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Sign Up Full Metal Alchemist: Corruption's Demise [PG-VL]


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Nobody has really been happy with the government. And novody has [I]ever[/I] been fond of the Military. Except those in the Military itself, and even still, many of them are discontent with the way things run.

The majority of people just grin and bear. They complain to their families and friends when they return home. They come to terms with the fact that they can't change anything.

Of course, most of these people either don't know, understand, or care about alchemy.

Then, there's the minority of the population. The ones whose hatrid for the Military runs so deep, they feel that it's absolutely neccissaryfor someone, namely them, to stop them.

Many rebel groups have been formed and broken up within the years. Those responsible tried, arrested, and some even put to death. None really stick around long enough to pose a real threat to the Military.

But, there's been a secret organization. One that's been around for years, making themselves known as little as possible, while adding and training members. They're willing to go to any lengths to destroy the corruption that is the Military and gain the revenge that they've longed for. Lead by the young, yet determined Lyra Hemmings, they call themselves "Corruption's Demise."

When Colonel Roy Mustang hears the rumor of a potential threat to the military, he sends the trusted Full Metal Alchemist to inspect it. What exactly will Edward encounter when he journeys to a small town connected by secrets and full of deadly enemies? And how will the members of Corruption's Demise react to getting their first chance at taking out the youngest State Alchemist?

(Summary: There's an organization that's ready and able to take out the military. Ed is sent to investigate, and C.D. is ready to strike.)


Age: [No older than 25]
Side: [Corruption's Demise or Military]
Division: [Military: State Alchemists (Ed, Roy, etc), etc] [Corruption's Demise: Communications, Alchemists, Strategists, etc. I'll describe these in a second]
Weapon: [Alchemy is included]
Bio: [Not too short but not a huge essay-like thing, either]


[I]Communications-[/I] They have people in major places where important Military information is passed. They've bugged phones, set up cameras, went all the way to get a good look at the inside of the Military. The people of this Division will, most likely, stay at HQ, monitoring everything.

[I]Alchemists-[/I] Though there are few, they are C.D.'s main defense. There are about 5 total, not including the one who lead's them, Lyra, and her sister.

[I]Strategists-[/I] They make the battle plan. They look at every possible possibility. They make sure there are no flaws in whatever the group does.

[I]Intelligence-[/I] [strike]The ones away from HQ. They take jobs close to the heads of the Military, and pass information on. To lower suspicion, there are only (currently) two.[/strike] Positions Filled.

[B]Characters I need:[/B]

There are a few characters I'd really like to see being played. Ed and Al, of course. I'd like each division being represented by at least one person each, though I won't wait to start the RPG if I don't get them. Also, I'd like some people to play roles in the Military. You can be an unknown soldier working his way up through the ranks that somehow gets mixed up in this mess, or Roy fricken Mustang for all I care. Also, and this is a big one, I'd like someone to play as Second-in-Command to Lyra.

[B]My Signup:[/B]

[B]Name:[/B] Lyra Hemmings
[B]Age:[/B] 15
[B]Side:[/B] Corruption's Demise
[B]Division:[/B] The Founder and Leader
[B]Weapon:[/B] Alchemy. When she was much younger, she had carved Transmutation Circles into her right hand, and it had scarred perfectly. Therefore, she doesn't need to draw Transmutation Circles.
[B]Personality:[/B] Lyra is quiet, calm, and thoughtful, but determined as well. She'd die before she obeyed the Military.
[B]Bio:[/B] Lyra never lived with her father or sister. Kattsumi and her shared a father, but had different mothers. Obviously, Lyra grew up with her mother, in a remote city.

Being the curious child she was, Lyra dabbled into Alchemy at a young age. Soon, though, she began taking it seriously. Within a year, she became her town's only true Alchemist.

When she was five, Lyra was scarred for life. The Military came. THey told the town that due to the fact that the town's taxes had not been paid in over a year, all citizens would be evicted.

When Lyra's mother argued that the taxes were too much, and that they had been doing the best they could, a trigger-happy soldier shot her. This caused a riot. The riot caused a slaughter. Lyra, and a few other children, were 'mercifully' spared.

Lyra never forgot the face of the man who had been in charge of the company.

By the age of 10, Lyra had gathered enough people to start a rebel group against the Military. Some of the most trusted members were her sister Katt, whom she had found a few years previous, and the rest of the surviving children from her town.[/color][/size][/font]
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Name: Kattsumi Hemmings. (Some call her Katt.)
Age: 19
Position: Corruptions Demise.
Personality: Kattsumi has a the type of personality where if she's angry she's really angry, and if she's happy she's really happy, ect. But she's usually a b****.

