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RPG Dragon Tamers [M-SLV]


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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=4][FONT=Verdana]Dragon Tamers[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

Long ago when myth and legend were real, dragons among other creatures ruled the Earth. That was?until the Dragon Tamers came. They tamed the dragons allowing the human population to go unchecked. After several years the Dragon Tamers began fighting among each other to see who had the strongest dragon out of all of them. Pretty soon kings started hiring Tamers to go out and get as many as possible so that they would have an army of them. After years of this going on the dragons eventually disappeared from existence leaving men to have to fight in the armies again and the Dragon Tamers went out of business. That is until now?.

Here you go have fun. Your first post needs to be you leaving your city and then ending at another city ummm called Tar Valon. That's is where we all meet
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Kyoske put a hand on the neck of the black scaled dragon,"Calm down girl. We are going to leave soon."

"Its great that you were able to create a bond between those two. No onter person was able to."Kyoske turned to the the mayor standing before him with his cane,"If not for you and the other tamers, our world may be doomed. Or something like that.Its only a shame that Luna had run away. Do you happen to know anything about it?"

"Somewhat. I had gotten a feeling of worry in her. So I let her go and figure it out on her own. She will return to me someday. For now, us two and anyother dragon tamers we meet will have no problems taking em down. I am the best tamer around, and she is one of the strongest dragons around."

"Well isnt it about time you head for Tar Valon? We may be close, but you dont want to be late."

"Right. Well, Ragnorok, let us leave." Kyoske jumped onto the back of Ragnorok asit beat its wings untol it lifted itself into the air. Soaring twards Tar Valon.

"Ragnorok, that is such a long name. I shall call you Riduku from now on, ok?" The dragon let out a roar in agreement as the neared tar Valon."That is not right."

A few moments later, they landed in the middle of a town that looked as thought it were just caught in a war. "This is terrible, the town must have been attacked while I was away. Dammit all.Damn it all to hell." He spat on the ground, then entered a building that looked like it was still able to stand, leaving his dragon outside to search the town for any servivors.

In the disrtance he heard the wings of another dragon. He headed outside, prepared for a fight with anything that may come.
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lol. Nice intro.

[size=1][i]Kaige was to leave for Tar Valon today. Kaige knew little about it, just told to go there. He got his things together. His belongings consisted of his cloak with many straps and pockets containing everything he usually uses on his assignments. About 10 knives of different sizes and styles, two canteens of water, another canteen of booze, a few bandages, a several vials of different colored liquids, some were glowing. Before putting his cape on, he changed his belt to one attached to a sheathe (I spell checked this, I don't know if this is the right word). He picked up his saber and did a few routines with it before putting it away. He then went into his fridge (or time-appropiate container) and packed enough food for three days and tied it loosely to his dragon, Rath, who was looking calmer than usual. Kaige had brought his cloak down with him, he put it on and grabbed Rath's reins and guided him toward the doors leading outside. On his way out, several people were gathered around the doors (as usual) and as always, they glared at him. They didn't know how he killed their hero in sleep, but they knew he did it. Kaige just smiled at them as he started running outside, Rath running as well. He hopped on Rath and they rode off to Tar Valon...[/i][/size]
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Jason packed all of his belongings when he heard a knock on his door. "Come in" He looked up as one of his friends came in and sat down.

"You getting ready to leave?"

"No, I'm packing my wife's bag so I can through her out as soon as she gets here instead of having to listen to her complain while she does it herself"


Jason snapped the lid and walked outside. "I'm going to miss this place" He turned and looked in the sir. "Seta" He got ready to call the name again as a dark red dragon laned beside him, taking up the entire street. "You ready?"

The dragon nodded as Jason's bag levitated up onto Seta's back.

Jason locked his door and let the same thing happen to him. "You know where to go" He leaned back as Seta took off towards the meeting point.
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[size=1][i]After about a half-hour of flying, Kaige realized he had exhausted all of his booze. He checked his landmarks and pulled a map out of a strap in his cloak. His destination happened to be known for their special brew, so he decided he was going there for a 'pit stop' as well as whatever his ruler had in mind.

He saw it first from far away and couldn't believe it. It looked like every disaster known to man happened in this place. There were very few buildings still erect. He decided to check out the scene... just to see what caused it.[/size][/i]

Here's looking at you, Raze.
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"Seta head to that pillar of smoke" Jason frowned when he saw that it was their meeting place. He looked up and saw another dragon heading there as well and that one was already there. "Well at least I won't have to look for survivors. I wonder if the tavern is still there cause I could really go for some of their beer. He watched as Seta flew around the city twice. "Land by that black one"

Seta landed sevaral paces away causing the black one to growl.

