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RPG The Tale of Sinners [M-VLS]


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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy][b][I]Sinner- One that sins or does wrong; a transgressor?[/b][/I]

The Demon Emperor held his blade above his head, crying in triumph. The Angel King lay underneath his foot, defeated. The Demon lowered his face before the Angel and smiled mockingly, flashing his teeth. He spit onto his face and laughed, then addressed his merciless army. They had been a walking holocaust. They left no angel alive, and they now ruled. His minions had earned him victory.

[B]?Today is our day, my fellow beings. For years we have lived in their shadows, being oppressed, confined in their barriers. But no longer! They allowed us no leisure, kept us concealed for fear of our power. But no longer! They had all right to fear us, for we are much stronger then them, and we?ve now taken our revenge! With the slaughtering of the Angel King Joriel, the entire angel race will be vanquished.?[/B]

A cry of mingled rage and cheer came from the demon masses. The demons called out his name, and he drank it in, feeding his pride. Luzien! Luzien! Luzien! He raised his arms and silence fell over them. He opened his mouth and roared in pride, then addressed the slaughterers again.

[B]?But we cannot forget the ones we owe our victory to. Let us not forget the Apostles!? [/B] A loud cry of gratitude erupted from the crowd, [B]? For without their powers, we would still be caged like animals, watching as they enjoyed the finer life. Bring the Apostles forth, for our victory we owe to them---? ?Never!? [/B]

Luzien tilted his head to the side and found the Apostles standing there. The delight in his eyes was soon replaced with shock and horror. The leader of the Apostles, Kaion, was holding a dead demon in his arms. The demon was Luzien?s son. The demon took a step forward off of the King of Angels to grab his son, when Kaion threw the corpse to the side. Kaion snarled and yelled at the demon king.

[B]?Do not attribute your victory to us! We did not help you free will! We were forced to use our powers to help your ?cause?! This was murder!?[/B] Luzien smirked, then laughed.

[B]?You are one to call me a murderer, Apostle. Were you not the one who killed my--?[/B] Kaion drove his blade into Luzien?s stomach, twisting it in. Luzien gasped in pain.

[B]?I killed for a cause. And I am no Apostle?I?m a Sin--?[/B] A powerful force knocked both Kaion and Luzien back. Kaion looked over and saw that the Angel King was standing, and there were other angels around him. He smiled weakly.

[B]?You?re what? A Sinner? You?re a race of sinners. And sinners must be banished!?[/B] The angels performed seals, and they were engulfed in a white light.

[B][I]5 Years Later?.[/I][/B]
Luzien sat on his throne, sipping wine. A messenger ran through the doors, frantically.

[B]?My liege! My liege! The Sinners, they are--? ?Yes, I know.?[/B] The messenger stopped cold. Luzien raised his face and smiled, his satanic eyes dancing with flames.

[B]?They are finally here. We have waited five long years for their arrival. Let us greet our comrades?"[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]The Great Demon-Angel War. A war between the forces of light and dark. Demons, a race of monsters that slaughtered mindlessly, were long ago sealed by the Angels. The Angels kept them at bay for many years after a fierce battle where the Demon Emperor?s wife was killed. Pushed off onto an island, the Angels set a holy barrier that would seal the Demons due to the darkness in their souls. It worked for years, until they came about.

The Apostles. They were Demons that brimmed with holy energy. They were trained all of their life to disperse the barrier. They finally grew powerful enough and broke the barrier, allowing the Demons to extract their hatred. At the last moment the Angel King initiated a powerful spell, hoping to jettison the Demons to the far reaches of space. He did not succeed however. He sent them to the world of Sparta, a world of Mages and Knight, Technology and Dragons. The Demons lost their former forms and lost some abilities, but gained new ones as well. The Angels, too, were sent, with new abilities and forms. But the Sinners were no where to be found. However, that?s changed?[/size][/color]


[COLOR=DimGray]Kaion was edged forward. He scowled backwards, scowled at the faces of his demon brethren that were forcing him to do this. He turned to his fellow "Apostles", looking from Chrial, to Azuroth, to Zelle, to Mayvelle. Tears stained her eyes, and his too, though he didn't realize it. The Demon Emperor walked towards Kaion, edging him forward. Kaion had no choice but to oblige.

Kaion walked forwards, approaching the barrier. He nodded to the other Apostles, and they rose their arms up. Kaion opened his mouth, and began singing. The others joined him, and a beautiful song sprang forth. A white aura surronded the Apostles, and drifted into the barrier. It cracked, and all went silent. The crack spread, covered the barrier. One last tear fell from Kaion's eyes as he brought the barrier toppling with one last note.

It was massacre. The demons tore the angels limb from limb. Kaion stood back and watched, until finally he couldn't control himself. He attacked his own race, and put them to shame. They Apostles encountered an angel he joined in their battle, Sion. The fought gallantly, even killing the Demon Emperor's son himself. As Kaion held the Demon Prince's head in his hand, he turned to face his comrades.

[B]"From this moment forth, we are not demons. We are not 'Apostles' either! We are Sinners! After what we have done, we will never be accepted again. So, let us fight valiantly, to the end!"[/B]

Everything happened so quickly. The Emperor King's speech. Their rebellion. The spell that the Angels initiated. And the white light. The light that seemed to engulf all, not merely because it was infinite, but because it seemed to be all. Kaion closed his eyes, and fell into it's wamth.

5 years later....


