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Death... how it perpetrates perfection.........

Wrong, it is merely an aspect of life........

Come to the assassin's point of view. It is how they make their living. How they earn their daily bread, or... heavens' blessing. An angel of darkest mercy.......

Welcome to the world of assassins. The dark organization known as the DEATH FACTION has taken on some new members.....and there are those they have orders to sanction, each with extrordinary talents when it comes to the means of delivering a swift death to those whom they are assigned to kill.

But for what purpouse are they brought into the darkness??? Why are some of them to be killed? The answer lies locked with in them. While all of this struggles to bring about an end to the matter, darker games are being played out to the public......

got it? good. this takes place in today's time. here's what i want:



Assumed name:


Weapons (make sure you're armed to the teeth!!!!!)

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name: Ray Reaper

age: 18

Assumed name: Jack, The Reaper

Appearence: wears a blue jacket with normal jeans. Rarely do you see him without his sun glasses.

Weapon: carries two handguns around his belt. inside his jacket contains a silver gun plus a crimson dagger.

Bio: His parents were murdered when he was 12. alone, he travels the world for jobs, ways to make money. out of all the jobs, assassining is his strength. Ever sense he was 13, he has been taking jobs to kill. because he has killed so many ppl without getting caught, ppl on the streets give him the name. Jack, the Reaper.
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armed to the teeth. this is going to be good

Name: Mavado Slit

Age: 21

Assumed Name: The Silver Slayer

Appearance: Below make everything black. add a hooded black trenchcoat and black sunglasses.

Weapons: Carries two silver silenced semiauto pistols, two silver uzis, and two silver sawed off shotguns inside his trench coat. Up and down the inside of his sleeves are special pockets that hold throwing knives and shurkins. He has a special silver silenced M-16 across his back.

Bio: Keeps his past to himself. It is no one business other than his own
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Name: Steve

Age: 17

Assumed name:Shade

Appearence: His pale ski make him appear ghostly, the fact everything else he has back appears more ghostly. He had black spicked hair and cold, emotionless black eyes. He wears black all over, even black shoes. He has a sliver chain around his neck with a burnt picture of his family in it.

Weapons : Steve has two shotguns and twelve extra packets of 60 bullets under his wrists. The shotguns under his sleeve as well. A few daggers could be found further up his arms and un his pant legs. He always had a packet of poison he's immune to with him.

Steve grew up in a good japonese village and had a good 9 years, this, his life began spinning out of control. His familly and village was destroyed by a fire, his relatived he moved to murdered slowly in font of his eyes. After, more people were murdered in front of him in the orphanage.. people he was freinds with.

In a new house, a family had treated him like dirt. He wave given a closet for a room, and he seemed to have lost all sanity at that place, talking to himself, conversation.

Now,he had run away, stealing, he found an assassin school while following some nifty, mesterious assassins. He had trained and now he does missions.
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