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Sign Up Dogs of War [M-LV maybe S]


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Dogs of War

The soldier peeked out of the door still holding the oxygen mask to his mouth. The halls were empty except for blood covering the walls and human parts lying here and there. He felt like he was going to throw up seeing all of his close friends and fellow soldiers torn to shreds like this. The creatures that had done this had taken the majority of each body. He closed the door and took the mask away from his face. He was happy to have survived, his quick thinking had made a gas leak in one of the rooms and grabbed a oxygen mask and camped out there, the creatures not wanting anything to do with a room that was hazardous to them. He had watched them slaughter everyone on the screen, no one survived except the ones they took as slave, which were a female. Every male was dead and probably being consumed at this minute or being tortured for the fun of it. These creatures were smart. By hijacking on of their shuttles and flew it back to the ship then started the killing. No one knew that there were invaders until it was to late. He ran his hand over the deep tears in the metal. No doubt the Vorca, the strongest of the four species, did this. They could tear through blast doors like a knife cuts through butter. He rounded the halls and found several humans stuck the walls by spears. The Thanack were responsible for that. Reaching speeds of almost 70km/h they could easily run on the walls and ceilings. He continued down the halls then backtracked when something caught his eye. A hall that was covered in bodies that were mostly intact except the small slits and holes in their body. He frowned as he thought to himself. ?Didn?t even have a chance? The Purian had done this, being assassin like. They could do anything and not make a single noise what so ever. He went into the lift and rode it to the bridge. The sight didn?t really startle him, but the huge symbol carved into the ceiling and the floor got his attention. He had seen it before. He ran a check in the computer and found what he was looking for and a picture of a huge dog like creature resembling an Alaskan husky came up on the screen standing with his back to another dog bowing to him. The one standing had an aqua color chest plate, white back plate, and a gray mist colored cape that went down to his feet. He had white and aqua arm and leg bracers. On his cloak, and chest and back plates was the same symbol. He also carried a huge pirate sword that hanged at his hip. The one bowing was similar except he was a lot bigger and more wolf like. He had a solid black chest plate with the same symbol in silver and a silver circle around it. A ring of silver went around the neck area and the back plate looked exactly as the front. He wore a silver collar with black spikes and had a scar across his left eye and on the right side of his muzzle. He wore black shoulder plates that had the silver symbol with the sliver circle and three silver spikes. His entire left arm was covered in black armor with spikes going all the way down and on the glove where basically claws enhancements. His right arm had a silver forearm and bicep bracer with the symbol in black instead and his legs were cover by black greaves with a spot for a tail and silver shin bracers with three silver spikes and his feet were covered on the tops and side by black metal with the claw enhancers. He had a huge broadsword on his side and a long pole with a halberd on one side and an axe blade on the other with a spear point. The symbol on their armor stood for Fraden Vivec or when translated meant City of Ice. The one standing was a Breazon, who were the rulers of the two cities that existed and the other was a Vorca, probably a second in command. He hit a button on the comm. panel and sat down. ?This is Lieutenant Commander Hinsen of Earth Alliance Cruiser Shiva and sole survivor of an invasion of the ship. I am going to attempt to pilot the ship back myself. More details will be in my report that I will be composing on the trip.? He ended the transmission and set the ship on a course for home at full speed. ?Computer, is all of the creatures off the ship? The computers female voice came over the intercom. ?Yes Lieutenant Commander? He sat in the captain?s chair and looked at the log on the personal screen. It was a report on the creatures they were studying and the captain had one last thing left. The name. Hinsen sat back for a second the typed in four words for the name of the animals. The Dogs of War.

It is now many years in the future and our entire solar system has been colonized. Many races of aliens have been found and documented. If they are friendly then they join the Earth Alliance. If they are hostile then they are exterminated and the planets is used by other races and humans. Every thing had been going good until they came across a planet inhabited by a race of dog creatures that had already killed off most of the other animals on their planet. They have harnessed the power of souls and created a nexus of gates that allow them to travel to nearby by planets in search of food. One of the planets that they took over was a member of the Earth Alliance so the cruiser Shiva was sent to investigate. That was taken over too. Now the Alliance is at war with the Dogs and too keep them from building a gate to Earth.
There are four species: Purian, Vorca, Thanack, and Breazon
There are four cities to represent: Fraden Vivec and Tockra Vivec
Here are the signups but please see the underground thread Dogs of War: Hinsen?s Report for more info on the different things. Rank will be on order of signups and what species you are

Signups *means Dog of War only and ^means Human only
Name: Be creative
^Age: no less than 19.
*Species: one of the four.
*City: One of the two
Appearance: Description only for the dogs of war and description or pic for human. You can also say what dog you look like as well if you resemble one. And any special features and what color you armor is and what it looks like.
Weapon: Guns for human (maximum of 2) and medieval style for Dogs (maximum of three)
*Other Info: Anything else you what to add. If you have slaves, do you have a personal bodyguard if you are a Breazon, do you report directly to someone. Those are just some of the things you can put for this

Pm me for any questions that aren?t covered in this or the underground thread.
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Name: Sho

*Species: Breazen

*City: Fraden Vivec

Appearance: He resembles an Alaskan Husky(the one in the intro). He has solod grey and white fur that is very thick. His chest plate is aqua and is very thick. this backplate is white. He has aqua and white leg and arm bracers. His cloack is a grey mist color.

