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Parallel Convergence: Revelation [M-VLS]


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[color=white][SIZE=1] [B][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=3]Parallel Convergence:

Helena?s face lit up as her machine came to life. A maniacal laugh escaped her mouth as the spell?s power filled the Holy Chamber. Voices could be heard from outside, but that was irrelevant. All that mattered now was making sure she accomplished her goal. The white light consumed the room, and everyone felt it wash over them, enter there very being. Lust opened his eyes as the room around him distorted, and he gasped in horror. He tried to leap towards Helena, to shield her, but his body wouldn?t move. He chuckled. [I]Guess that?s it. No after-party success sex.[/I] The green light shattered through the room, blasting everyone against the wall. But, amazingly, the world was still being distorted around them. No destruction. Lust smiled as the room went black. [I]Maybe I?ll get that after-party success sex yet?[/I]


Helena was shrouded in darkness. She could barely see anything, but she could hear a voice. It sounded like her own. It [I]was[/I] her own. She outstretched her hand and felt something. She clung to it and pulled herself forward. She was amazed by what she saw. A giant, endless mirror. Everyone in the world was lined alongside herself and were staring at their reflection. Only it wasn?t their reflection. They were in different attire, they had different hair styles, but otherwise were identical. She finally looked at her reflection. She was amazed by what she saw. Her reflection wasn?t alone. Behind it, was her demon. The form she had taken when she sold her soul for knowledge. She turned slowly, and gasped again.

[B]?Y..You!? [/B] She cringed in fear. She was finally free from what she had become, and now she was forced to look at it. She tried desperately to flee, but she was immobilized with fear. And something else. The creature was in her mind, controlling her. It had full control, and all she could do was watch as it used her like a puppet. She shook.

[B]?No?no?this isn?t what I wanted! I didn?t want to become this! I take it back! Everything! Return me to normal!!? [/B] She regained use of her head, and looked frantically around, for help. Off in the distance she could see Arc and Gabriel, She opened her mouth to call to them, but nothing came out. She tried frantically, but to no avail. She lost control again, and the creature turned her towards the mirror. She watched in horror as her hand lifted itself touched the mirror, and began to become consumed by it. She and her reflection were being drawn together, and so were the creatures. Tears streamed down her face as the process neared completion. With the last of her consciousness she looked back to Arc and Gabriel.

[B]?I?m sorry. I?loved you two so much?please forgive me..?[/B]


Greed stirred from his sleep. He shook and rubbed his eyes. What a wild dream. He looked around and raised his eyebrows. [I]What the hell?[/I] He was in a desert city, but this city had skyscrapers, a baseball stadium, but these weren?t what they once looked like. The skyscraper looked eons old, and it had odd symbols lining it. The baseball stadium looked like a battle stadium of sorts. Everything seemed so familiar, and so new. He looked down at his outfit and was shocked again. He always wore this outfit, at least, it felt that way. But this outfit looked completely foreign as well. Then his memory came flooding in. The experiment, how it backfired, the odd realm they were placed in?His reflection. [I]The giant mirror.[/I] He quickly looked around for the others.

[B]?Sins! Assemble!?[/B] Gluttony, Pride, Sloth, Wrath, and Envy got up and walked over to him. They couldn?t make an sense of it, and they were looking at one another with a befuddled look on their face. Gluttony began to freak out.

[B]?What the hell?s going on? Huh? Huh? What exactly happened. Why is the place like some fusion of ancient Rome and New York? Could someone please enlighten me? Why is my outfit so unfamiliar to me? Why can I,?[/B] She struck the ground and caused it to crack, [B]?break the ground open by punching it??[/B] An enormous shadow covered them, and a happy laugh came from above them. They all glanced up and their eyes opened wide with surprise.

A giant creature was hovering above them, a dragon/behemoth of sorts with 36 wings and two heads. But that wasn?t even the most startling part of this creature. Emerging from each head was a red-haired Helena. Lust stood on the creature?s side, smiling menacingly. Something has happened to him, he even had an odd swirl go through his eyes. The creature was in his mind, controlling him as well, but by his won free will. He called to the Sins.

