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Jake of Bodom

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I know there aren't a lot of metalheads here on OtakuBoards, but I want to dedicate this thread to the few and the proud. No matter what kind of metal you're into, you can discuss it here. And if you post on this thread to try to make some uneducated remark about how metal is "just a bunch of banging and screaming", you will be harshly criticized, mainly because you're wrong. Anyway, anything metal goes here. Bands, subgenres, shows, everything.

To start with a topic of discussion: I think Scandinavian metal is the best. I don't know what happened to American metal, but it's dying fast. If anyone has some good suggestions as far as American metal bands, please let me know. Here's a few names I've come up with that are keeping the flame of metal alive in the U.S.:

Lamb of God
God Forbid

I know there's more, but I'm pressed for time. Anyway, I hope the few of you who would appreciate this thread find it and help keep it going. Thanks to all you headbangers out there! \m/ (>.<) \m/
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TOOL has to be one of the greater influences upon my life, as it has driven me from dire thoughts on more than one occasion!

Scandanavian metal, though, is definetely taking the proverbial cookie from the metaphorical American Metal baby. And licking it. And not giving it back. The baby is crying. This is a confusing metaphor.

Ummm... as for any American metal bands... I have heard very few that Jake hasn't, but a few have not been named!

Some would prefer Evanescence (although I, personally, do not.)
SLIPKNOT! (Or at least their first two albums)
(Correct me if I'm wrong, but) The Acacia Strain

And that's all I can think of.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Fellow doom-headbangers, I beseech you to give some good band suggestions, as the flame of Metal is waning into decadence! Only we can strive to keep it alive, but let us start it in this post!

\m/ >.< \m/ Your humble friend,

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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]I'd have to say that symphonic/epic metal is what titilates my ear-membranes. It mixes double-bass pedals and wailing guitar solos with soaring synth lines and, occasionally, full pit orchestra accompaniments. Plus, if the normal scream/growl vocals of other metal annoys you, symphonic/epic metal has none of that. In fact, they usually sing in Queen-style harmonies. Totally awesome. Bands of this subgenre include Nightwish (also commonly categorized under "Goth metal"), Sonata Arctica, Rhapsody, Symphony X, Blind Guardian, and Hammerfall. Symphonic/epic metal shares many characteristics with power metal.

Scandinavian melodic death metal is another subgenre that tickles my fancy. Sure, the vocals are the scrowl of normal metal, but when you hear the instrumentals, it ceases to be an issue. Whether it's Children of Bodom's amazingly technical guitar solos, In Flames' trademark rythmic harmonies, or the sheer epicness of Kalmah, Scandinavian melodic death metal is a solid subgenre through and through.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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I'm trying to get into metal more, but with the lack of people who can point me to some good bands makes it hard. I'd rather not be the person in a conversation who doesn't know anything about what others are talking about.

I remember hearing a band that had the drummer from Evanescence in it, but I can't remember the style or name. I'll have to look it up on wikipedia. Also, I don't think Evanescence is really all that metal. It sounds more like plain Goth, not Gothic Metal. Of couse I could be wrong, and I probably am.

Just recently I've downloaded Underoath's first two albums, and they are magnificent. The clean vocals get a little annoying because they remind me of The Changing of Times, which was horrible.
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Guest Sean
[b]Black Label Society[/b] - Featuring Zakk Wylde, the man we all know as Ozzy's guitarist. Yup it's his band, full of bikers, and metal heads. I recommend you give them a look.

[b]Megadeth[/b] - Huh? Who are they? Dave Mustaine, all you Metallica fans must know this band at least. Dave got kicked out supposedly because of his alcohol and drug abuse. He cleaned up, and created Megadeth. There music is high hitting, metal-packing, goodness.

[b]Metallica[/b] - Wait, a Megadeth and Metallica fan? Well I recommend everything before 'St. Anger' that album just killed them, hopefully they will go back to there older style.

