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RPG Mother (PG-13 LVS)


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[color=darkslategray][size=1][i]Kadaj felt her follow him. Her distinguishable life force, pushing through the town of Geffutel, and...Geostigma. [b]She has not yet harnessed the power...but her eyes are pools of black. Admirable.[/b] He was back on earth, a fallen angel according to what he gathered, from the history of Terra. One who had been cast out, one not apporoved by Father. Mother had approved of him...but not Father. It was strange.

Back on the subject of the Woman. She was young, about his age. Whenever someone had Geostigma, Kadaj could find out their exact age, country of birth, bloodtype, even their birthweight. The Geostigma was Mother's cord that connected them all, like the umbilical cord that Father gave. Magara was her name. She had been following him for quite some time, and he was slightly impressed, there were only rumors and reports that he had let through. He knew that only those stupid enough to challenge him would come and find him, or those looking to join with him.

Kadaj's straight face pierced it's self into a sly grin. He hoped she wasn't the first. Shame to kill such a pretty littl' thing. Whispers formed in his head of Bahamut Sin, urging for a fight. Kadaj whispered sweet nothings about how, soon, they'd get another chance to eliminate another one of Mother's enemies. Kadaj couldn't stop grinning.[/i]
Just oustide of the urban area of Geffutel, Kadaj was fullfilling his promise to Bahamut Sin. Loz stood before him, joined by Yazoo.

[b]"Why, brothers? Geostigma is supposed to help us all, even though it didn't go the way Mother wanted it to."[/b]

[b]"Settle down, Kadaj. You do not understand what is best for...Mother. Father commands us now, as Mother has no real power. She made broken promises to us, and those who do not fullfil promises deserve punishment."[/b]

[b]"...I see. You serve a jealous Father!"[/b] Kadaj bowed his head, hand drifting to the sheath and the katana's hilt. His eyes were even teary as he was resigned to killing his brothers. They were rebelling against Mother, they wanted to kill her for something that wasn't her fault. They deserve to die...To die. Mother would understand. The long and dextile digits wrapped around the blue and gold sharkskin hilt, and pulled it from the leather sheath. The twin blades, right next to each other, shone brilliantly in the air as if a testament to those that were about to die in the name of their Mother.

Loz and Yazoo were ready. Kadaj held the blade for a moment, muttering a few words and then dashing forward, barely able to see upon the cold horizon. Even Loz and Yazoo couldn't match his speed. Something had changed him in his fall from Heaven back to earth. Made him more powerful, faster, stronger. Everything that they weren't now, compared to him. They were...childlike in nature. Blindly following Father into the death march that rang across the land, called Christianity. It was false, perverse even. He had seen the Heavens, and they were nothing of the tales that were told.

As Loz brought up his arm to try and block, he felt a sudden...loss. He couldn't place it. Until he saw his hand twitching, and it wasn't attached to his wrist. There was no pain, which was odd. It was a clean cut. Already beginning to clot.

[b]"My mercy to you, Brother."[/b] Kadaj never invisioned that he would end up using this on his own Brothers. Sever one limb and the body fails. That ws the basis of the technique. Loz's clot suddenly exploded out, as he exploded into a thousand gloubes of green light. Yazoo backed up, but it was too late. Kadaj solemly gave him the same fate, without his usual flare for battle. When you had to kill those close to you, it never should be a thrill.
Magara had lost Kadaj, but when a torrent of green light filled the air, she knew where to look. Kadaj was, indeed, waiting for her. He would be able to answer anything that she might ask, as long as he knew the answer. It was all a piece of this puzzle.

Little did Kadaj know, the remnants of his brothers began to seek out people to fight against Kadaj. The might or may not succeed. That's up to whoever they choose.[/color][/size]

[b]OOC:[/b] I know it's a short introduction, but I need it that way. Can't give up too much of the story at any one time. Obviously, Loz and Yazoo are seaching for a group of those to take down Kadaj before he reaches Mother. AKA, you guys. I've already spoken to Epsilon about this post.. Private Message me with your questions or comments.
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[SIZE=1]Vince walked forward and gazed over the forsaken town of Nibleheim. The town that Sephiroth himself had burned down, a town that now seemed to have completely fogotten the horrors of it's past. The town of Ice. He ran his hand through his hair, grinning. He would get hell upon entry, he just knew it. They had very little trust for men with silver hair.

He walked into the town casually, looking over the houses. Nibleheim was small in comparison to even the slums of Midgard, but he liked the quiant feel it had. He could see people staring at him from inside of their homes, and he grew tense. He looked like a warrior moreso today, he had wrapped his arms in bandages in case of a fight.

He hadn't spent more than a couple minutes in the city before the townsfolk came from their houses, carrying weapons. They had armed themselves long ago, under the orders of their newly appointed mayor, Sir Treno. He was no where to be seen though, and they townsfolk wouldn't show restraint to the stranger unless ordered to do so. A large man with an axe stepped forward.

[B]"What is it that you need sir? I'm sure we can help you to be along your way."[/B] Vince looked over the man and merely smiled and shook his head.

