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RPG Blood Rites [M-VLS]


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[center][size=1][/size][b][size=3][u]Blood Rites[/u][/size][/b]
. Once a thriving, multi-cultural country, now virtually destroyed by the vampire plague. Kraven, the oldest and most powerful of all vampires, now uses Buckingham Palace in London, former home to the Royal Family, as his power base, but his influence spreads its tendrils across the world like a giant spider web.[/size]

[size=1]Kraven sat on the throne of [/size][size=1]England, the once bright and colourful throne room dull and uninteresting in the darkness, the throne twisted into a mockery of what it once was. Once resplendent in gold filigree and crimson velvet, it was now a vast, twisted mass of dull, gunmetal-grey iron, with a blood-red cushion on the seat. Pale beams of moonlight shone through cracks in the roof to bathe the vampire lord in a silvery glow[/size]

[size=1]?Belphegor,? he said, calling to his most trusted advisor, ?Come to me.?[/size][size=1]

He came at once, of course. There would be no gain in keeping Kraven waiting, and he most certainly wouldn?t be allowed to keep living if he did. He bowed low, his nose almost touching the floor. [/size]

[size=1]?I am at your service, my lord,? he said. Belphegor was a pasty individual, even by vampiric standards. His thick, greasy curtain of jet-black hair hung limply around his pale, sunken eyes. His skin was white as a sheet, and his body was constantly wrapped in a heavy black hooded robe.[/size]

[size=1]?Belphegor, my friend, there is no need to bow to me. I have known you long enough to trust you implicitly. You are my oldest friend,? said Kraven, his usually harsh voice softened.

[/size] [size=1]Belphegor straightened up, knowing that to keep bowing was as good as suicide. You always did what Kraven wanted you to do, otherwise you would never see another moon.

[/size] [size=1]?What was it you wanted to see me about, my lord?? he asked, bowing his head slightly, more out of habit than anything. [/size]

[size=1]?I know you are heading up the team that is researching my ascension, so tell me what progress you have made.? [/size]

[size=1]?We have made little progress since you last asked, my lord. We are hard pushed to find anything without the correct resources.? [/size]

[size=1]?What would these resources be, exactly?? asked Kraven. Belphegor could hear the anger rising in his voice now. [/size]

[size=1]?We need to go to a place know to vampires as the Dark Library. It is currently believed to be somewhere in Australia, somewhere beneath the ground. I am sorry we have not made more progress, my lord, but there are books we need that can only be found in the Dark Library. Take us there, and you will learn the secret of ascension in a few days, maybe a week, no more.?

[/size] [size=1]?Very well. We shall travel to Australia, to the Dark Library. I have your word that the books we need will be there?? [/size]

[size=1]?Of course, my lord.? [/size]

[size=1]?We shall leave tonight.?[/size]

[size=1]OOC: Welcome to Blood Rites. Now, everybody?s characters should get word of Kraven?s travel to Australia, to begin his path to ascension, and begin to travel that way as well. Vampires travel in their clans, humans travel alone, by whatever means possible, perhaps taking a group of others with you. Hope everyone has fun![/size]
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Doran leaned up against the towering window of his room, now fixed with the finest glass, watching the Knockmealdown Mountains. The Water Clan had been residing in one of Ireland's most elegant castles, the Lismore, and it had a spectacular view of the mountains and rolling woods. The sights, however, were not what Doran was interested in. The mountains housed one of the few remaining tribes of humans who had refused to escape to underground, and they had torches lit and were making their location foolishly well known.

Frowning in earnest confusion, Doran pushed himself off the window, straightened out his suit, grabbed Roan and walked out of his well-furnished room. He nodded to a few lowly clan members who sat playing a game of cards nearby before pushing open the door at the end of the hallway, despite some rather uninviting moans coming from inside.

Viktor Lestat was one of Doran's closest companions, and tough his skills lacked severely when compared to most of the others, he was very clever. He was handsome for a vampire and used that to his advantage. He preferred to seduce his prey, and usually it worked without fail. He would find a pretty young thing and convince her with his undeniable charm that he wasn't going to hurt her but have her as his queen.

Viktor was currently straddling his newest victim, not making a sound but the girl was quite vocal. With an evil grin Doran called out jokingly [b]"No, no, you're supposed to [i]drink[/i] them, Viktor!"[/B]

Viktor jumped slightly before looking over his shoulder. [B]"Oh! Doran! I was just..."[/B] Doran rolled his eyes and waved his hand at him before leaning up against the door post to wait. As the girl's confused whimper turned into shrieks of pain, Doran casually examined his trim nails with a look like both anxiety and boredom crossed together.

