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RPG Samurai Kyouran [PG-13::LV]


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[size=1]They were destined to fail - and in the end, they did, paying with their lives. But that's only a small fraction of the journey...

= = = = = = =[/center]

[color=royalblue][i]Sitting here in this run-down shack of a restaurnat got me thinking. What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? Why do I give a damn?
Why [b]do[/b] I give a damn?
I don't know why I care, nor do I want to know. I would like to know why the hell IT'S TAKING SO LONG FOR MY EEL BOWL TO GET OUT HERE![/i]
The scraggily-looking swordswoman pounded a fist onto her table, resulting in the wooden surface around her fist to crack slightly at the impact. Several of the people within the restaurant stared at her, one being a little boy with rice dripping from his open mouth.
Her question was soon answered when a waitress came from the kitchen and placed a bowl with rice and cooked eel before the would-be samurai. The waitress placed down a pair of chopsticks and scurried back to the kitchen.

[i]I am Namiko Tasogare...the child of twilight's waves.[/i] Munch munch. [i]I am here, they are not. They are not here while I am here, eating, and finally resting my stomach that has been empty since yesterday morning.[/i] Munch slurp munch munch. [i]Mmm, this eel is delicious.[/i] Namiko's eyes finally averted from the rice in her bowl to the long sword, sheathed, laying on the table to her side. Her mind, half focusing on food, half focusing on remembering, brought up fond memories of that sword. How many bandits and pandelers had died by that blade? She had lost count two years ago, when she was barely nineteen. An easy target, the perverts thought. But they were proved wrong, horribly horribly wrong, when they saw their own blood splatter to the ground before they realized they had even been hit.

Blood. The drink from the body. A drink. That was a good idea. When the waitress passed by, Namiko raised her arm slightly and said briskly, "Oi, some sake, please."
The waitress nodded before taking down an order of a newcomer. She scrambled right back to the kitchen once again, quickly returning with a bottle filled with sake.

"Nector of the gods!" Namiko prasied, taking the bottle from the waitress and gulping down a huge swig. She quietly slipped away, hardly noticed by the swordswoman, who was currently enjoying her spirits.

[i]There is life, there is death. What is in-between? The creation of life and the ending of life, that's what.[/i] Namiko took a breather before reaching for her rice and eel again. [i]I can create life, but I end it better.[/i] She looked up. [i]Tthe gathering of the samurais, those who are vagrants and no longer serve the emporer...What should they be called?
Ah, what the hell. I've got sake to drink.[/i]

She garbled down the last of her food and took a final swig from the nearly-empty sake bottle. There came a tap at her shoulder.


[center] = = = = = = =[/center]

That is the starter post. Because there is little info to go by, it's relatively short. The person tapping Namiko on the shoulder is one of you guys. The person described as a "newcomer" can be anybody, or the person tapping. I really don't care.

[b]Those of you participating have been PMed before the creation of this post.[/b] The decision was hard, and I wanted to keep the number around six or seven, because that is the size I feel most comfortable with. Characters have better interaction and people are easier to memorize.
If you are not participating in this, don't PM me whining. Any PMs from those not participating will be automatically deleted until this settles down.

There, I'm done. XD[/size]
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Karel walked the streets of the busy city. He had very little money, but he always had little money and would scrounge what he could. He walked the streets, being bumped into by many people. Sometimes, Karel would just steal food or money needed to buy food. He was only looking out for himself, which was always his number one philosophy in life. He quickly saw someone that was perfect for picking. He simple walked next to the man, so close that he bumped arms with him. He kept walking, hoping the man would think he was in a hurry. It worked like a charm and what the man didn't know is that when Karel bumped into him, he also swiped his wallet that was hanging from his side. Karel now had enough to go and get a meal. He went into a local restraunt. He saw it was fairly busy. Karel went to sit down. He summoned a waitress,"[COLOR=Navy]I'd like a bowl of rice, some cooked eel as a side dish and a pitcher of hot tea please.[/COLOR]" The waitress nodded. While he waited for his dish he saw there was a woman drinking sake and having what he was having as well. "[COLOR=Navy]Hmmm, curoius. She mustn't have the frailness of a woman to drink something such as sake. Not only does the drink give it away, but that sword she carries as well.[/COLOR]" Karel said to himself. He had indeed noticed the sword that the woman was bearing. His order finally came and he ate slowly and enjoyed his tea. It was something that he enjoyed rather much was hot tea.

