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RPG A Woman's World [M-LSV]


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[center][size=2][b]A Woman?s World[/b][/size][/center]

[size=1][b]Chapter 1[/b]
[b]Characters:[/b] All
[b]Worldwide Happiness Level:[/b] 60% - Women demand more jobs, as the menial ones are taken by men.
[b]Summary:[/b] The Mistresses try to raise the world happiness level while the servants meet in the servant lounge (see underground thread) to relax (get acquainted). The servants have not yet found the book, just so you know.

Sergio woke up at 6:00AM sharp to prepare breakfast for his Mistress. He had grown accustomed to her Japanese tastes, and despite heavy Spanish housetraining; he had grown fond of it. As the water for the tea began to boil, he shut a soundproof glass door to the kitchen so as not to wake up Sakura. In the silent chamber, he sang a song in Spanish from his childhood. One his father had taught him.

?De colores, de colores se visten los campos en la primavera. De colores, de colores son los pajaritos que vienen de afuera. De colores, de colores es el arco iris que vemos lucir,? he cooed to himself, occupying the dull minutes. Finally, the meal was complete, and smelled delicious. He placed her favorite pair of chopsticks on the mini-table, and knocked on Sakura?s door at precisely 6:35AM.

?Good morning, Ms. Hiwatari. Breakfast and tea?? he asked from behind the closed door.

?Enter.? She sounded slightly tired; irritated she had to get up early again. Sergio opened the sliding door, and set the food on her bed.

?Would you like anything else??

?No, make the bed when I leave.?

?Hai, Ms. Hiwatari,? he said, bowing before he left the room. He glanced at a digital clock in the kitchen, wanting it to move faster. Sakura hadn?t asked him to work on anything, so he got to spend the day with his friends. It was rare he had a free day, and it only happened when the Mistresses had to have meetings. He?d catch the broadcast in the lounge, he guessed. His head whipped around and he stood at heightened attention when he heard Sakura?s door open.

?Have a nice day, Ms. Hiwatari.? She nodded and gave a fake smile, then flew out of the door in business attire. Furrowing his brow, he shrugged as the door closed.

[I]So I guess things are tough at work then?[/I]

He didn?t worry too much about it, and walked into his own room again. He was permitted to wear semi-formal clothes today, so he put on a white cloak, which resembled a trench coat, and walked out the door to the lounge.

Sergio strode down the lengthy corridors, taking elevators where appropriate to get to his destination. Finally, he arrived at the servant lounge, and swiped his identification card to get into it. The card scanner flashed green, saying ?Welcome Sergio Alvarez,? then dimmed away.

The door slid open quickly, and he entered into the calm, quiet room. There was a group of guys watching the holodisplay, and another group playing cards at the table. Sergio sat down at the holochess table, and let the lush chair accommodate his form. Another man walked into the room, one he knew well.

?Hey, Bruce. How?s it going??

?Ah, you know. Same ol, same ol. It gets kind of tedious around here, you know? Just making meals, serving our Mistress forever?? He sat down at the other end of the holochess table. He started up a game, and Sergio moved first.

?Well, I kind of like it. I feel like it gives me purpose. Making her feel happy. Or am I just a strange, workaholic drone?? He gave a broad grin, and Bruce returned it, making another move.

?I guess it does. Look, I?ve been reading about this woman Marianette Luther King Jr. Amazing woman ? fought for women to get more rights. Why can?t there be a man who does that for us?? Sergio blinked, staring at the board.

?I have no idea. I haven?t really thought too much about it. Ideas like that are dead ends. So you try to champion men?s rights. You get killed. It?s that simple Bruce.? Bruce shrugged indifferently as Sergio moved. The game got very involving, but his colleague bested him in the game by a very daring checkmate.

?So that?s checkmate? Damn. I?ll have to beat up on the next guy who comes here, I guess,? he said laughing. As the game finished, a few more servants came in and milled about before sitting down near Bruce and Sergio.
OOC: That?s your cue, everyone! Read the Underground thread for more information, or to ask questions. Thanks.[/SIZE]
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[color=Navy]Sakura heard the soft knocking at her door at the exact time as usual. She thought of Sergio, he was a very loyal servant who did his work well.

[b]"Good morning, Ms. Hiwatari. Breakfast and tea?" [/b]he asked from behind the door.

Sakura yawned widely, covering her mouth and ran her fingers through her hair.

[b]"Enter." [/b]she ordered sleepily, her eyelids drooping from another early morning.

She watched drowzily as her Spanish servant entered the room, placing the small table on the bed in front of her. He stepped back and addressed her.

[b]"Would you like anything else?" [/b]

[b]"No, make the bed when I leave." [/b]she replied, picking up the chopsticks and uncovering the bowls.

[b]"Hai, Ms. Hiwatari." [/b]Sergio bowed and left the room quietly.

Sakura ate the meal slowly, Sergio was a good cook, having gotten used to making Japanese dishes for her. He always knew what she felt like without her telling him. Sakura picked up the cup and blew across the top gently before taking a small sip. She smiled, it was Oolong, her favourite for helping her to wake up.

Sakura looked at the time and quickly finished her meal. She slid away from the warmth that was her bed and slipped behind the dressing screen. She opened the wardrobe behind it and pulled out a coat hanger that held one of her suits. She changed into it and checked herself in the mirror, it was navy blue with faint, thin silver stripes.