Seconds later, Viktor pulled away from the lifeless girl and hopped out of bed, still stark naked. Realizing this, he looked around frantically for his clothes. Doran nodded pointedly to a heap of clothing by the bed. It took him another moment to pick out his from the girl's, but he stood before Doran fully clothed soon after.

[B]"Sorry, sir. She started coming on to [i]me[/i] and I-"[/B]

[B]'Shut up."[/B] Doran said quietly, quite aware that a large group of vampires were now gathering behind them.

[B]"Yes, sorry."[/B] Viktor murmured, licking his lips to get the last of the sweet blood in a sort of nervous way.

[B]"Now, tell me, Viktor. Do you know why the humans are leaving the mountains?"[/B] He asked in a deadly whisper, twirling Roan around slowly. The other vampires had started to talk amongst themselves while still watching the scene in front of them. Viktor looked down at the ground quickly, only to feel Doran's long fingers push his chin up. His dark, brown eyes stared into the mystifying silver ones dumbly, trying to find an answer. The talking behind them grew louder.

[B]"Yes... Word is that Kraven is on the move and? everyone wants to stop him?or something."[/B] He mumbled, not able to tear himself from the terrifying sight in front of him.

[B]"And where is my dear Kraven heading?"[/B]

[B]"Australia, sir. The Dark Library."[/B]

[B]"Mmm. And why didn't you tell me this before?"[/B]

[B]"I...don't know, sir. We just... found out a few hours ago."[/B]

[B]"Mmm, yes. And I suppose you found your wench about that time, and found that you didn't have the time to alert me?"[/B] Calm understanding layered his sweetly accented voice, having been born and raised in England. Viktor looked slightly relieved and nodded an affirmative. Doran stared at him for a little while more before turning around. By then, most of the clan was standing there looking excited. Before addressing them, Doran's frown turned up into his smirk noticeably and, gripping Roan with both hands, spun around on his heels very suddenly. Viktor's relieved expression quickly changed into one of terror as the diamond connected with his right temple with a clearly audible crack. As he fell, the other vampires gasped in surprise as the bottom of Roan shifted from its smooth, unblemished metal to a jagged point of hard ice.

[B]"No! Please, sir!"[/B] Cried Viktor, clutching head and staring up at his master.

[B]"You should have realized, Viktor. Had you told me of this earlier, you would have been praised and showered with the most [i]willing[/i] women."[/B] He gave a little shrug and plunged the now extremely sharp cane into Viktor's heart. After a little writhing, Viktor lay still on the ground, dead. Doran turned back to his faithful clan and smiled an almost earnest smile.

[B]"Get ready, we?re heading for Australia.?[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Sienna][FONT=Arial Narrow]Kamara stood, spilling some of her drink onto the softly polished wooden floor below her feet. A look of annoyance creased her face as she downed the remaining liquid, tossing the cup carelessly into a far corner of the room. She was about to take a few steps forward to confront the vampire that stood before her, but was too light-headed from standing so quickly to move.

"What do you mean we're going to Australia?" Kamara barked bitterly.

"Lord Kraven seeks out a book only found in the Dark Library." The man replied softly, bowing slightly.

Kamara bit her lower lip and turned her head away, thick golden locks falling into her face. She thought for a moment and then threw herself into the large cushioned chair behind her. It made some noise as it took her 110 pounds as she slapped both hands onto the thick black leather arms. The look that danced upon her face was not one of pleasure, but more of sheer bitterness.

"What is wrong, my Lady? Do you not want to travel with Lord Kraven to find the Dark Library?" The man stood stiffly in the massive doorway to Kamara's chambers. He dared not enter further without her consent, and it looked that this was as far as he was going.

"Where is Kraven?" She snapped suddenly, cocking her head up to look the man square in the eyes.

"I...I do not know, my Lady."

Kamara snarled and bit her lower lip again. Her eyes danced along the wooden floor, searching for something, but the man could not make it out. He watched as frustration grew within her, which was made clear by her digging her nails deep within the leather workings of the chair. She tapped her foot for a moment then finally released her hold on the leather. A small smile danced across her lips as she brought her head back up.

"When was the last time you touched flesh?" Kamara said bluntly.

A look of shock over took the man's face as he stammered to answer her.

"A while, I see." Her smile widen as she stood up, the small satin dress she was wearing sliding back down her thin legs. He watched her intently as she seductively approached him.

She reached a pale white hand up and placed her slender fingers behind his ear and along his neck, while her arm drapped over his shoulder and along his chest. He wasn't much taller than her, maybe by three or four inches at most. His breathing was short and quick as he stammered backwards some.

Kamara pulled her other hand up and placed it gently on his chest as she brought her slender body closer to his. He was unsure of himself and what to do next, looking down at the fair beauty. Her hazel eyes danced about his face, focusing on his lips and chest the most. Still, he dared not to touch her.

