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Kittens... Why?


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[FONT=Arial][COLOR=Teal] Today, one of my friends was bragging about how her kitten was so cute. This brings me to my question?. Why? I realize Kittens are nice and cute when they?re young, but when they grow up they will become pure evil. Cats will not hesitate to scratch your face to pieces for a piece of food (Personal Experience =/). They have done to Furniture what I can only define as Crimes against Sofanity. And they don?t do a lot. I?ve been over at a friends house before were his cat sat on a chair for FOUR hours, I mean, it didn?t do anything! It sat there and just watched us. Plus don?t you think they?ve had enough glory? They were gods in Egypt, if this keeps up and we allow cats to step all over us [URL=http://img177.echo.cx/my.php?image=catagent2em.png]this[/URL] could happen.

I am personally a dog owner, and I may just be bias, but I think dogs are much cooler. They run around a lot more. They don?t have claws, and they can learn tricks fairly easily (If cats can learn tricks, I?ve never seen it so don?t quote me >>)

Yes, again, I admit Kittens were cute when they are young, but when they grow up they become lazy, furry, slicing machines. So I ask you all, why Kittens oO? In other words, do you prefer cats or dogs? Or possibly some other house hold pet? And why?
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I like cats and dogs about equally... they both have their perks. With cats, they're easy to take care of, and if you raised them right, they can be just as loyal of companions as any dog. My cat follows me around everywhere and always gives fair warning (ears back, twitch twitch) before he resorts to the claws.
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[color=#9933ff]*shrugs* It just depends if cats like you or not. I guess they don't like you, Tigervx. XD (sorry, couldn't help myself.)

My first pet was a cat, and I love them. I really do. They're so silent, and almost wise, in a way. And I always felt like, whenever I wanted to cry, I could cuddle up with my cat and cry. She'd jump up on my lap to be pet and to be there, as if to say it was okay.

I never get that with my dog. I love my dog very much because he shows a lot more outward expression than my cat (who is ran out of her 9 lives on earth and is enjoying her time somewhere else), and I love taking him for a walk. He's very friendly, and so cute, too!

I am allergic to both cats and dogs. I was allergic to my old cat, but not my dog, because he's a Shih Tzu, which as hair. And oddly enough, the only cats I'm not allergic to are my friend's cats. Everyone else's cats get my allergies going.... O_o;

I guess cats and dogs both have their good and bad points. I just happen to like cats slightly more because that was my first pet. =) [/color]
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That's a tough choice! I have a dog and a cat. For being down right cute and cuddly my dog wins. I have Bichon and they are the type of dog who are in your face with a "Love me, Pet me, Hold me, Rub my tummy!" attitude. Even my dad who isn't big on animals loves her.

As for my cat, well....... I had to give him the middle name Lucifer because he did turn out evil! LOL You hear the stories about how the dog destroyed this or that, well in my case it's the cat! We finally had to fix a room with almost nothing in it and keep him in there. We can't let him roam as he chews on any and eveything, his personal favirote being powercords. :animesigh Though sometimes I'm tempted to just let the little rat get electrocuted. Heck, we even had to remove posters off the walls of the room he was in as he would pull the tacks out with his teeth and then proceed to start chewing the poster off the wall!

We keep him though as my dog and him have been together since they were babies. And it's very entertaining to let them both loose in a room to play. :animesmil

Though truthfully, after this cat I think I'm going to stick with dogs.
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[quote name='SunfallE']As for my cat, well....... I had to give him the middle name Lucifer because he did turn out evil! LOL You hear the stories about how the dog destroyed this or that, well in my case it's the cat! We finally had to fix a room with almost nothing in it and keep him in there. We can't let him roam as he chews on any and eveything, his personal favirote being powercords. :animesigh Though sometimes I'm tempted to just let the little rat get electrocuted. Heck, we even had to remove posters off the walls of the room he was in as he would pull the tacks out with his teeth and then proceed to start chewing the poster off the wall![/quote]

All of my cats had that problem at first. Since your dealing with animals, the most effective solution is the primal one. *SMACK SMACK SMACK* After five or six minor beatings, they should get the idea and never touch a power coard again. Jusy be sure you smack them during or RIGHT after they get done chewing on the power coard, otherwise they might not understand why their getting smacked.

