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End of the World: Eleventh Hour [M-SLV]


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[url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=18015]The End Of The World As We Know It[/url][/center]

The possessed Ryan crossed the barrier into the mortal realm. The cool, crisp air flooded his lungs with a long-forgotten bliss. The Pits below were thick with rotting flesh, brimstone, sulfur, heat, and all sorts of bile. Even in a stranger's body he could fell the uncharacteristic euphoria of untainted oxygen. It was like being reborn-

The surge of Holy Mana in the air shook the Morningstar awake from his rapture, and he finally came to terms with the reality at hand; the in the middle of the Vatican square was where he had warped to. And it was here that Simikiel had weaved his web. Seraphims crossed the skies; Archangels lined the buildings in ornate lines of glistening armor. The clear blue above danced with alabaster feathers as countless legions assembled. From the ground and buildings, easily over a thousand angels within the Holy Guard drew bolts, notching their bows back.

For a single instant, Lucifer lost grips with his own self, and stared in disbelief as a tide of silver and blazed fletching hurled towards him, with a unified twang of hundreds upon hundreds of bows. Most of the arrows were vaporized by the aura of evil around this possessed Fallen, but with such a tide, escape is impossible. Rattled with easily over three hundred arrows, most piercing the sapphire armor with ease, the creature survived merely on the well of mana within. Ryan's life force had vanished, and only his magic signature remained, and though enormous, was fading quickly.

Simikiel swooped low, landing with all six wings fully extended, some twenty meters in front of this hybrid. He drew his fabled blade and pointed it to his sworn foe.

"The Angel of Vengeance does not tuck tail and run, Lucifer. You think to challenge those that have sworn to serve He who is Called 'I Am'? We are filled by his benevolence; we are borne of his grace. All creatures and expressions are His, and we must honor his gift. With His very hands he forged this blade. With His very spirit he has commissioned me to rid the world of the scourge. With His very being, I shall end this."

And at that, Simikiel, in all his glory, charged Morningstar. He hacked, he slashed, cut, jabbed, perforated, and lacerated until the bloody chunks were no longer definable. Even then, Lucifer existed, his spirit whisking into the never. With a final, redeeming bolt of pure, unadulterated mana, the form of Ryan vanished, and with it, Lucifer disappeared back into the depths, back into his form.

A primal magick tore the area in two, the epicenter where the Fallen Angel lastly lay. For miles on end a wasteland crumbled into the passage of time in a mere instant. The Angelic Guard survived wholly, but short of a direct intervention by the Hand of God, the damage was irreversible. Shockwaves were sent for miles and miles, and the world over felt affects of the banishment...

...And yet, it was the end.

Ryan considered Lucifer his savior. He had fallen from God's grace, and thus, sought acceptance in any form. He would forever lack the bliss of feeling the divine presence, and thus, a void within him needed to be filled. Ryan was given this chance, power, and military control, even command over the prestigious Council. At the same time, his view was skewed from the obvious truth that he was being used.

This surrogate father ultimately brought about his final moment, but, even in purging the body, none could sever this bind that the Morningstar wrangled the Fallen Angel into. Deep within the Pits, buried under the strain of Death and Torment, Ryan existed as a fragment of his former self, if only to say that Lucifer had the last laugh. Satan fully recognized this former Angel as being the cause of his demise, but the wretched creature still had use.

And this wrath was not missing from the victim, either.

Scorned and under constant waves and volleys of agony, Ryan saw, in his warped, degrading perspective, the faces of those that drove him to the edge and beyond. Sennen, Tarlain, Simikiel, even his own adoptive father all held the cards to his pain. But one, in particular, had started this. Vae, the Third, Ryan would have sneered. He had originally defied Ryan's request and set into motion the defection of Kenneth and the revival of Skye. So many things had come to pass over this creature's ambition, and he would be made to pay, one way or the other.

It has been five years since that awful onslaught. The world, now unified in acknowledge and understanding of the power of the Kingdom of Heaven and the fury of The Depths, has slowly rebuilt itself. Most of the world population had survived the original war, though considerable damage had been done. Though the gates were sealed, though the humans were striving, the mark of the failed Armageddon had been made. New York was still in shambles. Jerusalem was in ruins. Rome had vanished off the face of the Earth.