She did her hair, and put on a small bit of make-up before exiting her room. As soon as she entered the kitchen, she saw Sergio straighten in attention.

[b]"Have a nice day, Ms. Hiwatari." [/b]he said.

Sakura just nodded and smiled, she was in a hurry, and they had been under a lot of pressure lately, the world was never satisfied, and it was up to the Mistresses to make them happy.

Sakura rushed out the door and made her way through the Compound until she reached the door to the Mistress Cabinet. She reached into her pocket and emerged with a card that only Mistresses had. She swiped it easily and deposited it back into her pocket. The card scanner flashed green and said, [i]"Welcome, Mistress Sakura Hiwatari." [/i]

Sakura walked through the door and took a seat waiting for the others.

[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]Hope that's ok.[/color]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][color=darkorchid][i]Oima woke her with a light tapping on the door. She sprang awake almost instantly, kicking back the covers and practically leaping out of bed and into her clothes. Slide on the pants, slap on the lotion, slip into the heels, button down blouse and we're good to go. Her feet hit the ground running, dragging a comb through her hair as she ran. As she hastened down the hall she noticed the sun was barely chinning itself on the horizon, and yet she was up and at it again.

A day's work in the service of a Mistress began early and ended late with a mid day nap and an afternoon break. Other than that it was nose to the grindstone and no two ways about it. Besides. Without her? Who would manage the male servants? Such a thing was vastly beneath the Mistress. Sahrai Myung knew she was indespensible. Her Mistress, an illustrious leader and a brilliant politician, would be hard pressed to find another overseer with the same sort of organizational skills and tremendous capacity for excellent planning. Her Mistress was already awake and stirring. The breakfast she had always had these many years was already on its way to her room.

Sahrai walked in quietly, followed by the young male servant, holding the tray loaded with fruit, tea, milk, and eggs. Sahrai walked over to open the windows and the drapes covering the lady's bed. Her Mistress was sitting up with her lamp on, reading what looked like a newspaper. Sahrai did not pry, but instead went to the closet and pulled out a suit for the day.[/i]

"Good Morning M'lady, you're looking well."

[i]The male bobbed his head as well and echoed her greeting. the Mistress waved her hand at him and he set the tray down at the foot of her bed and beat a heasty retreat towards the door. Sahrai picked it up and placed it in her lap when she gave the signal.[/i]

"What's on my list of things to do today then Sahrai?"

"Let me check here..."

[i]She referred to the copious notes she had taken throughout the week. Being a Friday, she had a great deal of final business to wrap up, and meetings to attend. She read off the laundry list of assignments, quickly, quietly, and in the same calm voice she had always used.[/i]

"Right. Let's get to it then."

"Of course Ma'am."[/color][/FONT]
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[SIZE=1]Bruce woke up at 5:00 like he did every morning, he was highly punctual. He dressed in his exercising attire and went jogging until 6:00. He got back, showered, dressed and made himself presentable by 6:15. He then progressed to cooking his Mistresses and his breakfast. At 6:30 he walked to Anna's door and rapped on it, signifying breakfast was ready. He was holding her tray of food in his arms and quite often liked to bring her her breakfast, though she has often told him there was no need. Her voice came softly from behind the door.

[B]"You can come in, Bruce."[/B] Bruce walked in, and, not seeing Anna, walked over to her bedside and layed down her breakfast. He turned to leave when he saw his Mistress come out of the bathroom. She had finished showering, and she had her robe drwan around her. Bruce had to concentrate on not looking away, for though he was slightly embarressed, he would never show disrespect to his Mistress. She rsutled her haind through her hair and walked over to her bedside, saying good morning to Bruce and tasting her food. She smiled at him.

[B]"Splendid as always, Bruce. I'm quite fond of your cooking, I lucked out when I took you in as my...Servant."[/B] Bruce smiled slightly. Miss Anna was very polite and curtious to him, and did not like to call him her servant. She wasn't fond of the word or terminology, but that was what he was. He bowed.

[B]"Thank you Miss Anna--"[/B] Anna interupted Bruce quickly.

[B]"Hem?"[/B] Bruce sighed. She couldn't be like other Mistresses that just love being called Miss. She was one for formality. [I]Not that I don't mid being treated like an equal, almost, it's just akward. I've always learned to address woman in a higher rank then me, especialy my Mistress, by Miss.[/I] Anna coughed politely again. Bruce chuckled.

[B]"Thank you Anna. I do hope everything goes well for you at the office today."[/B] Anna smiled and went back to her breakfast. Bruce took his leave and went into the kitchen, serving himself. By the time he had finished, Anna had finished as well, and was dressed and ready to depart for work. She brought the tray with her out of her room, and Bruce quickly ran over and kindly took it from her.

[B]"Mi--Anna. You know that's my job. I wouldn't want you to burden yourself."[/B] Anna just smiled and grabbed her briefcase. She walked towards the door, opened it, and addressed Bruce again.

[B]"I don't think there's anything needed to be done around the house today Bruce, so you should take today to enjoy yourself. You deserve it. Oh, and I'd recommend that you try to avoid any run-ins with other Mistresses. Some of us have had it a little rough lately, and they may be irrtable. Tata!"[/B] Bruce waved goddbye as she left. He smiled to himself.

