but tends to get shy around girls. He loves to have a nice conversation but when it just to girls he just tries to have short conversations and leaves. Most of the time he avoids girls and just have fun with friends.[/COLOR]

[B]Short History:[/B] [COLOR=DimGray]Lives with a loving family and two older brothers and one younger sister. Loves to have fun with his sister and tends to be protective of her (Not too much though). He doesn't see his brothers a lot since they're busy with college and stuff. He didn't have a good time back at elementary and junior high so he's planning to be happy around here.

With his cousin coming to the same school as he is, he thinks this school year is going to be great. He was kind of shy making a friend that was a girl(Kina) though.[/COLOR]

[B]Subjects:[/B] [COLOR=DimGray]Languages, IT, Gym, Business[/COLOR]

[B]Relationships with other students: [/B]
[COLOR=DimGray][B]Kina Mitori [/B] - Abel the Wicked - Friend
[B]Andrew "Drew" Takeda[/B] - Jung-Woo - Cousin/Best Friend
[B]Zeph[/B] - Sakura - Talks with him sometimes
[B]Ran [/B] - Opal - Talks sometimes
[B]Amy Lee [/B] - Lady Dust - Sister. Fun to play with.
[B]Dirk[/B] - Raid3r - Knows him through Drew.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1][b]Name:[/b] Rin Himotaka

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/OrangeOutfit.jpg]Clicky[/url]

[B]Location:[/B] [Coming Soon]

[B]Personality:[/B] Rin is very kind and sweet, while always being quiet and shy. She defends herself when she feels threatened, with force if she must. She can overeact to somethings at times, but she normally keeps a cool head. She also tends to be very generous towards others, even strangers. She enjoys lots of company, but tends to find one person who she sticks to like glue. Rin is also very smart and clever, though you wouldn't know at first glance.

[B]Short History:[/B] Rin was born to a young couple in the town of Osaka. Her family moved up to Kitakata to aid her dying Grandmother when Rin was only 2. They took care of her until she died a year later. Though they had planed to return to Osaka, humble Kitakata enticed them to stay.

Rin grew up knowing very few people outside her family because she was always terrible at making friends. Her parents worried about her seldom, though, because she was one of the best students. That, and she never told them of her awkward struggle. By her first year of Junior High, she had only two friends. Lucky for her, the three of them were very close. She felt satisfied having a small close-knit group rather than just a bunch of acquaintances.

Rin's homelife had always been peaceful, and her parents always seemed happy. But soon after she turned 14, they got divorced. This startled her, and many of her family's friends. Her mother moved back to Osaka, and remarried soon after. Rin stayed with her father, and had to play "mom" at home ever since. Her father still went to work all day, and acted the kind father at home, but he grew more tired every day.

Rin still excels in her school work, and for this she has gained a new popularity. She is now famous around the school yard as a tutor or homework "helper".

[B]Subjects:[/B] Mathematics, English/Japanese, History, Gym, Visual Art, Chemistry

[B]Relationships with Other Students:[/B]
-Maria (Kairi) - Good friends with. Tries to keep her out of trouble, and sometimes does her homework for her.
-Zephan (Sakura) - Family friend.
-Jace (demonchild781) - Rin gravitates towards him because he's more of a badboy and he ends up saving her every once in a while.
-Alex (Reiku) - A nice guy who is always there to talk to.
-Aka (Starr) - Close friend since grade school
-Hoshiko (Ozy) - Tutors her in English, good friend.
-Ken (Astids) - Has a slight crush on, but can never talk to him.
-Kaela (Skye) - Good friend that she can connect with on many levels. They do homework together.
-Kina (Albel) - Best friend. Very close, and tells her everything.
-Andrew (Jung-Woo) - Barely knows, but knows of his drinking, and has been building up the courage to yell at him about it.
-Kyo (Solar) - Good friend that refuses to study, so she pesters him.

EDIT: I just realized the condition. Sorry I missed that.. But I'm going to keep Rin up until we get more sign ups (just to see if I'm still allowed to be a girl).[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=Navy][b][color=black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=black]If anyone wants some relationships from me then let me know, k.[/color][b]

Name:[/b] Zephan (some people call him Zeph) Sinclaire

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Gender: [/b]Male

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url="http://img242.echo.cx/img242/8906/1059155119yumunarumi5lv.jpg"]Zephan[/url] in his normal clothes. He's well toned.

[b]Location:[/b] Sinclaire Household (will elaborate when Map is up)

[b]Personality:[/b] Zephan's a kind guy and the girls like him because he's cute and friendly. He hardly ever loses his temper, countering angry and insulting remarks with kind words or walking away. He's close friends with Alex and doesn't get jealous of him because he gets all the girls. Zephan keeps himself fit for personal reasons, not for anyone else and he's part of the football (soccer) team, he's an allrounder and can play any position on the field. He has some female friends and male friends, he hasn't had a 'more than friends' relationship before, but hopes to experience it sometime. He's protective over friends and family and if they're threatened he will do anything for them.

[b]Short History:[/b] Since Zephan could remember, he's always lived in Kitakata and he's never had a father. He lives with his mother in their house and they both go under his mother's maiden name, Sinclaire. Whenever Zephan questioned about his father, his mother would change the subject abruptly.

