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Sign Up Neo-Nephilim: Hunt for destiny [pg-13 V,L]


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During WW2 Adolf Hitler came into posession of an item known as the lance of longinus. With this weapon he attained a great new power, Fate. He controlled it's power and increased his dark reach ten fold. He used the power of the lance to stop the only thing that could stop him, The three great churches. Throughout the world theri are three great churches that not only preach there religion, but also violate it by practicing sorcerrory. These churches based their spells and worskip based off there religion. ther were the Catholics, the eastern religions and then the african religions were the most prominent of these groups. With it's power he assemmbild a team of hunters to exterminate them, who were fueled by the lances dark power. there was little anyone could do to stop it, only the strongest could contest the hunters. As the world fell into it's bleakest hour two high bishops, with remarkable power, forced there way into Berlin amongst the fire bombing. They, after great strain, discoverd the lance. But to there dismay it had been so tainted by his evil they feared to even touch it. Theyused there remaining strenght to take the lance for away where it would never be used by anyone ever again.

The years that passed were years of rebuilding for the chuch and the gathering of new disiples. A time of piece for the three superpowers, though the world itself only found itself in more turmoil. Then in the 1980's the contents of the famed dead sea scrolls was released to the public. Unknown to the people of the world, at the same time the rumors of the lances whereabouts began to spread. The church experienced it's own cold war. A war of espionage and intelligence gathering. after two years they had determined the most likely location to be South America. The hunt was on, the space race of sorcerrory. After a year of dissappearances and failures they decided to commit a horrible and blasphamous act. The three groups decided they would summon the most powerful spirts, angelic and demonic,and forge an artificial entity. The three churches signed a contract stating the nature and reason for the plot and then severd all communications, the cold was ended and a true war was about to begin.

The Catholic church gatherd twenty of there most powerful summoners to summon the ten most powerful spirits possible and used a single woman as the "carrier" of this [I]thing[/I]. they didn't even know if it would be human but they did it anyway.

Six months later, it was born a thing with a human form but everyone knew it was anything but human. They took him and named him Emilio Battoli. They trained him in the dark arts as well as the healing arts. They trained him to be a warrior, so he might find the lance first and bring it to the church. He never questioned this, it was his reason for living. He carried on this way his whole life. Until the day Pope John Paul the second, his mentor in a world where he had no real family, passed away. On his death bed he told him that he was to destroy the lance. He told him of a book found in chapters spread across the world that contained a spell capable of removing it from this world.

Shortly following he died and a new pope appointed though, he was not around as often. Emilio then began to feel the resentment of the others who hated him for his natural talent. With the pope no longer protecting him he felt there full fury and jealousy. He knew that he had to escape the church, so one night he left the church and brought only the clothes he was wearing his broad sword, he used for melee and spell casting, and a small pocket watch that had been given to him by the late pope. He now set off for America in hopes of finding this black book that could destroy the lance, his new mission.

He has found himself in a world of enemies, where all three churches come for him to capture him, destroy him, or convert him. He has to find his true allies soon or he will not live long.


race: Sorrceror or human.

Weapon: Sorrcerors use traditional weapons are able to use any kind, though it's useless unless endowed by another sorrceror


Age: Between 16 and 55 years old




Appearacne: eye color, hair color, clothes and physical build

Skills: Tell me what can they do?

Bio: The story of your characters life

My character

Name: Emilio Battoli

Race: Sorceror

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Height: 5'10

Weight: 175

Birthday: Febuary 11, 1988

Appearance: He has tan skin and dirty blonde hair. He has a slghtly muscular build with Read iris's and green pupils( the way you can identify his kind from other humans and sorcerors) He has only a black jump suit and the uniform of a swiss guardsmen and carries foot and a half long gladius9 traditional roman battle sword).

Skills: He can speak Italian, English, and Spanish fluently. He can drive though he lacks a licence. He specializes in sword combat and offensive magic, as well as healing magic. he also has barrier capabilities, but they are limited.

Bio: Born in a low lying chamber in the vatican, he has had little to no contact with the outside world. He is naive of the on goings in the world and belived that all people shared his beliefs, the churches beliefs. He was trained in early childhood to be a warrior. He was trained to fight as a roman gladiator and use these skills to coincide with his natural magical talents. His mother dying after giving birth and having no real father, he saw pope John Paul the second as a father and was often close with him. When he died he gave Emilio his mission, to remove the lance from this world. At first he didn't know what to do, he simply stayed at the church being the only home he had ever known. This is when the true feelings of those around him came out. Without the pope to protect him, he fell victim to the jealousy of those he thought were his friends. They hated him for the natural skill he possesed since it took them so much more efort to master a magic and him only a few days. One day Emilio decided he was tired of the persecution. In the dead of night he took his weapon, potions and battle attire to flee to America. He had heard of a book split into hidden chapters across the world, a book that could destroy the lance. he didn't know where they all were, but he heard that one such chapter existed in America and he would find it at any cost. And so his journey begins.
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Name: Rosslyn Atwell 'Ross'

Race: Human

Weapon: Prefers using a small hand gun (Smith & Wesson M 10), but also knows how to knives and daggers.

Gender: Female


Heght: 5'0"

Weight: 99 lbs

Birthday: June 17 1987

Appearance: A slender young woman with sharp honey colored eyes and straight, reddish brown locks clipped short. Seeing that she forgets to trim her hair, it falls over her face and down the nape of her neck. She prefers wearing black, but doesn't really care how she dresses as long as she is wearing something.

Skills: She's a thief; she can easily steal things that are in plain sight and have no one notice. Lip reading is among her skills, as is making sense of the little details that most people over look.

Beyond that, she has a standard high school education, save the diploma.