"Do I scare you?" Kamara said as she ducked her head down towards his neck, her faint breath slowly dancing along his skin.

"Ye....yes." He replied.

"Good." She smiled as her lips brushed against his skin, running her tongue along his neck and up to his ear. He let out a soft moan as his body pulsed with stimulation. She could feel him yearning to touch her, but he was still too timid. She needed to play harder with this one.

Kamara grabbed a tuff of his short brown hair with the hand behind his ear and pulled tenderly backwards on it, allowing her to run both fangs and teeth across the soft front part of his neck. He moaned yet again, but still quietly as if not to wake the baby. With her other hand, Kamara dragged her nails sofly across his shirt, feeling every ripple in his body from chest, nibble, abs, naval and the small line along the pelvis. He was a well muscled man indeed. Kamara left her fingers to linger along his belt line, teasing at the inner skin of his hip. She could feel him tense with each stroke as her tongue danced across his neck.

It was a matter of a second before Kamara realized he had picked her up and slammed her against the closest wall of her chamber. He tore at her clothing as he forcefully ran his hand down the side of her and bit into her lower lip. But Kamara enjoyed this kind of a lover. Fruitful and full of lust.

The man shoved the satin dress up her thigh and pulled on her well shaped hips, throwing her into him. He was ready for her as she faught back just as hard to keep him wanting more. The moment was heated as all her frustration was released in a monsterous explotion.

"You may stay in my bed, but you better be gone by the time I come back." Kamara said forcefully as she re-dressed herself, smoothed out her hair and placed on thick heels. The man nodded as he clasped onto her red blanketed bed as she marched out of the room.


"Why am I always the last to know what's going on?" Kamara barked as she stormed into the throne room where Kraven sat.

Her satin dress was pressed against her body, the thin straps laying very delicately on her shoulders as her sandle like heels wrapped around her calves. She was stunning, it was no surprise that her maker wanted her for eternity.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Sin was sitting in his clans manor in his reclining chair, laying their listening to goth music and metal laying there tapping his toe on air and bobbing his head. After a few moments a vampire in his clan grabbed his toe and Sin had to look, it was one of the officers, one of his superiors Sin just smiled and went back to his music. The officer grabbed his leg and yanked him off causing him to hit the ground, he pulled out his ear pieces and looked at him with and evil look.

[B]"What the hell is your problem?"[/B] Sin said angry. The officer returned the look.

[B]"I'm tired of your disregard for us Sin. You only listen to Caine, the rest of us you treat like humans."[/B] Sin smiled.
"I only listen to Caine because he's is stronger then me and I know what he can do to me if I disobey one of his commands. You and you other officers, are nothing to me. You all are lucky I don't try for your position, I don't try for them because I don't want your responsibility. So back off Raziel."[/B] Sin pushed him away and walked another direction, Raziel was tired of this. He ran behind Sin and bashed him from behind knocking him to the ground, Sin got on his hands and knees, he turned his head with a evil vampire look. Showing teeth and all, he jumped up and charged Raziel, Sin kicked him in the chest with his shoe and flung him into a wall, other vampires of the clan started to hear the commotion and ran over to see who was fighting this time. Sin picked up Raziel by the throat and threw him into the table where a pair of vampire were drinking their wine glasses of blood. Raziel got up and crouched in a ready position, hissing with rage, he came at Sin with all his force and Sin used all his forced and knocked Raziel back into a wall, creating a huge hole in the wall. Plaster and dry wall falling out o fhte hole with Raziel, Sin walked over to where Raziel now lie, he picked up a wooden leg from the table that had splintered and now ahd a point. He grabbed Raziel by his shirt and hissed in his face, he held the stake up and was ready to plunge it into Raziels heart when he heard a voice.
"Enough."[/B] A commanding voice came out from the dark, Caine stepped out and walked towards them both. Sin stood up and cracked his neck, Raziel was laying on the ground attempting to get up. Sin picked him up and let him balance for himself, Caine was clicking his tongue in shame.

[B]"Raziel, you know better then to challenge Sin here to a physical fight."[/B] Sin snickerd when Caine turned his attention to Sin.

[B]"And you Sin. You waste your time by sitting around here and doing nothing, you are the laziest one out of all of my clan. So, I am giving you more responsibility, your taking Raziels place."[/B]

[B]"No! I don't want his job. I want to keep doing what i'm doing, just sit around and feed on people."[/B]

[B]"Well, that is over now. You are going to pull your weight around here, if your going to be in the Earth clan you will use your strength for better things then beating up use to be officers."[/B]
"But, he is the head commander. Why do you give me his job? Give me one of the lower commanders jobs. I can do thier job."[/B] Caine shook his head.

