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Fun with families


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[color=darkviolet]I have to go out to dinner tomorrow night with my Grandma and my parents so I couldn't resist.

Do you have some very interesting family members that you'd like to share? I hope so because that's the point of this thread. Do you have parents that throw things at eachother or get drunk and don't admit it? Brothers who have random friends moving in with you? In-laws? Anyone who makes you either glad to be adopted or wish you were adopted?

Okay well allow me to begin. My father is a closet alcoholic. He drinks when he feels he's being neglected and is a big mama's boy.. He's gotten better since 2003 though.

My grandma (paternal) Is against everything not Catholic yetr loves Bush she wanted my dad to say he was a conciencious objector during the Vientnam war yet thinks this one is great. And when she prays in public it's outloud and a big spectacle as if to say 'Look at me, I'm Christian. I'm Praying!' I really dopn't like that.

My papa (mom's dad) is less crazy, but he thinks he's an expert on everything! My brother once told him to shut up doing one of his Little Legue games...Either that or it was my cousin.

My brother isn't allowed out of the county without permission. and he's a cleptomanianc and he's not allowed within 100 yards of a Dunn Tire.

The majority of my family thinks I'm wrong for not baptizing my daughter this includes an aunt of my husband.

My mother-in-law lies about everything, including whether she smokes or not and has had an invisible boyfriend.

So far I think I'm the only sane one in the bunch... my cat has told me this.

Well, that's it from me. Please don't make me think I'm by myself. Share your stories.[/color]
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[SIZE=1]My family is rather uninteresting. I have a weird uncle who makes fun of my like there's no tommorow when we play cards. He makes fun of me because he always destroys me utterly. Dang card sharks.

And my dead grandfather was very talented, but had a fatty-food addiction which led to his death. He could play the saxophone, electric guitar, was a pro at pool, and a chess master. And had gray eyes. *jealousy*[/SIZE]
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Hmmmmmmmm, my family ain't interesting sometimes. We have our moments, but not many.

My younger brother is such a mama's boy that it scares me. I'm closer to my mother than my dad, since he's been away for thirteen years and I only got to see him at holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. But now we moved to Texas so we could all be one big happy family. Hoo-ray...

I'm closer to my mom's side of the family than my dad's. My papa, my remaining grandpa, is the joking kind. So it's always fun to hang around with him. He lives with my aunt and her three cats in Florida since grandma passed away last summer. My dad's family is [B]huge[/B]. They all came from Wyoming. I decided not to waste time remembering them all since I felt like my head would explode just [I]meeting[/I] them!
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I've got some interesting family members myself.

My step-mom has the most unhealthy lifestyle that I have ever seen. She's a major alchoholic. And I don't just mean that she spends half of the day drunk. Within five minutes of waking up, she's already chugged down a bottle of hard liquer and is going on #2. She eats lightly about twice per week, just enough to keep her dieing from starvation. She also smokes. Her blood doesn't even flow normally anymore, her feet are purple and apparently they hurt 24/7! On top of all this, the alchohol has turned her two faced. She's got her suck-up side, where she compliments you and blows your accomplishments out of porportion so much that you wnat to punch her just to shut her up, and her extrememly bitchy side where she's... a real *****. Neither of those sides appeared much before she started drinking. After much arguing, my dad finally managed to convince her to see a doctor, and the doctor pretty much said that she could drop dead within the week with the state the her body was in. She's lightened up the drinking a bit, but she still has a huge problem, and nobody, no argument, can convince her to restore herself to a healthy or at least normal way of life. And she lives on a property where she's the only one that can't talk reason. Well, one person probably could, but the weak fool won't pipe up to save his step-daughter. Sorry Dwaine, you're a nice man and a fun guy to be around, but you're nothing short of weak to be so afraid of your step-daughter's reaction that you won't give her a lecture on the consequences and voice your own anger directly at her.

Then there's my uncle. The man is a great "philosopher". He can tell you what he thinks of life and how things are, and his advice is great and he's usually right. But right now, he's living with my dad and not paying any rent. He can tell people how to get things done, but he doesn't have the drive to get them done himself.

Then there's my mom. Again, she a great woman, but she's ignorant in so many ways. She's apathetic to politics for starters, and blows off clear infringments of the first ammendment... the very thing that makes us "the land of the free". She believes that a dictatorship in America is near impossible. She also allows people to rip her off in business deals.

That's for starters. I'll list some more later.
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[COLOR=#004A6F]My little brother Fadi has this problem with imitating what he sees on T.V, but it has to be somethin on video so it can be played over and over again. When he was 2 years old, it was E.T that he was obsessed with. The video would be played about 4 times a day and Fadi wold act out everything.

When he was three, he became obsessed with my Harry Potter video. Same scenario with E.T.

Once, my older sister was at the mall with Fadi and my mom. My mom went her way and my sister and Fadi the other. Later however, Fadi just kind of ran away from my sister she couldn't catch up with him, and they got separated. She kept her cool and went to the information desk to report that he was missing. She gave the security guards Fadi's description (mousebrown hair, brown eyes, grey shirt, and blue pants), and the went to look for him.

A few minutes later, one of the guards come back. "We found a boy who fits your description, but he says his name is Harry Potter", he tells her.

