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Sign Up Shiren no Shinigami [M-LSV]


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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]The hall was silent and morose. The 13 Captains, the [I]taicho[/I], sat back in shadow, their Lieutenants, their [I]fukutaicho[/I], at their sides. Sitting at the head of the table was the 1st Squad Captain. Radiating out from him were the other twelve. And in the center, illuminated by a far off light, was a low-ranked messanger from the 4th Squad.

"My great [I]taicho[/I], I fear I bring terrible news," the small man said. He paused, swallowed hard, and continued slowly. "The rate of Hollow attacks has increased exponentially in the past few days. It seems like they will not cease. Though our operatives work tirelessly, there is a limit to our numbers, and our strength. I fear that we shall soon reach it."

"Are you saying...are you saying that the Hollows will defeat us!?" cried one of the Lieutenants. He rose from his seat, eyes blazing.

His Captain rose behind him, placing a steady hand on the angry man's shoulder.

"No, [I]fukutaicho-san[/I]," the Captain said, calmly. "It means...that we must end this now. The Hollows will give us no respite...and their numbers are near infinite. However, if we can defeat the greatest threat, the Menos Grande, we may be able to end their assault."

"H-How many of the Menos Grande, [I]taicho-sama[/I]?" another asked.

"Enough to make our mark. I believe that if we can slay 30 Menos Grande, those towering beasts, we can prove our might to the Hollows," the Captain said in a calm, even tone.

"Th-this is madness!" one of the other captains roared.

"I agree! Defeating 30 Menos Grande...such a thing in such a short amount of time..."

"Do you doubt the power of the Soul Society?" the calm Captain asked.

"No...but I doubt the strength of your plan."

"We have no time for bickering and dissension!" a Lieutenant cried. "We must save our people, and the living world! We [I]must[/I] stop the Hollows!"

"The living world is nothing!" Yet another member of the council stood. "Our own forces would be decimated by such a venture! How could we survive!?"

"We could survive, because we are greater warriors," the first Captain growled. Impatiance and anger began to tint his voice. "And even if we lose many warriors, we will make up for it by crushing the Hollows. This would be a devastating blow."

"And why couldn't the Hollows unleash even more powerful warriors? How do you know that we could even [I]find[/I] thirty Menos Grande?"

"Because we are the 13 Captains of the Shinigami!" roared the formerly calm man. "We are gods among our kind, and we will not let this menace continue to torment us! We must take action before it is too late."

"You're mad!"

"Maybe, [I]fukutaicho[/I]. But my madness could be the one thing to save us from complete annihilation at the hands of those monsters!"

"[I]Ichiban-taicho-sama[/I], what do you think?" said one of the Lieutenants.

The 1st Squad captain leaned back in the gloom, obviously contemplating the matter. Slowly, he began to speak.

"True, we must destroy the menace of the Hollows. They are monsters who would destroy the entire living world, and Soul Society as well, if left free. They are our truest enemy, a fact we must never lose sight of."

Despite the darkness of the room, a few were sure the calm-voiced Captain had a smug grin on his face at the 1st Squad Captain's words.

"However," the Captain said softly. "However...we must not let ourselves lose lives to reckless abandon. Too many good men and women would die in such a strike against the Hollows. It is madness to think that our forces could track down and destroy thirty of the fearsome Menos Grande without intense casualties.

"No...to destroy the Hollows, and to end their menace, we need a different plan. A way of drawing them out, and playing on their weaknesses. Of letting us gain our strengths together. For while the Shinigami are powerful warriors in groups, and can easily slaughter great Hollow armies, we are at our greatest alone. The [I]fukutaicho[/I]...the [I]taicho[/I]...even lower officers draw their strength from individual combat.

"To win against the Hollows, we must make them a proposition. A contest, as it were. To see who has the mightiest warriors, the greatest fighters, and the most strength in adversity. Let them throw at us their Menos Grande, their deadly warriors, even onslaughts of ten Hollows against one Shinigami. I shall place the challange to the Hollows myself, if need be.