[B]?Brethren! Allow yourself to become completely in tune with Helena! Open your minds and all will become clear!?[/B] The world around them seemed to disappear as the creatures watchful eyes were focused on them, and it entered their minds.[/color][/size]

[color=#990000][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=1]Arc plopped down angrily. Gabriel sat down beside him, and retracted into thought. His allies all took seat as well. Arc had been walking for what felt like an eternity after he had arrived in this strange world, apparently called Niflehiem, Land of the Mortals. He had stumble across a pub, and entered it. He ran into another man their, asking if anyone had seen a lady named Helena. Arc had engaged him in conversation, and others steadily entered the pub, joining into the conversation. Amazingly, though the other around seemed completely bewildered by the occurrences, the bartender seemed to know this world like the back of his hand. He had even provided them with a Map. Arc looked it over and frowned.

[B]We?re apparently in Ladrodge, the City of Warriors and the next nearest city is Ferdantet, the City of Mages. The city?s directly above us. Save the river that flows on the outskirts of town.[/B] Arc folded the map up and shoved it into his pocket. He addressed the others around him.

[B]?Something is obviously wrong here. An the only way I know of to fix this is to find my mother and have her rebuild her machine or recast her spell or whatever. I say we look around the city a little bit, gathering any information possible, as it seems like these people have been awake far longer than we have, and probably know more about this world.?[/B] He reached for his gauntlets and found they weren?t there. He snarled angrily and yelled at the barkeep.

?Yo! Where can you find good weapons around here? We seem to have misplaced ours?? He looked at Arc confused and shrugged.

?Every shop around here sells weapons, young man. Are you feeling alright?? Arc growled again. The barkeep cowered a little.

?I?ve heard that the shops have gotten some new weapons, though. A Mech, a pair of gauntlets, a sword, stuff like that.? Arc sighed. Our weapons, are scattered throughout this city? He looked at the others.

?I suppose for now, just go and find your weapons. Get them back by any means necessary. We?ll need some way to protect ourselves. And if they ask you to pay for it?Just laugh and take it back. If there?s any problem, solve it however you can. Meet back here after you find your weapons.?[/SIZE][/FONT][/color]


So sorry for the wait, but finally the action begins. Lost and confused in this new city, all you want is to get your weapon back so that you can be on your way. However?That townsfolk aren?t just about to let you go and take their new prized possessions with compensation. Find your shop [ex. Mech Armory, Blades of the Knight, etc.] find your weapon, get it back, and return to the pub, the Dragon?s Pit. And here?s a picture of the original [URL=http://c-uncut.com/media/pe2-aya01.jpg][B]Helena?s form[/B][/URL]. Have at it![/SIZE]
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[color=Navy]Kat sighed, she was alone, without Chi. She hoped that when she found the Mech, that her plug suit would be there too.

They group started to disperse after Arc finished talking. Katchya walked out of the pub and looked at the city, it was so strange. Kat knew she had wings from earlier and had tried flying, getting the hang of it. She figured the easiest way to find Chiméiteki would be from flying, since it was so big that it couldn't be hidden. How [i]do [/i]you hide something that's several storeys high.

Kat tentitively flapped her wings slowly, then faster until she was lifted from the ground. She continued to focus and flew higher into the sky. Soon she was floating above the city, she scanned the area with her eyes and caught sight of a large metallic blue glint, she flew toward it slowly, not coming to grips yet. As she got closer, she knew it was her partner and smiled happily.

Kat landed bumpily on the ground in front of the Mech Armoury and looked up at the large Mech.

[b]"I found you." [/b]she whispered.

She called out to the owner of the shop and told him that she'd be taking Chi.

[b]"Are you sure you want that 'un, Ma'am?" [/b]he asked, rubbing oily hands on a rag.

[b]"Why? What's wrong with it?" [/b]Kat questioned.

[b]"No one knows, no one can get into it." [/b]he replied.

Katchya smirked and walked past him, into the shop, she searched the room and saw an open mech that he had been tinkering with. She easily spotted her plugsuit and with a twitch of her fingers, it floated over to her.

[b]"Now what do you think you're doin'?" [/b]he asked in outrage as she started to get into it.

[b]"Just watch." [/b]she replied, she was suited up and walked outside again.

Somehow, the suit knew she would have wings or something, because there were two slits that her wings could fit through. She flew up to the back of Chi and pressed a tiny, hidden panel that you wouldn't be able to find unless you knew it was there. The hatch opened and the entry plug rose up. Kat opened the plug and got in, shutting it behind her quickly. She was doing everything manually now, since she had no one in control, keeping check of her vitals and everything else.

