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RPG Full Metal Alchemist: Corruption's Demise [PG-VL]


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[COLOR=Black][SIZE=1][FONT=Arial]Lyra was in the Communications room. This was the only place where there was a phone, due to the fact that five years of leading a rebellion made her paranoid. Currently, she was speaking with Sirius.

"And you're positive they've got the right location?"
"Yes, Lyra, they've got the right location, profile on [i]you[/i], and grasp of what we're doing. Before you ask, yes, I'm sure they're sending in the Full Metal Alchemist."
"And you're getting me a full profile when?"
"Oh, I, eh, asked Pliskin to do that for me."
"Well make sure you remind him to do it. This is important. They actually see us as a threat."
"If I didn't know better, I'd say you're happy about this."

Lyra thought about this for a moment. Sure, she was getting a bit bored with the mundane routines of collecting unuseful information, and keeping their organization a secret, but was she happy for a State Alchemist coming and investigating? Part of her, the more risking, lively part said yes. The other part, the cautious, more intelligent part said no. And Lyra almost always went with that side of her.

"Of course not. Live up to your name, Sirius, and get serious. Why would I be?"
"Whatever, I've got to go. Over and out."

Lyra hung up the phone and sighed. Things were about to get way more hectic. Standing up, Lyra went to go find her sister.

Thirty minutes later, Kattsumi was found in the profile room. A fax was coming in, but most people who spent a lot of time in there learned to ignore it until it finished. Faxes came in about every five minutes. Lyra looked at the folder in front of her sister, labeled neatly, "Allies".

Glancing at the picture Katt held, Lyra immediately recognized the certain ally. "He's an Ishabllen hypocrite. Out to destroy the State Alchemists, saying their powers are unholy, while he himself uses Alchemy," she stated calmly while grabbing the fully printed picture from the machine, the information on the character still printing.

"Who cares?" Katt snapped. Lyra shrugged.

"He's not a true ally. He doens't agree with our Alchemic recruits, saying we're just as bad as them. But, he also agreed not to attack us. Therefore, we count him as an ally." She concluded. "Now, what do you think of this Elric character?"

Katt looked at the picture momentarily, before saying, "He's short." Lyra laughed and began reading the information on him.

"Things really are going to get hectic, aren't they?" She asked herself under her breath. The question went unnoticed, as her sister had left the room already.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Tyler stood in the Fuhrer's office, reading the mission briefing he'd given him.
"Corruption's Demise, huh?" The Fuhrer then said "It's probably just another radical group, but we have to take them seriously. We're not taking chances. I want you
to select who's going with you. Choose 5 State Alchemists and military personnel. You'll also have the Southern Forces at your disposal." "The Southern Forces, at the headquarters in South City, sir?" "Yes, Brigadier General. Now get going." "Yes, Your Excellency. the Fuhrer."

He then exited the Fuhrer's office and returned to his own, passing Colonel Mustang in the hall. "Hello, Brigadier General." "At ease, Mustang." he said walking off.
"Five, huh? Southern Forces. Military Personnel."

After making it to his office, his assisstant, 1st Lieutenant Maria Lesery, asked him what his case was. After telling her, he wrote up reports on who was going. They were Colonel Roy Mustang, Major Alex Luis Armstrong, 1st Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, 2nd Lieutenant Jean Havoc, and State Alchemist Edward Elric.

Lieutenant Lesery then delivered them. "I hope this case works out as just being another causeless radical group." He said annoyed.
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Ed stared out the window of his train car, yawning. He had always hated long train rides, too borring for his taste.

Ed: So Al, what are we doing again?

Al: Brother I told you three times already... the colonel heard a rumor about an uprising and want's us to look in to it.

Ed: That's just like that smug jerk...oh I can see it now. We'll get there it it'll be all goddamn cows. We'll back and he'll play it off as a frickin' lesson. When we get back, remind me to kick his...

Ed notice that the train was slowing down.

Al: We must be here...

Ed just sighes and slowly works his way off of the train, and looks around slowly. He deaftly noticed how small the town was, perfect for hiding.

Ed: At least there aren't any cows...

If I may, can I ask the point in the anime this takes place in?
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia]Al looked around at the almost empty train station. Where ever he and his brother were, it was most definately not too populated an area. "I wouldn't get my hopes up about the cows if I were you," Al said. "Where are we again?"

Sighing, Edward took a piece of paper out of his pocket. He read it over for what seemed like the milltionth time, then said, "Some tiny town called Marintow. I've never even heard of it. Mustang says that there's some radicals here that need to be put in their place."

"Radicals? In a place like this? " Alphonse looked around once again at the train station, seeing only four people.

"Sure. It's small, so it's a perfect place to make a group without too many people noticing. Especially the military," Edward said as he folded the paper up and thrust it back in his pocket.

Al noticed the people he was looking at staring back at him, and he turned his head away from them to face his brother. "Right. So what should we be looking for?"