After a lot of annoyance she finally told Zephan about his father when he was 12. Zephan was a boy born out of wedlock during a forced relationship and she told him everything about his father, how she had been drugged by him for intercourse, how he was a deadbeat, how he smoked, how he drank and became violent, how he beat her. He was crushed and fell into a depression for two months. He didn't eat much and turned a sickly pale colour. His mother tried to reason with him but he always stayed in his room, only leaving it for school, bathroom and dinner that his mother forced him to eat.

After two months Zephan decided that he would strive to become the complete opposite of his 'father'. That's why he's friendly and kind to everyone around him. He protects his mother strongly, not wanting anything like that to happen to her again.

Zephan met Alex and Jace when they started High school together and he hung around with them, he was closer to Alex because he was calm, while Jace was wild.

[b]Subjects:[/b] Maths, English/Japanese, Visual Art, IT, Gym, Performing Arts

[b]Relationships with other students:[/b][/color]

[*][color=Navy][b]Alex[/b] - Reiku - Close friends/Team mate for football (soccer)[/color]
[*][color=Navy][b]Jace[/b] - demonchild - Close friends, not as close as Alex
[*][color=Navy][b]Ran[/b] - Opal - Team mate for football (soccer)[/color]
[*][color=Navy][b]Maria[/b] - Kairi - has deep conversations with, a female friend, share all the same classes.
[*][color=Navy][b]Rin[/b] - Kitty - one of his several female friends/family friend
[*][color=Navy][b]Micky[/b] - Innocent - nice guy to talk to, share some classes
[*][color=Navy][b]Aka[/b] - Starrstruck - female friend[/color]
[*][color=Navy][b]Hoshi[/b] - Ozy Jones - female friend, good to talk to[/color]
[*][color=Navy][b]Ken[/b] - Astdis - close friend through classes[/color]
[*][color=Navy][b]Kaela[/b] - Skye - cute girl, good to talk to, seems shy around him[/color]
[*][color=Navy][b]Drew[/b] - Jung-Woo - close friend/team mate[/color]
[*][color=Navy][b]Kina [/b]- Albel the Wicked - close female friend, talks to a lot
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=1]Name: Ranmaru "Ran" Ariaki

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v352/KIttychanann/banners/pics/normal_wtsoji.jpg]Ranmaru[/URL]

Ran stands 5'9". Often gets yelled at by his hair colour by teachers, but it is his natural colour.

Location: I will fill this in as soon as the map is up.

Personality: Competitive. Ran loves a good challenge in sports. Highly athletic, loves to enjoy sports, he mostly enjoys football (soccer), which he plays goalie, and basketball. Yet he enjoys dancing as well. He feels that it doesn't limit him as sports do. Not the smartest in his class, he pulls average grades to keep his parents happy. Not really the bad boy type, he just looks the part. Gets easily excited and loves food. Very sensitive about what happened to his eye. Ran is also gay and isn't to worried if anybody find out he is.

Short History: Ran grew up in Osaka. He lived with his family, parents and grandparents. They lived with his grandparents while his parents got on their feet. His grandfather, who he was named after owned a dojo. He taught Ran kendo and tai-kwon-do. Ran became good and often did competitions.

When he was ten hes enter a karate competition. He was the favourite to win. It was the final round and both of the m had defeated their opponents. His opponent somehow caught Ran in they eye. Ran lost the vision in the eye. He often wears his eye patch, for the fact that he has a glass eye and people look at him weird other wise. After the accident he never went back to kendo or tai-kwon-do, instead he focused his energy into sports and dancing.

When he was thirteen his family moved to Kitakata. His father had a got a very good job there working as an architect. His mother stays at home and is a manhwa artist. From his mother he grew to love the art world and is not bad as drawling, though he doesn't compare to his mother. It often gets crazy around his house when it's close to his mother deadlines. HIs mother gets sleepless nights and he gives her and her assistance a hand. His mother was never good at making deadlines.

At fifteen he fell in love with a fellow classmate. When his parents found out he had a crush they where over joyed. When they found out it was a guy his father forbid him to see the guy again. His Mother on the other hand couldn't care less, she was happy for him. A few month later he found out that his love was moving away, that they wouldn't be able to see each other again. Ran was sadden and felt his heart was broken. They say it's always the hardest when it is your first love. Now though he has gotten over him, though he tends to think back to him every now and than.

~Performing Art
~Visual Art

Relationships with other students:

[INDENT]~Alex-Reiku- Teammate infootball (soccer).
~Rin-Kitty- Classmate
~Zephan-Sakura-Teamate in football (soccer).
~Aka-Starr-Treats her like a sister.
~Maria-Kairi-good, competative friends in gym class.
~Hoshiko-Ozy- Good friend of his, both has the same intrest in art.
~Jace-demonchild- Some jerk in his gym class. He hates him because of the way he picks on him.
~Ken-Astdis-Knows him from classes and because of his twin sister. They hang out once in a while.
~Kaela-Skye- Doesn't really know her. She always seems a bit shy.
~Andrew-Jung-woo-Teammate and crush.
~Kina-Albel the Wicked- Friends.
~Micky-Innocent-Knows through classes. Sometimes talks with him.
~Kyo-SolarPrincess-Has classes with him, talks to him every now and than.
~Haruko-lil kitsune boy-doesn't know her.
~Dirk-Raid3r-Often plays him in basketall, often lets him win, though he does actually lose sometimes.
~Natasha-ChaosSquriel666- doesn't know her.
~Amy-Lady Dust- Knows her through classes. Only talk to her to ask a question or two.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/INDENT]
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[B]Name: [/B]Aka Matsushita [First name is first]

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v641/ozyssite/Fruits20Basket01155.jpg]The blonde[/URL]. Just turn her hair black with pink and green streaks, and you've got Aka.

