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Serenity View [M-LVS]


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Welcome to Serenity View a school made and designed especially for mutants. This school also acts as a safe haven for mutants who have been rejected by their families. It costs nothing and is supported by the government. We have a wide selection of classes as well as sports to choose from. Your child will be able to control and develop his powers as well as learn the basics such as math and literature. Your child will also be able to work on their sports here too. We have new larger dorms ready for new students who want to get away from all the teasing and be around people who are just like them. Our teachers are some of the best and are mutants as well. They will give your son or daughter the education they deserve.

The three telepaths watched as the new students filed in. In their minds they talked amongst themselves. "They don't suspect a thing" "No they don't" "They will make fine additions" They then spoke in the kids mind. "Please report to your classroom.

Alright all of us are in the same class and the telapaths will talk inside your head teaching you your classes indiviually. Have fun and sorry this took so long o get up.
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[COLOR=Indigo]Alatariel filed through the doors along with the other students attending Serenity View school. The sign in process had been quick, and setting up her stuff in her dorm had taken mere minutes, seeing as she didn't have much to begin with.

Her eyes wandered over the other students, her heart beating faster. She was filled with anticipation for the future, and so far it looked bright. Finally, she had somewhere to turn for answers and others who she could connect with. Maybe she would open up a little more. Or maybe not. She doubted that she would talk to many, but it was still comforting to be in the presence of others like her. Though, there was one thing that bothered her.

The three teachers who were to teach them telepathically unnerved her as she walked under their watchful eyes. She could practically feel them watching everybody, and her shoulders prickled as their eyes grazed across her. She wasn't sure why, but she felt distrustful of those three, despite that they were the teachers and there to help her learn. Maybe she was just paranoid from her experiences.

She shrugged uncomfortably, brushing a strand of her raven hair out of her face. She had taken her hair out of it's normal calamity of braids, and now it was cascading across her shoulders and down her back. She would have to pull it into a ponytail during classes and track and the like, but for now, she was content with it as it was.

With a hopeful step, she moved on to her first class, homeroom, to learn what was in store for her this year.

OOC: Hey, I can't wait for this to get rolling more! It'll be fun. just a note, it might be a little bit for me in between posts, cause my parents are being freaks and blocked me from all internet sites. I have to find other computers to use, and that might take a bit. Sorry![/COLOR]
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Kuken walked into the classroom and sighed,"Well, one more year of this. Its kinda sad that there isn't a grade level, just leave when you think, and when the administration feels you are ready." He sat his books on an empty dest then looked down at his pencil. It slowly began to lift into the air as his eyes turned green. Then it went over to a wall mounted pencil sharpener. Kuken sat down as he sharpened his pencil, then it slowly floated over to whre he was.

"Kuken, Tenge, will you please stop trying to show off? You are distracting the other classmates." One of the teachers said as she smiled at him.

"Yeah no problem, ma'am. Sorry about that. Won't happen agian." He smiled back then sighed agian. He turned to his left and saw a girl sitting down.

"So, whatcha in for?" He gave her a big smile as he leaned over.
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Loki walked in and saw Kuken and walked over. "Sup, stuck in here for another year" Kuken nodded as Loki sat down in front of Alatariel and turned around. "Your new here cause I would remeber someone as pretty as you" He smiled. 'Name's Loki and your's is?"


"Pretty name." He pointed to Kuken. "That's Kuken, this is both our second year" He pointed to the a spot on the back of his neck. 'You'll get one of these soon enough. They protect us from our own powers as well as everyone in the school, so we can't hurt each other"

Kuken nodded. "Unless you get physical"

"Then you got to do all kinds of chores form the headmaster. Rumor has it that he's the brother of Magneto and that they are trying to turn us into an army to get rid of the huimans, but I think that is all crap"

A woman walked in the door and sat down and closed here eyes as a voice came in the students head. "I will be teaching you indiviadually and at the same tme but since you are all taking the same class right now it will be like a normal classroom and you will all here me at once, so let's begin, Loki turn around"

Loki turned around then passed a note to Alatariel back saying. 'mind if I give you the tour when we get done?'
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Kuken sighed as the rest of the class piled in,"Hey, Loki. Whens football season start? I've been waiting for this all summer." Loki shrugged.

"A few weeks I think. We start practice today."