"Tell it that we are it here to fight and where is his trainer?"

Seta looked at it straight in the eye as it talked to it inside its head which startled the other one at first but then quickly grew used to it. It then pointed in the direction to one of the few remaining structures.

Jason climbed off. "You stay here and keep each other company"

The dragon answered in his mind. "Yes Jason"

Jason sprinted off to the building and found a guy around the smae age as him standing out in front of it. The strnger drew a sword as Jason approached. "I'm not looking to fight" He took another step forward. "You must be the tamer from one of the five" The stranger nodded as Jason extended his hand. "Jason from Gladring"

"Kyoske from Frenas"

Seta's voice came on inside Jason's head. "You have company"
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I must've edited this post twenty times...

[size=1]Kaige dropped down from about 15 feet as Rath landed. He didn't see Kyoske yet. Instead, he ran over to what used to be a pub. The roof had collapsed over itself. It smelled like death... beer and death... He found a few intact bottles and opened one and sat next to a woman's corpse. He offered her a drink.

Kaige: Oh. no... The drink is on me tonight...

Kyoske overheard this and went to see what was going on... He was already suspicious of Kaige from the flapping wings he heard earlier, as not that many people have dragons. He was hoping that this guy wasn't a rouge.

EDIT: Adding more...

Kaige stood up and drew his weapon as two men came through the door, with their weapons pointed at him...[/size]
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Robin hopped on Glace as she left Wisla and headed towards the meeting spot. She checked her map and made sure she was heading in the right direction. "I wonder if there are any cute guys there" She patted Glace her water blue dragon on the back. "Maybe some handsome male dragons there for you too" She smiled as she thought about all of her training to get here. "It was tough but worth it" She saw a lume of smoke in the distance. "Uh oh" She then checked her map. "That's where we are supposed to go" Glace headed straight for it. Robin looked down to where three dragons where together. Two were black and one was a dark red and one of the blacks seemed to be blind. "The poor guy" Glace landed bside them as Robin slid off here skirt fluttering in the breeze. "I wonder where they went" She jumped as a voice appeared in her head.

"The young masters can be found at the pub. I can send you there so that the young misses doens't have to walk"

Robin looked at the dark red dragon confused. "Okay" She let out a gasp as she was lifted up and then set down outside the bar where she heard talking.
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Jumping back to the pub... EDIT: I fixed that... maybe now I can keep my posts straight...

[size=1][i]Robin walked in the room as Kaige, Jason, and Kyoske were fighting eachother, each saying defensive statements and mistrusting replies. Robin knew who these guys were, as she actually had some info.[/i]

Robin: Can everybody STOP?!


Robin: You're on the same team, the guy in black might look evil, but he's one of us. (under breath) He doesn't look very friendly though...

[i]Robin sucessfully stopped the fighting and they all shook hands and began a conversation...[/i][/size]
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OOC: A little before Robin's entance

Jason smiled when he saw the beer in the newcomer's hand. "I take it your from Rishek"

The new guy nodded.

Kyoske smiled. "You can tell that because they always have a beer with them. Usually one in each hand"

Jason laughed as he and Kyoske put away their weapons and introduced themselves to the man maned Kaige. "Wher did you find the tavern?"

Kaige showed them the way and sat down at a barstool while the others made themselves drinks.

"So what is your dragon's name?" Jason sat in between the two as he down half of his glass.

Kyoske drank some from his glass. "Mine's black and is named Ragnorok but its nickname is Riduku. It is an earth dragon"

Kaige refilled his. "Mine's also black but it is blind and is a dark dragon. It finds it's way by senseng its surrondings. I call him Rath"

"Mine's dark red and he is pyshic. I call him Seta. I had he keep your dragon from attacking us Kyoske"

Kyoske smiled. "He would have torn you to shreds"

Jason frowned. "I doubt that" They stared argueing as a girl came in wearing a skirt and a tow piece swimsuit causing them all to hush. "Damn she's hot'

The girl walked over to them. "Are you three part of the five?"

Kaige nodded. "Yep. Want some?"