Appearance: Kattsumi has long green hair almost to her waist and it covers half her face. Her eye's are dark green with light blue around her pupil, and a long scar over her left eye, she also has poisoness lips so they look like they have green lipstick on them ( She can control if she poisons someone though).

She wears a short geen sleeveless dress thats unzipped half way down the front with the japanese symble for light on the right and dark on the left in black (You can see some of her black bra in the front). She has black gloves that connect to her the bottom of her middle finger up to the middle of her forearm, and slip on long metal nails (there about 4 inches long). She wears skin tight black and green boots that go a liittle past her knee's ( I'm not sure the material, but it's stretchy^_^).

She also wears a necklace with the symble for trap on it, and has an her Alchemy symble under her dress on the left side of her "chest".

Alchemy: She does poison Alchemy.
Weapon: Alchemy, and metal nails

Bio: Kattsumi was biten by a very poisonous snake when she was nine and was thought to die in a day, but she lived and the poison turned her blood into a poisoness acid.
Her father was a famous scientist who worked with all reptiles including snakes, so he tried to make a cure but when nothing worked he gave up. A year later when she was ten she found out about Alchemy and decided to see what she could do. Later she descovered that her dads tests made her immune to all poisons and she could evan create new poisons to do different things. Thats when she decided to do poison Alchemy.

A few years past and she now had knowledge and control of all known poisons and some that weren't, of all shapes, liqiuds, gases, and all else. Since different poisons do different things she could do almost any thing with them. She could knock you out, make you fall in love, parralize you, and of course kill you, either very slowly or quickly.

Her father died of a bullet to the head by a state Alchemist who "accidently" shot him in a cross fire.

Kattsumi swore revenge on the state alchemist and decided to help her younger half sister in C.D.

Three years later while following Ed and Al she met Scar and became his partner and lover. Now a year later there all still after the state and anyone that gets in there way.

She still helps her sister when she needs help, but she usually prefer's to get back at the state her own way (She's an assasin).
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Name: Edward Elric

Age: 15

Side: Military

Division: State Alchemist

Weapon: Alchemy. Ed has the unique skill in which he needs circle to preform alchemy. He just has to clap his hands and flow his alchemic energy through his arms.

He is also a master of many kinds of combat, ranging from hand to hand to many weapons.

Personality: Ed at times is a very irrational and single minded person. At others he does all he can and thinks things through. He is fiercely loyal to his brother Al, and anybody dear to him. If he is called short in anyway, he freaks out and goes berserk.

Bio: Ed's life has always be turbulent. At a young age, his father left his mother, leaving her to raise the two boys. This began Ed and Al's intrest in alchemy. The two devoted much time to there study. Then [I]it[/I] happened.

There mother was always sick and soon fell too ill to cure. She died soon after. Ed vowed to bring her back. He and his brother Al prepared to take part in a forrbidden art, [I]Human Alchemy[/I].

They prepared everything, and Ed perfected his formula. Everything was perfect, except them. They falied. If the resulting backlash, Ed last his right arm and left leg, and Al's soul was sealed in a suit of armor. No long after, Ed and Al set out to find a way to get back there bodies, leaving everything behind to look for the fabled Philosopher's Stone.

In the following years, Ed became the youngest State Alchemist. He preformed many good deeds, and soon became a hero of the people. He is still looking for the fabled stone, which always seems to be just out of reach. He is determined to find, and fix his mistakes...

Hope this is okay. :animeswea
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Name: Jim Hanzes "Sheild Alchemist"
Age: 19
Side: Military
Division: State Alchemist
Personality: Very bubbly and full of life, but knows when to be serious and obey orders from his superiors. Likes to learn a lot and read in the Central Library on his days off to improve his alchemy and know more about the military and its past.

Weapon: 2 Pistols
Alchemy: Creating sheilds of energy and bubble shiels from two transmutation circles tatooed on both the bottom on his hands.

Bio: Jim's parents have served the military for many years and have earned high rankings, his family has served the military for many generations and now its Jim's turn to be a somebody in the military. He's one of 6 in the family line to learn the trademark family alchemy method of creating barriers and sheilds, after passing the exam when he was 18 Jim has worked side by side with his parents until he was moved to a different commanding officer. He is now the assistant of 1st Leuitenant Hawkeye and a starting member on Roy Mustang's team.