(I know it's a bit short, but oh well. I'll be that newcomer guy I guess.)
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[size=1][color=darkred]Shin's eyes adjusted to the dim lighting of the restraunt. The smell of the warm dishes being served made his stomach growl in anticipation. Instictivly he glanced about the room, making mental notes of escape routes, people, weapons, along with situations that might arise. [/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]As he surveyed the room his eyes came to rest apon a blade, [b]"Hmmm, a Butterfly Katana, few are able to wield on, it is rather rare to see them, wielded by a woman no less, though I'm sure she is probably more capable then most men by the looks of things"[/b] Shin thought as he noticed her finish off her sake. He casually began making his way towards her table seeing all others where taken, and he was rather curious about this woman.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"Hey............Do you mind if I join you? All the tables are full"[/b][/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"You can have the table, I was about to leave anyways"[/b] She answered setting her chopsticks down.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]Swiftly Shin knelt on the opposite side of the table as the waitress came over ready to take his order.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"A squid bowl and some sake"[/b] He ordered to the waitress as the female warrior reached for her blade.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred][b]"Wait, please allow me to buy you a drink, or a meal for sharing your table with me"[/b][/color][/size]
[font=Verdana][size=2]OOC: I hope thats ok Katana, let me know if I need to change anything[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]P.S. sorry its kinda short[/size][/font]
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"Maaan, It's soooo hoottt." Anno declared in a whinie tone. He walked the long beaten road to the city. He was hungry, tired, and booooorrrred. He had been on the road for three days and he didn't have enough money for any decent grub. He slugged on the road like he was half dead, dragging his feet and his sword flopped around on his back. Suddenly a buggy pulled up and he put himself in the way so it might stop "Please help meeee. I've been walking for three days, I was wondering if I could get a ride." The man in the horse drawn buggy looked irratated, but saw he had a sword and decided that he rather not have trouble so he gave him a ride to avoid a fight with Anno, though Anno wouldn't have done anything if he had just left, but he didn't know that. So anyway, he finally was off his feet and making good time. Anno looked to the man driving "So... uhhhh...where you headed?" The man glanced quickly at him "Heading to the city up ahead." Anno trying to continue in the conversation "Really, wow that's where I'm going. Uhhh... what are your plans there?" The man didn't even glance this time "Family matter, none of your business." The man said in a stern tone "OOhh, okay. I'm not sure why I'm going." This time the man shoot him a strange look and as he turned his head back to the road "Idiot." Anno didn't say anything since he was still grateful to have gotten a ride. After an hour in an uncomforable silence in the buggy the city appeared up ahead. As soon as they arrived Anno quickly jumped off and waved his hand vigurously "Thanks for the lift." The man in the cart never even looked back. Anno shrugged and started to explore around "Wow, there are so many people here. This croawd is starting to make me uncomfortable." He looked to the right of where he had arrived and saw a restuarant that proclaimed to have the cheapest food in town. Anno had a grin from ear to ear "Fooooood, at last a meal." He ran in to the restaurant like an excited child and yelled the instant he enterd the restaurant "[B]GET ME SOME GRUB CAUSE I'M STARVING[/B]." Collecting many stares from around the room.
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Karel saw there was a guy now sitting next to the woman her first saw. "[COLOR=Navy]He he, the guy must be looking for some action. I must say, his taste is a little different, but so is everyone's.[/COLOR]" Karel continued to eat his meal slowly. The fried eel was superb as well as the rice. Karel finished his tea and went to go pay his bill. After that, he decided to go and sit with the girl as well. He sat down. "[COLOR=Navy]Hello there. Fine day isn't it? I hope you don't mind if I join you for a drink. Waitress I'll take some more hot tea.[/COLOR]" He yelled. He could tell the waitress was mixed with irritation and confusion from him just ordering something else after he payed his bill. She brang out their sake and his tea. He poured himself a glass, blew on it to cool it off and slowly sipped. "[COLOR=Navy]So, I noticed that brandish a blade young lady. That isn't any ordinary sword either. It's a special kind that only few can master. So, I'm afraid I have to ask, but how good are you with that blade?[/COLOR]" Karel said with a little bit of a grin. He knew of the risks of showing his sword's blade in public, but it was worth a little fun. All he would have to deal with, would be a couple of people wanting his Demon Blood Sword. He always took care of them before, so it was no different this time.
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[size=1][color=royalblue]So far, Namiko was somewhat enjoying the strange attention she was getting, and happily glugged down more sake. The men often poked their interest at her sword, but she would slam her cup down and start rambling on about totally random things.