[B]Location: [/B] A large apartment with three bedrooms, two bathrooms (one off their parents room), a study, and a kitchen that opens into the livingroom. [Location, will edit later... when there's a map...]

[B]Personality:[/B] Aka is a Yankee so she doesn't really care what people think about her. She is obnoxious and as long as you are not on an opposing gang she won't bother you. Those who do make friends with her will find themselves with a protector and a good friend. She is often getting into trouble due to her strange appearance and attitude. She doesn't like it when people insult other people unless she's doing the insulting.

[B]Short History:[/B]
Aka has lived all her life in Kitikata with her parents and twin brother Ken.

Her parents love her and Ken very much but aren't around the house often as they work for a advertising company that sends them on a lot of business trips.

Aka has basically always been obnoxious and tough and the only place she doesn't act this way is in Drama, in that she likes to do really well and usually takes roles that differ from her personality in real life.

She gets along well with the people in her school usually, those who aren't intimidated by her, and likes to skip school. She also is part of a gang but doesn't talk about it that much.

She usually spends her time getting in trouble and talking to her friends.

[B]Subjects:[/B] Math, English/Japanese, Visual Art, History, Physics and Performing Arts.

[B]Relationships with other students:[/B]

[*]Ken?Ichi (Astdis) - Is Aka's twin brother. They get along [I]very[/I] well. Sometimes it gets on their teachers nerves.
[*]Alex (Reiku) - She likes teasing him.
[*]Micky (Innocent) - Not sure yet.
[*]Rin (Kitty) - Friends, one of Rin's since grade school.
[*]Zephan (Sakura) - Respects
[*]Ran (Opal) - Treats him like a brother
[*]Maria (Kairi) - Doesn't like her very much...hee...
[*]Hoshiko (Ozy) - Acts as a protector to her.
[*]Jace (DC) - Doesn't know very well, but occasionaly talks to. Would like to get to know him better as he has a nature simular to hers.
[*]Kaela (Skye) - Looks after her from afar to make sure everyones nice to her. Doesn't really talk to her
[*]Kina (Albel the Wicked) - Really good friend
[*]Andrew (Jung-Woo) - Knows through classes.

[COLOR=DarkRed]OOC: Just so you know, a Yankee is a gang member. And I have Reiku's permission to play as a girl...[/COLOR]
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[CENTER][COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1]Name: Maria Maxwell

Age: 17

Gender: female

Appearance: [URL=http://www.the-fashion.blogger.com.br/Pinkwordthebest_byPunkGirl.jpg]Maria[/URL]

Location: No map yet;)

Maria is the typical punk/rocker...very high strong and confident in herself, you'll always find her energetic and upbeat. Surprisingly, despite most peoples sterotypes about her...she's very intelligent and wise for her age. With her rough exterior...she's got a good heart...but isn't afraid to party and live life to the fullest, getting along with both guys and girls.

Short History:
Unlike most who dress like her to get attention, Maria is purely punk...playing the guitar and vocals, she's always scouting for talent to start her own band. Raised in a very loving home, her parents respect who she is and what she does which makes her feel complete and independent. All through her schooling years she's had a tough exterior..never dealing with peoples bull ****, nor the typical drama and mind games of the age. She always though has an open heart for her fellow sisters (girlfriends). People dont know if she's straight, lesbian...or even bi...nor does anyone care. She plans on being a rocker when she grows up...and seems to be right on her way to doing just that.

Math/English/Visual Arts/IT/Gym/Performing Arts

Relationships with other students:
Ken-the pair of trouble-makers, good friends but despises the fact that he breaks girls hearts often.
Jace and Alex- Great friends...acts like a typical guy with them...just with boobs:)
Ran- good, competative friends in gym class
Zephan- deep conversation...respects him as a man
Hoshiko- respects her for her artistic ability
Rin- loves to be around her...just cause she's so sweet...plans to break her someday;)
Micky and Honda- hasn't decided yet about. [/SIZE] [/COLOR] [/CENTER]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][B]Name: [/B] Hoshiko Johnson

[B]Age: [/B] 16

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v641/ozyssite/rayearth42.jpg]Hoshiko[/URL]

[B]Location:[/B] [will edit]

[B]Personality:[/B] Bubbly and happy, yet shy. Until she gets to know you she won't say a lot, after she gets to know you you can't get her to shut up. She gets crushes on people very easily.

[B]Short History: [/B] Hoshi is the daughter of the English teacher. Her father moved to Japan to teach English, and almost immediatly fell in love with a local woman. The two are very happily married, and thus Hoshi gets the mixed names.

She had a bit of a problem at first, getting teased because she was half-and-half...and then she met Aka. While they're not exactly friends, the older girl seems to have taken Hoshi under a protective wing, not allowing any bad talk to happen while [i]she's[/i] around. Hoshi actually finds Aka a bit...intimidating, like most.