Lately in the past years there have been many rebellion groups plotting to take down the military, but their offorts are a failure. But for some reason the top ranking officers are concerened about a new rebellion....so concerned that they sent the Full Metal Alchemist to investigate. Knowing he'll find some information quickly will alert the military of the new rebellion groups plans, Jim has always amired the youngest State Alchemist and wants to find out if his Alchemy is good enough to fight Edward Elric. But for now he's stuck being the assistant of Riza Hawkeye, but Jim hopes that they'll have a part in the investigation as well.
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Guest Ed's angel
Name: Nara Hollymain
Age: 17
Side: military.
Group: state alchemists
she is very out gonig but has a short temper and quick to pick fights. she is shy when it comes to talking to men, except to her commanding officer, Roy.She likes to talk about alchemy and continue to press on finding things that remain a mystery about it.

Nara grew up in a foreset near east city. At the age of 4 her parents started to twach her alchemy. so she could help the military during the war. but Nara wanted to join just to make her life mean something. When she was 13 she left to become one of the state alchemists, she got accepted when she was 15.
She travels all over the country looking for the missing step in alchemy of all kinds but mainly human transmutation.
She follows Roy mustang as her commanding officer.
Nara is perfectly healthy, she does have a tiny case of enimia,(did I spell that right?)but she does her best to fullfill her duties.
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia]Name: Alphonse Elric

Age: 14

Side: Military

Division: State Alchemists (he's not a certified alchemist though)

Weapon: Alchemy. He uses chalk to draw alchemic circles, which make his reactions alot slower than his brother's.

Personality: He loves his older brother, Edward Elric, very much. He also has a love for animals, especially cats. He's Edward's support wherever they go. Al is very caring and usually has to hold Edward back when someone calls him short.

Biography: When he was very young, his father left him with his older brother and his mother. His mother got very sick and she died, leaving Ed and Al alone. They decided to try and bring her back using forbidden alchemy.

Once they were sure everything was right, they sat by the circle. Al was advising Edward against it, but Ed wanted to try. They began the transmutation, but everything started going wrong. Al's body was destroyed and Edward lost his leg.

The next thing Al remembered, he was in a suit of armor, and his brother was missing his right arm and left leg. Al carried Ed to their friend, Winry's house, where she and her grandmother fitted him with automail.

Since Edward joined the military, Al's followed him wherever he's gone. They're still looking for the Philosopher's Stone, to reverse what happened to them. [/FONT] [/SIZE]
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(OOC: I take it I'm the brave one...)

Name: Sirius Reeves

Age: 23

Side: Corruption's Demise

Division: Intelligence (If not possible, I can to Communications.)

Weapon: Daggers or other small blades that are good for throwing. Or kicking, because he's terrible at hand to hand combat.

Personality: Bluntly, Sirius is anything but serious. However, he's very clever once you get past his spastic nature. Generally, he's a quiet yet friendly guy who laughs and smiles too much for his own good. But behind that smile is a person who won't back down from completing his mission. He always sees and knows whats going on around him, a handy attribute when acting as a spy in enemy strongholds.

Don't make a mistake, he'd rather not hurt anyone. But, he sees Alchemy as a violation of his moral principals, and doesn't want it to continue.

Appearance: (I know, not necessary, but I think it'll make more sense.) Sirius is a tall young man who carries himself with a quiet confidence. His eyes are green, hair blond and falling about half way down his back. Clothes; classy, the sort of outfit that will look good in all settings. The only flaw with the entire get up would be the fact that his right arm was severed when he was younger, and he refused a replacement.

Bio: To say the least, Sirius is a person without a real home. He's a wanderer who came from the south, and at a young age he became attached to another group of travelers. Said travelers came from the east, and brought with them several skills that many didn't know about.

Among these skills was a form of Alchemy, one that didn't require transmutation circles as much as it required a specific balance of certain compounds. With these skills he created explosives, and became known in some circles as the Explosion Artist.

Later in his life he was seperated from these travelers, and found himself stranded in a sea of blinding sand and a white hot sky. A desert, so to speak, only he didn't know it then.

It was by Ishbal, and the people found him on the verge of dehydration. They took the stranger in, and nursed him back to health. And, over time, Sirius came to like the people so much that he didn't want to leave.

