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Sign Up The Legend of Zelda: The Tempest Stones [PG-VL]


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[SIZE=2][COLOR=CRIMSON][CENTER][B][U]The Legend of Zelda
The Tempest Stones[/U][/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]


Long ago, before the awakening of Din, Farore and Nayru and the forging of Hyrule all that existed was the Sacred Realm. In that time there were four Gods and two Goddesses who resided within the Sacred Realm peacefully for as long as they could remember. Each of these deities had ties to the Waters of the world yet to come; after Hyrule was created they would bring forth the water and give life to this new land. However this was yet to come and so they choose to remain in a transitional state within the Realm until they were required to take on physical bodies in the new world.

Their peace was not to last, an evil deity known as Hoa?Ar entered the Sacred Realm and demanded that they turn over the power of water to him. The deities resisted and war came to the Sacred Realm. During the conflict one of Hoa?Ars minions quickly saw that it was a loosing battle being fought by his Master and changed his allegiance to the Water deities. With this betrayal the war was quickly ended as Hoa?Ars lieutenant gave the Water deities the secrets of his former Master which they use against him.

During the conflict Din, Farore and Nayru were awoken by the battles and descended upon the unshaped world that was to be Hyrule. As this world was born the war within the Sacred Realm ended and then it was time for the Water deities to come down upon Hyrule and bring life to it though their powers. In order to contain the threat of Hoa?Ar the seven encased him within a magical prison and cast him far from the land of Hyrule into the great ocean beyond and they retired to the Sacred Realm after their work had been done.

As the deities rested within the Sacred Realm the world of Hyrule flourished and many Races came to live within its safety. Though all was not well and an evil force came to power in Hyrule, while one of the inhabitants of the land known as The Hero of Time was able to defeat this evil it returned a second time and all of Hyrule was to put to fire and sword.

Still the water deities slept on but the three Golden Goddesses heard the prayers of the Races if Hyrule who were under attack by the evil force. In a effort to keep the evil away from the sacred land of Hyrule and awaken the water deities the Goddesses brought a great flood to cover all of Hyrule. This act forever removed Hyrule from the world and served to awaken the water deities as looked upon a world filled with their power. They descended upon the world and gave the inhabitants the Seven Tempest Stones which had the power of the waters within them should the deities ever be defeated.

And all was well in the Great Sea, or so it seemed.


Welcome one and all to the latest ?Legend of Zelda? RP to grace OtakuBoards for a long while. This RP is going to be a little different than most Zelda RPs mainly because we?re (That is myself, Sean and Kayin) aren?t going to allow players to sign up as Link because this is set somewhere between OOT and TWW, the time scale we?re using places those two games 800 years apart so the Great Sea hasn?t been fully explored by the people yet. As we are not using a Link character and other standards of a Zelda game we have some things we?d like to point out:
[*]There are going to be seven characters.
[*]There can only be one character too a Race. [I.E. One Hylian, one Rito and so on]
[*]Each character has a specific weapon; these will be explained in the Underground.
[*]Items such as the Ocarina of Time may not be used in the RP unless otherwise started in the Underground thread.
As I said there are only seven character spots in this RP, four when taking myself and the other two creators into account. The way these places work are one character of each Race and each character represents one of the Water Deities (Explained in the Underground) so you may be asking which Races we?re using:
[*]Hylian [Sean]
[*]Sheikah [Kayin]
[*]Rito [Jokopoko]
As you can see we?ve separated the races of Hylians and Hyruleans because there is a difference between the two; Hylians are more like Humans in that they?re physically strong but not good with magic whereas Hyruleans are more like Elves in that they?re at as strong but much more attuned to magic. The only other race that will be different are the Deku because we?re having them more like the Deku from ?Majora?s Mask? but they look more Human nowadays because they?ve evolved somewhat.
[B]N/B:[/B] For the Korok character you may, if you wish, have them take on the appearance of a Kokiri because they're around other races again.

Like most Zelda RPs it is recommended that you have played the games that the RP is based on. In this case ?The Ocarina of Time?, ?Majora?s Mask? and ?The Wind Waker? are recommended though MM is really only for the Deku character because that game has the Deku as we are representing them.