"They will listen, the Hollows. They are beings of hunger, and their greatest hunger is for mighty souls, like yours or mine. The Hollows are prideful, arrogant, and cold-blooded...they seek death and destruction. They need fighting to halt their inner torment. And we will give it to them in more ways than they can imagine."

The room was silent as the 1st Squad Captain's voice faded away. His speach held dark promises...of potential victory, yes, but of death, violence, and harm to the Captains and Lieutenants. They would have to gamble their lives on this game.

"[I]Ichiban-taicho-sama[/I]...I will follow your instructions. Your plan may be the one thing that could save us."

"[I]H-hai[/I], taicho-sama," siad another unsteady voice.

Slowly, 22 others voiced their consent to the 1st-Squad Captain's idea. And finally, the calm voiced Captain spoke up with reluctant agreeal.

But in his heart, doubt was sown in dark seeds. And it was not just him, but in many that doubt slowly grew. Fear of death, fear of shame...victory so simple it seemed impossible...doubts spread and grew like a sick cancer. But they would have to push past.

They had to win.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]If you couldn't guess, this is a Bleach-themed RPG. Well, sort of. It takes place in an Alternate Universe...sort of...with different Captains and such. But the situation and world is the same. The 13 Captains ([I]taicho[/I]) and the 13 Lieutenants ([I]fukutaicho[/I]) have given up their lives in a gamble to crush the Hollows once and for all. So how will this work?

Well, it's going to be a little interesting...a bit experimental, rather. There are 26 spots to fill...well, 25 since I've taken one...and everyone who steps in will have to fight several times, against several Hollows. One fight may be one-on-one with a mighty warrior. Another might pit you against several feral beasts. And yet another may be several Shinigami against several Hollows, or even a Menos Grande. You have complete control over your life or death, but your opponents, teammates (or lack there of) will be controlled by fate.

Interested? Intrigued? Well, I'd hope so. And now, for the sign-up form.


Japanese origin, please.
Male, female...pretty simple.
1st-13th Squad
Picture or a good description.
What is the name of your Soul Slayer?
Abarai Renji cries out "Howl, Zabimaru!", and Yumichika tells his Fuzikuzaku to "Bloom". What does your Zanpakutoh do?
A called-out Zanpakutoh looks...well, not like a regular sword. It can look like a long, segmented, serrated chain...it can be a tri-part spear...anything that still roughly resembles a weapon, really.
What's so special about YOUR Zanpakutoh? Renji can extend his indefinately...Gin can fire out his blade like a gun. And you?[/I]
How does your character act, basically...
[B]Character Snippit:[/B]
Just a scene from his/her life.

Here's mine to give you an idea.

Yakuta Utamuro
10th Squad
[URL=http://www.naimoka.com/image.php3?image=arts2/nomura/tb/Arts/10.jpg]Like This[/URL] only in Shinigami robes.
[I]Haritsuke![/I] (Crucify!)
First, the blade shoots out so that the entire thing grows to about seven feet long. Second, the blade widens, becoming double-edged. Also, the hilt shoots out two long bars on either side of Utamuro's hand. The hilt also grows longer.
[B]Powers: [/B]
Each bar that extends from Juujikamaru's hilt has a trigger on it. When pressed, these triggers cause Juujikamaru to fire concentrated bolts of Spirit Energy like bullets. They drain energy from Utamuro himself, so he rarely uses it.[/I]
As Captain of the 10th Squad, Utamuro has a reason for being cocky. Powerful, handsome, and famous (or infamous, if you prefer) for his skill with women, he strutted around the Court of Pure Souls, basking in the radiant glory of his accomplishments. He is driven by pure ego, and occasionally lust. But he is not only a pompous womanizer; Utamuro is clever and brilliant when it comes to tactics. The 10th Squad, under his leadership, has become the planners and strategizers for the Shinigami.
[B]Character Snippit:[/B]
...brain dying...do later...