Kaion rose up, clutching his head. He was in a desert. He looked around, and it seemed to strecth on endlessly. He sniffed the air. It smelt different fom that of his planet. It was then that he noticed his body. It resembled a mortals.

He gazed over himself. Spikey hair. Long, muscular arms and legs. He felt his head and smiled. His horns were still there. He was fully dressed, obvioulsy in native clothes, and he had a pair of shades on his heads. He took another once over of the place and scratched his head. Though he no longer spook the same tounge, this one was not so foreign to him.

[B]"Where the fuck am I?"[/B][/COLOR]

And thus begins the Tale of Sinners! Those who are a part of this are:
[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Aura_Star- Zelle
Me And You- Mayvelle
MajinVegeta- Feuer
Fallen- Sion
mononoke_man- Kalon
Ouroboros- Chrial[/B][/COLOR]

Everbody's first post should be basically the same. Your view of the battle, and where you arrive. You'll wake up either in the North (mountains), South (desert), West (forest), or East (bay). After that, for a couple of posts...is your first encounter with a demon! Fight with all of your strength, and untap your newfound abilities. Well, have at it, and may you be forgived of your sins...[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Demonic blood stained his hands. His swords were covered in thick, ebony blood, which dripped to the ground. Demons fell to every side of him, limbs severed and lives taken from them. Fury filled the angel as he sliced demons apart, taking his place with the Apostles. They were honourable fighters, more honourable than their race let on, and Sion was happy to fight alongside them. The feathers of his wings had become off-white, stained by his alliance with demons, and his face was splattered with the same demonic blood that stained his swords and hands.

The sound of a weapon being drawn echoed in Sion's ears, and he turned, only to see the Demon Prince ram his sword through Sion's body. He gasped, and saw Kaion take off the head of the Demon Prince, but then everything went black. He still heard everything that happened, and felt a strange sensation run through his body. He knew automatically what had happened. The Angels had cast their spell, trapping the demons on this island, leaving the Apostles to roam the Earth. Which meant that Sion would share their fate, if he survived.

Then, everything faded...
5 years later...[/B]

Sion felt the cold of ice on his face and body as he awoke from what seemed to be an endless comatose state. His sight came back eventually, and all he saw was white.

"Is this the Afterlife?" he croaked to himself, his voice having not been used for years. He got to his feet slowly, and shook his head, rubbing his eyes. He worked out where he was. He was on a mountain. His wings had retracted into his body, a defence mechanism in case anyone saw him, and he felt the cold of the mountain soak into his body. The cool, crisp air coursed through his body, much better than the air he had been breathing before he blacked out. The stench of demons.

It all came flooding back to him. The demons, the blood that stained his hands, the pain as the sword of the Demon Prince penetrated his skin, and the sight of Kaion decapitating the Prince, saving what remained of his life.

He looked around, and found his surroundings unfamiliar. He had never known mountains like this, so he wrapped his arms around himself in an attempt to keep warm, and began the long walk down the mountain...[/SIZE]
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The flames surrounded him in every direction. It didn’t seem possible but the flames were everywhere. They were above him, below, he even breathed the flames as if they were the oxygen feeding him life. He fought relentlessly, but of course got nowhere, there was no end to the flame. He fought his way from one set into another. It brings a whole new meaning to the saying ‘out of the pan and into the fire.’

With a furious grunt and a violent thrashing, Feuer shock himself from his nightmare. The same one that haunted his mind most nights when he settled for sleep. His makeshift bed, made from sticks and leaves, was soaked through yet the morning dew had not yet hit. Feuer used the back of his hand to wipe his sweaty brow and then he got up, deciding that sleep would not come this night.

Feuer left the darkness and pain of the forest behind him as he headed in a Northeast direction towards the mountains, where he hoped he would find more peace than in this dark place. However, Feuer knew that he would almost certainly have to head through a town or main city so he could restock his supplies. This meant interacting with the masses. Feuer inwardly cringed at the idea but continued his fast paced walk towards the town he had spotted from the forest earlier that evening. Strangely he had not encountered any demonic presence in the forest, except maybe when he slept.

The “Demons” as they had been called when they first appeared what must have been around 4-5 years earlier had become a threat to almost everything that lived, and Feuer had encountered many on his travels. Needless to say, Feuer always got the upper hand as these Demons were always so arrogant of their own abilities and always underestimated Feuer’s abilities. The sword strung on his back, ‘The Flames of Hell’, always aided him in cutting the Demons down from their high horses.

The path he was following smoothened as he continued and it widen to become a road to, Feuer guessed, the town he was heading towards. After the fierce humidity and heat of the dense forest, Feuer was looking forward to the fresh and cool air of the mountain ranges in the North. With any luck he wouldn’t encounter any Demonic forces in that direction either, but then again, luck never did favour Feuer.
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Azuroth rip apart the demons around him, making sure none were able to get to his leader. He swung his axe clearing away everybody in front of him. He heard a shout and evreything around him stopped. He killed all the demons around him as the light surrounded his body and began to constrict him. He thought to himself. "The Prince is dead and the Angels fired their spell" He blacked out.

5 years later.