Alternatively, just use some negative figure that'll let them know that your not happy with them, like a broom.
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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][SIZE=1]Animals have their own behaviour. I've had a dog and cats and birds and they all have their own quirks.

Cats tear up sofas. They scratch you. But they can also be really cute and affectionate. Dogs bark and can be really loud even at night. They run around and knock things over. They piss and **** anywhere too, if not trained. They bite strangers! But above all that, they're considered as man's bestfriend and can be trained very well. They can be helpful around the house too. Birds have their own attitudes too. They sometimes bite but they can be affectionate by nibbling your earlobe.

As for training, cats can be trained. My previous kitties used to poop and piss anywhere in the kitchen but my current one's very disciplined when it comes to that. I only need to put sand in a litter box and she'd go there and do her stuff. When a cat's familiar with a certain place as their home, no matter where they go, they can find their way back. I've spoilt my cat but she knows what she can and cannot touch.

I think it's all about devotion for training and how much you love your pet. Or maybe... cats are just high maintenance pets. By experience, I've learned it's easier to take care of a dog than a cat.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Dogs are harder to take care of than cats. With cats, all the training that they require is teaching them that they don't go to the bathroom on the floor and not to chew on coards or claw sofas, and with most cats, you can teach both of those with a nice smack to the head everytime that they break those rules.

With dogs, not only have to potty train them (granted, crates make that much easier), you have to teach to control themselves around other people (including teaching them not to snap), not to jet out the door and down the street at every given chance, and if you have big dogs you have to get them out of the habbit of jumping on the furnature. Some really energetic and agressive dogs require addtional training to keep them in check.

Plus with dog crap, you have to get the scooper and a bag and clean it up. Its disgusting work. With cats, all you have to do grab the bag in the liter box and throw it in the trash.

Cats are much easier to take care of.
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It is true that kittens are one of the cutest things in the world. Many cats are pure evil and they do make you question why you have them. I chalk it up to them stealing our souls. I have the yin and yang of cats. Ana, the Siamese, is 100% evil. When she was a kitten her only saving grace was her cuteness. She single handledly (pawedly?) destroyed a sofa. It was to the point where we just had to throw it out...it was beyond repair. :animeangr

As an adult Ana is really a gorgeous cat. When she is sitting in the sunbeam she is just like a picture postcard. But try to touch her and she will scream at you. If you continue to touch, she bites and scratches. The only reason she puts up with us is because we are "useful domestic pets" to her. We live only to serve her. Feed her, clean her litter box...that sort of thing. Otherwise we aren't a part of her life.

In the pecking order of this household she rules from the top with an iron paw.

Now Harrison our orange tabby cat is just Mr. Mellow. He will instantly start purring when you walk in a room. It's like just seeing us makes him happy. He loves to be affectionate and cuddle. He never bites or scratches. At night he likes to sleep right by my head. I have used him as a pillow and he doesn't mind. He just lays there. The only bad thing is when he starts to purr...it's really loud!

Harrison loves the dogs. He will waddle (he's pretty plump) up to the dogs and groom their faces. It is really cute. The dogs in turn will groom him back. Sometimes I wonder if the reason he likes the dogs so much is because he thinks he is one. :animeshy:

Besides my pets there were the hundreds of animals I worked with at the vet clinic. I will say this: I only have scars from cats. Dogs, birds, snakes, lizards, monkeys, rodents....none of them hold a candle to the injuries an angry cat can do. Given the option I would rather work with a large angry dog than one feral cat!
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Dogs are too obsequious for my liking, not to mention the fact that they need to be [i]trained[/i] not to **** on the carpet. They're loud, drooly, frequently smelly, and are overall unrefined.

Cats, on the other hand, are pretty much awesome, what with their aloofness and ability to seem streamline, even when rather pudgy. They know what the litter-box is for and use it. They are happy to just sit with you while you read, play video games, or type. When you get them chasing something, they don't just run after it, they [i]stalk[/i].