"A flag, maybe. Or lots of suspicious-looking people all going to one place. I doubt we'll be that lucky." His face turned to a grimace as he saw the green fields just outside the train station. "Where there's long grass...there's cows. Dammit, I'm gonna kill Mustang somday, I swear it."

Al paused for a moment, taking it in. "Well, let's go," Ed sighed next to him. He started walking and Al followed. They went on the dirt path that led out of the train station and into the town. "It...kinda reminds me of Resembool."

Edward smiled. "Yeah. Me too."[/FONT][/SIZE]
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The office was busy as usual, but today was hectic! Orders were given from the King himself to send five of the Southern Military Forces to investigate the radical group uprising, the Full Metal Alchemist was already on his way there with his brother. Jim was reading the order paper that was supose to be given to Mrs. Hawkeye by the Brigadier General's assistant Lieutenant Lesery. He had the leter in one hand and a bunch of files in the other regarding reports and suspects in the rebellion that have been captured so far, while turning a corner Jim ran into his supiriors 1st Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye and Major Armstrong.

"Sorry, that was my mistake for not looking where I was walking" Jim apologized as he saluted the two.

"Sheild Alchemist Jim Hanzes, if you cannot be aware of your surroundings you wont get much feild time" Major Armstrong smiled as he put his arms to his sides.

"Sir yes Sir...oh Mrs. Hawkeye, this letter came for you from the Brigadier general's assistant" Jim said as he handed the letter to her. "I'm sure the Major recieved one as well"

"If you're my assistant you are to bring information like this to me immediately" Hawkeye said giving Jim a weird stare. She already knew he looked at it since it came in an envelope, after reading it she threw it in the nearby trash-can. "Have all of my luggage ready for departure soon" She said as she walked the opposite way with the Major.

"By that she means her guns and ammo" Jim sighed to himself while going to her quarters. " I wonder if this thing will just blow over soon...maybe not if they sent the Full Metal Alchemist in first. Now the paper work will triple if I'm still here, the others are so lucky to be going down there and solving the issue diplomatically". With that Jim laughed to himself "Yeah right!!"
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Sirius stared at the reciever for a moment, and suppressed a chuckle at his leader's parting words. "Get serious, huh?" Even if there was no laughter, he felt like it would burst forth from him some how. "I'll show you 'serious'..."

But the first part of 'getting serious' would be finding Pliskin; the man had seemed distant as of late, even for him. Just locating him would prove to be a task, but Sirius was never one who would stay left in the dark for long.

He remembered seeing Pliskin in the library once, pouring over a heavy tome of unknown origin. It was perhaps the only hint of warmth he had ever seen from his icy comrade, and it was a heartening sight to see.

It just proved that the man was human.

Thus Sirius made his way to the library, was glad that his dubious connection with the Military was enough to grant him entrance, and sought his 'partner' out among the myriads of aisles. If Pliskin was reading, he didn't seem likely to be out in the open. Perhaps he was in some dark and dusty corner?

"Ah. There you are." Sirius said as he found the Lieutenant.

Pliskin didn't even look up. "What now?"

"You know?" Sirius crouched in front of him, and pulled the book down just enough to get a look at his comrade's face. "I like you."

There was no discernable reaction, so he opted to continue. "I like to think of us as comrades...partners even..." He paused a moment. "Maybe...friends?"

A reaction from Pliskin, in the form of a look that could freeze any other person to the bone.

Sirius laughed. "I knew that was asking too much."

"What are you getting at?" Pliskin closed the book abruptly.

"Do you remember...?" Sirius lowered his voice and leaned toward Pliskin's ear. "Do you remember that favor I asked of you the other day?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Don't lie!" He feigned horror, backing away and rocking on his heels. "Anyway...I reccommend you hop to it, cousin. 'Mother' is gettng a little impatient."


"Well?" Sirius asked when Pliskin made no attempt to move.

"I'll do it, if you get out of my way."

"Oops!" Sirius got up, and mock-saluted the lieutenant as he stalked away.
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Kattsumi walked into her room and walked over to a chest of clothes.

"Time to go under cover."

She pulled out a black knee length skirt, with a white low cut button up shirt that showed a little clevage.

She put her hair up in a pony tail with a little covering one eye with a pair of glasses and a bag full of books.
Kattsumi walked down the road to the train station.

Katt walked up behind Ed and tapped him on the shoulder.He turned around and his face was a couple inches in front of her chest.

"Hello. My name is cathy. I'm the towns librarian nice to meet you."

"Uhhh...h..hello. I'm Edward Elric the state alchemist!!"

Katt smiled sweetly.

"Oh..my. "THE" Edward Elric? Thats amazing! And you must be Al. So..what brings you hear to our little town.?"

"I'll tell you on one condition....You give us a tour around this town."

Katt laughed happily and hugged him.

"Your adorible. But...I'm afraid I'm late for work. But you can come by the library around....lets say..20 minutes. I should be on break , then i'd love to show you around...... So it's a date."

Ed smiled victoriously.

"Awesome it's a date! See Al..that was easy."

"What ever you say big brother."

Katt walked into the library and called Lyra.


