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3 worst movies ever!


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[color=darkviolet]Well, another year has gone by and I think I may have seen some movies since then. So I would like to know your 3 least favorite or worst movies ever and why. Just remember that these are people's opinions and they're not insulting you.

Well anyways on to my three least favorite

1.) [b]Water Boy[/b]- Could a movie get any dumber? I haven't seen it in a while, probably because I don't want to. All I remember was that it was it was really bad.

2.) [b]Blair Witch Project[/b]- I've said it before and I'll say it again, that movie was not scary. None of my friends thought it was scary, none of my brother's friends thought it was scary. It just didn't have the suspense I craved. Give me Rear Window or Vertigo any day over Blair Witch please.

3.) [b]Racing Stripes[/b]- Ok it was a cute movie and I mostly liked it for the horses, but it didn't seem very realistic to me.

Well, that's it from me, have a nice whatever.[/color]
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You didn't like Waterboy? We're talking about like the lowest of the low, worst of all time, downright horrible films that we hated with a passion, right? I haven't seen Waterboy in a while, but I have the movie on VHS laying around somewhere and I thought it was really funny. It's not my favorite movie of all time or anything, but I'd say it was pretty good overall. lol

As for my own three least favorite movies ever.. well, I don't really want to think about it, haha. I could come up with some pretty bad ones if you give me some time, but chances are I'll either completely forget about a horrible movie or won't sit all the way through it to see if it redeems itself.
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3 least favorite movies huh?

Well one really bad movie would have to be [B]About Schmidt[/B]. That movie was extremely boring. I ended up falling asleep....Worst part... I woke up right as that big old lady was getting naked and walking into the Hot Tub. That scars me to this day... Isn't she the mother from Waterboy?

Another dumb movie was [B]Exorcist: The Beginning[/B]. I do admit the movie had some pretty decent parts near the end of the movie but most of the movie was just boring..

And last but not least, [B]Miracle[/B]. It was an interesting movie but overall it didn't have much detail and I found that the actors didn't try very hard at all....

Anyway those are my 3 least favorite movies. What are yours?!

*points at the next person to post here*
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[SIZE=1] Ahh this is a hard one because there are so many bad movies hollywood has made over the years...hmmmm...acouple come to mind...

1. [b]Pootie Tang[/b] - Dumbest movie ever. Slightly funny, but mostly just dumb. A cornstalk that turns into his dad, his obsession with his belt, Chris Rock? Where does it end?

2. [b]Spice World[/b] - Blah. The name says it all. No comment.

3. [b]Guess Who[/b] - Boring story with Ashton Kutcher who falls in love with a black girl. The whole story involves around the dad obsessing that he's white, infact the whole family is. This could be funny right? wrong. I found it absolutely boring, they took a cliche idea that could work and just made it come out boring. I almost fell asleep in the movie theater. This doesn't stand close to anything like "Meet the Parents" which was basically what they were competiting towards.

And those are my three worse movies. [/SIZE]
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[Font=Garamond] [Color=Red] I'm a big movie fan myself, so I have a fairly decent lineup for '3 Worst Movies of All Time'. Decent being used loosely.

3: [I]From Justin to Kelly[/I]: The stupidity in this film is astounding. 5 Min. into the supposed film, & the audience gets a poorly made music video-esque thing. The actors can't act, full of enough teen cliches to make your eyes bleed, & you have an all around bad movie. I'm sorry, but it scares me.

2: [I]Alone In the Dark[/I]: Watching this movie in the theater was perhaps, and most likely, the worst mistake I've had the displeasure of making. Oh, the horror. Incoherent, illogical, & just all around stupid. Just Stay Away.

1: [I] House of the Dead[/I]: In short - The worst movie I have -Ever- seen. Take this: One second we have a group teenagers at a rave party, in an island, and the next second they have expert markmanship, guns galore, killing zombies at every turn. Am I sensing something wrong here? Oh, and they play the video game clips from House of the Dead every 5 seconds. So Painful.

And, frankly, this is why I wish Uwe Boll dies a horrible, horrible death.[/Font] [/Color]
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1. [i]Onmyoji[/i]. Quite possibly the worst movie ever made, this piece of crap plays host to lousy acting, lousy writing, lousy music, and the worst story-line--or lack thereof--I have ever laid mine eyes upon. Five minutes in, my dad and I were watching it for the laughs. Five minutes after it finished, neither of us had any idea as to what it was about.

2. [i]Van Hellsing[/i]. Oh god. This movie made no sense. Even if you were to completely ignore the fact that vampires so cannot have babies (let alone non-humanoid ones), the characters seem entirely...nonexistent. They have no personalities, no tangible motivation...
Pure stinking ********.

3. [i]Home On the Range[/i]. Just. No. I don't care if it's a kids' movie. [b][i][u]NO.[/b][/i][/u]
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[b](3) Planet of the Apes (2001)[/b]

I just felt that Burton's remake paled in comparison ot the Charlton Heston original. None of the suspense of the first films. I usually like Burton's films, but som,ething was lacking wiht this atrocity.

Add to that most of the movie was so dark that whenever a fire was lit, or we had some (gasp!) day scenes, they hurt my eyes.