And yet that was only the beginning.

Vae, long harboring ideals of rebellion, has decided to push his ambitions even higher. After officially proclaiming his threat to the Throne, he never ventured back to the Pits, and instead took refuge within the Valley Forge. Neither Heaven nor Hell could track him or his movements.

Over the past five years, he has been biding, waiting, and gathering power. He is Evil Incarnate, he knows all the ins- and outs of his abilities. Using a massive necromantic wave, he unleashed hoards of undead, countless in number, upon the mortal realm. He appeared himself shortly after, and crafted his own entrance to the Gates of Purgatory. That was shortly over a month ago. The fighting has been fierce, but mostly only minor skirmishes have broken out.

Heaven has turned a blind eye to the act, due to the fact that Medra would be content with the Throne of Hell. But, just a couple of hours ago, a few humans were swept up in a conflict and, obviously, were decimated. Heaven has taken this incident and declared it an act of war, seeking to kill two birds with one stone.

But they will soon learn what it means to stand against the Demon God of the Night Skies....


Now all that remains is the sign-ups. This does not have to be the culmination of all artistic writing, but some detail would be nice. You may choose between Heaven, Hell, Medra's hoard, or simply a wanderer. The sheet is as follows. These are the basics; feel free to add what you like.







[b]Physical Description:[/b]

Be creative with your sign-ups, and please try to stay dedicated and remember even the small details of characters, because that just helps things flow.
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=darkorchid]Name: Cali'i

Age: Created by the Maker of the Universe, unaffected by time.

Alignment: Unaffiliated at the moment but with a natural tendency towards heaven.

Biography: Cali'i is a standard Earth Angel. She has no great and magnificent power, no legions to command, or powerful weapons to exercise control over. Instead she is small and insignificant, and therefore alive. Sent to earth to be a blessing to mortals, she aids and comforts them subtly, whispering encouragements, and strengthening those who would serve her Maker. However, in the grand scheme of things she has no great interest in who conquers and is conquered. Her mission hasn't changed for the centuries she's been on the planet. Whoever is the new power will not affect her so long as the people continue to believe.

She's been aware of recent demon activity, but when they see her, they usually scoff. They have no idea what sort of power she has, and to be honest, neither does she. She's aware that the penitent pray, and that those prayers give her strength. But it's never occurred to her to do more than what she was originally sent to Earth to do.

Weapons: One sword, light, flexible, and unremarkable.

Abilities: Energy infused into her body by the prayer of the penitent, The ability to hide and reveal wings suitable and indeed used for flight, likewise the ability to change her clothing at will. Empathic, able to sense emotions, feelings, strong thoughts, but otherwise unable to see the future. This ability goes for humans as well as the immortal, demon or angel.

Physical Description: Slender, slight, brown hair, brown eyes, bright skin, halo, wings, the works. The wings have an 18 foot wingspan, tip to tip, and are comprised of what looks like feathers. However they are insubstantial and can easily melt into nothing if separated from her body by force or her will. [/COLOR][/FONT]
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Name: Sen-kai

Age: 100,000 years

Allignment: Defected from the Kingdom of hell to the kingdom of heaven after Ryan's failed takeover.

Biography: Sen-kai was cast into the pits of hell after failing to protect a prophet. After a few short centuries fighting for the Dark Lord, Sen-kai was promoted to Captain status taking control of thousands of demons. After Lucifer was slain, Sen-kai saw a chance for escape and possibly forgiveness as he slipped out of the Abyss and into the Earth realm.

He has been wondering the Earth realm, doing his small part, and vanquishing many of the newly arriving demons, some of whom had worked under Sen-kai just a short time before. He now looks for a way to get back into heavens great army and redeem his failure over a millenia before.

Weapons: [B]Gabriel's blade[/B]
A sword forged in heaven, capable of raining holy power down onto it's enemies.

[B]Damien's dagger[/B]
A long dagger forged in hell's fire, given to Sen-kai after his promotion to captains status. Well balanced so it can be thrown and magically returned when Sen-kai speaks its name. Burns to hot to hold when anyone but Sen-kai tries to hold.