"Hey Lyr it's Katt. There hear."

"Good job Kattsumi. I suspect your gonna show them around."

"Of coarse."

"Excellant. I've gotta go. Good luck."


She hung up the phone and pulled out ten metal nails from her bag and started to sharpen them.

"15 minutes and Ed the great state alchemist will fall right into our trap.
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia]Alphonse watched as the woman walked out of sight. "I dont trust her," he said.

"What?," Edward replied. "Why not?"

Al sighed. "Do you remember the last time we came across a strange woman in a strange town?" The both of them thought back to their ordeal with Psyrin.

"Yeah. But we're bound to have some good luck sometime, aren't we?" With that, Edward continued down the path. "At least we shouldn't have any trouble finding the library in such a small town."

Al followed Edward. "Brother, we're in the middle of a place that's crawling with rebel faction members. How do we know she's not one of them?"

Edward looked back at Al, a studying look on his face. "Al, she's a librarian. Come on."

"Profession has nothing to do with attitude, Ed."[/FONT][/SIZE]
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Jim waited outside the limo for the higher up's to be taken to the train station, the door opened and the person walking out was Hawkeye.

"Here" she said handing Jim a peice of paper and some money. "We're going to be late for the rendevouse so hurry your way to the area where Al and Edward Elric stopped at and give them this letter from the Mustang." She stated handing Jim the items.

"You want me to go oer there alone??? By myself?? With all those rebbelious people ready to kill??" Jim stuttered as he tried to maintain his balance and control his breathing.

"Your the Sheild Alchemist. Your main forte is barriers and sheilds is it not? You can fend for yourself until we get there" Hawkeye said as she turned around and went back inside. Jim was shocked at what she ordered him to do but knew he had no choice. Jim got inside the limo and gave orders to the drive to head to the train station, his train was going to leave in 5 mins.
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[SIZE=1][FONT=Arial]Lyra stared at the phone for a moment after she hung up. "They're here...already..." she mumbled to herself. She had expected them a least a few hours later; this hardly gave them any time to prepare!

[I]'Are you going to let Kattsumi have all the fun?'[/I]

Lyra flinched as her reckless side began scolding her for staying behind the front lines.

[COLOR=Navy]'It would be too dangerous for me if I went out there. They have a profile on me, not on Kattsumi,' [/COLOR] the more sensible side of her responded.

[i]'But I can defend ourself just as well as she can. She's not the one who carved her hands up with a pair of scissors.[/i]

[color=navy]'I'd rather not fight the youngest State Alchemist in history.'[/color]

[i]'I won't have to fight if I disguise myself as well as Katt did.[/i]

That did it. Lyra grinned like she had never grinned before and ran out of the room, to her own. She was going to take a big risk, but not one that would put her in major danger. She'd disguise herself, and then watch as things progressed between Katt and Edward.

Once in her room, Lyra made her way to her closet. One side was filled with the close she'd normally wear around HQ. Those mostly involved trenchcoats. But the other was filled with what people would call 'normal clothes'. Tying up her shoulder-length, bright red hair, Lyra gathered all of her hair and hid it under a hat. A t-shirt, blue jeans, and pair of sunglasses later, Lyra was out of HQ, and into the town. Even if she didn't find who she was looking for, she could still enjoy an afternoon of being a normal civillian.

And that meant, first stop was the candy shop.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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Kattsumi heard the door to the library and put her nails away. She walked out of the back of the library reading a book.

Ed smiled and waved as she walked in the room.

"Hello. Your right on time. Did you have any trouble finding my library?"

"Not really. Acually it was the biggest place here."

Ed looked around the library and smirked.

"This is a big library, you wouldn't happen to have any books on Alchemy would you?"

"Cathy" smiled and pionted to the back of the library.

"There are lots of books on Alchemy in the back. But you have to have specail permision to go back there."

"Who do you have to get permision from?"

"Well, me of caurse. Tell you what. I'll give you a tour of the town then we can come back here and look at the books. How does that sound?"

Ed smiled and turned around to the front door.

"That be great! See Al what I tell ya. She's not a rebel."

Al sighed and they all walked out of the library.
"Lets get something to eat."

"Cathy" and the boys walked into the pub and sat at a table in the back.

"I have to make a call to my fiance."

She walked in the back dialed a number. And a male voice picked up the phone.


"Scar. Whats up baby?"

"Nothing. Where are you?"

"I'm at the pub with the Elrics."

"The Elrics. Why didn't you tell me.[I] D**n state alchemists[/I]!"

"Hey calm down. I got it covered."

"Fine. But meet me when your done, and don't get yourself killed."

"Don't worry I'll be fine. Gotta go. Luv ya."

"Luv ya to. Bye."

Kattsumi hung up the phone and walked back to the table where Ed was chowing down on food.

