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Heero looked out across the rather large shrine, the one his mother now took care of in this time, when she was not in sengoku jidaii.

Heero sighs, and smiles. Thick, black smoke that smelled of burnt something was rising from the kitchen windows.

"Mother burnt the cookies.....again."

While His mother, Kagome was usually a talented cook, she was trying to master the art of baking cookies. The smoke, he assumed, was not at all what his mother planned on.

However, his father, the normally feirce looking Inu-Yasha, was bathing in what was supposed to be the small pond where the keepers of the shrine, now his mother and her brother, kept small goldfish.

"Father, come on, you know that Mother doesn't like you taking a bath in that!"

"She wants me clean, right? Then she can deal with it." He snaps.

Heero sighs, and heads to the shed where the well was, to enter the feudal era. He smiles upon entering, spotting Miroku. He was, as usual, trying to get Sango to come to bed with him. Ever since they had married, he was always trying to get her to sleep with him, but usually, he failed.

"Miroku! Oi!"

"ah, Heero. What brings you here?"

"I was waiting to go to the other world... I know we've npot even explored it really, but i want to go. Several people are suposed to be coming."

Sango appears from behind Heero, and smiles. "My, you are like your father... so anxious and forceful. Just wait a little while longer."
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Orikal felt her way down the chains on her legs; she was suspended in the air. Ha, you idiots, don't you realize I have powerful wings? Orikal smirked as she thought. In a matter of seconds she would be free. She beat her wings slowly once, pushing air up to the ceiling with tremendous force. The shackles on the ceiling vibrated silently. She did it again, pushing as much air as possible. The bolts were coming loose. She tried it one more time, and a satisfying [I]clink[/I]! echoed quietly through the dungeon. Third time's the charm, she smiled mischievously and she gracefully landed on her feet. She looked down and saw that one of the shackles on her left ankle didn't come off. Oh well, she shrugged mentally, and magiced the door soundlessly open.
Orikal looked down both hallways, checking no guards were nearby. She floated smoothly down the corridors looking this way and that. No one was around, apparently the day had become night. It was always hard to tell in the dungeons.
She was close to the exit when something caught her eyes. A mysterious pendant and earrings. She took one earring and examined it, holding it close to her eyes. Pure gold studs and silver hang offs. She put one on each of her earlobes. She then grabbed the necklace, and placed it over her head. This was golden as well. She flew the rest of the way out of the jailhouse without getting caught.
I'm free! She screamed wildly in her head, she landed safely, twenty-two miles away from the pen. She started to walk carefully so she wouldn't catch too much unwanted attention when she felt the ground slip from under her feet.
"What the?" She cried out as she was stuck to the ground. She looked at it carefully. "Ha, you are going to have to try better than that." She laughed as her touched the spot lightly, allowing her to walk on.
She flew through the trees quietly a few miles after the 'trap'. She decided not to risk getting caught. When she started to near the next village of Gaia, she let her wings molt, changing the color from black to white. She focused her energies then on changing her hair and eyes. Red hair with gray eyes.
She walked into the village; no one noticed her. Many gave her waves of welcome, some just nodded. She sat on the bench in the park-like fixture in the village; sighing. She fiddled with the pendant and watched it glow amber.
"Whoa," she whispered as she stopped rubbing it. She took it off and put it in her hands. It showed a boy and his family and friends. "Ok, what's that supposed to mean?" She stared at the pendant for ten minutes before putting it securely around her neck. She stayed on the bench.
OOC: Long I know, but ya...I'm a writer like that ~.^
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"IT'S GONE!" the village elder wailed. Tears of anger streaked down her face. Her small settlement in the land of Gaia had held the honor of hosting the Fire Jewel for time immemorial, and now it was gone. She cast an accusatory glare at the so-called priestess who was supposed to be keeping and guarding the sacred gem.

"How could you?! How could you let something take it from us?!" she shouted at her. The gathering crowd began to forget that the young woman had given every ounce of power she held, given blood, was near to giving her life to protect the holy relic. They only remembered that the jewel was now gone, and she had failed.

"Who took it?" a huge man, the village bully, roared at her.