"It's errr a bitterfi kacktaana," she said finally through her druken slurs. In truth, it took a lot to get her drunk, and she was putting on something of an act. In order to appear that she was trying to get rid of the buzz, she poured herself a (sloppy) glass of the second man's tea and choked it down.

[i]Holy shitake mushrooms is that freakin' hot![/i]

"AHH!!" Namiko proclaimed, pushing the sake cup away from her. "That's great, thank's for the treat mah'man. Sake is an amazing drink, revitalizes the spirit and the mind..."
"The mind..." the sake-giving man murmured, a slight smile on his face.

There was a moment's silence before Namiko jutted her hand out as if to shake. "Crappit, I left my manners behind! The name's Namiko Tasogare! Glad to gank some sake off of ya - err, I mean, nice ta meet'cha!"

Sake-man leaned back slightly in strange curiousity. "Shin Kamekuro," he finally responded, shaking the hand that had been out-stretched for at least a minute. "It's a, err, pleasure to meet you too...I...think..."

Tea-man had remained silent, quietly sipping away at his beverage like an old monk intent on the 'event' at hand.

Namiko raised an eyebrow slyly as her eyes laid upon on the swords at Shin's waist, their hilts titled at a strange angle due to the tips resting on the floor. Then she went to studying the man himself. With the exception of the scar, he was of a pretty good standard for her preferences. Kinda cute. But there was an air of youth scattered about him, and it just didn't factor together in Namikos' mind.

"Nice swords," she finally commented, her hand indicating the katans around his waist. Shin nodded, his fingertips grazing the surfaces of the hilts.

"Yes, they are," he said, his voice softer than before. There was another awkward silence. The tea-man broke it.

"Hey, waitress!" he called out to the frazzled-looking woman. Her eyes were twinged in red-pink. "Another pot of tea please!"

= = = = = = =

Nice job guys! I'm really liking the effort 'n stuff. I would suggest trying to space out lines with line breaks and new paragraphs.
Excellent job shadow, I'm quite please. ^^ [/color][/size]
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Auska lookeed back at theshrine that she had just made a prayer, and walked to the nearest resturaunt. When she entered, she was pased by a guy that seemed to be in a real hurry for food.

"Get me some food cause I'm starving!" He yelled at the waitress.

"I think we all know that you are now." She said with a smile. Tapping him on the shoulder,"I hate to sound cruel, but would you mind letting me have my place back? I was here first." She tried to look as nice as possible, but she felt as though she wasn't.

"Huh? Oh, I am sorry. Didn't see you when I ran in here. Of course you can have your spot back, if you sit with me." He had a smile that tried to make him seem harmless.

"Very well. Don't see any other spots anyway." She fallowed him to a table that the waitress cleaned off and sat down.

"Hia. My name is Anno Nekori. What is your name?" He said as the waitress to their orders.

"It is Auska. it is very nice to meet you Anno." She made as small bow as the waitress braught their food out. She watched him grab his chopsticks ang start eating. She soon fallowed.

"Well, what are you doing in this city Auska?"

