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Sign Up The Zeitsande [M-LVS]


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[CENTER][B][U]The Zeitsande.[/U]

[SIZE=1][I][B]Note:[/B] Those of you who participated in the Sands of Time RPG might like this one, since it?s basically that all over again with a new story to it. Being away for so long myself I don?t even know if you guys are still around, but I don?t really care. Also, there is a little Doctor Who theme in here, don?t mind that, I?ve sort of liked Doctor Who way before the new series started. I decided to mark my return, so why not do it with an RPG? Anyone is welcome, just make sure you?ve got a nice sign up =)[/I]

Time is the fourth dimension. Time is the ultimate power of all the Universes, yet we are far from understanding even its basic laws. It will only take us, humans, extra long to do this because we?re not sensitive to time like a few beings in the far reaches of the Universe. Those who have the ability to predict time, to feel it, to understand it, have the ability to control it. There are a few in the Universe who can feel time and its movements, just as we can feel and hear the vibrations of a drum skin. For them it?s that simple. Anyone or any race with this ability was put into a category we, and most of the Universe, call the Guardians (shortened from an alien prophecy of time masters who guard the forces of good and evil making sure they stay equal).

The Guardians themselves all knew each other very well. Only fifteen types of Guardians existed, all taking the form of humanoid animal-like creatures. It is said that reptile creatures, mammals, amphibians and whatnot are on every planet of humanoids in some form, making the Guardians look like all sorts of strange creatures. That wasn?t really the point. While the primitive non-time sensitives were in their own timelines making up wild stories and names for the so called Guardians, the Guardians themselves were forming an alliance to keep the forces of time in perfect harmony.

The Azatians, the only human looking Guardians, created the Alliance of Time Guardians (ATG) after hearing the legends of their being. All fifteen races joined this alliance, hoping to have complete control over the fourth dimension (seeing as Guardians all have different time abilities non could control time completely on their own). Every member of the ATG was sworn to uphold the three laws of time:

1. There shall be no interference with the current timelines unless the timeline has already been interfered with by other beings.
2. No member of the ATG shall abuse their power of time in any form. They must only use their power for the good of the fourth dimension.
3. Any act of murder upon an ATG member will be taken seriously. Any act of murder upon any living, intelligent being for no reason will be taken seriously. Killing is forbidden in the ATG unless absolutely necessary.

Failure to uphold the rules of time were met with death, for the safety of all the Universes was at stake and even the Guardians would kill to save it. Soon after these laws were made, ships were created to patrol the Universes, carrying all sorts o ATG specialists to monitor the timelines for fluctuations. Many of the ATG scientists and warriors were away when a disasters struck, one that the Guardians weren?t ready for.

The Azatians and the Celtrione... two of the most powerful Guardian races. The ability of time travel without devices from the Celtrione and the ability to mentally sense, feel, hear and even manipulate time to some extent is a deadly, deadly combination. The Azatian and Celtrione crossbreed, a boy known as Golbi, became the more powerful of the Guardians. Because of the bizarre powers from both his parents his mind made it possible for him to control time with enough power because of the travelling ability. With such power at his fingertips, the boy became to think of himself as superior, stronger, greater, a god, even. He demanded the title of leader in the ATG when he was still young (fifteen in Terran years), but the ATG refused him. Golbi was not going to stop there.

He convinced many Guardians who were not part of the ATG that the ATG was a conspiracy. A true evil time manipulating society sworn to bend and twist time in their fists to make it a perfect weapon against the Universe. With his superior intelligence Golbi convinced entire countries with ease and began the first step of his plan: his own race of Guardians. He created crossbreeds from DNA samples while he waited for natural crossbreeds to arise. When they did many possessed the same abilities as him, still none were are great because they didn?t go through the education he did. When the time was ready Golbi declared war on the ATG, and time itself.

Golbi was defeated. He was not killed because he was never caught, he just escaped with a handful of his ?perfect? race of Guardians. The ATG, however, was in shambles. There were once fifteen proud races, but only five remained. Ten were wiped out by the war, ten powerful lords of the timelines. And the base for the ATG was destroyed, leaving them to drift in space in wrecked time ships. The Guardians knew that if Golbi was to predict the ATG?s vulnerable status he would continue his rampage and no doubt take control of time itself. After some thought, the ATG decided to make an alliance with the most useful and most resourceful non-time sensitives in existence: the Humans.

In the human year 2189, the ATG changed history and became their allies. A new alliance was formed: The Time and Space Protection Agency (TSPA) Many other non-time sensitive beings joined the TSPA, and for over two hundred years the Agency grew stronger, keeping time in place with the Guardians, the legends they thought they?d never touch. It wasn?t until 2390 that drastic measures were enforced. Golbi returned, but not as himself. He sent a diabolical race of machines and androids called the Guldaba to bring down the TSPA. This was another one of Golbi?s successful attacks on time itself.