[B]Mental Strength:[/B] Sen-kai can transfer his mental energy into physical energy. Greatly increasing his speed and agility.

[B]Heaven and Hell[/B] Being a commanding officer in both armies Sen-kai can simultaneously rain down holy energy as well as conjure a blazing inferno scorching from hells fury below.

[B]Divine Blast[/B] With a few moments of concentration Sen-kai can transform his energy into a energy blast instantly killing most minor demons. The major downfall of this ability is it can takes serious concentration and can leave Sen-kai vunerable to attack.

[B]Barrier[/B] From being both Holy warrior and unholy warrior, Sen-kai can conjure a barrier that protects from most attacks, though he cannot move while the barrier is in place.

Being that his abilities take so much energy from him, Sen-kai normally sticks to using the weapons he has come to love over the years for survival.

Physical description: Standing at an intimidating 6'4. With short Brown hair and deap blue eyes. Sen-kai still wears the black armor he wore while in hell's service. He lost the helmet because he felt it hid his identity from the one who could return him to his old position in the kingdom of heaven.
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There are a few things wrong, actually, that I'm afraid I must comment on. First off the 'world' in the spiritual sense is far, far older than any human civilization. Like the kingdoms of Heaven and Hell were made when the universe was. This RPG will follow a pretty strict flow of a combination of a mixture of faith and science. Rather hard to explain, so let's just put it in the terms that the Big Bang theory was basically God saying "You, universe, exist." and that's when the Kingdom of Heaven appeared along with the vast expanse of space. As Angels began committing sins within Paradise, they were cast out, thus Hell is created. The physical mortal world at this point is a boiling primordial soup. As far as I'm concerned, the events of the Bible still happen, but not in the immediate fashion as it is written. Weird mix of theology and scientific evidence, I know.

The other part and not as long and/or boring is that your character simply cannot be the main general of Hell's Army, simply because Ryan's character was in the original which this is a sequel to. So that is just basically a clash of facts. You can still have a significant role if you like, but it wouldn't be the commanding officer of all forces of the Siege. ~_^
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[SIZE=1]A truly intriguing RPG Neil, mind saving me a spot until I've worked out which side I'm going to play in ? Just a quick question Neil, as it relates directly to my sign up, are all the characters going to be Angels/Fallen Angels/Demons or can we have mortal characters who have to choose sides in the on coming war ?[/SIZE]
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Ryan Schezar

[b]Age:[/b] Around 1,750 years of age.

[b]Alignment:[/b] Evil

[b]Biography:[/b] Ryan tumbled through Earth and purgatory before landing in one of the most remote portions of Hell. His body long since burned away in the maelstrom of Heavenly foces, his soul was a mere shattered remenant of prior glory. He stood and was forced to take corporeal form, exhausting the remainder of his energy. Somewhere from the direction of the palace, Lucifer screamed in fury.

Ryan hunkered down against the winds of hate and the suffocating waves of pain. This was his existance from now on. He was to remain here, with his mind, and slowly go insane over the couse of infinity. The Fallen angel tried to pull his tattered wings over himself for protection, but they seared and ripped with even the slightest touch. Laughter echoed in his mind.

[i]You've failed, Ryan... All the chances in the three worlds, and you failed. Damned to spend the rest of time here in this forsaken pit of agony.[/i]
Ryan looked around, hoping to see some source of the voice, but found nothing. Not even another fallen soul. He was losing his mind.
[i]But don't lose hope, my friend. It's not solely your fault. Your downfall was not your work alone. Several helped you on the road to destruction.[/i]
He crawled into a ball, and began weeping. The tears cutting streamlets of moisture on a cracking face.
[i]I can help you. But you must open yourself to me.[/i]
No... This was his fault. This was his punishment...
He deserved this...

[b]Weapons:[/b] Claws

[b]Abilities:[/b] An insane amount of strength that is pulled from pure insanity.

