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RPG Paradox- My Story <M-V,L>


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Jaxar the young thief shifted uncomfortably in his seat, he was not even a proper member of the thieves? guild, hadn?t even done his first assignment, and he was called to the Guild Masters office. 'This could only be trouble,' He told himself as the second-in-command read through the formalities which caused even more unease with the youth. Once the speech finished, The Guild Master began to talk about honor amongst thieves and about his impending entry into the guild.

"Now, I'm sure that you'll want to just get onto assignments and the such but this is important" The Guild master said with a sly edge to his voice, this seemed to be how the Guild Master seemed to start a lot when he spoke to Jaxar. The Guild Master pulled out and unrolled a map of the wealthy district, drew a circle around the home of the great merchant Baling and explained that this was where he would rob for the first time. ?Jaxar, this is where you will hit for the first time. It?s the home of the merchant Baling? He explained to Jaxar while holding back an arrogant smile

This will teach him for thinking that he is the greatest thing to happen to us.

Jaxar however was uncertain about this; he hadn?t been around for long enough to even consider such a theft from easily one of the most powerful men in the city. But he couldn?t say no to something like this otherwise he would be kicked out of the guild big time (even though he wasn?t even a member) but it would be certain doom if he tried thinking about it.
?Very well then? Jaxar said as he straightened up in his chair ?I will do this.?
?I can?t do this? He told himself while the guild master bade him farewell.

Once he was dismissed, the young thief nearly ran out of the office to prepare for what would happen tonight.... Not knowing that this assignment would change his entire life.
Jaxar?s inexperience was showing later that night when he scaled the back wall of the target mansion, His boots were not getting enough leverage on the loose mortar and if not for the rope being tied around his waist then he would have plunged to his death already. Nevertheless, he was able to get over the wall and be able to climb through a second floor window. Luckily, the building was relatively well set out and he was able to locate the treasury easily. As he opened the treasury door a bright light flashed in front of him ?Guard Wards? Jaxar assumed, The merchant was known to be a powerful mage as well so he couldn?t take his time here.

At first he was overwhelmed by the Treasure and artifacts like a child in a candy shop but he quickly regained his presence of mind because it was likely that the shrill noise he was hearing was because of the Guard wards. Jaxar grabbed objects at random and shoved them into his swag bag but there was one thing that caught his eye. This object was a strange looking amulet fit with a Silvery Crystal, it went against all of his senses but he grabbed it anyway and ran out the door when he started to hear footsteps and yelling along with the shrill noise.

During Jaxars mad rush out of the building and an unfortunate run into a wall when he lost his balance, the jewel set in the amulet seemed to crack but he didn't care enough about it to stop his escape. Just as he was climbing back over the wall, his rope snapped and he began to fall. With the wind cracking past him and the stone coming a bit too close, the fall began to slow then stop but before he could splatter the ground began a silvery color which began to come at him even faster. At the same time, The Amulet slipped from the pocket that he had tucked it into and Silvery light seeped from it and into the ground, turning it transparent.

As he passed through the ground, he looked at himself to see if he was alright when he saw what had happened to himself he saw that his body was turning to dust as he fell. His screamed echoed through the night and he saw no more.
After what felt like an eternity of falling, He hit the ground but it was odd since it was different to what it was earlier. ?Gods? He croaked when he had enough breath to speak and patted his various limbs to find if he was still alive but everything was there so he decided to fall into the grasp of sleep.


Cheese master- Catrina Mackaline
Yours truly, ME- Jaxar (or Jax) Blackmoon
Kuroshin13- Lea
ghostchick- Rose Cadvra
Chief Predator- Achilles
Outlaw- Siegfried
Loco- Seiru Yvan
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Catrina rubbed her ring as her leg dangled from a tree branch. It had been two years since she had come to this land, and she was hoping for a little action.

*This sucks. I havent had any fun for the last couple months, everything seems peacful. Oh well.*

Catrina looked down as a man ran by with a strange looking amulet. She knew he must have stolen it from his appearance.

"Thieves, I swear. I'll find you later."

Catrina pulled out an arrow and placed on her long bow.

*I'll leave a mark so I can find him later.*

She pulled the string back and let go. Her ring and the arrow turned a light blue as the arrow soared through the air and hit the thief on his upper back then dissapeared.
The thief stopped as he felt a large sting surge through his whole body.

"What the hell?"

He put his hand on his back but nothing was there.