"Nothing of much importance. I am only here it study, well to help the preistess learn some new healing techs." She said with a mile.
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Anno sat and smiled at the woman sitting next to him, trying to keep his thoughts pure "I'm not really sure why I came to the city, I'm just here" The woman looked at him as he began to dig into his food. She looked at him and smiled "Your a weird one aren't you." She said with a chuckle. Anno causually looked up with his mouth still half full with rice and eel "Yeah I get that a lot." She chuckled a little more to Annos' delight "So what are you anyway?" She asked politly. Anno turned his head and pointed his thumb to his sword on his back "Can't you tell, I'm a samurai" The girl looked at him weird for a moment and let out a full on laugh. Anno watched her for a moment and began to laugh as well. He was happy to have someone talk to him, esspecially a cute girl.
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Karel sipped his tea quietly still. He soon got another pot and started to sip it down. He finally stopped drinking and said,"[COLOR=Navy]Younever answered my question. I asked you how good you are with that [I]butterfly sword[/I]. I would like to know.[/COLOR]" He noticed she was admiring Shin's swords. He simply smiled. "[COLOR=Navy]He he, if you think his swords are nice, you'll get a kick out of mine. It's a very beautiful blade.[/COLOR]" He held it up by the sheath. The sheath itself had decorations of snake and dragon demons spiraling up and down the sheath. There was a red gem imbedded in the center of the sheath itself. They adorned the designs. "[COLOR=Navy]And that's only it's sheath. Seeing the blade is the truley-[/COLOR]" Karel stopped himself. He wanted to kick himself in the rear end for bragging about his sword. He knew that these people could be wanting his sword as well. He stopped speaking of his sword and continued to sip his tea. "[COLOR=Navy]If you ask me though, sake and all alcohol is the nector of fools and barbarians. That is why I settle with tea. It sooths the mind, strengthens the body and doesn't make you slur on words.[/COLOR]" he said, looking at the sake pot. Disgusting.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][I]What a horrible little town...[/I]
Nari walked along the main avenue, staying close to the shadows of the buildings. Her slanted eyes watched out from underneath her head-covering, and crimson cloth swathed her shoulders and arms. She couldn't possibly imagine why anyone in their right mind would choose to settle here. For all she could see, it was a group of peasants trying to make a living. It was a collage of muddy streets, washed out posters and signs, crumbling buildings, and a very active night life. In other words...just one, humongous bar.

Which was exactly why she was here. Despite Nari's distaste for the small "settlement" - for it could hardly be called [I]settled[/I] - the place had exactly the atmosphere she was looking for. All activities were centered in the middle of the town, and any ruckus quickly gathered a crowd. People were quite willing to give you their opinion, and this in turn would always escalate into one altercation or another. It was a place to let off some steam, and have some fun.

It was also one of those places that you would come to so as not to be found, or...to find someone who didn't wish to be found. Or perhaps Nari was here because she knew that anyone who needed some fast action would be here. [I]Yes, that must be it. Because if despicable men are drawn to one thing, it is easy sex.[/I]

Passing by a few of the small shopping stands, Nari watched as an old woman standing outside one of the buildings argued with one of her charges, and then disappeared into the building. As soon as the old woman was distracted, Nari swiftly entered the building, gliding up the stairs silently. Already there was the sickening scent of rotting wood mixed with cheap sex, and even cheaper beer. An accomodating person would dub it a 'house of ill repute,' or perhaps a call house. Nari called it a whorehouse.

Sounds of carnal desire were quite evident to her sensitive ears, and her eyes narrowed at her disgust. However, she heard a familiar female voice in the throes of false pleasure, as well as a man throwing out his lewd intentions for her. Coming to the end of the dark hall, Nari stood for one more moment, and then easily kicked the door in with a crash. There were screams and muffled cries before the dust settled again, revealing two scantily clad bodies in a very improper position.

[RIGHT]Nari walked in, flicking clothes at the coupling pair with her foot. "Saya, get dressed."[/RIGHT]

[RIGHT]The man stood up with his eyes narrowed, standing with his feet spread, "Who the **** are you?"[/RIGHT] He gave her the once over, and Nari felt as if her skin had been encoated with slime.

[RIGHT]She kept her eyes away, only addressing the girl who was still on the bed. "Saya, [I]get dressed[/I]," she repeated, and this time her tone invited no disobeyment.[/RIGHT] The girl got up, angrily shoving on her garments. Nari turned and left the room, and Saya followed her, stomping down the hallway.

The man now was quite bewildered, and angry about his deprived act of copulation, "Hey! Wait a minute! Get back here you *****!" He ran after them, still in the state of undress, and flung Saya against the wall. He pointed at her, chest heaving, "Get back into the room, you whore!"

[RIGHT]Nari had had quite enough of this disgusting, grizzled, rude, uncouth, naked man. She turned on him and hit him hard across the mouth, "Watch your language, sir."[/RIGHT]

He was jarred, but turned his angry red gaze on her, "You ***** - you're going to be - " Nari interrupted, hitting him again with the back of her other hand. The smell of alcohol reeked from his body, and Nari felt her stomach coil; she needed some fresh air.

So, before the brazenly drunk naked man could say another word, Nari hit him for the third time, watching as his eyes rolled around in his empty little head, and then kicked him. Through the wall.

There was the thunderous crash of splintering wood, and suddenly daylight entered into the dark building. The old woman came sprinting up the stairs, took one look, and went out again, screaming her head off for help.

