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Sign Up The Traveling-glass [PG13- VL, maybe S]


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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkGreen] [SIZE=3]The Traveling-glass[/SIZE]

Nearly 300 years ago the great fire sorcerer Tannus forged a mirror from the desert sands and bathed it in enchantments. He named it the ?traveling-glass? and left it in the care of his two sons.

When the warlords heard of the sorcerer?s great power, they were filled with the greedy fear that came from their corruption and ordered Tannus executed. After his death they burned his scrolls and staff but thought nothing of the azure glass mirror.

Tannus? two sons, although not knowing what the mirror was, vied for their dead father?s last remaining possession. In the end the mirror was cracked in two, each son claiming a half. The eldest son took his half to the warlords and, presenting it to them as a trophy of their victory over the sorcerer, he became their servant. The younger son, wanting to preserve his father?s integrity, fled to the forest and was never heard from again. On both sides the great sorcerer?s line seemed to have fallen into ruin, but it did not die out?

Now the warlords have given way to a powerful king who holds the land in servitude. He is intrigued by the half mirror that the mage of legend called the ?traveling-glass? and orders his knights to seek the other half.


Think middle ages with magic and no black plague.


Neiro- descendant of the younger son, played by me, he has the ?lost? half of the mirror hidden among his possessions (bio below)

Knight (name?)- A very important character the RPG cannot be without. He is the only surviving member of the elder son?s bloodline and is in the service of the king. He has magic powers which he?s kept hidden from the king. He wants to elevate his family?s ruined status by finding the other half of the mirror. Other than that, the rest of his bio is up to whoever plays him? SOMEONE BE HIM!

Others- You make them up! Be creative (this IS fantasy) and show that you can write halfway decently. If there are too many people, some may be cut.


Age: (somewhere between 16 and 25 for humans)
Race: (human? elf? something else?)
Backstory: (where are they from, why do they want the mirror?)

Keep in mind that everyone is ultimately after the ?lost? half of the mirror but no one knows that Neiro has it! Plot twists are sure to come.

*Please plan on at [I]at least[/I] checking OtakuBoards about once a week. My pet peeve is people who sign up and then leave everyone waiting for them to post.

Name: Neiro

Age: 19

Race: Human

Backstory: He has the ?lost? half of mirror. His village is very far from the central city of the kingdom, separated from it by a forest that few dare to enter. His people, sick of being expected to pay taxes to such a distant king, asked to be freed. Neiro?s father was the main leader of that petition. Obviously, the king refused. Both of Neiro?s parents were then promptly killed by the king?s assassins. Neiro wants to avenge his parents but assassins are after him too.

Abilities/Magic/Weapons: He often has premonitions in his dreams. Neiro can also cast a variety of seals and spells, most of which are plant-life oriented. He has always had telekinesis but is just now starting to develop it.

Personality: Neiro was always a quiet, gentle person but since the assassination of his parents he has become somewhat colder. He knows he must protect the mirror at all costs and willingly accepts this duty. However, he can?t say what is more important to him: his duty to guard the mirror or his thirst for revenge. In many ways, Neiro is naïve regarding the world beyond his forest village. He is innocent and honest, but also has a lot of pride and does not tolerate insults. He isn?t afraid to fight to defend himself but would never harm an innocent.

Appearance: Neiro is medium height with a thin build. His long, dark brown hair is tied back into a ponytail at the nape of his neck with his chin-length bangs left loose. When untied, his hair falls a few inches past his shoulders. His eyes are a soft grey-green and easily betray his emotions.[/COLOR][/FONT]

EDIT: JJ0921 has requested to be THE knight but thats not to say other characters can't be working for the king.
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Name: Kenzai

Age: 22

Race: Human/Giant

Backstory: Kenzai is a knight who serves the king. He is seeking the lost half of mirror for this king. However, Kenzai does not like the king that rose to power at all. He hides these feelings because he does not wish to betray the king which he serves. Kenzai?s father was killed in a useless battle serving the king. This is one reason for his disliking the king. Another reason is the fact that he wants the mirror for himself. It was his ancestor?s mirror and believes it should be his rather than the king?s.