Well, that is 3 bands that I would recommend to anyone that was interested in the Metal genre. Love them, accept them, be there friends ~_^
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I'm into horror metal like the infamous Rob Zombie and Wednesday 13 as well as Ozzy and Cradle of Filth. There's alot of different forms of metal out these days. There's just basic metal than you've got black metal and death metal which are both similair only death is the screaming banging heads thing you hear and black is screaming, banging heads, with a very instrumental influence.
Us kids who like such bands as Mudvayne, Static X, and Slipknot don't like just plain metal. This is a new phenomenon known as Nu Metal where you're just plain trashy.
Than you have old school heavy metal like the bands Sean pointed out.
There's also Industrial like TaTu and Rammstein which sing in a totally different language. There's so many forms these days it's funny.
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]One of the weirdest but most awesome genres of metal out there is folk metal. I only have heard one band that could rightfully be called that, and that band is Finntroll. The lyrics are all in Finnish. If one was to describe their sound, it would be symphonic polka death metal. You heard me right. It is one of the most epic, hilarious bands I have ever heard. Pick up their album, Jaktens Tid.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Yeah. I know what you're talking about. There's a genre that's a slight deviation from Folk Metal. Grunge Metal. There's also Grunge Punk which is besiclly rednecks trying to rap. Grunge metal is rednecks trying to do some deathmetal.
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O_O what was I [i]SMOKING[/i]!?

Yeah, you're right, Evanescence (on a recent re-listen of their album) is DEFINETELY NOT METAL!


Here are some of my persoal favorites, for those looking for a band!

Black Sabbath
Iron Maiden
Lamb of God
Cradle of Filth
God Forbid
Yngwie Malmsteen (sometimes referred to as "The Rising Force Band")
Children of Bodom
System of a Down
In Flames
Blind Guardian
(and I just like these guys, so what if they aren't "Metal" per se?) Korn
(same with these guys) Atomship

And here are a couple who are good... but I personally don't enjoy.

Dimmu Buorgir (This is spelled wrong. Ask Jake)
Sonata Arctica

Yeah... I'm not really THAT ignorant...

One thing I'm getting really concerned about is...

Metal is becoming WAY too technical. Like people are embarrassed about it or something.

It's no longer "Metal", it's "Black Metal" or "Hard Rock" or "Deathcore" or "Gore Metal" or "Nu Metal" or "Hardcore" or "Doom Metal".

Let's not euphemize this, folks. We all remember what happened to Techno... O_O and the English language.

Metal is metal. If I want to think that Korn is metal, or that The Acacia Strain is metal, or that Rage Against the Machine is metal, then let me do it. It's not gonna HURT someone... This may be a factor in the decline of the Genre. The "technicalization" of everything. It's metal. Whether it be Black, Death, or Nu.

Ya Damn MUSIC RACISTS! ^_^ \m/ rock on.

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I haven't heard HIM -- except on Viva la Bam, and I forgot what they sound like-- but I heard someone say that it's, "love metal". Wait, I'll just wikipedia it. [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HIM_%28band%29][u]Yeah.[/u][/url] (That's a link, by the way.) That explains it.
I'm sure you can find CKY on there too.

0ber0n the Neko: They all may be metal, but when people are looking for a certain sound of metal they need some term to compare a band to. Metal is just too wide a spectrum to list all the different sounding bands out there.
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[quote name='Box Hoy']Yeah. I know what you're talking about. There's a genre that's a slight deviation from Folk Metal. Grunge Metal. There's also Grunge Punk which is besiclly rednecks trying to rap. Grunge metal is rednecks trying to do some deathmetal.[/quote]


Folk metal is what happens when a band melds death or black metal with the folklore/history and traditional instruments of their native country. Grunge is not in any way similar to this.