[B]"No, I'll be just fine on my own, thank you. Now if you could step aside..."[/B] He was surronded,now. Two men with shotguns, the man with the axe, a man with a staff, and a warrior with a sword had created a circle around him. The axe-wielder spoke up again.

[B]"I'm sorry but we can't allow you to do that. You are carryong weapons on you, thus making you potentially dangerous to the people of this town. Please allow us to escort you out of town."[/B] Vince stopped smiling and drew his El Cid Swords. He didn't have time to deal with them. He needed to make it to the manor in back of the town. It was his best start for finding Kadaj.

[B]"I need to make it to the manor, whether you allow me to or not."[/B] The axe-warrior brought his axe down in response to that. Vince frowned again. He had hoped they'd be able to see the Mako reacting in his eyes, or even the Geostigma reacting within him. Then they'd have been frightened, and left him alone. He was obviously going to need to envoke the fear.

In one quick movement he cut the guns of two of the warriors in half. Three left for him to deal with. He silently named the three warriors in his head for intentional purposes. Heavyarms, Boa, and Blade. He jumped back from a swing by Heavyarms and jumped over a slash by Blade. Face to face with Boa now, he kicked the staff with all of his strength, breaking it in half and kicking the man squarely in his chest.

Blad and Heavyarms had turned on him againa nad were prparing to strike when a voice echoed throughout the town, causing them to freeze in place. Vince smiled and mounted his rapiers back on his back. Sir Treno walked forward, a rugged young man in his mid-twenties. His eyes were black, with hints of Geostigma within them. A large scar lined from his forhead, over his left eye, and down to his stubble chin. His blades were latched to his arms, and came down when he presed a button.

He walked forward, past Heavyarms and Blade, and smiled at Vince, taking his hand in his. The wo men shook firmly, smiling and remembering times of when they had worked together as Turks. Treno spoke.

[B]"Good to see you, Vince. Sorry about the townspeople. They're all very uptight about current events, and there are rumors of Kadaj being back. They cannot help but feel distrustful towards a silverhaired man like yourself. So what brings you here?"[/B] Vince shook his head.

[B]"Kadaj. I figured it might be worthwhile to examin the lad in the manor for any hints as too what he may me doing. His...'father' did the same, when his hatred and rage begin to take surface..." [/B] Vince stooped his sentence as a streak of green lgith flooded from the sky into the manor. Treno had seen it as well, and the two ran their quickly. They quickly went into the manor and descended the stairs into the lab. Upon reaching it, they were amazed at what they found.

Waiting for them there, was Yazzo and Loz. Treno and Vince instantly drew their weapons, but Yazoo raised his hands up., signaling that Loz and him were not there for a fight. Yazoo spoke.

[B]"We aren't here to quarell. We are actually here to ask you, Vince, for a favor."[/B] Vince looked to Treno, confused, and then back to Yazoo and Loz. His hands wee still tense around his blade, he wasn't going to let his guard down.

[B]"What do you ned me for?"[/B] Loz chuckled softly as Yazoo spoke.

[B]"We need you to defeat our brother, Kadaj."[/B]


[B]OOC:[/B] Hope that's alright, Deucalion. Didn't have much to go off, so uh, PM me if I need to change anything.[/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=#7D8593]?Demetrius-san! Demetrius-san!?

The sound of a young girl?s shout alerted him from his quiet trance. He still sat with his eyes closed, listening to the flutter of running feet that came his way, knowing that the young girl had urgent news. It was strange how he became acquainted with the different tones of voice and the people that they belonged to, he also became familiar with the sounds all around him, the running of feet, the gentle glides of the hand, just about everything became familiar with him, allowing him to become heightened in his sense of hearing wherever he may be.

?Demetrius-san!? The voice of the girl sounded closer until the sound of a door being opened abruptly was heard. ?Demetrius-san! Didn?t you hear me calling your name??

?Nan desu ka?? With eyes still closed, Demetrius did not move a muscle nor did he make any acknowledgement that he was going to get up. He could hear the girl?s heavy breathing from her running and sighed. ?Is something the matter??

?Yuffie-chan needs you. She said it?s urgent and to get you as soon as possible, Demetrius-san. She didn?t tell me why or what was wrong but she said it was really important!?

With a smile, Demetrius stood and reached for his jacket and sword, placing both on his back. He began to walk outside with the little girl following behind. He could hear the girl?s humming, trying hard to remember what else it was that Yuffie said to her. She looked around and when she saw a glimpse of a green light, she remembered.

?Demetrius-san, wait!? When Demetrius stopped, the little girl ran up to him with sudden remembrance of what Yuffie also had said. ?Yuffie-chan said something about a silver-haired man!?

?Silver... haired man?? His eyes averted to the floor and with sudden quickness, his eyes widened and he ran while the little girl called after him. His thoughts ran wild with the memories of the slaughter that he had seen before his eyes, the terror that happened while visiting Midgar but the one thing that stood out was the name ?Kaasan,? a word meaning Mother. Sharp pains ran through chest as he tried hard not to remember the pain that ?Kaasan? had brought upon Terra.