As previously mentioned, Hoshi gets crushes on people very easily. Currently, she thinks Alex is the nicest boy in the universe, with Jace and Orlando Bloom running close second and third. She generally goes totally dopey when Alex is in the room. She loses all focus, and can't seem to string a simple sentence together in a coherent manner.

Despite her father being the English teacher, she stinks at English, often having to be tutored by Rin. She also likes to follow Ran around because his mother's a manhwa artist, which is what Hoshi wants to be. They share their love of the art.

[B]Subjects:[/B][list][*]English, [*]Mathematics, [*]Visual Art, [*]IT, [*]Languages, [*]Chemestry[/list]

[B]Relationships with other students:[/B]
[list][*]Alex - [Reiku] - Secret crush, cannot speak to coherently.
[*]Micky - [Who Am I] - Aquainted through Amy, seems like a nice guy
[*]Rin - [Kitty] - English tutor, good friend.
[*]Zephan - [Sakura] - A nice guy, good to talk to. Has nice hair.
[*]Ran - [Opal] - good friend, due to art intrests.
[*]Aka - [Starr] - protected by/intimidated by her
[*]Maria - [Kairi] - Haven't decided yet
[*]Jace - [DC] - Second crush, although this one is less. Much less....she can actually hold a conversation with him.
[*]Ken - [Astdis] - Knows vaguely through Aka
[*]Kayla - [Skye] - Fairly good friend
[*]Kina - [Abel] - Study buddy
[*]Drew - [Jung-Woo]Good to talk to, she worries about his drinking sometimes.
[*]Kyo - [Solar] - Nice enough guy, gets along well.
[*]Haruko - [LKB] - Just moved here.
[*]Dirk - [Raid3r] - Doesn't really know; finds his sarcasm a bit annoying at times.
[*]Natasha - [ChaosSquirrel] - Doesn't know
[*]Amy - [Lady Dust] - Pretty good friends[/list][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SeaGreen][CENTER]Name: Jace Tahlia

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: [URL=http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Flats/3954/kamuro04.jpg]Right Here[/URL] Stands some where around the same height as Alex with ice blue eyes and jet black hair. Loves to wear his uniform wrong just to piss off his teachers.

Location: Flat with Alex.[/CENTER]

Personality: A serious trouble-maker, always getting sent out of class and getting kicked off of school grounds for various reasons. The strong silent type, but extremely loyal to those he does call friend. (Mainly just Alex, but he has been known to stand up for a girl or 2). A robust, loud mouth that hides behind crued jokes and overly affectate mannerisms. He rarely allows his childhood, or any happenings of his past to slip through, but he usually seems cheerful enough. His sharp tongue and lack of campassion usually drives people from him.

Short History: Jace was born to a well-off and very happy couple. The family was happy to add Jace and his identical twin brother to the family. But unknown to the two boy, their birth had caused numerous problems with their mother and just six years after their birth, she died of heart failure. There loving and caring father became an alcoholic and began to abuse both boys. When their father was murdered, fingers were pointed towards Jace's identical twin and the two inseperable brothers were torn apart.

Jace was thankful enough that Alex was at his side when his brother was taken and though for a short time Alex and Jace were apart, because of his constant bouncing around from foster home to foster home, they made their way back together. When Alex's parents, dear to Jace as well, were killed in a car accident the two rented a Flat together. Jace vowing that they would never be seperated again.

[CENTER]Subjects: Other than Math/Language
~Visual Art
~ Biology
~Performing Arts

Relationships with other students: (please don't take any of my listings personally)
[SIZE=1][U]Alex [/U] -- Flatmate and best friend
[U]Rin [/U] -- Annoying girl in his visual arts class that he's ended up saving from some of the other punks at school
[U]Zephan[/U] -- Hot kid that ends up hanging out with him and Alex after school
[U]Ranmaru[/U] -- Some competive brat in his gym class that he loves to pick on
[U]Aka[/U] -- Has a slight crush on her because of her strong nature and carefree attitude, loves how she picks on Alex, but doesn't really talk to her
[U]Maria [/U] -- Loves goofing off in class with her
[U]Hoshiko[/U] -- Tends to get annoyed by her quickly, but is usually the only girl he really has a conversation with
[U]Ken'Ichi[/U] -- Some kid in his class that he doesn't really talk to
[U]Kaela[/U] -- Some quiet chick Alex hangs out with every so often
[U]Andrew[/U] -- They hang out in class and he usually drinks with him
[U]Kina[/U] -- The rival
[U]Micky[/U] -- Another one of the many kids he likes to pick on
[U]Kyo[/U] -- Some do-gooder sports kid that plays on Alex's team
[U]Dirk[/U] -- Snot-nose kid that seems to stick his nose in just at the right time whenever he's start trouble
[U]Amy[/U] -- Some chick in her math class[/CENTER][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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((OOC: yey! done, except for exact location. this is going to be fun :catgirl: ))

[B]Name:[/B] Ken?Ichi (Ken) Matsushita

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Gender: [/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] (attached)

[B]Location:[/B] A large apartment with three bedrooms, two bathrooms (one off their parents room), a study, and a kitchen that opens into the livingroom. He and Aka are alone there most of the time bc their parents travel for work

[B]Personality:[/B] Cheerful, cute, fun guy to be around, bit of a class clown. Liked by everyone, even though he?s not in sports, he's a theater darling- has a high charisma. Not a bad boy, but not a good boy either-he falls somewhere in between. Has as many female friends as he does guy friends, has a bit of a rep as a heart breaker, though no one?s exactly sure where that started.

