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Writing A Free Verse [M-VSL]


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[SIZE=1]This is sort of a forum game, but it doesn't entail building off the last person's post. This is more of a: Make up a poem on the spot about whatever you feel like, and post it. Try not to think about it too hard -- this is supposed to be fun.

I'll go first.

I am king, you are slave.
I am king, you are slave.
I am god, you are knave.
I am god, you are

k n a v e s l a v e s e r f t r a s h

crum p lle
annn d be

oppressed like the dust
in your mouth wanting water but you cant get up to drink out of your own cyanide infested well to die in the same dust that haunts your mouth.

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Sounds interesting. Let's see if we can get more people interested.

Pillage, moan, anger
Freelances in distant surroundings eat at my heart for desires I have not
I want
Rip eyes out
Gash innards
Slit out. Desires are formless that they never will be so like an epiphany.

Hate, maim, life
Natures genevieve
Anger relentless fills in my soul.
Eat at these freelances so I can go home.
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[SIZE=1]Whoo... nice and dark. Pretty interesting custom title, as well.


Bubblegum techno
Popping all around you

Bubblegum techno
Bass chewing around you
the sound tastes sweet
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sat there
i did
so long

on the table beside
some guys played
magic the gathering
- a game i thought
was dead

on the table in front
of me
one guy drew
a D & D bar and hotel
the other talked to us,

my friends
at our table

the time
was full of nothing
wasting away

it rained

when we left
the thunder boomed
the wet covered
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sixteen steps away from the
door we stopped and admired
knelt and smelt the roses
we'd doze for a while then go
caught up in the flow with whatever
music fit the moment, "some talent"
you'd say as we sang,
done up to the nines. we brang drink
clear and pure as the night
but foul, the taste would bite
back as it ran down our throats.

another step further toward
salvation we picked our way through
whilst you caught your dress on a thorn

"lets have some more" so
it was that we cleaned the bottle
straight. those sixteen steps became
hardest, you'd taken the bait and
now i didn't want to follow through.
it was new, but now it was here
it became as old as crumbling graves,
save your voice from me.

trees and grass and leaves
turned grey as we both fell onto
the ground. there was no sound but
that of some singing crickets.
behind the white pickets we slept,
neither of us in debt
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Erm... Not much a poet, but here goes.

What's life... all about?
Why are we... here?
Because we are?
Did Lady Luck dance a sorrowful waltz
and curse this Earth,
or are we just playthings
for beings we cannot comprehend?
Dancing on their strings,
like puppets in a play?
Maybe we were not meant to be
an afterthought in a perfect universe
and maybe we're alone
and maybe, just maybe,
we must make our own path
in this amazing and expanding
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[SIZE=1]I like this idea, of course my poems will probably suck lol.

[B]"Come Sit With Me"[/B]
Sitting alone, lackluster and mild
Wondering if you're thinking of me
And wondering if your world's still grey
Black and white combined and distorted
You and I, seperate and self-loathing
Maybe one day you'll come sit with me[/SIZE]
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[size=1][b]"the rolling motivation"[/b][/size]

[center]my ball at first is small
so small
and vulnerable
and warm

so that it grows
so fast
and wide
and tall

but the real size maintains
so that it eventually drains
causing hurt
and tears

but i, like others, roll the ball again
sucking up cards
and computers

and cars
and clothes
and money

so that i meet another you

but this time it grows slowly
and sceptically
and frustratingly

but then i suddenly pick up people
and office blocks

and a planet
and then a star
and then a nebula

the ball explodes

i explode with the ball.[/center]
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Can we post again...? I hope!!

understand that i, [size=3]a fish[/size], can feed five thousand.
wish that i, a king, can make the wisest decision.
place bets on my feet standing on water, but don't think that i [size=3]can't[/size].
i am blondin, do you believe in me?
i will now, with permission, fall through this canyon
fall through the water.
plunge pool water fall. waterfall.
flash dust and here we go down again, my cardboard cutout survives!
this play, on words, can be played only once.
the actors expire tomorrow, so let's use 'em up fast.
[size=3]save[/size] the best 'till last?
save the worst.
lose the saved.
i, a fish, have saved [size=3]the lost[/size].
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[COLOR=DarkRed]This spontaneus poetic thing is neat...