Shaking his head, Demetrius ran to where he knew Yuffie would be and eventually found her but saw that she stood in the place where she had once met the friends she would never forget. Something about her pose and expression was not her; it felt as if she wasn?t there anymore. She stood in front of what looked like Yazoo and Loz, the brothers of Kadaj, a man who once tried to finish what Sephiroth could not. He analyzed the situation quickly, relaxing after a few moments, yet had a cautious approach.

?Why are they here, Yuffie?? She didn?t speak but had clenched hands and a distinct emotion slapped across her face. All he could say was, ?What needs to be done??

The silver haired men explained to Demetrius that he needed to get to Nibelheim and enter the abandoned mansion, there everything would be explained and what needs to be done as well. He nodded and the figures disappeared with the wind, returning to their rightful place.

?Demetrius, you must help save the planet. I can?t ask much more than that because I can?t do this again. I have to look after the children who have been infected with the Geostigma.? She turned to Demetrius with pleading eyes yet with a courageous heart but said nothing. She walked past Demetrius, who stood watching where the silver haired men stood. Before she left, her final words to Demetrius was, ?Finish what Cloud started. Send him back to where he came from and end his evil doings.?

Understanding the situation, Demetrius closed his eyes and asked guidance from the planet, asking Terra to lend him some power so that he may help save the planet. With a sigh, he left to gather a few things, to gather what he could carry and nothing more. There wasn?t much he could do in Wutai but if Loz and Yazoo came to ask him for help, then he must answer for the enemy of his enemy is now his friend.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Magara stopped. Watching as the green light rushed outwards, from where Kadaj was presumably located. She thought back to the rumors, the information of she had gathered. Shaking her head, Magara walked forwards bringing up her two weapons. Ready to defend in case Kadaj had any desire for another fight.

Gradually picking up pace to where he stood, halting no less then 15 feet away from him. She didn't dare get any closer. He didn't turn to face her. Glancing over the area, Magara slight smile disappeared.

[b]"How cruel of you."[/b]
[b]"They didn't understand Mother."[/b] With this remark his head turned slightly. His
voice seemed almost sad. As though he regretted his actions, even if only slightly. Magara didn't respond and the silence seemed to grow.

Slowly taking a few steps forward, Magara returned one of the two rings to her side. Unknowing as to how he would react should she get too close to him. Struggling with knowledge limited on his actual behavior, she gripped the other ring tighter. Near ready to attack him. Kadaj quickly turned fully to face her.

[b]"Kadaj, I am Magara."[/b]

[b]"I know of you already, you've been tracking with much skill. I'm surprise you've fallowed this long."[/b]

The smile returned to her face. [b]"I am very determined."[/b]

[b]"What was the question you came here to ask me?"[/b]

[b]"Tell me of Geostigma. It holds power not only of those who have been infected, but I do not understand - "[/b] Magara stopped, cutting her self off, thinking of the word [i]'infected.'[/i] Her question had not came out the way she would have liked it to have. This question more insulting, Magara bowed slightly.

[b]"Infection? It is a gift from Mother."[/b] Kadaj's head turned slightly.

[b]"I've heard only rumors of you till now. And am unable to determine the lies and truth of the power which Geostigma is able to bring forth. Please, will you tell me any information on the relative subject matter? I'd be willing to make a deal if need be."[/b]

Kadaj's smile grew slightly larger at her question.
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[color=darkslategray][size=1]The sly smile teased his face as he rolled his body around. The edge of the blades were still liqoured with the cherry red wine of blood. Silver while locks traces lines in the wind as he spoke.

[b]"Mother's gift. Geostigma..."[/b] Kadaj fell to one knee, and he pushed past the Seal that Father had placed upon humanity, limiting their powers. His blue eyes shifted, pupils becoming small slits, and the blue mingling with green. An aura seemed to run off of his body as he stood. Whispers of black, smokelike tendrils twisted in the air.

[b]"Can you not feel the power that Mother has given, inside of you?"[/b]

[b]"I do not understand it. That's why I would like to know."[/b] Magara's response was deceptively simple. One eye closed, leaving her in the gaze of a handsome man with a serpentile look. His wrist flicked, clearing it of the blood.

[b]"Mother's gift allows us to press past the Seal of Humanity that Father put on us. Allows us to be what we truely are. Father has tried to deny us the strength to fight and overthrow him. Father is too jealous with Mother and Creation. I fear...I fear that Fater wants to destroy it all. Geostigma...Mother's gift...gives us the strength to stop it."[/b] If someone had not known better, they'd swear that Kadaj had been a salesman in a previous life, and an expert one at that.

[b]"Then why do I not feel stronger?"[/b] Magara's questions were to the point, no prodding around. Kadaj preferred it that way.

[b]"You do not trust in Mother. Trust in Mother, and she will help. Your faithlessness in Geostigma is why it destroys your dreams and breaks your heart down. You've felt it's effects for a while, Magara. I can feel it in your blood. Breaking you down, because you refuse to acknoledge...that maybe, the majority was wrong. Maybe I've been helping forward everyone's lives."[/b] Kadaj was leaning forward now, the black aura twisting itself into a blue flame of the same sort. He stepped forward, the ground springing up life and water in abundance where there was none.