Then the Military came to Ishbal, and he tried to stop them. After all, the Ishbalans weren't a bad people, they didn't deserve that kind of treatment. The Explosion artist came to fore, and inevitably faced off against a very volitile State Alchemist--The Flame Alchemist, to be exact.

They fought, but the explosives on Sirius' person combined with the alchemic flames inevitably lead to his defeat. He barely came out alive, and he was badly burned. His right arm was the worst, comsidering that he tried to protect himself with it, and it had to be amputated when gangrene set in.

After he recovered, he became attached to Corruption's Demise. And the rest, as they say, is history.
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Name: Tyler Koregaten "Thunder Bolt Alchemist"
Age: 24
Side: Military
Division: State Alchemist
Weapon: Alchemy.
Personality: He's a very stern person, but an excellent leader. He's usually silent and serious, but sometimes his humor slips out. If you were not on his side in war, his face would be the last thing you saw.
Bio: He grew up in Khletsson, a town close to Central. His family was wealthy and owned the country's largest auto-mail designing company, Gotz Auto-mail. When he
was 9, he began taking alchemy lessons in East City. He returned two years later,
to find that his mother had died in an accident. The next year, his father died of sickness, leaving him and his sister, Maria, alone. Tyler left again and studied more alchemy. When he returned three years later, making him 16 and his sister 18, he
went to Central and became a State Alchemist, while his sister ran Gotz Auto-mail back home. He started out under General Hakuro. One year later, he was sent, with other State Alchemists, including Basque Gran and Roy Mustang, to Ishbal. After Ishbal, Tyler was never the same, he couldn't shake the memories of what he'd done. He was also promoted to a colonel and given the Medal of the Fuhrer's Honor
for "bravery". At age 22, he was promoted to a brigadier general and put to work at Central Headquarters. Two years later, he was put on the "Corruption's Demise"
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[COLOR=Navy][b]Name:[/b] Lieutenant Iroquois Pliskin

[b]Age:[/b] 25

[b]Side:[/b] Corruption's Demise

[b]Division:[/b] Intelligence

[b]Weapon:[/b] A Colt Single Action Army Revolver. Also quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat and ice alchemy.

[b]Personality:[/b] Just like the kind of alchemy he specializes in, Pliskin is ice cold. His replies tend to be cold and insulting, unless he's speaking with his commanding officer or someone higher ranked than himself. He's quiet and reserved, preferring not to talk unless he's spoken to and his icy exterior has a way of imposing fear on those around him. Highly respected by those lower than him in the chain of command(and even a few higher than him), Pliskin isn't one to gloat about such things. He shares nothing of his past, saying to any who ask that its, "Not worth knowing."

[b]Bio:[/b] No one really knows, though many assumptions have been made. Due to his coldness and hostility around most people, it is believed that he was abused as a child. Some say that he has amnesia, thus the reason he doesn't talk about his past. Still others believe he lived a normal life, with normal parents, in a small town and went to a normal school but was bullied constantly, explaining his tendency to insult others(the bullying having given him a case of inferiority complex). He denies none of the rumors about his past and gives no hints as to whether or not any of them are true.

Some have tried to become closer to him by chance he might eventually tell them his history, but so far none have succeeded.

What is known about his past is that he once had a relationship with a fellow officer within the Military, though he's never mentioned who she was and the said female officer has never mentioned the relationship to anyone.

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[COLOR=Black][SIZE=1][FONT=Arial]Goody goody. I'm glad everyone signed up. But I do have some things to say. We have [U][I][B]enough[/B][/I][/U] State Alchemists. Thank you. And the Intelligence positions are now filled up for Corruption's Demise.

[U]The opening of Lyra's second-in-command is still open.[/U]

Just as a review:

[U][B]Military/State Alchemists:[/B][/U]

[B]Vilearchangemon-[/B] Edward Elric
[B]Mage15-[/B] Jim Hanzes
[B]Ed's angel- [/B] Nara Hollymain
[B]kenshinsbabe-[/B] Alphonse Elric
[B]Tyler Koregaten-[/B] Tyler Koregaten

[B][U]Corruption's Demise:[/U][/B]

[B]Che-[/B] Lyra Hemmings
[B]cheese master-[/B] Kattsumi Hemmings
[B]Stark-[/B] Sirius Reeves
[B]DDG-[/B] Lieutenant Iroquois Pliskin

Well, thanks to everyone who signed up. I think I'll start this in a little while. 3 days, at the very most. Keep your eyes peeled for any updates. I'll make an Underground thread before I start the RPG.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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