"Loki. You do know that last year you didn't talk this much right? Whats making you start now?" The teacher asked as she began to walk over to him.

"My fault ma'am. I was asking about football. Won't happen again." Kuken said with a grin on his face.

"I would hope not. You aren't one to be talking like that, Kuken." She waved her finger at him then walked back to the front of the room. She told everyone to open to paige such and such, which Kuken had no intention of doing, and began her lessons.

"This is stupid. If I'm going to be a weapon, why do I have to learn anything, like I did in real school." He cursed under his breath and leaned back in his chair.

"You still on that your a weapon deal? Man, you need to grow up." Loki said as he let out a quiet laugh.

"Youjust wait man. One day, you;ll see. I am right." He smirked as he looked out the window.
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[COLOR=Indigo]Alatariel was surprised when one of the boys leaned over and talked to her, and she gave her name when he asked, even if it was barely more than a whisper. She kept her eyes downcast as he explained about the spot on the back of his neck; Her suspicion level increases as he spoke of that. She was more than shy around most people, guys especially.

She decided though, to put that out of her mind as class began. She obligingly turned to the page that the teacher had said, and began to read, clearing the chapter even before the teacher had said what to do. It was easy enough, and she was hungry for knowledge. At least this teacher seemed nice enough.

As soon as she finished the chapter, she glanced over at Loki, then at the teacher. Making sure the lady wasn't looking, she quickly scribbled a note back to Loki, her handwriting small and neat, with a little bit of curl to it.

"I'd very much appreciate a tour of this place, and I accept your offer with enthusiasm."

Truthfully, she did need a tour, but she was nervous to go on one with a guy. She stuck the note into the shadow cast by her pencil, and made it reappear out of the one cast by his. She then turned her concentration back to the class, absently alternating her thoughts between shadows and the things about weapons that Kuken and Loki had both mentioned. She herself had no intention of becoming anyones weapon... [/COLOR]
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Loki smiled when he saw the note appear on his desk. "She's good"

"What was that Loki?"

"Nothing Ms. teacher lady"

"Will you stop calling me that?

Kuken smiled. "Are you Amish?

The teacher looked at Kuken with surprise. "No"

Loki laughed. "I think you are"
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkRed]Tammy busted threw the classroom door carrying all her things in one hand and her backpack in the other. "Sorry I'm late," she said panting,"I couldn't find my locker and couldn't open it." Her face flushed as she watched everyone grin at her like she was a moron. The teacher just looked at her not saying a word to her. Tammy got a funny feeling that if you're late there will be consequences. She didn't say another word. She quickly walked to the back of the class setting her things down on her desk. She kept dropping most of her things on the floor and had trouble keeping them to stay on her desk. Then with utter shock someone was talking to her in her mind. "Will you hurry up,"said one of the teachers with an irritated expression on her face. Tammy's blushed deepen as she sat down at her desk her hands folded in her lap. [I]'Great, my first day of school and already I made a cults of myself,'[/I]she thought to herself. As soon as she thought that the teacher grinned at her knowing what she had read in her mind. Tammy sanked down in her seat and looked over at the little group that was passing notes around. :catgirl: [/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR=Indigo]Alatariel grimaced when the girl entered late for class. The teacher looked anything but approving, and Ala could almost be certain the girl would be admonished for her tardiness later.

She had turned back to the book in front of her when the hair on the back of her neck prickled. She looked around to see who was watching her and found it was the late-girl. She frowned, and then gave a hesitant wave in greeting, though no smile accompanied it. Alatariel rarely smiled. But the wave was about as close to one as she could muster. She hurriedly scribbled a note on a piece of paper, being daring for once, and passed it over to the girl through another shadow.

"Hey, I'm Alatariel. Welcome to class...Don't be too embarrassed, it's the first day and being late isn't so bad." Thus the note read.

After assuring the girl saw the note sticking out of the shadow, Alatariel let her mind wander once more. The teacher droned on and on about someting or another, but Ala had already read the chapter twice, and was bored by the strict lines of thought the teacher presented. What she was really wondering about though, was the talking in the mind. If the teacher could talk inside her head, could she read what was in there too?
That worried Alatariel, and as she fiddled with a strand of shadow, she contemplated the ways to prevent one from reading her thoughts. Hesitantly, she started to build up the image of a brick wall in her head, reinforcing it around her thoughts. As she built it higher and higher, the teacher's voice started to fade, and then disappeard completely. She gave a small triumpant twitch of her mouth. It was almost the shadow of a smile. She didn't notice the teacher hovering above her till a hand slapped down hard on the desk before her. Instantly, the wall fell and Alatariel blushed in embarrassment.

