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Animal Spirirts and the Impending war [M- VL and possible S]


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10,000 years ago before humans came to power there was a war between Spirits of the spirit realm and beast of the living realm. It lasted over many years many beasts were killed and many spirits vanquished to the nether realm. The war showed no sign of stopping so the gods intervened. Sending half breeds half spirit and half animal to stop the quarreling. Each spirit was a different animal and had different powers that corresponded to an element. The war stopped and as time went on the spirit animals adapted to normal life. Using their powers for leisure and as humans came to power spirit animals adapted human forms. As they stayed to their duty of stopping war between the living a spirit realms but they are not immortal they passed on their spirit powers to there children. But as time went on and nothing happened children soon forgot about their powers and lived normal human lives. But now conflict is erupting among the realms some animal spirits are well aware of their duty and except it. Others remain oblivious will the animal spirits offspring be able to stop an impending war or will the realms fall into darkness.
Bio sheet:
Animal spirit (if you want to be one if not that?s ok you can be just another human or something like that)
Weapon or power
Appearance (pic or description):
Spirit power (Animal Spirit only)
Involvement with war (non animal spirit only)
Only 3 characters per person
No ?gods?
All animal spirits must have a catch that involves an element Example: a spirit rabbit can run at sound breaking speed but only when trees are living and with leaves
Name: Kiya
Age: 16
Gender: female
Wolf animal Spirit
Weapon: a small boomerang
Personality: Kiya is a smart girl who likes to think things threw before acting although she is a bit of a coward and likes to run rather than fight if she and only fight when she has to she easily falls in love and can be a little annoying
Bio: Her mother knew all along about her animal power and of the conflict of realms but never let her daughter know about her destiny because she was afraid to lose her but Kid always thought there was more to her life than just going to school and she had these weird dreams about fighting and she always howled at the moon like a wolf her mother finally told her and now she journeys to help stop the fighting
Spirit Power: She can walk on the air as long as the stars are visible in the night sky

Name: Flint
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Arch mage In Training (human)
weapon: Blaze ruby Archmage Staff
Personality: Flint is rather dense at times despite his knowledge of magic and would rather fight than flee he is a show off and rather cocky but he has an upbeat personality that just attracts people to him
Bio: at an early age Flint was fascinated by magic and wanted to do it all his life he started with simple spells such as a minor boom or a tiny Illusion but has grown better the Arch mage or leading official on magic has taken Flint under his wing Flint is now a master of Fire magic and is learning Illusion he still has a long way to go He met Kiya while picking herbs and doesn?t yet know of her powers
Involvement with the war: The Arch mage has been trying to settle things between humans and spirits since the fighting started so Flint is involved in the war
Appearance: [IMG]http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/guys/guys211.jpg[/IMG]
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Bio sheet:
Name: Ami "Mimi"

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Involvement with the war: Decendent of a great spirit assasin

Weapon: 2 mythril master Ko kurokens (Black Wolf assasin blades) and master throwing stars

Personality: Happy, joyfull, and ditzy at many moments, but her alter ego is solitary, mysterious, and deadily. Ami would rather site on the sidelines but her alter ego takes over and fights like the wind.

Bio: When Ami was little she lived in a very superstitues village. So much, that they killed Ami's whole family, only Ami survived because of her pet dog that was part wolf. She was so sad that she had an alter ego that was a deadly assasin. As the years went on she began to control her alter ego and she forgot all about it and became the happy school that she is now, But know all this is happening and her alter ego is comeing back. Her best friend is Rai.


Ami's alter ego:

Name: Rai

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Spirit Animal: Panther

Power: As long as the moon is shows at night, he can use panther likeness. (prowling, etc..)

Weapon: Panther samarai blade

Personality: He's quite, loyal, and mysteries but around friends he's really nice and sweet. People are drawn to him by his handsomeness but he pushess hem aside and says I already have someone in mind.

Bio: When Rai turned 5 years of age, he's family disapeared without a trace. He was left alone. Rai grew up in the allies but also went to school. When Rai and Ami met in 3rd grade the became best friends and in time Rai began to fall for Ami but he never got to tell her. Rai now practices his sword manship and he is begining to notice his powers.

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Name: Andrea (Andy)

Age: 15

Gender: F

Spirit: Fox Spirit

Weapon: Bow and arrows, and ninjitsu skills.

Personality: She is very shy and very smart. She has one friend, called Jake. She is also very artistic and sing in the choir. She love animals and they love her, too. She is very agile and her ninjitsu skills come natural to her.

Bio: She live with her mom who has no clue about her "ability" since her dad was the one with the powers and he died in a plane crash when she was almost a year old. Her mom makes plenty of money to support both of them, anyway. She met Jake when she was six and they became best friends ever since. They are in all the same classes and sit together at lunch.

Picture: [url]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v42/foxtu78/normal_Archery.jpg[/url]

Spirit power: She can turn invisible on a clear night


Name: Jake

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Involvement in War: Andy's friend

Weapons: Bow and arrow and a katana

Personality: He is very outgoing and is a naturally happy person. He is pretty smart but doesn't have very much common sense. He has alot of people who like him and is the class clown.

Bio: He lives with both his parents in the same neighborhood as Andy. He moved in when he was 7 and she was 6 and they have always been best friends. They hang out alot. He has alot of girls who like him but he won't go out with any of them. He couldn't have a erious relationship with anyone but Andy, but he doesn't want to ask her out yet.