Kyoske looked at him. "Not every girl drinks you know"

Jason smiled as she took the glass then his jaw dropped as she downed the whole thing then another one after that then refilled it again. "Damn. Name's Jason and this is Kyoske and Kaige"

"Mine's Robin" She pulled up a chair as they all moved to a table. "Mine dragon is ice and her name is Glace"
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"Where is the last person?" Kyoske turned twards the entrance and headed outside twards his dragon.

"He isnt very talkative, is he?"The one named Jason said, watching him leave.

"Guess not. But that just means more beer for me!" Kaige said, downing anoter beer.

"In a time llike this, I see no need to destroy my senses with your beer. Now if you will excuse me, I think I will go and look for my dragon." Kyoske said as he walked out the door.

When he got outside he looked down the streets, then decided to head to the middle of the town. When he got there he stopped and looked into the scy, where he stomped on the ground twice."Riduku. Heir bitte!" A second later the ground began to shake as Ragnorok slowly started to make its way out of the ground.

"What is it Kyoske? I was sleeping." Ragnorok said as she shook the extra dirt off of her.

"WE shall wait another five minutes, then we will leave."

"But I thought we left with the group."

"They are a bunch of idiots. Frankly I dont see how they can be tamers. In any case, I think we have a better chance on our own."

"Very well. Just tell me when you are ready."She looked past him and begun to growl,"Someone is comming."

OCC anyone that wants to can have at it
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Jason looked at his glass then set it down in front of Kaige. "Here you go" He followed Kyoske out into the city. "Hey man were not idiots, well let me restate that. At least I'm not. I get nervous around new poeple sometime and I found the best way to lighten a mood is to do something that they are doind, to a certain extent"

Kyoske turned and looked at him. "Your point is?"

"Lighten up a little. Oh and I wanted to ask you about your dragon. It is that I was wondering if you could show me a little demenstration of its strength. I mean Iv'e seen earth dragons before but never actually seen what they can do"
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Kyoske looks Jason straight in the eyes,"Are you sure you really want to know what she can do?" Jason nodds as Kyoske looks at Riduku.

"You ready to show him the power of a real earth dragon?" The dragon nodds as its eyess goe from its normal black to a light grey then to a grey-blue. It slowly begins to open its mouth as steam starts to pour out.

"Riduku, Keht!" The dragon rears up then falls back on all fours, a second later a giant peice of rock is lifted out of the ground."Now, cho!" The dragon closes its mouth as the rock breaks into thousands of peices of small, sharp spears. It then turns its head as the shards of rock shoot straight inot a building, destroying it in a matter of seconds.

"Good, now lets show him one more thing. Riduku, Thail." The dragon nodds as it slowly starts to disolve into the earth."See, jason, most earth dragons arent able to do that. they have to be very strong to do so because they are made of flesh and bone. Geht! Jason turns around to see the head of Riduku sticking out, looking him in the eye. Then it goes back into the earth.

"Another good thing about this is that you cant tell where she is gouing to come out. Becase she doesnt move the earth when she moves means no detection. Tros!" The dragon comes back out of the ground as its eyes goe back to its bark black. It starts to shake all of the dirt off as it roars.

"you happy about her demonstration?" Jason smiles and nodds.

"Yeah, now I know why you are here. So, you wanna see what mine can do?"

"No, we are not here to have a competition on who has the coolest dragon. So i could care less what yours can do, as long as he can do his job." Kyoske turns back to Ragnorok and pets it on its neck.
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"I didn't mean a compition. You need to relax a little" Jason turns around as he holds his hand out to Kyoske. " I want to become friends okay, but you make that diffucult. Everything is so serious with you. You need to loosen up and breathe the sweet air. We will take care of the matter that we were sent to do, but we will all have to work together. Now I don't care if you hate somebody on this team but life isn't fair. I learned that the hard way" He turned and faced the now setting sun. "Cool isn't it"

Kyoske just shrugged his shoulders.

Jason smiled keeping his voice calm. "I always wanted to be the best at everything and be the one to save the day. But in order to do that you need to trust poeple who will get you there. Now you can run off and leave everything that you have worked for to get here behind or you can come with us as we wait for our last team mate. What do you say?"
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Ivy ran through the forest towards the edge of the cliff. Her long green hair (a trait she inharited from her father) flowed in the wind as she pulled out an arrow. She pulled back her bow and watched as the arrow flew through the air and sliced through a mans skull.