"I did not tell you to block me out! That is forbidden in classes! This is a warning, next time it happens, Detention, or worse!" She stalked back to the front of the class, while ALatariel sank lower in her chair.

"Sorry," she muttered, and looked down. She realized that most of the class was looking at her. Well, at least the late girl wouldn't be the embarrassed focus anymore. Alatariel had taken her place.

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Loki thought to himself as the teacher yelled at Ala. "Hmmm" A student was standing up and reading something from the book. Loki took a two of clubs card out of his pocket. The card began to glow a dark orange. Loki flicked his wrist and sent the card sailing into the book causing it to explode.

The teacher turned and looked at the student. 'What have I told you about channeling into objects that do not need to be destroyed' The class started laughing.

Loki turned around to Ala. "You can thank me later, just in case I need to save you again" He turned and looked at the new girl. Ala had taken the spotlight from her to herself so the least he could do was take it off of Ala. "Objective one complete. Objective two, meet new girl" He took out another card that had the five of hearts, wrote his name on it and asked her what hers was and held it till it glowed red. He closed his eyes and concentrated while the teacher was busy yelling at the other student. The card disappeared from his hand and appeared on the new girls desk. "Hey Kuken since it is almost lunch, think you could make another distraction so you and me can sneek out early?"
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Kuken leaned over to Loki, "You remember what happened last time I did that?"

"Something bad happen?" Ala sai leaning forward a little bit.

"Kinda. Kuken there kinda went a little over board and took out almost half os the west wing. Noone got hurt though." Loki said as looked over to the new girl.

"It wasn't that bad. In any case. Give me a second. I got a good idea for a distraction." Kuken said as he looked at the teachers desk.

Loki smiled as he saw the expression on Kuken's face, "This is a new one. Wonder what hes going to do with it."

Kuken leaned over to Loki and wispered in his ear,"Try to get Ala to go. I'm gonna try for the newbie." Loki nodded and wrote something down on a note, then passed it to Ala.

"Hey, clutsy." Kuken wipered at the new girl who slooked around then at him,"There ya go. I know youve only beenin here for about three minutes, but you wanna leave? Think about it. Tell me after I get the teacher to look out the window." Kuken smiled then looked back to the teachers desk.

"Alright calm down, Kuk. Ese you mind more than you eyes." His eyes began to glow green as the desk slowly began to lift off of the ground. After it got about three feet in the air the teacher turned around and screamed. Out of nowhere the dest went sailing out of the window, nearly taking the teacher with it. All of the class but Kuken, Loki, who was laughing, Ala, and the new girl ran over to the window to look at the desk.

"Good job, now lets go." Kuken said as he looked over at Loki.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkRed]Before Tammy could answer to the notes though, the boy named Kuken had flipped a teacher right out of the window along with her desk. She quickly ran over to the window looking over it. She blinked a few times and turned to the others. "Uh....I guess I will skip then,"she said shyly her face turning red slightly still. She felt rather stupid by ditching class which she has never done in her whole entire life. She watched as Ala, Kuken, and Loki smirk at one another. She felt a bit left out. "So what is your name,"said Kuken as he walked up to her. "Uh....I'm Tammy,"she replied looking down at the ground. :catgirl: [/COLOR][/FONT]
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Walking in she took her seat and sighed, she jsut happened to hit a seat that was in the front, she pressed her wings to her back as falt as she could and kept her head down. She looked around and found that she was very nervous. it was her first time in Serenity Veiw and she was the onyl one so far that had wings. She looked up as the teacher came in and introduced through telepathy which spooked her a little more but she hid it well. She slowly began tolay with water in her palms to calm her nerves.