The thief shrugged and ran off again.
Catrina smirked as an ancient elvish symble for death appeared in blue on the thieves back.

*No one but me can read that, so i'm in luck.*

Catrina jumped down from the tree ran off in the opposite direction. She ran out of the forest into the field.

She closed her eye's and took a deep breath.

"Fresh field flow..."

Catrina tripped on a large object and fell directly on top of it.She looked down and saw a boy about nineteen laying under her. Catrina blushed a little and looked him over.

"Well at least he's cute."

The boy moaned a little and opened his eye's.

Catrina looked into his eye's until she realised she was still laying on top of him.

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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Achilles was sitting in a bar stool, a half-empty glass in his hand, his sword and shield propped up against the bar right next to his leg. He took another drink and set the glass down, looking into the liquid that was left in his glass. He lifted the glass and placed it against his head.

[B]"Damn it's hot today."[/B] Achilles said to himself as he closed his eyes and breathed slowly relaxing his muscles and rubbing the back of his neck with his other hand. Groaning slightly as he massaged the muscle.
"Finally, after three days of fighting. Can finally relax and enjoy my drink."[/B] As he had his eyes closed he heard a women screeching and a man laughing, he groaned again and opened his eyes. He saw a couple of men pushing a waitress back and forth, toying with her, and a little rich boy sitting down watching them play with her. Achilles set his drink down and rubbed his head with his palm of his hand, a man came up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. Achilles turned and saw a nervous man rubbing his hands together.

[B]"What is it?"[/B] Achilles asked calmly. The man jumped lightly and started to talk, studding slightly.

[B]"I... Uhhh... I need you to... Uhh... st-st-stop those men from hurting my waitresses again."[/B] Achilles looked at him wiht one eye brow raised.
"Again?"[/B] The man nodded.

[B]"Yes, they did this yesterday and the day before. They hurt my girls for fun."[/B] Achilles hated nothing more then men picking on women and hurting them for their sick fun. Achilles stood up, he bent down and picked up his shield and gripped the handle of his shield and putting the leather strap over his shoulder.

[B]"Alright, I'll do it."[/B] The man held out a sack of gold.
"Heres payment for your services."[/B] Achilles waved it off.
"It's free."[/B] Achilles walked away from a surprised man, he walked over to the men, shield in hand and made his presents known to them.

[B]"You shouldn't hurt waitresses, you should never pick on people who are weaker then you are. Just for fun."[/B] The men laughed as did the boy, Achilles got a better look at all of them. One man had a gnarly scar across his left eye and cuts all along his face and neck, his face was torn and worn down from endless battles.

His body was big and bulky, he wore regualr cloth clothes and boots. The other man had black hair and a flat nose, his eyes were a dark brown and he had a nasty smile, teeth missing in places and some were silver or gold. He was built like the other man, more muscle then bulk, he wore chain mail under his shirt that Achilles could hear clinking around.

The boy was not older then nineteen or twenty, he had blonde hair and green eyes, he wore finely made clothing. Imported silks and clothes, very expensive. He had a sack of gold on right side and a decorative dagger on the left side. Achilles knew he didn't use that thing for fighting, Achilles laughed inwardly at the thought of this rich boy putting up a fight. Achilles spoke to the big men.

[B]"I'm giving you brutes two options right now. Option one, you leave her alone and walk out of here alive and never come back."[/B] They all laughed.
"And what is option two?"[/B] The man with the scars asked, still laughing lightly.

[B]"I kill you. It's as simple as that."[/B] The men laughed even harder, Achilles didn't smile. He gripped the shield with his left and waited for them to draw their weapons. The man with the scars drew a bastered sword and smiled at Achilles, the other grew a long sword and held it with two hands. The one with the scars held his blade and slashed it down wards at Achilles, he blocked it with his shield and stabbed at the mans leg.

He missed with the stab but as he drew the sword back he cut the tendats in the mans leg and he lost balance, putting all his weight on his right leg, the other man swipped at Achilles foot and hit one of his grieves. The man was low to the ground and Achilles slashed his sword at the man, cutting him across the face where his eyes were. The man dropped his sword and screamed, holding his hands over his eyes, Achilles swung his shield on his back and stabbed the man through the chest with his sword.

He yanked it out and the man fell over dead, the other was still trying to stand up right, Achilles round house kicked him and he fell from the weight. He stood over the man and completely ignored his pleas for mercy, he stabbed it staright down into the mans head and pulled it out, the man died instantly. Achilles stood up and turned to the man, holding his sword out and point at the boy.