[RIGHT]Nari turned to the girl, whose eyes were wide open now, "Saya, go home."[/RIGHT]

[RIGHT]The girl's face turned hard, and her mouth set into a stubborn line, "I can do what I want - "

"Saya!" Nari's voice rose, a surprisingly dangerous edge to it - she had no patience left, and she made it quite evident, "...[I]go home[/I], and do [I]not[/I] leave again. I will not be so forgiving of you next time, so there will [I]be[/I] no next time. Understood?"
The girl nodded, eyes wide again.

[RIGHT]Nari sighed, "Good. Then I believe we will have no reason to meet again. Good-bye Saya." She turned, just in time to block a clumsy blow from the intoxicated idiot who was [I]still[/I] trying to assert his manhood.
[I]Time to get rid of this incessant pest.[/I] She kicked him again, and he plowed into a dry part of the street, kicking up a huge cloud of dust. Dozens of street children were already gathering and laughing, making a game out of it as they threw mud clots. Nari walked in the furrow the man's body had made, advancing upon the mass of flesh that she was thoroughly sick of.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=royalblue]Namiko scoffed at the sake comment. "C'mon, enjoy the fun of things. I like tea too man, but sake is a delicacy. And you know - at least, I hope you know - I was faking drunk." She rolled her eyes. "It takes a lot to get me tanked. Way too much. And I never have the money, nor the means, nor the taste to drink that much."

"Nobody ever has the money," the man replied, taking another sip from his tea. Namiko paused for a moment before snatching back her sake cup and pouring herself a cup of the tea.
"Hey wait -!"

[i]Glug glug.[/i] "I think I like liquids too much. But you know, they fill you up..but then you're hungry...and..."

"You never answered my question," tea-man said once again, this time with agitation twinging his voice. "How good are you with that sword?"

Namiko took a long swig from the glass, and suddenly chucked it into the air. The world entered a somewhat slow-motion mode as the swordswoman snatched her blade. She performed a quick one-two maneouver to remove the sheaths, then swiped the blade into the air.
A crash or something should've come, but it never did.
Instead of hitting the sake cup, Namiko had jutted one side of the blade to be perfectly still in front of her. The cup had landed, perfectly flat, on the flat of the sword. The other blade was tucked firmly under her arm, following the straight of the bones. The blade tip stuck out at the same angle as her shoulder blade.

"Nice," Shin said. Tea-man nodded.

"That answers my question."

And then, in her true nature: "Catch!"
Namiko whipped the blade up and swiftly tucked it along her side. The sake cup, however, didn't quite go in the direction she was aiming for (Shin's forehead, to be percise). It, instead, landed some ten feet away at another table. The occupants - a man and a pretty young woman - seemed startled, but slowly turned their gazes towards the three-bodied group.

"Ah crap..."[/color][/size]
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Karel just laughed. "[COLOR=Navy]I'll admit, that was an impresive trick, but I meant how good are you in a one on one match. A trick like that won't do much in fighting. Showing me that proved nothing. If you want to perform fancy tricks, then go join the circus, otherwise you're just wasting my time.[/COLOR]" Karel got up, walked over to the waitress and paid for his tea. Before he left the restraunt he called out,"[COLOR=Navy]Oh and one more thing. I must say that it isn't a good thing for it to take a lot of alcohol to get you drunk. That's not a good aspect for a lady.[/COLOR]" Karel walked out. "[COLOR=Navy]Especially if she wishes to find a man.[/COLOR]" he muttered. He walked through the busy streets not being amazed by the cheap swords that the merchants were trying to sell. He continued to walk through the streets until something disturbing was sensed about him. He looked through the crowd and saw a man dressed in a black swordsman robe. ([COLOR=Navy]So, they've sent a higher rank this time? Should be fun.[/COLOR]) Karel though. The man followed Karel until they were a little outside of a crowd. The man came up to him,"[COLOR=DimGray]You know who I am and why I'm here. So let me just put it simply. We'll meet at midnight when all the people are in bed and then we'll have our fight and my master can finally have the sword he wants.[/COLOR]" Karel just nodded. The man walked away. Karel knew he would prevail. Every assassin that was sent after him, he always ended up killing. He went back towards the square and walked past a whorehouse. He noticed a woman who looked very irritated and also saw the naked man laying in the street. He walked up to the woman,"[COLOR=Navy]That's not very lady like.[/COLOR]" he simpled said and continued to walk, having comments from the whores gestered about how big muscled he is and how they could loosen him up. He smiled a bit at the comments and offers.
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[size=1][color=darkred]Shin let out a long escape of laughter joining the other man at the cup soared across the room. The tea man got up and left though not before commenting on the "trick" as he called it.[/color][/size]