[B]"No, you will work with me. And we are going to hunt for Kraven. Our clan needs the glory for something in centuries that we will live on this planet. Now start finding clues to how we can find him."[/B] Sin walked of grumbling to himself, he tossed a few vampires that he walked by to blow off some steam.

[B]"That one is to reckless for such a job Caine. You should let me do it."[/B] Caine held his hand up to silence Raziel.

[B]"No, he's better suited for this job. We can use his strength to our advantage. My strength and his are something that is going to show the other clans who not to fuck with." [/B]Caine trurned and walked back into the shadows, Raziel stood their angered and ready to kill someone.
"I'll get you Sin. I'll be the one to kill you, and I will do it slowly."[/B] Raziel said to himself.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Kraven, the Vampire Lord seeking ascention. Heading off to Austrailia? This was news indeed. But why would the Great Lord leave his throne sitting, to travel...there? Sandra leaned back all the way in her chair, hands behind her head and eyes staring out at the dark ceiling. News indeed. She turned her attention abruptly back toward the hunter she was talking to.

"Thanks for the news. I think I'll go see what all the hype is about," she said.
"Great, we can always use another pair of hands to whipe out those scum."
"No. I'm going alone. I've told you a million times. I'm NOT a Hunter, and don't wish to be one."
"You DO realize, that these aren't going to be your low level bottom feeders anymore," He said smugly, hinting at the long scar on the inside of her left arm.
"I know, but I told you. I work alone." Sandra stood up, ready to usher him out of her sight. Again.
"Maybe we'll meet up sometime over there." The comment was never answered.
As soon as she was alone, Sandra plucked a small piece of paper off of the bulliton board.
"Red Eye, here I come."
Grabbing her things, Sandra closed the creaky wooden door behind her. She was off on another 'adventure'.
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[SIZE=1]Caine rolled his eyes angrily as he walked off intothe shadows with Sin. sin and Raziel were always at each other's throats, and lately things were only getting worst betweem them. Luckily, it had given Cain ethe opprotunity he'd been looking for to give Sin Raziel's job. Sin was Caine's best vampire, and he would need him.

[B]"Dammit, Caine! Why the hell do I have to act as your right-hand man?"[/B] Sin was annoyed. Though being Caine's righthand man was an honor, it meant a lot of responisblity. Caine growled.

[B]"I only have two things to say to you. One, if I didn't need you, or like you in general, I'd tear your body in half. Two, you're the only other vampire in the clan who's stength is close to mine."[/B] Sin just rolled is eyes.

Caine clutched Balmung angrily, than breathed. [i]Easy...You can't kill him.[/I] They walked into the main chamber of the manor and Caine took his seat, and Sin the ione next to him. There was a young vampire standing in front of them, and he was badly injured and shaking unbearably. Sin stared in amazement. Caine gestured to the vampire in front of them.

[B]"This, is why I need you to be at my side in these times."[/B] The Vampire tried to regain posture and adressed Sin and Caine.

[B]"M...my lords...Kr..kraven,"[/B] the messenger's shaking became worse with the mention of Kraven's name, [B]"is on the move. He is heading for Australia."[/B] Sin looked at Caine strangely. Caine nodded and Sin quickly understood.

[B]"Australia?"[/B] Caine shrugged, playing along.

[B]"It is of no concern of mine why he's going there. all I know is we must follow and bring him down. Chances ae, the other clans will be there as well, so we won't be in this alone. I need you to tell everyone to pack their bags, 'cause we're heading as soon as possible."[/B] Sin nodded relunctantly and trudged off. Caine turned to the messenger, smiling. The messenger smiled back.

[B]"May...may I rest m'lord? Anywhere will do."[/B] Caine stood up, unsheathed Balmung, and slashed the vampire's throat. The Vampire's shaking ceased and he began to curse violently as the bllod flowed. Caine stood over him.

[B]"You're acting was pathetic. Kraven never leaves his prey alive. I'm sure your master will be happy to know we've got his message. We'll bring you to him as a welcoming gift."[/B] Caine rose Balmung and drove it through the Vampires heart. He ordered a nearby Vampire to clean up the body, then walked off to his chambers.

[B]OOC:[/B] Hope that's alright.[/SIZE]
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[size=1]Kraven stepped off the plane into the balmy Australian night. The pleasant heat washed over him, recharging him. He breathed in the warm, fragrant air and took the last steps down to the ground. He felt something here. There was something of immense power below them, spanning almost the entire continent. He knew what it was. The Dark Library. It called to him, urged him on. He was close to becoming a god now.

"My lord, if you would follow me," said a low-ranking vampire that had accompanied Kraven on the plane, "I shall show you to your chamber."

Kraven whirled round, his cloak flowing out behind him. He grabbed the vampire by the neck and slammed him against the metal shell of the plane.