Because the Guardians had drastically changed the course of human history they could not predict how long the war would last. But while the war went on Golbi was out in time, changing histories of millions of galaxies and making everything his own thing. The TSPA was too busy with the war against the Guldaba to take full action, so they sent out their fastest, most powerful, greatest invention of all time: The Goldstar Time Warp Temporal Vessel, which they dubbed using parts of all different languages in the TSPA, the Zeitsande.

A crew of fifteen main men were chosen to take command of this mighty travelling vessel. Five were the main commanders of the vessel, ten were specialists. The total crew number including the fighters, military and whatnot was 100. Sworn to uphold the laws of time and the laws of the TSPA, the Zeitsande was sent out to stop Golbi and restore the whole balance of the Universe. What damage Golbi had already done was unknown, right now nothing was clear. The only thing that mattered was survival, but it seemed that the Guardians interference with humanity was going to take the humans down with them.

[I]Welcome aboard the Zeitsande. To participate in this RPG requires a sign-up, of course, and it allows requires that you follow the rules. There is an Underground thread being posted with all the race information and the technology you?re likely to find on the Zeitsande. The thread also includes the rules to the RPG and the basic information you?ll need, so if you?d kindly read that first you?re more than welcome to sign up. Enough of my ramble, I?m sure you?re tired of it. Here?s your character requirements:[/I]

[B]Name:[/B] [Be creative if you?re not human]
[B]Code name:[/B] [Everyone?s favourite part, nay?]
[B]Age:[/B] [Please see the races for this]
[B]Race:[/B] [See the Underground thread]
[B]Abilities:[/B] [Just paste in your race abilities from the Underground and add your other abilities, such as being an engineer genius, being a bit stronger and whatnot]
[B]Position:[/B] [Indeed. See the Underground for the positions available, but depending on your skills you?ll be in a certain department. You have to decide which]
[B]Appearance:[/B] [Image or written, please refer to your race also]
[B]Biography:[/B] [I hope I?m not the only one who enjoys writing long biographies]

[B]Name:[/B] Il?KetadarinSarus (Never used)

[B]Code name:[/B] Theta

[B]Age:[/B] 503

[B]Race:[/B] Roth and Celtrione

[B]Abilities:[/B] Fortunately, Theta is not an all powerful Guardian. He has the abilities of both beings with no twists, making him a time traveller with a good instinct of a time. Theta is a warrior like the Celtrione race, but he has dropped that way of life and his religious life, making him a good fighter with the kindness of a once very religious man. Theta has good leadership skills because of his Roth leader side and his Celtrione lion heart.

[B]Position:[/B] Commander

[B]Personality:[/B] Theta is a little carefree at times, a trait of a Celtrione. He cares for people, entire races, his crew and whatnot, but sometimes it seems that he doesn?t care. You won?t find him resting on the job, but you will find him listening in with a never caring look on his face. Theta likes his position, he does no abuse it or his power as a Guardian, though he does like to play around with his ability from time to time. You will never see Theta playing around with his power or relaxing on the job, he does that when no one?s looking so it doesn?t damage his position or his proud personality. He will try to keep his emotions at bay, hiding them from everyone else, even though he does like to comfort people in that area he doesn?t like to show any weakness to his crew or his enemy.

Another inheritance of his race is his proud personality. Theta takes pride in his work, his crew, his ship, his mission and his life. He was once a spiritual man making him caring in some areas. He doesn?t like to show this, however. The thought of people knowing who he used to be isn?t appealing. There?s also the fact that Theta needs to keep a low profile. If anyone were to find out he was a half breed then people would surely get rid of him, so he doesn?t like to reveal his Roth traits. Theta sees himself as a Celtrione, not a Roth. His inner, deepest emotions see the Roth as a weak race that need to lean on faith because they have no strength. Because of this he doesn?t like himself too much. He makes his proud side feel guilty, having once depended on a god and having no warrior instinct. The Roth to him are a dead race. Though this is a reason he tries to keep calm, hiding everything with a carefree nature, like most Celtriones.

(Please note I cannot draw and my scanner is crap)
Theta has ginger and brown coloured fur covernig most of his body. His feathers are small enough not to be noticed, but it does explain the longer fur on his elbows. His hair, or mane, goes all the way down his back, and its very thick indeed. He always wears boots because his feet are Roth-like with strong talons and not Celtrione looking.

[B]Biography:[/B] During the war with Golbi, a Celtrione woman named Berusa and a Roth named Hurtaki'Que managed to sneak away onto the Roth homeworld. Berusa carried with her an unborn boy, a half breed, who would be forced to join Golbi's army if he was found out. The two parents did not want their son to be part of Golbi's war, so they kept hidden on the peaceful world of Roth. The child was born on the coldest night of the year, and Hurtaki'Que saw this as a sign. His father was born on the coldest year, therefore the young half breed was named after Hurtaki'Que's father: Il?KetadarinSarus. The parents knew that the secret of their son could never be concealed forever, but they hoped for it.