As for subgenres, here's a comprehensive list with a band from each one as an example (and I'm pretty sure this covers all the genres):

Avant-Garde Meta (Arcturus)
Black Death Metal (Behemoth)
Black Metal (Naglfar)
Brutal Death Metal (Mortician)
Celtic Metal (Geasa)
Dark Ambient Metal (In the Woods...)
Death Doom Metal (Poema Arcanis)
Death Metal (Bloodbath)
Deathgrind (Circle of Dead Children)
Deathrash (Deathchain)
Doom Metal (My Dying Bride)
Epic Metal (Midieval Steel)
Folk Metal (Finntroll)
Glam/Hair Metal (Poison)
Goregrind (Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition)
Gothic Metal (After Forever)
Grindcore (Pig Destroyer)
Industrial Metal (Godflesh)
Melodic Death Metal (Opeth)
Metalcore (Unearth)
New Wave of British Heavy Metal [a.k.a. NWOBHM] (Iron Maiden)
Oriental Metal (Melechesh)
Power Metal (Hammerfall)
Progressive Metal (Tool)
Scandinavian Style Death Metal (Kalmah)
Speed/Thrash Metal (Slayer)
Stoner Metal (Kyuss)
Symphonic Metal (Nightwish)
Technical Death Metal (Cynic)
Tolkien Metal (Blind Guardian)
Unblack Metal (Parameaecium)
Vedic Metal (Maha Yadnya)
Viking Metal (Amon Amarth)
Winter Metal (Immortal Souls)

So if you want to get really nitpicky, you now know most of the subgenres (minus a few - I left out cross-genres [Blackened Power Metal, Progressive Power Metal, etc.]). Have fun with your newfound knowlege!

0ber0n, my freind - the reason people like myself get so nitpicky about subgenres is that it helps us identify a band. For example, if I'd never heard of Children of Bodom, and you just called them metal, I'd have no idea whether it's something I might like. If you told me they were a blackened power-metal band, I'd have more of an idea. Plus, when you tell someone who knows nothing about metal that Korn or Rage Against the Machine is metal, they get a completely wrong impression of what metal is! Korn and Rage are just fine, but they're not metal at all. You see my point?

P.S. to Ryoko T.D.C.: HIM is from Finland, not England. Some consider them metal, but I don't know enough about them (or CKY for that matter) to tell you. If HIM was in fact a metal band, they'd be considered Gothic Metal, but I'm pretty sure they're just considered Goth-rock.
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I just happened to be listening to Children of Bodom when I read your post, Jake.

Thanks for that list, it helps alot. Although I have to point out that Parameaecium is Doom metal. Unblack, or sometimes 'White' metal, is used by some Christian Black metal bands who prefer not to use the term 'black' because -- to them -- it can imply that it has something to do with Satanism. I'm not sure I know of any bands that call themselves this, but I'd have to guess one of them is Antestor. (Actually, that was probably wrong. They had an album released by a 'Satanic' label. Oh well.)
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[quote name='SunfallE']I've always enjoyed some of the older bands like Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Motley Crew and Black Sabbath but I don't know if they are metal or hard rock.[/quote]

Yeah, those guys are definately metal, but in the old school of metal. Zeppelin and [more influentially] Sabbath helped create metal. Most consider Black Sabbath's first album (released February 13, 1970) to be the first ever metal album.

As far as Parameaecium, they can still be considered "Unblack" because a) they have a strong black metal influence, and b) lyrics based, if loosely, on Christianity. I picked them as the example because of all the Unblack metal I know of, they have the coolest name :animeswea

Metal news: Children of Bodom has revealed the title of their forthcoming album, which will be called "Are You Dead Yet?". IS ANYONE ELSE AS STOKED AS I AM? Probably not. Anyway, you can check out [URL=http://www.scythes-of-bodom.com]www.scythes-of-bodom.com[/URL] for more info on that.

Is anyone besides Rhym and myself a Kalmah fan? Those guys are amazing, and I was wondering if anyone's a fan. By the way, they got a new keyboard player to replace the one they lost.