She inserted the entry plug and the liquid came out immediately. Katchya sighed happily, she was back where she belonged, in Chi. Kat checked the controls as usual, everything was operational, she was glad no one had been able to get in.

Kat launched Chi, crouching and sprung high in the air, she used the invisibility option and crept around incase the man tried to chase her. The man was stunned but started to try and chase, shouting profanities at her.

As she was going along, she spotted a gun shop and stopped, remembering that she didn't have her guns either. She got out, retaining the yellow liquid and walked in. She saw her guns hanging on a wall in their holsters, she twitched her fingers and they flew to her, she put them around her waist quickly and grabbed magazines of ammo before getting back in Chiméiteki and took off again. This man also started to try and chase, but she went invisible.

Kat was happy, she had Chi, she had her guns, though she wanted to be back home, before Helena changed the world. Katchya brushed those from her mind and made her way back to the pub, Dragon's Pit.

She arrived and all the liquid was sucked up, back into the slim, hidden tank. There it would be purified and ready to use again. As long as it was purified each time, it was fine to continue to use. Kat didn't have a choice anyway, there was no source for more liquid so she had to re-use it.

She exited the Mech and activated its protection option, where it was covered in a hard, black coat that wouldn't be damaged by anything. She lifted her visor and went inside to wait for the others.

[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]Hope that was ok.[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Azuroth opened his eyes slowly, adjusting to the sun that was right above him. He sat up right and started to rub his head and groned.
"Ahh what the hell just happened. All I rememeber was a big flash of white light, then seeing some freak who looked like me. Except for his body was different, he looked more like a demon then a person."[/B] Azuroth started to rub his face when he suddenly felt something sharp scraping his face, he then stretched out his arms with his palms facing him. His eye suddenly widended and he freaked out.

[B]"What the fuck is this!"[/B] He said as he looked at his right arm and saw it was not the arm he started with, it was black, clawed and had some weird brands on it. He lifted it up and held it high in the air, looking it over, moving it to see if he had control. He shortly came to realize that this arm was a lot stronger then his other one and easier to swing around. The muscles seemed bigger in this arm and the brands seem to glow a little when ever he held it under his shadow or directly under the sun.

After a few more moments he stopped looking at his arm and looked at his surroundings. He saw he was in a desert town, he saw a bar that he use to go to but it was different with modernized doors and windows, he kept looking around and saw buildings that looked the same but had different twists to them. He finally gave up on trying to figuer out what was going on and headed for the bar and saw a few poeple that looked familair but he couldn't put his finger on it.

It was a kid, in his eyes, that was just a little shorter then him, then he saw someone he instantly knew who was. Gabriel. One of his targets for his large reward, he tried to push out one of his writs blades but nothing happened, he was confused so he pulled up his sleeve and saw that his weapon on both arms was gone. He reached for his sword and saw it was gone as well he hit his hand on his head.
"God. My weapons are gone! God Damn it!"[/B] He kept on hitting his head, then more poeple started to come in. None of them familiar to his eyes all of them shortly coming to the realization that their weapons were gone and all seeing their new limbs. Then the kid started talking about how everyones weapons had disappered and that some weapons merchants had some new inventory and that they should do whatever necessary to get them back. Azuroth smiled at this idea and liked this kids direction of action.

After Azuroth heard everything he needed he headed out of the bar and stepped into the light, he noticed he was a bit more sensitive to the light but disregarded it. He looked around and saw that there were indeed plenty of weapons shops to choose from, he shook his head and headed back into the bar. He called the bartender and asked for a bottle of vodka, the bartender pulled one out from under the counter and placed it in front of him. Azuroth reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of gold coins and placed them on the bar, Azuroth wasn't sure if gold was still good here but he didn't really care. He wasn't gonna drink the vodka, he was gonna use it for something else if it came down to it, but none the less the bartender took the gold without question.
"Well it's good to know that gold is still good in the place."[/B] He said under his breath, he grabbed the vodka and went back outside. He stopped dead in the middle of the road and closed his eye and concentrated, he hoped his new arm would help him find his weapons. And it did, just a little, he could feel that his sword was moving towards him. He thought it was odd but figured someone had bought it, he opened his eyes and saw the only man walking down that perticular road. It was a rich man who was parading around his new weapon, unable to lift the weapon out of the sheath all the way. Azuroth couldn't help but laugh at how stupid this man looked trying to pull out his new trophy, he walked over to the man and stood infront of him, looking down at him.
"Can I help you sir?"[/B] The noble man asked. Azuroth just smiled again.
"Yes you can. You can give me back my sword." [/B]
"Your sword?" [/B]The man said confused
"Yes, my sword."[/B]

"[B]Well im sorry sir but I bought this sword so in turn it makes it mine. So back off stranger."[/B] Azuroth laughed out load.