[B]"Now. Do I kill you too, or will you take option one."[/B] The boy tried to back up in his chair, he was breathing hard.

[B]"I'll take option one."[/B] Achilles smiled and he lowered his sword and stuck it back in his shield.
"Good. Now get out."[/B] The boy got out of his chair and stumbled to the ground trying to run, he crawled the rest of the way out. Achilles sighed and walked back to his bar stool and drink. He sat down and exhaled heavly.

[I]Been here a two years and still doing these petty jobs, fighting for no reason. None of these fights I get into with allow me to be remembered, I need to get out of this town.[/I] Achilles thought to himself as he finished off his drink, he placed the glass down and stood up. He dropped a few gold coins in the cup and walked out of the bar, waitress and bartender watching him leave. Achilles was walking towards the forest when he bumped into a man and he dropped a shining amulet, Achilles shook his head.
"A thief. I'll let him go this time, he hasn't hurt anyone. Hopefully."[/B] Achilles turned and walked into the forest, finding a nice tree to relax under and the cool shade.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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As Jaxar begun to stir from the uncocoiusness that was inflicted through his fall through dimensions and he emitted a low moan as his eyes flickered open with all of his will power. The first thing he saw was a stunningly beautiful Elven women that was lying on top of him, he heard her swear under her breath and before he could say anything rude a sudden burst of nausea struck him which caused him to lose the idiotic smile and replace it with a grimace of sickness caused by the dimension travel.

"Oh God." He told himself as the wave of nausea began to subside while the Elf gave a hurt look like she was the cause of his sickness. "OH No, No, No." He started to explain "Its not because of you" but she pushed his head back against the ground as she climbed off him. "What?" He asked her as he propped himself into a sitting position using his elbows to hold himself up.

Jaxar looked around himself to figure out where he was but the surroundings were not familiar so he decided to ask this strange Elven woman where he was. She looked puzzled at first then replied that it was the city of Koryuu of the city-state of Dasnkaii. He looked even more puzzled then her at this development, He hadn't heard of the city let alone the City-State. He covered up his suprise by asking who she was but this was a way just to not show his rising fear.
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In all the years he had spent in the city, Seiru was more than accustomed to the occassional scream. It was a violent place, full of criminals, assassins, thieves... and ruled by one more twisted than the rest of them. Screams were just a fact of life in that place.

And so it was no great shock that, as he was passing by the local bar, the laughing of two men quickly turned to cries of pain, begging for mercy and, paired with the sound of a blade tearing through flesh and bone, silence. As soon as Seiru had walked by, the doors swung open, a young man struggling to catch his breath as he ran - albeit clumsily - from the bar. As the boy turned the corner heading towards the higher-class district, a small bag of gold fell from his waist. Losing his footing on the dusty ground, he turned around to grab the gold, but as the bar doors swung open again he spun back around and ran, leaving the bag of gold where it lay.

Seiru knelt down and sighed, taking the gold in hand.

[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][B]"If only such a gift was given by choice, then this city might have a future..." [/B][/COLOR] Rising to his feet, he slipped the bag of gold under his jacket, and barely managed to avoid getting knocked to the ground by another man, too busy staring at the object he held in his cupped hands. [COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][B]"...though whether any of these scoundrels deserve a future is beyond me."[/B][/COLOR]

Turning back the way he came, Seiru couldn't help but feel sick as the bar owner dragged the two dead men out into the street, leaving a trail of blood behind them. Pulling the bag of gold out from underneath his jacket, he tossed it over to the bar owner, who looked down at it in surprise.

[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][B]"Give them a proper burial."[/B][/COLOR]

If anything, the man looked even more confused than before. He glared down at the two bodies. [COLOR=DimGray][B]"A proper burial? These men don't deserve-"[/B][/COLOR]

Seiru walked up to him and, placing his right hand on the man's shoulder, looked straight into his eyes. [COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][B]"There will be more than enough gold left over to accomodate your needs. Now please, give these men the peace they could not find in life."[/B][/COLOR]

After a few seconds he nodded hesitantly, and Seiru smiled back at him reassuringly. Seiru turned and walked away, slipping a single gold coin back into his jacket.
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Screams and yelling ran through Lea's ears, not from anything that was happening at the moment, but just the remembrance of the city ringing in her mind. Pick pocking and small thefts were getting a bit dull, except for when she removed something from somebody's possession and placed it in another's when she was bored out of her mind or on a cloudy day. Those turned out interesting.