Abilities/Magic/Weapons: Kenzai is a half human half giant, so he possesses great strength, stamina and endurance. However, he also possesses a bit of magic power which he has kept hidden. This magic consists of fire based offensive spells. He likes to surprise opponents with this magic in close battles to gain upper hand. Kenzai also wields a legendary sword named Emberius which can be activated by his fire magic. It is engulfed in flames when Kenzai activates it.

Personality: Kenzai is a bit arrogant. He doesn?t believe he can be defeated by anyone. He doesn?t brag about his strength though. He is relatively easily angered. This comes from the giant blood flowing through his veins. This is also his strength in combat over his opponents. His love for fighting is because of his blood also. Vengeance for his father is on his mind. He will never forget it.

Appearance: Kenzai is a half giant half human. He is tall, around 8 ft. He is also very muscular and stalky. He has shaggy, thick, dark brown hair. He has blue eyes and bushy eyebrows. His nose is big but not long. His face looks more like a human than a giant aside from his nose. His custom made plate armor is very heavy. It?s around 100 pounds. This is not a burden to Kenzai at all. He wears it all the time. This provides him with superior protection compared to most knights.
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Hmmmm... now what about this?
[color=navy][u]Name:[/u] Emillie (pronounced same way as Emily)
[u]Age:[/u] 17
[u]Race:[/u] Dragon
[u]Backstory:[/u] Emillie was actually born a human. She lived in a large village in the hills with her parents--her dad was a cleric while her mom, well, didn't really do anything, at least not anything anyone else knew about. But one day when Emillie was about 6, her parents erupted into a fight, and then her dad was dead. It turns out that Mom had been busy studying black magic in secret, and when Dad found out she killed him. But after that, Mom started to share her magical findings with Emillie, seeing as they were safe without Dad. But the rest of the village still knew nothing of the incident or Emillie's secret training. Emillie was kind of interested in the subject, though she revealed it to no one. But one day, one of her own spells gone wrong turned her into a dragon permanently. Though she has never been able to reverse this, she heard about a mirror that just might have the power to change her back (her mother hated dragons)...
[b]Abilities[/b]--Now that Emillie is a dragon (ice dragon to be exact), she has the power to make the temperature drop and freeze things just by touching them. However, this doesn't work too well with living things... She also can control people through a song (like a siren), but this is inaccurate and only works with males. And being a water element dragon, she can also breathe underwater.
[b]Magic[/b]--As the backstory states, Emillie has some knowledge of black magic--she knows how to control minds, summon dead spirits, steal soul energy, etc. But she doesn't practice these spells often, so they don't always work...
[b]Weapons[/b]--Emillie's only weapon is a staff for spell usage. It's about three feet long and has blue orbs on both ends (like the one on her tail) tied with tassle-like aqua ribbons. One end has a charm bearing a peculiar symbol: a seven-pointed star inscribed in a hexagon. (Well doesn't that make sense--[i]hex[/i]agon?)
[u]Personality:[/u] Emillie has a tendency to hide or remain quiet in strange situations. She's overall hesitant and shy, and she has a good side and an evil side that often mix or conflict quite harshly. Emillie loves to sing, swim, and explore--but she hates hot weather, being an ice dragon. Though she doesn't have the violent temper of her mom, she can be dangerous if she really wants to be.
[u]Appearance:[/u] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/xeneon.gif]A picture is worth a thousand words[/url][/color]
Well, that was fun... I hope the RPG will be!
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[SIZE=2][B]Name:[/B] Edgera Glimathreil (Edger for short, like Edger Allen Poe)
[B]Age:[/B] Looks about 20
[B]Race:[/B] Dark Elf
[B]Backstory:[/B] Hm?that?s a hard one. There really isn?t much to say, for she really doesn?t like to reveal that sort of information. Ever. Edger in fact had not grown up in the kingdom at all, but one to the southwest. Dreknem. She doesn?t necessarily work for the King, but rather is an independent agent. Gold speaks many words with a silent glitter. Many times in fairly recent years she has been employed by the King or one of his officials to take care of certain loose ends, including troublesome people. That is, if the gossip is correct.