The information about the Water Deities and characters etc will be put in the Underground Thread which is going to go up sometime later today, I think that?s everything covered but if you need some more information feel free to PM me.

[I]PS: The story is deliberately unfinished because the story is sort of a secret right now[/I]


[B][U]Sign-up Sheet[/U][/B][/CENTER]

[B]Name:[/B] [Make it appropriate to the Race]

[B]Gender:[/B] [Male/Female]

[B]Age:[/B] [Anywhere from 12 to 30, does not apply to Korok]

[B]Race:[/B] [Pick from the list]

[B]Appearance:[/B] [Descriptions only please, no pictures of in game characters]



[B]Primary Weapon:[/B] [Find this in the Underground but you cannot wield it just yet]

[B]Secondary Weapon:[/B] [This is the weapon you start the RP with]

[B]Items:[/B] [These can be items from the game, but cannot be used by ?The Hero of Time]

[B]Starting Point:[/B] [Look in the Underground thread for the Races Islands]

[I]PS: My, Kayin?s and Sean?s sign-ups will come shortly[/I][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[font=garamond][color=darkolivegreen] Name: Knutt

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Race: Deku

Appearance: While not yet reaching his adult's height, Knutt currently stands at 4' 7", the average height for a child of his age and species. He is rather gangly with thick, tough skin that resembles bark causing him to make a creaking noise at times durring movement. The color of his bark-like skin is a pale shade of cherry, giving him a rather beige-ish appearance. Unrully straw-like hair sticks from his head, shorn in short harsh crops, sometimes concealing brilliant green eyes. His wardrobe consists of a worn pair of hideskin trousers and a dirty green vest, leaving all else rather natural.

Background/Biography: Knutt grew up (and is still growing) in the Forbidden Forest. He has never seen the outside world and, really, doesn't have much of a past. The twelve years of his life have been rather uninteresting, the forest being his playground and the Deku people his kin. But that life doesn't suit Knutt.

What the boy wishes more than anything is to venture beyond the forrest barrier, to see what lies beyond and interact with the people of the world whom he had only heard tales of. The stern sense of adventure doesn't leave him in good standing with the other Deku youths as he was looked down upon for his silly ideals. In most honesty, Knutt wasn't a very high standing member amongst his people, and felt rather out of place. Were he to vanish, none would surely notice.

Personality: While having a high adventurous spirit and rock-hard determination, Knutt is still a child and rather innocent when it comes to situations of the outside world. Naive and childish describe him well, but he is generally good hearted and holds an air of mischeif that is common among his kind.

Primary Weapon: Flute

Secondary Weapon: A small wooden sword

Items: Deku nuts, Deku stick

Starting Point: Forbidden Forest[/color][/font]

If anything needs changing, feel free to PM me
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[b]OOC: [/b]Neat! Hasn't been a good Zelda RP in a while.
[b]EDIT: [/b]Finished History and removed Hyrule.
Let me know if I should change anything, I can also change Race if you prefer.

[font=ARIAL][color=Navy][size=2][b]Name:[/b] Katchya

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Age:[/b] 20

[b]Race:[/b] Hyrulian

[b]Appearance:[/b] Katchya stands about 5'6", a regular height for a Hyrulian, she is quite fit from doing a lot of outdoor activities. She has long blonde hair that covers her pointed ears and ends around the middle of her back, and crystal blue eyes under long eyelashes. Her skin is slightly tanned from being outdoors and she wears a navy blue tunic and dark brown breeches.

[b]Background/Biography: [/b]Katchya was born and raised on Windfall Island, stranded in the middle of the Great Sea like all of the other islands around.

When she was young, she realised that she was different from all of the other inhabitants, instead of nice rounded ears like them, she had pointed tips. Katchya questioned her parents about it and they revealed their history. They had been born and raised in Hyrule, but then there was a Great Flood that covered it and they had just escaped. She had many questions and learned many things about the land of Hyrule. She wished she could see it, but it was deep beneath the Great Sea. To hide her abnormalty, she covers her ears with her long, blonde hair.

Katchya loves her life on Windfall Island, but then again, she doesn't know any other life since she can't leave the island. The thing she wishes for most is to be able to explore and go on adventures, but it isn't possible, her parents would never let her, and she didn't have a boat, or any idea where to go.