3rd Squad Captain - Hikari Nozomi - Delacroix
5th Squad Captain - Tuechi Kino - x kakashi x
7th Squad Lieutenant - Okura Maeko - Pumpkin
10th Squad Captain - Yakuta Utamuro - Unborn Lord Xion
10th Squad Lieutenant - Hiwatari Sakura - Sakura
13th Squad Captain - Takahashi Hoshi - JT Darkfire

If there are any questions, PM me for now. I'll be putting up an Underground thread tomorrow.
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Nozomi Hikari (Desire Light)
[B]Gender- [/B]
[B]Rank- [/B]
3rd Squad (So hah)
[URL=http://www.naimoka.com/image.php3?image=arts2/kim/mcps2/07.jpg]Nozomi[/URL] (<3 Lehas)
[B]Zanpakutoh- [/B]
[B]Call-Out- [/B]
Saekagayaku (shine clearly)
[B]Form- [/B]
What starts off as a simple katana transforms into a long spear, roughly 6' long, with two spikes coming out at the top making it look like a large crucifix. It looks heavy and bulky but is actually very light; Nozomi has trained for years to use it with expert skill. The end of the 'spear' is sharpened as well as the three tips at the top. In the middle there is a black leather grip with a blue ribbon tied around it as a sign of respect to Nozomi's father.

The Kashoku has immense holy and light energy trapped inside of it. If Nozomi desires she can shoot massive bolts of this energy at her foe though doing so leaves her open to attack.

Nozomi is a woman of class and elegance, she know who she should show respect to and who should show it to her, which has actually grown to a good many people over the years. She knows that she has not gained her high position in the Shinigami ranks by making friends and socialising and has earned herself a reputation as a cold person who refuses to talk to those she doesn't need to. Nozomi is focussed and bitterly sarcastic and sometimes heartless. She has a very short temper which burns down easily especially with the younger recruits. She has great problems with handling the younger spirits and prefers to just fight Hollows instead of saving those wandering spirits.
A woman with almost zero sense of humour, Nozomi is not one that should be made angry in any situation.

[B]Character Snippet-[/B]
Soft winds always seemed to drift through Soul Society. It was a peaceful place and Nozomi counted herself lucky that she was regarded so highly here. She walked slowly down the cobbled path towards a small shrine in the centre of a large park, the green grass tilting to the wind elegantly. A small smile crept across her face as she entered the shrine, bowing her head under the blue silk cloth that hung around the entrance.

This ground was sacred and no one but her was allowed to enter. It was the shrine for her father, one of the greatest Shinigami that Soul Society had ever known. This man, this hero was by no means the most powerful of warriors, he was Captain of the 11th squad, but it was not his power but his heart that earned him such a great name.

Nozomi knelt and closed her eyes, a trickle of salty tears flowing quite freely down one soft cheek. She muttered something into her cupped hands and then looked up to a large portrait of her father, Kyousei Hikari. A larger smile broke onto her pale pink lips and Nozomi opened her mouth, [B]"Father, I hope you're proud of me."[/B] She drew Kashoku and rested the palms of her hands on his hilt, pressing her forehead to her knuckles as she desperately tried to hold back her tears.

[B]"Please be proud, father...please."[/B]

Nozomi stood and flicked back her hair, swiping at her eyes in the same fluid motion. She turned and headed out of the shrine, her robes flowing dramatically behind her with her swift pace. She saw a few other Shinigami and nodded when they stopped to bow their heads in respect. One thought crossed her mind, the same one as yesterday,
[I]'I do this all for you, father, I'll never give up.[/I]'

Hope that's good with you, love, tell me if I need to change anything.[/SIZE][/CENTER]
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[size=2][color=Navy][b]Name:[/b] Sakura Hiwatari

[b]Gender: [/b]Female

[b]Rank:[/b] 10th Squad, Lieutenant

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url="http://img170.echo.cx/img170/8326/tao2wx.jpg"]Here[/url], just put her in the Shinigami Robes.

[b]Zanpakutoh:[/b] Chiméiteki [Deadly]

[b]Call-Out:[/b] Chiméiteki Gyakusatsu! [Deadly Slaughter!]

[b]Form:[/b] It changes to look like [url="http://www.conqueronline.com/guide/images/tr.jpg"]this[/url].