A dark fleeting shape in the night, or a hooded figure in the dark corner of a tavern, and then-slit. That is about all that?s known as fact about her. An assassin. A mercenary. Bounty hunter. Thief. Edger has been called every such name in the book. Like most of ?her kind?, some have attributed her automatically in allegiance with all that is evil.

Rumor would have it that Edger might be after the lost half of the mirror herself. That would be true. Of course, there would be a high price to fetch with the king. Yes, it?s always about the money. But [I]why[/I] she wants the money, is another secret she won?t give up easily.

[B]Abilities/Magic/Weapons: [/B] Although she doesn?t wield magic, Edger is very in tune with nature, and can read the ?vibes? easily. Whether it is a voice in the wind, a sent in the air, etc. She uses a wooden longbow with deadly precision, but on a rare occasion will wield a simple sword if need be dire. She knows how to ride a horse extremely, and on foot is naturally very quiet. She can walk in silence and slow her breathing, very successful at sneaking around.
[B]Personality:[/B] Edger would be, cold some say (which is untrue). She takes her business very seriously, for personal reasons she?d care not to disclose. She is not easily angered, with a fair patience. That however, will not keep her from getting annoyed fairly easily. Especially if you continuously ?bug her?. She doesn?t hesitate to kill. Or at least, give a threatening warning.

As an elf in general, she looks to have a ?superior? attitude. Looks. She?s very furtive, but straightforward at the same time. You?ll get truthful answers, but Edgar will not hesitate to leave out bit and pieces. She isn?t unfriendly, but isn?t a social butterfly either. Her voice and mannerisms are on the quiet side, but isn?t afraid to speak her mind when she feels like it.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Edgar has dark, dark grey skin. Her eye color is pure black, and has a dim, purplish red hair color. Tall and slender, she has the pointed features and elegance attributed to the Elvin kind. Including the telltale ears. She is a hard one to read, her features never betraying a thought or emotion. Although liking to wear a long hooded cloak on occasion, she wears simple leather armor, a reddy brown in color.[/SIZE]
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[B]Name:[/B] Coriander Ayres
[B]Age: [/B] 24
[B]Race:[/B] Acerbus Ventus (A humanoid species characterized by long, cat-like ears. The top of the ears range in different colors, including those unnatural for humans, but they always bear black spots. The bottom half is covered by a layer of thin grey fur. Acerbus Ventus are, more often than not, shorter than the average height of a human and they contain an affinity for spell-casting. Although, if one were to train enough, they would be able to manage as a swordsman.)
[B]Back-story:[/B] Coriander grew up as an only child with both of her parents, in a small house on the outskirts of the main city. Both parents were cleric, so she was trained as one?the way her parents spent their childhood?and expected to become one. She, however, was not so keen on the idea. Although she put up with the training, healing was not her first pick for what her future path would be. Clerics were always physically weak, and her species would put even more of a restraint on how strong she could be. Her skills as a cleric are very well-polished, but that is not nearly enough for her. Coriander seeks a way to hold power and claim it as her own and she sees acquiring the other half of the mirror as the only way to escape from her life of healing others.
[B]Abilities:[/B] Physically, she lacks the strength to defend herself against the slightly above-average attacker. Her species and her childhood of a forced devotion to clerical magic have left her rather weak. She is unable to defend herself without the aid of her magic spells.
[B]Magic:[/B] Coriander is skilled in passive magic skills which include healing and assistance spells. She is able to conjure temporary magic barriers that, cannot prevent an attack from landing, but will defend the one who has had the spell cast on them. She has also learned to temporarily increase the strength of one with a spell, boosting her strength to about an average level. Spells like these are useful; however, they are merely temporary, lasting five minutes at the most until she improves.
[B]Weapons:[/B] A light steel staff that is the height of her shoulder, decorated with a metal leaf at the top. It is used to channel her magic and, if needed, it can be used to block.
[B]Personality: [/B] Coriander talks big for one who is unable to fight back, earning her trouble for the hot-tempered type that she throws over the edge. Despite being unable to fight, she can keep her cool when being threatened, but when push comes to shove, she tends to get nervous. She enjoys presenting herself as a cool-tempered and level-headed individual, which is quite true about her. She really is a nice, and even a kind type of person, but the woman is very bashful when it comes to that.
[B]Appearance:[/B] She owns the noticeable ears of her species, which poke out from chin-length, wavy Tuscany red hair. Her bangs fall at slightly thick eyebrow length, and are always worn without clips. Honey-colored eyes are lighter than her naturally-tanned skin and she stands quite short at the meager height of 5?4. Coriander wears her mother?s old white cloak which sports a hood, and wide sleeves that trail down to her knees. Underneath is normally a knee-length dress, more often than not a dark color, and black bottom-half of her calves-length boots.
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkRed][CENTER][B]Name:[/B] Salima