[B]"The day off...Yays. I can meet with Sergio, I'm sure we'll have plenty to talkk about. We've both been swamped with work lately...It'll be good to see him. If Miss Hiwatari hasn't killed him yet."[/B] He chuckled to himself as he started cleaning the plates in the sink. He finished and took back to his room, changing into something more formal. He already had on a white shirt, so he threw on his black jacket and changed from his buisness pats to a pair of black slacks. He grabbed his glasses and put on his only pair of sneakers [which were rarely ever used and still in exellent condition] then left for the lounge.


[B]?So that?s checkmate? Damn. I?ll have to beat up on the next guy who comes here, I guess,?[/B] Bruce said laughing. Sergio and Bruce had just finished playing a rivoting when th eother servants arrived. They all looked wary, and it wasn't suprising. Not everyone was as lucky with Mistresses as Bruce and Sergio. Some of the Mistressess...had stares that would make Medusa turn to stone. He turned to Sergio as the others got settled.
"Miss Anna's been quite content lately. She doesn't seem to be too overworked, and if she needs any assistance I'm always there to lend a hand. How are things with..."[/B] Bruce stopped. Sergio's smiled had faltered a little, but returned to normal.

[B]"She seems a little hectic now, so I suppose she's probably just worrying quite a bit about increasing the world happiness."[/B] Bruce shook his head. He had alwaya found it quite amazing that his Mistress had access to knowledge like the World Happiness Percentage. He had often wondered if that percentage was all of the world, or if the men were excluded.[/SIZE]
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[color=#003aaf][size=1]Anna awoke with a start, sitting up quickly, a bit of sweat trailing down the side of her soft face. She let out sharp, painful breaths, then told herself to calm down. In no time, she couldn't even remember what frightened her so bad. The dream was nothing but a blur of fuzzy memories woven together into something that had haunted her.

But her eyes were open now, and dreams would no longer bother her. She sat in silence a few more minutes, still firmly gripping the sheets with both hands, and staring blankly down at her feet covered in blankets. Then, she let out a sigh.

[b]"I need a shower."[/b]

She got out of bed, glancing at the clock on her way to the closet that held her towels. Five fourty-five, it read. She grumbled a bit. Though she never looked tired, she usually felt it. Especially in the morning. She hated waking up early, but like so many other things, she kept it to herself.

Grabbing the towel and her robe off the shelf and shutting the closet door behind her, Anna walked into the bathroom and placed her towels on the rack that hung loosely on the back of the door. She undressed and turned on the water, stepping in to the inviting warmth.

No sooner had she stepped in, she stepped back out, grabbing her robe and wrapping it around herself. The towel she used to quickly shake her hair out a bit, and then pulled up the hair dryer to speed up the process. When she finished, she put it back in its place and grabbed her comb.

Suddenly, she heard a rapping on the door to her room, which she knew was Bruce with her breakfast.

[b]"You can come in, Bruce,"[/b] she called, finishing up her combing. When she walked out, she saw Bruce turning to leave. Hearing the door open, he turned around and watched her carefully, though Anna distinctly saw him blush. She sighed when the sweet aroma of her breakfast finally reached her nose.

Anna walked over to her bedside, saying a gentle morning greeting on her way, and happily took a bite.

[b]"Splendid as always, Bruce. I'm quite fond of your cooking, I lucked out when I took you in as my...Servant,"[/b] she hesitated before slowly finishing her sentence. The whole concept of servants saddened her greatly, but she knew that she depended greatly on Bruce. She just wished he didn't have to be referred to as a servant.

Bruce bowed, and began to thank her when she interrupted him. He had called her 'Miss', yet she had insisted that he not when the two of them were together privately. She waited patiently for him to correct himself, and when he did, she was very pleased. Hearing him talk to her more casually made her feel so much better, though not less guilty.

He then left her to her breakfast, and she ate it graciously. [b]"Such great cooking,"[/b] she grinned to herself. How lucky she was to have him. The other men were kind and dependable, but few were as devoted as Bruce. When she finished, she went to her clothes closet and picked out suitable business attire. She changed quickly, laying her robe on her bed, and grabbed the tray to bring out to the kitchen.

Only a few steps out the door, Bruce rushed up to her, kindly taking it. He grinned at her, and she smiled sheepishly back at him.

[b]"Mi- Anna, you know that's my job. I wouldn't want you to burden yourself,"[/b] he sighed. But she only smiled in return, picking up her briefcase from beside her bedroom door. She walked over and opened the door to the hallway, but stopped. She turned to Bruce and told him that there was no work to be done, and that he should enjoy himself.

[b]"Oh, and I'd recommend that you try to avoid any run-ins with other Mistresses. Some of us have had it a little rough lately, and they may be irrtable. Tata!"[/b] Anna added before walking out the door.

She traveled through several hallways, the whole time wondering if she could get away with saying little to nothing during the meetings. She felt that she rarely had any good ideas, and would just get in the way. While this wasn't true, she felt it strongly, and was always embarrassed when adressed about her ideas from meetings, whether it was praise or critism.