Berusa was summoned back to her homeworld and had to leave her husband and her child on the Roth homeworld. Hurtaki'Que took his chance to cover up his son and make him seem like an adopted Celtrione to everyone else, even so he did not fail to teach his only son the ways of the Roth. After time, Hurtaki'Que managed to convince himself that his son was adopted and he wasn't a real Roth. Though he was just a small boy at the time Il?KetadarinSarus knew what was going on, he knew that his father saw him as an outcast like many would, and he knew from that point the Roth were weaklings. It didn't matter then. At the age of 12 Il?KetadarinSarus had little say in the matter. But he would prove to his father that he was a warrior Celtrione, not a Roth. He proved this in the Academy, which earned him the nickname and future codename Theta.

In his Academy (or school) days Il?KetadarinSarus was a warrior. He was a bully who picked on the other kids, got into fights and refused to learn anything about his Roth god. His father tried everything, he even called him by his nickname Theta, but nothing could convince the boy that he was a Celtrione who had to act like a Roth. Theta made up the excuse that he was Celtrione, a Celtrione warrior, with Celtrione blood and one Celtrione god: himself. Even at this time Theta had no idea he was half Roth. He had never seen another Celtrione so he didn't know what they looked like, all he knew of was their culture. And Theta intended to stick to that no matter what. His father finally took Theta to a chruch of sorts, to be taught in the proper manner, and to worship the right god.

When Theta was 18 he was allowed back into society, fully Roth in his mind. Though deep down, hidden back with the highly emotional emotions and deadly instinct of killing was the Celtrione part of him, screaming out for revenge against the Roth. Theta ignored this for many years and simply continued with his beliefs. He became a smart young Roth-minded Celtrione, still hidden from the truth. His father felt pity for his son, but didn't let it show. Theta saw this pity, however, and wondered why his father was holding it back so strongly. He remembered the days of the Celtrione warrior, the days when an young Theta would prove his point. But Theta wasn't ready to let that out again. He was afraid of what society would do to him. Though the longer he kept his Celtrione side in the more it built up, ready to burst out like a volcano. Too bad his father set it off.

When Theta was told of what he was he became too angry to keep it inside. Theta couldn't believe his father had lied to him since the day he was born, so to take his revenge, Theta killed his father. The Government on Roth said that Theta was to be banished from Roth and sent back home, and Theta was happy. At the age of 27 he was on his way to his true home when his escort vessel, the [I]Il'Kenamir[/I] was attacked by one of Golbi's flighters. Theta was captured and taken to Golbi for reason unknown. It seemed Golbi knew of him. For the next 5 years Theta spent his life in Golbi's prisons, refusing to ever speak to Golbi in those years. What else happened was unknown, Theta had never told anyone. All that is known is that Theta was captured, told his mother was killed by Golbi, and he escaped, back to his true homeworld, were he was greeted with an honoury return by the Celtriones for escaping Golbi.

Theta became a tactician for the Celtrione. He spent most of his time getting promoted for his good work and his skills on the battlefield. This had nothing to do with Theta wanting to be the best of the best. It was all to do with honour. Theta hated his father but he loved the Celtrione mother he never knew. Golbi had killed her. Therefore, Golbi must die by Theta's hands. Everyday firing the guns at Golbi's ships made Theta more fierce, more complete, more Celtrione. He began to learn of his brilliant skills on both sides of his heritage, his travelling ability, his instinctive laws of time. The energy built up in Theta. The warrior roared inside and outside, taking bites out of Golbi's forces like nothing was going to stop him. When Theta was seen as a brilliant, brutal force for the land warriors, the Celtriones quickly promoted him for an attack on Golbi's castle. Theta nearly died from shock.

He nearly died against Golbi, as well. His task force was totally annihilated by Golbi's superior men. Theta and his second task officer, Korriander, were the soul survivors. Beaten into the ground and full of blood, Theta swore that he would never give up. He and Korriander managed to get home alive, bitter and torn, both of them. Korriander said he wanted to become a Commander one day, and soon the two became good friends when they noticed what they had in common. Their friendship grew for over a hundred years. Though soon another spike would go through Theta's heart.

On their last battle together Korriander was killed. Theta was almost killed, but he managed to get out alive. Still, he was scared for life. Inside he was weeping but he would never let that show. He was promoted once more, but he did not want the promotion. He froze his membership in the ATG and simple watched the stars fly past as they travelled afar to find an alliance. Theta thought to himself why things where going so wrong for him, yet at the same time he was thankful no one had found out about his Roth side. Still, he hated the Roth. With all his being.

Upon arriving on Earth Theta took his promotion as Commander. He was said that Korriander was never alive to accept a promotion as well. During his years with the Earth alliance, Theta became slightly abusive towards his power of command and time. He became known throughout all of Earth, even, but he had to keep hidden sometimes. When he was due for check ups he had to change the information from the results so the doctors wouldn't find out. Too bad it only worked a few times. David Green, an Earth doctor, found out about Theta, but instead of revealing Theta's heritage he instead helped Theta. He devised a small device, hidden in a wrist band, that would mask his Roth DNA. Thanks to this Theta was grateful to humans.