"Listen to me," he hissed, his eyes burning with power, "Do not assume to tell me to do anything. You are far less powerful than me. The only reason I allowed you to accompany me on this trip is because you are expendable. I would not hesitate in killing you at any time. We will not be resting now. It is of the utmost importance that I reach the Dark Library soon. Did that penetrate your abnormally thick skull, or do I have to make myself totally clear?" he asked, his hand wrapping around the hilt of the Dark Dragon Sword.

"No, my lord. We will head to the Dark Library immediately," stammered the young vampire.

"I'm glad we understand each other," said Kraven, "Now, go and find Belphegor, and bring him to me."

The vampire dropped to his feet, and scurried away to find Kraven's right-hand man. Soon, the black-cloaked figure of Belphegor came into sight.

"My lord," he said, bowing his head, "I trust you had a pleasant journey."

"Enough with the pleasantries, Belphegor. I need to know, which of my enemies are following me?"

"Well, we are certain that Doran is coming, and Caine is moving his forces to join us here. There may be some humans coming as well, but we needn't worry about them."

"Doran and Caine. Interesting."

"Well, we can be pretty certain that the rest of your lieutenants will be heading here shortly. They will all be bringing huge numbers of their own forces. They know what you are capable of."

"Indeed they do," laughed Kraven, "Now, my friend, you will head up the convoy that will be heading to the location of the Dark Library. I will follow you closely. Go and organise the cars."

"Very good, my lord," said the vampire.

"Oh, and, Belphegor?"

"Yes, my lord?"

"Fetch Kamara for me. I wish to talk to her."

"Yes, my lord," sighed Belphegor. Kraven was well aware of Belphegor's dislike for the girl, but Kraven had a certain fondness for her. She was like him, driven, motivated. And she was stunning.

She stepped off the plane. The satin dress flapped slightly in the breeze, pressing against her delicately curved body. Her dark hair flowed in the wind. She truly was stunning. She walked down the steps, every male vampire in the area turning to look at her. Kraven allowed a small smile to slip through onto his lips.

Kamara came up to Kraven, her eyes showing her anger at not being let in on the plan until last. She had been sulking for almost the entire plane journey, pausing only to drink copious amounts of alcohol served by Kraven's manservants.

"Kamara, my dear, you will travel with me to the Dark Library. Belphegor will travel ahead of us, leading the way. We shall follow behind."

"What are we going to be travelling in? I'm not getting in another van, ever."

"We are travelling in style all the way, Kamara. There will be no more vans for you, my dear. Only the best."

"Thank you, Kraven."

"Anything for you, Kamara." He turned away. The girl really did irritate him sometimes, but she was a powerful fire mage, and she would have her use. Anyway, it was easier to say these things to keep her from sulking. Her major sulks could last days, and they often broke a lot of Kraven's possessions.

Soon, they were all seated in their limousines, travelling to the west of the country, where the Dark Library was situated...
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It wasn?t as bad as home, but still like Sandra assumed most of the world would look. Bleak and dismal. But there was something of grave importance, and she knew there must be. Why else would there be such a travel. And of course, wherever Kraven goes, the Clans follow. It was obvious. Just like the human race, with their quarrels and such. Any past, hopeful scholar could put an argument for ?we aren?t so different after all.? Yea right.

Of course, none of those she was found hanging around took the time to sit back and think. Could have saved some precious lives. Walking above ground, she glanced at the paper in her hand, and then around at her surroundings. Yes, the girl braved topsoil. ?Where the hell?? At lest this way Sandra could have time to figure things out. Unlike around that horde of idiots she found some of her ?comrades? to be. They meant well, but complete, moronic, speak of the devils here they are.

The safari style jeep pulled up along side her spraying up dust. Sandra coughed, and another stopped soon behind. ?Hey Sandra, look?s like you could use a ride.? A few of them sneered. She rolled her eyes, and turned to the leader, Drake. ?And you look about to get yourselves killed with all that ruckus.? Those engines weren?t exactly the quietest things around.

?Oh come on, you could use some help, instead of just wandering around on foot.? ?That?s nice, but I?m not heading in your direction,? she said. It was true. They were off to go ?hunt? their hunters. She was off to follow a mysterious piece of paper. As soon as this was over she could retire back to her home apartment. ?Yea, well, where are you going?? Drake asked. Sandra just pointed off in the one direction nonchalantly. ?Well what do you know,? he said. ?So are we. Hope in.?

Sandra sighed, jumping in the back between old Jack (one of the few ?sane? in the group), and some woman named Christine. It was turning out to be a regular old party. ?Well Drake,? said Christine. ?Let?s go already!?