[color=darkred][size=1][b]"I'll give you the benefit of being drunk"[/b] Shin said taking a long draught from his sake.[/size][/color]

[color=darkred][size=1][b]"Ok, maybe I'm alittle buzzed"[/b] She laughed[b] "But what does he know about being lady like................." [/b]Namiko added though the last little bit was inaudible.[/size][/color]

[color=darkred][size=1][b]"He was rather confident, an intresting person though, maybe our paths will cross again"[/b] Shin noted to watching him leave the restraunt, before turning back to the woman.[/size][/color]

[color=darkred][size=1][b]"Or maybe your blades, ya never know"[/b] Namiko replied, glancing at his swords again.[/size][/color]

[color=darkred][size=1][b]"Probably not with these, these are more for public, though I am skilled with them as well as many other weapons"[/b] Shin stated feeling the two kame that lay under his kimono, as he finished his squid bowl.[/size][/color]

[color=darkred][size=1][b]"Who's confident now, eh"[/b] She said giving him a chalenging glance.[/size][/color]

[size=1][color=darkred]Shin quickly grabbed a chopstick from the empty bowl in front of him [b]"Maybe this would reveal to much but why not[/b]" He smirked as he threw the chopstick in air. The air of the restraunt seemed to move sluggishly as Shin reached into his kimono, drawing a kunoi and releasing it. The weapon wizzed through the air hitting the chopstick slicing them in two before inbedding itself into a wall. The pieces from the stick fell landing on Namiko's head, as Shin began a fit of laughter.[/color][/size]
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Suddenly a small tea cup landed in the near Anno and Auska, who were still laughing. Anno turned to look to see where it had come from and saw three people at the table, another young woman, a man now standing to leave, and another man who was still seated. Anno paid little mind to the man leaving and bent over and picked up the tea cup and causually walked over "I believe you lost this." he said with his usual smile plasterd across his face. The two at the table looked at him oddly as if they couldn't believe he had botherd to bring back this tea cup they had just thrown. The young woman snikerd a little and Anno set the cup on the table bowed and returned to the table with Auska. He quickly finished his food and stood up "Can I get some sake?" He yelled out to the waitress who smiled and nodded. She returned shortly after with two cups and a jug of sake. Anno then turned to Auska "Care to join me in a drink?" He asked still smiling.
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Auska smiled and shook her head,"Thank you for the offer, but I do not drink. Agianst my judgement." She tried to sound ha[[y about it, and hoped thats what she sounded like.

"Well, if thats how you feel. I can understand a lady not wanting to drink." He said taking a sip of his drink.

"You can? WEll, I will have you know, one of my best friends can drink Sake until it is morning agin. I do not how she does it." Auska sighed as she finished her bowl of food. "Excuse me, but wouldyou ming getting me some tea please." Auska said as the waitress walked by.

"You are very polite. A trait not many people have in this day in age." Anno said with a smile.

"Well, yes. To be kind to someone will brighten their day,and it shall spread when they are kind to someone else, and so on." She said as the waitressa set her pot of tea down and gave a small bow.

"Thank you." Auska said with her own bow. "TEll me, Anno. You do not seem like the type to carry a sword around. Are you good with it?" Auske said pouring herself a cup.
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Anno blushed "Ohh this thing. No it's just for show. I really don't care for violence. I'm really quiet a coward." He said with a smile across his face. She looked at him and chuckled again "So why such a big sword?" He just laughed "I figure the bigger the sword the less likely I am that someone will come pick a fight with me." He said as he laughed. Asuka suddenly found herself laughing as well, like his laugh was contagious. He just kept smiling and he looked to her back "So your and archer. That seems very lady like."
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(Uh, Katana, the lady-like comment was directed towards Cyriel's character since it said the woman in front of the whorehouse.)