After a mere minute, Kadaj was standing in the middle of a lake, water rippling in black and white tides, a melody of the war that was to be waged soon.

[b]"Come, Magara. Believe in Mother, and me. Believe, and be reborn in this pool. Break the seal, and fight against Father, fight to live."[/b] Kadaj pulled off his gloves, holding one hand out with a knowing smile.[/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=darkred]A calm cool breeze shifted through Lucifer's hair as his long black cloak fluttered in the wind. He stood firmly looking down apon Nibelhiem, the city where his life changed along with so many others. "It's been so long, but it still feels like yesterday" Lune thought as the memories flew past in his mind leaving him dazed.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred][b]"Follow me"[/b] A voice resounded in Lune's ears snapping himself back to reality.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred]A cloaked figure ran off, drawing Lucifer to chase. [b]"That figure and voice sound so familiar, and the way he moves is familiar as well[/b]" The cloak seemed to be black or dark red but the man was too far ahead to make out for sure. He moved with speed and agility uncommon for most people. The ghostly man turned towards a waterfall, it was where he was headed, a place Lune was familiar with, a place that revealed who the man was. [/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred]Lucifer slowed his run to a walk as he approached the waterfall, the crashing sound, misty air, and the cloaked man. He sood silently facing the waterfall, standing tall out of habit, his aura one that chills your blood. Though it was something Lune recognized, and was immune to, partly because it was something inside himself as well.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred]"[b]Vincent, It has been awhile"[/b] Lune stated in his monotone cold voice, though the man just stood thier in silence.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred][b]"So this is news?"[/b] He continued this time drawing a responce from Vincent.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred][b]"Inside.........is where your answer lies Lune"[/b] A distant, hollow voice answered.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred]Lucifer walked past his friend before stopping and looking into the rippling water. [b]"As a child I found Lune to fit me more, though now I would say that Lucifer does"[/b] As he turned around to see the shadowy figure gone before entering the cave.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred]The cave was lit with an erie blue light eminating from a small platform. On this platform stood two silouetted figures, as Lune moved foward trying to distinguish them. [b]"Silver hair"[/b] He though quickly bringing out his two gun-daggers, Last Symphony and pointing them at the figures. [/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred][b]"Wait, we mean you no harm, we seek your help Lucifer"[/b] Loz stated holding out his hands.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred][b]"Why? I should send you both to hades"[/b] Lucifer coldy spat at them.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred][b]"Little luck you would have, brother has already taken our lives"[/b] Yazoo quickly replied.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred][b]"Kill Kadaj..............."[/b][/color][/size]

[size=1][color=#8b0000]OOC: I this is ok Deucalion[/color][/size]
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[color=Navy][b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]I'm confused...
[b]Justice[/b], if you want me to change it, let me know.
Katchya drew up on the rise that overlooked Nibelheim. She frowned, it had been years since she'd been there, ever since she left to find Tifa and Cloud. The place looked so different, un-recognisable. The houses had been re-built, that was obvious, and she knew that Sephiroth had set fire to the town.

Kat slowly made her way down into the town and came across some people she knew as a child. She greeted them, they were surprised to see her and they commented on how much she had changed, she spoke with them briefly but rushed off, explaining she had business.

Her destination was the mansion at the back, she had been inside it once as a dare when she was a child, there was something hidden within but she didn't know what.

As she was walking along the streets, there was a bright flash of green light, seemingly materialising out of thin air, and rushing into the mansion. She started running toward the mansion and saw two men ahead that were doing the same as her.

Kat went through the mansion cautiously with her guns drawn in case of anything. She heard the sound of running footsteps getting fainter, she followed them to a door. She peered inside and saw a long spiral of stairs. She ran down them and found a door, she kicked it open and entered, seeing four men, standing in pairs.

[b]"You!" [/b]she exclaimed, seeing Yazoo and Loz. [b]"What are you doing here? And who are you?" [/b]she addressed the other two men, one with silver hair, but she didn't know him. Her guns were pointed at each pair, her eyes flickering between them.

She took a quick look of her surroundings, there were lots of books around and pieces of equipment, she guessed it was a lab of some sort.

[b]"Ah, Katchya has arrived as well, brother." [/b]Loz said with a smirk.

[b]"Wonderful. As we were saying to Vince, we wish to ask you a favour." [/b]

[b]"A favour?! You expect us to help you?! ...What is it?" [/b]she questioned.

[b]"They want us to kill Kadaj." [/b]Vince spoke up.
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[FONT=Arial]Kochou closed the door of his murky house that just rested around the corner from Nibelheim Mansion, Kochou shivered at the cold air blowing through the small town of Nibelheim, a small crowd had just diminished off the streets as Kochou pulled his leather trench coat over his body. Kochou turned the corner and walked up to the fencing surrounding Nibelheim Mansion, the gate was unlocked.