?Geeze Christine, save your temper for something useful girl!? He replied. Stepping on the gas, everyone drove off followed by small rolling clouds of dusty dirt.
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[COLOR=#006aaf][SIZE=1]Aura walked quickly through the large hallway, though there was no sound of her footsteps. She passed by many young vampires who gave her awkward glances and stares. She was thought of to be a ghost by many of the air clan, and some even called her "Ghosty" behind her back. None of them, however, were brave or stupid enough to say it to her face.

[b]"Whaddya think she's worked up about?"[/b] a male vampire asked, nudging his buddy in the side.

[b]"Worked up? I dunno. Whatever's buggin' her ain't none of our concern,"[/b] the other replied, going back to their game of cards. His friend, though not convinced, shrugged it off.

The doors to Angel's quarters slammed open as Aura stepped in. Though normally extremely pale, her face had become quite pink in color, and her calm expression was replaced by one of annoyance. He calmly stood up from his seat beside the fire place and walked swiftly in front of her. He held her chin up to inspect it, and could see some blood still hanging on her bottom lip. She quickly licked it up, but he had already seen it.

[b]"Who did you feed on this time?"[/b] he asked, eyebrow raised, sounding a tad annoyed.

[b]"The idiot who told me that Kraven has already landed in Australia,"[/b] she replied in her quiet voice, though anger accented every word.

[b]"Australia?"[/b] he pondered, a look of confusion decorating his face. But after a moment of silence, his expression turned for the worst. [b]"Australia?!"[/b] he shouted, loosing his calm. Rushing over to his desk, he began picking up and flipping through books.

[b]"The Dark Library is there. I know, I know. Hurry. We can't let him find whatever it is he's looking for,"[/b] Aura's weak voice demanded. And though she was not in authority, she was still right.

[b]"Alright. Tell everyone to get ready. We're heading to Australia,"[/b] Angel sighed, slumping behind his desk. [b]"Dammit Kraven.. What are you hunting for now?"[/b]

Aura left her leader to himself and came upon the two men playing cards. They both had to do a double take before realizing she was standing over them, looking quite angry.

[b]"W-What is it, Aura?"[/b] the two stuttered, rushing to their feet and bowing.

[b]"Tell the others.. We're going to Australia tonight."[/b]

[b]"Tonight? It's already dusk-"[/b] the younger one began, but was cut off when she had her fingernails dug deep into his face as she grabbed a hold. He screamed and flailed around a bit before she brought out Cruentus with her right hand and brought it through his neck.

[b]"Tonight,"[/b] she repeated, though the young vampire's head was still stuck on her fingernails. His friend stumbled over his chair and onto the floor, scrambling to get away.

[b]"Y-Y-Yes Aura! Tonight! I-I'll tell them!"[/b] he cried as he ran away.

She watched as the idiot fled, and once he was out of sight, decided to spoil herself just this once. Bringing the head up to her mouth, she began to suck on the blood that was trying to spill out.

[b]"Yum,"[/b] she mumbled before tossing the head onto the body and walking away.

OOC: Hope that was alright. ^_^;[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=Navy]Katchya was sitting up on the roof when she heard a loud commotion going on below in the building. She frowned and reluctantly pulled herself from the cool breezes and slipped through the open window into the main hall.

She looked around, everyone was whispering and rushing around. As someone ran past her, she grabbed them by the arm and forcefully hauled them in front of her.

[b]"What's going on?!" [/b]Kat demanded.

[b]"Ghosty has said that we'll be travelling to Australia tonight. People are doubtful since it's Dusk already. One of the others voiced their objections and she decapitated him." [/b]the younger male reported, using the name that disrespectful members used for Aura.

Kat glared at him and flung him away, turning on her heel and heading toward Angel's quarters, her trench coat swished around her.

Katchya entered loudly as Aura had before. She saw Angel standing around and she frowned.

[b]"Why are we going to Australia?" [/b]she questioned, closing the door and joining him.

[b]"It's Kraven, he's in Australia and he's looking for something." [/b]Angel informed.

Katchya sighed heavily and tapped her foot.

[b]"Is he after something in the Dark Library?"

"We don't know, but we have to stop him before he finds whatever it is he's searching for." [/b]Angel answered.

[b]"The other members of the clan are all doubtful. Though I think everyone has been alerted of our trip to Australia. The main hall was swarming with rumours." [/b]Katchya told them.

[b]"News travels fast around here."

"I'm back onto the roof, see if there's anything on the wind. Call if you need me. Can I take an exit from your window?" [/b]she asked, indicating at his large double windows.

Angel nodded and Katchya walked over to them and flung them open widely. A large wind whirled around her, making her hair and trench fly around her. She put her hands on the upper window sill and swung out the window and pulled herself up so she flipped onto the roof.

Kat walked up to the highest point of the roofs and listened as the wind rushed around her, each bringing word from a different part of the world. She heard a few other conversations and her eyebrows furrowed.