She knows everyone on the island and is friends with most, she has a few enemies but only a few. Katchya usually helps out at a store on the island since she has nothing better to do, and the owner is a close family friend.

[b]Personality: [/b]Katchya is a free spirit that wanders wherever she feels and wherever she's inspired to go. She enjoys a bit of exploring and often gets in a bit of trouble. Katchya's awfully stubborn and doesn't usually give up until she gets what she wants. She has a quick mind and enjoys logical problems because it works the mind to look at all of the posibilities. She's a social character and enjoys being surrounded by others, as long as they aren't mean to her.

[b]Primary Weapon:[/b] Trident of Paricia

[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b] Twin Daggers

[b]Items:[/b] Bottled Fairy, Deku Nuts

[b]Starting Point:[/b] Windfall Island[/size][/color][/font]
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Fun :3

[FONT=Trebuchet MS][b]Name:[/b] Rizzo
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Age:[/b] Twenty-Two
[b]Race:[/b] Hyrulean
[b]Appearance:[/b] Rizzo is beyond a bizarre Hyrulean. He's not that handsome, but he's not someone to shun for their bad looks. Basically his uncontrollable clumsiness makes him appear unappealing to the opposite sex or anyone for that matter. He has a brown tunic complete with even darker brown pants and a black vest. He has dirty blonde hair that reaches to his shoulders and covers one eye. He wears an uncanny contraption on his head that's part hat, part... who knows?!
[b]Background/Biography:[/b] Rizzo is an outcasted inventor. Born and raised on Cresent Moon Island, he was sent off by his parents to make a name for himself in the world only to figure out his inventions are complete... what's the word? Ah yes, crap. He only has a few inventions that work and most of them aren't of any use, what with magic floating about all the time. He's recognized as a failing inventor and always has been. He dares not return to his parents. But he's still young and believes he can still make it if he really tries. He's been considering mixing his technology and magic together and perhaps his inventions would work. But that's a theory to be tested later.

Now he basically is broke. He has no money for his inventions and definitely no money for food. He has to steal what he needs, but is rather sly about it. He is actually good at sneaking around, as clumsy as he is. He has managed to get parts for his creations and food for his table. But people in the village he calls home are getting wary and he might have to leave before they become too suspicious.
[b]Personality:[/b] Rizzo is upbeat and jumpy. He's always ready to get around and go. He'll be your good friend, but if you do something bad to him, he may insist on complaining about it for a good long time. He's a fine companion to have, yes, for his intelligence or knack for problem-solving, but he's also a loud-mouthed braggart and nobody likes that. So basically he has a heads/tails personality. You either can like him or not.
[b]Primary Weapon:[/b] Trident
[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b] Two Small Daggers
[b]Items:[/b] A bag for items he steals. Any invention he cares to carry with him. He always has his creation, The Wiggamabob, as he calls it. This nice invention he's still working on and has yet to see what it does.
[b]Starting Point:[/b] Cresent Moon Island[/font]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1]Before I post my bio I'd just like to point out to both Sakure and DW that this is based after the Great Flood covered Hyrule so the land itself is no longer known by those living in the Great Sea so you're not able to come from there I'm afraid. I can't say whos in or out at this point because I need to talk to Sean and Kayin about it.


[B]Name:[/B] Aquila.

[B]Gender:[/B] Male.

[B]Age:[/B] 23.

[B]Race:[/B] Rito.

[B]Appearance:[/B] As with most Rito if you looked at Aquila before getting to know him you would be fairly intimidated standing at roughly 5? 9?. His skin is light brown in colour, his eyes are bright red and his hair in contrast is white, the length of his hair is always kept constant but he often covers it up with the traditional head-dress of his people. When his is not using his wings they are part of his arms and appear to be white like his hair, when they are flung out they have a great span and are brown in colour. His beak is a darker colour than most other Rito and also sticks out slightly more which he sometimes gets embarrassed about.

The position of his eyebrows make it seem as if he has a permanent scowl but in truth Aquila, like most Rito, is a kind soul with a tough exterior.

His clothes are most often those of his tribe, purple in colour with a red trim running around the edges of the fabric but sometimes he will don less conspicuous clothes if he needs to go places in secret.