*Perfect. Poisen Alchemy has it's advantages.*
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It was getting a bit late in the afternoon when Jim's train arrived, the sun turned a lovely mango orange-yellow color that died into the bildings of the city. No one would figure this city is where a rebellious faction was at, it seemed actually nice one in a while during the night time, but Jim thought thats when the real trouble stared. It was about 5:56 when Jim got to the center of town he started asking around for the Full Metal Alchemist, but everyone either ran or conitinued to walk on their way once they saw Jim's watch or uniform.

"Maybe I should change my clothes" thought to himself, he went into a public restroom to do so. He came out in blue genes blue gloves to replace his white ones, a white longsleve shirt that was inder a blue short sleeve shirt with blue boots to match. He made sure to keep his gun and wallet on him, but he conceiled his watch in the fro of his pocket. Once he came out, everyone started to be a little more friendlier to him. "Excuse me, have you seen the Full Metal Alche....I mean this boy right here??" Jim asked a indly old man.

"Well yes, he left the library with a librarian about an hour ago. My was he short, but the feller' in the armor suit was huge" The man said. Jim sighed in reliefe and satisfaction.

"Thank you kindly sir, have you seen where they went?" Jim asked again.

"They could have went to the local pub, the food there is the best" The elderly man answered.

"Thank you very much" Jim said as he bowed and sprinted that way. Jim checked his gun to make sure he had enough ammo for anything and refills as well, he stopped a min. to look under his gloves at the two transmution circles tatooed on both of his palms. "Please help me through this" Jim prayed as he put the gloves back on, clapped his hands and continued on his way. "Nothing to it"
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Tyler, Col. Mustang, Maj. Armstrong, and Lt. Hawkeye were on their way theirway to where they suspected the "Corruption's Demise" headquarters was. "Brigadier General, this radical group, what are their motives?" asked Colonel Mustang.
In their messages so far, it's had to do with many things. Alchemists being a branch
of the military, the government, wanting to run the country, we're not to sure yet."
"It sounds like they're progressing blindly without a cause just to prove that they can." said Lt. Hawkeye. "We've looked into that several times as well, we're still not sure in that, either." Then, their transport car was shot at. The vehicle skeeted to
an abrupt halt and the military personnel exited the vehicle. "Show your selves!"
yelled Tyler. Three men then jumped up, each bearing arms. "You'll go no father, military scum!" shouted one of the men. "Scum, you say?" The other military personnel stepped back. "I am Brigadier General Tyler Koregaten, the Thunder Bolt Alchemist." "The Thunder Bolt Alchemist!?" "Yes. Now that the introductions are over..." Tyler then raised his right hand, revelaing the palm of his white glove and the transmutation circle on it. The circle began to glow a bright golden color and began to spark. "...It's time to say good-bye." A lightning bolt then flew from the circle and struck the men, bringing their electrocuted bodies to the ground.
Now, we know their motives." He said, looking at the blackened bodies.
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia]Al had a very bad feeling about all this. He stared at the librarian, studying her carefully as Edward gobbled down food as though he had been starved. When she stood up and left, Al tapped his brother on the shoulder.

"Edward, can't you feel it? There's this air around her...it's almost venomous. She's like walking poison."

Ed stopped stuffing his face and looked up at Al. "You're just being paranoid, Al. Relax. I've got everything under control. How harmful could she be?" He returned to his food.

"Sorry for the little interruption, boys." Cathy sat back down and eyed Edward with a satisfied smile. Al saw it and felt a twinge of fear. 'She's done something to him...' he thought, his fear growing into almost-panic.

At that moment, Edward slumped forward, and Cathy's smile grew. "Brother!" Al shouted. A man burst in and wipped off a pair of blue gloves. "Stop right there!" he yelled as he pointed at Cathy. Cathy jumped out of the booth and in front of the man. "Damn military." She tripped him and ran out the door.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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They were there.

Sirius knew there would be trouble as soon as he heard the news, and rushed to the phone he had used earlier. It was risky, attempting another call so soon, but he knew he had to try.

"It's me," He said as soon as a communications officer picked up the reciever. "Is Lyra there?"

"No," came the reply. "She went out."

Sirius cursed under his breath.

"Well," He exhaled,keeping his voice calm and steady. "Tell her that the big cats are on the hunt, and that it's best to stay put."

"That all?"

"Yes. Over and out."

He returned the reciever to its stand, and cursed again. The one time he needed to talk to Lyra, and she wan't there. Typical.

[I] Koregaten, Mustang, Armstrong, and Hawkeye...[/I] The names played over and over in his head.

[I] Well, at least Hughes is still here.[/I]
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The streets were busy with people all of a sudden, like they could finally come out at night and enjoy themselves. Jim searched high and low for the pub that the old man had suggested to him, it seems like it?s the only place to get decent alcohol, but since Jim was 19 he couldn't drink....but why would the two brothers go there?? Maybe there was food there as well.

"Finally!!" Jim shouted as he found the pub, he was about half way across the street before he saw some golden brown hair sticking up, but then it disappeared and there was a loud thump sound.

"Brother" Was shouted by someone with an echoed voice coming from...an armor suit. It was the brothers and they needed help.