Azuroth slowly opened his eyes but closed them due to the light. After his eyes adjusted he sat up and looked around. He looked at his hand. "I'm in a mortal's body" He sat up and took in the sights. He was in the middle of a bay with the waves crashing on the shore. "Unknown place, unknown time" He looked at the ocean as the waves began lapping at his feet. He turned back around and was about to take a step forward when a huge wave crashed over him. "Damn" He wiped the hair from his face before he set off down the road.
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The sweet smell of angel blood was soon sufacated by the stench of demons. Zelle stood beside the body of an angel who's wings were a depressing grey as the holy light faded. THe blood drained to the ground, seeping into the rotten Earth of Hell. Blood covered her white pants and the bottom of her floor lenght silted skirt. Tears rolled painfully from her eyes as she dropped down beside the limp body and she muttered, "Hamous..."
"A lost lover, oh how sad, boo-ho." THe Demon general laughed wickedly and Zelle turned to face him.
"How could you! You promised you wouldn't harm him if I cooparated."
"My girl, didn't anyone ever tell you, 'Don't make a deal with a demon'?"
"Bah! You, you bastard! I despice you!"
Metal, warmed from the blood of angels cut across her face. THe blood and tears mixed causing the salt in the tears to burn the wide cut. The demon leaned next to her face and spat in it speaking, "Your right I am a bastard. That's why I enjoy opening closed wounds."
Zelle looked at him with a lust for blood, his blood, in her eyes.
"Yes I know about that old scar, hidden by the magic of your little friend. Unfortanly it will never heal fully now, no matter how powerful the magic is. Now you will always remember this day!", He laughed evily and whispered in her ear, "And don't look at me like that either girl."
With that final statement said, he brought his foot up and threw it into her face, knocking her onto the ground next to her lover. He left leaving her for dead and laughed as he walked away. As he walked towards the other demons a pure white flower sprouted from the ground that was drenched in angel's blood and brushed against her cheek as if giving one final kiss goodbye as he moved on to the next world. In one last effort, Zelle grabbed the flower tightly so that the petals fell into her hand. She tucked them saftly in her bosom and fell into a world of unconionesses, waiting for an awakening.

~ 5 Years Later ~
Cool grass brushed againsted Zelle's face as a slow and steady breeze blew across the area in which she was laying. Her eyes fluttered as her vison begane to adjust. She pushed up on her arms and plopped onto her butt. Zelle looked at her suroundings and saw a large amount of trees and nature. A frown grew across her face as she saw her enclosed space. She hated tight areas and much rather had been somewhere more open. A few twigs snapped in the distance and she stood. Noticing the tightness of her clothing. Zelle's eyes reached her outfit and she saw that she was dressed in a pair of tight jeans that looked worn and had holes in the knees. She also wore a white tube top covered by a jean jacket. She smiled as she felt her necklace and her earings. Walking over towards a spring she looked at her appearence and saw that she looked mortal expect for her horns. More twigs snapped and as she turned the water rippled behind her. Her hand reached for the Chasms at her side.
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[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Pushing and shoving from the demons was driving Mayvelle mad. She couldn't take it so she cast a spell. The demons that were surrounding her were dead. They were laying around her and she smiled. For a moment, she was happy and then she frowned. The angels came and she tried to fight back but she couldn't. The angels casted their spell and a white light engulfed her and she blacked out.

[B]5 years later...[/B]

Mayvelle woke up and she felt terrible.

"Oh my..." she stretched and stood up.

She noticed her voice wasn't recognizable anymore. She looked down and around her. She was completely different. She had short and brighter hair and she was in a pair of beige cargo pants and a blue shirt with sneakers.

[I]How odd clothing...[/I]

Mayvelle looked around her and there were green and brown and funny looking creatures around her. Tall trees surrounded her; she didn't know where she was.

"What an odd place to be." She said looking up and around her.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1]Kaion walked onwards, confused beyond belief. This world was odd, though he knew that he was in a desert. Nothing made sense to him, and he began to fear that he would walk around without an idea of where he was going and would die. he quickly shook the idea from his mind and continued forth.

He continued walking for quite a while, when a city came into view. He smiled an quickened his pace, only to be knocked over. He spun around quickly and jumped to his feet. Before him stood someone he had never seen before. But he new what it was. It's [I][B]stench[/B][/I] gave it away. He was demon. Kaion growled.

[B]"What the hell do you want?" [/B]

The demon smiled and licked his teeth, then was engulfed in a bright light. Kaion sighed. [I]Not again...[/I] When the light cleared, however, he was still in the same place. But the demon was standing on a creature's shoulder. A very large fire creature. The Demon laughed mockingly.

[B]"Welcome to the world of Sparta! New land under the rule of Demons! Of course...You won't enjoy our rule. I've been sent to kill you. And it should be relatively easy."[/B]

Kaion laughed loudly, a laugh filled with cockiness. He summoned his blade absentmindedly. [i]The Sinner's Blade...[/i]

[B]"Prepare to feel my might, demon. My blade and power will cut you down!"[/B]

Kaion began summoning his power. Suddenly, his body racked with pain, and he collapsed. [i]What the...?[/i] The demon laughed.

[B]"You haven't yet trained your body to use that inner ability. Your as good as dead!"[/B]

The creature he was perched upon brought up his gigantic fist and attempted to squash Kaion. His wings emerged and he barely dodged the strike. The demon muttered under his breath.

[B]"No more than a hour in this world, and he can summon his wings? Ah well. 'Tis all he can do."[/B] The demon raised his voice. [B]"Like the strength of the creature? He does my bidding. I have the ability to summon in this world. You probably would have had some ability as well. But, alas, you shalt never know. For your life ends now!!"[/B]

The creature tilted his head back, and unleashed a burst of flames. Kaion swung his blade in a circle quickly, deflecting the flames. He did so for a minute, then fell onto one knee. The demon laughed again.