Kitra looked defeatedly at the ground and stared at the growing pool of blood gathering at her feet. "I don't remember." she whispered. "It's like the whole thing has been stolen from my mind. The last thing I remember is crushing herbs to make a medicine for the children, then a flash of light, and next that I recall is the elder shaking me." She looked at the shrine, her home. It was a ruin. It was plain, at least to her, that whatever had come had been powerful. Despite her best efforts, it was also plain that the Fire Jewel was not anywhere in the ruin.

"That is the worst alibi I have ever heard!" the bully shouted to crowd. "She most likely just handed it over to whoever has it, then cut herself to make us think she wasn't in league with them! That's what we get for relying on a make-do priestess!" The villagers began to murmur angrily, becomeing more agitated as the terrible situation spun horribly out of control.

"No! No, I would never do that." the priestess tried to defend herself. "The sacred elemental jewels are important to the whole of Gaia. How could I possibly ever consider giving it to anyone for personal gain?"

Unfortunately, the crowd-turned-mob, lead by the bully and the furious elder, were no longer even willing to listen to her. They wanted someone to blame for the tragedy, and she was the perfect scapegoat. Shouts of "Kill Her!" and "Stone Her!" rang out.

"Yes!" the bully encouraged them on. He despised the priestess, anyway. When she had first come to their village, he had been quite blatant that he desired her and all the power that came with her as his own. She had snubbed him, quite publically. When he had tried to force his will on her, she had driven him off with a sacred arrow. The whole town had seen the flash of spiritual light followed by the sight of him running away from the shrine. Everyone had figured out what he had been about, and his cronies had mocked him for his failure. He had never forgiven the arrogant Kitra for that. "She's not even a [I]real[/I] priestess! Just a place-holder till the real one comes! Who would miss such a failure! Kill her!"

His words were like pouring oil on a hot blaze. The mob of villagers surged forward and tried to pull her to pieces with their bare hands.

"No!" she cried out in agony. Silver feathered wings sprang from her back and she desperately fought free of her once-friends. The villagers had never seen her manifest her wings, and so were taken by surprise. They loosened their grips, startled, and she surged skyward.

"I swear." she called out to them. "I swear I will find whoever took the jewel and I will return it to the village. I swear on my dripping blood."

With that, she fled. She flew as far and as fast as she could till her body gave out from bloodloss and exhaustion. She had just enough energy left when she landed in a small forest glen that held a dry well to staunch the worst of her bleeding with make-shift bandages and a bit of recovered holy power. It was just enough to keep herself from bleeding to death and to start on her way to healing the physical damage. She then leaned against the well and blacked out.

All she had with her was her ever-present bow and quiver of arrows, and the bloody blue and white priestess garb she had fled in. It didn't matter. All that mattered was she get the Fire Jewel back and prove to everyone, especially herself, that she really was worthy to be a priestess.

OCC: Sorry it's so long. I guess I just had a lot to say. ;)
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Trace looked around, trying to find Shippo in the brush, "Hey, Shippo! Get over here, its about time to go!" He heard a noise behind him as Shippo appeared,"Hey, I'm here already." Trace nodded as the both of them walked up to Heero,"Hey squirt, whats goin on?" Trace asked Heero. He glanced at him,"Nothin too much. Are you two ready to go?" They both nodded as Shippo began to wonder off,"I swear, you can never get him to stay in one place. In any case, what exacally do we know about this new world? I hope its gonna be as cool as you saw your world is Heero." Heero sighed as Trace sat down and began to looks up at the sky,"That would be soo cool."
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Orikal decided to move on from where she was, into the forest. She didn't grow tired from sleep nor was she feeling weak at any rate. About mid-way to the glen of the remote forest when the smell of blood washed over her nose. She walked towards it.
An angel laid there, on the ground, injured quite badly. Apparently she had tried to heal her wounds, but had blacked out. Orikal just looked at her. She took one of her hands and placed it over one of the girl's hand. A white light shone inbetween the two as Orikal gave some of her energy to the girl.
Wounds closed, blood started to fill up inside of her. Orikal stepped back as the healing began to take effect. The hadn't woke up yet, and Orikal decided she'd watch her so nothing would happen.
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Sienna sighed as she opend her leathery wings and took off, behind the clouds, she flew, where people could not see her. She was making her way to a shrine nearby, where, hopefully, she would find something heroic to do.