Weapon: Solid steel pirate type sword, and a crossbow attached to his left arm.

Rank: A high official in the Fraden Vivec army. High General, if you will. He is very respected.

*Other Info: Slaves: A female human that he has yet to interigate, a female type alian from a closeby planet, and an alian that resembles a crow.

Bodyguards: The leader of the Vorca, a mid ranking Purian bloodhound, and a high ranking Thanack that resmebled a mix between a greyhound and a doberman.

Sho answers directly to the leaders of Fraden vivic and Tockra Vivec.

pm me with any changes.
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Name: Dante (the one bowing in the story)

Species: Vorca

City: Fraden Vivec

Appearance: Stands about 8' and resembles a Siberian wolf, has whiteish blackish fur. He has a scar across his left eye and another down the side of his muzzle. He wears a sliver collar with black spikes.

Chestplate: solid black with the symbol of his city in sliver and a silver circle around it. there is a ring of silver on the neck area.
Backplate: same as front
Shoulder plates: black with the silver symbol and circle. Three silver spike on it.
Left arm: entire arm covered in black armor with black spikes going all the way down. on his hand are claw enancers.
Right arm: silver forearm bracer and silver bicep bracer. Symbol in black on each
Legs: black greaves with silver shin bracers with three silver spikes on them.
Feet: black boots with no bottom and claw enancers.
Helmet: black and covers his entire face even his mouth. On the side of his helmet are basiclly fangs that are one the mouth peice.

Weapons: He has a huge broadsword on his side and a long pole with a halberd on one side and an axe blade on the other with a spear point. His third is a huge spiked mace.

Rank: Second in command to Breazon Sho and leader of all Vorca in Fraden.

Other info: Human female slave named Tasha. She is wanted by all and is very pretty. She comes up a little above Dante's waist and has blue eyes, blondehair and a fair skin complextion. He has had to fight for her several times. He is respected by all Vorca because he is head over all of them. They will listen to anything he says.
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Name: Norrick

Specie: Vorca

City: Fraden Vivec

Appearance: He looks, in buid and coloration, like a German shepard. he stands at around 7'9 and wears a long cloak that has a crest of spikes on his shoulders. He has brown eyes and a cross shaped scar on his chest.

Armor chest plate: A deep blue scale plate with Silver trim on the edges of the scales

Armor Back Plate: A single Plate piece, it is blue in color with a jagged, red diagonal mark where there is an actual scar underneath

Armor Forearm Guard: Thick single piece, the right one holds a large dis that acts as a sheild in combat. The left one is blue while the shield on the right is red

Armor Shin Guard: Single steel piece of blue coloration and silver linings.

Armoe Gauntlets: The palm while still of a blue color, while the fingers ore red( this is purely for show).

Armor Boots: Thick steel jointed at the ankle for moblity it is, oc course, Blue in coloration.

Weapons: He carries with him a large Wan Dou and a heavy broad sword. If those shoud fail him he has his most devstating weapon, a roman great sword, double eged and heavy as hell but highly affective.

Rank: head of the chair room of elders representing the Vorcas, Brigadier General third in command of the armed forces and is highly respected amongst the people.

Other info: Despite his lower rank he is idolized by the people and holds great influence and is often used as a spoksemen for the military. He has several serevants, mostly women since he claims he can't stand to see a man weak and on his knees before another. It is for this reason that he kills most of his male captives rather than take them as servants. He has one bodyguard, Purian who is rarley seen and protects him from the shadows,though he claims he needs no bodyguard the council insists that he have one, when he is in a public junction or giving a speech. Despite his status he loves nothing more than the thrill of the kill, to the dismay of the old men on the council. His peers worry for him while the people idolize
him for these actions. His favorite saying is " Caution is for the weak and relaxing is for the dead."
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Name: Jinsen

Species: Breazon

City: Tockra Vivec

Appearance: 7'6" with red brown fur and a white collar with blood red rubys in it.

Armor: Medium white and crimson mail

Chestplate: Crimson red with the symbol in white the area whrer the front and back the colors are blended
Backplate: White with the symbol in red
Arms: White forearm bracers
Legs: White shin bracers

Weapons: Javilins and a scimitar

Rank: One of the leaders of Tockra Vivec

Bodygurads: Three of the most vicious Vorca of Tockra Vivec

Other Info: owns several alien slaves and owns the town slavery.
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Guest Night_wolf
Name: Shadow

Species: Purian

City: Tockra Vivec

Appearance: Black fur with bright yellow eyes. Average height for a Purain

Armor: Black and gray. He doesn't wear gloves or boots

Weapon: Two short swords and two hand scythes

Rank: Jinsen's second in command in the Purain ranks.

Other Info: Two human slaves. One male and one female.
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Name: Miya

Age: 18

Apearance: Below, she has a brown metal collar around her neck.

Other info: A slave for a powerful Vorca in Tockra Vivec. She was taken on the raid on the ship. She watched her parents get killed by her owner and her oldest brother was torn limb from limb and devored in front of her. She had to watch her second brother get tortured to death and his blood was then sprinkled on her for the fun of the Vorca. She is a dancer and is almost always dancing for him.
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