[b]Physical Description:[/b] Ryan stands at about 6' 3", but is now often stooped and slumping. His skin is the color of the moon, and almost as cold. His face is always cocked at an odd angle, giving him a perpetual questioning gaze. Ryans eyes glow a deep orange, and his hair has gone completely white. He has long features that go almost to the point of being gaunt. He wears pieces of scavanged metal armor that make up a patchwork mail or sorts.[/size]
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[b]Name:[/b] Medra Furor

[b]Birth name:[/b] Vae

[b]Titles:[/b] Son of the Styx, Reaper of the Styx, Scion of Fury, Styx Proeliator, Demon God of the Night Skies, The Third General of the V3 Project, The First Twin.

[b]Age:[/b] Seven million, five hundred thousand, twelve years old as of September 27th 2004.

[b]Race:[/b] Demon God

[b]Weight:[/b] Two hundred forty-seven pounds (112.03 kilograms)

[b]Height:[/b] Six feet seven inches (2.04 meters)

[b]Alignment:[/b] Evil but tends to falter on a line that goes in whichever favor of his current objective.

[b]Attributes:[/b] Being forged of pure evil energy and of angelic power, Medra has a complete local control over dark magic, meaning total manipulation of all of the dark arts known in forms of attacks or defenses; he cannot control others? abilities. His body can automatically, due to its practice over the passage of time, restore itself by combining the pure energy of an elemental and the decayed, blasphemous evil essence of a Demon God.

As the Demon God of the Night Skies, he can flawlessly empower the weather. This includes creating or dispersing storms at a simple whim, forcing electric, wind, sound, rain, ice, and the proper derivatives of such natural elements out from his body or the sky. He can make static charges beyond billions of volts and across the spectrum to ice shards the size of naval battleships. He can also break himself apart as wind for teleportation, or lightning for a fast-as-light-itself phase-out/in.

Vae has fashioned his own dimension, used to return to when needing a break from the world, or to escape, or move large armies or stock around without harassment. It is called the Valley, often referred to as the ?Void,? but it is far more than a blank absence of existence. Rather, it is a reversal of the material realm, a cursed, inverted world where mana can be freely and visibly seen as it is gathered and conjured. Ethereal winds tear at the Valley, giving a wild and distorted look. The material realm, or any other, has an affect on the Valley, and vice versa, but the normal world can be faintly seen through the morbid colors of the Void. Medra can enter the Valley at will, and with no summoning time; it is like an extension of his psyche. There, he can move about freely without hassle, and any forms of attack will not follow, as he can selectively chose what makes it through his portal, which is not bare to the naked eye.

Being a Demon God, he is invulnerable to deadly poisons, as his coagulated blood absorbs any destructive force injected within him. This includes paralyzing poisons. However, venoms that reach beyond physical bounds still inhibit combat effectiveness, such as magic-reducing spells and barrier chants that place bonds on his energy output.

As an adept mana user, Medra can, at will, enhance his vision by threading pure energy into his eyes to see the world around him in a spectral sense. There, he can witness all flows of magick and life energy. In this way, he can see around psychic and infatuation-induced hallucinations.

Since Vae?s soul is bound with the Essence of the Bloodroot, the very nature of evil, he can never truly die. His body may cease to move, and his spirit may leave the carcass, but his sentience will always return to the Valley, where he will be able to regain his strength and conjure his body back from even the most sacrilegious of disposals.

Due to his time in the River Styx, his mind is severely chaotic, eras of pain, hatred, and suffering ground into his very moral fiber. This leaves psychic and psionics at a disadvantage should they take a peek within his psyche, and several in the past have killed themselves after feeling the torment of such punishment. Others have gone insane, and the majority of those that have festered into his brain have nightmares every night in a horrid reminder of the pain.

In lieu of his time under the torrents and tides of the Styx, Medra also gained insightful know-how on controlling the river of Fire itself. He can, upon summoning, relinquish a tide of liquid fire and broiling blood over the area around him from below, and has even formed spheres of power similar to the Styx from his bare hand.

As a Scion of Fury, his body must change to allow for his immense power to bloom when his abilities are pushed higher than a normal fighting level. At the first level, his tail emerges. Most commonly forty feet long, but it can extend, with the steady increase of energy, up to seventy-five feet long. On the tip is a triangular blade, a flat running some seven feet in the base skin, with a sloping, razor-sharp edge outwards. He can control it superbly, and, in fact, is deadlier with it than his Twin. The blade has been dubbed the ?Edge of the Damned? by many ancient myths and stories.