She loved the feeling of flying, her soul rejoiced at the wind in her wings. She could have walked to the shrine, but it was much more enjoyable to fly. She spotted the shrine just below her and pulled in for a landing . . .
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OOC:this post will kinda introduce Kobe and his parents I wish to use his parentsin the rp too but not in such a major part
"Hey Heero" Kobe said running up to him "damn Inuyasha isn't here I wanted to show him how good I've gotten at shadow strike seeing as its based off wind scar" he said "Miroku,Sango Hey!" a voice said he walked up the hill he had short red hair and purple eyes wearing a green and yellow robe "Kyo hi!" Sango shouted the man was Kobe's dad Kyo he traveled with Inuyasha and the others for a short while he is a shaman he can summon elementals warriors from the spirit world right behind him was a girl with long black hair and dark green eyes her ears brown and furry on the top of her head she wore a black kimono with purple floral print "so this is your mom Kobe" Sango said they the two walked up up and joined Kobe "You look alot like your mom" Miroku said "let me introduce myself I'm Itshui" she bowed her head a large sword slid off her back "oops sorry" Itsui said "impressive sword who made it" Sango said "I made it myself I'm a *Pharle" Itsushi said "oh really well thats quite good craftmanship" Sango said Itshui picked up her sword and placed it back in its sheath "My moms the best pharle ever!" Kobe said "Kobe! how many times I have to tell you not to saythat you embaress me" Itshui said she thwaked him on the head with her fan "sorry mom" Kobe said Miroku and Sango laghed "so modest" Miroku said in between chuckles "indeed" Sango said
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After welcoming everyone, Heero collects evereyone, even the stragglers that are just now arriving. They relax, and start to have a party. But it would soon be cut short. Heero sniffed the air, his ears twitching. His eyes widen, and he shouts, "Everybody!!!! Scramble!"

Heero leaps into the air just in time to dodge a huge root that slams into the ground. "HI!" He shouts, coming down in the trees." CRIMSON REAVER!" There are traces of red light, and Heero come flying out of the trees. "That.... smell...." He groans....

"Just... like that demon...." A huge plant like object emerges from the well. It blossoms, and the flower is covered in razor sharp teeth.

"Damn! Everyone! I'll cut it down! All of us need to go! If there's one, several more have come out! We need to get going!

The others nod, knowing Heero instinctively knew this. Plus, there had already been several incidents like this already since the hidden well had been discovered.

Heero leaps into the air, glowing with the powers of a demon and the powers of sacred origin. " CRIMSON SOUL REAVER!" A bright slash of light come roaring from Heero, the two energies a devastating force. The monster is ripped apart.

"HURRY! Into the well!" Inuyasha comes roaring from the well to the present. "We'll join later!" Kagome is ridingf his back, an arrow ready to peirce the many demons that were going to attack.

The set of soon to be explorers and saviors jumps down the well, obeying.

A few minutes later, they all are assembled near the well, in Gaia. Inuyasha and Kagome depart, saying they'll look after the shrine and the Feudal era. Sango and Miroku follow.

"My baby..." Heero's mother hugs him tightly, and kisses his cheek. "AWWW!!! MOM!!!" Kagome laughs, and departs. Inuyasha jeers, saying he loved him and he was proud. Inuyasha left as well, and thus it was only the young ones.

Heero sniffs that air, catching the scent of blood.

No sooner, a woman stumbles into the clearing, her outfit bloody and torn, and blackened from dirt smudges. "Who.. are all of you??"

Heero sniffed again, she was a preistess..... but her robes were different than the one he was used to.

"I am Heero, and these are my freinds. You are?"


"You are injured....been fighting? Or running?"

Kitra begins to tell her story, and the others listen. When finished, Heero growls. "Sniveling humans! They accuse the one that's diferent.... ALWAYS!" Sienna has to hold him back, Heero is going on and on. "LET ME AT 'EM!!!!!"

"NO! the last thing we need to do is make enemies!"


"I said NO!" Seienna hits Heero with her fist, and Heero sprawls on the ground "OW!!!"

"I said no!"

"Fine...." Heero turns to Kitra. "We'll help you. So you can prove all you want to, as well as your innocence."

They others had watched this display of emotion, knowing all to well Heero knew what it was like to be ostrasized for being a half breed.

Okay, if you weren't in our group, then you come through the well.
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These strangers were going to help her? Kitra could hardly believe what she was hearing. Hadn't she told them about her mixed angel blood? Didn't she say that she was a failure? This was the first compassion anyone had shown her since she had left her master's care when he had given her the Fire Jewel. Before, the true angel healed her, now this. It was more than her shattered emotions could handle.