The winter blows in,
a deep freeze
engulfs the world's Gunga Din
but he can't complain,
fore when the water freezes
and the children gather on the frozen ponds
we grab our sticks,
hit the chicks
deke the protection
and score,
overtime win.
The crowd cheers,
the Russians jeer,
the Swedes take our beer,
the Czechs steal the puck when it's all done
but the world's Gunga Din
take home Lord Stanley
And what of the Americans?
They, as they say, just can't play.
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[CENTER][I][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial]Not only do I tell a lie,
But also shall the fetus fly.
And under skin so crisp
It is like a smoky whisp.

Not only shall the birds sing long,
But also join in Haper's song.
And under the Bridge of Light
Do Angels and Demons fight.

Not only does one call out,
But also gives a shrieking shout.
And under the feathers of her wings
Mother Nature, spring brings.

Not only do they write aloud,
But also to themselves enshroud.
And under the dress of insanity
Small children shall forever plea.

Not only after the storm, the calm,
But also the back hand's palm.
And under the nails so yellow
Dances the fungus of the mellow.

Not only is the Shakespearean language free,
But, "Ask not for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee."
And under that mask, the reaper calls
As under his spell the maiden falls.

Not only is death rather bittersweet,
But also the cheater is very discreet.
And under the pedestal of Judgement,
Shall strike the knave a Godsent.

Not only shall the gods stand,
But also it shall be by their hand
That under the red moon dies
All that would tell their lies.

Not only is the riddle done,
But also none shall've had fun.
And under the corpse of eternity
Shall we three forever be.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/I][/CENTER]
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god holds
the world
in the ball
of his hand

i hold
my world
in the ball
of my head

god cries
i smile
the rain comes
i get wet

my ideas
they pulse
all over me

my world
i let loose

i become one
with the storm
i am gone

god's an illusion
sustained by
the faithful

i am an illusion
sustained by
my words

while they pray
i weave nonsense
while they sing
i scream silent

i am static
zapping through

i am the cloud
black and billowing
ready to cry

i am the pitter-patter
wet falling water
hitting you

i am
a storm

in my loud anger
i am
going to
wear myself

the sun
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[SIZE=1][b]Atom Bomb[/b]

Drop the payload
the deadly cocktail
and watch it burn.

Drop hell in a shell
my rage in a bottle
and watch you die.

I communicate atomic astronomic physics
Splitting brain cells in half with death in my voice
Hand you a fucking atom bomb and let the earth hear the noise.[/SIZE]
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[font=Arial Narrow][size=2]Whee! I love these types of threads. ^_^

Caramel crumble with whipped cream cheeks
Off white nude and lonely girl
Strawberry kisses straight from the heart
And eyes that will tear you through.

She wants him so badly she doesn't ache
She longs for someone to take her away
She needs someone to listen to her hearts' silence
And realise what no one does.

She's sleepy sleepless sleeping.
She's mystery and openness.
Her secrets are hidden in truth.
She is the lie that everyone is looking for.

But she hides it so well --
No one realises.
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i am my own word
a word i can't tongue
i stand alone

i write all these words
they reach the sky
they touch your face

i create these words
and, when i die
if you read all i've written
you'll find my word
you'll find me
in it all
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[font=franklin gothic medium][i]As I sleep I know they weep,
[indent]And I, as mud and dust, keep[/indent]
My promises.

Before I went they gave me words,
[indent]But I, as a puppet, could only[/indent]
Listen to the birds.

Now I sleep, and far down, deep,
[indent]I am but soil, my flesh seeps[/indent]
From my bones.