Anna arrived at the door to the room where the meeting was to be held and pulled out her card from her pocket. Swiping it quickly and placing it back where it was, the card scanner flashed green and read, [i]"Welcome, Mistress Anna Lange."[/i]

Inside already was Sakura, one of the mistresses with whom she was well-acquainted. Taking a seat across from her, Anna quietly waited patiently for the others to arrive. Though the two were allowed to talk before the meeting officially began, both seemed to think it better to be in silence for the time being.

OOC: Hope that was okay. ^_^;[/color][/size]
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[color=#9933ff]Retri: Justo Lamas! ^__^ I didn?t think anyone else from OB learned about him. That?s so cool! I saw him in concert, too, with the rest of the Spanish 3 students. Okay, shutting up now. :X

[size=1]There was a [i]knock knock[/i] at the door. Lilith mumbled something inaudible, but eventually got up - it [I]was[/I] the second time Lane had knocked to awaken her. If she didn?t get up soon, she was going to be late.

She went into the bathroom to wash her face off and comb her hair. Afterward, Lilith returned to her room and opened her closet door. Lilith was in a hurry so she picked the first thing her eyes fell upon. She ended up wearing a pair of black pinstriped pants, a red top, and a matching jacket. Just as she hurried over to her vanity to apply make up, there was knock at the door for a third time.

?You can come in now,? said Lilith, dabbing on brown liquid.

The door opened gently and Lane came in with a tray of food. He walked over to Lilith, and she took the plate and cup before he could hand it to her.

?Tea and toast this morning, huh?? Lilith said. Lane was about to offer to make something else for breakfast, but Lilith quickly corrected her meaning, ?It?s exactly what I was in the mood for. Thank you, dear.? She looked up in the middle of applying her make up to smile at him.

?Is there anything I can do for you, Miss Lilith?? he said while she was busy chewing and staring in the mirror, trying to apply eyeliner.

Lilith drew herself away from the mirror, and swallowed. ?Now that you mention it, could you find my favorite shoes for me??

Lane looked around the room to find them in the far corner, in front of her closet. Without being asked, he picked them up, and brought them over to Lilith. He bent down to place them next to her feet. ?Here you are miss. They were in the far corner.?

The was a pause as she finished the toast. Then, laughing slightly, she said, ?You have a good eye. If it were me, I would have looked in my closet first, and not found them.? She slipped them on, and smiled at Lane again. ?Thank you, Lane.?

He said, ?Anything else I can help you with??

?Is my cross on the dresser?? she asked. Lane responded in the affirmative and Lilith continued, ?Would you put it on me, then??

Lane quickly responded to her command, opening the clasp, and draping it around her neck while Lilith was applying the last of her lipstick. As his hands brushed past her neck, fumbling to close the clasp, both were aware of how close they were.

Whether he was uncomfortable or not about being so close was not her problem, however. She stood up, and took a last sip of her tea.

?Well thank you for all your help this morning,? she said as she grabbed the key card on the dresser and hurried out the door with Lane following.

?Have a good day, Miss,? he called as she opened the door to a hall that connected to another hall leading to the Mistress? Cabinet room.

?And you too, Lane,? she replied warmly, turning her head around to wave back at him, as she was now halfway down the corridor.

Lilith could hear Lane closing the door to their lodging unit while she rounded the corner, taking broad strides. She was more worried about being late to the meeting, than the actual meeting itself. Not that maintaining world happiness was a piece of cake, but to Lilith, it did seem a little easier than being on time, which she rarely was.

Now at the door, she swiped her card, and tucked it in her pocket again while the scanner flashed green and read, ?[I]Welcome, Miss Lilith Sigridotter.[/I]? She opened the door and breathed a small sigh of relief. There was still someone besides her who hadn't arrived yet; she wasn't totally late, after all.

Lilith gave a cordial ?hello? to the others in the room. She then took an unoccupied seat closest to her, and waited in silence with the rest of them.

It was only a few moments later, however, that the last person to arrive, Deborah, came walking in. She took the last remaining seat, and Lilith stood up to start the meeting.

"Alright, now that everyone's here, let's begin," Lilith said. "Right. So... making the world happy it is." No one was amused by her quasi-sarcasm so she continued, "I thought about it and I came up with a couple ideas. One of the best ways would be to lower taxes. The drawback of course, is that we'd have to juggle around some things and re-allocate money so that we wouldn't lose a massive amount of revinue. The world 'isn't in debt' right now - far from it as I'm sure you're well aware, so we're even afford to loose some money, as long as we raise taxes again at some point in the future.

"I also thought of putting more money into something like the Health System, or Education. That way, even though taxes might be above average, people will think it's okay because we're using that money to fund something they care about."

There was a pause of silence as everyone began contemplating her suggestions. She finished her propals with, "So, tell me what do you think of those, and if you have any other suggestions, please speak up." Lilith sat down again, ready for praise or more likely, criticisms. [/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1]Bruce stood up and walked over to a rack of books, picking up one on philosphy and thumbing through it. He put that down and then picked up a book of literature and poetry. He sighed and placed it down. [I]Men write very little. How is that possible? I know that women show clear dominance to men, but any of us are just as intellectuall as our superiors. How is it that we've never made any great discovery?[/I] He quickly voiced his concerns to Sergio. Sergio just shrugged.