Without even thinking, she burst into tears and dropped into the silver-haired half-demon's arms. Startled, he grabbed her before she collapsed completely onto the ground. She gripped his kimono and sobbed uncontrollably onto his shoulder while trying to mumble her thanks for his outrage on her behalf and the willingness of the group to help. Akwardly, Heero let Kitra cry herself out while the others stood around, watching bemusedly.

Eventually she pulled away, looking quite embarrassed. She blushed a deep red and stepped away from Heero.

"I -- I apologise for that. I'm never like that. At least, I think I'm not." she stammered, feeling silly for the histerics. "Since I don't know which way whoever took the Fire Jewel went, the best idea I have is to go to the shrine of the Earth Jewel - since it's the closest - to see if all is well there. The priest at that shrine, who was my master till a few months ago, might be able to give us an idea of who or what took the jem and maybe even why. I'm not sure about all that, but at least it might be worth a try. What do you think?" she asked, hoping that no one would hold her tears aginst her.
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Orikal saw the girl get up and leave-going towards a well in a sort of trance. The girl didn't even notice her.
"Hmm, the miko has some 'head' problems?" She asked herself as she unfurlled her wings, looking around. Suddenly, about ten people emerge out of the well. The girl started to cry after one of the silver-headed demons spoke. She started to walk over to them, starting to hear what the girl was talking about. They were headed to the Earth Shrine in Gaia. Looking for a Fire Jewel. [I]Peculilar.[/I]
"Uh, hello." She had made it to the group. Some of the onlookers gawk at her wings for a minute, then at her, then back at the wings. "Yeah, they're real. Look, I know where you are headed, and I'd like to help. I wasn't anywhere near the Fire Shrine, but I could be of some use to you." She said this fast, but the good hearing caught every word.
"What are-" One had started to ask, the silver-haired demon beside a miko with black hair.
"An angel of Gaia." The girls were quite interested and the guys were more ready to be on their way.
"Well, Kitra, show us the way." The silver-headed demon that the girl she looked at for quite a period had cried on. Kitra nodded and walked in front of he group. Orikal trailed behind.
OOC: I hope that makes it less confusing.
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OOC: if anyone finds this confusing tell me I'll try to make it make sense

still sort of suprised by the appearance of the girl with wings Kobe tried to focus on something else so he didn't stare at her and be rude he toght of the sword his mother had given to him right before he had left he took it out along with his own sword he lost track of what he was doing he put the swords back almost right after he fell flat on his face the winged one giggled silghtly Kobe brushed himself off and walked up next to the winged one.
"you were trailing so I thoght I'd come back here and keep you company" Kobe said he smiled "so whats your name I'm Kobe" he said
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Orikal smirked at him. "Well, that was graceful. I'm Orikal, Kobe." She grabbed her whip that had taken on the surroundings color, and cracked it. Kobe jumped,
"What the-?" Someone from in front looked back to see Orikal laughing her head off.
"It's okay, I was just seeing if he was skitish...apparently he is." Kobe looked at her and laughed. Orikal walked on, placing her whip back at her side. Kobe walked beside her, and she looked around the place. She then felt a sharp tug on her right wing.
"Ouch!" She stared at it, then at Kobe. He had a feather in his hand. She smiled at him and raised an eyebrow at him.
"You got me first," he said waving the feather at her.
"I guess," She shrugged. Someone is actually playing her game...[I]well I'll win.[/I]
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"Hehehe,talk about excitement" Kobe said "Well nice to meet ya Orikal" Kobe said he ran around holding the feather in the air he felt a tug "yeow!" Orikal had stomped on his tail "ok,ok you win just let go" his tail was free he triped Orikal "ha sweet revenge" he said they both laghed "will you stop goffing around you slowpokes" Heero said both Kobe and Orikal ran up trying to catch up "I'm gonna beat you" Kobe mockd "no your not" Orikal said both of them laghing
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Orikal spread her wings and flapped them gently. IN a few seconds she was in the air.
"Hey! No fair!" Kobe shouted from the ground.
"Ha, I'm no fast runner." She kept flying, exceeding the group and saw a vilage in ruins. [I]Whoa, whoever did this did a damn good job.[/I]
"Hey, Kitra, I hope this village isn't what we were heading for."
"What? What do you mean?" Kitra looked at Orikal in the air.
"The village is in RUINS, Kitra."
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Trace stepped next to Heero,"Childish arent they? i can remember when you and Shippo were like that. Now you two seem just like your fathers. Just not as childish." He sighed as he walked to the entrance of the village,"Holly shit! What the hell did this?" He looked from Heero to the others,"Any bright ideas?"
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Kitra ran forward into the rubble of the village. She knew this place. It had been her home for four years as she studied under her master, the priest of the Earth Jewel and the one of the most respected men in the realm. The villagers just stared at the approaching group, stunned and dazed.