[B]"Losing strength, eh? Why not just surrender? It would be so much easier on you..."[/B]

Kaion wasn't listening, though. He was attempting o unleash his new abilities. He could feel them, but couldn't bring them out. A plume of flame struck his face, and it suddenly became clear to him. He stopped spinning is blade and was engulfed by flames. The demon's mocking laugh came through again.

[B]"So easy! I've slaughtered the almighty leader of the sinner! What a jok---?"[/B]

The flames cleared and there stood Kaion, a fireball in his hand. He threw it at the demon, smiling. A fierce red aura appeared around Kaion. He flashed his teeth.

[B]"Ready to back the bullshit you keep talking? Well if you're not, to bad!"[/B]

A lightning bolt cam down from the sky and struck the creature. It disappeared, and the demon fell onto the ground.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1][B]OOC: I forgot to mention, after finishing your fight with demon, travel in the opposite direction of where you are ( ie: South go North, West go East, etc.) As you keep traveling you'll reach the city of Kirae. This is where all the characters will meet.[/B][/SIZE]
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[size=1]As Sion trudged down the mountain steadily, he only just looked down at himself. He looked completely different to what he had done before. His clean, white robes and shining steel armour were gone, replaced by a stylish black suit, and his hands were pale, the nails thick, black and sharp, although not all that long, and as he felt his face, he felt a small beard and scraggy hair. Strange.

Suddenly, the cool, clean air of the mountain changed to foul-smelling, sulphur-like air, thick with smoke. He turned, and saw a demon hit the ground, the ice and snow around him melting away, turning into slush, then into water, which flowed away.

The demon was cloaked in flame, his hands burning with power, and his eyes blazing with fire and fury. His teeth seemed to spark as they ground against each other, and his claws slid out of their sheaths.

"A demon? But how?" Sion asked himself. But there was no time for answers. The demon leapt at him, teeth and claws flashing. There was barely time for Sion to draw one of his swords and smash it into the demon's mouth, blocking the teeth. Both fighters pushed at each other, Sion trying to push the demon backwards, and the demon trying to do the same to him.

Sion brought his foot up, smashing his knee into the demon's lower jaw, making it's head snap backwards. It growled in pain, and released it's grip on Sion's weapon. The angel drew his second sword, and as the demon ran at him a second time, he ducked the swipes it made at him, and sliced through the tendons in its legs. It fell to the floor, howling, and Sion walked calmly up to the demon, placing one sword either side of its neck, and slamming the weapons together, removing the demon's head completely in a scissor motion.

Blood splattered up onto Sion's face, and he knew that he had just ruined his suit. He scowled, then wiped his swords on the demon's fur, and sheathed them behind his back. He walked down the mountain.

Upon reaching the bottom of the mountain, he judged which way he would need to be going, and headed South, away from the huge mountain range he had just escaped.

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[SIZE=1]Azarath was slaying his demonic brothers with his duel white dragons swords, given to him from his mentor: The demon king, slashing, gashing, piercing, and gutting his use to be commrads in battle. An approaching demon was slain with a sword thrown through his skull, causing his body to collapse on the blood stained ground.

He grabbed the blade and jammed the other sword in the ground swung around on it, kicking demons in the face cracking their skulls in half. He let go and jammed another sword in the chest of yet another demon, he then withdrew two daggers, attached to each boot, and started cutting throats and gashing open faces and arteries. He smiled and thought to himself about how well the demon king trained him. He then placed the blades back into the sheathes on his boots and and grabbed two demons by the throat and threw them into ground, making sure to crush every bone in there body.

After he had finished his killing and made sure the demons he betrayed were all dead, he grabbed both swords and resheathed them back on to his back. He then pulled off his mask that was now covered in his brothers blood and wiped it clean with his arm, he then looked out into the distance with his fire red eyes and saw his dead brothers all over the ground. He looked into the sky "Good thing the dark clouds blocked out the sun, i can see without the mask." His fire-red eyes allowed him to see into the darkness as clear as day. He then saw and odd white light and placed his mask back over his face and realized what the light was, only able to manage, "Ah crap."

5 years later

Azarath felt a strong wind ruffle his hair and woke with a start, eyes sprang open and saw sun light, staright above him. He then sat up and put his hand on his head, "AHH, what a head ache. I feel like I was hit in the head with the blunt side of a sword." He felt his long black hair and his horns, feeling relived they were still there, he then looked at his hands and saw they were not demon hands. They were smaller then he remembered and covered in a weird, thin, metal armor, with clawed tips. His boots were smaller as well and his boots had a small spike on the back. He stood up and examined himself further, he was wearing a black trench coat with a black shirt underneath. He removed the coat and saw his shirt cut off at the shoulders and armor had replaced where the sleeves were absent. He put the coat back on and started moving his arms around, feeling the flexablity of this armor and the movement he could achieve.He then looked further down and saw his black pants with symbols of fire and wind in demon writing. He then reached up and started to remove the mask, but when he lowered the mask just barley below his eyes, he was blined by the harsh light to his eyes and replaced his mask.