[b]Powers:[/b] Sakura can fire elemental blasts out of the blade or use the element to charge the blade itself with an element to attack.

[b]Personality:[/b] Sakura is a very dedicated person and is incredibly determined. When she sets out to hunt down a hollow, she'll do it, no matter how long it takes. When Sakura's not on the job, she's quite open and friendly to those she trusts. But during work, she's not someone to be messed around with until the hunt's over. She is extremely stubborn and hardly ever loses an argument about anything. Sakura has known Utamuro for a long time, since they were partnered together in the 10th Squad. He's one of the only people she trusts with her life.

[b]Character Snippit:[/b] Sakura walked along the stone path, she could hear the quiet, serene, trickling of water coming from the various water features in the place. There was a 'clunk' sound as the bamboo tube fell from the weight of the water flowing into it and another small sound as it returned to its previous position. Sakura walked past a small clear pond where large koi could be seen swimming around in the depths. Sakura knew exactly where she was going, she came here very often as it was a relaxing place to be, with something to do with water practically everywhere.

Sakura walked toward the stone platform that was supported over a large lake by strong bamboo poles beneath it. She walked up the stone steps that led onto the platform and pulled out her Zanpakutoh. She looked at the blade, she had had it for sometime and she considered it a friend as it was as good as one in a battle. She pulled a strip of cloth out of the folds of her robes and wrapped it around her eyes, tying the ends behind her head. She was now rendered blind and she got into a fighter's stance with the blade.

Sakura started to practise her skills, she was very good, relying on her other senses besides her sense of sight. She did a series of gymnastic moves from one corner of the platform to the other without losing her balance of falling over the edge. Sakura moved as if she truely were facing a foe, constantly on the move and swinging her blade.

[b]"Chiméiteki Gyakusatsu!" [/b]she called, and her blade transformed into a glaive.

Sakura continued her skills, using sweeping and slicing moves. She rolled from her 'opponent' and pushed out with her staff as she got to her feet. Sakura stopped suddenly as her ears heard a voice calling.

[b]"Sakura!" [/b]she heard the voice again and recognised it as Utamuro's.

[b]"Hai!" [/b]Sakura called as Chiméiteki reverted back to the blade state.

Sakura sighed and slipped it back into its sheath as she heard footsteps.

[b]"Practising again? I always know where to find you." [/b]he said to her.

[b]"Hai, this place used to be land my parents owned, its mine now that they're gone. It's always been my favourite spot to come to." [/b]Sakura answered, untying the blindfold and putting it back into the folds of her robe.

[b]"Alright then, come on, let's go, Lieutenant." [/b]the Captain of the 10th squad said, turning and walking away.

Sakura smiled and followed her old friend and leader.

[b][color=black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=black]I finally completed the sign up sheet. Let me know if I have to change anything.[/color]
[/color][/size][size=2][color=Navy] [/color][/size]
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Kiro Tucechi
5th Squad, Captain
[URL=http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y193/deannemyarsonist/charactersui29.jpg]Kiro Tucechi[/URL]
[I]Autoroo[/I] (Outlaw)
[I]"Bachi kyoubou!"[/I] (Divine rage!)
The katana widens and splits to form two double-edged swords. Each becomes tainted with the blood of those [I]Autoroo[/I] has slain. This causes an aura to form around the swords and others close to it to hear the crys and thoughts of those slain by [I]Autoroo[/I].
A small trigger forms just under the hilt of each sword. When engaged a small explosion occurs and each sword is engulfed in a raging fire. The fire radiates from the sword and is able to be thrown at enemies or targets at long distances.
Kiro is the strong-willed Captain of the 5th Squad assigned to demolish the Hollows. He is smart and witty and is thought of admirable by those under him. Kiro grew up in a rough family and was taught to endure the worst of times. He seems cold-hearted at times but does have a kind side, but it's not usually expressed.
[B]Character Snippit[/B]:
Kiro sat quietly on the wooden steps of his large house. His breath shown lightly in the evening air. He sighed, contemplating the situation placed before him. Kiro always kept his feelings close, but this time, he wasn't sure if he could. He knew the Hollows must be destroyed, but he would not sacrifice his soldiers for the cause. It might save even more lives, but he'd grown close to the ones he'd taught and wouldn't allow them to die by the hands of vile creatures such as the Hollows.