[b]?Interesting??[/b] said Kochou to himself as he slipped in the gate and up to the door, he didn?t bother knocking the large wooden doors because he knew that no-one was in possession of the house and wouldn?t answer to him anyway.

Someone shouted at him from inside before Kochou had the chance to enter the mansion, he recognised the voice as Yazoo?s, Kochou smiled before pulling out the shotgun.

[b]?Butterfly?Kochou! We are in the lab?enter.?[/b] he recognised the voice, but couldn?t place it.

Kochou walked briskly through the house, appearing at the already open door to the laboratory.

[b]?Yazoo, Loz, nice to meet the both of you. But before I dispose of the likes of you, I?ve got two questions.?[/b] said Kochou turning around.

[b]?We aren?t looking for a fight?we need a favour. We?ve explained what it is to these two, and I think you can find it in your heart to listen..?[/b] replied Yazoo.

Kochou tilted his head in confusion towards Vince and Kat, they nodded, he sensed that this might be good.

[b]?Favour? Well where?s the leader of your goon squad then? Kadaj, the one you follow, is this a trap???[/b] said Kochou searching the room with his eyes for any sign of a trap.

[b]?Far from it, we need you to kill Kadaj, and we want it done quickly.?[/b] replied Loz.

Kochou smiled slightly, and then drew back his shotgun, he laughed.

[b]?Oh right?well then. Fun for all the family then, when do we leave, and where the hell is he??[/b][/FONT]
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[size=1]The room was almost empty, save for two people. One was the target, a plump man in his mid-sixties, balding and sweaty, who sat at his desk, writing out a notice for the second man. His purple velvet suit was gathering sweaty patches under the arms, and sweat was literally dripping from his forehead. He finished the notice, and handed it to the other occupant of the room, a young, tanned man with hazel-brown hair, who was sitting lazily in a chair, facing the plump man.

"Good," said the young man, "Now the second part of our deal."

The plump man nodded, and drew his chequebook. He flipped it open and began to write out a cheque. The young man looked at the cheque, and shook his head. The plump man tore it out and started again, this time filling in an insane amount of gil into the money box. He tore this one out and handed it to the young man, who folded it up and placed it in his pocket.

"Remind me again why you did that?" asked the plump man.

"First rule of being a mercenary. Always squeeze as much money from a mission as possible." Then he drew his pistol and fired a shot into the plump man's chest, knocking him back to the floor. He turned on his heel and left the building, stepping into the humid, diesel-scented air of Junon.

An alarm was sounding, and Garrek Flynt walked in the opposite direction to everyone else. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a group of Turks, dressed in very similar clothing to him running towards the building he had just left.

He allowed himself a small smile, then jumped onto his motorbike, and left this town for good...
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]She stared at Kadaj and his out stretched hand. The water's ripples wear oddly placed spreading outwards. The two opposite colors merging on the end of the water, it had a strange presence of a type of aura. [i]Much like the one of Geostigma,[/i] Magara thought. Shaking her head she slowly began to step closer to wards the water.

Magara, returning her second weapon to her hip, stopped. Not even two feet in the water could feel the pull of the tides in the water. Looking back at Kadaj his ungloved hand was still out stretched. Continuing to walk forwards, Magara slowly raised her hand. Placing it in his when close enough.

Kadaj's smile still did not disappear. [b]"In exchange for power and knowledge, you must here by pledge your-self to Mother."[/b]

[b]"I, Magara, pledge my-self to Mother. My will, will be of that of Mother. My life belongs to Mother. To server and protect her and her ideals."[/b]

There was a pause and Kadaj's smile grew slightly larger. Quickly he hand moved to Magara's wrist tightly. He shifted to the side, unready for this move, Magara fell forwards. Rolling her wrist to break free, she was too slow. Kadaj's other hand was quickly upon the back of her head. Forcing it down into the water. Pressing downwards, she tried moving to the side. But his grip was too tight and she failed to move free. The air escaping her, Magara's lungs filled painful with the dark water.

She could hear him say softly, [b]"A pledge to Mother requires leaving behind what defies her."[/b]

Drowning, these words echoed in her head. As they faded everything went blank. Memories of the past few years went by quickly. Before she was able to realize what had happened, there was a lightly spinning aura around her. Magara could feel Kadaj's hand on the back of her head again.

Gasping for air, her view was blurred. Falling back, she knew her eyes had glazed, her throat and lungs felt no pain. Her body It felt as though nothing had happened. But she felt stronger and knew more then she had previously, before being drowned.
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[SIZE=1]Vince stared around at the others in the room. A young girl, Katchya, and two men, Lucifer and Kochou had joined this odd meeting, and apparently Loz and Yazoo weren't suprised to see them. Vince still had his weapons in hand, and the other three warriors were holding their weapons as well. Katchya moved her weapon from Lucifer and Vince and pointed them both at Yazoo and Loz. Vince smiled, and walked next to her, along with the other guys. VInce spoke.

[B]"Why should we trust you? You were in league with Kadaj, why would you suddenly go against him? It doesn't make sense."[/B] Yazoo took a step forward and spoke.