[B]"I don't know, Bruce. What are you searching for? You know that women dominate every aspect of the world---"[/B] Bruce slammed his fist against the rack, frustrated.

[B]"Yes, but it's not like men do not think! Are minds are not merely storage for the knowledge of women! Some mane must have figured out something!"[/B] He angrily threw a book down onto the ground. Sergio, looking slightly hurt, got up and went to pick up the book.

[B]"I didn't mean---"[/B] Bruce stooped him and picked up the book, smiling.

[B]"I'm sorry, Sergio. It's just...hard. We are made to be servants all of our lives, and very few men llive a life of their own. Sure, Anna treats me great, I care for her greatly, and I couldn't actually think of anything else I'd rather do than be at her side,"[/B] Sergio sighed and rolled his eyes, [B]"but...I would much rather be associated with her as an equal, not a subordinate."[/B]

Sergio nodded, and was going to say something when another of the Servants walked in. It was Lane. He came over and bowed to Sergio and Bruce.

[B]"Good Morning, guys. It's convenient we all go the day off, huh?"[/B] Bruce and Sergio nodded. Bruce looked around the library and frowned. It was far to crowded. Bruce, Sergio, and Lane wouldn't be able to hold a discussion with the noise level. He walked to the door and adressed his friends.

[B]"Let's go for a walk guys. Far to crowded in here. What do you say?"[/B] Sergio and Lane smiled and followed behind, walking out onto the grounds.


[B]OOC:[/B] Sorry it's so short, Retri. I'm a little brain dead right now. I'll try and elaborate on the post some other time.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]The walk was relatively short, even through such an expansive compound to get to the grounds. They passed through several security checkpoints; the most rigorous one of all was at the gate leading to the enclosed grounds. Although the trio was known by sight to everyone, it was a routine in which no exceptions were made, even for the Mistresses themselves. Their conversation was still relatively controversial, so they kept their voices low, even on the empty lawn.

?So what exactly were you two talking about?? Lane asked quietly.

?Well, Bruce thinks that there's something not quite right going on. How men don?t really write much in books. I can?t say it bothers me too much?? Sergio trailed off, and looked at Bruce, waiting for the man to defend himself.

?Don?t you ever wonder if there was actually a time when?? he paused, realizing he was about to speak treason ??when men were equals?? Lane and Sergio looked at him with eyes open in shock. After stuttering, they arrived at the conclusion that he was alone in his wonderment.

?Look, Ms. Hiwatari treats me like nothing, but that?s expected. History hasn?t been forged; it?s there, Bruce. It?s there. Just like your arm.?

?Just because she treats you like trash doesn?t mean that men have always been like this. Lane and I have great Mistresses!?

?Guys, guys, calm down. I understand it?s a touchy topic, but we can?t get angry at each other,? Lane interjected a moment of calm and understanding in their debate.

?Sorry I put down your ideas,? Sergio apologized.

?And I?m sorry I talked about your relationship with your Mistress,? Bruce followed suit.

They were silent for a while, Sergio thinking deeper about Sakura, and why he got someone as indifferent as her, when Lane and Bruce had very caring, understanding Mistresses. There were feelings of resentment, and he began to dread going back, having to work for her again, and having his sacrifices go unnoticed.

Letting his ideas simmer, he took a seat on the grass, and laid his back against a cherry blossom tree in full bloom. The men were atop one of many sizeable hills on the grounds, and took a moment to survey the precisely cut grass, well-trimmed trees, and magnificently built compound.

?Are we lucky?? He asked, staring at the compound. ?Are we lucky, you know, serving the best, or are we unlucky that we have to stay imprisoned??
[B]OOC:[/B] Ladies, please finish the meeting soon - post something about how the meeting was finished up with a decisive vote, and then fast foward to later in the night. That way people can fill in the blanks, instead of keeping the RPG at a stand still.[/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=#E3170D]Walking up moments later, Deborah had realized she was late for the meeting with the other Mistresses and being late was not something she was fond of. She was almost always punctual and never late and if she were to be late or not present at a gathering of any sort, she would have a good reason but today was somehow oddly repulsive for her.

Without eating anything and merely picking up clothes that the house servant laid out for her, Deborah walked quickly to the meeting and managed to finish her fruit smoothie before she stepped into the room. When she had, she sat down in her chair and allowed Mistress Lilith Sigridotter to begin the meeting. At the moment, others proposed their suggestions and what they think should happen, while they also kept in mind Lilith?s proposal as well.

A few hours passed and the women came to a final decision about what they were to do. They merely sat and spoke amongst each other, all the while having a laugh or two. Deborah, on the other hand, isolated herself from the others and sat at her chair, drinking a glass of wine. She was sketching something on a piece of paper, something that represented what appeared to be an automobile. Everyone knew she was fascinated by them and knew that she had quite a bit of knowledge about them as well, so seeing Deborah sketch a car was nothing out of the norm.

After a few more hours, the Mistresses exited the room and went about their separate ways. Some went with one another, while others went by themselves, like Deborah. She wasn?t one for socializing in any way, shape, or size but she didn?t isolate herself if the occasion arose. Yet, at this moment, she did not feel like joining any party for tea or whatnot, just that she wanted to return to her accommodations and rest, think, read, do whatever came to mind.