Karel continued to walk through the streets. It seemed like there was nothing for him to do except wait for his duel. He could have trained, but there was really no place for him to go and train. It seemed he couldn't have a friendly duel either, because that Namiko girl seemed to not get the picture that he was bascially challenging her. He then thought of the woman that he directed that lady-like comment. He went towards her and simply made it casual. "[COLOR=Navy]Like I said, that wasn't very lady-like, but that can be a good quality in itself. Most people view women weak and only good for plesure. It's a shame isn't it? But, I never judge someone before I know them. I've seen you beat that poor bastard up, so I'm not going to judge you in combat and see how well you do. You seem agitated, so maybe a little fight might releive some stress. It makes perfect sense, since I'm in the mood for fun and you could relase some anger off.[/COLOR]" Karel said with a smile, drawing a little bit of his sword out, ready for some sort of surprise attack the woman may have thrown at him.
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[FONT=Times New Roman][LEFT][COLOR=DarkRed][B]ooc: Sorry if it has taken me a while but I'm finally here. :animesmil I can't stand school at times. I hope you don't mind if I post a bit late, Katana.[/B]

A young girl walked the streets carrying what appeared to be a golden spear on her back. It seemed very uncommon for such a young girl to be carrying such a large weapon on her back. People also wonder about the way she dressed. Dressed like she was in forgein times, back in the Japan times, she walked with such pride and attitude on her face, she didn't care what they thought or think of her.

A slight rumble came from her stomach. She clutched it with one hand as her face became suddenly pale with hunger. [I]'Need to get something to eat,'[/I]she thought as she passed a resturant that appeared to slightly old and rusty.

"That will do,"she said brighting up a bit. She walked toward the resturant with her hands to her sides in a slight fist. Coming to the doors, she yanked them open as she strolled into the room, trying to make an enterance for herself. Her eyes caught everyone's in the room. She noticed that most people were wanna be samurais or really were ones. [I]'Kind of crowded in here,'[/I]she thought to herself taking a seat to the far back of the room. Sani was her name and she wasn't all that easy to talk to. With a tough attitude but has a gently heart and samurai pride.

She pulled her spear from her back and placed it next to her, carefully as if it would break easily.

"Now to get some food,"she mutter to herself waiting on the waitress patiently.[/COLOR][/LEFT][/FONT]
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Anno sat with Auska at there table when yet another woman walked into the retaurant. She had black hair and a slender figure with a clear complection. She carried a large Wan-dou and stood very proud. She walked to the back of the restaurant. Anno watched her as she did so. Auska looked at him looking at her "Do you recognize her?" Anno without looking at her "No. I'm just wondering why she decded to eat alone." As he said this he rose to his feet and walked over to her. As he approached she looked up at him for a second then looked back down "IF your looking for a date then I'm not interested." Anno brought his hands up "Oh no. It's nothing like that. I just wanted to know why you were eating alone?" She looked at him with a strange look for a moment "Because I want to!" Anno grabed her hand "Nonsense, noone likes to be alone." He began dragging her over to where he and Auska were sitting. Auska stood up "What are you doing? You can't just drag a stranger where you want." Anno looked over to her "Your right!" he turned to the girl he had grasped around the wrist in a death grip she couldn't seem to shake free of "Hello. My name is Anno Nekori and this is Auska. What's your name?" She looked up at him with that same odd look, which Auska was now giving him as well.
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkRed][LEFT]Sani was pulled forcely over to a young good looking girl. She tried to break free from Anno's grasp but it was beyond her.
"Hello. My name is Anno Nekori and this is Auska. What's your name?,"said the boy who had her in his grip. He had a gentle face with no fight within him what so ever.

"My name is none of your concern. Now let go of me,"she said still trying to break free. She had dug her nails into his flesh but nothing seemed to work.

"We are trying to be nice. You shouldn't be eating alone,"Anno said as her forced Sani into a seat at their table finally releasing her hand. She clutched at it and massaged it at the wrist. She glared but did not move. [I]'It really does not matter. As long as I get a meal, everything will be fine, hopefully,'[/I]Sani thought still slightly tensed up.[/LEFT][/COLOR][/FONT]
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Anno grined widely "Now was that so horrible?" She glared at him for a moment. Despite the obvious unease amongst those at the table Anno simply kept smiling. He looked to the young woman "so what are you doing here in the city?" She kept silent like she was ignoring him. Anno just manueverd himself into her line of sight, he smiled again "You know your very beutiful." He said with a smile across his face. She glared at him again "So this was an attempt to get a date out of me." Anno brought his hands up again "Ohh no. I just thought you should know." She blushed a little and huffed one good time as she looked away from him. He kept smiling as Auska just sat and watched as he stared at this girl. He looked her over again "so are you ready to tell us your name?" She shot him another look "No." Anno whined "Why not. Were going to feed you, you could at least tell us your name. Come on, how could it hurt?" She looked to him "It could hurt my pride to admit that I know a fool like you." Anno whined again "Come on, please. That's all I want is your name."
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"Anno, will you please calm down." Auska said as she took the last sip of her tea. "If she does notwish to tell you, then do not force her."