Edge of the Damned: [url]http://artillerie.250free.com/MT.gif[/url]

In the next plateau of his power, Vae?s draconic wings emerge. Unseen for over three million years, these disgusting appendages are vile, disproportionate relics of an age long past. Bare flesh liters the blackened, craggy bones, with strings of sinew and ligaments hanging freely. Each wing is thirty-seven feet long, four feet tall, and razor sharp. They can easily match blades in open combat; yet do not aid Medra in any form of flight, regardless that he uses mana for such an act.

[b]Biography:[/b] Birthed under the name ?Vae?, Medra knew only rage and pain for the first decade of his waking life. Created in a vat of ripe genetic material enchanted with weather elements and the dark arts, he felt the agony as his body ripped apart on its own, forming and changing again with the tides of energy poured into his body and soul.

Seven beings were created in this manner, the project dubbed the ?V3 Project.? He is the second oldest of the brothers. The line follows as; Diablos, Medra, Orion whom was also known as the Death Knight, Arano, Unas, Amatros, and Raserei. The Generals of Hell hail from an alternate version of Hades, most closely corresponding with Dante?s depiction of the afterlife.

The actual creation of the souls for the Brothers was indeed unique at the time, all of those millennia long past. Four of them, Diablos, Arano, Amatros, and Raserei, held within one thousand corrupted Angelic souls in a loosely connected cluster. Orion was the next step, combining one thousand five hundred pure Angel souls into one, placed under a necromantic bind. This was a powerful outcome, but the radiant purity ultimately lead to his desertion to Heaven?s Army.

Medra was created in a similar manner, but with a more perfected method. He was to be the finest creation of the move. Seven thousand, six hundred twelve souls, three thousand eight hundred six pure and another three thousand eight hundred six boundlessly corrupt, were melded together in a summoning process which took three years to complete. Once the soul was finally whole, like so many pieces of a puzzle fitting just right, it was placed under not a necromantic bind, but inspirited with the Essence of Bloodroot; he is made of pure hatred.

As to not leave any loose ends of the story of creation, Unas was then made while Medra was placed under the River Styx. The factors for both moves were quite simple; Medra needed to fester in pain, misery, and, most importantly, rage, while Orion?s spot on the Council of Thirteen, a collection of the most powerful and evil beings in the Pits, had to be filled. Unas was forged from blood. No spirit, no soul, just life threads. Darkened by fury at his own pain and uncontrolled self-mutilation within the Vat, he was endlessly more evil than the scientists of Hell had ever predicted. He was marked in history as a black spot within a multitude of dark legions; even the armies of the Morning Star were wary of his abilities.

Medra remained under the river of Fire, assimilating as much of the fury that his body could hold. The Essence of Bloodroot had an astounding affect on his body; it strengthened him as time went on and, accordingly, the more he fought. Furthermore, the suffering of others pushed his abilities even higher. Below the Styx, at the basin where Vae was bound, he became one with the River of the Underworld. He knew it in and out, and it knew him. He spoke with the Styx?s essence on a level far above a voiced conversation, and even in his agony-riddled screams, he learned to control the power of the River. It had blessed him; it understood what he would soon become. Vae was chosen to carry the burden of hate with him.

During the various wars throughout the passage of time, Medra has repeatedly proved himself to be an exceptional combatant, a brilliant tactician, and a gifted thinker. Able to add two plus two and get four every time during the most intense situations has, along with his extreme abilities, preserved his vitality throughout the millennia.

Though, for all of the punishment that he has undergone, he remains a rather stately air about himself in day-to-day life. He hides his insanity deep within, and reserves his whims of destruction for chance days when he simply does not want to put up with the mortal realm around. He is known, however, when he does snap, to leave withering husks and disfigured bodies strewn about in a very chaotic way that has an underlying shape or style.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Medra is obviously of otherworldly origin; he is literally a god in form. Iron-hard muscles are cleanly etched under bronze skin and a thick, diseased blood flows through his veins. His skin is thick and tough, well cut muscle buffering his steel-strong bones. He is a living tank, and can take much more damage than most of the most blessed warriors around, due to the fact that his organs are not necessary for animation.