[B]Background/Biography:[/B] Aquila was born, like most of his tribe, on Dragon Roost Island far to the east in the Great Sea. The Great Sea itself was still considered young by the Races of the world and the Rito were slowly adjusting to the previous lowlanders living on the same level as them. His father was one of the original founding members of the Rito Postal Service, he devised it as a way for the Rito to get to know the new Races better and to form friendships or alliances, and his mother was one of the attendants for the great Sky Dragon Valoo. So it was that Aquila grew in a fairly exciting time for the Rito Tribe and he eagerly waited for the day that he could get his wings from Valoo and travel the Great Sea along with his father and the rest of the postal service.

During his Chick years he had some unfortunate encounters with the local plant life (Bomb Flowers) but this did not cause him to dislike these strange things rather he had a new respect for them and began thinking up ways in which he could make the flowers more stable and make them easier to use for the Rito Tribe because their Island home was still cluttered with Rocks from the shifting tides of the Great Sea.

When he did come of age and was granted a scale from Valoo he was no longer as enchanted with the Postal Service as he once was though he did join, he was happier working with explosive devices which he used to help his tribe and the other people of the Great Sea. He is always know to carry a few of his smaller hand-held bombs handy in case he runs into Pirate vessels or needs to make a quick escape from a Bokoblin watch tower in the Great Sea.

[B]Personality:[/B] The concept on Honour and Loyalty is central to the beliefs of the Rito tribe and this is not different with Aquila. Once he has made a promise to a friend he will always follow through regardless of what he has to go through. He is very proud of his heritage and guards all of his personal belongings fiercely. Strangely for a Rito he does have a sense of humour, or at least something like it, what he find funny will often confuse or sometimes offend others not of his own Race.

Not having a lot of experience with the other Races of the great Sea aside from delivering their mail, Aquila feels disorientated in places with many foreign faces, such Windfall Island. Since he was a Chick Aquila has had a slight phobia of enclosed spaces so it is not good for him to travel with others into Caverns or other places like it.

[B]Primary Weapon:[/B] The Gauntlets of Varuna.

[B]Secondary Weapon:[/B] Various explosive devices (Bombs etc)

[B]Items:[/B] Grappling Hook, Delivery Bag and Treasure Map.

[B]Starting Point:[/B] Dragon Roost Island.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Alright, fully finished sign up as I promised Bill.

[b]Name:[/b] Rogan

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] Thirty

[b]Race:[/b] Goron

[b]Appearance:[/b] Rogan is big, real big, big even for a Goron. He stands well over eight feet in height and weighs enough to slightly rumble the ground wherever he walks. Rogan's physical appearance is also a bit different from that of his kin, most Gorons sport a large rounded stomach, a holdover from their diet of delicious tasty rocks, a small outcropping of whitish hair on the top of their head and a small bit under their lower lip. Rogan on the other hand has a much flatter stomach compared to his kind, though it can't be down to eating less tasty rocks than everyone else, his kin will testify he eats as much if not more than anyone else. His hair as well is quite different to that of the average Goron too, growing out all over his head and spiking in triangles along the edges of his face and head as well his facial hair covering from the edges of his lip down his chin, the Hyrulean term being "smig". The final difference between Rogan and other Goron is that he wears clothing, it's not a fashion choice or a way to rebel against the Goron traditions but down to the fact that he spends much more time above ground than they do, and for a Goron the warmth of the Great Sea is still a little cold for them. His clothing is basically a pair of worn brown trousers, tan leather boots and a sleeveless cream coloured shirt.

[b]Background/Biography:[/b] Rogan or Darogan to give him his full name was born like most Goron of his generation on Stonewatcher Island. Of all the races hit hardest by the Great Flood, the Gorons were probably hit the worst, their home Death Mountain was submerged and only a few places where their favoured tasty rocks could be found still remained above sea level. In short the Gorons faced possible starvation and extinction if something couldn't be done to solve their current problems. By their very nature the Gorons are courageous, loyal and generous but couldn't be described as the sharpest rocks in the outcropping, however fortunately for them a few Gorons seem to buck that trend, one of them being Darogan's father Darogal. There was an obvious solution to the Goron's plight, at least obvious to anyone who wasn't a Goron, for generations the Goron's had always lived in the mountains, going higher and higher as their food sources depleted on the lower peaks and so the idea of going back down the mountain to find food and warmth was a foreign concept to them.