[B]'You can't even lift the bloody thing. How can you clam something is your's if you can't even use it." [/B]The man tried to lift it out, trying to show this stranger that it was rightfully his now. But to no avail. Azuroth got tired of this man trying to draw his weapon, Azuroth reached over and drew the blade easily. The nobleman freaked.
"How can you do that! The man who sold it to me could barely lift it himself!"[/B]

[B]"Well I told you. This is my sword. My Fellblade. So give me back the sheath and i'll let you live. Sound good?"[/B] The man nodded his head quickly and handed him the sheath, he just sood there in fear. Azuroth put the sheath around his waist and slid his sword back in place, after he got over the comfortable feeling of having his sword back he looked back towards the man and lifted him up by his shirt and looked him in the eyes. The man started to squirm when he saw Azuroths eyes.

[B]"Where did you get this sword?"[/B] Azuroth asked angrily. The man pointed to the shop that was 3 shops down. Azuroth looked to where he was point and saw the name of the shop. [I]Callhaven's Weapons[/I]. Azuroth looked back at the man and he starte to squirm again.

[B]"Stop squirming. Whats wrong with you."[/B]
"Whats wrong with me!? Whats wrong with your eyes man. Yours are messed up."[/B] Azuroth cocked his head and looked at him confused, he dropped then man and drew his sword and tryed to see what was wrong wiht his eyes. He saw what was wrong, his eyes were red now and slited. The man ran as fast as he could back the way he came, Azuroth slipped his sword back and just sighed.

[B]"God, anymore surprises today?"[/B] He then heard someone curse out load at [I]Callhavens[/I]. He groaned this time.

[B]"Looks like someone found the surprise on my wrist blades." [/B]The he heard someone yell "It burns!" out load in the shop as well. Azuroth just rolled his eyes.
"And they found that one as well. Well time to go get them."[/B] He walked off to [I]Callhavens[/I] with vodka in hand.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#003aaf][SIZE=1]It was all so confusing. Kwi saw things she swore she had never seen before, yet they were all so familiar. It was like everything from some hidden memories suddenly resurfaced and she was beginning to remember everything. And then, she remembered the mirror. Her head was full to bursting with questions. What was that mirror? Why had she and her 'reflection' been pulled in together? Was she still herself? And what about Ruchi and the other dragons. Were they still around?

She placed her hand to her chest, but realized the whistle wasn't there. [b]"My whistle.."[/b] she muttered slowly. And before long, her eyes shot down to her side, and were disappointed to see that Kiyomeru was not by her side. And then, the boy began talking about weapon shops along the street. As he spoke, she nodded. He finished, and the group dispersed.

Walking towards the doors after most of the others had left, Kwi rubbed her eyes again. Taking her hands away, she blinked a few times, and everything became blurry. Her vision had been blurring and sharpening back and forth ever since she had awaken. After a while, she was afraid the Kwi she saw in the mirror had hurt her eyesight when the two of them merged.

[b]"That mirror.."[/b] she whispered, taking a step outside. Immediately, everything came into focus. Again, her surroundings became much sharper than in the bar, and even more so than before the strange event. Blinking some more, she looked towards the sun, and lowered her head immediately. Her eyes had become sensitive from being in the darkened bar for sometime. Squinting, she walked into the street and headed towards a shop that had a large, fake sword for a sign.

Approaching the door, she wondered if her eyes would become blurry again once out of the sun. Gripping the handle, she practically ripped the door off as she opened it fiercly. Walking inside, she glanced around hesitantly, and let out a sigh of relief. The shop was intensely clear, and she was pleased.

[b]"May I hel... -p you?"[/b] the attendant paused.

Kwi's eyes swiftly traveled the length of the backwall until they were upon the man behind a counter made of glass. Something she had never heard of before, but had a clear memory of at the same time. Confused by his awkward look, Kwi asked him what was the matter.

[b]"Your eyes.. They aren't human!"[/b] he cried, taking a step back.