Otherwise known as: The Second Twin

A spear forged from the River Styx, directly over Medra. The blade is a mixture of steel, platinum, melted diamonds, and over ten percent of it is pure carbon. While it was being forged, it was constantly entwined with necromantic energy, made to feed on souls and energy alike. Thus, a swing of the blade can either sap a foe of mana or soul, as well as on-coming attacks.

The staff is an indefinable mixture of metals that is so thorough it has become an entirely new material altogether. It has undergone the same treatment as the serpentine blade; it will never break for as long as there is an evil hand to guide it. If there is any trace of spiritual darkness in the entire multiverse, it will remain impregnable. The handle varies in length with the amount of elemental energy Medra threads into it. It has been seen at only two feet long, and up to seventeen feet in length. The blade and the diameter of the staff, they remain constant; the razor-sharp, curved weapon is three feet long, with the radius of the staff portion being an inch.


[b]The Abyss:[/b]

Within the Belligero is a lolling, foaming, black sea of ice-cold water. A constant storm roars overhead, lightning streaking across the endless horizon, slashing winds toy with the waves, and hammering rain splatters with no hint of ever stopping. Throughout the raging ocean, under the surface, are souls of the vanquished. The Belligero is forever seeking nourishment, and it uses its sizable stockpile of energy to make its demands known.

Within the Abyss, souls find no rest. There is no pain, no joy, no despair, and no hope; only a regret of the fateful moment when their body was raped of its innocence, and the Twin stole whatever dignity remained. The dreadful loneliness that waits is irreversible, and those that experience it can never be salvaged; they must face their anguish for eternity.

[b]Deloz Fury:[/b]

Otherwise known as: End of Days

This serrated blade, like Belligero, was forged in the River Styx above Vae. Though it has no sentient essence within it, it does emit a wispy, murky aura around the blade that flows with the wind and disperses after traveling too far from the edge. This aura grows in viscosity and volume during battle, or when Medra?s emotions take flight. This evil spirit also infects wounds upon contact; lesser beings or perhaps those not as strongly attuned to their willpower and mana pools suffer adverse affects, such as a fading life signature. In short, this blade is a curse upon life, so much so that even a superficial wound could eventually overtake a healthy person by corrupting the spirit.


EDIT: Guh, is it so hard to include an actual number for age? ~.~ It doesn't matter if your character is ageless, I want numbers damn it. :P
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Name: Dr. Nusakan (Lamdiel)

Age: Timeless

Alignment: Non aligned

Biography: The enigmatic Lamdiel was once an angel whom, after the first war, simply walked out. No one can understand why he did this, but by all means, no one dared stop him. They considered he a fool who would walk from paradise itself into the threshold known as earth, but Lamdiel himself didn't think so. Upon leaving the sanctity of heaven, Lamdiel took refuge in the second city. Eventually however, an angel came calling for him and Lamdiel, rather than face conflict, banished himself to the lands of Nod. From there he walked to the northern land where he stayed from then forth. Eventually took home in Berlin where he started experimenting with the fabrics of time itself. Not until he moved to Vienna however, and found a small cabal of mages did his work really set off. After a while, he and his mortal counterparts relocated to Belgium where they began the secretive organization, the Illuminati. Using this as a front, Lamdiel was able to launder funds for his research and also to live in the luxury of man, unchecked. Although many governments have taken steps to destroy his organization, the Illuminati lives on and continues to launder money and information through business and the use of every litacy in the book.

Lamdiel on a more personal note, has exiled himself into a labratory in which he and his mages created that exists outside of all space and time, those few who have had the pleasure of finding his little labratory rarely can comprehend the wonders they've seen, so the story goes. A powerful warlock and angel, Lamdiel has, without the help of heaven or hell, created for himself a world fit for non other than him, and he would rather die than have heaven or hell over run his work. If a fool ever asks him why he did it, why he walked out of heaven, with a smile, he'll reply, [i]In heaven, all of the interesting people are missing[/i]

Because of his ties into global affairs and such, Lamdiel has become aware of recent demon activities and takes it upon himself to investigate.