"Time to motor" Jim huffed as he dodged a few passing cars and people to get to his destination. He opened the swinging door and threw off his blue gloves and stood in a defensive position to the three in the far back. ?Stop Right there!? Jim shouted as he could make out Ed and Al in the back table, Edward was slumped over on the table and was sweating like he had been in an oven, Al was a bit shocked by the intrusion but made out who it was. ?What?s going on in here Full Metal?? Jim asked. Al picked up his older sibling and ran towards Jim?s side.

?I think he was poisoned by that librarian. She lead us here to give a tour and?and..? Al chocked as he looked onto his brother who was fidgeting in his metal arms.

?What are you doing here so early than expected??? The librarian asked.

?Earlier than expected?? I had to be sent here by my supervisor for a regular rendezvous, but I see now that it?s not so regular ANYMORE? Jim raised his voice as he touched the ground with his hand and there were seismic waves heading for the librarian. ?Run while she?s distracted? Jim said as he handed Al a piece of paper. ?This is the apartment I checked into before I went searching, I?ll meet with you both later once I?m done here? Jim said, Al looked at him for a moment then left through the doors.

?NO!! Well, it?s only a minor convenience now; at least I?ll have one alchemist to send to the slaughterhouse. Let?s test your alchemy with my poison alchemy? The Librarian hissed at Jim.

?Alright, but I think shields are more effective than poison? Jim said as his hands glowed a bright green color and his body was enshrouded in a green aura. ?Try getting through this? Jim said as he charged for the woman.
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Well....sorry guys....been gone for awhile.

Ed: You can stop now, Al. Put me down.

Al jumped at hearing his brother's voice.

Al: But you were...

Ed smiles.

Ed: I only ate a tiny bit of the posion, just enough to make it look real. As soon as you said you didn't trust her I realised something...no one knows who your are out here. Your name is never in the paper or anything.

Al put Ed, and looked back at where they had left Jim.

Al: Should we go back?

Ed: We don't need to...but we are. I want to show these rebels that messing with me is a bad idea.

Ed smiles evilly, and Al sighs.
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[SIZE=1]Lyra hung up her cell phone. She had just been talking to the Head of Communications, Nicholas, and had been explained Sirius's message. No sooner had she replaced her lollipop back in her mouth had Lyra seen the flash of lightning. It was about 150 yards away, as she had been hanging out under a tree near the backroad to the town.

Apparently, while she was on the phone, a car had passed by.

Lyra's eyes watched, unblinking, as three of her comrades, her newest sharpshooters, fell to the ground. They'd been paying much more attention than her. Since when had they been there? Had they known about the coming of five Military officials? Their charred bodies laid still as the State Alchemist that struck them down turned to his companions, uncaring of the lives he just took.

A rage she never felt before overtook Lyra. How could they? Without even a moment of hesitation, or a pang of guilt...three lives...

Lyra yanked off her gloves, and the scars on her hands were glowing a menacing shade of red. Not caring about the fact that she had been spotted, Lyra slapped her hands on the ground. There was a loud rumbling noise before large fissures in the ground below the Military officials appeared. The one's who managed to climb back out were Colonel Mustang, and Brigadier General Koregaten.

Holding her ground, Lyra glared at the Lightning Alchemist. [COLOR=Navy]"You will [I]not[/I] take the lives of my comrades and act as if you had just swatted a fly! I will [I]not[/I] stand for it!" [/COLOR] She growled, her voice low and menacing, hatred seeping out of every word. [COLOR=Navy]"It's unfeeling, murderous Military Dogs like you that made me start this group! You need to be stopped!"[/COLOR]

Suddenly, Pliskin's constant complaint he threw at her every time he saw her rang in her ears:

[COLOR=Navy][I]"You're too emotional to be a good leader. Start keeping your emotions in check, or you'll land yourself in big trouble."[/I][/COLOR]

Shaking her head slightly, Lyra pushed the thought out of her head, knowing he was right. She was in trouble. But she wasn't about to give in so easily. She, and her emotions, would get out of this trouble in one piece, just to, if nothing else, prove Pliskin wrong.[/SIZE]
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Jim and Katt the librarian got into an immence battle after the two Elric brothers left the pub; both were fighting toe-to-toe hand-to-hand combat with one another. Their training either at the military or at the rebellion faction training area paided off in this fight, both combatants seemed to be relentless in their goals to stop one another. They were finally able to put some distance between one another to take a breather, both were breathing hard and trying to stay calm while staring down one another. Jim looked a bit tired from his searching which gave the librarian an edge, she stood firm and started to smile.

?I have a little secret I want to show you? She said as her nails started to turn a metallic silver color and grow a bit longer. She raised her hand so they may shine brightly in the setting sun?s rays of light.

?What in the world!!? Jim gasped as he saw this sort of transformation. Now he was in trouble.

?Do you like?? Katt asked.

?Maybe we both have something up our sleeves? Jim answered as the green shield aura around his body concentrated around his hands only now. He face them toward his opponent and they grew brighter and brighter until there was a flash of green light that filled the pub. When the light vanished Jim was surrounded by small green orbs, ?bubbles? he calls them.