[b]"What are you talking about? My eyes are perfectly fine, if you ignore the annoying blurring and stuff.."[/b] she mumbled, walking closer. However, she stopped when she saw that he wanted to flee, but something was keeping him there. She took another step towards the counter, and he took another step back. She was about to reassure him that she meant him no harm when she caught sight of Kiyomeru. Her jaw, already half open, shut immediately. Her eyes returned to the attendant, and she immediately let out a fierce growl. He screamed and ran into the back room.

Startled, Kwi wondered where the growl had come from. It took her a few moments to realize it was her.


But she had no time to think. She heard the loud thunking and clanking of armor, and suspected that the man was going to attempt to fight her off with storage items. She laughed, but had no idea if he was any good and thought it best not to risk it. Leaping over the counter with ease, she jumped up and grasped her sword, it's familiar handle sliding easily into the loop on her belt that she just realized was there.

[b]"But my whistle!"[/b] she muttered to herself. She had almost forgotten. Could it be in the same shop? Glancing into the casing that made up the counter, she saw something that resembled her whistle, and smashed the glass to get it.

Another loud noise, though it sounded more like the man had fallen over than approaching the doorway out into the shop, sent Kwi sprinting out into the street again. Several people passing by were startled by her sudden dash into the open, pausing to look at her.

None of them seemed alarmed, so she calmed a bit. [i]"They can't see my eyes.."[/i] she thought, walking cooly back towards the Dragon's Pit. She opened her fist and stared down at her open palm.

[b]"Two?"[/b] she blurted out, seeing that she had taken two whistles, though she distinctly remembered picking up two. She took a closer look at them and saw that they were identical. She stopped and looked up, seeing that she was in front of the bar. She turned around and leaned on the wall, the sun now in her sights. [b]"Maybe one of them is mine..? I wonder if I can summon Ruchi or the others?"[/b]

And without another word, she blew the first whistle. Though nothing but a soft, middle-pitched note escaped the end of the whistle, she recognized it as the tone that called for Ruchi. Well, it did before she had been pulled into the mirror, anyway.

After a few minutes, she pulled up the first whistle to inspect a bit more, but sighed when she realized inspecting it would do nothing. Glancing one last time at the sky, she pulled up the second whistle to her lips. But before she could do anything, a small sillouette appeared in the sky.


As the moments ticked by, the shape in the sky grew and grew, and the wings could be made out. The dragon traveled faster and faster until it was right above the city. Suddenly, it dove straight at the spot where Kwi stood. She was frigid, but not with fright. Moments before it collided with the ground, it pulled its neck upwards and flipped smoothly so that its tail would hit first, and flapped its wings powerfully, sending up a large gust through the street.

It landed softly before her and leaned down, letting out a low, but friendly growl.

[b]"It is you.. You've changed."[/b]

Her dragon friend was no longer an icy blue, as she remembered, but a jet black, with a strange silver marking on his forehead. His tail had three sharp spikes on the end, and there was a large scar across his left eye. But the moment she placed her hand on his colored scales, she knew he was the same Ruchi that she remembered.

[b]"Wait out here. I have to go meet with some people in the bar,"[/b] Kwi cooed, petting him gently some more before turning and entering the Dragon's Pit. She placed the first whistle around her neck, but pocketed the second. She didn't know what its purpose was, but she wanted to keep it.

Ruchi did as he was told, attempting to take a seat in the street, but recieved screams and cries. He grunted angrily, a bit of smoke escaping from his nostrils. He took off into the air, but circled, waiting for his human friend to appear once again.

OOC: Blech.. Sorry. Looooong ( and not due to dialogue, surprise surprise ). @_@; The second whistle will come into play later. Oh, and she only has one dragon. ^_^;; She will get help from other animals along the way, but only Ruchi will accompany her the entire way. :3 If there are any questions/problems, Archangel, just PM me and I'll explain. [/verylongpost][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Azuroth entered Callhavens shop and looked around a bit, the shop was darker then you would expect for him it was like looking in the day light. After a moment he instantly saw where his wrist blades were, someone was holding his arm as if he had been burned, he saw on the other side a man with his right hand almost melted away. He went over to the man who touched his writs blades and pushed him aside, he grabbed on of them and looked it over to make sure it was still intact. The merchant told him not to put it on or it would burn him like it did his last customer, Azuroth just smiled and latched it on. The merchant was shocked it didn't do anything and his jaw dropped, the merchant grabbed the other one and held it tight.