Occ: sorry, been camping and aorry for the mistakes...fractured right wrist must use left hand now..please forgive me.... :animeswea
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Loki watched the teacher get hit then looked at Kuken. "Someone always gets hurt. She's gonna know that you did it. You should of levitaed some person's chair near another telepath" He walked up and left the class. "Come on Ala" He waited for her to get up and out the door. The bell rang as they headed for the cafitera. "Sois there something you perfer to be called?" He stretched as he walked her down the hall. "So what do you think of me and Kuken? Some poeple say that we are in detention more than class, which is probably true, but we get a kick out of messing with people..." He stopped as a tall muscular guy came down the hall. Loki grabbed Ala's arm and pulled her into the janitor's closer as the guy walked by. "He hates me and Kuken becuase of something we did. That is what caused everyone to get chips so we can't do that anymore"
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Duo headed for the cariteria, following the crowd was a natural thing for her, she was loosening up now, seemed everyone here had thier quirks. She just happened to have two...lucky her. She went through the line and gave them her number, getting her food dhe pressed her wings to her back as flat as they would go and headed outside to eat alone. She wadded through the crowd as easily as she could without hitting someone with her feathers. Someone paused her by calling to her.
"Hey, if you can't fit don't try to."
She turned around and smiled at the boy, he was tall, and big.
'Bad fight to pick Algren, smile and walk away.'
She did just that, she bowed an apology and smiled sweetly, she turned and kept walking. She made outside and streched out in the sun, her wings also spread to catch the suns rays. She sat back up and wolfed down her food and went to her normal ruteine of concentrateing on her hands and making the chilly water seep forth.
"I'm getting better...I barely have to think on it anymore..."
She picked up her tray and looked at the boy who had shouted at her before, she smiled as she saw he had a bottle of water, she concentrated and as he tipped the water to his lips she made it stay within the baottle, he pulled it back and stared at it blinking as all the water seemed to jump from the bottle onto him and his clothes. She giggled lightly as she made her way to the trash cans and went out, a small twister of water in her hand as she headed for English from her light breakfast. Her smile now perminatly in place.
'I could get used to this...'
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Kuken looked back at Tammy, then stopped after he hit something hard, "Dammit. Did I run into a wall or something?" He looked forward to see the Gym tacher in front of him glaring.

"Oh, hey, Coach. Tammy, this is Coach. Hes the gym teacher." He tried to sound happy, then he looked around for Loki and Ala.

"You skipping class agian kid?" He said with a smirk.

"Me? C'mon Coach. Hey, Tammy. When you see Loki, tell him that i am going to kill him ok?" He gave a big smile as he slowly began to lift the football coach off of the ground.

"Kuken, you better put me down. If you don't you will be running a hundred laps today." Kuken shook his head as he began to run underneath the coach twards the cafiteria.

"Sorry Coach. I need food for practice. See ya this after noon." He waved as Tammy was left staring, and the coach went and hit the floor after Kuken ran around the corner.

He slowed down after he had gotten about three hallways away. He stopped to catch his preath as he hard the coach yelling after him. "Oh man. That is one crazy guy." Kuken began running agian and as he passed a corner, he ran into a girl that seemed to have a big smile and wings.

"Oww, why dont you watch where your going? That hurt." She asid as she began to stand up.

"Quiet! Come here!" Kuken grabbed her hand and pulled her into an empty classroom,"Sorry. Please be quiet, I have a crazy teacher after me." He gave her a weak smile as he watched the Coach walk past the room.
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Duo looked at him and felt her wings twitch as she watched him wait for the teacher to pass.
"So what did you do?"
He looked at her frowned.
"Nothing as far as I know."
"Sure...that's what they all say."
He looked at her and scoffed.
"You know most times when a guy drags a girl into an empty room they normally know their names and well, they normally have a plan of action...I see thats not the case here, becasue one I do not know you and two...you seem to be in more trouble then you want to admit."
He looked back at her and frowned, she just smiled sweetly.
"The name's Duonai Algren...call me Duo. I control water and all it attrobutes."
She let the chilly water filter into her hands and then let it dissapper. She looked up at him smiling with the same sweet innocent smile.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkRed]Tammy was left there clueless and confuse the same time. She watch as Kuken left her there alone with no one to talk to. "Uh....I guess I should head for my class now,"she said to herself as she walked the empty hallway. As she was walking down the hallway, she bumped into someone she had never seen before. He was big a muslucar and seem to be stuck on himself alot. She had knocked his books out his hand which he didn't take to lightly. "Why don't you watch were you're going," he shouted at her balling his fist. "I'm....I'm....terribly sorry, sir. I...I..didn't see you,"Tammy said in a shy high pitched voice. She had her head bent over and her hands in front of her. "Well, I don't think I can forgive a prep up girl like you,"he said holding his fist in the air getting ready to sock her directly in the face.... :catgirl: [/COLOR][/FONT]
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Alex walked past the people in the hall and looked at them. She noticed Kuken and blushed slightly. :animeblus

*He's really cute.* She thought as she looked at him.