"Damn, still blind in the day. Really doesnt help if i cant see during the day. This mask isnt very appealing to humans and i would be to conspicuous. Looks like ill have to get something else to help me see." He then started to look around and saw a forest not to far to his left and he started off towards it, until he caught the smell of something. Something smelling like cattle. He started to sniff the air and found where the smell had been coming from, and changed his direction towards the smell, "I havent eaten in awhile and that smells rather good."

After about 15 minutes he tracked down the cattle and hid behind a group of trees he noticed on the way to finding his dinner. He hid in the shadows waiting to see if he could find a straggler, after all he may have looked human but he was still a demon on the inside, he reminded himself. When he saw the one he was looking for he slowly stepped out from the trees and crouched-walked to where the cow had stopped to rest. Azarath had stopped and crouched near the cow and started feeling his back to check if his swords were still there, thankfully there were, and he felt around the sides of his boots to find his daggers. He found them, they were covered by his pants, he drew one and stepped a little closer to the cow. He lunged for the cow with his dagger and an eager stomach.

After he had taken down the cow, dragged it back into the trees, and ate half of it himself, he looked up and wipped his mouth with his sleeve of his coat he placed his mask back on his face. He then stood up and walked back to the forest he saw earlier. He spent about an hour in the forest before finding a spring. Where he drank and laid under a great oak tree where he fell asleep in moments.

Azarath awoke with a violent shake, he opend his eyes and saw that it was dark, but also felt rope restraints tied around his arms and legs. He reached up and removed his mask and gave hard stares with his glowing red eyes, each man looked the same with their crimson red robes and broad hoods that covered their faces. All of them held torches, except one, only because he was holding a chain that latched on to Azaraths arm restraints. Azarath smiled a wicked smile showing to very unsually long canine teeth, "Well u fellows seem to be in some kind of cult, am i correct?"

The man holding his chains spoke up in a deep voice "Yes you are right, and we're here to take you to the master." Azarath stopped smiling and raised one eye brow, "And who is your master cultist?" The cultist lifted his face a little for Azarath to see, he had a scare on his left eye and his features were rough and worn from years of fighting something, "Oh you'll know the master when u see him, Shal'na" "What?!" Azarath said with suprise, "Did u just call me traitorr in demon? How do you know that? But more importantly how do you know who i am?"

The man gave a small chuckle, "I know much about you Shal'na, my master has told me much about the demon who betrayed him at the great battle. I've also heard that the Demon King wants your head for your betrayal, since he did train you in the deadly demon arts. Especially since you were his head assassin." Another man with a torch came out from the back of the group and pulled out a knife, cutting Azaraths leg restraints and pulled him up by his shirt, "Time to go Shal'na, were going to go see the master."

Azarath and the 12 cultist, as he had counted, were walking through pitch blackness of the night for hours. During that time he had been thinking of how he could possibly escape from his new captives, he slowly began to remember the first time he had been captured. He had been capture by the angles before they had sealed them on that island, during his few years of interrogation. The angels were very aggresive towards demons, but not to their own people. Azarath had been use to seeing demon attacking another demon and killing eachother in the process. These angles had been very kind to eachother, but he had been thrown into a very small damp cell they had never used before. They did treat him better then his own mentor had treated him, his mentor had hurt him before if he failed his practice missions. Azarath thought what the Demon King would do to him if he told him that he was captured on his first mission. Pure humiliation for him if he ever did report this.

He suddenly snapped back to where he was at that moment and felt that his chains had a lot more slack on them, he looked over at his chain holder and he had losened his grip greatly. Azarath yanked the chain from the man hand and whipped it around a cultist neck far infront of him, he then pulled the cultist towards him knocking over at least 3 other cultist. Azarath had then pulled the chain off the mans neck and whipped another in the face, cracking the mans cheek. The man wailed in pain and fell to the floor, Azarath was standing over the man when suddenly he felt a sharp blow to the back of his head and faded out.

He awoke in a small brick house , and found that his hands had no longer been tied up. He stood up and started hitting his head with his fists. "You idiot, you let them capture you, you let that man hit you in the back fo the head, you were the best assassin. Now your being held by pety cultist! AHHHHHH" He threw his hands down in anger and two slim blades slid out from his coat. His anger went away when he saw these blades slide out, "Well this is new. Never had these before." He examined the blades closer and a few seconds later they had retracted into his coat again.

He felt something on his back, itching to be released, he removed his coat and pulled off his shirt and found his wings sprout out of his back. Black, leathery wings with scars on them from previous battles, Azarath smiled greatly knowing he had his old wings. He then slipped back on his shirt and coat, he walked around for a bit thinking of what he was gonna do, suddenly he felt a warming sensation in his body, somthing was familiar about this sensation. It took awhile for him to remember the feeling, and his smile grew bigger, "My powers are still here. Yes very good, very good indeed. Now to tap into them."

He spent the better part of a half hour trying to tap into his demonic powers, he just couldn't reach them. They were just barley out of his grasp but just close enough where he could touch a little bit of it. By the time the cultists had come to get him again he could only manage small flame to light a candle or a small tornado of wind to swirl the dirt on the ground. The cultist took him to another room and more people came into the room wearing the same robes, but Azarath could smell that they were women. One women pulled off his coat and two more began to take off the armor around his arms, another pulled of his shirt and started painting demonic symbols on his exposed chest and arms. He looked at his flesh and saw it had a tan tint to it, with muscles that seemed unnatural for his human body. After they had finished painting the symbols, they put two symbols on his face and handed his belongings to one of the cultist men. They put metal shackles around his wrists this time and forced him out of the room into the open space, Azarath saw he was in a small village with man followeres to this master. His sharp ears picked up a few unsettling words, the worst one he heard was, "Sacrifice." That one came up a little to much.