[B]OOC-[/B] Sorry for the late and short post. I?ll post a better one next time.[/size][/color]
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[color=Navy]The Mistresses pitched their final ideas and agreed on what would be done. They decided to implement the ideas immediately and the meeting ended, allowing them to leave and do what they wanted to.

Sakura returned to her unit and immediately noticed that Sergio wasn't around. She remembered that she had given him a day off and entered her room.

She changed out of the business suit and into a sports outfit, deciding to practise her strokes in tennis. She emerged from the screen wearing a white sport skirt and a powder blue top, along with navy blue joggers. Sakura grabbed her tennis racket and walked to the courts.

They were deserted and Sakura walked into a cage, starting up the machine that fired the balls. She bounced on the balls of her feet as she waited for the first ball to shoot out. Sakura heard the sound as it was fired and stepped to her left, swinging powerfully with her right hand, it bounced off one of the fenced walls and she prepared for the next.

29 balls later, Sakura stopped since all of the balls had been fired. She grabbed some from a basket beside her and practised over head serves until she was tired.

She let out a large breath of air and exited from the cage,[/color][color=Navy] leaving the discarded balls for one of the servants to clean up[/color][color=Navy] and returned to her room. Sakura took a shower since she was sweating heavily. When she emerged, she felt refreshed and changed into a white, button-up shirt and navy blue cargo pants. She picked up her Mistress card and slipped it in her pocket, heading off for the Mistress Lounge.

Sakura swiped the card through the scanner again and it flashed green, allowing her entrance. She walked in and headed over toward the visual area, turning on the holodisplay for the TV, watching the news to find out what was going on.

She got comfortable in the big, plush, comfortable chairs and watched silently, it telecasted news about women demanding more jobs, then that the mistresses had a solution to the problem. She continued watching until she became tired and returned to her room to take a nap.

[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]Argh! I had a post but pressed something and it disappeared. Don't you hate it when that happens?!
Anyways, I'm a little short on inspiration right now, so sorry if it wasn't all that good.
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[size=1][b]Chapter 2[/b]
[b]Characters:[/b] All
[b]Worldwide Happiness Level:[/b] 80% - Parades in the Mistress? honor; Worldwide holocasts praising them.
[b]Summary:[/b] The Mistresses and their servants go to a massive parade in Tokyo, Japan celebrating the Mistress? solution. After coming back to Earth Almighty Queen?s headquarters (London), the Mistresses go to sleep, while their servants sneak into the Mistress Lounge (figure out how to) and find a volume of Plato?s Collected Works.

Sergio rose early the next morning, and went through the motions of preparing his Mistress? breakfast in her favorite way. He realized midway that he had always wanted some of it, but never did. Daring himself onward, he took a small sip of the hot Oolong tea, then immediately chewed a piece of gum to conceal the deed, and filled the cup back up.

?That?s certainly ? different from Spanish tea,? he remarked quietly as he carried the laden tray towards the room once more. [I]Knock knock.[/I]

?Enter,? she sounded less tired, and more relaxed, but still maintained her brusque manner.

?Good morning Ms. Hiwatari, breakfast and tea?? She silently nodded at the formality, knowing that Sergio knew she wanted it. ?Is there anything you would like??

She chewed slowly in thought, but finally gave him a firm no, but delivered a surprising piece of information.

?The Worldwide Happiness Level is now 80%! There?s parades everywhere,? the energetic remark caught him off guard. Sakura was usually very reserved, being more of a business type than one to socialize with a subordinate.

?That?s wonderful. I?m sure you deserve it.? She shrugged off the compliment.

?We?re going to Tokyo by jet.? She gave an invisible smile, and he knew she was pleased with going to Japan for a parade in the Mistress? honor. ?We will walk to Airpad 2-A, where we will meet with the rest of the Mistresses and servants.? She slipped behind the changing screen, but did not dismiss Sergio yet.

?I?m relieved everything is in order. I will wait for you outside the door.?

?Before you go, know this: You should be groomed exquisitely; I don?t want you looking scraggly in front of the world, when you represent me. Wear your finest.? He nodded quickly, then left her room and went into his own. He took out a silk shirt, and matching pants, and put on a fresh, white trench coat with black highlights. He re-combed his jet-black hair, and stepped out the door. It was only another minute before Sakura was there, wearing something western with a Japanese twist, and looking beautiful.

?It was custom tailored,? she said, happening to read his thoughts. He nodded respectfully as they set off to walk to the designated Airpad. Sergio remained silent, as did Sakura, until they reached their destination. Sitting down on a nearby couch, he gazed out the massive window, which revealed a great many Airpads, where he saw a few planes land, and supply crews dash about. After waiting a few minutes, he was joined by Bruce, who took a seat in a chair across from him.

?Tokyo. How about that?? he started.

?Yeah, very interesting place, how Sakura describes it to me. Picturesque,? Sergio replied. When Lane arrived, they greeted him, and soon loaded onto the private jet. They took seats in the servant?s quarters, and sat down in the plush, tan reclinable chairs that faced one another. There was a sound seal, which prevented them from hearing the Mistresses? conversations, but it worked the other way as well. The private jet also lacked audio surveillance, as it was assumed that no crime could occur with only sound. Taking advantage of the situation, Bruce spoke.