[b](2) Taxi
Boring movie, Not the laugh-out-loud movie that I was expecting, not even a laugh-out-a-tiny-bit one. The greatest performance came from the Batmobile-ripoff Taxi.

[b](1) Racing stripes.[/b]

Quite honestly, the worst movie I have ever seen. The trailer made this flick look like a great comedy featuring a Zebra that talks, instead the whole movie played out like some convoluted melodrama that wasn't even remotely interesting to watch, featuring a Zebra that talks, the only bearable moments of this disaster were the scenes with the pair of flies.oo bad the didn't make enough apperances to make a dent.
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[B]Pirates of the Carribean[/b]

-.... I was at camp when I first watched this. I was excited, because I heard nothing but great, great stuff about this movie. I was not tired in the least. I fell asleep halfway through because I got that tired. There were about two funny parts, and then I think something in me died as I kept on trying to watch it. My friend woke me up when it had finished, and I never hope to watch that movie again. It's probably not one of the worst movies compared to some others, but it's the first thing that comes to mind when 'worst movie' comes up.

[b]Battle Royale II: Reqiuem[/b]

- *coughs* *coughs again* Ok. First off, the first movie sucked, too. It had the potential. It *had* the potential to become an awesome movie. Somewhere it died and Bill O' Reilly came with a flaming hearse and drove it down to hell. Second off...the actually made a sequel to an already bad movie. The result? A mess. Ok, so, the plot. Two survivors from the first movie now head a terrorist group that blows stuff up to rebel against the government. So the government decides to enact Battle Royale Act II, where they sent a bunch of kids to the terrorist group's island base or whatever.

Somewhere along the lines of the boringness, crappy acting (please insert "[person's name]-CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AYEEE!!!!!! AYEE!!!!!!!!!" after each time someone died), the director decided to put in this whole freaking side plot about how much the US sucked in all its suckiness and because of the sucky suckiness of the US he was going to put in a whole point in the movie that made me go 'wtf was that *rewind and watch again because that was so messed up and lame*'.

If I ever meet the director, I'm going to give him all my money to never make a movie again.

[b]Darkness Rising. Or Darkness Falling. Or Rising Darkness. Whatever. The movie about the deformed Tooth Fairy who Kills People.[/b]

-It was so bad that I don't even remember the title correctly. It was supposed to be a horror movie. That's all I'm going to say.[/color]
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[B]Christmas With the Cranks[/B]: This is a more recent horrible movie. I actually saw this in theatres and raised the arm rests so I could lay across the seats and sleep. It was completely bland and not even close to as funny as the commercials were making it to seem. Considering there was one on everytime a show was in transition, you'd think it'd be better.

[B]Spice World[/B]: I hadn't even remembered this until someone else mentioned it. My god, horrible singers and horrible actresses. Quite the deadly combination. Anyone who likes this movie is a hardcore Spice Girls fan, and thats a problem in itself.

[B]Any Movie Featuring a Disney Actor/Actress[/B]: Just because your on TV, or have a part in some lame show on the disney channel, does not mean you have talent. For god sakes, every single person on that channel thinks they can sing. Evidently they have some sort of acting talent, but as far as movies go, they're terrible, 5 mins on a kids show is a lot different then an hour on a serious movie. Just do your job and stfu please, thanks :animesmil
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[SIZE=1][quote name='x kakashi x][B]Any Movie Featuring a Disney Actor/Actress[/B']: Just because your on TV, or have a part in some lame show on the disney channel, does not mean you have talent. For god sakes, every single person on that channel thinks they can sing. Evidently they have some sort of acting talent, but as far as movies go, they're terrible, 5 mins on a kids show is a lot different then an hour on a serious movie. Just do your job and stfu please, thanks :animesmil[/quote]
Someone had to say it, didn't they? It's so true it's scary. They all suck. :p

I don't want to see [B]Sandlot 2[/B], only because they're ruining a classic with some crap-*** lame kiddie actors. I can't really judge if it's bad or not though ... since I've never watched it.

[B]Reign of Fire[/B] was pretty bad. The plot was one of those "let's go against all odds in a post-apocalyptic world, and save it!" [I]Bull.[/I]

[B]Star Wars Episode I, II[/B] on a scale of 1 - 10, both were teh suck/10/teh suck. Yes, they were that bad. Now, if these hadn't soiled the entire Star Wars legacy, they'd've been mediocre movies... but these deserve to be hung, shot, then hung again. >_>[/SIZE]
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Spice World- That movie was way too stupid, I can't believe it became so popular. It didn't have any purpose.

Van Helsing- it stunk, they didn't use accurate descriptions. Gabriel Abraham Van Helsing was old when he encountered Dracula. Werewolfs were not sources of good energy. Vampires cannot reproduce since their body systems are dead and no longer producing anything!. Another thing, the ending was lame, once you are a werewolf there is no antidote other than dead itself.

Scooby Doo 2- can I say idiotic. That movie was proved to be made for amazingly ignorant viewers. Carbon 14 is just a component used to determine age, not to bring stuff back to life or create them. I hated the mentioning of elements that did not exist and that one person is not gonna die once shocked with electric waves. I hate it.
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