Bio: Ross is an anarchist by nature, meaning that she doesn't appreciate being forced to follow the laws of a government that she sees as corrupt. Because of this, she took to the streets at a young age, and essentially dropped out of society.

Before all this, she lived a semi-decent life. She was one of the kids involved in the foster care system and, even though she was fed and clothed, never stayed in one place for too long. It was a combination of her quick wit, flippant attitude toward authority, and her fast hands that landed her in prison a few times, and by the last time her foster family wanted nothing to do with her.

She didn't care. In fact, she was glad to be relieved of the burden of fitting in with people she thought were useless anyway. She hit the streets, and became a business person of sorts. She'll do anything to make a few bucks, save violate her body, and will always get the job done.

However, in spite of the way she acts, Ross is a bit of a scholar at heart. She knows a lot more than a person in her situation should, a clear piece of evidence that she is on the street out of choice.

Though she may hide it, she has a softer side. She's wary of making lasting connections, but wants to find someone she can connect to. In her pursuit of this connection she found out about the hidden world of magic and sorcery that had been hidden to her before. Though most of this world is invisible to her, she can see one thing clearly: She's been bound by her dealings with these people, and she can't break the bonds by herself.
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[B]Name: [/B] Jeneene Elisabeth Facilini; 'Jenel'

[B]Race:[/B] Sorcerer

[B]Weapon:[/B] A ritual dagger

[B]Gender:[/B] female

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Heght:[/B] 5"5

[B]Weight: [/B] 130

[B]Birthday:[/B] August 13th, 1981

[B]Appearance:[/B] She has bright green eyes and long strawberry blond hair that goes down to her mid-back and accents the lightness of her skin. Jeneene has the build of your average delicate/frail young woman but is anything but. She likes to wear casual clothes, mostly in purples and greys. Thin, but not too skinny. Around her neck she wears a thin silver chain, which holds home to a silver pendant of an angel with blue-tinted wings.

[B]Skills: [/B] She excels in defensive magic, but lacks a little in the offensive area all around. Jenel's also pretty good with healing magic, but not amazing. She knows both Italian and English, and is a bit light on her feet.

[B]Bio: [/B] Jeneene grew up in Italy, training as a sorcerer, not really taught about the religion of the churches: only about her duties. She never questioned anything, and blindly followed her orders. But there was one flaw with her that drove some of the others away. Knowledge. Jenene was always looking to learn something new, or find about things that 'didn't concern her'. Always with a smiling light heart and willing to lend a helping hand.

Of course, that soon meant she tried to find out all she could from her superiors about this mysterious Lance she happened to overhear about. When asking about it, they'd give her a stern look and a disapproving scowl that made one want to sulk out of the room and back to bed. Giving up on that, she eavesdropped whenever she could, always quietly bolting off when about to be discovered. Acquiring a bible and reading the hidden book within the confines of her quarters, she over time came to realize just how wrong what they were doing was.

Her superiors eventually suspected/found out what was happening, and over to America she went, where the confidential, high up secrets were not known. She left the Church in a mix of disgust, and betrayal. Before she left however, Jenel was told the tale of the bishops of WWII by an older church authority that was a good friend of a former Cardinal.

In reality she is still bounded to the life she left in Italy, no matter what angle it?s viewed at, and cannot just disappear even if she wished to. She searches for some way...if at all possible...there might be to help stop what looks to evolve into bloody massacre.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Sin Nato

[B]Race:[/B] Sorrceror

[B]Weapon:[/B] Uses a greatsword

[B]Gender:[/B] male

[B]Age:[/B] 30

[B]Heght:[/B] 6'3"

[B]Weight:[/B] 172

[B]Birthday:[/B] December 19th, 1975

[B]Appearacne:[/B] [URL=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/SiegWarheit.jpg] Sin Nato [/URL]

[B]Skills:[/B] Sin is expert in the offensive arts of magic, usually imbuing his body or sword with magic strength or agility for better offensive use. But because of his offensive abilitys he usually leaves him self open for an attack, and has a hard time blocking strong attacks. Sin knows russian and some english, enough to get him by.

[B]Bio:[/B] Sin was born and raised in russia, where he started to learn his offensive arts of magic and his sword fighting styles. He was aware of the other religions in the world but was never interested in any of them, he was more interested in the supernatural side of life. He liked the surprises and majestic side of magic, he liked see what kind of results he would get when he mixed different types of magic with physical objects. He discovered this skill when he was playing around with his magic one day, he grabbed one of his favorite toys and thought it would be cool if he could throw it around without breaking it. So he tried a few different spells before he figured out how to inbue his toy with the strength of a boulder, he tried this kill on many objects over his years, mastering it.

So one day Sin grew bored with imbueing objects with his powers, so he tried it on a bioligical form, first a dog. He wanted to see if he could increase its speed, he failed the first time, the dog's legs couldn't take the amount of power going through it so its bone liquified. And the dog died shortly after. Sin waited awhile before trying again, next time he tried on a cat, he increseased the cats strength. He succeeded this time, the cat was several time strong then before, a few hours later it wore of and the cat was at normal strength again. Sin was excited his experiment had worked, but he wanted to try one last test before getting to excited, he performed an imbuement on himself. Seeing if the human physiology could handle it, and his body took it rather well, he made his muscles stronger. It did have reprocussions, his body the next day was extremly sore from the sudden change and couldn't handle being imbued more then once every 7-8 hours. So he spent years trying to get over the soreness, he manged to be able to imbue his body four times in the same few hours before it was impossible to go any furhter. The human body could only handle three or four imbuements before it quit from stress, Sin could live with that. So he just worked on strengthing his abilitys and he's been working on them ever since. After he turned 28 he left Russia and went to America to see if he could learn anything knew over there and he is their to this day, honoing and focusing his skills.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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