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[size=1][b]A Katoko Production[/b]

Welcome to the Pokémon Fighting League! This exciting league promises lots of fun and exciting opportunities for trainers and we hope that everyone can have lots of fun while making their way to the top. Please reference this database if you find yourself in need of assistance on understanding how everything works.

[b][u]The Pokémon Fighting League[/u][/b]

The PFL was established five years ago for Pokémon trainers who want a more physical challenge in their Pokémon battles. The Merge System is used to provide this challenge. Both the Pokémon and the trainer meld together through a Merge Watch and battle as one against an opponent. The trainer that de-Merges with their Pokémon or faints first is the loser.

[b][u]The Trainer Points System[/u][/b]

All trainers, once accepted by the league, shall have all of their battles judged and scored by the Trainer Points System (TPS.) It works as follows:

During the course of the RPG a Trainer may earn Trainer Points (TP) through battling and certain events, the number of points determines how a trainer will perform in a Merge and the strength of the Pokémon they can successfully capture.

Battle Points: Maximum points available are 300. [150 IC, 150 OOC]
1. [In Character Points] Trainer points may be awarded for the following:
1. Control over the Pokémon.
2. Successful Merge.
3. Amount of damage caused to opposing Pokémon.
4. Total time taken to end battle.
5. Trainer ability. [Problem solving, tactics etc]
6. No damage to Trainers Pokémon.

[In Character Points] Trainer points may be deducted for the following:
1. Breaking the Pokémon League rules.
2. Breaking the battle rules I.E. using more Pokémon than the set limit.
3. Use of untested/undeclared Pokémon attacks or abilities
4. In-ability to control the Pokémon.
5. Unsuccessful Merge.
6. Trainers Pokémon takes damage.

[Out of Character Points] Trainer points may be awarded for the following:
1. Good post quality.
2. Examples of good Pokémon knowledge.
3. Making the battle interesting. [I.E. No one-hit KOs or dodging all attacks]
4. Keeping the action equal to the character development. [If necessary]
5. Solving problems in an effective and believable way.
6. Adequately explaining the tactics used during the battle.

" [Out of Character Points] Trainer points may be deducted for the following:
1. Repetitiveness. [Using the same tactics or repeating information]
2. Poor grammar and spelling.
3. Using non-canon [Made up] Pokémon attacks or abilities during a battle.
4. Using an attack or ability that was not part of the original sign-up. [Unless the Pokémon developed the attack/ability via experience]
5. Making the battle dull and relying on one-hit KOs.

As stated in the above rules, points are given out during events and battles. Go for the gold to rack up points!

As trainers go about their journeys, time will draw closer for the PFL Grand Championship, which will be held on the Galapagos Islands in South America this year. In order for a trainer to participate, he/she must have 5,000 TP or more. Alternatively, if the trainer does not have enough TP to qualify, he/she may take the Trainer?s Exam at the International Pokémon Center in London, England in order to get a special badge to enter the tournament. This test will only become available two weeks before the competition.

[b][u]The World and Travel[/u][/b]

Trainers come from all over the world to participate in the various PFL challenges. For that reason, all trainers are issued a Lapras Pass for sea travel and a Pidgeot Pass for air travel. All major air and seaports offer travel accommodations specifically for trainers and do not allow normal travelers access. Both offer their bonuses and faults. Traveling by air is faster and allows a trainer to get where they?re going more quickly, but flights usually don?t allow trainer battles. Traveling by boat is slower than going by air, but all PFL-sanctioned ships have Battle Zones on their decks where trainers can battle while they wait to arrive at the destination. A small Pokémon Center is also located on the ship, usually below deck, near the Captain?s Quarters.

Trainers can also apt to travel by Pokémon if they so desire.

Trainers are allowed to travel anywhere they wish, but they are reminded that they are not above the laws of the countries they visit. If a trainer is arrested, he/she will lose the ability to compete in all PFL competitions for one year or more (depending on the crime committed.)

(A World Map can be found [url=http://www.worldatlas.com/aatlas/world.htm]here.[/url] Click on a continent to zoom in.)

[b][u]Area and Pokémon Information[/u][/b]

When a trainer enters a new area, PFL Trainer Liaison Jonah Harris (Jokopoko) will give them information regarding Pokémon in the area and things that are happening within the city.

[b][u]Events and Tournaments[/u][/b]

PFL Trainer Liaison Kei Kamagawa (myself) will also notify all trainers though their Merge Watches of events and tournaments that are going on throughout the world. Please be on the lookout for these messages.

(During tournaments, it may be that two people who are playing in the RPG will come up against each other. If this happens, both trainers will post their version of events in the battle and the winner will be determined based on the Point System by the referee [also myself.])


If, for some reason, a trainer finds him or herself stranded in a country, they are advised to visit that country's International Pokémon Center for help. If they or their Pokémon are in dire need of medical attention, please seek out the local Pokémon Center.

[b][u]**Special Note: Posting**[/u][/b]

During the course of the RPG, players are asked to post in a certain order. This keeps things from getting messy (as an RPG of this projected size as a free-for-all would be chaotic to keep up with,) as well as provide everyone with lots of possible interesting scenarios. Once the list of accepted trainers has been finalized, posting order will be determined and the list will be placed here.

Thank you for visiting the Pokémon Fighting League Trainer's Database! We wish you luck on your journey!