[B]"Sir, i'll sell this one to you."[/B] Azuroth rolled his eyes. He held up his index finger to the man, signaling to hold on one moment. He walked over to where his acid dagger was, he grabbed it and slid it back in place in his shirt. He then looked around through the glass and saw his other dagger, he flicked his wrist and one blade came out and he cut open a hole in the glass. He reached in and grabbed it sliding it in to the other sheath on his shirt, the merchant had and angry look on his face.

[B]"What are you doing! If you want this your going to have to buy it!"[/B] He started to wave around the other wrist blade, Azuroth set down his bottle of vodka and looked at the man.
"Merchant, if you don't give me back that weapon. I'm going to have to burn this place down, Alright?"[/B] Azuroth grabbed the vodka and held it in the mans face.
"So,you can give that to me and we can drink this or I take it and I burn this place to the ground. Which will it be?"[/B] The man didn't waste a moment in the desicion he handed over the wrist blade quickly, Azuroth latched it on his arm and had a comfortable feeling to it. Azuroth looked it over to check it out, then looked back at the merchant.

[B]"Well I thank you for your fast consideration but...."[/B] The mans eyes opened wide.

[B]"But your a lose end, and in my line of work... I don't leave lose ends alive."[/B] He grabbed the merchant and tossed him aross the room, knocking him unconsious. Azuroth grabbed the bottle and started to poured it all around the shop, he started to shack his head.

[B]"This is hardest part of my job but it is necessary."[/B] After he finished pouring the bottle he started to check his pockets and found a box of matches, he pulled one out and scraped it against the box igniting it he looked at it and smiled.
"This is where it becomes my desicion wheather or not to burn you. But agian I must so I bid you farwell."[/B] He tossed the match and walked out the front door, he started to make his way towards the Dragons Pt. when he turned and saw the building burn. He just started and watched at the flames rose in the sky, he shook his head again.
"What a shame. To bad for that man."[/B] The flames died down and he walked back to the pub and sat at the bar and ordered a drink.
"What a day. Lets hope that there are more days like this."[/B] He said to himself as he drank his whiskey.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=#990000][SIZE=1]Arc walked out of the pub, holding his head in confusion. That mirror...it was frightening. And being pulled into himself was unreal. He shook these thoughts off angrily and grolwed. Suprisingly, a ferocious roar came out of his mouth and a nearby couple fled in horror. He smiled and said a quick apology before running off. He finally stopped, controlling his fear. He needed to know exactly what about him had changed. He reached inside of his mouth and felt his teeth. Exceptionally sharp. He felt his ears. Pointed. It then dawned on him that his skin was abnormally rough.

[B]"What happened to me?"[/B] He realized he was recieving odd stares from an attractive female shopkeeper near him. The shopkeeper didn't interest him, though. He could see clearly into the back of the shop, and there was his gauntlets. He smiled and walked in, greeting the shopkeeper and walking over to his weapons. He picked them up and grinned. Glad to have these back. The shopkeeper adressed him from behind, her fluid voice filling his ears.

[B]"You have good taste sir. Those just arrived today. Quite amazing gauntlets rally, I couldn't understand why anyone would willingly give them up."[/B] Arc had only caught part of what she was saying, though. He had caught sight of a mirror directly beside him, and in doing do, noticed the dramatic changes to him. Odd markings were on his face, his eyes were narrow and dragon-like. He flashed his teeth and turned back to the shopkeeper.

[B]"I didn't."[/B] He snatched the gauntlets and proceeded to exit the store. The woman yelled at him.

[B]"Come back here with those. I'm just supposed to believe those are yours! Come back now!"[/B] Arc wasn't listening. He was only interested in finding his handgun now. He slipped on his gauntlets and sniffed the air. Hmm...Finally he caught their scent. He attempted to walk in that direction, bu was stooped by a giant blade in his path. He looked to the wielder and was alarmed to see a giant 8 foot, highly muscular man. The man growled.

[B]"You stole those from Serena. Unless you pay for those, I will have to take them back. By force if neccesary."[/B] Arc looked up at him and smiled.

[B]"What's your name?"[/B] The man looked bewildered but answered none-the-less. But not until after swingin his giant blade at Arc and missing.

[B]"Grovan. Why?"[/B] Arc's smiled broadened as he let loose his enormous dragon wings. He floated in the air, then punched Grovan fiercely into a nearby shop. Arc roared and bore his teeth. Flames erupted from his hands and seemed to consume them. Grovan jumped up from the rubble and stared at Arc in amazement. Arc responded to his question.

