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RPG Legend of the Dragon's Heart (sign-up)

Shadowed Demise

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Many years ago in a land far away where mighty warriors and powerful mages and other mythical beings lived there was a ruby the size of a fist in existance that if the right person held it a dragon would hatch out of the egg and grant the owner any wish he or she desired.

Now a brave young giant named Hiyoshi has embarked on the chalange to locate and use the ruby which has becom known as the Dragon's Heart so that he can return peace to his home land of Avador. Let the Saga begin..............

Name: Hiyoshi
People: giant/wizard
Age: 138 (24 in human yaers)
Height: 19'7
Weapon: Axe

Appearance: Hiyoshi wears a large fur shirt and pance (like a viking). He has thick dragon hide boots and wears a long fur cape.He carries a very powerful enchanted double bladed broad axe that can summon element magics out of it .

Bio: Hiyoshi is from the large town of Xydion the capital of Avador but recently a very powerful sorceress named Byzanya has taken over the kingdom with her army of zombie warriors' dragons and very powerful magic. Hiyoshi was studying at the magic school in Zykadus when this happened and when he heard he swore he would retreave the dragon heart to bring peace back to his land.
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[color=crimson]Name: Ken
Race: Elven Sorcerer
Age: 200 (25 or So in human years)
Appearance: Kenneth, Ken for short, Is one of the best sorcerers in the kingdom...he wears a blue robe with a blue hood... and he has a blue staff... O_o he likes the color blue.... bah

Bio: He doesnt talk about his past... all we know is that he has lived 200 years...[/color]
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Name: Travis
Race: Half-Elf Ranger
Age: 126 (the equivalent of a 16 year old Human)
Appearacne: He wears a dark green tunic and pants and a dark brown cloak with a hood. He has dark brown hair tied in a pony tail. His facial features look more human then elvan but he moves with the quietness of an elf.
Bio:His father was a Human and mother an Elf. Both his mother and father were rangers. They didn't have a home but moved from place to place in the woods. They taugh him the ways of the Ranger and now he is setting out looking for Adventure.
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Name: Craig
Race: Elven warrior
Age: 350 (30 in human years)
Height: 6'8"
Appearence: Has long white hair, and deep hazel eyes. Wears a red and black suit and a black cape.
Biography: Is one of the elven kingdom's most elite guards. He has magic resistant armour, and can carry upto 3 weapons. He is at his physical peak.
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Name: Li Hoyashi
People: Iksar Summonist
Age: 18
Height: 5'9''

Appearance: A green wizard's cloak with a summoner's blade on his back. He beholds a long hat like Link's. Green pants and a white shirt underneath his green cloak.

Bio: He was born on a stormy night across the seas from the hope of none other. The skies were darkening the lands too much so his father couldn't see on horseback to deliver the baby to his mother. He was soon found by some good old people and taken to their house to be taken care of. Soon, the old woman died and it was the old man and him. As time passed he grew in a small town. But that never stopped him from practicing Fencing.

I'll draw him for u people. :D
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Name: Matt
Race: Elven Mage
Age: 126 (16 in human years)
Height: 5'3 (more like dwarf size)
Appearance: Wears an expert martial arts gi but with a cloak. The front of the gi has a dragon emblem on it and he wears long dark pants with leather shoes.
Bio: Matt was adopted by the leader of his tribe who was an adept sorceror. After getting quite skilled in magic, he sought to improve his physical side as well and trained in martial arts. In a hate crime against elves, his village was burned down and his father killed. Matt seeks only peace now, but will use his skills if necessary. His specialty is shape shifting (animals and people).
Weapon: Staff
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Name- Kizu
Race: Elven Mage
Age- 15 (Although he has wisdom many years past his own.He can cast a large number of spell)
Height- 5"7
Appearence- A long Red robe covering his head to toe. His face is in the shadows of his robe. He rarely ever shows his face or takes of his robe (uses magic to clean it). Do i need any thing else here?
Weapon- Amulet that gives him the power to control Lightning.

I have a quick sketch of it, but it won't let me put it on this post.so i will just have to put it on another.
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:laugh: hahahhaa! Cast any spell? Gettin' alittle ahead of yourself there, aye? Well, too bad mages can't cast all summonist spells. It's a known fact only summonists learn all summoning spells and many regular spells. *snicker* silly Kizu.

Oh, and Kizu, by the by, make sure the sketch isn't too big to post onto the Otakuboards. It may too big if your not careful.:nervous:
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Race: Dragon tamer[human, but very dragon like in apperance]


Weapon:Broad Sword(can pierce dragon hide)

Description:5'9, boarder shorts(or something like it)Chainmail shirt, dragon hide cloak, dragon hide boots, dragon like eyes(he grows wings when he turns 35)Spiked blonde hair.(see, isn't he dragon like? His ppl have an unhealthy obsession with dragons. The original Dragon tamer and his wife injected dragon blood in themselves)[/color]
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