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The 2000's Era: The End of Them All?


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[SIZE=1]Since the beginning of 2005 crazy things have been happening. At first I just though "Ah well, just something else" But I was wrong. In 2004 the tsunami hit, killing thousands of people. It was such an amazing event I was in shock for days. Well after a couple of months 2005 came around.

Another quake shook Indonesia, killing thousands once more. That event just made me wonder why? Was Asia being punished for something? As most people did I just moved on, minding my business.

Then here comes a run away bride, who is now being sued or something? That was just sad, and weird. One of those things I really didn't pay attention too.

Now I was in Cali (visiting until Friday) and did I get a farewell present. I was sitting on the computer in a chatroom just sitting around and talking. Then some girl gets on the mic and yells "Earthquake!" I thought she was kidding until gentle swaying evolved into violent shaking knowcking me off my chair.

I turned on the T.V and saw that it was a 5.3. Watching it for a bit they announced that it may have had some sort of connection to the 7.3 (correct me if I am wrong) earthquake in the ocean that practically destroyed half of Chile.

Then I thought to myself "Something big is coming...to many people are dieing....to many earthquakes in less than a week. Something big..."

So tell me people, is the era of the 2000's the end?[/SIZE]
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[color=#332E1D][font=franklin gothic medium]All you have to do is know your history. None of this stuff is unusual. Massive earthquakes and other natural phenomenon hit the Earth at regular intervals - sometimes almost back-to-back, sometimes with gaps in between. None of that is anything new - it's been going on for several billion years now.

It reminds me of when people thought a comet was headed toward Earth in the late 1990's. People started to say that the world was coming to an end and all of that rubbish.

No, I don't think any of this is "a sign of things to come". These things happen and there are geological/natural reasons for it. Of course, a huge disaster could strike at any moment - but this this some sort of sign or whatever? I don't believe so. Human beings have always tried to interpret natural events in their own way, from aboriginal cave paintings to Genesis. But these are always just interpretations from civilizations that aren't sophisticated enough to know better. So even today, people still make these interpretations.

The most important thing is not to worry about such events and to just focus on living your life. Yeah, I might get hit by a bus tomorrow, or I might die in a terrorist attack, or I might get killed by a massive earthquake. But what does any of that matter? There's nothing I can do to avoid it, really. Short of predicting the future, I really can't do anything about it (and if you could predict the future that would mean that all future events were pre-decided, therefore nobody would have the opportunity to change anything anyway). All I can do is just live my life the best way I know how and enjoy myself and my friends/family. At least that way, if something [i]does[/i] happen to me, I can be satisfied that I lived the life I wanted to.[/color][/font]
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I have to side with James.

I used to see these signs everywhere. Natural disasters, global warming, the ill-natured attitudes of other human beings...etc.

It was only after I studied history that I realized my mistake.

People thought the world would end in the 1900s.
Somebody claimed the world would end in the 1940s.
10 years or so ago some believed that the antichrist had come and the world would end.
There was the Y2K end of the world scare.

I think it's natural to be slightly paranoid but like James said, you should worry more about the more down to earth problems.

[quote=The Sunscreen Song]
Don't worry about the future; or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by gewing bubblegum. The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind; the kind that blindside you at 4pm on some idle Tuesday.[/quote]

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[SIZE=1]*wipes his forehead* whew, thanks to James I can now breathe easy again. lol, seriously, hes right though. The best thing for us to do is focus on now and not what could be in store for us. Sure, we can analyze the situation and predict an apocalypse, but its all pure speculation. Why worry about something your not even sure will happen? I really don't believe these things "mean" something. It's not as if we've never had it happen before. The 4-5 hurricanes hitting florida last year, pretty big deal, yet no apocalypse or death of life as we know it. Living life in fear isn't living at all, so let it go, and whatever is in store for us will happen, whether we want it or not. Its not as if it can be helped.[/SIZE]
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[color=deepskyblue]A truth about life in three words: it goes on. By all means let the numbers of the dead amaze you if you must, but then look at how many babies are being born every second. And to the parents, invariably the birth of their child is as a miracle, and the resulting happiness often simply dwarfs the pain felt by people due to deaths. It's just that the news networks aren't interested in reporting too many births.

Not as if I'm saying anything new, but people die, even in their millions, all the time throughout history. And even if we were threatened with extinction from, I dunno, a giant meteor, there will always be us. There's never been anything like us, anything as smart or adaptable as humans in the way that we are. And about the whole year 2000 doomsday rubbish...well, two millennia is but a heartbeat in the life of this planet...[/color]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR="#990033"][b]It's funny, I was watching the Terminator last night and the storyline of when the Cyborgs (robots) go to war with the Humans is 2014. Thats like in what 9 years? It's so fun to watch the movies that portray the 2000's as "The end of the world". I remember the christian papers who said that a meteor was going to crash on earth destroying everything. Sadly my gradmother (who's very religious) believed in this crap. Also like r2vq said there was the Y2K thing. There's always going to be some jumble about the world ending, and even if it did, wouldn't you want to not know? Like James said, life your life and don't worry about things that are possibly never going to happen. Scientists predict that the sun will go out, but by then I don't even think Humans will exist anymore. There will always be natural disasters, and things like this happen every so often. It's best not to think about it.
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