[B]Short History:[/B] Ken has lived in Kitakata with his twin sister Aka all his life.

His mother is American and his father is Japanese (thus explaining his dark brown hair and bluish eyes). They both work as executives in an advertising firm. He knows his parents love him and Aka, but they?re hardly ever home the past few years because of business that sends them over seas.

He?s different from his sister in the fact that he can fight, he just doesn?t. He thinks it?s funny that so many people are so intimidated by Aka and not him. Ken got a rep as a heart breaker in 8th grade when he dated 7 different girls in one year. The rep stuck, and it?s something Alex, Zeph and Aka tease him about relentlessly. Maria is his closest chick friend and she tends to sympathize with the girl?s side of things when his relationships go downhill.

He plays the guitar in a garage band and loves the stage.

[B]Subjects:[/B] Buisness, History, Gym, Performing Arts

[B]Relationships with other students:[/B] [open for editing...]

[B]Aka [/B] (Starr)- Twin sister and fav. "partner in crime"
[B]Alex and Zeph [/B] (Reiku & Sakura)- closest friends, mainly through theater class, plays soccar with them outside school
[B]Jace - [/B] (DC) knows him through Alex, thinks he's cool
[B]Maria [/B] (Kairi) - close friend, harases him about his relationship rep, he thinks she's the hotest girl in school
[B]Kaela [/B] (Skye) - Grew up near her, been friends most of their lives. She tries to keep him out of trouble
[B]Kyo[/B] (SolarPrincess)- a friend, they hang out a lot outta school
[B]Dirk[/B] (Raid3r) - knows him from classes
[B]Rin[/B] (Kitty)- thinks she's nice, but doesn't really know her
[B]Ran [/B] (Opal) - knows him from classes, hangs out w/ him sometimes
[B]Kina [/B] (Albel) - one of his sister's friends, she's ok
[B]Andrew[/B] (Jung-Woo) - doesn't really know him
[B]Hoshiko[/B] (Ozy)- doesn't really know her
[B]Haruko[/B] (lil kitsune boy) - new girl... kinda cute...
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[size=1][color=slategray][b]Name:[/b] Anakito Kaela (Surname first)

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

She stands 5'5", and usually wears her school uniform.

[b]Location:[/b] No map

[b]Personality:[/b] Kaela is a pretty shy girl, though very smart. She doesn?t have very many friends, as she can never get up the courage to talk to anyone. Always an A+ student, Kaela has a bit of a problem doing team sports, and group projects, as she is very shy, and prefers to work by herself.

[b]Short History:[/b] Kaela is the youngest child in a group of three siblings, both older siblings brothers. Her two older brothers are pretty protective of her, even around her parents, but now, since they are both in college, Kaela breaths a little easier. She has lived in Kitakata her whole life, and gotten the best education because of it. Her father was very kind to her, and he loved her dearly, even though her mother disapproved of her doing anything un-lady-like.

Her parents divorced a year ago, and Kaela now lives with her father. Her brothers are out on their own now, so Kaela is spending more time with her dad. Sometimes she feels a little overwhelmed by the silence of her house when her father isn?t home, but it?s better than nothing.

[b]Subjects:[/b] Mathematics, English/Japanese, Gym, Geography, Media, Biology

[b]Relationships with other students:[/b]
- [b]Alex (Reiku):[/b] Cute and funny, but doesn?t really talk to him.
- [b]Micky (Innocent):[/b] Doesn?t know him.
- [b]Rin (Kitty):[/b] a girl she connects well with, occasionally they do homework together.
- [b]Zeph (Sakura):[/b] her secret crush; she thinks he doesn?t know she exists.
- [b]Ran (Opal):[/b] Doesn?t really know him, is shy around him.
- [b]Aka (Starr):[/b] is slightly intimidated by her.
- [b]Maria (Kairi):[/b] doesn?t really know her.
- [b]Hoshiko (Ozy):[/b] likes this girl, as they are a lot alike.
- [b]Jace (Demonchild):[/b] he hangs with Alex; she doesn?t really pay much attention to him.
- [b]Ken (Astdis):[/b] she wonders about him sometimes, but he is one of her only ?friends?. Protects her from rude guys.
- [b]Kina (Albel):[/b] A good friend, really kind.
- [b]Drew (Jung-Woo):[/b] A classmate, and she's pretty sure he doesn't know she exsists. She likes him much more than she likes Zeph, for the fact that she and he are so different. They never talk because she can only stare at him dreamy eyed.
- [b]Kyo (Princess):[/b] She knows him, he seems to try to get her to talk more, and makes her blush.
- [b]Haruko (lil kitsune boy):[/b] Doesn't know her; she just moved there.
- [b]Dirk (Drake06):[/b] Goes slightly slack-jawed around him, mostly because he's sweet to her. Likes him, but doesn't talk to him often.
- [b]Natasha (Chaos Squirel):[/b] Doesn't know her.