When the Guldaaba attacked Theta was sent to war. He commanded three vessels during the course of the war, but was dragged off the [i]Apollo[/i] and sent to command to Zeitsande. At first Theta refused, saying his place was in war. But when the idea of finally hunting down Golbi arose, he accepted the offer so fast he nearly feel through time.[/SIZE]
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Mi?ichkavi ap Lir?ritlae
[b]Code name:[/b] WindBlossom
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Age:[/b] 1,230
[b]Race:[/b] Azatian

[b]Abilities:[/b] These guys have the ability to feel, hear, and even see time. They can feel the breaks and fluctuations in the timelines, sometimes it even hurts them. They can mostly predict time and sense the future in some cases, some can even manipulate time. Manipulating time means, in their case, that they can sense time so much they are able to take action in the past that can devastate the future. So much as taking a step in the wrong direction could destroy the future if they knew exactly what to do and what would happen. The Azatians cannot travel through time without the aid of technology, unfortunately. Mi?ichkavi ?s particular skills are piloting, mechanics, and anything to do with machines.

[b]Position:[/b] Second in Command

[b]Personality: [/b] The silent, ever-present shadow. She is highly intelligent, and capable of comprehending even the most difficult languages, even if only at a gut-level. She is very sensitive to others thoughts and feelings, and if someone is depressed, she goes numb, null, and there is no way to pull her out of it until the depressed person near her becomes otherwise envolved emotionally. Pleasure and pain she feels acutely, and silently she will fight them. As a commander, she will take crap from no-one, and will not allow someone to disobey her orders. She is second only to Theta, and feels a fondness, if nothing else, for her commander.

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://www.psycko-manga.de/gallery/babe/12-6.htm]WindBlossom[/url] [<--Click]


I apologize profoundly for not getting this done. I've been busy and I forgot about this. ^_^; Working on bio now.[/size]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Name: Barry McKing

CodeName: Worp

Gender: Male

Age: 36

Race: Human

Abilities: Worp is, quite simply, a genius. He knows everything concerning time-travel, he is the authority on time machines, time-safty, Real-Time, and various other concerns one would have traveling through the very fabric of time. He is incredibly good at repairing, constructing, and modifying time-devices, which makes him incredibly usful to avoid getting stuck back in time.

Position: Time Specialist

Personality: Intellegence often breeds the most contemptable people. Worp is a good example of this. Disagreeable, arrogant, and often, and correctly, labled annoying. He can't stand being around people less intellegent than him (Most humans, and The Fang) and even when around his equals he acts like he's superior. Despite all this, he's a vital element to any time-faring crew!

Appearance: [URL=http://www.themovienetwork.ca/images/series/stargateAtlantis/Stargate_Cast_25.jpg]Worp[/URL]

Bio: Worp never had an easy time during his life. He has always been much, much smarter than most humans, The Fang, and a quite a few Centans. And you know what they say... Those of us superior will always be hated. And so Worp was. From shallow bullying to full-scale attacks, Worp has seen his share of ignorance.

Despite this, Worp did not steer from the course. He continued his studies througout Highschool (Or whatever it's called in the future) Of all the things he learned of, Worp was especially in love with Time Travel. He found the utter complexity and challenge of Time Travel unresistable. He became very knowladgable over time, and by 24 he knew all that there was to know about Time Travel. But he wasn't going to stop there.

At the unprecidented age of 27, he joined the TSPA to continue his love affair with Time Travel. With his ferocious thirst for knowladge combined with his massive learning abillity, Worp quickly helped bring about several new principles of Time Travel that had been speculation before.

Several Ph.D's later, Worp, aged 34, was hailed as the authority on Time Travel, the most intellegent man on the subject of Time Travel, and an all round bright guy. So, his assistants in tow, Worp was assigned to the Zeitsande. How important the craft would be, Wrop could never have guessed.

OOC: Ok, I finally got around to rewriting everything. I meant to earlier but I never got around to it. [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Indigo][B]Name:[/B] Tinaka Y'lado

[B]Code name:[/B] ...."Fuzzy"

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 40

[B]Race:[/B] Fang

[B]Abilities:[/B] Very strong, very fast and very, [i]very[/i] good with tactics. He's not the smartest guy in the world when it comes to most things, but if it can be approached through a tactical standpoint, he almost instinctively knows what would work, what would [i]not[/i] work, and all the little bits in between.

[B]Position:[/B] Chief Tactical Officer

[B]Personality:[/B] Sharp tongued, brutally honest, and straight to the point. He's not a big fan of subtlety. If it's not tactical, it's hard to convince him of anything, and he's very stubborn. On the good side, however, once he respects you, maybe even [i]likes[/i] you, you will have a protector for life.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [[URL=http://www.triadrpg.com/sitebuilder/images/Anubis_Painting-433x469.jpg]Tinaka[/URL]] Just....stick him in whatever uniform these guys have, he doesn't do the whole "Egyptian" look.