For now they weep, but, in time,
[indent]They will forget the life[/indent]
That was
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[COLOR=DarkRed][CENTER]Tiger the Lion and The Dark Canuck
came to see me under the bridge
By-Tor and The Snow Dog
followed suit
Thompson Girl came slowly,
an Inch an Hour
General Hand Grenade was
Raising a Little Hell
Emperor Penguin wasn't there;
he'd been All Tore Up
by The Dire Wolf
The Poets came late,
complaining they were So Hard Done By
Fireworks exploaded in the distence
and the Travlin' Man
was Throwing Glass from
the Silver Jet as his
Vapour Trails tore up the sky
We were spending One Night in Copenhegan
it was A Beutiful Thing[/CENTER]

[CENTER] An Ode to Canadian Rock N' Roll[/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][font=franklin gothic medium]grey and white
and white and white
and white and black
and mono-tone
and thunder-zone
and mono-chrome
and super-chrome
and "shine that dome"
and black and white
and win the fight
and sleepless night
and white and black
and silent night
and "mom is back"
and six-string-brain
and bring the rain
and curse the plane
and keep me sane
and stay insane
and black and grey
and stay inside
and run and hide
and in my mind
and nowt to say
and far from play
and two-bird-stone
and mono-tone
and white and grey
and white and white
and "what-to-say"
and i am night
and i am grey
and i've lost sight
in monochrome today.[/size][/font]
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day in and day out
the summer sun beats down
and the bees
go tirelessly from flower
to flower
getting nectar

yet the bees
have had enough
of making honey
sweet, sweet honey

a revolution is at hand

stingers ready
anger wide
the queen is assassinated

the bees
that lost
their stingers
quiver in thanantos
beside her

now free, they
rage outside their hive
only to find
the bitch called winter
has come

they die alone
they die cold
no one feels their pain
it is too small
in a man's world
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Devourer, Conqueror, Tyrant, Destroyer
He eats the catatonic ashes of man
For fuelage of the broken desires
On the rip-page of laudanum I swim.

Warping faults in earthquakes he sits
Volcanic paroxysms pulsing plain
Sipping on the holy grail of lights
Cold swerving into Stygian lenience.

Incessant nerve ending pulped
In the essence of glimmering snow
Crystalline nervous with wreckage
On the horizons of purification I go.

Master, Lord, King and All
Sitting atop the dark throne
A crest full of energy on the
Ebon strip of light

Desires are my worst enemy
Show me the way of the light.
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[color=darkorange]Count down.
Count me in just fine.
Count me in 3/4 time.
Count the grains of sand.
Hold me in your hand.
Count those grains.
Forget those pains.
Watch this glass fill,
Waste time, time-kill.
Count me in 4/4 time.
Time is gone, that's fine.
No sound.
Count down.[/color]
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[I][CENTER][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial]Flittering fingers
And snappy dress-
Yellows and oranges united in
This dance.

Emotion asunder,
It rises to the heavens
And spreads its poison
Into the lungs of those that breathe in.

It consumes all within,
With dazzling heat and color
And odors like none before,
This ritual.

Not even cold can stop
This bright sensation,
Nor can ice
Even touch its tips.

It licks the toes of Angels,
Tickling them into submission
And pulling them into
The Abyss.

O, how hot this
That drags villages into oblivion,
And cuts short
The lives of good men.

This, which demons spew,
Devouring all the land,
Stops at one thing alone:
Water douses Fire.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER][/I]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Sienna]I've always been a fan of the Chinese
For that is where cute Captain Shang is from
But that's not what I want, so if you please
Mulan just take that Captain to the prom!

Instead my love goes to the perfect thing
The shades of orange are bright and filmed with gold
And I am hopeful that someone will bring
This globe of perfect taste that has been sold.

In supermarkets all across the earth
And when I go to find that precious food
The tast and joy of this will bring me mirth!
For this embodies all that can be good.

You pretty orange of the Mandarin,
Made Ming Na happy, also known as Min!

[I]I wrote this after I watched Mulan, and my mom had just bought a box of mandarin oranges. They were excellent.[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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