[B]"Kadaj is blind, now. He no longer knows what is best for the planet. He still follows mother blindly, and needs to be stopped before he can find her. We need the best warriors to defeat him."[/B] Kochou looked at them and grinned.

[B]"Well, like I said before, when do we leave and where is?"[/B] The others nodded in agreement. They were thoroughly convinced that Yazoo and Loz weren't sending them into a trap. Loz tok a step forward and everyone raised their weapon. They might believe them, but they were far from trusting these two. Loz spoke.

[B]"He showed us of his defiance outside of the city of Geffutel. He won't remain there for long, but you will undoubtedly be on the right track if you start there. He'll be moving by foot so he won't be as hard to track."[/B] Vince slid his rapiers back into place on his back. He turned to his new allies and spoke.

[B]"Let's hurry, then. Even if he is on foot, we are as well, and are thus at a disadvantage."[/B] They nodded in agreement and started walking from the labarotory. Yazoo spoke from behind them.

[B]"When you are finished, or if you need us, we will be located here."[/B] Vince grunted in acknowledgement and looked at each other.

[B]OOC:[/B] Hope that's alright, everyone.
[B]EDIT:[/B] Changed it so we could include others.[/SIZE]
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[size=1]"Nibelheim," said Garrek with a sigh. This was where he had gone AWOL, where his career in SOLDIER had been ruined. He shifted his shoulder holsters slightly, and walked in through the rusty town gates. His new assignment had told him to come hee to meet his new employer. His ticket across the ocean had been paid for, his new employer mysteriously requesting his services in Nibelheim. He was reluctant, but then he saw that the money he would get from this job would see him through until his death. So he reluctantly accepted.

Dust kicked up slightly around his feet as he took the first tentative steps towards the biggest job of his life. His guns rattled uncomfortably inside his jacket as he walked, and his forehead was sweating profusely. He had always hated this town. He could feel the residue of Sephiroth's power here, from when he burnt the town to the ground. Even the left overs of that power sent shivers down Garrek's spine.

Tifa and Cloud had lived here once, too. Their power had left some residue here too, which filtered in through Garrek's brain, and he sensed the leftover power of their presence. He looked around, trying to block out these distractions, and found the place he was supposed to meet his employers. He walked over to the building, and opened the doors, walking into a darkened room. He was lead down to the basement, where the others were.

"I wasn't expecting another one," said one of the men in the room, a silver-haired young man, his long hair hanging over his face.

"That's because I hired him, brother," said another silver-haired man, this one with short spiky hair.

"I wasn't expecting to be invited to a party," said Garrek, looking around at the others sitting around the table.

"Well, the job we need to accomplish is one that requires more than one person, Mr Flynt," said the spiky-haired man, "We require a well-rounded team of powerful individuals to carry out this task."

"And what exactly is this task?" asked Garrek.


(OOC: I left it open for someone to explain the task)
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Kasumi's whole life, she had slept in darkness. Never dreaming, not once in her life had she had a vision in the night unlike the rest of her family line. Her mother, grandmother, and great grandmothers past all had the gift of Oracle. But tonight as she lay in bed, a small green light lowered to her forhead like an emerald feather. The head absorbed the foreign wisp and sent the young shinobi into a deep sleep. And for the first time, in that sleep. She dreamed.

She dreamed of lights. Visions of brilliant green veins coursed through the mind of the ninja girl. The spirit of the planet. She didn't know what it was by default, something in her soul just told her what it was. Then she seen something terrible. The veins. The pulsing lifeforce of the spirit... They withered, and as they withered they were replaced with something else. Something less benevolent. Geostigma. The thought coursed through her being. And superimposed to the image of the failing lifeforce was the face of one man.

This Man, no... This wolf in sheeps clothing. He was short like a child yet had the soul of a thousand demons. He wanted to end everything. He was a danger to the world. Kasumi lay in bed, unable to awake, troubled by constant visions of the young man and the slowly dying planet. Then as quickly as the visions had started... They were done and Kasumi sat with a start and a scream covered in sweat. She knew what had to happen. This man... The one her dream called Kadaj had to die.

It took three weeks of travelling and several stowaways to a dock town south of Nibleheim where the ninja felt drawn to a group of people she had never seen before.

OOC: There that should get me introduced into the group.
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[size=1]A memory stood out in Narote?s cluttered mind. The Nibelhiem incident. The energies of the past wracked through his brain, bidding him no moment of solace. Even in his dreams was he plagued, with flashes of painful memory, words of Father and Mother, and most prevalent of all, Nibelhiem. There was no way to clear the thought, and an irresistible pull to the area settled upon him, magnetizing him. After a week of transit, he stood within the mansion ? and the magnetic pull was irresistible. He craved to research Geostigma and its effects; after all, it was what Sephiroth had succumbed to.

He followed the mystical pull, feeling a higher power at work as he took each silent step of his. He moved to open another door, but before doing so heard dialogue. It was Yazoo and Loz, as well as a few others. Drawing his blades, he kicked down the door and jumped towards them with every intent to kill.