Kuken looked at her and she blushed more. She smiled and slowly walked away to find her next class.

"Dang. I hate being new."

She looked over her map again and looked down the hall.

"Is it just me. Or do all the hall's look exactly the same.?"

She turned around and walked over to the rest of the group. Her note books covered her face so you could only see her icy blue eye's.

"Ummm..........can one of you help me find my next class? Please.
I've been late for almost all my classes because i'm having trouble." :animeswea

*I'm so imbarrased right now. Oh my god!! He's evan cuter up close. Wait...what am I thinking? I have to concentrate on getting to my next class.........but then again..he's so damn hot!!* She thought as she asked them.

She looked into his eye's and the whole floor turned to ice and the pipes froze. Students and teachers who were walking in the hall immediatly slipped and fell on there faces.

"Oh..no!! Not all ready!!It's only my first day!! Now everyone's gonna hate me!! And i'm gonna get kicked out!!.....I don't feel so good."

She felt a little light headed, then she passed out.
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Kuken watched her fall then his eyes started to glow green as she slowly stopped and began to lift up into his arms.

"Um, di, umm, I am sorry. I am going to take her to the nurse." He turned to Duo and smiled.

"Are you loss for words or something?" Duo said with a smile.

"Huh? Me? No way. I am never loss for words." He gave her a big smile as Alex opened her eyes and looked up at him.

"Umm, did I just faint? I am sorry." She slowlty closed her eyes as she fainted agian.

"Umm, I uhh, wha, uh huh." He blushed as Loki and Ala walked around the corner.

"Dammit. Did you do that to......" He looked past kuken and saw Duo.

"Huh? What? No I didn't do anything this time. She passsed out after she went over board, and i decided to take her to the nurse. Hey Loki, are you even paying any attention to me?" He looked at Loki who only pushed him aside.

"Yeah, yeah. Go ahead to the nurse. Hi, My name is Loki. Are those real? The wings I mean. The wings nothing else." He tried to smile.

"Good god Loki. I'll see you in calss." He sighed as he carried Alex to the nurses office.
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Duo felt her wings twitch and her smile grow.
"Yup, they're real, as real as I am."
She turned and splayed her wings out and sighed as she was able to strech them a little.
"Can you fly?"
"I suppose, I've never tried before...I just stuck to water."
She looked back over he shoulder at the other boy that had pulled her into the room as he left.
'Never got his name...'
she looked back at Loki as he ran a finger down one soft feather.
"That is so cool...so is that your you know, power?"
"No, these are just a birth thing, I can contorl water....I'm a water bender you can say...."
"Thats cool, hey I never told you my name. I'm Loki."
She took his extended hand and shook it smileing.
"I'm Duonai...call me Duo."
He nodded and let go.
"Good to have you here."
"It's a pleasure to be here Loki."
"So where are you headed next?"
"English, you think you could show me the way?"
"No problem. We'll pick up Kurken on the way."
"The guy that carried the girl to the nurse."
she nodded and followed him as he talked to her and helped her be able to get around...she loosened up, her wings becomeing less stressed with trying to make them unnoticable by flatening them to her back, she let them arch on their own now, lettign them hold beautifully them sleves.
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Loki noticed Ala standing next to him with his arms crossed. "Ohh a sorry" He looked at Duo. "I need to show her, her next class, then I'll show you yours" He thought to himself. "She's after Kuken damn't" He smiled as he led both of them to Ala's class. "Here you go" He turned around and looked straight into Duo's eyes. "So where are you going again?"


Loki grimaced on the inside at the way she said it. She was still thinking of Kuken. 'Ohh well can't get the ones I like so get over it, esides she'll never fall for you' He thought to himself as he stuck his hands in his pockets. "it's this way" He gave his best smile so she wouldn't know that he was down. 'Too bad for her, Kuken's gone nuts over that Alex chick, but I don't want to tell her and hurt her feelings' He noticed Tammy walking into her class by herself. 'Why is she alone....damn't Kuken' He thought. 'Always have to fix your girl problems"

"What did you say?"