"Master Hiten? Where is Master Hiten?" Kitra asked the nearest of the gathered people. They just stared at her like she hadn't said a word, then went back to rummaging though the remains of their ruined houses. The destruction was complete. Not one building remained standing. When the group reached the shrine -- there was nothing left. Not one stone or tile remained.

Kitra whirled around and ran back to the villagers. "Please, tell me where Master Hiten is!" she begged, close to tears again.

"SHE ASKED YOU WHERE THE PRIEST IS!!" Heero roared in full voice. No matter how in shock a person was, they couldn't have missed the bellow. His bared claws might have added to the whole impression of not-someone-to-ignore.

Timidly, one of the elders approached the group. Kitra knew him, but no spark of recognition touched his face. He just shuffled over to Heero, then pointed toward the village square. Then he walked away, never meeting anyone's eyes.

They followed the direction of the elder's pointed finger, and in the center of the square was a pyre of bodies, just waiting for dusk to be lit. They were all the young men and women who were studying under the great priest. At the top of the pyre was Master Hiten himself.

"No one else was killed." a voice said from behind them. It was a girl, not more then ten years old. She was the one who had brought meals to the shrine every day since she was old enough to walk the path by herself. She had been hoping to start on the path to becoming a priestess in the next year or two, but now. . . at least she remembered Kitra. "A few broken bones when the houses collapsed, but everyone at the shrine and any priest or priestess in the village or in the woods was killed."

"Who -- who could have done this?" Kitra stammered, not taking her eyes off the body of her mentor and friend.

"No one knows." the girl replied. " I was on my way to the shrine with the afternoon meal when a large shadow fell on me. Then I remember a flash of bright light and then waking up to see all the mess and the dead bodies. One of the priestesses was right at my feet, but I don't remember her getting there." she shuddered, bobed a bow to the group and began walk away. Abruptly, she turned around and stared at at all of them, like she was measuring their strengths and weaknesses in her mind.
"The Earth Jewel is gone. I don't know who has it, and no one else does either. Good Luck." Then she wandered back to her dazed family and resumed the salvage effort.

"I'm sorry little one." Orikal said. "I assume you were going to seek guidence from this priest. Even [I]I[/I] can't bring someone back from the dead."