?Your going to hurt me with small bubbles? Katt laughed, she noticed that one of the orbs ran toward her in an unusually quick pace, she only had a split second to dodge before it hit the wall with immense force, enough force to make the wall cave in a small hole. Katt didn?t waste any time as she continued her assault; Jim did the same as well. Both moving around faster and fighting harder, Katt slashed at some of the orbs making them pop before touching her, Jim had to move away from her as quickly as possible. Jim finally came to a wall he didn?t notice before; this distracted him enough for Katt to pierce his right shoulder. Her Metallic nails cut deep and hard into his flesh and bone, blood began to spill and pour down his arm and side.

?I have another treat for you? She said as black smoke began to come out of her mouth and flow into Jim?s. His gasp helped him consume a large portion of the smoke. Jim quickly grabbed her neck and sent a small energy burst through her body, enough to get her away from him.

?Don?t think I?m done you?uu?oy?..yo?don...nnn....ttt.don...t? Jim gasped as he tried to speak. His vocal cords have been paralyzed by the smoke. He tried to move as well, but his reaction time was slow and short. Jim also began to feel sick and dizzy.

?Don?t speak?it makes it more painfu, and no one will be able to hear you scream. And don?t think about running away, I won?t let you catch up with you superiors and friends.? Katt laughed as she slowly walked towards her victim.
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Katt smirked and kicked as hard as she could under his chin, knocking him out.

She smiled quickly went into the bathroom and changed to her normal elfit.

*Time to get some blood on my hands.*

She looked at her watch and frowned.

"Damn I'm gonna be late."

Katt put on her mask (mostly cause it looks cool) and walked over to Lyra.

"Need some help."

She lookwed at Mustang and winked.

"Hi...this should be fun."

Mustang raised and eyebrow and looked at her elfit.

"Hi." He said prevertedly.

Kattsumi pulled away the side of her dress revealing her Alchemy symble. Her symble started to glow green as green mist surround the whole town. Everyone local to the town took out there masks and returned to there buisness, except for Lyra.

"Don't tell me you forgot your mask again...here."

She took off her mask and put it on her younger sister.

"I don't need it."

Katt smiled as the Alchemist fell to the ground covering there mouths.

"I have to go....you can take over."

Then Kattsumi dissapeard into the mist.
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It was torture, not being able to do anything but sit around, waiting for news from the front line. And sitting around was never Sirius' style.

Even in Ishbal he could never just sit. He was always out there blowing up the opposition, not waiting for the attack to come to him.

In his opinion, it was foolish and out right stupid, that whole waiting business.

He sighed. [I] I hope Lyra got my message...[/I]

The text on the book laid out before him blurred, and the words suddenly seemed like a meaningless garble as he found himself nodding off. But a smile formed on his lips as he remembered that rare laugh of Lyra's. It wasn't forced, either. It was the real thing.

For a moment she looked genuinely happy, but he forgot the reason why.

Suddenly he found his head flattened against the book, and a happy voice was chriping in his ear. A voice that was eerily familiar...

"Sir?" He managed to say, looking up at the bespectacled eyes on the one he was 'Serving' under.

Maes Hughes let up on the pressure, and smiled. "You know you shouldn't be sleeping on the job."


"No 'buts ' about it. You know that you don't get anything done if your asleep."

"But I-"

"Did you find out anything useful?" Hughes gestured to the book, a log of all past uprisings by rebel factions.

"Sir!" Sirius cried, just wanting to be heard by the eccentric Colonel. "Actually, I don't see how this is very useful in the current situation..." He glanced away, back to the text.

If there was one flaw on his part in taking this assignment, it was the fact that he couldn't read half of the language that was commonly used among military personelle.

Hughes remained silent for a moment, then shook his head."Travert," It was the pseudonym Sirius had chosen to go under, "You do realize that fledgling organizations always borrow off of previous tactics, don't you?"

"Yes, I do realize that." Sirius nodded. "But, if all previous plans failed, then why would they borrow them?"

"Hm. Good point..."

"Sir?" Sirius ventured warily, for he never knew how Hughes would react. "I have a small request..."

"What? You mean that you want to go to my daughter's birthday party?"

Sirius raised his hand as if to say ' I'm innocent'.

"Yes, maybe that too, but..." He glanced away again, at the book. "I'd like to go to the town of Manitaw, if I may."

Hughes seemed to study him for a moment. "And, how do you expect to get through the whole fray? I heard that a scuffle has started, and you're not the most..." He gestured to Sirius' right side, at the sleeve that was tied in a knot for more mobility. "...capable?"

"I can take care of myself," Sirius huffed. "But I'm not going there to fight."

"Then why?"

Sirius felt a faint blush form on his cheeks, and bowed his head to hide the fact. "There's someone in that town that I'm worried about..."

"Girl Problems?"

Sirius looked up, only to see that he was nose to nose with the Colonel. He jumped, knocking over the chair and dragging the book down to the floor with him.

Hughes laughed. "Permission granted. Just dont get into trouble, okay?"