If there are any other questions, please feel free to post them in this thread and either Jokopoko or I will answer it as quickly as possible. ^^ Have fun![/color][/size]

[size=1][url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=49252]Pokémon Fighting League Sign-Ups[/url][/size][/center]
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[color=darkblue]If a person doesn't reply to the thread with it's his or her turn within three days time and hasn't spoken to either myself or Jokopoko, we'll move on to the next person. If necessary, I may ask people to do a brief recap at the beginning of their new post if a significant amount of RP time has passed since the last time they posted.[/color]
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[color=darkblue]All right, everyone. Sign-ups have closed and now it's time for the posting order. I put names in a hat and chose at random for the order, so everyone had a fair chance of being picked first. If you don't see your username, then I'm very sorry, but perhaps you'll have better luck next time.

[center][b][u]*PFL Posting Order*[/u]

Ozymandius Jones
The Monster[/b][/center]

Jokopoko and I will post randomly to inform trainers of their surroundings or to tell everyone of an event. There may also be other events that may happen during the course of this RPG, so be sharp. You never know what's going to happen. ^_~

The thread should be up sometime late tomorrow evening. Enjoy the RPG, everyone! ^^[/color]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1]After a little more talking with Lady K we've decided this for the Pokémon attacks and abilites. Like the anime your Pokémon can use any attack they can learn as well as use their special ability as introduced in the 3rd Generation games.

For a detailed entry about your Pokémon vist this website, [URL=http://www.upnetwork.net/pokedex/Gen3.shtml]Click here[/URL][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=darkblue]The thread is up, but here are some final notes before everyone starts posting:

1) Everyone starts in their home country. You can be traveling around you country by walking currently to catch Pokémon, but as is stated in the first post, the season just started, so your Pidgeot and Lapras Passes are only just now becoming active.

2) As Jokopoko stated, Pokémon abilities are available while merging. If your Pokémon have more than one ability that they can have, please choose one and stick with it throughout the entire RPG. Also, please don't confuse abilities with techniques, lol.

3) The Championships are a long way off. Right now, everyone is trying to build up their Trainer Points in order to be able to compete in the Championship. Everyone currently has 500 TP. Compete in the smaller tournaments, events and catch Pokémon to build up your points.

4) Pokéballs are only used to capture Pokémon nowadays. Once captured, they're automatically sent to your Trainer Storage Space which is allotted to all PFL participants. You can call out your Pokémon by calling them through your Merger.

5) As was the case in the seventh Pokémon movie, Pokémon Destiny: Deoxys, a Trainer ID card (in this case, your Merger) will serve as currency. You can buy any items you need via your Merger at shops and stores, but only for healing items and food. Personal items (clothes, souvenirs, etc.,) must be bought with a Trainer's own money.

That's it for right now. If anyone has any questions, please post them here. Have fun! ^^[/color]
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[SIZE=1]I just had a question about the actual act of merging, as well as it's impact on the RPG as a whole. You said that a trainer merged would retain basic human form, though with some added Pokémon features and have access to the powers and abilities of said Pokémon. While that seems straight forward it is a bit vague and I was wondering if you could elaborate more on the actual process and end result of merging ? As well as that, are the battles themselves going to be Pokémon battles primarily ? Merger battles primarily ? Or a mixture of both in fairly even proportions ?

I apologise if the question seem a bit silly, but it's just been something I?ve been unclear aboutfor the last while.[/SIZE]
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[color=darkblue]Good question, Gavin.

The process of merging is, in fact, very complicated. It all starts with the Pokémon and the trainer, however.

As previously explained, when Pokémon are captured, they are given Merge Bands inside their Pokéballs. These bands will only respond to the signal from their trainer's Merge Watch. This means that these Pokémon can also only be called from their trainer's storage space (where all captured Pokémon are kept, unless a trainer lets the Pokémon live outside the Pokéball for whatever reason,) by that trainer only. These bands are also the main units that allow merging to happen.

[b]The Merging Process[/b]

Merging can only be initiated with one Pokémon at a time. To merge, a trainer presses a small button (usually located on the top-right hand side) and the merge begins with the Pokémon that the trainer currently has out. Also, the Pokémon the trainer intends to merge with needs to be within 10 feet or merging cannot occur.

Merging is very dependent on how well the Pokémon likes it's trainer, as has been said. If the Pokémon loves its trainer dearly, then merging will most likely always be flawless. If the Pokémon doesn't like its trainer, but the trainer tries to force it to merge anyway, the likelyhood of the merge failing increases dramatically. A failed merge attempt hurts both Pokémon and trainer, sometimes to the point of hospitalization. As of yet, there have been no deaths reported from such happenings.

A successful merge results in a sort of hybrid between Pokémon and trainer, an example of which can be seen [url=http://img396.imageshack.us/img396/4569/sketchthingy2du.jpg]here.[/url] (I apologize for the horribleness of the quailty, but you should still be able to get the general idea.) This happens to be an example of a trainer merged with a Houndoom.

All Pokémon techniques and special abilities are available to the trainer. As such, all the moves are performed as if a human were doing them, since both trainer and Pokémon are largely in human form.

[b]Merged Battles[/b]

In merge battles, the first trainer to take enough damage as to where trainer and Pokémon disengage from their merge or faint from exhaustion is declared the loser.

[b]Battles in General[/b]

In the world, there are those that have fallen into th new "trend" of merge battles and those that prefer "traditional" battles. All trainers that are out on the field are able to choose whether they want to fight traditionally (with Pokémon only,) or merged. All PFL tournament and event battles are to be fought merge-style. Any trainer found to be using Pokémon only will be immediately disqualified from the tournament/event and placed on probation.

I hope that helps you. If you have any more questions, feel free to put them here.

Additionally, due to the fact that the thread has been standing idle for many days now, all particiapants are free to post at their own discretion (in other words, go nuts with the posting, but keep it civil.) ^^ [/color]
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