Hope this is good. ^_^

EDIT: Oh, dang, I also just saw the condition. >.< I will get on changing. Unless, as Kitty said, I can still be a girl. I think I just evened out the score on how many guys and girls there are. Most of us are girls, so we would probably end up having way more guys than girls. So just tell me if I should change.[/size][/color]
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OOC: Interesting concept

[b]Name:[/b] Kina Mitori

[b]Age:[/b] 16


[b]Appearance:[/b] See attachment.

[b]Location:[/b] Appartment with a older sister, Tina, who's been through colleage and has a great paying job.

[b]Personality:[/b] Kina is a kind girl. She isn't shy to anybody, even guys. She helps her friends with their homework, but won't resort to cheating. To say it simply, she's kind, but a little hard.

[b]Short History:[/b] Kina wasn't raised in the town of Kitakata. When she was 13, she had moved to Kitakata. When she started out, she tried to make as many friends as possible. It was quick for her to make friends and soon became a very popular girl. Although she looks frail, she has been taking karate for 7 years and isn't afraid to attack someone if she needs to. She has never gotten into a fight and hope that she never does. In her spare time she likes to hang out with her friends. If she's with her girl friends, then she'll go to the mall, talk, and window shop. If she's with her guy friends, she loves to play soccor with them. Sometimes, she'll go to the movies whether it's either friend.

[b]Subjects:[/b] Mathematics, English/Japanese, Visual Art, IT, Gym, Performing Arts

[b]Relationships with other students:[/b]
Alex-Good Friend and crush
Micky-First friend she made when she moved to Kitakata
Rin-Best Friend
Zeph-Best Guy friend
Aka-Really good friend
Hoshiko-Friend and Studdy Buddy
Kaela-Good Friend
Kyo-Small friend. Doesn't know to well
Haruko-Doesn't know she exists
Dirk-Hardly knows him
Natasha-Doesn't know

I didn't know if we needed the relationships needed to be ALL positive, so I tweaked it a bit. I really think this is a good idea.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Yay! Schedule's getting better. So, I'm gonna take a shot at this AWESOME IDEA!

[U]Name:[/U] Andrew "Drew" Takeda

[U]Age:[/U] 16

[U]Gender:[/U] Male

[U]Appearance:[/U] [URL=http://users.animanga.com/LikeADream/bilder/hisoka-school.jpg]Oooh...clicky...[/URL] Blonde hair, green eyes...this was a picture of him at his old school before he finally cut loose.
[URL=http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/YnM/YnM11.jpg]Yay! Color![/URL] I like this one, this is a picture of him just before he moved earlier this summer.

[U]Location:[/U] [Coming Soon] Sakura Central Apartment Complex


Drew is a partier, he's very outgoing and friendly. Did I mention drunk? Okay, so he likes to drink, and he can be very loud sometimes. He can get to be a bit annoying, but hey, Drew can't be perfect, can he? :p Everyone seems to get along with him, because he's just so giddy. He's never without a smile, and if he is, something's wrong. He's that "live in the moment" kind of guy, and somewhat apathetic (doesn't care about a lot of things, this includes his math grade). He likes hanging out with his cousin Micky (in fact, they are almost inseparable at most times), and drink illegally with Jace. (Hehee...:D)

[U]Short History:[/U]

Drew was born in Tokyo to the owners of an apartment complex. When he was young, he and his little brother Jake had to abide by strict rules, this is the most likely reason as to why he acts like such an idiot now. Over time, he and his little brother became very good at drawing and because of the fact that these were two of the few things they were allowed to do in their free time. This is why he can draw so well now. It's rare to find him without his sketchbook under his arm or a soccer ball at his feet.

Drew moved to Kitakata over the summer to attend school with his cousin, Micky, although he stays in a small apartment on his own.

[U]Subjects:[/U] Visual Art, History, Gym, Performing Arts, Math, English/Japanese

[U]Relationships with other students:[/U](If anyone has a problem, just PM me)
[B]Alex[/B] - Reiku - Class/teammate/Friend
[B]Micky[/B] - Innocent - Close Cousin/Best Friend
[B]Rin[/B] - Kitty - Classmate, but hardly knows
[B]Zeph[/B] - Sakura - Close Friend/Teammate
[B]Ran[/B] - Opal - Teammate/Friend/Respects him because of his ability to kick a**
[B]Aka[/B] - Starr - Aquainted Through Classes/ Respects her for her Protective nature
[B]Maria[/B] - Kairi - Aquainted, Nothing More, Nothing Less
[B]Hoshiko[/B] - Ozy - Friend in Visual Arts Class, Good to talk to/she seems to worry about him sometimes because of something...Drew can't figure it out.
[B]Jace[/B] - Demonchild - Teammate/Friend/Drinking Partner...they hang out during gym class, he respects him for his attitude
[B]Ken[/B] - Astdis - Classmate, but hardly knows...
[B]Kina[/B] - Albel - Knows a little through Micky, respects her because she can also kick a**.
[B]Kyo[/B] - SolarPrincess - Friend Through Classes, they hang out from time to time
[B]Kaela[/B] - Skye - ((Same as Ken, but would like to get to know better))
[B]Haruko[/B] - lil kitsune - Doesn't know, since she just moved here like he did
[B]Dirk[/B] - Raid3r - Gets along with extremely well, they aren't as close as he and Micky are, but strong enough.
[B]Natasha[/B] - Chaos - Doesn't know she exists...
[B]Amy[/B] - Lady Dust - The OTHER Cousin...he doesn't talk to her as much, he seems to hang around with Micky a lot more.
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[COLOR=GREEN]I knew I should of posted this last night, oh well...