Driving the city life out of her head, the midnight Katiano was stretched out on the branch of a tree with the perfect amount of shade to take a nice nap. She had been laying there most of the day, any travelers passing by and happening to look up would think she was nocturnal. Not that anyone really traveled into the city-state. And if they did, usually trouble found them one way or another.

A scowl found its way to her facial features, remembering the day Neft was burned down to the ground. Nothing stood there but a black hole in the middle of the countryside. If it got around that she was the last surviving resident, she feared that somebody might come after her head to finish the job. No matter how unlikely, there was still the chance. The echo of a young man's voice ran though her head, bragging about how many traitors he had killed, and houses burned in front of their eyes as they were executed like dogs.

She shook her head violently in an attempt to drive away her personal demons. A small bag of shiny change she had been playing with almost fell to the ground, and she stumbled to catch it. Some green leaves drifted to the grass, upset by the commotion she made on the branch. Relax time was over. Lea quickly pocketed the cloth bag as she crouched, ready to jump lightly down. She didn't expect anybody to be under the tree. In mid movement, she tried to adjust herself so that she wouldn't land too close, or, Gods forbid, on top of the poor guy.

Lea hit the ground next to the man with a thud, thoroughly startling him a bit. Sitting where she landed, she shook her head lightly and picked a fallen leaf out of the braid. [I]'A knight,' [/I]she almost gasped looking at Achilles. [COLOR=DarkOrange]"um?oops?"[/COLOR] What was she supposed to say? Sorry for almost landing on you but you were the one under the tree?
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Catrina smiled and stood up.

"I'm Catrina. Who the hell are you? And why are you sleeping in the middle of the field?"

She grabbed his hand and helped him to his feet.

"I'm not really sure."

"I'll take you to the city. We can get something to eat, and you can tell me the story there."


Catrina smirked and grabbed his wrist.

"Ltes go."

Jaxar almost fell on his face as Catrina darted across the field in a sprint.

"Whoa slow down."
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Achilles looked over the girl that had nearly landed on him, assessing whether or not she was a threat. He could tell she was a rouge, he surprised to see a rouge so far out here instead of a city trying to pick pocket or try getting a job off a person. He kept his sword and shield down and looked at her coldly.
"And you are?"[/B] She sighed in relief and a smile sread across her face, she held out her hand, Achilles gripped it and they shook lightly.
"I'm Lea."[/B] Achilles smiled back.
"Achilles. What are you doing out here."[/B] They let go of eachothers hands and she looked around.

[B]"Oh just relaxing in the trees. And you just happened to be under me when I decided to jump down."[/B] Achilles laughed lightly.

[B]"Just my luck. Finished fighting, kill two people in a bar fight and then almost get squished by a girl jumping out of a tree. How ironic."[/B] Lea laughed at what Achilles said, Achilles smircked a little.
"Well, Glad to have met you. Hope you have a fun life. I'm going back to sleep."[/B] Achilles leaned back on the tree and closed his eyes, not sure what Lea was doing. Just hoping she didn't rob him while he went back to sleep.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Lea let out a small sigh of relief before a fanged grin appeared. [COLOR=DarkOrange]"See you around then. Hopefully on good terms as well."[/COLOR] She walked off letting Achilles take his nap in peace. Her left ear flicked with a small breeze. She wouldn't steal anything from the knight; it would be too rude. Besides. He'd probably have one eye still open to make sure Lea didn?t try anything funny anyway.

She walked rather slowly back to the city, but not without scratching her ear once. Coming upon the outer wall, she leapt gracefully atop, moving along roofs until she found one suitable to sit on. Lea glanced around, perhaps looking for the next victim of a snatching. Or maybe just to keep an eye out for any trouble she may encounter?she really had no reason, except for just being there.
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"Whoa Slow Down" Jaxar called after Catrina as he pulled himself back up to his feet after tripping over his feet earlier. [I]Damn, I'm still dizzy[/I] he thought to himself as he tried to start a run after the Elven girl but as he started to move he noticed that he wasn't swaying so much and he could move properly.
Now that he was moving properly, He began to catch up with Catrina, His speed matching hers but unlie her, Jaxar had worked all of his life on a farm and had endurance to match his speed.