Oh, and Otogi-san, you wanted some suggestions for good metal, so here's a few followed by my favorite album from that band and a suggested song from that album.

[B]3 Inches of Blood[/B] (Advance and Vanquish - Deadly Sinners)
[B]Arch Enemy[/B] (Wages of Sin - The Enemy Within)
[B]As I Lay Dying[/B] (Frail Words Collapse - Collision)
[B]At The Gates[/B] (Slaughter of the Soul - Slaughter of the Soul)
[B]Black Sabbath[/B] (Paranoid - War Pigs)
[B]Blind Guardian[/B] (A Night at the Opera - The Soulforged)
[B]Bloodbath[/B] (Nightmares Made Flesh - Outnumbering the Day)
[B]Children of Bodom[/B] (Follow the Reaper - Kissing the Shadows)
[B]Cradle of Filth[/B] (Midian - Saffron's Curse)
[B]Dark Tranquillity[/B] (Damage Done - Damage Done)
[B]Dead to Fall[/B] (Villainy and Virtue - Blood of the Moon)
[B]Dimention Zero[/B] (This is Hell - Immaculate)
[B]Dimmu Borgir[/B] (Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia - Kings of the Carnival Creation)
[B]Evergrey[/B] (Recreation Day - The Great Deciever)
[B]Fear Factory[/B] (Digimortal - No One)
[B]Finntroll[/B] (Jaktens Tid - Slaget vid Blodsälv)
[B]God Forbid[/B] (Gone Forever - Antihero)
[B]Hammerfall[/B] (Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken - Bloodbound)
[B]Heaven Shall Burn[/B] (Antigone - Voice of the Voiceless)
[B]Iced Earth[/B] (Something Wicked This Way Comes - My Own Savior)
[B]Imperanon[/B] (Stained - Shadowsouls)
[B]In Flames[/B] (Whoracle - Gyroscope)
[B]Insomnium[/B] (Since the Day it All Came Down - Bereavement)
[B]Into Eternity[/B] (Buried In Oblivion - Embraced by Desolation)
[B]Iron Maiden[/B] (Powerslave - Aces High) [a true classic!]
[B]Kalmah[/B] (Swampsong - Heroes to Us)
[B]Kamelot[/B] (The Black Halo - When the Lights Are Down)
[B]Lamb of God[/B] (Ashes of the Wake - Laid to Rest)
[B]Machine Head[/B] (Through the Ashes of Empires - Imperium)
[B]Nevermore[/B] (Dead Heart in a Dead World - The Heart Collector)
[B]Nightrage[/B] (Sweet Vengance - Hero)
[B]Nightwish[/B] (Once - Ghost Love Score)
[B]Old Man's Child[/B] (In Defiance of Existence - Black Seeds on Virgin Soil)
[B]Opeth[/B] (Blackwater Park - The Drapery Falls)
[B]Rhapsody[/B] (Dawn of Victory - Holy Thunderforce)
[B]Rotting Christ[/B] (Sactus Diavolis - Athanati Este)
[B]Shadows Fall[/B] (The War Within - Enlightened By the Cold)
[B]Sinergy[/B] (Suicide By My Side - Passage to the Fourth World)
[B]Sonata Arctica[/B] (Silence - Revontulet)
[B]Stratovarious[/B] (Elements pt. 1 - Stratofortress)
[B]Summer's End[/B] (Summer's End - Buried Near the Living Dead)
[B]Theatre of Tragedy[/B] (The Velvet Darkness They Fear - Bring Forth Ye Shadow)
[B]Tool[/B] (Lateralus - Lateralus)
[B]Trivium[/B] (Ascendancy - Like Light to the Flies)

Maybe try downloading some of those songs or something and see what you like. Give me some feedback if you do!