[B]Biography:[/B] A wild child even for a Fang, Tinaka was often in trouble at school for everything - fighting in other classes, refusing to listen to orders, even for destroying property. It was generally accepted that if you were in a fight, you'd want Tinaka on your side, but if something was being done for fun, he was generally the last person on anyone's minds.

When Tinaka was 27, still young for a Fang, he decided he wanted to work for the TSPA. Various relatives said he'd never make it, that a Fang's temperment was good only for fighting. And Tanaka also thought this, but was dertermined to try. The same pattern from his early childhood emerged - fights, trouble...getting disiplined seemed to be part of an ordinary school day...until he met Jerry, an older human and an administrator at the school. In an effort to save both of them from dying of boredom, Jerry taught Tanaka how to play chess.

Tanaka was almost instantly hooked to the play of logic, stratagy and planning, and switched his schooling path from foot soldier to strategist. With his attention occupied, he began to fight less, and his grades rose. It was an odd sight, walking into a logic class and spying a loud, tough-talking, snarling Fang in amongst the quieter, more orderly students, but no one really minded.

He graduated in the top twenty in his class, much to the amazement of most of his family and even [though he would never admit it] himself.

He applied for a position on one of the larger warships [there are warships, right? If not, IM me, I'll edit it out...] and won a position as a strategy specialist in the lowest level rank aboard. He slowly began to work up the ranks, turning down promotions when he felt he didn't deserve them. He made very few friends, but even fewer enemies, prefering to focus on his work more than socialize.

Superiors tend not to like it when you refuse promotiong after promotion. They get to get a bit...insistant. After turning the job down over four times, they finally delivered an ultimatum to Tinaka at the age of 35. Take the job with the Zeitsande, or leave the service.

Obviously, given such a choice, Tinaka accepted the position, and has worked diligantly over the last five years. He still maintains a typical gruff Fang exterior, but over time he's softened slightly, to the point where his subordinates feel safe enough to call him Fuzzy behind his back. They still don't feel safe enough to call him that to his face, though...


[COLOR=DarkOrange]OOC: Finished the bio, I do believe. :D[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]I agree with Ozymandius, it ain't nice to let RPG's die, XD. Well, it isn't...

BUT that's not the point. I'd like to inform the three of you that there will be some technology posted in the Underground thread soon, at about 9pm my time (you know, that's funny, because you all don't know what my time is... that's why it's funny...), so you can take a look there if you. I was going to get rid of some mistakes and edit the Underground and this thread, but I lost my glasses so I couldn't see the keys properly. Hm. This is starting to sound pathetic. But just hold on a second! There's also something else; I'll be accepting 5 players at the least to start this, hopefully we can get five. And I sure hope we can have the two sign-up's finished soon ^_^

Skye and Ozymadnius are in, as is SadBlue, though I have a small request for SadBlue: Would it be okay if you could edit your sign-up and possibly have a little more detail in your biography? Perhaps just going a little more into his career or childhood, maybe if he had any problems because he was smarter than the other races/people in his schools (like bullying or bad mistakes with the wrong species, I for one remember when I outsmarted a ***** in my school. That sure counts as another species...)

Thank you all for reading, ^_^[/SIZE]
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Name: ZX-942 "Zee Ecks"

Age: 100

Code name: Robot Carnival

Gender: Male

Race: Robotic lifeform-Humanoid class

Abilities: Very strong, very fast, and a technological genious. He was programed to fit in with people, and to be as human as possible. His left arm conceals a gun, as well as a laser cannon, cutting tools, and other appliances.His right arm has several blades which extend from his elbow and his palm, and is used for hand to hand combat He can hover for short periods of time, using some new technology incorperated into his systems. He can link up to computers and mechanical objects,as well as other robots through the use of telepresence functions. He can also communicate through phone lines like this. He has a combat mode, and a combat limiter, which he can release, if the situation is desperate enough. He can also upload any onformation and use it.

Position: Offensive/ Defensive operative

Personality: He's very polite, and his moods shift from one to another quickly, and he stays apart from the others, being very aloof. People think he's stuck up for this, but he's really scared that he would be found out that he's not cyber-augumented, but really a robot. He's very loyal, and would even die to protect his crewmates. His special talents make his fights seem like a Carnival fireworks display, hence his codename.

Appearence: This particular photo is of him and his creator, Dr. Naomi Saji [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery/20050513A/warofgenesis/***47.jpg[/url]

Biography: Zee is very awkward when it comes ot other people, not only because he is a little shorter than average, but because he is not human, or any other race, for that matter. He was designed, to look human, act human, as well as have many human qualities, such as the need to eat and breathe. He is a bio-mechanical lifeform, and he has some other qualities people dont have, but he is quite a freind, if one lets him. His creator, an ingenious inventor, created him when she was in her twenties, and he is rather like a son to her. He loves her like the mother she is, even after she is injured in an explosion, and her brain is put into a robot body, of her own design, similar to Zee's. Zee was part of a line of artificial lifeforms, each made to be unique, and he was the final one made.
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[size=1]Finally. Let me know if something doesn't work and so on and so forth. I copied the "ap" from Skye's bio, just to follow the Azatian trend. >_>;

[b]Name:[/b] Junescentia ap Lassarae (usually she just goes by ?June?)

