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Sign Up The Last Love Song: Dying Little World Rated M

Inuyasha Fandom

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Earth has been devastated by a third great war, and the human populus is gone.... only thirty percent remains and now human are only just able to recoup. Many major cities, like Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Moscow, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Tokyo are mere ruins. Earth is a distant memory.......

Human are just now geting to the point where they are getting back to their former glory Aliens have settled on Earth, called the Hydrans. These people are humanoid, exept they resemble humanistic cats, and have expansive psyonic powers. But, if they kill with their minds, then they kill themself.

Humans, in the war, experiented with robotics, making female androids that were the perfect synthetic human being, aside from the few robotic functions they had. They were so advanced, that they even were able to become pregnant, and give birth. the offspring were normal human children. The robots were even able to fight, as they were so much stronger that normal humans. The humans also made robotws of devastation, to wion the war. Those robots are now out of control, and the Hydrans are taking care of them.

But, humans just didn't tamper with natural chldbirth with the robots, they experimented on their own kind, any cost to win. Genetically enhanced humans, with other worldly powers. Mutants, as they are now called.

The last love song on this dying little world plays on, as humans try so hard to save their dying planet. A group of talented journeying youths , from all backrounds, is set on doing something. They were deemed losers, criminals, deviants, and traitors. Certain factions enjoy the chaos, and thrive on making fellow man and Hydran miserable.

But the youths mean to save this planet........ with nothing to lose and a whole world to gain, they will stop at nothing to save it.

okay, here's the sign up


Age: (if you play as a human, no older than 19. Hydrans can live for long periods of time, 100 is considered teenager. Robot characters no older than 25 and no younger than 13.)

Race: (halfbreeds allowed)

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Name: Jake Ward

Age: 18

Race: Half Human/Half Hydran


During the majority of Jake's childhood, he was cast out because of his genes being linked to the Hydrans. Although his mother was a human, the blood of his father ran through his veins, and the other children hated him. They didn't understand him so they, and most of the world, just shut him and others like him away.

One day, shortly after his 18th birthday, he was wandering around what remained of his mother's old home and stumbled upon a picture of his parents. They looked so happy. How could the rest of what is left of humanity still struggle to find acceptance when these two in this photograph were content? From then on, he knew that in this dark, decrepit world there just might be someone...someone who could look past the Hydran blood and see him for who he truely was.

Did this person exist? He still searches...
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alright... very good.

Name: Zee Ecks

Age: 23

Race: bio-mechanical robot


The only male robot created in the ZX line, he ws treated as the builder's own son. He has a sister android as well, though he couldn't get pregnant, or get a woman pregnant, for that matter. He was a brilliant scientist, and he was able to lift his combat limiter, withg his father's help. He was made to be strong, to protect his family, and those who needed it. He was fashioned to be able to pass as human, aside from his abilities to communicate with other machines and robots. His ability to use telepresence functions was damaged in an explosion, which killed both his father and sister. Being the only one to survive, it sparked an anti-machine revolution. Now, he is hunted just for being a robot.

He has a passion for old music, such as blues, old rock bands, pre-war music, and classical piano. Being able to immitate music that he hears brngs him joy, and he often performs for people, using a piano, or some other musical instument.

But, this is a dark root, to a proto-type assassin-roid, and instead of the directive to kill, the ZX -type robots were programmed with creativity and life. The Zx types are still hunted by the robots.
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heres mine

Name:Sasuke Harutoki
Race: Half human/half Hydran
Bio: he was orpaned after the a incident in his home village since then hes tought himself the way of Battoujutsu.
Gender: boy
Discreption: has shoulder length hair

He searches for is brotherTsukami
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