Kitra shook her head, bewildered. Master Hiten was the best of them all. How would she ever be able to return the missing gems to where they belonged. How were they even to discover who had taken them? She looked at each of her new companions, loss haunting her face, ending with Heero. She looked into his eyes and whispered, "I don't know what to do."
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Orikal stared at Kitra and hugged her. Even though she didn't know her personaly, Orikal seemed to have [I]some[/I] connection with this miko. Like as if Kitra was her sister, but wasn't around to play with.
"You've got help, you don't have to go it alone." The silver-haired demon Kitra was talking to had spoke.
"Thank you." Kitra looked emotional at the moment, but nothing happened. "I'm glad I have some people behind me." Everyone looked at her and nodded, smiling warmly at her.
"Kitra, I know the people at the Metal village." Kitra nodded at her. Most of the others gaped, only two didn't.
"The five jewels," explained a black haired monk, "are what each village have. One in each village, right?" Kitra and Orikal gawked at him and nodded. [I]How one can know so much about our world, yet have never traveled to it.[/I]
"Miroku?" The tajiya next to him whispered.
"Yes, Sango?" The black-hair man asked the one beside him.
"Doesn't this seem familiar?" She asked off-handedly.
"Whadd'ya mean 'familiar'?" The older silver-headed demon spoke.
"Kaguya, Inuyasha." The black-haired girl next to the silver-haired guy said.
"Sango you don't think?" Miroku asked.
"Yes, there is a possiblity, kazzana closed up, but-" The miko from another world cut off Sango.
"Yes, Sango, I know but, she couldn't get reincarnated, could she?"
"What is going on?" The younger dog demon shouted.
"Heero, it was a long time ago. Naraku had tricked us, even close the wind tunnel in Miroku's hand, just to draw out an evil celestial maiden by the name of Kaguya." Inuyasha, the older dog demon it appeared, spoke next.
"Kagome is reffering to the past all right. Don't talk aobut it." Miroku then leaned over to Kitra and Orikal and whispered,
"Inuyasha doesn't like talking about it because he had actually showed affection to Kagome. He nearly turned into a full-blooded demon and Kgome had to kiss him to bring him back to his senses."
"Shuddup, monk!" :animeangr Inuaysha's fist were clenched looking like he was about to hit the monk. Orikal exchanged a glance at Kitra who was giggling, so was Kagome and Sango.
"Well," Orikal began, "if she was a celestial maiden, evil or not, she [I]would[/I] be reincarnated. I should know, I was a celestial maiden of Callisto. I was told she reeked havoc on whatever she could get her hands on." A stunned silence fell over the group. "What? I'm not like that."
"No, it's not about you. Kaguya reincarnated, will be worse than you. You wouldn't know what it's like. Undoubtedly, she'll find the celestial robe." Kagome spoke, shaking her head. [I]Well hell. I guess I will be of some use then.[/I]
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"Kaguya my my dad told me about that" Kobe said "thats reminds me why did Kyo and Itshui join us" Miroku said "oh they decided to stay and protect the villags while we were all here" Kobe said he walked over to Kitra "let me get this starghit there is a village for each element well that means there 10 right or is there other elements besides the ones in shaman arts" Kobe said "wellthen this is interesing it seems this place and shaman arts are connected well this can be more fun than I thoght" He said he jumped bounded of Orikal head and caght himself on a tree "well what are we waiting for" Kobe said
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Orikal jumped after him, grabbed his ankle, and pulled him down.
"Hey, get down here, we're not going through the trees, we're going on foot." Kobe stared at her.
"You can fly-"
"I won't fly though, it favors me not becoming apart of the living dead." He gaped.
"Uh, what exactly at the Metal village people like?" Heero asked tentativly.
"They're nice in general, but they want to protect themselves. So, naturally, they attack all that come they're way, unless on foot-which is the way we're going unless you want to lose your head," Orikal paused to give a 'look' at Kobe. "This village usually takes after elves that you make have heard in story books-pointy ears, good with an arrow, distant eyesight-but you'd be hard put to find one that wouldn't kill you if you mentioned they're uncanny likenesses."
"Are you the only one to see them?" Miroku asked, when shakingly Kitra answered. Orikal raised an eyebrow at her.
"It was an accident, I was walking, how was I supposed to know?" Kitra looked really pressured, and they had started to walk in the direction of the next village-it would take a week to get there on foot because of the rough terrain.
"All right, don't answer it," Heero jumped in for her, she smiled warmly at him. [I]Her [B]Heero[/B].[/I] Orikal started to laugh. [I]I crack myself up sometimes, see I've gotten the old charm back[/I]
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"Damn I hate walking but I will anyway no human could catch me up in a tree I've been tree-travelin since I could walk" Kobe said He got up "I guess if I have to" he said he jumped to his feet "are all the cities like metal city because I dont wanna have to walk all this way"
"no, they're not but just be careful" Orikal said
"I best be able to climb somethin when we get there thats how climbing helps me release some of my energy but now :animesigh this'll be rough atleast I got someone to have fun with right Orikal" He said smileing
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Kitra wasn't happy. She knew that the next logical step was to travel to the city of the Metal Jewel. It wasn't one of the five Sacred Gems: Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Love, but it was still a holy item. Orikal was right. It [I]was[/I] the closest item of power. She just wasn't keen on trying to enter the city. It was well known throughout Gaia the inhabitant's views on those of mixed blood. She also knew that she wouldn't be the only one in the group who wouldn't be welcome. Humans, Demons, Angels, good or evil . . . all could enter freely. But those who weren't [I]pure [/I] were not on the approved list. And the priestess of the Metal Jewel was the worst. It was her magic and her prejudices that kept half-bloods out more than anything else.