She ran down the roof and back into Angel's window.[b]

"Angel, the other clans. They're headed for Australia too, like us." [/b]Kat reported.

[b]"Alright, go get ready, we'll leave soon." [/b]Angel said.

Kat looked at him for a few seconds, then nodded and walked away.
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[size=1]The huge, dark wood doors of the Library were pushed open with little problem for Kraven, even though it was written that it would take the strength of a hundred men to open these doors. Light beamed in, illuminating the dust particles that swarmed around the room. Dusty books lay around, cobwebs collecting over them. There was no light whatsoever.

"Flame," said Kraven, lifting his hand. A ball of fire burst into life in his outstretched palm, lighting up the Library. There must have been hundreds of shelves, with tens of thousands of books. It would take forever to look through all of them, but luckily Belphegor knew what he was looking for. He walked straight to the largest shelf stack, with a plaque over the top which read: "That of the gods."

"This is the place where we will find everything we need about ascension," Belphegor said, hurriedly searching through the ancient books.

"Go, help him," Kraven said to a small group of vampires who stood timidly at the entrance.

"With all respect, my lord, we dare not enter the Dark Library. It is forbidden," replied one.

"Well you will be in much worse trouble if you don't enter,"said Kraven calmly.

"But if we enter without permission, we will be cursed. It is said that there is something that lurks within as well, a Guardian of the books, a beast which must not be disturbed."

Kraven's rage burst out, and he grabbed the nearest vampire by the neck, and hurled him into the Library. He crashed into a shelf stack, smashing it to pieces, destroying a lot of books. Dust swirled up around him.

"Well," said the vampire lord, "You have now entered the Dark Library. If you leave cursed, then you can blame me. And I don't see any beast of unspeakable power coming to kill you, so you needn't worry about that."

The vampire was pointing just above Kraven's head, shaking. His face was as white as a sheet, and he seemed to be trying to say something, but couldn't quite manage it. Kraven turned to see what he was pointing at.

Clamped to the wall ust above Kraven's head was a huge spider. It was easily 10 feet long from tip to tail, with a legspan of almost 7 feet. Mandibles dripped venom around its jaws, and its eight eyes seemed to be looking in different directions. Each leg ended in a huge spiked claw, which looked easily capable of piercing through an armour plate.

"So this must be the Guardian beast," sighed Kraven, drawing the Dark Dragon Sword. It seemed to hum with power, and it had a slight glow to it.

The spider snarled, and leapt from its point on the wall down onto Kraven. It was quick. It managed to land on Kraven, open its jaws and clamp them down over him, swallowing him whole.

Belphegor gasped as he saw this. Could his leader truly be dead? Was that all it would take to end his plans?

He was given his answer, as the spider crawled over to the vampire who lay prone on the floor, and opened its jaws once more, only to stop, and begin to spasm. It sounded as though it was choking, a harsh, guttural noise issuing from its throat. It was only then that Belphegor saw a small sliver of silver protruding from the spider's throat. The tip of a sword. It was pushed out further, until almost the entire length of the blade was showing, and then it swung right the way around the spider's body, removing its head from its neck. It died noisily, and Kraven burst forth from the stomach of the beast, covered in acid-green blood.

"So that was the great Guardian beast?" he said, grinning, "Well that didn't prove to be much of a challenge."

Suddenly, the ground began to rumble. It shook, ending so violently that Kraven and Belphegor were thrown to the ground. When they stood up, the shaking had stopped, and Kraven turned to the doorway. There were two human-shaped figures standing there, blocking out some of the light.

"The Guardian beast may not have proved much of a challenge, Kraven, but I will," said one of them, stepping into the light of Kraven's fireball, which was now zooming around the heads of the vampires who were working over the books.

"Caine," said Kraven, "I thought I might see your face soon..."

(OOC: Ok, Archangel and Chief Predator, get ready for a face-off with Kraven...)
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[SIZE=1]Caine grinned at Kraven. His blood was boiling, and he was shaking with anticipation. He had been waiting for years to confron the man...no. Creature, that had made him what he was today. He drew Balmung and his grin broadened.

[B]"You remember this blade, don't you? Eh, Kraven? You hand-crafted it for me solely, so that I alone had acess to it's true strength."[/B] He offered his hand to his former rival, his former master. To his current enemy. Kraven grabbed his hand and stood up, walking over to grab his blade. Caine coughed.

[B]"I wouldn't do that, if I were you. Sin and I could easily send your blade back to hell. Oh, and we brought something for you."[/B] Sin walked forward and tossed the body of Kraven's messenger to the floor. Kraven smiled.

[B]"You become more and more like me as time passes, huh? But you should no your threat is an empty one. You couldn't dispose of me blade."[/B] Caine's grin dropped and he snarled. He clenched his fists and the earth rumbled.