[B]"I could not bare to fight someone if I did not know their name. And by the way, I am Arc. Let us continue our battle now."[/B] Grovan yelled and lunged at Arc. Arc moved swiftly, but was only just able to dodge his strikes. The man was big, but he had awesome agility. Grovan launched into a flurry of strikes with his blade, and Arc blocked them all. He grabbed Grovan's blade and caused the fire around his hands to increase in heat and size. Grovan jumped back instinctively, but in doing so couldn't dodge Arc's strike to his face. Flames singed his cheeck as he was sent realing. Arc smiled and flew over to Grovan, helping him up.

[B]"You're quite the warrior. I hope we can resume this battle as friends, and not foes. I assure you that these gauntlets are indeed mine, and I am not stealing them."[/B] Grovan looked him over and grinned.

[B]"I believe ya'. Now...Round two!"[/B] Grovan wung his blade ferociously over his head, allowing it to gain momentum. A whirlwind formed around him and he stopped swinging his blade, and held it straight up in the air. He swung downwards and the hurrican was launched at Arc. Arc heled his hands up happily in front of him and made the fire more intenes once more. When the whirlwind hit, it became a firestorm instantaneously. Arc dispersed the flames and smiled at Grovan again.

[B]"Impressive. What others tricks do you know?"[/B] Grovan spat and shoved his blade into his chest. Arc stared in amazement as the blade was seemingly absorbed into his skin making it a solid metal. Grovan cracked his neck, then his knuckles, then crossed his arms in front of him and symbols lined his arms. He took a step and the ground rumbled. Arc just stared, still in shock. Grovan jumped high into the air, then came down full speed above Arc. Arc flew swiflty to the side, but was knoked back by the force of the collision.

Grovan didn't slow down any, though. He sprung right towards Arc, and punched him. Grovan's fist was easily the size of Arc's chest, so Arc was knocked into the ground and then slid. His body lay motionless as Grovan stood over him. Suddenly Arc's eyes opened, and a mighty gust launched Grvan backwards. Teh sjy darkened and lightning began striking. The wind picked up, and th earth began to rumble. Arc ttok the air again, and the flames on his hands burned violently. He launched an enormous fireball at Grovan, who felt it's full effect. He crashed down into the ground, and the metal on his skin was retracted back into blade form. Arc smiled.

[B]"I win. But it was a good battle."[/B] He landed, retracted his dragon wings, and put out the flames. The wind settled and the lightning ceased. Arc walke over to a weak Grovan and patted him on the shoulder. He then sniffed the air again in search for the scent of his handgun. He located it again, and walked in that direction, waving goodbye to Grovan and Serena.[/SIZE][/color]

[SIZE=1][B]OOC: [/B] Everyone's posts are great so far. I just wanted to get in a lttile battle while we were still in the city *hint, hint* Anywho, I'll wait for the others to post, then I'll post once more to get this story into motion.

[B]P.S.[/B] Kitty...The party's arrived in full blast, eh? xp[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Ashen walked silently down a street he found very unfamiliar. Everything was so different then before, and why was he the only one who seemed out of place here? He tried to be subtle as he studied faces, hoping to find someone whom he'd seen before, or even someone who didn't belong here, but it was futile. He only found cold stares from others wandering the streets.

It was weird, he was never very welcome by those who knew his true identity, but now he was a mystery to these people, and still he could hear subtle mumbles of insult. Even worse, he had lost his dagger. His prized possession, the thing that meant most to him in the world was gone, and he had no idea where to look for it. Turning a corner he saw several shops and carts set up selling various items, food, clothing, all the common things you'd see at a marketplace.

[I]It might be better if I got out of these clothes[/I] he thought to himself, figuring a way to avoid all the awkward stares. But there was a problem, he didn't have any money. As an infiltration specialist he always thought it best not to carry any. When he needed it, he'd simply use a credit card, or visit an ATM to pick up the amount he needed. Unfortunently, he didn't see any means of obtaining real money around this place. He sighed lightly to himself as he entered a weapons store, maybe they'd be hiring?