He rose from the step and began to walk along the dirt rode leading away from his home. He loved the silence of the night and it helped him think. Dust blew slowly around him, the wind in his hair. He stopped and looked out over the horizon. It was a beautiful night, but he knew the days to come would be full of battle and bloodshed. He took [I]Autoroo[/I] from its sheath and watched as it gleamed. Even in complete darkness it seemed to shine and show Kiro's reflection.

He runned his gloved hand over the blade, it was smooth and sharp as he felt the edge graze his palm. He killed the former owner of [I]Autoroo[/I] and although he planned on discarding it, he felt drawn to mysterious sword. He decided to keep it and later learned of its mysterious powers and the underlying connection to Kiro. He held it tightly, knowing that the it would be weilded by himself in the oncoming battle.[/COLOR][/CENTER]

EDIT: I basically changed everything because the former character was created for a more modernized RP. This one should do just fine. Tell me if anything needs to be fixed.[/SIZE]
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[CENTER][Font="tahoma"][b]Name:[/b] Okura Maeko "Maru"
(last name is first)
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
7th Squad
[URL=http://perso.wanadoo.fr/tiger-anime/game_607.jpg] Click [/url] <--- Imagine this but with dark redish brown hair.
Akatake (Red Bamboo)
She calls out "Kurohana!" which means black flower. A chime is heard afterwards this is called.
A long stretched out red bamboo stick that has two sharp curved blades at the end of each side with a black flower on the blade that can be spin as well. It is very heavy and hard to handle unless you are trained in the art of handling the Akatake and can be spun around in circles and used in combat like a staff.
It sends out a special powder that can blind a person's sense of vision and if close enough can put a person to sleep (but takes alot of energy to do so) so that they have to fight with sound and instinct.
Maeko acts like a child, excited over battling as if it was a game, and not knowing her own strength while doing it. Many call her teasingly a "Firecracker" for she is stubborn as a lion and refuses to ever admit she is wrong. Despite her fast temper and being insulted easiely most know that she is kind at heart and believes in doing justice over wrong. She doesn't take critism lightly but knows when and when not to hold her tongue. (Although she steps over this boundary quite a few times) She's loyal to her friends and companions and never backs down from a challenge. Cute and loving and known to most as an adorable little girl (despite her age of 23) most who are close to her call her "Maru" only when there is serious buisness to be done is she ever called Lieutenant Okura or Maeko.
[b]Character Snippit:[/b][/CENTER]
(will do later)[/FONT]

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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Great sign-ups so far, everyone. Except, there are one or two problems with yours, kakashi. First of all, the Zanpakutoh (translated: Soul Slayer or Soul Cutter Sword) takes the form of a katana, then transforms into something else. You can have it change into the gauntlets, but it starts off as a sword. Also, there are no TVs. Soul Society = Feudal Japan, pretty much. Except more mystical...and maze-like. Everything else seems good, though. Also, I need someone to play the Captain who proposed slaying 30 Menos Grandes, so PM me if you want to be him/her...I have plans for that character...[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Takahashi Hoshi

[B]Rank:[/B]13th Squad Captain

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/guys/guys69.jpg]Here[/URL],but in Shinegami robes

[B]Zanpakutoh:[/B] Keppaku

[B]Call-Out:[/B] " Kashou koukouto!" (burn brightly)

[B]Form:[/B] [URL=http://long-sword.com/images/5Star/Axes/20-10030.jpg]Click Here[/URL]

[B]Powers:[/B] Keppaku is capable of releasing a searing light from its blade that burns at extreme temparatures. It can also be used to emit a blinding flash.