When her master had journeyed there a few years ago, a number of students, encluding herself, accompanied him. When she had attempted to cross the boundry of the front gates, however, a magic barrier had flung her back a good fifty feet. The jolt she recieved from it wasn't something she cared to repeat, either. Master Hiten had tried to get the priestess to let Kitra pass, and when she had refused, the whole group had left without ever seeing the Jewel they had journeyed so far to study. A few of the students had been bitter toward Kitra, but mostly they were saddened that someone so powerful could be so filled with misplaced hatred.

Kitra knew she should mention the city's polocies to those who had only a little knowledge of her world, but she just couldn't bring herself to admit to them all another failure on her part. . . even if it was just failing to enter a town. She just hoped that Orikal would say something before Heero tried his luck at the gates.

The going was rough, and the traveling days were long. The slopes up to the city were rocky and slick with tumbling gravel. It took concentration to keep from slipping on the loose and rather sharp stones, but it was possible. It wasn't all hardship, either. It was fun to watch Kobe's antics around Orikal, as well as watching Miroku getting slapped for being a bit too forward with the angel. Frankly, Kira was suprised she let him keep his head. Maybe she was just being generous this once to the priest who obviously didn't know how dangerous that could be. Miroku had kept any romantic advances toward Kitra to himself. The priestess wasn't sure why, but she was grateful.

After a day or so, she seemed to snap out of her shock and began asking her new companions about themselves. They seemed so diverse in speech and dress.

"So, Heero, your mother is from the present of [I]Japan[/I]," Kitra tripped a bit on the strange word, "and your father was originally from the past of the same place. Now the three of you go back and forth between times. That would be confusing to me, I'm afraid. Miroku and Miss Sango are from the past era, and everyone else either comes from the present or past, too."

"That sums it up." he replied. Everyone else nodded in agreement. Even Orikal seemed confused by the nature of the people they traveled with, and Kita knew the angel had experienced more in this lifetime than she ever had.

"So if your mother is from the present and your father is from the past, how was it possible for them to meet?"

"That is a [I]long[/I] story." Heero and the others started to tell their Gaian friends the tails of the Jewel Shards and Naraku. They didn't get too far into the stories before Kitra, distracted by the vivid images their words conjured, slipped on the loose stone and began tumbling down the steep, rocky slope. Agile Kobe leaped to her rescue and caught her before she had slid far. She had banged her head a bit and had bruised herself in places, but nothing like the trouble she would have been in if Orikal hadn't healed her.

