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[SIZE=2][COLOR=Teal]Romeo and Juliet-[ML][MV]

It was the turning of the century for the people of Verona Italy 2500. The year broke out with many of custom tradition to eat and have fun. The festival went on with great prestige and honor. The time was not but great to have fun and just relax. But that was until the peace was broken. A voice broke out over the crowd. ?No I do not disgrace you sir. But I do disgrace someone sir.? A man said standing at a food stand biting his nail.
?None of you Capulet will have the pleasure of despising me in this town.?
?Oh but I will.?
?You jest. There is no worse of scum in this town than you.?
?But what is theirs is there in the fact that they?re not what they say they are.? The one said against the food stand. They pulled out their swords and began to start a quarrel.
?Please stop this non-sense I will not let it go on.?
?Benvolio!?? An angered voice shot out over the crowd. ?How are you here before me??
?Please Tybalt I don?t want this to be a brawl.?
?A brawl you say. Well I will show you a brawl.? Tybalt let out a yell and a huge army of Capulets came out of nowhere.
?Please don?t fight Tybalt.? Benvolio pleaded. One of the Montague whistled and a whole battalion of Montague appeared behind them also almost out of nowhere.
?So be it then.? Tybalt raised his sword and started the fight between the Montague and Capulet that festival morning. The twang of swords came out of the brawl and to the towers of Italy. A small annoying siren could be herd off in the distance. Soon after the sound of trumpets were herd and the gallops of great horses.
?What is this non sense!? The ruler called out.
?Please sir if you will let me explain.?
?Explain what!? That you, Montague, and him, Capulet, have once again disturbed the fair peace of Verona and that this is the third time that this has happened. If it happens once more I will swear to all that is here that you and anyone else in the brawl that takest place on thy streets again I will hang all your heads over my mantle. Then there shall be the final resting place of all troublesome fools.? The ruler over them which happened to be a prince trudged off on his horse.

This story is Romeo and Juliet in the future if you want it to be for old English is harder on thy ears. I will need the cast except for the prince. Here is what you will need.

Name: (Character in the play.)
Age: (In reason please)
Appearance: (This will be different due to the modernization of the story.)
Personality: (This will be up to you.)
Side: (This is Capulet or Montague. Romeo is on Montague and Juliet is Capulet.)
History: (If you want to tell some history behind your character go ahead.)

This is the story of Romeo and Juliet modernized. So we are talking descendants of Capulet and Montague. Here is the cast.

Lord Montague
Lady Montague

Lord Capulet
Lady Capulet

Friar Laurence

If you really wish to use old English go ahead. My character will be Mercutio and Narrator. This will be based off a chapter line up.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy]While I myeslf am blissfully uninterested in the idea of a Romeo and Juliet Roleplay, I believe Kiba has a point to defend here. The story, apparently, is set in the year 2500. (I highly doubt people would still be using 'old english' during that time period, I'll keep my thoughts to myself in that regard)

Do you not suppose, then, that while the storyline could, admittedly, be rather obvious, the events leading up to the eventual conclusion could be quite different? I do! The only reason I will not sign up for this Roleplay is that I was utterly unimpressed by the origional piece of work by Shakespear himself. Adieu!

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[SIZE=2][COLOR=DimGray]Neko thank you. And I think that what about the ending. What if the ending doesn?t come out the same as in the old story. Really all you ridiculers must stay in your house or you will be beaten. Another thing is that who says that it has to obey Shakespeare?s work. I find the original interesting but now I give it a modern kick with maybe new events. You have to remember these are the descendants of the old families. Not everyone knows what happens in the events leading up to the tragedy in Romeo and Juliet and some people in the world don?t even know what happens at the end of Romeo and Juliet. Don?t be so quick to judge on stories that just so happen have a name on a story already written. As I said I?m intrigued with the work and would like to see what the outcome would be if other people played the part of different personalities of the characters. I particularly don?t care if this story falls through but I am in favor of people signing up. I thank you for this time to explain to all about re-creating stories in the boards.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1]Woah, hey, I wasn't ridiculing you or flaming you or anything. If my comment came out in any way harsh or disrespectful I'm sorry. I just honestly didn't see the appeal.

I wanted an explanation as to how it would work and that is what I recieved. I won't be joining but thankyou for the elightenment.

Once again, my appologies.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Ok, people, this is a recruitment thread. Discussions [b]about[/b] the RP should be kept to PMs, IMs, an Underground thread or in posts that have actual sign-ups. This prevents the recruit thread from becoming clogged before anyone has signed up.

Thank you, and have a nice day. ^__^

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