"THAT'S HIM!" my sister cries.

Lol, that was funny. Next Fadi came obsessed with my spiderman movie. But it didn't last too long. He tried to climb on walls sometimes. :laugh:

Next, he became obsessed with my Princess Mononoke movie. He really liked Ashitaka and how he used a bow and arrow. He kept bugging my mom for a bow and arrow, but was quite dissapointed that they were only plastic.

Now he's obsessed with Spiderman again. He's gotten a lot better at immitating movies now, he's six years old. I decided to get a video that has the spiderman cartoon on it rather than let him watch the movie. The movie is too violent.
He's bugging my mom for a Spiderman costume now.

I decided to use Fadi's love for spiderman to bring out more skills in him. I print him off plenty of coloring pictures, and his coloring has improved alot. He also draws and writes alot now.
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[quote name='ChibiHorsewoman][color=darkviolet']Do you have parents that throw things at eachother or get drunk and don't admit it? [/color][/quote]

[color=gray][size=1]OMG that's so much [i]fun with family[/i]! I'm laughing my behind off!

I really advice you to change the point of the thread. I don't know about you, but having an insane family or drinking parents isn't exactly funny stuff in my eyes and I even find it insulting. My parents had great trouble and you act like you should be rolling over the floor about it.

Having alcoholic parents or parents who throw with stuff or insane family members is the best thing that ever happened to me!! It really changed my life! Thank you Home Shopping![/color][/size]
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Let's see...

With my mom's side there's "The Aunties"
No, they are not her sisters but her aunts. They practically raised her so she always wants us to visit them.
The one that lives with us is the oldest sister of 'The Aunties.' She has the tendancy to talk to herself. I think her acting old is an act because one time she took so long to get out of the car but then the next second she went up those stairs like it was nothing.
Another one of my aunts is very nosy. She once lectured us (well mostly to my brother) at what she thinks about interacial relationships. What she said was she doesn't have a problem about it as long as they're at equal brain capacity as yourself. But the way she said it made us laugh so hard in the car when we left her house.

Now, my home family
My mom reminds me of Mrs Bucket from 'Keeping up Appearences.' She comes from a 'ghetto' family, but she likes to act kind of like she doesn't. She had a hard tie growing up so she buys lots of stuff that she wished she had growing up. I think she's trying to replace me with some giant doll she named "Alanna." :animestun

Meh my dad's not crazy except the fact he's paranoid when he see's the tv controller on the floor or on the couch. He even yells at you if you drop it on the ground.

My brother is obsessed with Video games. I think it's his lifeline. My sisters and I once was watching his facial expression as he played and we caught him as he droolled. :animeswea

One of my sisters is so blunt! Sometimes she doesn't think before she speaks.She once saw a girl on tv with a big neck and exclaimed "That girl has such a big neck!" followed by "hahaha Quasimodo"

My other sister now, she's just her own person. She once dropped 10 cents down my pants and she also stuck a pen up my nose and made it bleed. :animesigh

The sad thing is that I must be te craziest of them all! :catgirl:
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Where to begin. Gah.

First off we have my Step father. He's a little too social towards strangers. He's new to the state and has already made more friends than my mother, myself, and my brother. He hates my friends and just has too much initiative. And he's a nerd so it embarasses me when he's in public acting like he's shooting electricty out of his fingers.

Next we have my compulsive mother who I have to fight to no ends to do anything. If I say anything she suspects something.

My brother isn't very social. Nobody really gets him becuase he doesn't have very much control. It's either that or I'm a nervous older brother.

My grandpa is an athiest for some unknown reason. More than likely it has something to do with the death of my biological grandmother and my uncle ditching the family.

My uncle I've only met once, maybe twice, I'm not sure. I really don't understand him so I can't go into detail but he doesn't keep in contact with us and so I suffer the loss of not knowing my two cousins under him very well.

My other cousin is obsessivly compulsive and went through alot in high school. He's pretty cool but he likes being involved in heavy drama. When we were kids I stole his dress shoes from him and he stole them back and then i stole them from him again and we went on and on for no reason at all.

I have other insane family members. Too many to list.
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I have a very strange family... My father has served in three different military branches, one of which, he still is. First, the Marine Corp. Then he served for about six years in the Army. Now he is a recruiter for the Army National Guard... so, yeah, He and my family have been around. My little brother is a strange red-head with a passion for the Madden NFL Series. He has waxed many an a** in that game, and has never lost... to any one. Ever... And he's only 12. My mom is a southern, small town girl who, after marrying my dad, would travel all over America, and eventually to Europe... twice. And my baby brother is a video game prodigy who, while only six years old, has beaten Halo 2 on Easy mode. But he can't even pronounce the games actual title. He calls it freaking "Kay-Low"! Also, he loves "Dude Where's My Car" and "Shrek".

My grandparent's in Greece are small time rich-people, whom recently sold a Hotel for roughly three million dollars... (I havn't seen a penny....) My aunt was once on TV for MTV's "I Wanna Be A VJ" and worked for VH1. Also, she met Xzibit one day because she accidentally closed a door in his face at her work... One of my Uncle's is a Biker and owns a Custom Chopper Shop, and has met Jessie James.

There's more, but I don't feel like typing that much...[/color][/size]
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