[B]"I am the Earth Souvreign! How dare you speak lowly of my powers!"[/B] The earth beneath Kraven's blade split open with lightning-fast speed. KRaven's blade dropped and the Earth closed as fast as it had opened. Caine growled.

[B]"Couldn't dispose of your blade, hm---"[/B] Krvane burst out into laughter as he held his blade up and licked it's edge. Sin's eyes opened wide with suprise, but Caine merely laughed.

[B]"You've been sharpening you skills in the area of wind, hmm? Well, I'm interesting in discovering just how powerful you are, old friend."[/B] Kraven smiled and gripped the Sword of the Dark Dragon with both hands.

[B]"As am I. It always warms my heart to see one of my disciples excell."[/B] He leapt at Caine and came swooping down. Caine went for Balmung, but couldn't draw him. Sin had jumped in front and had raised an enormous wall of earth in front of them. Kraven's blade struck it and cut it in half. Through the crack in the middle, Caine came blasting through, transforming Balmung into it's true form.

[B]"Raaaggh!!"[/B] He raised Balmung high and brought it down over the head of his master. Kraven swiftly brought his sword up to parry the strike. Sin blitzed at Kraven and attempted to strike him with both wristblades, but he was sent flying into a stack of books by a mighty gust of wind. Kraven knocked away Caine easily.

[B]"Come now, dear student. Show me your true strength. I know you and your young apprentice must have more in you than that."[/B] Caine cracked his neck and swung Balmung over his head. Sin jumped over and drew his blade, swinging it around quickly as well. Caine yelled to Kraven.

[B]"You want to see our true power? Fine!"[/B] He charged at Kraven, still spinning Balmung at his side, destroying the ground underneath his blade. Sin did the same, on the opposite side. They both jumped at Kraven from different angles, but he merely sighed.

[B]"An attack from both sides? We tried that already, didn't we? You're dissapointing me. I'll merely dodge your stri---"[/B] The ground shot up underneath Kraven, launching his directly into both Sin and Caine's strike. He was knocked forcefully down into the ground, which shot up underneath him and bounced him again. He finally landed, but the whole ground was moving, almost as if it was the ocean. Caine and Sin stood there, unaffected.

[B]"Whaddya think Kraven? Good enough for you?"[/b] Kraven stood up, and his eyes were ablaze with intenisty. He raised his sword and struck the ground, sending a crack directly down the center of the library. The room shook violently, ready to collapse in on itself. Kraven tilted his head back and smiled.

[b]"Not bad. But you'll need to do better if you're going to defeat me.[/B][/SIZE]
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Good thing the group had fairly good drivers. Something happening nearby was sending tremors throughout the entire area. Mini earthquakes were fanning out all over. The jeep Sandra was in made a sharp left turn with loudly complaining brakes, coming to a sharp stop before possibly crashing. It wasn?t a large hole in the earth, but big enough to total the vehicle.

?What the-? Drake was cut off by Old Jack, who had his own comment. ?Listen.? Voices were coming closer, sounding like a mini argument or something of the sort.

?I told you [I]we[/I] should have waited until they got closer!? said the first voice. ?It?s not [I]my[/I] fault that whatever?s going on-? ?Shush you idiot! You?ll babble like a damn human!? ?It won?t matter if non survive.?

One Drake?s cue, everyone in the jeep scrambled out and sat backs against the side of the vehicle away from the approaching vampires. ?Alright, sounds like only two of them and we know they?ll be able to find us no problem,? Drake ordered. ?Sandra, could you try and take out one ?? ?Only if I?m attacked,? she replied seriously. When were they going to learn?

Christine had her own battle plans. ?Oh come off the table, Drake. Let?s just go in and kick vampire butt!? Standing up, she ran around the side of the jeep to engage with the vampires. There were three of them, relatively weak ones.

?Hey look, the rodents are still here,? commented one particularly skeletal one. ?Eh shut it,? Jake called back at it. Sandra wasn?t going to stick around and see this though. [I] ?This is my stop? [/I] she thought quickly, taking off in the confusion. They already knew of her habits, not really caring one way or the other. Sure, Christine always is annoyed at her for some reason, but not like it was anything major to worry about.

Away from the Hunter?s and their fight, Sandra felt the tremors run through the ground again. She stumbled a little, but it didn?t stop her from making her way to the giant, open doors. [I] ?Holy sh-? [/I] Dust was everywhere around what she assumed to once be a library of some sort, but she didn?t enter. Shelves were demolished; they were shelves, right? Yea, they must have been. To figures were jumping around all over the place. [I] ?Uh oh...? [/I] Drake?s words were true, but she knew that before heading out. Everything, from what she could see looked so...old. She?d never heard of any Ancient libraries on this continent. [I] ?Some secrets may be meant to stay that that way.? [/I]
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