"I'm not going to wait for you" Catrina called back as Jaxar passed the hut she had sprinted by a minute earlier which proved that, as fast as Jaxar was, Catrina was faster. This continued until Catrina reached the city gates where she just leant back against the stones of the bridge, waiting for the thief which she had lost sigt of a minute earlier.
After what seemed like an hour, Jaxar caught up even though it was only a few minutes but she decided to help him out when he lost his balance and crashed headlong into the wall. The two began to walk down the main street with Catrina holding up Jaxar while hepinched his nose to stop the blood flow.
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"Either your really clumsy, or the tree's don't like you."

Catrina laughed and sat Jaxar against the side of a building.

"I know some elvish medicans to help you."

"That'll be great. But how long will it take?"

Catrina stood up and looked up at the sky.

"It shouldn't take to long. I know where mostly everything is. So you stay here and i'll be back in a little while."


Jaxar leaned his head on the wall and watched Catrina run into the woods.
Catrina leaned down and picked three petals from a blue and gold flower.

"Ok, so I got everything except.....the hair from a Katiano."

Catrina smirked and jumped into a tree.

She climbed to the top and looked around. Catrina saw a Katiano sleeping on top of a building.
(Elvan's have very good vision and can see way beyond human limits.)


She quickly jumped down and ran towards the city.
Catrina jumped up on the roof and looked at the cat-like girl sleeping there.

She pulled out her dagger and leaned over Lea, but stopped when she saw her move.

Lea opened her eye's and quickly jumped back, when she saw Catrina leaning over her.

Catrina jumped back as well, and in an instant she had her short bow cocked back and ready to kill if the Katiano tried anything.

"I don't want to fight. I just need some of your hair to help a *friend* of mine."
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Lea narrowed her gold eyes at the elf. [COLOR=DarkOrange]"A hair. To help a 'friend'." [/COLOR] Normally her crossbow would be ready, but she hated to say it, and was caught in an undesirable situation to be making any sudden moves. Her ear twitched as the girl replied seriously, [COLOR=DarkOrange]"Yes."[/COLOR]

The silence was so such you could hear the shattering of a wooden table all the way down the street. [COLOR=DarkOrange]"How much were you about to cut off there?"[/COLOR] She didn't like the look of the dagger, and was debating on risking the arrow.

[COLOR=DarkOrange]"Just a few locks, not a patch or anything," [/COLOR] Catrina said, unsure of weather Lea would actually consent to it or not.

[COLOR=DarkOrange]"Sorry, but I don't do Charity,"[/COLOR] Lea mentioned as she half fell, half threw herself backward from the edge of the roof she was standing at. The Elf's arrow severed a few locks of hair as it whizzed passed, embedding itself in the wooden wall across the street. Lea took off down a few of the darker alleys, not caring to see the elf pick up the bit of hair that fell.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Achilles woke gently from his sleep, his eyes opened slowly to find a thief, with his back facing him, rumaging through his belongnings, silently. Achilles laughed inside, not letting the theif know he was awake or watching a him, Achilles stoop up silently and picked up his shield, drew the sword and slung it over his back. He put his sword on the side of the thiefs neck and the man flinched, Achilles smiled.
"Attempting to take something from me?"[/B] The thief started breathing hard, trying to think of a good lie for the knight that held a blade to his throat. Achilles picked up his things and looked throught them with one hand, he put his stuff down and spoke to the thief again.

[B]"I seem to be missing some gold."[/B] Achilles pressed the blade harder against his throat.

[B]"I worked hard to get that money, I risked my life to get that gold so I can live in this world. And you dare try to steal from me? That was your mistake. And you are going to have to pay for that mistake."[/B] The thief searched frantically thought his pockets and dropped the coins he had taken, Achilles didn't take them. The thief was breathing harder and sweating, he was looking around quickly.

[B]"Please don't kill me. I have a family, I need to feed them. I needed money, please don't kill me."[/B] Achilles pushed the blade harder this time, his face darkened and cold.
"I told you, you pay for your mistake."[/B] As Achilles was pulling back the blade the man was screaming at him, the sword cut right across the mans juguler. Blood oozed out quickly and he fell over dead, Achilles loooked the man over, he had no weeding ring, no sign of being a begger or being anything he had plead to be. He lied of course, to save his worthless life, Achilles spit near the mans body.
"Pathetic, always trying to save themselves, always taking, never giving."[/B] Achilles said as he leaned down and picked up his coins, he slid his sword back into his shield and grabbed his stuff and walked back into town. Thinking he need something to eat after his nap. He was walking throught the allies, knowing it was faster then the busy streets of the city, as he was making his way through the allies a small person ran right into him. Both of them falling, Achilles gripped his sword and looked to see who it was, he soon relaxed his weapon as he saw it was the rouge earlier, Lea. He sighed as he sheathed his sword and walked over to her to help her up, holding out his hand, she shook her head and grabbed it. He pulled her up and smiled kindly at her.
"Looks like we meet again, Lea was it."[/B] She smiled back and nodded.
"Yup, thats the name. And yours is Achilles right."[/B] Achilles nodded as well.