?What the?!? The pair flipped apart, saving each of their lives by millimeters. Immediately they drew their weapons, and almost relatiated.

?Do not attack! We mean you no harm!?

?It?s a trap. I know it is ? where?s Kadaj??

?Narote ? we want you to kill him.? Stunned, he sheathed his weapons, but was still prepared to use Materia if they showed signs of betrayal. Taking a moment to glance around the room, his eyes happened upon several others, all of which who looked like ex-SOLDIERs, or at least strong enough to be one.

?I don?t understand. If you could tell me what you were saying?? [/size]
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[size=1][color=#7D8593]Once arriving in Nibelheim, there was much talk of travelers who came and entered the long ago abandoned mansion. People began to look strangely and cautiously at Demetrius, as if he were going to destroy Nibelheim. He, too, would be wary and quick to judge lest he knew why these strange people had entered his homeland. He could feel the watching eyes that followed him as he walked up to the mansion. He had no need to turn around and look back for his only gaze was towards the mansion, to the people who called for him.

It took him quite a while to arrive in Nibelheim but still, he came for he could not ignore the callings of a request, it was in his blood to answer. Without hesitation, Demetrius walked through the open gate and up to the house, not knowing what he may find but as soon as he walked in, a green trail beckoned him to follow, almost as if the specs knew who he was. He followed and followed, walking down long stairwells, down a hallway and into a hidden room. Voices were heard but he dared not to remove his weapon, not until he knew who he was dealing with and with wonderment in his mind, he quickened is pace, only to find himself looking at a group of people whom he?s never met and the two brothers of Kadaj before them.

The first to look his way was Yazoo, the younger of the two, who still held onto his gunblade, Velvet Nightmare. He could also see that Loz, the eldest of the three of the silver haired men, carried his weapon, Dual Hound. A green glow surrounded the two brothers, making them almost ethereal in sight yet sorrowful in the heart. Demetrius walked a bit closer to the group but kept his distance, for the fact that he disliked large groups and would?ve rather been alone.

?You?ve requested me. What is it that you want, Ginpatsu??

With an odd smile, Yazoo began to explain. ?I was just about to tell Narote that we want you all to kill Kadaj.? Everyone was attentive and listening from that moment on. ?Our brother?s become a monster. He has to be stopped before he finished what he intended to do.? Loz began to sob at this point; Yazoo glared slightly but returned to the explanation. ?Kadaj still thinks that Kaasan can bring us to the ?Promised Land? or what?s close to it. He still wants to take all of Lifestream from Terra, causing great destruction.?[/size][/color]
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[size=1][color=darkred]Lune hung back in a corner surrounded by darkness. His body blended quite naturally into the shadow, all but his silver tuft of hair and blue eye. That part of his face openly bore the scars of the experementation he endured. He shifted his eyes between all the people in the basement, concentrating on three that bore a strange glow to thier eyes. "[b]I've seen of them before, one is Garrek Flynt, I think I trained with him, though its been so long, one I've seen though his name I can"t remember, but the last I know, it has been awhile Narote"[/b] Lune thought from the shadows. [b]"I wonder if any of you will recognize me, though I am but a shadow of the person you knew"[/b][/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"So will there be any more unexpected visitors"[/b] Lune spoke betraying the silence of the shadows.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"There are a few others, though whether you will meet them here, or later is not for us to say"[/b] Yazoo turned and faced Lune.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]Lune slowly left his corner and began to make his way out of the lab. He recieved some rather odd looks though it was something he was accustomed to, it had been that way since he regained his freedom in the world.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"Where are you going"[/b] Loz yelled as Lune was about to leave the room.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"To gather supplies, I will return here shortly, or shall we meet up at the city gate?"[/b] Lune replied rather coldly before walking out [b]"The towns not that big, so I will find the group"[/b] [/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]He stepped outside the mansion greeted by cold crisp mountain air. This city, this place, he had not been to it since that day, is should be ash but it stood, unchanged exactally the same. In his eyes the city was more of an abomination than he was.[/color][/size]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1]Loz and Yazoo were still standing, even as their legs screamed to give in, go back to the bright, lumionous bulbs. They were also unimpressed. Clearly, they didn't think this group was going to be able to take down their brother. After all, Kadaj had probably recruited some crazy zealots and told them it was to save the world. Or that woman....that woman who had been searching for the answers. Magara. If he had convinced her, and brought out the Geostigma, then she was a threat now. Much larger than she had been before.

[b]"You all must travel to Geffutel, by foot. If you take a vehicle, chances are that Kadaj has operatives that have sabotaged them by now. We wouldn't want you in pieces, now would we? From there, gather information. With the amount of destruction that Kadaj caused the first time, I daresay this would not be a problem to find him, and quite possibly a woman named Magara. She is considered to be a large threat, so take her down."[/b] The group nodded. Loz and yazoo left, quickly at that. They were going to Father for now. Just for now. They'd be back. Last time they were on earth, they had been easygoing. Not so tight. Father had changed that with hard love.