"Ohh just talking to my self" He stopped at the next door. "Here's your class, just tell me if you need anything" He waved. "Bye" He waited for her to go in then walked around the corner. "Dagn't!" He punched a hole through the locker door and cut his hand open. "Calm your self Loki. It's just a girl" He thought for a moment. "But this ain't any girl, I get all weird around her"
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[COLOR=Indigo]Hey, I know this isn't a post, but I just wanted to explain why I haven't posted in forever. My father blocked my internet service, and I haven't been able to get anyh websites. I've been having troubles finding other computers to sneak here on. I'll post when I am ungrounded, or when I have more time. Sorry about the delays![/COLOR]
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Duo chanced a look back at Loki as he left but he didn't look back at her, she sighed and went in, she sat in the back and pulled out a small pad and a thin pencil that looked as if it could snap on a whim. Her fingers curled gently around the soft wood and set them-selves in a certain angle. Her hand began to move as if it had a mind of it's own and the lead began to scratch against the paper lightly. she worked all through the first lecture, English being her best subject she didn't really need to listen. The teacher caught her attention with a question to her which she easily answered, her teacher flushed...he had wanted to catch her off gaurd and it hadn't worked. She looked back down at her paper blowing a peice of her hair from her face as she continued to work. She looked up as the teacher began handing out books and hid her paper quickly, after he went back to the front she took it back out and continued, even as he gave instructions she worked on both with complete effecinecy. She looked up shocked as the bell rang for her next class, she looked down and examined the accurate sketch of Loki she had manged to create from the first look of him. It was still light and needed touch ups but it had the life she had seen in him and smiled...she flipped through the book that was full of faces of people she had met, some she didn't like others she had grown attached to. She put the pencil back as if made of glass and the book as well, this was something no one knew about. She went to the band room and waited as the other students filed in, she pulled out her trumpet and began to play her scales, going up to a second C and back down. the teacher gave her a strange look and she placed the horn in her lap and began to wipe it clean of her prints so it wouldn't tarnish. She found her-self getting lost in her music as she had always seemed to be able to do as she played. Her eyes glittered as she began to feel she was home, she was where she belonged. After the intail warm up the director passed out the music for the half time show and began to place the students in their respective seats, she blinked as she found her-self in first chair. Her heart swelled as she looked around this room. Her foster father never let her play music but she learned to anyway, and she was passonate about it. She placed her music in her small sketch book as if it too were priceless, gaining weird looks she proceeded to play the music, the mystified look gone from her face as seriousness for the task at hand came into play.
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Kuken walked into the nurses office and sat Alex on an open table that wasn't full of stupid freshmen trying to go home for the day.

"Tell me, what happened to her Kuken? You try to show her something?" The nurse giggled as she walked over to Alex.

"Huh? No, it wasn't me. Or at least I don't think it was. She over exerted herself, and passed out. I decided to bring her here for you medical attention." Kuken smiled and looked down at Alex.

"Hey, can you give her a note or something for me when she wakes up?" The nurse nodded and he pulled a pen and a peice of paper out of his pocket. He wrote his name and a small sentence telling her to come and see him after school at the football feild. Then he handed her the note and sighed.

"You leave her to me. You do know that I don't give out notes for missing class. You better go now or your going to be late." He looked up at the clock and saw what time it was. He smiled and began to run to his next class.

'[I]Crap. This is not good. I could be in some real trouble if I'm late, agian.[/I]' He thaught as he went around a corner. He slowed down as he saw a big guy about ready to hit a little girl.

"What the hell is going on here?" He walked over to the girl, which stunned the big guy, making him put his fist down.

"Tammy? Thats it right? Oh, man. I owe you an appology. I'm sorry for running off, I just didnt want to get caught by coach." He sighed as he turned around to look at the big guy.

"Oh, hey Bob." He waved then turned back to Tammy, then stopped. '[I]Wait. Bob? Oh, crap. This is bad, very bad.[/I] Kuken slowly took a step back and looked at the smirk on Bob's face.

"Hey, Tammy. Now would be a good time to see some of your powers or something. Pretty please. I really want to see that girl this afternoon." He smiled as he took another step backwards.
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