[b]Code name:[/b] Bird (due to her distinct, melodious voice and slight appearance)

[b]Age:[/b] 28

[b]Race:[/b] Half human, half Azatian

[b]Abilities:[/b] Due to her Azatian blood, June has the ability to feel, hear, and even see time. She is still very sensitive to it, even as a half-breed, and retains the unique ability to manipulate it. As young as she is, June has learned how to combine these subtle abilities with her medical skills and in the process has created an entirely new way to approach medicine. She has an excellent memory and a quick, intelligent mind, and a trait that is sometimes elusive to the Azatians, flexibility when making quick decisions. Her voice is an incredibly soothing one as well, especially in song, and she employs it often to relax her more riled up patients. Well versed in a variety of different medical fields, she has the experience and the patience to work as a medical doctor onboard the Zeitsande.

[b]Position:[/b] Chief Medical Officer

[b]Personality:[/b] June has a smart, steady way about her and is incredibly dependable, if not a little ironic at times. More often than not you?ll find her quietly observing and evaluating, collecting and organizing everything she sees in her mind. She is a very intelligent and clever woman with a sharp memory, which helps tremendously with her medicine practices. June is also the epitome of self-control. She does have a small wild streak in her due to her human blood, however, and it sometimes leads to her taking more passionate courses of action than she is normally prone to. The chances of that happening are very rare but intense physical and (especially) emotional situations can lure it out. June will go to extremes to make sure that that doesn?t happen.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Though on the petite side, June carries herself as though she were a tall woman, full of confidence and grace. Her hair is such a deep black that in certain lights in almost shines blue, and the wild curls are more often than not tied back and out of the way. With startling gray eyes and an expressive mouth, her beauty is a little subtler than her mother?s infamously ravishing looks but can be just as potent. She is small and lithe but a powerhouse of energy and she will not stop pushing forward until she is well and dead.

[b]Biography:[/b] After the alliance between the ATG and the Humans, it was not uncommon for the six races to live and work together, as they were all working towards a common goal. Interbreeding between the races was still something of a taboo, however, and Junescentia?s Azatian mother Inisae took a very long time to come to terms with the fact that somehow, she?d fallen in love with a Human. He was Alvar Romero and he was everything that the Azatian men were not ? spontaneous, outgoing, and entirely unpredictable. From the very moment they met he flirted shamelessly and she met his enthusiasm with equal parts indifference. She was there to work; her priorities had always been with the TSPA and nothing, she thought, could change that. Alvar was not so easily persuaded, however, and he kept at her with his bad jokes and wily charms. Even Inisae could not escape the laughter and life he brought out in everyone, and she eventually came to realize that somewhere along the way her priorities had been shifted slightly.

Needless to say, the secret affair between the two produced a child. The couple argued long and hard about how the girl should be raised. Alvar very passionately believed that she should have the best of both worlds. He had never understood what the problem was with interracial relationships ? Inisae had a hard enough time convincing him to stay quiet about their affair ? and he wanted their daughter to understand her heritage fully, without any feelings of shame or regret. Inisae felt much more reserved about that, but Alvar had always been incredibly persuasive and eventually she agreed. There were conditions, however. The two of them could raise her together, as planned, but it could never be publicly known that Alvar was the father of the child. Rather, Inisae insisted that they continue the pretense of friendship while she made up a story about a small fling with an old flame that resulted in her pregnancy.

For a long time, those who knew the pair questioned the validity of their story. Junescentia ? so named for her Azatian blood ? was the one who indirectly eventually persuaded them otherwise. Even as a child, she had been incredibly collected and levelheaded, and remarkably enough, was a spitting image of her mother. Friends and acquaintances eventually concluded that the girl was much too Azatian to be any kind of half-breed. The things she inherited from her father went unseen. She had his sense of humor and his excellent memory, as well as a taste for the medical field.

Though she was schooled extensively in the ways of the TSPA, June continued to lean more towards medicine and it was eventually decided that she should pour much of her efforts into bettering herself in that field. Alvar had been considered a great physician, even among the other races, but it became clear that June would surpass even him. She had learned to manipulate time in wounds in such a way that they could heal faster. This ability would always cost her energy when performed, but she trained relentless in order to build up her strength. And yet as accomplished as she already is, her peers continue to point out that as an immortal, she has an endless amount of time to improve still. The problem there is that June isn?t entirely sure if that?s 100% true? but for now, the youngest member of the Zeitsande can continue to gain experience in her profession and within the TSPA as she takes on the duty of protecting and balancing time within the Universe.
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[SIZE=1]Ja, I'm not dead. I just lost my computer for a day or two. Well, it is possible. I made a list of who's in and who's out, though if you're out you can still get back in by editing your sign-ups. I would have sent PM's out earily to those who need to edit, but when I tried to my internet decided to give me a hard time. I had troubling loading stuff. Then, I forget where I put my laptop. No laptop no internet.