[B]OOC: It's short but I couldn't really think of something spectacular at the moment.[/B][/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=#E3170D]Walking down the various streets, Gabriel had found Arc leaving a small shop where a large man and a woman were at. He shook his head, knowing that Arc had fought the large man for his weapon, which happened to be his gauntlets. Gabriel smiled but kept his face hidden behind his cloak?s hood, yet Arc knew that Gabriel was walking his way but made no attempt to notice for Arc knew that Gabriel was not to be bothered if his hood was up and covering his face. When Arc passed by, Gabriel felt the strong impulse to enter a frightening shop down the road that was hidden in the alleyway and it appeared that the shop had dozens upon dozens of weapons from all around and it also held a shouting goblin-like man who was trying to carry what looked like a sword.

With wonderment and the strong connection he had with his sword, Gabriel walked up to the short man and saw that he was trying to carry his sword. It then occurred to him that the sword had its own changes and found that the hilt was a dragon?s head with wings emerging from the sides and the blade protruding from its mouth and it appeared to be asleep. It also seemed that it still had the same elements that it had before the extravagant changes. Gabriel watched as the shopkeeper tried to carry the sword and without a word, Gabriel lifted it with ease and amazed the shopkeeper.

?I thank thee for finding my lost sword, but you must forgive me for I am taking this.?

Flabbergasted and confused, the shopkeeper stood there watching Gabriel take the sword. He shook his head and whistled with his fingers, making Gabriel stop in his tracks just as he was about to walk down the streets. Behind him was the shopkeeper who was on the shoulders of a large man and with him were two large men who were carrying a mace and an axe. The shopkeeper sat on the shoulders and screeched something awful, but the only thing that Gabriel could hear were the words, ?Mine! Mine! Give it to Zudo! It?s Zudo?s! Zudo found it and he?ll keep it!

?If this sword is yours, my good man, then why could you not carry it?? A bit of a smug tone came from Gabriel as he turned to the shopkeeper. ?Once again, I thank thee but I must be on my way. My comrades and I must meet and this little ordeal may prevent me from joining them. But perhaps, you and I could arrange something??

?Instead, why don?t I rearrange your body and then we can talk?? One of the three burly men spoke in a gruff voice. ?So, give up the sword and you can walk away.? It was then that the other two began to chuckle.

?I?m sorry, are you trying to intimidate me?? As Gabriel spoke, a ball of fire began to form in his hands. ?I apologize to you but I don?t think that tactic will work. You see...? Without a word of caution, Gabriel threw the ball and it spread, burning everything in sight but quickly fading. ?I have the upper hand.?

Growling, the three men ran at Gabriel, who anticipated every move. Dodging and diving, ducking and covering, he knew exactly when and how to hit the men or whatever they were. They merely fought with brute strength and no strategy while Gabriel knew their attacks before they even had the chance to put it into action.

?Come now. Is that any way to treat a customer? I would have paid you good money for this sword but at the moment, I have none and beside, this sword does belong to me.?

The screeching of the shopkeeper was heard once again and it began to irritate Gabriel, which caused him to use a silencing spell on Zudo. To the three men, he merely had to use his strength, which was powered by a tenfold, and use an ancient fighting technique to defeat them. It wasn?t easy because they were large and grotesque, not that being ?grotesque? had anything to do with fighting them, but they weren?t easy people to knock down in one hit.

They sliced, smashed, threw, charged, and did so much more just to damage Gabriel but somehow there was not a scratch on him. This angered the man with the mace and he then pulled the mace from the handle and swung it around, swinging it in Gabriel?s direction and nearly hitting him. At that moment, the sword was awakened and the blade began to glow a dark color. When Gabriel unsheathed it from its scabbard, he realized that the dragon?s eyes were of obsidian and crystal and as it awoke, symbols and runes began to appear on the blade in an ancient language that was yet to be discovered.

This new unseen force frightened Zudo and his accomplices and caused them to scurry away, while Gabriel held the sword that was once a standard broadsword. Amazed, he stood with it, twirling it around and mesmerized by its fierce power that surged from it. Without any knowledge as to how it awoke, the sword went back to its dormant state once more, allowing Gabriel to sheath it and let him be on his way to find his Dragon Staff.

[B]OOC-[/B] I apologize for the long wait for my post, Retri. I had difficulty finishing my sign-up. Anyways, I?ve finished up my sign-up and for the piece de resistance; I have here the picture of what the sword looks like, in a similarity-> [URL=http://www.kultofathena.com/images/PA1032_l.jpg]SWORD![/URL][/size][/color]
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