Picture: [url]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v42/foxtu78/01.jpg[/url]
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I think I'll join this.

Name: Bleach (all he is known by)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Animal spirit: Bear spirit

weapon: His great sword in the pic

Appearance (pic or description): Below

Personality: He is very annoying. Not in the young way, but in the way that he just says the wrong thing at the wrong time, every time. He does this so people wont get to close, so if he fails to protect, which he feels he should do for all that he trusts, he wont get hurt alot.

Bio: He grew up in the wilderness of the north west. He looks skinny, but behind that is pure muscle. Growing up, he was raised by a small village near the Canadian border. They taught him about nature, as well as to respect the earth and all that live on its land. There he learned that the bear meant 'Strength, Endurance, and Protection'. He lived by these three rules for four more years, until he turned 17. From there, the village sent him into civilization, so he could now learn the harsh part of the world.

Spirit power: Enhanced srength,and endurance when the trees are dead, or about to die.

please pm me with any changes.
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Name: Striker

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Animal Spirit: Dragon

Weapon: the sword in the picture except a little longer and wider.

Power: Increased attributes(strength,speed,ect.) when he looks at the sun or moon. Fires a flame of light energy from his mouth during the day and a flame of dark enegry at night

Appearance: Below

Personality: Dark and quiet. Doesn't care about the weak at all.

Bio: Grew up in a village that was attacked and burned to the ground and was the sole survivor. Since then he has vowed to crush any one that keeps him from finding the one's responsible.
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Name: Tanya Hina

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Animal Spirit: Leopard

Weapons: A staff with a spear point at each end and shuikens

Appearance: below

Personality: Flirt alot. She can be very clumsy at times but when she is fighting she is a whole different person.

Bio: Grew up with her aunt who didn't tell her about her secret until she was 15. When she was 16 she left her home to begin her own life. She has super speed when ever it rains
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Animal spirit: Snake
Weapon:Twin blades
Appearance: Steve had black spicked hair and emotionless black eyes. He has a black cloak concealing his skinny frame. Steve always had his blades within grabbing range. One seathed on his right, and one sheathed on his left. He wore black clothing underneath his cloak, and black boots on his feet. His skin was pale.
Personality:Steve was a loner. He rejected all, as he only knows the creulty of the world.
Bio:at a young age, he was tortured by his ruthless fake-parents, as his real ones abandoned him. He has all the knowlage he needs of his power, but because of that, he was pushed around, so he ran away to live in the forests. He has no knowlage of the war.
Spirit power: As long as hate fills his heart, he will be able to inject poison. As long as he is loved, he will be able to heal wounds. (ooc: is this allowed? if it isn't, private message me)
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This sounds interesting. count me in.

Name: Thomas " Tommy"


Gender: Male

Animal Spirit: Tiger

Weapon: Six foot wan-dou ( long shaft with single edged blade on onesind and a spear head on the other) and a gloves with short steel claws for close range.

Appearance: About 5'9 and medium build. He often wears a long white trench coat with black stripes. Underneath he wears black jeans and a red shirt witch reads " Please don't interrupt me while I'm ignorring you". He wears black, well polished, boots.He has bleached blonde hair and crystal blue eyes

Personality: He's a little quite and withdrawn. Girls pawn for him, but he is often very distant a fact that can be seen in the look in his eyes. He's not a bad guy, he just feels like if he dosen't get close to anyone he can't hurt them. Deep down he's very lonly and wants to have friends but when someone trys to get close he shuts himself off.

Bio:He lead a fairly normal life, at least thats how he sees it. He was raised by numerous foster families since his parents took off when he was still very young. This isn't how he developed his withdrawn personality, that was just due to the alienation he felt from being different from everyone he met. he had been aware of his powers for some time, but he never used or acted on them, since they actually scard him a little. When he turned 18 he almost immediatly moved into a small studio apartment. But to afford to live and keep going to school he had to get a job. He knew no one else would look out for him, so he took a job as a bodygaurd for hire. He used his natural ability to is advantage and made just enough to get by, which was good enough for him.

Powers: So long as the stars shine he is as a ghosts shadow and can move with the wind.
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I'll join, I haven't participated in an RPG in a long time-or it seems like:
Name: Nicone (pronunciation: ne-ko-nay, only called that when someone is really angry with her)
Nickname: Nico
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Animal spirit: Cat
Weapon: kunai - [IMG]http://narutofan.com/_content-images/kunai.jpg[/IMG]
Appearance (pic or description): [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v495/azurasea/Neko.jpg[/IMG] The ears and tail can only be seen in her reflection, otherwise, she has regular ears and no tail.
Personality: Nico's personality follows hardly any rule, she just has fun with what she does. Free-spirited and fiery but down to earth, Nico takes her life as it comes. She doesn't give up easily and is known to be stubborn and slightly emotional, even though it takes a lot for her to cry.
Bio: Her parents had kept the secret from her, she had know idea about her powers, until two days after they left for the next town-you know the type of town, gambling etc. Nico had to stay behind, thankfully without a sitter, so she could have fun without the 'rents. A dog howled outside that night and strangely, she hissed. She had never made a cat noise in all of her life, until then. They didn't even own a cat. She looked in a mirror and saw and illusion of large, light aburn ears. She had dropped the mirror in shock, and it had shattered. She did not tell her paretns that she had found out about the 'dirty little secret'. They have yet to find out.
Spirit power: She can fly as long as there's a large light* is in the sky.

large light: either the sun or a very bright moon
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