WhiteSalem [Finish Sign-up]
Ozymandius Jones [Finish Sign-up]

[B]Declined [Though still allowed in if sign-up edited][/B]
[I]Inuyasha Fandom[/I]
I'm afraid you need to read the Underground thread. I made a list of playable races, one reason machines or cyborgs weren't in this RPG was a factor the storyline I was going to do a chapter about. You could have PMed me first about it, though I'm afraid machines aren't allowed in the RPG. All races have to be on the playable list, because the story has been planned out to a certain range of races. Also you may want to check the position in the Underground thread, too.

No real problem here, all you have to do is add a bit more to your profile (the bio, for example, so we know a little more about your character).

As the for the RPG itself I plan to start on Monday IF I have five players by then. Oh, and before you ask, yes I am accepted into the RPG. I had an argument with myself over the profile and the flaws, but I managed to convince myself that my sign-up was just about good enough. I'm so stupid.[/SIZE]
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Name: Alex Harper

Code name: Live Wire (Due to several minor electrocutions in training. Originated from a classmate's mention of his "affinity for touching live wires.")

Age: 25

Race: Human

Abilities: Alex is a genius with most forms of technology. He specializes in redesigning systems in a under pressure, which usually break down shortly afterward, and have to be fixed by Alex.

Position: Chief Engineer

Personality: Alex can be very blunt about anything, even situations where most people expect compassion or support. Despite that, he will change his behavior if he mistakenly insults his friends. When everything is fine he has a happy, but down-to-Earth personality, but he becomes more blunt and cynical sounding when things look bad. To the constant irritation of his superior officers Alex is unkempt, and has to be reminded to wear his uniform properly. He seems to have a problem completing tasks without motivation.

Appearance: 5' 7" tall, brown hair, blue eyes, a somewhat childish face, and a thin build. Alex is undermuscled for a member of the military, since he rarely does any training beyond the required amount. Durning is time between shifts he wears only a T-shirt and his unifom slacks in his quarters. His hair is a mess, and he is often covered in oil or other liquids from his experiments. Not much changes during his shifts. He often sports the same T-shirt/pants combo, even durning important meetings. For the most part this is ignored, since he spends most of his time crawling through the insides of the ship, away from his superior officers.

Alex's living conditions are about the same as his looks. His room is filled with parts scattered about, half-built inventions, and half-dismantled pieces of technology. Even his toolbox is unorganized, which leaves many to wonder how he finds evertyhing in it so easily. Also strewn about are small, electronic data pads, each rumored to contain anything from new weapon schematics, to improvements on the time drive, and even an A.I. program that learns and grows like a human child.

Biography: Having grown up in a backwater section of Earth it is a wonder that Alex can be so handy with technology. From the age of 10 he has been building alongside his father and brother, both of whom are now deseaced. As the years passed his aptitude became apparent, and the ideas he spawned helped the village prosper despite its conditions. This had the drawback of bringing along some unwanted attention. Namely, the military brass.

On his 18th birthday he was "drafted" under a right hidden in the militrary charter, but not used for a great deal of time. The military claimed it to be part of their "Emergency Situation" clause, but never explained what the emergency was. Three days later his father and brother were killed trying to keep the soldiers away. Since that day Alex has held a strong distrust for members of The Fang, a unit of whom had killed his only family. This has led to a bit of friction several times in the past.

Ths skill Alex has shown for the uses of technology took him far in training, and earned him many friends, and favors, for the help he provided others who fell behind. One his friends, known only as Amanda, taught him how to fight using staffs and katanas, along with many hand-to-hand tactics in return for the help. Things did not go as smoothly on-ship as they did in training. His urge to work alone, and keep others out of the loop held him back. It was not until he began working with others that he moved up the ranks. His promotion to Chief Engineer and assignment to the Zeitsande was accepted on the small condition that he could bring two of his trusted techs along, which was only approved because of how well he could work with them, and how they motivate him.

OOC: Let me know if there is anything major to be fixed. I will think of a codename tomorrow. I have a few ideas, but it's too late to think of a good one.

[b]EDIT:[/b] Added a codename. Sorry for the delay. I got hit pretty hard with work these last few days.
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[COLOR=teal][SIZE=1][FONT=arial]Name: Pallottola ti'Sbalzi

Code name: Pallo or Tola whichever you think is best.

Age: 342

Race: Roth (I'm a little scared to do this since Theta hates them so much)

Abilities: Unlike the rest of the Guardians, the Roth?s power is a instinct, much more accurate in any case. They can instinctively dodge a bullet because of their time ability, making them very fast creatures. This is all true with Pallo, except in his case. The instinct seems to be unnaturally strong, where he can sense things before they even happen. Ex. Jumping out a person's way even before they lift their hand to punch him.

Position: Chief Weapons and Security Officer

Personality: Strong willed, caring, and silent are pretty much what sums up Pallo's character. Not afraid to be different, and stubborn as an ox when he sets his mind to something, he isn't one to mess with. Despite this, he is uncommonly polite; if you gain his trust or respect then you will have a loyal and thoughtful friend for life. Pallo doesn't like to judge a person by their outward appearance, but rather prefers to get to know a person's true self before deciding anything. He usually cannot be fooled, because he is very intuitive to another's feelings and emotions.