Not to mention they scare the crap out of the undead.
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[COLOR=Navy]I love all animals equally. Cats and dogs especially. I used to hate cats because they were always mean to me. That changed when I got a cat. Actually, my sister is the one that got it. I'm the one the cat chose to be best friends with. My cat is awesome! I can't imagine how I used to hate cats. I love my dog and cat both to death.

Let's see the pros and cons for each, shall we (in my point of view with my cat and dog)

[U][B]Shannon (dog)[/B][/U]

[B]Pros-[/B] She is very sweet and cuddly. She has an awesome personality, as well as cute. She is a black labrador retriever....making her an awesome pet to have around people. She is fun to play with and makes me laugh. She has the best patience in the world. If someone or something annoys her, she just walks away. She's a good old girl.

[B]Cons[/B]- She can get annoying at times...like...wanting to go outside and inside and so on and so forth. Some days she is just always on the wrong side of the door. Since she can't get on my bed anymore by herself, it gets really annoying when she wants up on my bed in 5 in the morning.She also loves to eat human food, so stealing always occurs. Dealing with the dog poop is annoying too.

[U][B]Cosette aka kitty(cat)[/B][/U]

[B]Pros[/B]- She is a loner like me. We hang out at night a lot. I was the first one of the family to earn her friendship, as well as training her that being held is fun. Before she hated to be held or anything.....I used to be the only one she'd allow to pick her up and cuddle her. Even though she was declawed, she still never scratches with her feet...ever.

She purrs and meows every so often, but she's not overly loud...which is really nice. She's funny, and to entertain her is inexpensive. Just give her a string and she's happy. She is also easy to take care of. She also doesn't mind when I have my fingers run through her tail.

[B]Cons[/B]- Though I worked on her quite a bit, she still doesn't like strangers all that much. (she runs away and hides) She also doesn't like to get held all too much....the longest I was able to have her in my lap was ten minutes. The longest I could cuddle her was a half hour.

It's cool that I'm the one she chose to be her best friend.

Overall, I love my cat and dog equally. I can't imagine just having one and not the other. That'd be torture. I guess that it mostly depends on the owner, the other major factor is thr personality.[/COLOR]
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I have a cat and a dog, and personally, I prefer a dog. Cats are cute and playful when they're young, but my cats is old, and does nothing but eats and sleeps. This leads me to question myself about why I bought a walking waste of space. My dog -plays, cuddles, gives attention, and shows affection ten times more then any cat I've ever seen. And that might seem like a lot, but its not considering most cats just, well, don't care.
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[COLOR=#004a6f]I personally prefer cats over dogs. But this is when comparing nice cats to nice dogs. Sure some cats are devils, but some of them are really nice, playful and loving.

Many of you mention scratching as a con for cats, which is true. But not many of them scratch for no reason. They'll scratch if they're scared, or you're bothering them or making them uncomfortable. Therefore, don't give them a reason to scratch you, they will (the nice cats) keep their claws to themselves.

I've been bitten more times by dogs than I've been scratched by cats. And none of the dogs had a reason to bite me. I was just standing there and they jumped up and nipped my hand out of no where.

I think cats are alot funnier than dogs too. Their awkard flexible bodies hold great potential. They can squeeze under doors, they can weave their bodies through stair railings, and they can hang on to ceilings.

I thought might link to [URL=http://www.humorbomb.com/movies/funnycats.wmv]this video[/URL]. Enjoy[/COLOR]
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I'm an animal lover :animesmil
I have 4 cats and two cutie dogs!
They are my little babies, i love cats and dogs equally, i can't say i love dogs more then cats, since they are completely different :catgirl:

My cats never bite, scratched anything ever, sure sometimes they do "their needs" on the wrong place, but they learn fast ^_^
[FONT=Palatino Linotype]Mia aka kittie[/FONT]
She's the older one, she don't like much to be at home, she likes to take good walks, and she comes when she feels hungry thirsty or want to be cuddle ^^
Oh both her and the other sleep in my bed sometimes, wish you could see her she sleep like a person, with her head in the pillow and the rest of her body covered by the blanket, sometimes i think she was human in her other life :animeshy: XP
The other ones like to take their walks also thought they come more often to the house, except one she loves to be at the house and sleep at the sofá (its really cute to see her sleep :catgirl: ) lol although she don't like much to be carried, in fact she don't like at all, but she loves to be cuddle...