"I just thaught it would be nice to be able to call her by her first name." He said with a grin on his face.

"Whats your story? Why would a preistess like you be sitting here with this guy? He seems impulsive." The new girl said looking at Auska.

"Well, I do not know really. There were no tables left when we came in, and he cut in front, so I told him that he must sit with me. I guess because I could have someone to talk to." Auska said as she gave a sweet smile.

"You two arent lovers, are you?" She said glancing at Anno, then back at Auska.

"What? Oh no. I just met him a little bit ago. Really." Auska said as she looked away, blushing.

"That was a strange question to ask, don't ya think?" Anno asked, still looking at the new girl.

Auska looked up at the spear on her back and smiled a little,"I see that have a weapon. It is a strange choice, for a woman. To carry a spear around, it must be heavy."
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Anno looked back to the new girl "Yeah, why such a strange choice? Why not something girly like Aukas bow." Auska looked sharply at Anno "What was that?" Anno suddenly looked a little worried "Oh, i didn't mean it like that it's just that.. umm ..... Uhhh.... That a bow is much more femine then a spear." Now the new girl glared at him "So I'm not feminine am I" Anno caught off guard again "Well .... uhhh.... No..... It's...... uhh.... not like that, it's just that a spear is so heavy." She glanced at his back "Well your one to talk, look at the huge thing you have on your back." She said. Anno blushed again "Ohh this thing. it's just for show, really. I don't care for fighting really, so i figure if i carry a big sword around people might not mess with me." He said chuckling nervously. Anno tried to change the subject, he wasn't good with this kind of conversation, he didn't like to talk about himself a lot. He looked to the new girl "Sooooo what are going to do tomorrow?" He asked tring to sound as polite as possible. She glared at him again "Why should I tell you?' she said sharply. Anno frowned again "Awww, come on you could at least act like a nice person." She glared back up "Are saying I'm a bad person?" Anno began fummbling his words again "No I just was asking if you could just you know, act like our friend." The girl seemed a bit taken aback by this comment. Anno smiled thinking he had finally gotten throught to her, then she replied "Why would I want to be your friend?" Annos head went down again "Damn your cruel."
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkRed][LEFT]Sani raised an eyebrow at him. "Yes I'm cruel but being cruel is the only way to survive. Survive in a world with blood shead and burtal battles," she said her eyes closed and her fist clenched tightly in her laps.

Anno and Auska looked at her with and odd expression on their faces.

"Are you alright,"Anno asked putting a hand on her shoulder.

"I'm fine,"she said in a chocked voice trying to shrug him off.

He descended his hand from her shoulder and rested it on the table.

She didn't say anything after a while. She was in deep thought over a terrible event that happened in her past life. Well, not to far past. She sighed deeply and opened her eyes.

"Sani,"she mutter.

"Huh,"Anno said dumb foundly.

"The name is Sani and that is all you need to know,"she said again looking the other way. [I]'Why on earth did I tell them my name? Guess I'm really desparte,'[/I] she thought to herself.

"What a nice name,"Auska replied taking another sip of her tea.

"Yeah, it is,"Anno said with a grin,"I guess now we can be friends, right?"

"Ugh...maybe,"was her only reply.[/LEFT][/COLOR][/FONT]
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Anno looked her over again, she took notice of this "Hey, what are doing there?" Anno looked back up "Well, I was just thinking, why does such a beauty have such a grim look on life." She looked back down "Well, someone like me has had to live a hard life, so I understand hardship better then the light hearted like yourself who have probably never even seriously used a sword." She said looking away from them. Anno clenched his fists for a moment "But your wrong, just because I'm an optomist dosen't mean I'm naive.I .... " Anno stopped an tremmbled for moment "I to have seen bad things happen, but I also know that there are lots of good things out there too, you know." Anno stopped for a moment and looked up to the roof. Auska looked around to his face "Are you okay?" Anno shock his head lightly adn looked back to Auska "Yeah, just reflecting is all."
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