Ivy stopped in front of the mans decaying corps and pulled the arrow from his head and put it back in it's pouch on her back. A small dragon appeard on her shoulder and made a slight cheeping noise.

"Hey Fang, look at that sunset."Ivy's eye's widened in shock.

"Oh f***!!!!!I'm gonna be late!! Fang get ready to fly fast cause i'm gonna be in a shit load if we don't hurry.!!

Fang wined and green flash surrounded him and he turned into a large dragon again. Ivy jumped on his back and petted him slightly on the head before heading off into the sunset.

(5 minutes later)

Ivy looked down over the city of Tar Valon as she glided across thesky on her dragon. She looked down and saw two me and ther dragons talking to each other.

Fang swooped down towards the men and landed in front of them nearly crushing both. The wind thrust though did slam them both face first in the ground.Ivy back flipped off Fang and landed in front of the two men gracefully. Fang turned back to his normal small self and landed on her shoulder again.

"Hi...the names Ivy and if you tick me off I'll shoot you f-ing head off!!!" Ivy said evily, then she smiled.

"Nice to meet you!!heehee!!"
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Jason rubbed his cheek where he had hit the ground and stared at the cute newcomer. "Nice to meet you too" He got back up and held out his hand as Kyoske got up too.

Ivy shook his hand. "Why are you here and what happened to the city?"

Jason shrugged. "I was sent here to help stop the dragon raids. I'm guessing that dragons did this but there are other beasts out there. By the way, name's Jason from Gladring. Where are you from?"

Ivy smiled. "From Fenas"

Jason smiled as he turned to the half burned down pub. "Figures"

Ivy got a confused look on her face. "Why?"

"Cause every girl from there is cute" He pointed to Kyoske. "O)hh that is Kyoske and the rest are inside there. I'll introduce you" He opened the door for her as they walked inside and found Robin and Kaige agruing about something.
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Robin looked up at the new girl standing next to Jason and felt a touch of jealosy rise in her. She began to get up but began wobbling from the achohol. She caught herself on the chair and looked back at the new girl. "Hi, I'm Robin" She looked at the table where Kaige was downing another glass. "Damn you can drink" She felt herself starting to black out. "I think I drank one too many" She turned back to the girl who called herself Ivy. "So Ivy, What kind of dragon do you have?"


"Mine's ice. It's good to have another girl, at least I have someone to talk to" She passed out and fell into Jason arms"
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Kyoske sighed and walked into the pub after Jason and Ivy. He saw Robin pass out then shook his head and walked over to where Kaige was sitting and poured himself a glass of water.

"Umm, Kyoske, I wouldnt drink that if I were you." Kaige said as Kyoske took a drink. A second later he spat it out and turned to Kaige.

"That was gross. Guess the water here is bad for you. In any case, give me a beer." He poured the water out and filled it up with beer."Tell me, where are we going next? Its kinda sad to stay in this place." He grabbed a chair and sat down.

"Well, we probably should stay the night, and let her rest." Ive said pointing to Robin.

"I'll second that. Frankly, I havent even gotten a good buzz yet." Kaige said as he downed another glass.

"I'll go look for anything that is still able to be burned, for a fire." Kyoske got up and started to head out the door when he stopped and saw his dragon getting really close to Jasons."Umm, Jayson. You may want to see this."

He sat Robin down on a blanket that was in a closet and walked over to where Kyoske was,"Well. i think you may have to stay with us now, big guy." He put a hand on Kyoske's shoulder and started to laugh.

"Guess so. Mainly because she wouldnt leave now if I told her to." He said as he smiled a little bit.
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OOC: Sorry for taking so long, I've been sick for the past few days. :animedepr
Levvy climbed on Larenth, bent over so her head was close to the dragon's head and whispered, "We've gotta go girl! Won't this be fun?!" Larenth simply nodded in reply and took off.
They reached the meeting spot Levvy hopped off the dragon's back and looked around. Everything was in ruin. The people she was supposed to meet weren't in sight. She noticed a half demolished pub nearby and instantly calculated where they were. "Wait here Larenth! I'm afraid you're a tad bit too big for that poor little pub!" She walked off and entered the seedy looking building.
She glanced around and found the people she was looking for. They were all sitting around, talking, and drinking; except for one who was passed out. She happily ran over to them and gleefully exclaimed, "Sorry~! I am soooo late! I'm from Corinth! My name is Levvy Fellspar and I just can't wait to get to know you all!" She hopped around them shaking hands and learning names. "My dragon's name is Larenth and she's a light dragon!" she gestured outside.
Levvy took a seat and stared at a pitcher of ale before pouring some into a mug. She just sat there looking at the mug worriedly until she looked up and saw the others giving her questioning glares. "Umm...I've never drank before..." She carefully sipped it and, having found it okay, downed the rest of the mug down.
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Ivy glared at the new comer in a frightning way. *I hate hyper active, naive little b**ches!!!*She [COLOR=Green][SIZE=2]thought[/SIZE][/COLOR] intentively.