I have a black labrador, he is a sweetie he loves attention, he loves to be hugged, to play, and he's really cute to have around, but he's also very jealous of my little Pardo (its his name, and his also a dog his a portugues race which i'm sure no ones knows ^^'', he's really short and has that puppy face even though he's not a puppy anymore :D ), he beguin barking and doing all sort of things to call my attention when i'm hugging the other one, well and like everyone knows the short dogs have a lot of energy so Pardo is allways runing, jumping, playing with his freesbie he is really so funny, both the labrador (which is called Bobby btw) and Pardo and my kitties are my cute little puppies and kitties but sometimes they push to hard on my patience..
And like someone said here, its all about personality ^_~
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Actually Alex, it's funny that you posted that. Well, not funny haha, but funny odd.

Nevermind, I dont think the story is appropriate to post. I dont believe today is a good day to be banned. ^.^

At my mom's house, my family had 4 dogs, two being rat terriers (Little things, they are 0_o) and 7 cats. Recently, the same day my grandfather died, the little girl rat terrier dog died. My grandfather had a dog (Collie) and a cat, so I think my mom now has again 4 dogs and 8 cats.

Dogs from my expirience slobber a lot and smell bad. The only dog that didnt smell is the one that my mom has, and that's because she's part of a certain breed that I cant remember at the moment. >.<

But other than the slobbering and bad smell part, they're nice, playful and stuff. But I wouldnt keep one in the house.

Cats... I like cats. Cute and cuddly. ^_^ But I dont want to have nearly as many as my family do, because that can just cause problems. Granted, only three are inside cats, but yeah.
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[quote name='Hevn][COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][SIZE=1]Animals have their own behaviour. I've had a dog and cats and birds and they all have their own quirks.[/SIZE'][/COLOR][/quote]

[color=darkviolet]I have to agree with you there hevn.I've been around all sorts of animals Horses, cats dogs, ducks ect ect ect. No two have been the same. I know horses who will almost willingly flip out at the drop of a hat and I have seen other ones who will stand placidly for anything. I have a pit mix who will let you take food away from him and a beagle who will bite off anyones fingers who come withing a foot of her food. I know ducks that will follow you around anywhere, cats that drink out of toilets don't get me started on any more horses.

That said when comparing cats to dogs I don't believe i can make a fair judgement since all the cats I've had (4 in total) have been pretty cool, accept for Pouncer who got his name from pouncing on everyone and everything...And my current cat, Domino who claws at the bottom of my parents' bed. And she also bites people to wake them up- my mom has nicknamed her Bit-Me-Kitty :animesigh
All the dogs I've had have been really stupid. The only good thing about Sandy, the dog I had before Fudd, is that when you say anything about her like how she peed on the rug and dragged her butt across it is that my husband cracks up because his mom's name is Sandy.

I guess as far as housepets go I like horses. So what if they really don't go in the house.

PS Siren, that was one screwed up post.[/color]
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I first got my cat Harley when I was in the 8th grade. (this was a long time ago please note) after many countless days of begging my mom that I wanted one. I've always been a dog lover ever since then when I was a kid, and the only reason she decided to get a dog was my older dog had died recently. My mom hated cats until we got our first one. He was so cute, who knew he would turn out to be so evil. Since then my mom and I love cats and we have 5. Four we rescued from the dump that we found, and one that my neighbor abandoned that was like 11 years old. Kitties are just adorable and cute and I think its only natural to want to share about that. I would brag about how cute my cat harley is if he didn't claw my air mattress that I use for a bed 5 times and have to have it replaced. Yes lovely. Thank you for the cold nights I had to sleep on the floor. And even when he wakes me up in the middle of the night by meowing loudly in the face, I don't regret choosing a cat over a dog. I'm not going to say anymore incase I regret that last sentence. :animesigh
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