"I'm sorry." She apologised to the group as she got back to her feet. "I guess I'm not much of mountain climber." Unfortuantely, battle, flight, blood, gashes, being torn into bandages and a tumble on sharp rocks was just too much for her once white kimono. As Kitra stood, it fell to pieces. . . held up only by the tie at her waist on her blue hakama pants. She whirled and sat back down with her back to the group, blushing furiously.
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Kobe had seen Kitra trip he felt bad he had sat next to her he closed his eyes so to be decent unlike Miroku he showed morals when it came to women he did not like miroku but he kept is mouth shut unless it was snickering when Orikal slapped Miroku "I see you when you watch me play with Orikal you smile you remind me of my mother back home kind and gental a little clumsy and modest" Kobe said
"you love your mother dont you" Kitra said
"yeah she is discrimnated because she is a demon as am I for being half demon yet she seems not to care all she does is make weapons and sells them thats why I rarely see her but seeing you reminds me of her" Kobe said he took off his ves and handed it to Kitra she put it on.
"thank you" she said Kobe stood up
" If you were wondering why I play with Orikal just think it as Inuyasha and Kagome of sorts but thats just keep that our little seceret
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Orikal watched.
"Want me to heal you again?" She asked Kitra nicely.
"If you could conjuer up some clothes that-" Kitra stopped mid-sentence when Orikal started to glow. Kobe stepped back from Kitra and Orikal watched with a grin on her face at what everyone was looking at. [I]Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention? I'm an angel that can transform.[/I] Golden eyes, white wings, and pale skinned Orikal stepped out of her transformation-holding some beads, and
"Clothes!" Shouted Kitra happily.
"Hold on, Kitra, let me hand them to you. My body's a little unstable after I transform." Holding out her hands, Orikal dropped the light silver material into her outstretched hands. Kitra ran off to put on the clothes.
"Everyone, come get a necklace-YOU HAVE TO WEAR THESE OR YOU WON'T GET INTO THE VILLAGE." By the time Kitra came back one necklace was left.
"Oh, Orikal thanks for the outfit, it's beautiful." Kitra was glittering from head to toe in the Angelic Orikal gave her.
"It's an Angelic, you know that rare material that many try to sell for 6,000 ezios?" Kitra nodded, everyone else were puzzled.
"Never you mind what it is, to keep it simple it a dress." Kitra responded. [I]Yeah, it's a dress. With special ablities.[/I] Orikal watched Kitra.
"Orikal," Kitra whispered in an undertone.
"Keep your voice low, I don't want to offend the others." It was barely audible.
"The Metal's village won't let in anyone unless they're [I]pure[/I]," Orikal could tell Kitra was trying to sound off hand.
"It's alright, fixed the problem."
"You did? How?"
"Let's just say their preistess will lose her 'touch' at telling if something's pure if that something that isn't pure is wearing a pure object. She'll have to let them in." Kitra looked like she wanted to hug her. Orikal was glad that she held back.
"Thanks." Orikal looked back at Kobe, "I'm going to have some fun now. Lord knows someone like him hasn't been around in centuries." Orikal walked up beside Kobe, to whom was still in shock from the whole 'transforming' thing.
"You get used to it, you know?" He jumped. Orikal laughed. "Don't worry I'm not dangerous now, see," Orikal batted on of his ears gently with a finger. "See? Harmless." He flashed her again, and they started to have a 'Poke War'. Everyone else grumbling how one 200 year old angel could be so childish.
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Still a little surprised about the fact Orikal was able to transform Kobe felt her bat his ear it felt good "you can transform and its not the kind of tranforming that is done back home it is actual transforming" Kobe said "well your not the only one who knows a few cool tricks" Kobe said
"oh lets see it then" Orikal said
"well its not as cool as transforming but I have amazing balance" Kobe said he proped his sword in the ground he started runnig for a nearby tree he bounded off the tree into the sky he landed on the handel of his blade and started fliping about Orikal clapped He did a final leap and landed on Orikals head "Ta-Da!" He lept back on the ground
"Can you belive it kagome there acting like children Kobe I can understand but Orikal is older than most and she acts like a child" Inuyasha said grunting "I think its cute if you ask me I think they are in love" Kagome said smiling "Oh no once she gets her mind on romance crap she not gonna shut up" Inuyasha said "INUYASHA :animeangr SIT!" inuyashafell down Kobe and Orikal looked over and started laghing furiosioly Kobe looked over his shoulder
"What the -" He said he grabbed his sword "I think we have company"
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ooc: wow. everyone likes this.....

Heero's head was just short of spinning from all that had just happened. The scent of blood and rotting corpses was almost overpowering, even aftyer they've walked a distance from the village. And the angel and Kobe's imaturity wasn't helping.

He looks into the sky, feeling homesick. A heavy cloud covering forms, threatening rain. "Hmmm...... so ominous...."

Something causes Heero's ears to perk up, and they swivel, tring to pinpoint a sound. "Something's..... coming?"

Heero's sensitive ears hear it moving, whatever it was. Suddenly, he hears a scream, and he rushs off through the trees.

"Heero! Wait for us!"

Heero ignores them, and he halts at the edge of a cliff. "What..."

Brfore him, a city looms, it's anchent spires and glass poking from the ground. remanents of an inn could be seen dangleing from the tips.

Apparently, a city was buried here, and now it has risen from its tomb, the cliff that heero stood on was new, the ground had collapsed.

Heero's freinds catch up, and Heero smiles. "I think we have something in our way...."

Orikal sighs. "Great..... You're right Heero. I thought this place had long since been destroyed."

"Why? What's so bad about it?"

"This place lays on cursed ground. There was a bloody occurence, even I'm not sure what happened. All i know is that every one was murdered, and not just the people. All the animals were slaughtered, too."

"Why is it cursed?"

Kitra steps in now. "Because... they're not really dead....Merely flesh eat9ing monsters. An unholy presence lingers here... the bodies, they stopped decaying after awhile, right?"

Orikal nods. "Yes... it's rather disturbing. Several angels had buried the city usung the power of the Earth Stone.... But we thought that this was just gone."

"Apparently, not even angels are perfect." Heero snorts. "Come on, let's get through this..."
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