Sirius looked up through his thick bangs, only to see Hughes beaming. He smiled back, and scrambled to a standing position.

"Thank you!"
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]cheese master....work on your logic.

[size=1]Lyra adjusted the mask on her face, fire burning in her eyes. Her sister had left a while ago, yet Lyra had stood stock still. [COLOR=Navy]"You bastards..."[/COLOR] she said finally. [COLOR=Navy]"You bastards don't deserve death. Not yet."[/COLOR] Lyra took out a small vial from her back pocket and gave three drops of acid green liquid to each of the Military Officers. When she replaced it back in her pocket, it was half empty.[COLOR=Navy] "Instead, you'll suffer,"[/COLOR] she said simply before running off.

But, she fell on her face. Lyra's hat fell a few feet away, sending her hair flying out behind her. Looking behind her, Lyra saw Tyler with one hand over his mouth, while the other was grasped painfully around her ankle. [COLOR=Navy]"You're *cough* not going anywhere!"[/COLOR] He growled. Lyra glared at him.

[COLOR=Navy]"You should be thankful I gave you a temporary antidote. If you value your lives, I suggest you get to cleaner air and quit bothering with me!"[/COLOR] She yelled, grabbing his hand with as much force as she could. The transmutation circles on the back of Lyra's hand and the palm of Tyler's glove both glowed, and the light around the two turned an eerie orange.

The next moment, two screams pierced the not-so-quiet air. They had launched attacks at the same time, and it had caused a strange reaction. A mini explosion had errupted, and they flew ten feet apart.

Lyra raised herself to her knees, and glared at the Military Dogs. [COLOR=Navy]"Next time, I swear I'll kill you. Don't give me the chance to, because unlike you, I'm not willing to give away my innocence of murder." [/COLOR] The words had slipped out of her mouth purely by accident. She had never admitted it to anyone, nor had she denied it. They just assumed. But the truth was, Lyra Hemmings was afraid to kill.

Lyra got to her feet as quick as she could, and ran into the city, her wounds bleeding freely.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Navy]"Edward Elric, the Fullmetal alchemist," something of a smile played on Pliskin's lips, but the smile never completely formed. Grasping the messily scrawled notes on the Fullmetal alchemist, Pliskin returned the file, "Elric, Edward", to its place in the drawer of Military personnel files.

"Well, hello, Pliskin! Fancy meeting you here!"

Pliskin whirled around and came face to face with Maes Hughes. "Hughes," he grumbled, not in the mood to speak with his highly exhuberant, fellow Lieutenant.

"Did you hear about my daughter's birthday party this weekend?"

". . . and if I did?"

"Well, you're coming aren't you?"

Pliskin's usual glare became even icier. "Why would I waste my time going to a little girl's birthday party?"

"Why wouldn't you?"

"What do you mean, why wouldn't I?"

"Well," Hughes smiled, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a handful of pictures, "for one, ISN'T SHE JUST THE CUTEST LITTLE GIRL YOU'VE EVER SEEN? HUH? HUH?"

Pliskin retreated back a few steps as Hughes jumped forward, shoving the pictures into his face. "There's no way you can tell me she's n . . . " Hughes trailed off, looking around the room. "Now where did he get off to?" Scratching the back of his head, Hughes shrugged and opened a drawer of the file cabinet.


"Did you get the information?" said a voice through the earpiece of the phone.

"Would I be calling if I hadn't?" Pliskin answered dryly.

"Well, um---"

"It was a hypothetical question."


"The information will be arriving soon. Lyra should find it satisfactory."

". . . you didn't hand write it again, did you?"

". . . and if I did?"

"You did, didn't you?" The voice sighed. "You have such horrible handwriting, you know . . ." it murmured.

Pliskin gritted his teeth, wishing he was back at headquarters so he could strangle the analyst on the other end. How come whenever he called Lyra wasn't in? ". . . what's the next assignment?"

"I, um, don't know. You'll have to wait until Lyra returns."

"You reallly are thick, aren't you?"

"Huh?" Pliskin was making the analyst uncomfortable and he knew it.

"You're thick. You mean to tell me that you can't operate without Lyra there to hold your hand?"

"No, it's not that. Its---"

"Tell Lyra to call me with the next assignment later." With a click, Pliskin placed the phone back into its place and walked down the hall.[/COLOR]
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[size=1][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Since no one else has posted...
Lyra sighed as she stared at her reflection. Her ankle, though badly singed and burned, wasn't expected to have any long-term damage. Even if she was forbidden from coming within the line of vision of a State Alchemist. No, it wasn't that which was worrying her.

Nor was it Sirius. On the contrary, she was extremely happy that she would finally have some enjoyable company around the Base. One can only stand Katt for so long. Yes, Sirius was the best friend you could get, if you were lucky enough to meet him. Lyra smiled slightly. He was like the older brother she never had, and picked on her older sister instead of her. And they were close enough to be siblings as well, despite the major contrast in appearence.