Weapons: His walking cane. Actually an artifact in disguise, the rapier within the cane was his before his walk from heaven.

Abilities: The power to manipulate, but not control, time. With his powers that he's acquired thus far, Nusakan has: The ability to always know what time it is. and can do smaller things like make his target move slower than the world around them, step out of the flow of time, and summon up something that happend in an area to play out in front of him(though he cannot interact with it.) He can also remove an area from the flow of time, but that's only to explain his labratory I probably won't rp that much. Can also trap someone in an endless loop, but after they realize it the spell is often times broken.

Physical Description: Angel- Black raven like wings, a slim but muscular frame and alien features accompanied by long dark hair, tall. Human- currently Lamdiel takes the form of the asian Dr. Nusakan. Nusakan looks much like he does as an angel, tall 6'0, slender frame, and long hair. His asian features are very slight and he is very handsome. He wears glasses and expensive suits, favoring something along the lines of Armani.

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Guest Kairu Koryu
Name: Kairu. (No last name)

Age: 29

Alignment: Unaffiliated as of currently

Weapons: 5 ½ foot long Nodachi. 2 ½ foot hilt, 3 foot blade.



Telepathy: Using the inner powers of his mind, Kairu is able to sense the thoughts, feelings, and movements of those he ?reads?. This allows Kairu to foresee a good majority of incoming attacks before they?re launched by his opponent.

Telekinesis: Another mental ability mastered by Kairu. Using this, he can manipulate the world around him with thoughts instead of physical touching. At current, he can move anything from small rocks, to large trees. This ability may also be used as a defensive ability, allowing Kairu to create a psychic shield around himself or allies in his vicinity.

Astral Projection: Placing himself in a near dormant state, Kairu is able to release his spiritual form out from his body. Useful for scouting ahead long distances without detection as well as listening in on important conversations.

[b]Oni-Giri Ryu:[/b] Kairu?s self created sword fighting style. It uses the massive size of his nodachi as both defensive and offensive strikes as well as some self trained moves useful in numerous situations. Oni-Giri Ryu translates to ?Demon Slash Art?

Death?s Calling: In conjunction with telepathy, Kairu can find an opponents most vulnerable and fatal spot. After finding this ?death spot?, he unleashes a barrage of incredibly quick and calculated strikes aiming not only for the fatal mark, but also aiming for other vital areas making the opponent less likely to be able to defend.

Soul Searing: Focusing a small amount of his spiritual form into his blade, Kairu strikes the opponent. If it hits, the spirit essence is transferred to the victim, allowing Kairu partial control over their body.

Shadow Strike: Kairu creates a duplicate of himself, possessing every ability and skill he himself has, only at a slightly less power. The Shadow Clone itself can only withstand three blows before it fades.

Rage of Pain: Kairu?s ?Stand alone, or end it all? attack. His most powerful and destructive swordskill. Using all of his mental abilities at once in conjunction with each other, he ?overloads? his body with pure psychic energy, releasing it outwards in a dome equivalent to that of a small super nova. The dome extends out from Kairu's body, quickly growing to over 40 feet in the air and 100 feet around him. The shockwave given off during the release extends out and up in all directions 150 feet and possess a temperature of close to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This attack can kill Kairu if he is severely weakened.

[u]Physical Description:[/u] Kairu stands close to 5?8? with an average, slightly muscular build. His bald shaved head is normally covered by the black hood attached to the back shoulders of his raven colored trenchcoat. He has deep amber eyes, carrying both a sadness and a kindness in them regardless of his cold exterior. His face is semi-teardrop in shape with a dark brown goatee decorating his chin around his mouth. Underneath the trenchcoat, he wears a lace up strapped half trench, the ends extending to just at mid thigh. His legs are covered in baggy pants, various rings decorating them as well as two lengths of silver chain on each side, going from his hips to below his knees, attaching to a larger ring.


(will write this up later and edit it in? Having slight computer difficulties)
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