P.S. Box Hoy, Rob Zombie is not metal, and TaTu is DEFINATELY NOT INDUSTRIAL! NO. I'm not meaning to criticize you, I just want you to know that Rob Zombie isn't metal (I don't have anything against Zombie, it's just not metal), and TaTu is NOT industrial. They're more like poppy-trancy stuff. I don't know enough about that kind of music to tell you officially, but it's not industrial.
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I hadn't even heard of Parameaecium until I started taking Biology and the teacher commented that he used to listen to them. 'Twas pretty cool.

For the albums you listed, I won't be able to get/listen to most of them because of my lack of money, plus my parents don't want me listening to music that isn't Christian. Which sucks, because it really trims down on what I listen to. Thanks god for [u][url=http://harderfaster666.com/]Mike Hsu[/url][/u] and the internet.

I just found some of CoB's albums for download, including the Ubiquitos Absence Of Remission and Shining demos from when they were Inearthed. I'm loving it all, as you can see from my sig.

I also have Opeth - Morningrise, and I'll be burning three Finntroll albums as soon as I can find another couple CD-Rs.

Question: I heard that the current members of 3 Inches of Blood are Christians. Is this true? If it is (and there's some proof), it'd make it alot easier to convince my parents to let me buy their new album. Deadly Sinners is an awesome song.
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Eh, I haven't seen anyone put up a few bands so I might as well throw my two cents in:

Strapping young lad
Nothingface (A very good band that doesnt get much credit)
Poison the well
The red chord

And to be perfectly honest, tool has to have been the greatest musical influence in my life. I love tool.
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That's because Tool is amazing! And I did mentinon Unearth; it was my example band for Metalcore.

Otogi-san, as for 3 Inches of Blood, I don't know if their Christian or not, but let your parents know about the complete lack of swearing or suggestive themes in their lyrics. It's all about fantasy battles, pirates, giant robots, etc. In the meanwhile, here's some Christian bands you might like:


[B]As I Lay Dying[/B] - I love these guys - really high-energy death metal with a slight (VERY slight) metalcore influence. Plus they're a Christian band, so your parents have to let you buy their stuff.

[B]Living Sacrifice[/B] - Pretty brutal death metal with Christian lyrics. Way awesome. I love them. Trivia: Living Sacrifice's drummer is the drummer for Evanescence.

[B]Demon Hunter[/B] - Christian thrash influenced metal. They do a great mix of screamy vocals and "clean" (singing) vocals.

[B]Blindside[/B] - I don't know enough about these guys to tell you much about them. All I know is that they are a Christian band, and that their latest albums are more hardcore than their old stuff. They have one album that's some plain old good metal.

[B]Still Remains[/B] - Good, solid metal mixed with some slight hardcore influences, all with Christian lyrics. I like these guys a lot, but not many people agree with me. Check them out.

[B]The Agony Scene[/B] - I know nothing about this band. I do, however, know that they are a Christian band, and that I have a couple of friends who are very, very stoked on them.

[B]Virgin Black[/B] - Very dark, gothic orchestral metal with Christian lyrics. I like them a lot.

[B]Norma Jean[/B] - Another band I don't know a lot about. I think they're heavy hardcore stuff, and they are a Christian band.

Well I sure hope that helps you out. If you want me to, I can probably research this a little more. I'm a Christian too, so I'd be happy to help. Word.
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Lol thats true. Blindside isn't christian rock though. I listened to them and was like "No Way" then went to their website. They said they had said that so more people would buy their cds. I almost died laughing. Their lyrics are pretty softcore though. Anyways, heres some more:

The Union Underground
Type O negative
Cannibal corpse
The dillinger escape plan
Dry kill logic
Arch Enemy

Well I tried to get some that weren't already listed, again, and I probably failed that on a few but eh, I tried. All of those listed above are pretty cool.
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I'll have to show them the lyrics and see what they say. They banned me from playing D&D, which I hear the members play, so that could be a big factor in their decision.