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Race:[/B] Black Panther Demon from the north

[B]Backstory:[/B] As a young child, she lived with her mother and father up in the mountains far from the other demon tribes. Her mother used to tell her stories of a 'traveling glass' with untold beauty and mysterious powers that no one knew of but only the sorcerer who forged it from the desert sands and bathed it in enchantments. Salima only though these stories at the time until one day her mother and father left her to look for it and take it from the sorcerer only to find out that he was executed. Coming home sadden and disppointed, her parents paid no attention to her but only talked of the 'traveling glass'. She soon became older and became bored with her parents behavior. Ingoring her and wondering off trying to find the 'traveling glass' but coming back with disappointment with their failure. Finally annoyed with this routine she left the house. "I'm not coming back until I find the 'traveling glass' ," she said to herself walking out in the midnight light.

[B]Abilities/Magic/Weapons:[/B] Martial arts, fire magic, cresent moon elbow blades

[B]Personality:[/B] She's more of the type of hirl that never gets. She's kind of rough around the edges when people first approach her. But after a while she's really cool but still tough. She can be very sarcastic for no reason or just for the fun of it.

[B]Appearance:[/B] She has long jet black hair that is always in a high pony tail that is tied with a red ribbon. Her black panther ears produced from the top of her head. They have a white tip at the top. Her eyes are a glassy brown that work with her creamy chocolate complextion. She is slender and stands about 5ft 6" tall. Her body is well shape because of her martial arts training. She's curvy like a women should be. She wears a long black hooded cloak with the hood always up. She has a long slender black tail protruding from her bottom.

ooc: Done. Any problems PM.
BlackTigerGurl :catgirl: [/Font][/Color][/Center]
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[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Name: Loki Vorcan[/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Age: 28[/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Race: Half Breed (A mix between two races) half werewolf and half dragoon(weredragon)[/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Backstory: Being born from two rival races, Loki and his family were not welcome at either tribe anymore and were exiled. They lived in the forest until one tribe came and destroyed their home. He was 16 when he lost his parents. As he travled around he heard rumors about a mirror that could change him into one breed or the other. With renewned hope he began his search for this mirror. He took lessons from a Darks Arts master and very skilled fighter. After his years of training and growing strength he decided that he would take up his search for the mirror again. This time for unltimate power.[/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]As he traveled the lands he killed for more money and other items. He loved to kill so much he began attacking human and other races settlements just so he could taste fresh blood. He soon obtained a price on his head for being a slayer and is known to all over the countryside by his nickname given to him. The Crimson Slayer.[/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Abilities: Since he is a half breed he has taken attributes from both, making him stronger and faster then most. He also is very skilled in martial arts and weapon fighting as well as certain dark art spells.[/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Magic: He knows a variaty of dark spells. His two favorites are Vampiric touch and Cloak.[/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Weapons: He has a dia katanna (a longer version of a katanna) [/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Personality: Dark and quiet. Vitcims usually don't see if until it is two late or he wants him to. Always in the back as not to be noticed and keep his identity hidden from everyone else. Will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.[/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Appearance: stands about 7'5". Has a werewolf's tail, a werewolf's arms, a werewolf's head with dragon legs, dragon wings, and dragon eyes. He also has a forked tongue and can breathe a dark fire and his eyes are a deep crimson color. His fur is a whiteish grayish and his sclaes are crimson as well. He wears a crimson chestplate and back plate with silver spiked shoulder pauldrons. His entire left arm is covered is silver metal and curved spikes running along the sides and has a guantlet where the ends of the fingers are sharpened into metal claws. His right arm has a crimson bicep bracer and a crimson forearm bracer. He has crimson greaves with silver shin bracers. He has fitted crimson metal covering the top and sides of his feet and claws so he doesn't have to worry about making noises when he is sneaking up on his prey. He wears a black hooded cloak over all of it that is very stiff so the spikes don't poke through it or show and wraps his wings around himself so he isn't noticed[/font]
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name: Gale
Age: 21
Race: Human
Backstory: works as a Temple Knight for the church in the central part of the kingdom. As the king sent his knights to look, the father of the chruch sent Gale to destroy the mirror /or bring it back before it gets in the wrong hands.
Abilities/Magic/Weapon: uses a holy sword,on it is carved 'save thy father' and uses a iron shield. his magic is not offensive based, but instead to heal many allies.
Personality: Calm in the face of danger. never in battle does doubt take over. he rather talk it over instead of bloodshed. NEVER does he leave a man alone on the battlefield. he is rather a protecter/shield then a killer/sword...most of the time.
Appearance: blonde are with a shavened beard. has white-gray armor from neck down. around 6'2 and well built. wears a white neckace, at the end of the neckace are angel wings.
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I'm going to base my character's story off another one if that is okay