[B]Name:[/B] Kyo Takanaka (first name first)

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] See Attachment

[B]Location:[/B] [I]Coming Soon![/I]

[B]Personality:[/B] Kyo is nice, outgoing, and sort of a goof. He plays soccer and is quite athletic. Even though Kyo likes to hang with more outgoing friends, like Ken and Drew, he also likes to talk with some of the shyer members of thier class, like Kaela, who he's constanly tring to get to come out of her shell.

[B]Short History:[/B] Kyo was born in Yokohama, where he lived for 10 years before moving to Kitakata. In lower school, his parents constantly pushed him acidemicly, which caused him to become rebelious. He now tries to hide his inteligence by drawing attention to himself in sports and purposely slacking in his studies.

[B]Subjects:[/B] Visual Art, Biology, Gym, Chemistry

[B]Relationships with other students:[/B]
~[U]Alex[/U] (Reiku)- Teammate and friend from gym
~[U]Micky[/U] (Innocent)- Talks to sometimes in gym
~[U]Rin[/U] (Kitty)- Good friend. She is constantly bugging Kyo to study more
~[U]Zeph[/U] (Sakura)- Teammate
~[U]Ran[/U] (Opal)- Knows him from VA and gym class, talks to every now and then
~[U]Aka[/U] (StarrStruck)- Knows through Ken, get's along with her pretty well
~[U]Maria[/U] (Kairi)- Doesn't talk to much
~[U]Hoshi[/U] (Ozymandius Jones)- Gets along with pretty well
~[U]Jace[/U] (demonchild781)- Doesn't talk to much
~[U]Ken[/U] (Astdis)- Good friend both in and out of class
~[U]Kaela[/U] (Skye)- Talks to from time to time, tries to get her to talk more
~[U]Kina[/U] (Albel the Wicked)- Doesn't know too well
~[U]Drew[/U] (Jung-Woo)- Hangs out with from time to time
~[U]Haruko[/U] (lil kitsune boy)- New girl, doesn't know too well
~[U]Dirk[/U] (Raid3r)- Doesn't know too well, Dirk acts almost hostle towards him, Kyo has no idea why
~[U]Natasha[/U] (ChaosSquriel666)- Another new girl, doesn't know too well
~[U]Amy[/U] (Lady Dust)- Talks to occationally, tries to get her to open up more

Okay, I added my picy, see below attachment. Just waiting on the map, Reiku :animesigh [/COLOR]
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Somebody please explain how they get me to do these things...

Name: Haruko Hashimoto

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: ish attached

Location: yeah, not a clue. wait till the map's up.

Personality: Shy, innocent, and friendly(bit of a contradiction, I know). Cute, in an 'annoying as hell' sort of way. She has a tendency to put herself out for the sake of others. She has the uncanny ability to see good in situations where there is none that anyone else can see.

Short History: She was the only child in a family of ten. Two parents, four granparents, an aunt, an uncle and a few older cousins... She just recently moved to Kitakata, with her father's job.(yeah, that's all i got for now)

Subjects: Business, Visual Art, Geography, Gym, Math and English/Japanese(is that a choice or are you stuck taking both?)

Relationships with other students:

NONE!! She just moved here.
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Name: Dirk Struan

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: 6'3", 200 lbs of muscle toned by years of sports, Dirk surprisingly wears 30W36L pants. His eyes are incredibly green and vivid, marking his handsomely chiseled face unique. He carries himself well, and move very quickly for his 200 lbs. His hair is dark dark brown, and his skin fair (whiteys! yay!), although somewhat tanned from outdoor running. He is not Orlando Bloom handsome, in fact there is nothing boyish about him at all, well, other than his charm. He is more... Matt Damon handsome, to put it into move star terms.

Location:No map, just stick me in a nice bachelors pad (daddy still loves him enough to send large chekcs and frequent intervals)

Personality: Edgy is the word that describes him best. His edge permeates to the corners of his being, and coupled with his incredible wit, drives the women to him in droves. He hates the fact that his new school has a 'prince', as he held much the same position at his last school. Despite that fact, he never has trouble finding a date, although he is much chagrinned that his "crush" has eyes for another guy (never give up!!).

He is a straight A+ student, and (well would have been if in the States) an All American (all Japan? is that a thing there?) athlete in both soccer and basketball. His scoring, rather than his defense, could land him a starting spot as wing striker on most teams, and in basketball he is a slashing small forward.

Dirk is also very political, and handles himself well in most social situations, however, if people fail to give him the respect he feels he deserves, he may become slightly cross. This is rare, however, and he is generally a pleasant fellow to be around. He can also loose control of his sarcastic whip at times (ie. all the time), which generally leads to mass confusion as it is impossible to tell when he is serious and when he is joking, as his tone never changes.

Short History: Struan's father, Culum, is a [i]very[/i] successful businessman in Tokyo, however when Dirk and his (now ex-)girlfriend Ryoko where caught in a rather circumspect situation, it was decided that Dirk's city life was over until he 'matured'.

He is Scots/English by birth, and is in love with Asia, much like his father. In fact, he and his father are very similar, which was probably why they could never live in the same home. It was ineveitble for Dirk to be sent out into the boondocks of Japan, because of his rather... dubious moral decisions.