The simple answer to the Goron's problems was to start mining, Goron's are big and much stronger than any other race in the Great Sea and so mining wasn't exactly an activity they could claim wouldn't suit them. If there were only a few places where tasty rocks could be found above sea level, whereas before the Flood there were many places such rocks could be found, then simply excavating the ground underneath the islands should in theory produce greater quantities of their food. Now as I said before the Gorons aren't the brightest of sparks, but there was enough tasty rocks to keep them the going for a while up on the surface and the land above was warm enough to be tolerated by Gorons however their supply of tasty rocks wouldn't last forever and while Gorons tolerated the warmth of Great Sea's many islands there was a general consensus that a warmer place to live would be more preferable. It was Rogan's father who first started mining, and for a time it caused quite a stir with some Gorons saying it went completely against Goron tradition.

However after only a few years the Gorons saw the great value of mining, not only would they have more tasty rocks to eat, potentially an eternal supply but also they'd be able to get closer to some of Death Mountain's volcanic rock which would suit their heat needs down to the ground. Twenty years before Rogan was born, the Gorons had transformed themselves from a people on the verge of starvation to respected miners and craftsmen, supplying much of the metals used by other races in their daily lives. The Gorons themselves spread out to many islands across the Great Sea, digging deep below the islands themselves and setting up thriving colonies, many of these Goron colonies insured the safety of passing boats by ridding the islands and surrounding waters of such potential enemies as Big Octos, Kargorocs, Sea Hats and Gyorgs. The Goron ability to work metals and stone has become something of legend, with many wealthy Rito, Hylians and Hyruleans coming from all over the Great Sea to procure high quality items, ornaments and tools.

When Rogan was born it was assumed that he would, like his father establish a forge, spend his days creating implements to be used or sold, spend his nights feasting merrily with the rest of his kin, marry and start a family and generally lead what was considered to be a normal life by the Gorons on Stonewatcher Island. But Rogan had a strange fascination with the Great Sea, and as much as he enjoyed working in the forge with his father there was just something that drew him to the Great Sea. Darogal's answer to this was for the boy to spend a few years transporting Goron merchandise to the other inhabited islands of the Great Sea, although the Rito Postal Service was fast and very efficient there were certain large items that simply couldn't be carried by a Rito postman. Rogan was therefore elected to be the first merchant of Stonewatcher Island, a fancy way of saying that Rogan would be in fact a delivery boy. Whether or not Rogan realised he was a delivery boy didn't matter one bit to him, he loved the sea and the ship the Gorons of Stonewatcher Island built for him could only be described as magnificent.

Rogan was just fourteen when he started as "captain" of his ship, though as he was the only one on board it would have been hard for him not to be captain. He's travelled the entirety of the Great Sea countless times, he knows every rock, every beach, every tree off by heart, he can navigate simply by using the stars at night or the position of the sun during the day. He's thrown every ounce of himself into being the best merchant he can be for the last sixteen years and it's really paid off, whenever his ship pulls into port on Outset, Crescent Moon, Windfall or Dragon Roost Island there's never a shortage of customers.

[b]Personality:[/b] Rogan is for the most part a quite person, he's spent the last sixteen years at sea with only himself for the most part for company, though this quietness dissolves once he's among his kin or friends when in fact he'll talk your head off with tales of what he's seen or stories and rumours he's heard travelling the expanses of the Great Sea. When Rogan is eating however it is very inadvisable that you interrupt him, like all Goron Rogan eats only the rocks his people find edible, though he has been known on occasion to eat some non-Goron food it is simply down to taste as he derives no nourishment from it, ale on the other hand is one of his favourite drinks and as a Goron he could drink three or four barrels of ale and never become drunk. As with all Gorons, the concepts of honour, friendship, loyalty, courage and generosity are inherent to the nature of Rogan as well a fiercely good sense of humour.

[b]Primary Weapon:[/b] Nereus' Shield

[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b] Biggoron's Hammer

[b]Items:[/b] Telescope, Spoils Bag, Deluxe Picto Box

[b]Starting Point:[/b] Stonewatcher Island[/SIZE]
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