The cultist brought him to a pair of giant bronze doors with a detailed carving of the demon empire with the Demon King standing on an angels body with his sword held high. He also saw the Demon Kings son holding the angles cutt off head, he suddenly realized the image of himself next to the Demon Kings son, smiling a demonic smile, Azaraths face darkened, "Those certianly were dark days then." Two cultist moved infront of him and pushed open the giant bronze doors and two behind him pushed him forward. He looked through the doors and saw a set of stairs that went deep into the cold, damp earth and started walking.

It felt like hours before they reached another set of bronze doors with an entirely new carving on it. It was of the Sinners, the angel Sion, and him cutting apart each demon like they were butter. Azarath smiled at this one, "That was defiantly a better day for me." The cultist opened this door and pushed him through those but not following this time,except one the one hold his possessions, they closed the massive doors behind Azarath. He looked around the room, examining where he was, he saw a incredibly high domed ceiling and rounded walls with tapestries of demon generals and the Demon King himself hung from a bar over the throne seat where a demon sat. The demon was being feed by slaves he had, he looked at Azarath and didnt recognize him at first, but got a whiff of Azaraths sent and smiled at his demon brother, "Well we have certianly fallen low, 5 years ago you were slaying our demon brothers with pride. Now look at you, changed into a mortal and shackled at my feet." Azarath growled, " At least i dont look like a disgusting pig with rats wings." The demon dismissed his slaves and walked over to Azarath and looked down at him, "I will take pleasure in taking off your head and giving it to the Demon King, then eating your corpse." Azarath look him straight in the eye, "Not to day demon!" Azarath pulled his arms in opposite directions until the chains broke, releasing his arms, he then back flipped away from the demon and stood up straight. The demon summoned up a blue liquid fire ball and tossed it at Azarath, he dodged it but wasnt able to avoid a second one that came at him. It hit his chest and flung him into the the wall, the demon smiled at his apparent victory and started to walk back to his throne, "Looks as if im the better demon Shal'na." "Guess again scum" The demon turned around and saw Azarath standing back up, he stood up staright and smiled.

"Well you think your the more powerful because you have your fire and wings, well I have news for you bastered, I can out power you any day. And it is time to show you what I mean." Azarath extened his black wings and clapped his hands together and slid them apart slowly, revealing two liquid black fire swords, "Now its time you see why I was the best." Azarath charged the demon ready to gash him open with his new weapons, the demon had blue fire in his hands and clashed it with Azaraths black fire. They stood in a stalemate, holding eachother at close proximity, neither gaining or losing distance, "I will win Shal'na!" grunted the demon, "No you wont Kal'mar." Azarath had shouted the demons name in respones.

Azarath then summoned up a little more power to topple the demon, it worked, Kal'mar had lost his balance and Azarath stabbed both swords in to Kal'mars torso horizontaly. Cutting the demon into two halves, top half fell the floor and his lower half fell the other way of his torso, the demon attempted to cast his liquid fire again but Azaraths severed his hands lighting fast. The demon dropped his arms to his sides, "Finish me, and be done with it." Azarath looked over his half use to be commrade, "No, not yet, im going to experiment with my powers on you, Kal'mar."

Azarath suddenly sensed his white dragon swords near by and saw where his armor and clothes had been laid, he walked over to the throne and picked up his clothes, he retracked his wings and slipped on his shirt. He put his armor back on and then his coat, he found his swords attached to the throne as new trophies, he also founds his two daggers attached to the throne as well. Azarath resheathed everything and walked back to the half demon on the floor and kneeled next to him, he then reached towards the demons head and gripped Kal'mars horns. He broke them off with one try, Kal'mar wailed in pain, "Ill be taking these" And stuffed them in his coat pocket. "So now for the first test." He summoned a black fire ball in one hand and a white fire ball in the other. The demons eyes widened.

Azarath walked out from the deep earth and out into the fresh air and the sunshine, the sun was still hard to get use to but was a something he had to deal with. He had placed his mask on his face earlier and walked around in the village asking questions. He got the answeres that he wanted, he headed out of the village and walked into the dark forest, he had been told to go east to a city called Kirae. That is where he would find the people he was looking for. He walked into the deep forest hidden by the shadows.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Kaion laughed at the scared expression on the demon's face. He flapped his giant dragon wings tauntingly. Kaion grabbed his blade, grinning at the demon.

[B]"Your move."[/B] The demon growled and summoned another creature. A shadow behemoth. It had glowing red eyes, and darkness emited from every part of it's body. The demon laughed nervously.

[B]"You won't defeat the Shadow Behemoth, Kirayu! No man has lived against his might!"[/B] It reared it's head back and then opened his mouth, engulfing the groung in darkness. Kaion easily took flight, dodging the blast. The creature was determined though. Its gaze followed Kaion, and so did the ray of darkness. Kaion flew around the creature's head, aggravating it.

Kaion landed on it's back, right next to the demon. The demon fell over and scurried back. Kaion walked forwards hatefully. The demon cringed.

[B]"It's not possible. You shouldn't have accessed your powers so quickly. How did you do it?"[/B] Kaion stopped smiling and sneered, raising his blade above his head.