"I'm Ivy.........."She stated dully.


Fang looked around at the other dragons that were unbarebly huge to him at this point. So he decided to grow larger for the time being.
Ivy walked to the bar and sat in a stool.

Ivy took a bottle of scotch and bowl from the counter. *Ummmm..scotch..* Ivy quickly put the bottle to her lips and chugged the whole thing in one drink.Everyone (except the knocked out one) starred at her for a moment since she hadn't passed out yet and frankley thats wierd. Ivy just smirked and licked her lips.

"I can't get drunk..so I can drink as much as I want."

Fang (not liking being large) turned back to his normal height and sat next to Ivy and nugged her arm.

"Oh yeah sorry Fang.Ivy pulled out bottle from her bag and put the liquid in the bowl she stole. There you go little guy drink up." Fang drank the potion and nugged the empty bottle on the counter. Ivy smiled and poured some scotch from another bottle into his bowl and patted his head softley.

"Don't drink to much..or you won't be able to fly very well tomarrow."

Fang fell off the stool and walked over to Kaige and scratched him hard on the face. Ivy ran over and snatched Fang by the neck hard.

"Fang what are you doing!!!!!Are you crazy you can't just scratch people like that, you could have really hurt him!!"

Fang squirmed out of her grip and quickly flew out the door. He flew past he other dragons and landed on top of a building about a mile away. He curled up in a ball and closed his eye's witha sad look on his face.

Ivy pulled out another bottle from her bag and put it on a piece of cloth she took from her pocket.

"I am so sorry about Fang. He's usually so nice to people."

She slowly wiped the blood from his face and placed the cloth on the scratches. There were three slashes on his cheek diagnolly on his left cheek.

"This might sting a little bit." The liquid turned a bright blue when it touched his wound and the pain was gone. Ivy looked at the scares on scratches on his cheek and slowly kissed his cheek and walked away to find Fang.
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Jason looked at Robin and brushed the hair out of her face and looked up and the girl who introduced herself as Levvy. "So you are the other one. Wait six poeple, who are the orginal five?" He set a document on the table and found Robin's in her side pocket.

"Here's mine" Kaige showed his to Jason.

Ivy drank some more than looked at Jason. "What do you mean orignial five?"

Jason looked at Kyoske. "I take it you and Levvy are the other two" He turned back to Ivy. "Five people were sent to hunt down the dragons. But I think we will need all the help we can get" Seta's voice appeared inside his head.


"What is it?" Jason caught himself as everyone stared at him wierd. "My dragon ios psychic".

"Dragon Tamers, six Tamers with their dragons. They have the Protecter flag waving behind them"

"Shit, Imperials" He slowly scanned the room. "We got trouble. The Imperial Guard is on their way here and I think they may think we did it"

Kaige got up. "Time to kill"
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[size=1][i]The ground began to quake with the soldiers' marching. The glasses on the table were shaking with the ground. Judging from the power of the quake, and the noises they heard, these guys were good soldiers, and they'd be arriving in under a minute.

Kaige was the first up so he got to his dragon first. Rath stood up, eyes turning bright red with anger. Kaige took off and the others soon followed.[/i]

Kaige: (Shouting) I have a plan, Ivy! Levvy! Kyoske! Robin! Take a partner and go to the two ends of their army! (pointing to Jason) You, follow me...
They did as they were told. Kaige soared high into the sky and cast a spell on his sword. He raised the sword high in the air, gathering strength. It seemed to extend for miles as his sword plummeted down to the ground, making a valley and effectively dividing their force in half.
Kaige: Now the fun begins...[/size]
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" I got east. Riduku, Thail!" The dragon looked at Kyoske then nodded as it began to disolve into the earth. "Just stom on the ground if you need help. We'll find you."He said as he turned to everyone else. "Stay safe!" He turned back to the street that Kaige had split and ran off into the allyway, twards the east side of the army.