?I?ve been thinking, maybe we could write a book or something, and publish it under a woman?s penname.? They considered the idea for a bit, before it was shot down.

?And how would you propose we publish it? They could see that we?re physical male. But? perhaps?,? said Sergio. Lane continued his thought.

?We could still write a book though. Maybe one day in the future, it would be read with open minds.?

?Do you think that men haven?t already done that? Maybe we just need to find the book?? The idea that Bruce offered frightened Sergio, but excited him even more. The three nodded in excitement. Just that moment, another man came into the room.

?Would you like refreshments?? He was subordinate to them, the three who were the top of the male caste.

?I?ll take a root beer,? Sergio ordered. His mind was paranoid; perhaps he had heard? They needed to be more careful next time, or they would be executed.

[b]OOC:[/b] So you can continue the conversation for a bit, but have everyone exit the jet after arriving. We exit the jet, and get into a motorcade, the servants in one open-top convertible, and the Mistresses in another. After we ride around, we go to a restaurant. Have fun with all that.[/SIZE]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkOrchid][i]The servants packed quietly and efficiently, Sahrai overseeing as usual while also watching Oima pack her own things as well. She didn't make a move to correct any of the servant's actions, as they performed them perfectly and efficiently. She smiled to herself. It was so pleasant to have competent servants working underneath her, as she served her own mistress.

The Lady Miriel Livingston.

A somewhat pleasant Mistress to be under. Very observant, and nearly impossible to fool. Sahrai was proud to be in her service, and although the Mistress could be slightly overweening, she was glad the lady didn't demand too much of her. Sahrai recieved her next set of orders and dressed appropriately. There would be travelling done. And a parade. Sahrai chose her slacks and jacket accordingly, slipping on the proper heels that wouldn't hurt her feet after hours of standing. She sighed to herself, but it was over quickly and was unheard. It wouldn't do.[/i]

"Not at all...not in the least. Dearie me."

[i]The slightly perturbed woman gathered up her things and let the servants load up the convoy. Then she waited patiently for her Mistress to join her.

In the meantime, the male that had served Lady Livingston breakfast eventually joined Sahrai in the main hall. He had long brown hair, tied back in a ribbon, and clothes that befitted his station and caste. Sahrai gave him a once over, then nodded her approval.[/i]

"You'll be fine."

"Yes Mistress Sahrai."

"And don't be nervous. We don't want anything to embarrass M'Lady."

"No of course not."

[i]His responses to her statements were mechanical at best and a trifle monotonous at worst. She didn't mind really, it was all he had been programed to do, and of course any other talk would be seditious. She wondered if he'd ever trusted anyone.[/i][/COLOR][/FONT]
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[color=#9933ff][size=1]Lilith looked out the window of the plane, staring into the swirls of clouds below.

The past few days had been a blur - suggestions at the meeting... rising world happiness, and another parade. She smiled. Lilith was never adverse to parades of any kind; the happiness radiating from people was always infectuous.

Lane and all the other servants were in another part of the plane; Lilith was seated in the area of the plane just for the Mistresses. All the rest of them silent; either working on something on their laptops, writing something in a notebook, or thinking quietly. Silence was not something Lilith could really stand. Nor were people, admittedly, but silence seemed the worse of the two.

She eventually started humming an old Scandinavian tune rather loudly, hoping someone would say something to her - [i]anything[/i] to break up the boringness of the plane ride.

Lilith glanced at her watch. There wasn't too long before they arrived in Tokyo, so she supposed a little more silence wasn't going to kill her. Nevertheless, she continued to hum loudly. [/size]

Wow. Sorry for the ambiguity and the less than great quality of this post. I was eager to get something out - I've been procrastinating on posting - and it's hard to write when you're pre-occupied with the phone. If I get the chance,I'll edit this. If not, you can get Lilith killed by an axe murderer. =)[/color]
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[size=1][color=#E3170D][i]What a meaningless thing to be doing in Tokyo. We?re flying out just to see a parade in honor of our work. That?s basically saying, ?Here you go, a reward for sitting your buttocks all day and coming up with simple ideas.? What a bore. Yet, I do believe being Mistress has its perks and yet, somehow, there?s so much I want to change.[/i]

All through the plane ride, Deborah sketched away her thoughts, not paying attention to anything outside of her personal area. She was in far too much thought to be distracted but she acknowledged the others on the plane, in doing so, she acknowledged Mistress Lillith?s obnoxious, yet relaxing humming. Deborah looked up and found that Lillith was a bit uncomfortable with the silence, whereas most of the Mistresses were right in their element. Deborah floated around either way, silence or ruckus was a melody to her.

With a sigh, she looked out the window towards the clouds and imagined the first plane she ever rode in when she was a child. Her mother was one of the previous Mistresses and she rode in the plane, admiring the world outside, the ?fluffy marshmallows? that angels could sit upon and eat. She also admired the world inside the plane, the one with all the Mistresses and their work. She admired them all, especially her mother, for the parade was somewhat in her name for her good deeds. She wanted to become a Mistress and be like her mother, exactly like her, which is the reason why she always followed her mother around but still kept an innocent outlook on everything, playing with the younger girls and occasionally the younger boys.