[B]"There is no point in sharing a secret if life with a dead creature."[/B]

He brought his blade down quickly, right into it's chest. The demon cried in pain, blood spraying everywhere. The creature underneath Kaion moaned in pain, and dissapeared. Kaion removed his blade from the demons chest, contracting his wings. The demon was still alive, but barely. Kaion looked far off into the horizon and saw a city. He spat on the demon and walked. But he only made it a few stepd before the demon said his final words.

[B]"You...*cough* can't get us all...ugh...You'll never kill us all...es..especially not...*cough.. not now! *cough* He'll get you...yes, [I]he[/I] will..."[/B] Kaion looked back and raised his hand, palm facing the demon. He channeled flames into his hand and created a fireball. He pat at the demon again.

[B]"Rest in peace."[/B]

He shot the fireball at its body, and left it there to burn. And then he headed for the city.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Azarath had been walking the forest for hours until daybreak had finally shown itself to him. The humidity in that forest during those early hours would have driven any man crazy, but he was a demon so he was very use to the extreme heat or dampness. The solitude of the forest allowed him to think more freely, he mostly thought about his demon traning or his time in angel prison. Years before that he would just laugh at the idea of angels having a prison, but having experienced it himself, it was a lot more threating then you would imagine. But the few thoughts that came to him right away were: His escape, and the angel women who visited him constantly. He liked the thought of the angel women visiting him more then his escape, the angel women was very attractive and seemed to attract quite a few angel men and turned a few heads with her passing. He liked to see the jealous scowls on the angels who constantly mocked him and laughed at his current position. But what was interesting, is that this angel women had released him from his prison and even revealed her name to him.

[B]"Sarasum."[/B] He whispered to himself, he then snapped back into the world around him. It was dark and he had ended up on the edge of a town. He removed his mask and looked around. He first saw a tavern with dim lights coming out of the windows, a small black smiths housing was next to it, he also saw houses all over the town with a mayors hall at the end of the road. He walked towards the tavern.

He was at least ten feet from the tavern when he heard drunken men inside moving about, Azarath sighed,[B]" Its going to be a long night."[/B] He then placed his mask over his face and stepped in to the Inn. He saw the men sitting at some tables in the middle of the room, he looked around the room and saw a seat at the bar, he walked across the room and sat down. He then tapped his hand on the bar and a very beautiful women came to him, she had tanned skin and and bright blue eyes. With a very lovely smile that could charm any man, she had brown hair that went to mid-back. She smiled at him and spoke softly to him, [B]"What would you like sir?[/B]" Azarath removed his mask and looked at the womans gentle face,[B] "Yes, what are they having?"[/B] He gestured towards the men,[B] "Ah they are having wine, our very finest." "Well, ill just have a beer then."[/B] She smiled and nodded. She reached under the counter and pulled a beer and set it in front of him.

[B]"Would you like anything else sir?" [/B]Azarath handed her his mask, [B]"Yes, can you alter this mask for me?"[/B] She took his mask and waved her hand over it, suddenly weird symbols appeared inside his mask, [B]"There you go sir. Just think of what you want your mask to change into and wave your hand over it."[/B] Azarath smiled, [B]"Thank you very much."[/B] Suddenly a deep voice spoke, [B]"Bartender, bring us more wine."[/B] Demanded the drunken man, the woman grabbed two wine bottle from the shelf above her, and headed over to the group of drunken men. She refilled all their mugs, the man thought it would be a good tip to tap her bottom. She did not like this but resisted from hitting him. She walked back to the bar and started cleaning the counter.

Azarath tapped the bar again and she rushed over to him, [B]"Yes sir?" "Yes, can you tell me who that man is."[/B] He pointed to a blonde headed man with nice silk clothing on and the bags of gold at his waist, [B]"Him? That would be the mayors son. He thinks he can do anything since his father owns almost the whole town."[/B] Her gentle face formed a scowl that Azarath thought was impossible for her to do, [B]"Well, i just might have a propsition for you."[/B] She raised one eye brow, [B]"Im listening." "Ill get rid of those guys if you give me a free meal and a room for the night." "Agreed."[/B] She said eagerly. The mayors son grabbed one of the waitresses and forced her to sit on his lap and asked her for a kiss. She rejected and tried to get away, he held on to her and forced her back down on his lap.

[B]"Let her go!"[/B] The Mayors son looked to where the voice came from and saw Azarath turn and looked at him with his mask on, [B]"What was that freak!" "I said let her go"[/B] Azarath got up from his seat and started walking towards the group of men, he let go of the girl and snapped his fingers. Two men with swords at their waists had unsheathed them and started for Azarath. Azarath held out his arms and blocked both sword strikes coming down on him, he then spun to the right and punched the first man in the face, breaking his nose. He the grabbed the sword and threw it at the other man, scurrying him with it. Forcing him to collapse.

Azarath then resumed his walk towards the men, the mayors son snapped his fingers again and the other charged him. Azarath just shoved them aside like they were leaves and he was the hurricane wind. One by one they charged and one by one they flew across the room hitting walls and furniture, Azarath fianlly came up to the mayors son and looked down on him, [B]"Well, i guess your money cant save you now. So before i throw you out of here, care to tell me your name."[/B] The man stuttered,[B] "My.. my.. my name is Erik." "Ok Erik time for you to leave."[/B] Azarath picked him up like he was a pebble and pushed him towards the door. Before Erik went out the door he drew a sword from his side and attempted to cut Azarath, Azarath grabbed the blade , "[B]Bad idea."[/B] Azarath broke the blade in to pieces, he removed his mask and smiled at the kid, it suddenly changed to a scowl and he kicked the kid in the chest flying out the door.