As for those bands, I've heard of most of them, and they're pretty good. I own both Norma Jean CDs, but I was dissapointed with their latest. It seems too generic. Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child is amazing though, and I still listen to it a lot. I have Demon Hunter's new CD, but got bored with it after I found some harder stuff.

I think I'll go listen to/burn Jaktens Tid now. :D

Also, The Dillinger Escape Plan has some great stuff.
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[QUOTE=Lacuna Coil]Lol thats true. Blindside isn't christian rock though. I listened to them and was like "No Way" then went to their website. They said they had said that so more people would buy their cds. I almost died laughing. Their lyrics are pretty softcore though. Anyways, heres some more:

The Union Underground
Type O negative
Cannibal corpse
The dillinger escape plan
Dry kill logic
Arch Enemy

Well I tried to get some that weren't already listed, again, and I probably failed that on a few but eh, I tried. All of those listed above are pretty cool.[/QUOTE]

Arch Enemy, Cannibal Corpse, and Throwdown are total w00t-ness of awesome. I LOVE THROWDOWN SO MUCH! I love their lyrics lots. I don't call myself Straightedge anymore because it's become such a fucl
As for Blindside, I just thought they were Christian because at one point they were signed to a Christian label and actually were a Christian band. They must have sold out. Trust me - telling people you're a Christian band doesn't sell more records. It sells less. I have family members in the business, so I would know. They were probably just trying to cover up the fact that the money and girls got in the way of their message.

As for Arch Enemy... I only have a minute before I get yelled at to go to bed, so I'll just say that they're awesome, their older stuff was awesomer (and the original vocalist was better), and they're gonna be on Ozzfest!
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGrey]Opeth. Go and get Opeth. Right now. Get Blackwater Park. Listen. Learn. [i]Love.[/i]

I most definately agree, Lacuna Coil, Type O Negative kicks. They have an uncanny talent of making haunting melodies, like in Red Water (Christmas Mourning) or Wolf Moon (Including Zoanthropic Paranoia). And My Girlfriend's Girlfriend makes me laugh.

[QUOTE]Origionally Posted by [b]Otagi-san[/b]
[i]I'll have to show them the lyrics and see what they say. They banned me from playing D&D, which I hear the members play, so that could be a big factor in their decision.[/i][/QUOTE]

It would not surprise me at all if 3 Inches of Blood played D&D. Although, it seems to me like they play Warcraft 3 more than D&D. I would wager the band that plays the most D&D is Rhapsody.

I'm sorry your parents feel that way. I mean, I can kinda [i]understand[/i] why parents think it's a good idea to ban D&D (because, you know, imagination is bad), but dictating whether or not you can listen to a [i]band[/i] based on if the members play it? [i]That[/i] is not cool.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Yeah, it doesn't make much sense. Although, they [i]are[/i] conservative Christian... They have more sense than most who just go around bashing people without any idea of what they're talking about. But when it comes to this, they are very close-minded. Since [i]obviously[/i] D&D has to do with the occult.. and you can see what happens from there. Not only does most of it have nothing to do with the occult, but the DM I had didn't even take it seriously. We fought a giant pink bunny and had a boat that grew and shrank on the command, "cheese".

Anyway, this is getting a bit off topic, so...

Finntroll = :drool:

Some of the most fun songs I've heard in a while. Words cannot describe my love for Finntroll. I've run out of adjectives. :D
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[QUOTE=Rhym][FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGrey]
(because, you know, imagination is bad)[/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE]

LOL? Nice. You know what band I totally forgot to mention? Black Label Society. Its not christian rock and its not as.. scary(?) as some of the other metal bands out there. Well, your parents might not like 'Suicide Messiah' so I don't reccomend showing them the lyrics to that song, Otogi-san. Show them "In this river" its piano but it's mild lyric wise. I bet someone else already mention BLS. If so, my bad ;D

And as for purely non-christian bands.. listen to Sinai Beach, I just heard "Necassary Bloodshed" the other day by them and its sexy.
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