[B]"Yes, I think that it is more then a coinsudence that we meet twice in one day. Are you doing anything right now?"[/B] She looked up and thought for a moment.
"Not currently."[/B]

[B]"Good, I'm hungry and I'm sure you are as well. And I hope you know where the best place to eat is because I only know where the bars are."[/B] She thought for a moment longer when an idea hit her, Achilles could see she had a good place to go. She grabbed his arm and lead him out to the streets, pulling him along to a place Achilles had no idea where it was. But he followed her willing, letting his stomach make the calls.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Catrina mixed the hairs with the other ingrediants in a small bottle, and pulled out a little bag with a strange powder.

"[I]Noshu nen canna dreke[/I]."

She slowly sprinkled the powder in the bottle as it started to glow blue.

Catrina ran up to Jaxar and sat infront of him.

"Hi, I got the medicane."

Jaxar looked at her and smirked.

"Took you long enough."

Catrina pulled the glowing bottle out of her pocket and gave it to him.

"Here.. drink this."

Jaxar shrugged and drank the medicane.

Jaxar's wounds started to glow as well, and then disapeared.

Catrina smiled and lightly whacked his head.

"So, now that your all healed we can eat. I'm starved."

She grabbed Jaxar's hand and helped him up.

"The best bar is right around the counter."
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Lea's smile had turned to a hard line of thought. Not that Achilles could she her face, as she wasn't looking at him. Why was the knight being so nice? She didn't quite completely trust it. She WAS a rogue after all, just a mangy thief. A bit strange for a coincidence chance meeting, yes. A fated acquaintance? Lets not go that far in thought yet.

Sharply turning down another alley that probably not many residents at all new about, she let go of his arm as there wasn't any more crowds to get separated in. [COLOR=DarkOrange]"Alright. It's a small place, but has VERY good service. Cleaner than most places around here, too."[/COLOR] She could tell that he was a bit unsure of where she was going with this, and paused outside of a doorway that had nothing but a large grey curtain for a door. [COLOR=DarkOrange]"They like to remain a secret, at ALL costs. You up for it?"[/COLOR]

Achilles thought for a moment, but apparently listened to his stomach on the matter. [COLOR=DarkOrange]"Yea," [/COLOR] he nodded.

[COLOR=DarkOrange] "Alright,"[/COLOR] she replied leading the way through the entrance. The room was a little on the dimmer side, but still had plenty of light ot see. [COLOR=DarkOrange]"I know the best table too." [/COLOR] Lea led him to a table toward a back corner of the room, the perfect spot to keep an eye on the rest of the place and the door.

[COLOR=DarkOrange]"I know it doesn't look like much." [/COLOR] She said handing him the menu and sitting across from him at the round table.
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Catrina and Jaxar walked into the bar and sat at an open table.

"You probably don't have much money, so i'll pay."

Jaxar knodded and looked over the menue curiously.

Catrina turned around and saw Achilles and Lea walk into the backroom.

"Oh sh*t! Achilles here."

"Who's Achilles?"

"Achilles is a night. We don't have the best history."

"What did you do?"

"Before I mastered my Archery, I was a very good theif, and I was one of the only theives good enough to acually steel from him. Well acually, I stole from him twice. It was fun too... he always got ticked at me wich made me steel from him again. But he wasn't able to kill me,so he started to respect me....evan though he did really want to kill me...very...very..slowly. But Since I mastered my Archery we havn't been in touch."

A waitress stopped at there table and smiled.

"May I take your order?"

Catrina smiled and told the waitress her order, and so did Jaxar.

"Oh, and can you tell the man named Achilles, "Your still a wimpy b*tch! [I]The Rogue[/I]". He'll understand."

The waitress nodded and walked in to the back room.

Jaxar looked at her with a confused look ion his face.

"What was that all about?"

"You'll see...."