Azarath stepped out and saw where the kid landed, [B]"Now if i hear that you've comeback to this Inn, i'll kill you instead of just kicking you out. Got that!"[/B] He pointed at the kid, Erik nodded in fear and bolted off down the road. Azarath turned around and saw all the men running out of the tavern, he walked back in and sat back in his bar seat. He tapped the bar once more and the woman came rushing over,[B] "Thank you so much for getting them to leave, we appreciate this more then you know." "Oh your quite welcome, its always a pleasure to help when im needed. Especially when its for an old friend, isnt that right Sarasum."[/B] Sarasums eyes sprang open, [B]"How did you know it was me?!"[/B] Azarath gave a small chuckle, [B]"Your smell, I remember the sweet smell you had back when you were an angel."[/B] Sarasum smiled and came around from behind the counter and stood infront of him.

She put her arms around his neck and he placed his hands on her waist, he leaned in and kissed her on the lips.[B] "Its been awhile since we've had a chance to do that, and it must be better for you since i look like this now."[/B] She smiled, [B]"I loved you either way, i'm just glad your personality didnt change with the seal." "Well, im glad im changed on the outside. Its easier on my eyes along with other people."[/B] Sarasum chuckled, [B]"Azarath, i never got to ask you why you changed sides and fought for the angels."[/B] Azarath kissed her again,[B] "I changed sides mostly because of you, but partly i changed because of what you guys taught me during my jail time, that what we were doing was wrong. Also the Sinners are my bothers and sisters, they needed my support more then the demon army."[/B] Sarasum smiled again and hugged his neck and Azarath hugged her back, [B]"Hey Sarasum, have you been able to open your wings yet?"[/B] She nodded and sprouted her wings from her back then retracted them,[B] "And i can tell you have new powers too." "Yup"[/B] She said cheerfully, [B]"Ive got new ones too, ive already used one power but im still getting use to the other ones."[/B] She put her head against his, [B]"It does take awhile but you'll figure them out eventully." "Yeah, but right now im just glad your still alive."[/B]

Azarath stood up from his chair with Sarasums arms still around him, he was about half a foot taller then her, [B]"Well its getting late, i suggest we get to bed."[/B] Azarath said, [B]"Ill take you to your room."[/B] She let her arms fall down and grabbed his hand and lead him through a doorway and up a flight of stairs to a room on the right side of the Inn. She opend the door and let him go in. Azarath started walking into the room but got yanked back by Sarasum and kissed her once more, [B]"Well guess this is goodnight, and ill see you in the morning."[/B] She smiled and nodded her head, she stepped into the room and closed the door behind her.

Azarath woke up the next morning smelling food, he got out of bed and got dress then headed downstairs. He sat at on of the tables with a new pair of sunglasses on and leaned back. Sarasum came out of the kitchen with a huge plate of food, Azaraths mouth started to water when he saw it. He thanked Sarasum and started to eat. He finished the plate in about 15 minutes. He wiped his mouth with a napkin and leaned back into his chair again, [B]"That was really good, thanks Sarasum."[/B] She smiled and blushed, [B]"It was nothing, just a meal for a very hungry demon."[/B] He laughed.

He had walked outside and stood in the sun light, Sarasum chased after him, he turned around and she ran into him throwing her arms around his neck again and kissing him, [B]"Are you going somewhere?"[/B] Azarath removed his sunglasses and frowned,[B] "Yes i do have to go, i have to go to a city called Kirae and find out where some people are." "You mean the Sinners?"[/B] Azarath nodded [B]"Yes, but ill be back for you when this is all done, ok?"[/B] She had a sad look on her face, [B]"Do you have to go? We just had the chance to see eachother." "I know, but we must stop the demon king or else any children we have will never be safe from his wraith."[/B] She placed her face into his chest, he lifted her face with his curled finger, [B]"Hey, ill be back. I promise. Remember I love you and nothing can stop me from seeing you agian."[/B] He kissed her one more time and started walking off towards the city of Kirae. Sarasum waved good-bye to him with a single tear rolling down her face.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=2]Mayvelle walked through the deep forest amiring the beautiful senery and came across a clear lake. She took a refreshing sip..

"Ahh..that's so tasty." She smiled and amired her refection.

She stood up and amired her clothing and her beautiful face.

[I]Ha! Even in a mortal's body I look dashing huh?[/I]

She looked up and heard something. "Who's there?" Deep breathing was to be heard behind a tree.

"I know, you're there. Show yourself!" She looked and began walking towards the tree. "Wh-who's there?" She mumbled this time.

All of a sudden came out a enormous demon. "Who sent you?!?!" Mayvelle yelled.

There was no reply except a loud growl.

[I]Not much of a talker huh? Fine then...[/I]

She casted a spell and a big lightening bolt appeared from the sky crashing towards the enormous demon. The demon wailed and got furious. It wacked his fist towards her and she jumped back.

"That's a close call.." She grabbed her [I]Mech Rod[/I] and swung it towards the demon.

The demon caught it in time just before the hit.

"No way.." She was blown off with the demon huge hands. "Aarrrghh!!!"

She knocked into a tree and the demon let out a howl.

[I]I'm in trouble...[/I][/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
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