He got behind a building and peeked around it and saw about three soldiers looking around for the rest of the group.

"Bingo. But I gotta stop them before they can aleart anyone else." He knelt down to the ground and tapped it three times, then stood up and drew one of his swords. A second later Ragnorok started to come out of the ground behind as the soldiers stared in fear.

"Its a dragon! Help!" One soldier said as he started to step back.

"Now!" kyoske jumped out from behind and brought his sword up, then down, cutting the closest soldier's back wide open, cutting the backbone in the process.

"One. Now the other two." He turned to the next soldier and drew his other sword, cutting the solder inthe waist. He stood up straight as the solder fell to the ground in two peices, dead on contact.

""Tiko, Haiato. Lets get the hell outa here!" The last soldier said as he took another step back.

"Thats not gonna happen. Riduku, time for dinner!" The soldier turned intime to see Kyoske wipe the blood off of his swords as Ragnorok opened its mouth and bit down on the soldier. She then threw him up into the air and swallowed him whole in a matter of seconds.

"Good job. Now get back under and try to stop as many as you can."

"No problem. Do you want me to just kill them, or eat them?" She said in his head.

"Either or. Depending on how fat they look. Just be careful okay?" She nodded as she went back underground."Now, time to find me some more prey."
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"Up in the clouds" Seta's voice rang in his ears.

"The dragons are up there?"

Seta nodded.

"Make them known to the rest of the group" Jason watched as the clouds swirled then revealed six dragons with a soldier on each. "Bring them down" He smiled as the dragons wings stopped then wrapped arpund each of the dragon's stomach's causing them to plummet. "Keep one up here. Send the rest to each one. Wipe out the army" Soldiers started turning against each other fighting each other to the death. "How long can you keep that up and still be able to fight?"

"Another couple of minutes" Seta sent each dragon to a different person, then stopped messing with the soldier's mind.

"So what does everyone get to fight?"

"They are all fire dragons"

"That's no fun"

"Elite rank"

"That's better, wait you said elite right?"

Seta nodded.

"Great" Jason stared at the fire dragon in front of them flapping its wings and letting smoke come out of its nostrils. "It loooks pissed off. Shall we?" Jason gripped on tight as Seta took off towards the dragon.

Seta dodged a fire blast that came close to Jason then barrel rolled followed by a dive to escape several more. He turned around and flared his wings. He watched as the other dragon released a stream of fire straight at Seta. He used his psychic abilites and sent it raining towards the soldiers, killing small groups with each ball of fire. He stopped several more and sent them back at the dragon hitting it in the stomach, wing and tail.

Jason watched the dragon fire several balls. Seta stopped all but one which hit him in the chest causing the rest to hit him. He could feel Seta growing angry inside his mind. "Seta now just calm dowwwnnnn" Jason almost lost his grip as Seta flew above the dragon and landed on its back make them both plummet as they fought with their claws. As they neared the ground he felt Seta's plans and smiled. "Go for it"

Seta branched off at the last second and binded the dragon causing it to kill hundreds of soldiers when it hit the ground which also caused the other dragon"s neck to snap.

"Time to go see how the others are doing"

OOC: Who ever is fighting next my person will be there watching. Be sure to make the fight woth the enemy fire dragon good.
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Levvy ran to Larenth and climbed onboard. "Welp! Let's get those big, bad dragons!"
They lifted off the ground and sped off toward the large group of soldiers. "Get 'em girl! Let's make 'em toast!"
Then miraculously a fire dragon plopped right outa the sky in front of them. "Ooh! It's rainin' dragons!" Levvy shreiked gleefully.
[I]The time for daylight is running out so my power won't be very strong. Let's fight it with brute force![/I]
Larenth dodged a fire ball and swooped below the enemy dragon then rose up quickly, ramming her horned head into the dragon's belly. The dragon released several spouts of flame out of anger. One hit Larenth's back leg, but she was not deterred.
She flew in a circle around it and grabbed it's head between her claws. She breathed in deep, then unleashed a weak blast of white light into it's eyes. It was blinded immediately and fell fast, loosing it's rider, before Larenth grabbed it once again, keeping it pinned.
Levvy carefully shimmied up Larenth's neck and reached for the scythe on her back. She raised it up and then slashed through the enemy dragon's neck. Larenth unceremoniously dropped it to the earth below like it was trash.
"Yay! We got it!" Levvy hooted and clapped her hands.
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