Lyra ran a hand through her red locks and scowled. This was what had been worrying her. That State Alchemist, Tyler, had seen her hair. He would be able to spot her a mile away. Though as much as she hated it, she had to do something about her hair. Staring at the hair products that she had stole from her sister, Lyra was suddenly filled with sadness.

Despite her many tomboyish qualities, Lyra had one girl-ish quality nobody could take away from her: her pride in her hair. She loved the fact that it was so different, but pretty at the same time. Now, she had to change it. And for Corruption's Demise, no less. [COLOR=Navy]"How ironic," [/COLOR] Lyra muttered bitterly, grabbing a box of hair dye and a pair of scissors, and walking into her bathroom.

When she emerged, two hours later, Lyra didn't recognize herself. Her hair was shorter, thinner, and more delicate looking. Not to mention burnette. Lyra didn't like it one bit. It wasn't her. But she wasn't done. Staring at the mirror again, Lyra found another odd thing. [COLOR=Navy]"A blue eyed burnette? Not common."[/COLOR]

And so, after much searching, Lyra had found brown contact lenses, and a pair of glasses. She put both on, after popping out the lenses in the glasses.[COLOR=Navy] "I can't wait till Sirius sees me,"[/COLOR] Lyra commented, her voice dripping with sarcasm, [COLOR=Navy]"He's going to have a field day with this."[/COLOR] And this was when there was a knock on the door.

Lyra yanked open the door with such feriocity, it had shaken up the Communications director. [COLOR=Navy]"Um, can I speak with Lyra, miss?"[/COLOR] he asked. Lyra glared.

[COLOR=Navy]"Who the hell do you think you're talking to?" [/COLOR] She asked with an obvious fake calmness in her voice. He looked even more flustered.

[COLOR=Navy]"Oh! I'm so sorry! You look so different, I couldn't even recognize you. Well, um, Pliskin reported in. He sent the information you wanted, and wants to know the next assignment,"[/COLOR] he stated before quickly (and nervously) walking away.

Lyra shook her head irratibly and made her way to the Communications room yet again. Feeling it was unsafe have so many calls between Manitaw and Central, Lyra wrote a small, quick, semi-coded note.

[COLOR=Navy][i]Keep everything on the down-low. Make up for Blondie.[/i][/COLOR]

She knew "Travert"'s sudden urge to go to Manitaw would raise suspicion, so Pliskin would need to cover for him. The Military was just plain paranoid; but with good reason.

Returning to her room, Lyra looked through her closet. There wasn't much she could wear without revealing her ankle. Finally, her eyes landed on the one thing she would normally never, [i]ever[/i] where. [COLOR=Navy]"Why me?"[/COLOR] She cried as she took the dress off the hanger and changing into it. Quickly, and with much embarrassment, Lyra made her way to the train station to wait for Sirius.[/size]
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[I] "There's something we need to talk about." Sirius had spoken in a hushed voice over the phone.

"Well, what is it?" Lyra questioned, apparently wanting to get their conversation over with as quickly as possible. Not that Sirius blamed her--making so many calls betweel Central and HQ in such a short time was bound to look suspicious.

With that in mind, Sirius had chosen his next words carefully: "Remember when we met? I thought you were sent by Ishbala." He smiled fondly.

"I remember," Was all Lyra said, though he knew that she also remembered her reaction to that comment. A confused look, followed by the phrase "Are you nuts?!"

"Good. Then let me say this; I'm concerned that my actions that lead to our meeting are going to catch up. It's best that I leave before people begin to realize..."

"I understand. And, it'll be good to have someone else around for a little while."

With that said, Lyra hung up.[/I]

Sirius was glad to be away from the oppressive air that hung over Central, and back in familiar territory. But Sirius' little epiphany still hung on his mind.

He knew that the Military had a file on him, about his actions from years ago. He also knew that the file carried a photo. The photo was fuzzy, but a keen eye would be able to recognize him.

For that reason he knew he had to leave. With all the hunting around through their files, his was bound to come up for sure. He did not want to be around to see the consequences.

So, he had called Lyra after he got permisson from Hughes, and warned her that he would be coming. She hadn't seemed too upset about it either.

But it was at then that he finally felt justified for growing his hair out. Not only was it a good disguise, but the girls always wanted to play with it!

Even if long hair did have its advantages, it could be an irritation as well. At the moment it was beyond his control, whipping around his face in the wind created by the departing train and obscuring his view. If he was to find Lyra, his hair would be a problem.

But the familiar red hair was nowhere to be seen. Sirius dropped his bag onto the deck and shook his head. "Don't tell me that I came here for nothing!"

"About time you got your head out of the clouds."

Sirius looked around, and saw a slim brunette tossing his bag over her shoulder. "Um...miss? I'm afraid you have the wrong bag," He said, being as polite as possible to the stranger. "Or, maybe the wrong person?"

The form fitting dress she was wearing was very distracting, but he swore he knew that expression from somewhere...

"Idiot! Who do you think it is?" She took off her glasses, and Sirius felt his cheeks grow warm as the blood rushed to them.
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