[B]Personality:[/B] While an overall nice guy, Hoshi has a tendency of being a little cold. He is a tactitioner and that often comes across as unfeeling and emotionless.He has to think things through before taking any action. He doesn't know the meaning of the word spontaneous, but he has his reasons

[B]Character Snippit:[/B]

[I]Hoshi walked across the battlefield, the bodies of his fallen comrades littering the ground. His eyes swept the field, seemingly with a purpose...

Then he saw it. His stare became one of horror and shock. He had found what he had been looking for.

"No...not you too...."

The Captain of the 13th Squad had been reckless.She had charged head-on in the face of extreme danger. For that, she and her soldiers had paid the ultimate price.

"Captain, why did you do this?" A quiver was heard in Hoshi's voice. He could no longer keep his emotions in check. "WHY DID YOU DO THIS!"

Hoshi collapsed in a fit of tears onto the body of Aiko, the Captain of the 13th Squad and his one true love...[/I]
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[Color=DarkBlue][B]Name[/B]: Ichiguchi Yasou (Surname first!)

[B]Gender[/B]: Male

[B]Rank[/B]: 3rd Squad Lieutenant

[B]Appearance[/B]: [URL=http://www.manga.cz/img_clanky/Fake/h_fake03.jpg]Here[/URL]

[B]Zanpakutoh[/B]: Jikoku (Time)

[B]Call-Out[/B]: ?Michisho? (Flow)

[B]Form[/B]: Jikoku changes from a slightly longer katana to two enlarged sais. They each have a button on the end, that can access when he twirls them.

[B]Powers[/B]: Jikoku has a secret. Part of the reason it?s called Jikoku is because of it?s dirty little secret. By pressing the button on the bottom, Jikoku slows down it?s opponent. A serum, that comes directly from Yasou ?s Spirit Energy and so, Yasou only uses this little trick when he?s desperate, and odds are, he?ll lose. Always finds it to be a dirty trick to use, because, it slows and stops the opponent.

[B]Personality[/B]: Yasou is a timid kind of guy. He doesn?t work well in crowd of unfamiliar people, and is known in the 3rd squad as ?Silence? because he rarely speaks with most people.

His timidness doesn?t carry over to the battlefield though. He will fight as hard as the next person to protect anything that a Hollow puts in danger. Due to losing his best friend when they were younger, Yasou holds a grudge against all Hollows, and is more than happy to signup with the idea of the contest.

[B]Character Snippet[/B]: Yasou sat on his bed and was thinking about what he had just heard from a messenger. His friend, who was a part of the 10th Squad, had fallen in battle with a Hollow. She had known that she shouldn?t have gone fighting after her last battle, but she went out anyway, and got herself killed.

The worst part was the Yasou didn?t stop her. He couldn?t. Her passion for fighting was too strong for even her squad captain to stop. Yasou set his head on his pillow, and thought some more.

She had a reason to fight so passionately, because the same Hollow she died fighting, killed her brother not a week ago. She and him had been closer than anyone Yasou knew, and he knew that she died doing what she felt was right.

Yasou left the past, and return to the present, while tears fell down his face, causing spots to form on the pillow. He hadn?t cried since his parents died many years ago. He had promised them he wouldn?t but he couldn?t hold the tears back anymore.

He was interrupted by a knock at his door. He get up, wiped his tears away with the inside of his robe sleeve, and opened the screen.

?Akiko has been killed. You?ve been promoted to Lieutenant. Meet with Captain Nozomi Hikari within the next two hours in her office.? The messnager said, turning away from Yasou?s doorstep. ?I?m sorry, but I?ve got other messages to pass on.?

