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RPG Mortal Kombat: domination: RPG (sign up)

Guest Pikeon

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This is a mortal Kombat RPG sign up

Name: Your name
Race: What are you
Bio: Ur history and present
Special Attakcs: ur spcial attack I.E. sub-zero has the freezing ablilties.
Age: How old are you?
Location: Where do u live

start this funk-boogie when we got everyone signed up
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Shinnok a god of the neatherrealm a land of lost souls has sent an evil sorcerer to china and corrupted the lands of china. Killing anyone who stadns in his way.. The people of China look down on the good of china............
???: Where is Shinnok's Amuelet??
Chinapeople dont know where this amulet he is talking about
???: Very well your lifes are wasteless.
The evil sorcerer used his magic to blow up the area.
???: I wont stop until i fin Shinnok's amulet.

Name: Ryenzau
Race: Lin Kuei (Like Sub-zero)
Bio: Shattered past was abandoned by his father at 3 due to failure of money problems. met utaki-bishoin at 5 yrs old,trained with him for 10 yrs. and left..He later decided to tkae in on continuing his Kung FU training. 2 years later he became a
Commander of the Jago's. his Long time partner Jago Leader of the Jago's has trained with him since he was 10.
Age: 17
Special attacks: Ice ablilties (passed from Sub-Zero's brother)
Location: THe mountains of Nepal.
Side: Rebel/Arch enemy to some
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ground Rulz:
#1Keep it on MK no friggn DB/Z/GT stuff Neo ill let ya slide this time.
#2 i forgot to mention w/e side ur on good/bad/rebel/ally/arch rival/etc......
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Name: siren kojia(was there any doubt?)
Race: half elf
Bio: was found and trained by a master in the mountians... someone killed him she vowed to revenge him
Special Attacks: air
Age: 15
Location: woulden't you like to know... j/k... mountians

i'll be... rebel...
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[SIZE=1]Name: Hito Shoukyaku
Race: Shado-girudo
Bio: He is a both famous and infamous sorcerer. Those who cross him rarely come out unscathed if not dead. Grew up as a child abandoned by his parents and adopted by the Shado-girudo, who taught him everything he knew. He began practicing his sorcery more and more, and it wasn't too long before he was stronger than those who had adopted him. One day, the Shado-girudo attempted to get rid of him in fear of his power, but in irony, it was they where were rid of. He wanders around alone, the soul survivor of the Shado-girudo
Special Attacks: Works mostly with condensed magick and elemental abilities
Age: 23
Location: Wherever he is at the time..

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Name: Craig Kensindan
Race: Human
Bio: Grew up in the Japanese mountains, where he trained with his master learning Shotokan Karate. He is now a master of the art, and sets out to make his name as a great warrior.
Special attacks: Hadoken, Shoryuken, Tatsamutchishenkick
Age: 15
Location: Travels around China, Japan, Taiwan, and the Himalayas.
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Name: Matt Dragonfire
Age: 16
Race: Human
Powers: Ice (sub zero's)
Location: Glaciers in the Arctic Sea
Bio: Abandoned by his parents as a child for displaying strange behavior. They moved to Florida and Matt almost dies from the heat, so they abandoned him to avoid future problems. Trained by various masters in many forms, but his style of choice is Ninjitsu. Matt has spent many years training alone and perfecting his ice abilities in the glaciers.
Side: Rebel
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by kool_aid13 [/i]
[B]Name: Kool
Race: human
Bio: smart and mysterious.
Special Attacks: Fire Storm, Energy Blast, and Freezing Wind.
Age: 13
Location: US of A [/B][/QUOTE]

Name: Bryan
Race: Human
Bio: Grew up learnign karate, and always sparred with Kool. The sensai could never choose who was the best. SHang Tsung killed their sensai so they both swore to avenge him.
Special Attacks: (scorpions attack, passed down by his sensai)
Age: 13
Location: All over the USA

Side: Ally/ Rival
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