Name: Rikku Isa

Age: 19

Race: Human

Backstory: Grew up in a quiet village on the very edge of the King's border. She was very content there until the night of her elenventh birthday. She had just gone to sleep and was dreaming of the day she had just had when she was awaoken by several screams. Villagers started to run around shouting. They had only a few of the king's knights here because the town was never attacked. She stood up and ran to her parents room as one of the houses across the street went up in dark purple flames. The flames quickly spread to other houses and were unaffected by the pails of water dumped on them. She saw her father run outside and her mom wrapped her arms around her. Suddenly the wall on the oppostie house came flying apart as a huge creature came walking out of the flames. It had wings like a dragon but a head of a wolf. It killed the villagers around with several swings of its claws. The three town knights rushed it only to be split in half by a long sword. The creature picked her fater by the throat and flung him through the wall of their house. The creature walked in and stood over them. Her father got back up while her mom dragged her out the back of the house. Their house erupted in fire as a huge blast hit her mom in the back disinagrating her. Rikku kept running until the screams and fire faded from her range.

Rikku then devoted her life to trying to kill this monster called the Crimson Slayer but doesn't know what he looks like due to no one has actually seen his true appearance and lived. She studied under different teachers when she heard about a mirror that could give her the strangth to kill it. She then set out on a journey to find this mirror.

Abilities: some magic spells and is an excellent shooter
Magic Defense and healing spells

Weapon: A long bow and a short sword.

Personality: Friendly and outgoing. She is quiet when she is thinking about her family and her village that doesn't exist anymore. She often has nightmares about it.

Appearance: below
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you rush things too much. Chill out bro...

Name: Ayumu (I-u-moo)

Age: 18

Race: Harmonizer (a race that steals the souls of monsters/animals and fuses with them later to become elemental, and physically strong)

Backstory: Ayumy grew up in a loving carefree home. He was treated great, and so was his sister. They never faught, but mearly understood when the other was not happy, and such, tried to make the other feel better.

Later on, something strange happened. His father had begun acting weird, as if something was weighing on his soul. Ayumu kept trying to find out what was causing his fahter to slowly fall farther and farther from the family.

When he did find out what it was, a mirror that he was told to be very powerful, he thaught long and hard about what he planned to do. At long last, he decided to find the mirror and destroy it, along with all that know how to make something like that. For his families sake.

Abilities: Soul steal (can only be performed when target is knocked out, or in a very weak state)., and diffrent elemental attacks that have to do with the soul he fuses with.

Weapon: A great sword he must hold next to him.

Personality: He is gentle. He does hate the obvious people though. Other than that, he can be a really neat guy to be around.

Appearance: see below
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Ha ha ha! Yeah, everyone is so anxious to start! We have plenty of people (much faster than I expected :catgirl: ) so I'm closing signups. Everyone is in! Yay! Please refer to [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=49422]The Arena Underground: Reflections in the Traveling-glass[/URL] (clicky!) for what to do!
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