Now all he does is hang around with Drew and his other pals, waiting for the day that he can scoop Kaela into his arms. O ya, they also consume inordinant amounts of pizza.

Subjects: Business, History, Gym, Performing Arts

Relationships with other students:
~Alex (Reiku)- Get along, but they compete in everything.
~Micky (Innocent)- One of Dirk's better friends, especially because of Drew
~Rin (Kitty)- He regards her as an ace in the hole should something fall through
~Zeph (Sakura)- Respects his self control, bothered a little bit by his mysteriousness
~Ran (Opal)- Takes every opportunity he can to school him in basketball, loves to compete with him because Dirk usually wins.
~Aka (StarrStruck)- Really digs her because of her wild friends, however he feel that he is too clean cut for her, but feels a Yank (his mother was American) comraderie.
~Maria (Kairi)- Absolutely disdains her for her punk aspect, won't acknowledge her existance.
~Hoshi (Ozymandius Jones)- Cute chick, but could use with darker hair, not really well known to him.
~Jace (demonchild781)- Struan itches to fight Jace at every possible moment, his physique and competetive nature compel him to do so, however he has nothing against Jace personally.
~Ken (Astdis)- Hangs out occasionally, not really into the class clown as a friend, but doesn't bother him.
~Kaela (Skye)- Totally stunned by her incredible looks, will play any angle and do anything to have her (She knows nothing of his Machiavellian nature).
~Kina (Albel the Wicked)- Never interacted other than the "please pass a pencil" bit.
~Drew (Jung-Woo)- Gets along extremely well, they aren't best friends, but strong anyway.
~Tanaka (Solar Princess 'ty for list BTW')- Doesn't not get along, but not really known.
~Haruko (lil kitsune boy)- As she is new to the area, Dirk has never really seen her before.
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Guest ChaosSquriel666
Name: Natasha Helms

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5'7" long blonde hair that comes down to her shoulders, wears dark colors and hates pink ,has havel eyes and tan skin.

Location:lives with her father a computer from america that pays no atention to his daughter(she uses that to her advantage)in a two story building,her father hates stairs and never goes up stairs giving hear the master bed room and he has no clue.

Personality: A cocky smartass flurt she tries hear hardest in school and is great at manipulating people into doing things she wants them to do,shes a punk rocker and has no body piercing cause she cant see why some one would do that to themselves,also dis-likes the big preppy athlette guys that think they're all that.also she is bi and the last person she went out with was a girl.She does great in school and doesnt really know any body at the school cause she just moved here.she doesnt like people to mess around with her unless she is in the mode,and can be nice if nice back but if u get in her way she will toss you aside like a ragg doll,as a mater of fact she had already been expelled from 11 diffrent schools for that,3 for shoving people into trash cans, four for throwing people out a window,one forshoving a midget into a locker for calling her a dumb blonde and the others are for betting people up for going through her stuff while she wasnt looking

Subjects: math,english,chemistry,IT programing and graphic arts

Relationships with other students:
~All students:doesnt know any body
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[FONT=Verdana][COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][B]Name[/B]: Amy Lee

[B]Age[/B]: 16

[B]Gender[/B]: Female

[B]Appearance[/B]: [URL=http://animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/KANON24.jpg]Clickness[/URL]

[B]Location[/B]: waiting for map

[B]Personality[/B]: Amy is a very shy and quiet person. She is very concentrated on her studies and will never act very loud and obnoxious. This is probably to make her older brother proud. She looks up to him like he is the king of the world; she wants to be just like him. Alongside being shy she is very smart. She never has gotten a grade lower than an A+, her favorite subject being Business.

[B]Short History[/B]: Born in Seoul, Korea Amy was raised to get the best grades she can get, then at the age of 4 they moved to Japan. Amy found that Japan wasn?t very different from Korea. She already knew the language and the way of life there. She was very satisfied, and her brother and her were placed in the same school and the same grade. Her brother kind of being the opposite of her, he is very athletic, tries to protect her all the time.

Amy doesn?t think she needs to be protected, but she loves being around her brother. Learning more and more about life with him as they go. When they moved the area Amy was not very talkative at all. She felt like she didn't belong, it made her depressed and very sad.

Then she met a nice boy named Kyo, the first time for a very long time she smiled. She knew he was a perfect guy for her, and she like him very much. He urged her to get out of her shell and join a club, she picked Media. This class is teaching her how to be a ra-ra person and at least not be so shy anymore.

[B]Subjects[/B]: Mathematics, Japanese, Business, History, Gym, Preforming Arts.

[B]Relationships with other students[/B]:

Jace- (demonchild)- A guy in her math class, she finds him somewhat attractive.
Rin -(Kitty)- Quiet like her, they tend to have a really good relationship.
Andrew ?(Jung-Woo)- Cousin, doesn?t talk to him much.
Hoshiko -(Ozy)- They are somewhat friends.
Mickey -( Who AM I)- Her older brother.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=SlateGray]Kyo -(SolarPrincess)- A boy who has talked to her before. She thinks he is cute[/COLOR].[/FONT][/SIZE]

OOC: Sorry, I am supposed to play as a male but it's all uneven and all this stuff. And Who Am I and I talked about me playing her character's sister.
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