Yasou closed the screen, walked back over to his bed. He layed down, and whispered into his pillow ?Why does everything have to follow death? Why can?t happy things just happen??[/color]
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Kinomoto Naoko
(Last name first)
4th Squad, Captain
[url= http://www.psycko-manga.de/gallery/babe/55-3.htm]Naoko and the Rings[/url] [<--Click]
Souseiji (Twins)
Supuritto (Split)
Her katana changes to the double rings you see in her appearance picture. She holds them in gloved hands due to the razor sharp edges.
There us a button on the second Twin, and when pressed, the pair turn into rings surrounded by electricity. Naoko wears gloves to prevent electrocution, as the Twins have high voltage.
Naoko tends to be very sharp, firm, and unforgiving, but there is a gentle side to her ? but no matter how she acts, her instructions brook no arguments. If she told God to shut the **** up, he probably would. She is very stern, and will allow no backtalk. Her guard never drops, and only one has ever seen her sensitive side. She can be kind, but only occasionally, and will not recognize it if someone mentions her kindness afterwards. She can?t and won?t afford to let her feelings control her ? she?s been through far to much for that.
[b]Character Snippit:[/b]
Silent and swift as a panther across the jungle floor, Naoko made her way across the room, slipping in between people and past the security guards. Her soft-booted feet made no noise as she descended a set of stairs and went down the hallway that led to the outside world. Closing the door silently behind her, she looked up into the magenta sky, tinged with the first comings of indigo and the last traces of light pink as the sun set for the night.

She walked away from the building behind her, deeper into the bamboo forest that surrounded it. The leaves of the bamboo brushed against her shoulders, caught at her hair before letting go, and brushed across her cheeks like the caress of a lover. Following a dirt path, she finally stopped, and took out her Zanpakutoh, whispering softly, ?[b]Supuritto.[/b]?

The blade became the Twins, the two rings, and as she stood in one place, she tossed them up and down, weaving them in and out of each other. As they went faster and faster, the air whirred around them until the whirring blurred into a steady hum. Softly Naoko began to sing; it was a song of loss, a song of death and destruction, and then a song of peace. As the Twins slowed, her song slowed, and then both stopped all together. Bringing the blades back together, they became the katana again, and she sheathed it. With a frail smile to the bamboo, she exited the forest.

As she made her way to the building, she looked up to the deepening indigo sky, and breathed a sigh of relief.[/size][/color][/center]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Name: Yamato Hitachi (Last name first)

Gender: Male

Rank: 9th Squad, Captain

Appearance: [URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=9&pos=9]Only in Shinigami Robes[/URL]

Zanpakutoh: Kokoro (Heart)

Call-Out: Chi (I belive that is blood, but my translator is not very reliable)

Form: [URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=11&pos=12]Changes into the weapon he's holding (Only one of them)[/URL]

Powers: Kokoro has the ability to freeze time for a split second (For everyone but himself), allowing Hitachi to evade attacks, or stop enamies from blocking.

Personality: Hitachi is quiet, focused, and prefers to study his surroundings before taking action. He is always clear headed, he never makes a move until he is absolutly sure it is the best course of action. Some people feal this is his undoing, as he is often to slow to react. He can be deadly if crossed, however, so it is best not too.

Character Snippit:

With a swift and precise strike, Hitachi brought Kokoro down hard into the Hollow, rending it's wicked mask from it's body. With another blow, the creature dissolved. Quickly assesing the situation, Hitachi scanned the surrounding. Most of the 9th squad had survived, although a few, including his Lieutenent, were missing. He couldn't see any hollows. And this worried him. Hollows were not usually this easy to disperse, especially in these times.

A scream. A recognizable scream, one that sent dread through the 9th Squad. It was the scream of the Lieutenent. A laugh came with it.
"Stay where you are." A disjointed voice flowed out of the darkness, followed by a large, wickdly tentacled Hollow. Hitachi couldn't see her, but he knew she was there somwhere... But where... Before he could do anything, his squad was already jumping to her aide.
"Wait!" He shouted, but too late. Half of his squad was already gone, fallen into the trap.

In a grotesque second, from the darkness hollows leapt in large numbers. Those slow to react were torn apart in seconds. Somhow, a few had managed to escape and regroup with Hitachi, but in seconds half of his squad had been eradicated. The lieutenent was already dead, a bloody stain on the mask of the Hollow.

Hitachi woke with a start. He sat upright, sweat on his brow. Damn this reoccuring nightmare. It was tormenting him... That moment, so long ago. He'd been too brash, he shouldn't have let her get killed. If only he'd reacted better, so many wouldn't have been lost... With a sigh, he lay back down, and full failed to get back to sleep. [/COLOR]
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