Kadaj pulled Magara out of the pool, as the dark water pooled from her mouth. She was still alive, which was good. Some might not be able to handle the Rebirth. She was weakened right now, but she would regain her strength. After all, dying and coming back with a whole new understanding and power does take a toll. Does it not?

[b]"Do you see now, the Wisdom of Mother? Father is killing us all, he's stealing the Lifestream and using it to get revenge on Mother. I realize that you will proabably not be able to speak for right now...if you are able to understand, nod."[/b] Her head slowly nodded, and Kadaj smiled. From his pocket, he plucked a Materia, which was Enemy Skill. Kadaj pressed the orb against his wrist, as it sank in with wisps of black smoke. Muttering something, he began to change in appearance. He had light, autumn-gold hair that was streaked with black, regular blue eyes that were a steely shade, white cloth and denim pants that were comfortable and loose. A white wool and silk shirt was on his chest, leaving the right arm bare. With a soft and barely unnoticable scar, and a black ribbon. Magara realized that he looked like some slightly sinister Cloud.

[b]"We will rest here for a few hours after I come back, eat, and then we shall go. We shall go and find Mother." Kadaj left Magara in a state of mild shock and weakness, from seeing "Cloud" and the whole Rebirth.[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1]Vince looked at his teammates. This was quite a large party. Three of the warriors he recognized from SOLDIER. Lune, Garrek and Narote. He had trained with them, and found that they were quite capable soldeirs and were impressively strong. Lune was muscle-strong, Garrek was head-strong and, Narote powerful with Magic. He looked over the others with interest.

He had seen Kat before, when he traveled through the Sector 7 slums. Kochou was part of a rebel group that SOLDIER had been ordered to eliminate, but failed to. That was after Vince left, but he had watched the battle thoroughly. Demetrius felt familiar, but Vince had no recollection of having met him. He smiled and put his hand onto his blade on his back held onto the hilt, walking from the building with the others.

Vince walked next Narote, Kochou, and Lune as the group took turns intriducing themselves. After that was finished, they half of the group headed to the Items Shop while the others waited outside of the city for them. Vince had opted to wait along the outskirts of the city along with Kochou and a couple others.

[B][I]---Outside of the Town---[/I][/B]

Vince practiced striking the air with his Rapier as he waited for the others to arrive from inside of the city. His motions were swift, lucid, fluid. Garrek and Narote walked over to him. Vince turned his head and smiled at them. Garrek smirked and spoke.

[B]"You skill with a blades increased since we worked together. Impressive."[/B] Narote laughed and pitched in drawing his Kodachis.

[B]"You're probably still not as skilled as me."[/B] Vince stooped and truned to his friend. He drew his other rapier with his left hand and jumped backwards, landing quite a distance away with both swords held in front of him in a cross shape. He smiled.

[B]"You ready to back that statement, Narote?"[/B] Narote took battle position as well, and they lunged at each other, but stopped dead in their tracks. A loud cry had come from the distance, and was getting progressively louder. Vince identified the sound immediately. He spun his blades in his hands as he watched the pack of creatures come closer.

[B]"Fiends."[/B] Garrek drew his pistols and pointed them at the beasts that closed in on them. Soon they were right on top of them, surronding the warriors. Vince smiled and yelled fiercely.

[B]"Go!"[/B] Vince sprung forward, Narote to the left, and Garrek to the right. Narote spun his kodachis in front of him and shoved them into the ground, casting Reconciliation. The ground trembled beneath them and shot up infrequently. Spires drove through three fiends, and Garrek was raised to an elevated level.

He rained down judgment from above the creatures, blasting through the rough hide of the dragon-esque fiends. Garrek cast barrier, keeping the creatures from taking to high into the air. One dragon flew up none-the-less and made to attack Garrek, but didn't recieve it's chance as Vince intervened.

He ran up the barrier, did a backflip, turned and drove his blades into the dragon's back. The dragon roared in pai, and tried to shake off Vince. It didn't manage to do so efficeintly, and plummeted to the ground, dead. Vince sprung up and wasted no time in firing concentrated lightning into a dragon in front of him.

Vince, Narote, and Gare all jumped back into the center of the barrier. There were still quite a umber of fiends left. A giant Volcanic Dragon stood before them, and reared it's head back and launched smoldering flames onto them. They had worked together as a team before, though, so this creature was no problem.

Vince had copied Deo from Narote earlier in batle, so he cast it, keeping the creature's blast from striking them from. Narote cast Chrono, and the blast slowed considerably. Vince copied the blast using his Enemy Skill materia and kept the blast at bay while Garrek charged up the final blow to this fearsome tri-sttack. He held his guns above hm, charged them with materia, then aimed them in forward. His eyes danced with the light reflecting off his weapons.

[B]"Flare!"[/B] Two giant beams shot forth from his psitols, tearing through the Creature and everything behind it, including the barrier, which collapsed. A voice caught Vince's ear, and then a shot fired from behind made him smile. Allies.


[B]OOC:[/B] What wuld a Final Fantasy RPG be without battle? Hope this alright, everyone. And I hope I did justice to Garrek and Narote.[/SIZE]
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