When Deborah was young, she was considered a tomboy, a girl who acted in a boyish manner. She would always come home with scraped knees, muddy clothes, and occasionally brought home by a guard who held her by the collar. Not only did that happen, but she was always seen with the boys and playing sports and doing the things that boy?s love, something that girls wouldn?t have done. This had began to isolate her from the women?s world and made her seem as if she was lower than they but it wasn?t her fault that she had such energy jolting out of her and such exuberance that shined and touched everyone. She was who she was at that time and no matter what anyone said, she didn?t care.

?Those were the good old days.?

?What were the good old days, Deborah?? Looking to who spoke to her, she saw that Lillith was the one speaking to her. ?You looked like you were thinking about something.?

Smiling, Deborah turned back to watch the clouds. ?I am.?[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1]Lane cautiously entered the mistresses portion of the plane. He wasn't welcome there, but he thought it his duty to check on Ms.Lilith and make sure that she was content in her travels. It was very quiet as he slowly latched the door behind him and began to walk the center isle. Luckily the first to encounter was Ms.Lilith, and so he approached, bowing in respect, "Is there anything I might get for you ma'am?" he asked politely. The mistress jumped a bit, startled at his presence in a place where he was not supposed to be. "Oh sorry miss," Lane laughed nervously, "I didn't mean to startle you."

"It's fine," she added, excusing the surprise visit. "You really shouldn't be in here you know, if the other mistresses saw you there'd be trouble," she inquired, giving a stern look in his direction. "Sorry ma'am, I just wanted to check up on you, make sure there wasn't anything you needed," he smiled, trying his best to recover and defend his trip into forbidden space. "Well...thank you Lane, I'm doing just fine. Now you better get back to the others before anyone notices that you're gone."

"Yes ma'am, just one more thing? What was that tune you were humming?" Lane asked curiously, drawing his attention to the mistress. "It's an old Scandinavian song, I learned it when I was little and have cherished it since," she spoke. "It's beautiful really, you'll have to teach me someday," he added with a smile and a nod, turning from her and walking back to his quarters.

[B]OOC: Sorry it's short, but it was something to do[/B][/SIZE]
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[color=Navy]Sakura was excited about returning to Tokyo, it had been quite a while since she had visited her old city. Even though she was excited, her face portrayed a calm demeanor. She was wearing a special outfit that was custom made. It was cut and looked like a kimono, but flowed freely at her feet and covered them, it was a beautiful powder blue with white mixed in and there were light pink cherry blossoms embroidered around in random patterns.

The plane was nearing Japan and she was becoming more excited. It wasn't much longer before they flew over the country and Sakura looked down over familiar land. They flew inland and to the large, bustling city in the centre, which was Tokyo. They landed and the group disembarked from the jet.

They all got into a limousine that was waiting for them and were whisked off toward the parade. They could already hear crowds cheering, majority of them being females of course. As they got closer the voices were clearer, some were shouting individual names, other just shouting about the Mistresses as a group. Sakura listened and could hear her voice being mentioned by several people in the crowd.

They arrived and filed out of the limousine, their was a rush of cheering as they were revealed. They regally waved and prepared for the parade.

[b][color=black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=black]Sorry about the length, didn't really know what to write.[/color]
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[font= times new roman][COLOR=DarkOrchid][i]The motorcade rolled along, security, cars, more security, and masses of flowers and streamers. The Mistresses, flanked on either side by honor guards, stepped forward, waving their hands at the huge audience. Slightly aside, their servants remained close by, watching as their ladies absorbed all the attention being lavished upon them. As per orders, the servants smiled and waved as well, knowing that it was better to smile than to frown and get a rehash later when the tapes were played back on the evening news.

Oima had pinned a flower into Sahrai's hair before she left for Tokyo. As they moved down the street, slowly of course, the floats ahead and behind them glistened with roses and sparkles. Beautiful girls, from all ethnicities, dressed in their traditional garb, danced along the streets, waving streamers, banners, and carrying patriotic signs. Sahrai absorbed everything as well, noticing how mostly everyone was female, with some males there to cheer as well, knowing it was a good idea to show support rather than to be dragged in front of the courts later for not supporting the Mistress's rule. A servant sitting next to Sahrai smiled and spoke without moving her lips.[/i]

"Loud isn't it?"

"Very. It's comforting to see how many people like the Mistress's rule." [i]Sahrai's answer was programmed, and flew out of her lips before she knew it. She was smiling happily, falsely happily, but nobody could know, not even the Mistress's Inquisitors.

The parade continued, with the Mistress' standing, waving, then sitting down again at regular intervals. Sahrai watched her lady, Livingston, happily moving along, taking in all of the praise happily, not even thinking of the males that weren't happy with the matriarchal rule. Sahrai quickly banished the thought. It would affect her smile, although it did seem to be plastered permanently on her face. Voices raised in song, cheering the Mistress' rule, a choir that came behind the servant's car, were heard by everyone.[/i]

"Mistress rule, bright and strong,

Lead us forward, forever long,

To you we owe our happiness,

Only under you could we be so blessed."

[i]Sahrai winced inwardly. It was hokey at best, but it was exactly what everyone wanted to hear. Everyone that was a Mistress anyway.[/i][/COLOR][/font]
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