Catrina smirked and pulled out her dagger.

"Are you planing on killing him?"

"Of caurse not. I'm just planning ahead."

She looked at the door as the waitress walked out.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Achilles looked over his menu, trying to find the right food to satisfiy his hunger. A waitress appeared out of nowhere and spoke to Achilles, as soon as he heard [I]The Rouge[/I] he dropped his menu and looked at the waitress.
"Where is the person who gave you this message?"[/B] The waitress pointed to where Catrina and another person sat. He growled ans stood up, Lea lowered her menu and looked at him.
"What's wrong?"[/B] Achilles looked down at her.
"Someone who stole from me and I never killed."[/B] Achilles walked over to her table and sat himself down, Catrins had a smirk on her face.
"Achilles. How are you?"[/B] Achilles smiled sarcastically.
"Just great. You do realize I hate you with an undying passion."

"And I love you too."[/B] Achilles sighed.

[B]"Is there a reason why you are here antagonizing me?"[/B] Catrina shook her head.

[B]"Nope, not really. Just hungry, you were a bouns. How about you?"

"Same thing."[/B] He looked the man sitting at her table over, seeing if he was going to provide a threat at all. He didn't see one, but he knew better then to trust apperances.
"And whos your little friend here."[/B] Achilles gestuered with his head, Catrina looked at him casually.

[B]"Oh, his name is Jaxer. He's a thief, just like I was."[/B] Achilles rolled his eyes, he leaned over and spoked to Jaxer.
"Has she told you what happens when someone steals from me?"[/B] Jaxer nodded his head.

[B]"I heard that."[/B] Catrina said.
"And I am one of the few who got away."[/B] Achilles turned to his head quickly to looked at her.

[B]"You are the only one. The other one's I caught and killed, you are the only one still alive."[/B] Catrina smiled a little, then Lea came up to the table and handed Achilles his shield, the sword stuck through the handle.
"Thank you."[/B] Lea sat down and looked at Catrina, then to Jaxer.

[B]"So this must be the friend you were trying to help."[/B] Catrina nodded and the waitress came back around with new menus. Achilles snatched it and looked it over, once again looked for something that looked like it would satistify his hunger.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[I]He really seems like an unpleasant type[/I] Jaxar thought quietly after Achilles had grabbed the menu off of the waitress; Jaxar had always disliked Knights because they were always so arrogant and had looked down on him and his family.

"So" Catrina said "You never told me about who you really are"
"Oh......" Jaxar muttered quietly "How impolite" He breathed quietly twice and started to talk

"I am from a small town called Valeria which is on the coast of the isle of Nether Storm. My father and mother were both farmers when I was growing up but when I was 14 they were traveling to Dashiki to sell some crops when bandits attacked them. I know because I traveled to Dashiki a few days later in search of them when I saw their corpses with the looted wagons.

Catrina reached out a placed a hand on Jaxars shoulder, It obviously still hurt him deeply but he shrugged it away before continuing.

?My friend Yesinia was always looking out for me for a couple of years while my siblings and I tried to get the farm running properly again. It?s just that a few years later a drought hit and the farm was finished. Yesinia was a member of the thieves? guild so she offered to get me into the guild. My first assignment was to knock off a famed merchant-mage called Manos Almandine. I can?t remember much since then but I remember an amulet with a shining stone set in the centre of it but I couldn?t find it anywhere when I awoke.?

?Valeria? Dashiki? How come I?ve never heard of those places?? Achilles asked in a confused tone; Jaxar finally released that he was taken away from his home but he couldn?t do anything at all. He decided to bang his head against the table a few times in a way to release his anger and sadness that had built up with that thought.
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Lea watched the boy hit his head one the table. [COLOR=DarkOrange]"I haven't heard of these places either. You are one strange lad," [/COLOR] she said. Something definitely felt off about him, but she wasn't sure? [COLOR=DarkOrange]"You said you did not find this amulet when you awoke?"

"Yea?" [/COLOR] Jaxar replied, looking up from the tabletop.

[COLOR=DarkOrange]"Then there are two probable things that may have happened. One is that a regular thief took the chance as a perfect opportunity to relieve you of your trinket."[/COLOR] She held up a second finger. [COLOR=DarkOrange]" The second is that the said person brought it over to the local statesman trying to make a good impression. The former of course, is the better choice. That is, unless you just dropped it somewhere. Either way my bet is that it was picked up at some time or another."[/COLOR]
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