Appearance: [URL=http://photobucket.com/albums/y257/Tasamer/?action=view¤t=Pallo.jpg]PALLO[/URL]
Pallo's hair is a copperish-brown color with occasional, sporadic silver streaks running through it. His eyes are bright yellow, like those of a hawk or an eagle. His skin might appear tan, under certain lighting. His wings have the same colorations as a Golden eagle.
If you need something to go by click [URL=http://www.galleryone.com/images/bateman/bateman_-_golden_eagle_portrait.jpg]THIS.[/URL] Strangely enough, Pallo, unlike almost all other Roth, does not have clawed hands and feet; but beware, his tough finger and toe nails more than make up for it.
[B]Note:[/B] All pictures of Pallo (except the main head/face) came from the Goldenwolfen website.

Biography: Ionia and Divertente ti'Sbalzi were very proud of their newborn, Pallottola. They both had high hopes and expectations for their son. Both being a priest and a priestess of the religion of Par?Tev, they wanted to raise their Pallo to be the same. Raise him up with as much discipline and guiding principles as they could. This was going to be their only child, and they were going to make sure that he was strong in the faith and deeply set in the values that all Roths cherish.

Pallo?s childhood was full of strict rules and even stricter enforcement. By the age of one hundred it seemed that his parents hard work and dedication had finally paid off. He seemed every bit the perfect Roth child: always obedient, loyal, and very religious... or so it seemed on the outside. No one really knew the workings of the young Roth?s mind. Thinking back in his childhood from when he was very young, around the age from ten to twelve, he had gone to the local academy for basic learning. His clearest memory was that of a young adopted Celtrione, who instead of succumbing to Roth society and culture, fought to be the Celtrione he knew he was. Even eighty-eight years later, he still remembered and respected and admired his childhood peer. Pallo no longer could be what his parents wanted him to be, no longer could he pretend to be who he wasn?t. So he did the only thing he could, ran away.

He had always been fascinated with weaponry and ballistics. For over two hundred years he lived and worked at various armament stores at trading posts all over the various universes. Learning about every kind of weapon there is and how each one works. Always reluctant to accept Par?Tev as the only true god, Pallo quickly dropped his belief in the Roth god Par?Tev, but decided to keep the principles learned in his childhood.

Finally, after two centuries of learning all he could from the various Armaments, Pallo decided to join up with the TSPA and see what he could learn from them. Unfortunately, it didn?t seem that there was much else he could learn except how warship batteries worked. Even that didn?t take the better part of five years, considering they were built and maintained with the same concepts of smaller weapons. Bored and burning with ideas on how to make the already existing weapons better. Pallo applied for a small position in the TSPA network. He practically shot up through the ranks of the agency, his ceaseless creativity and innovativeness with weapons being his main driving force. It didn?t take long before he became one of the top, not to mention the youngest (in human years), minds in the weapons and security department.

Twenty or so years later, Pallo, accustomed to changing scenery probably due to nomadic moves during his early years, begun to become restless. He became irritable and sometimes quit in the middle of a project or walked out in the middle of meetings. His superiors, noting this, decided to send him with the Zeitsande as Chief Weapons and Security Officer. Pallo was only too happy to accept.
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[SIZE=1]Wow, wasn't expecting this, heh. Sorry for not posting on this thread, Scotland for the weekend. Dialup + Broken, Dr. Who Disk Scratching Computer = No Posting. And an angry Vicky. Anyway, I have a final (sort of) list of people who are in. Brilliant sign-up's, and I'm looking forward to this RPG.

[B]The Crew[/B]
Vicky - Theta, Captain
WhiteSalem - WindBlossom, Second in Commander (You gotta finish, ja?)
SadBlue - Worp, Time Specialist
Ozymandius Jones - Fuzzy, Chief Tactical (^_^)
Arcadia - Bird, Chief Medical Officer
Gemini_Phoenix - ???, Chief Enginerr (Just waiting on a codename though you can still post)
Tasrai - Pallo/Tola, Chief Weapons and Security Officer

Loving these code name's by the way, hence me using them in the cast listing. You know what this means? The RPG can start. Sign-up's are offically closing in two days, it's Tuesday here so people have until Thursday to sign-up. If I don't get back to the new sign-upers by Thursday then that doesn't mean you're out, it just means I'm having a few problems with this old laptop. Those who don't finish their sign-up but have been accepted can't post until they finish (though if you want to post so you can keep your character up-to-date and whatnot, just PM me, though it'd have to be a one off post since I don't like role playing with unfinished characters, lol).

And there we have it. If your not on the list, then you're not in I'm afraid. Check back in the Underground thread, post a few comments, some chapter suggestions, anything really. I'll also be posting the stations your the Chief's/Senior Officers will be at on the bridge, so don't forget to take a look.[/SIZE]
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