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Acosan, The war of the four nations [PG-13- VLS]


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]In the beginning of time there stood thre powerful nations. Aquania, the city of water. Flamtos, the city of fire and rock. And Greenen, the village of nature and wind. They kept a bond with each other for centuries, until someone by the name Jack Power suddenly appeared in Greenen. His Knowledge was unheard of for he could make there metal into different things. One day Though, changed everyones life. He constructed metal into guns and started to kill inncocent people. The guards caught him from behind before he destroyed the whole village. The Elder of the village banished him from ever steeping into the woods of Greenen. Jack though did not care for he started to build an empire. He gathered theifs that too been Banished. He went to the north where only soil lay. He and his band began making his city of hell. Getting metal from the soil beneath them. In 5 years his castle was made and he had up to 700 followers. He soon began making his army of thiefs. Soon he gathered 3,000 men in his army ready to control the land of Acosan. The 3 nations joind together to stop the new army, but failed. His army rose and made it to 10,000. After the war, he began to create cars and airships for his city of dark. The three nations gathered together and discussed what they should do. Many of them demended to go to war again, but the elders knew it would end up the same fate like last time. The elders knew what they had to do, before the three nations where 6 tokiens. Water, Ice, Fire, Rock, Nature, and Wind. If those united as one, the power of the gods would be awaken bring forth the ultimate summoning, Rounds Table. They decided on sending 6 memebers from each city to join up and search for the Tokiens, but word reached through the lands and to Jack. He sent his
"Band of Hell" to get ride of the members searching for the Tokiens. Though gaurding each Tokien is a Guardian. Can the company do it?

[B]Aquania, Land of Water and Ice-[/B][/I] this is a city far west of the central part of Acosan. It inside the giant lake of Momo. Mostly Elfs and some humans live here. Elfs live here for the peaceful surrounding while Most of the humans live to run away from there past.
[I]Greenen, Woods of Life and Wind-[/B] [/I] Mostly Demons and Elfs live here. The village is gaurded by a sacred tree of Life that attacks people with bad tensions. This groupp of demons and elfs are peaceful yet perfect for war. many demons are strong in this village as the elfs are great with magic.

[I][B]Flamtos, Mountain of Fire and Rock- [/B][/I] Dwarfs and Humans mainly live here. After the war, Lord Power sends His men to take metal from the mountain. Learning there ways of forming metal, they make a small stock of guns and armor. this city is settled right beside a Volcano where the most hardest metal is found.

[B]Humans-[/B] The basic race of the Land of Acosan. They mainly live all around the land. Only a handful can use the power of magic.

[B]Elfs-[/B] they are the most peaceful creatures, yet they can be the killing machines. They have great speed and power. they wield magic greatly and have a greta knowing of the world.

[B]Dwarfs[/B]- They are the small guys of the races. They lack speed, but they have alot of power. They can make metal into anything and are ready for war at any giving second.
Demons[/B]- There are many dmeons in the world. There speed matches The elfs and there pwoer matches the dwarfs, But lack power to wield magic. Most demons are evil and work with Lord Seo, a member of the 'Bnd of Hell'. Yet the good ones live in the woods of Greenen.

I need one person for every element. If i get alot of people, then i'll just double the element.

[B]Water[/B]- Raze_3103
Ice[/B]- Silverwolf_ Fang

[B]Fire[/B]- Me, Aky

[B]Rock[/B]- Lionheart

[B]nature[/B]- BlackTigergurl, Rurouni922

[B]Wind[/B]- Achillies

[B]Name[/B]- easy.
[B]age-[/B] easy.
[B]gender[/B]- male or female
[B]race[/B]- those above or you can PM me if you want to add one.
[B]Weapons[/B]- This is like dark ages, but since the arival of Jack then there can be guns and stuff, but the guns can't be really stong though.
[B]Magic[/B]- is it Off.,Def., or Aid magic. Then list the magic spells you would have.
[B]Summoning[/B]- Before they are sent off to the journey, the elders each gave one a summoning (Like Final Fantasy) to use. This is optional. It takes alot of energy to summon a guardian. if oyu want one, Tell the name and give a description or pic. You can pick summonings from Final Fantasy.
[B]Appearance[/B]-Discription or Pic. Pic would be good.
[B]Personailty[/B]- a paragraph of your personailty.
[B]Bio[/B]- your past.
element- your element you pick.

I will post my sign up later, if oyu have any questions, PM me.
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Name- Leon Seymour

age- 21

gender- male

Race- Human

apperance- [URL=http://ps2media.ign.com/ps2/image/hearts_0328_65.jpg]Leon[/URL]

Weapons- [URL=http://www.joshuabonner.com/gunblade3.jpg]Gunblade[/URL]

Magic- he can weild the power of Fire.

Fire- sneds a ball od fire at someone.
Final Burst- his blade is engolfed with red aura as he slashs muti. times at an enemy.

Summoning- [URL=http://www.ffxionline.net/images/sum_efreet2.jpg]Ifrit[/URL]

Personailty- he is quiet around people because he trusts no one. He has great Knowledge of the land of Acosan and is a master swordman.

Bio- His father is the richest man in Flamtos for his job is to control the metal production. his mother died when he turned 3 years old. He gets tired of being treated like a prince, he wears laid back close and works on his swordman skills alot during the days. When he turned 21, he ,moved out of the mansion and built a house on a hill overlooking the city. He grows a book collection on how to use magic. So far he has only used to learn fire attacks. When the elders calld for a meeting and decided on sending people to search for the Tokiens, he volenteered. He wants to make himslef useful and not someone to let it go by.

element- Rock
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name-[/B] Azuroth Darksoul

[B]age-[/B] 26

[B]gender-[/B] male

[B]race-[/B] Crushak Demon

[B]Weapons-[/B] A Sword known as the black dragon blade, crafted from a black dragons teeth to perfection. Or what might be considered perfect, it also has been hinted that this sword still retains the soul of the black dragon and its evil. The blade is a constant black color, never fading with age or use, the pommel is made of the scales and a single claw from the dragon as well.

[B]Magic-[/B] Can't use it.

[B]Summoning-[/B] [URL=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/odin8-b.jpg] Odin [/URL] He's not as strong as he use to be, but still packs a punch.
Appearance-[/B] Azuroth looks human in appearce and build, but he's stronger, faster and smarter then most humans. His face looks humans as well, except for his glowing red eyes that give away his race quickly and allows him to see in the night. He ususally wears a thin, flexible, black armor that covers his arms and chest.

He wears a black shirt over the armor and a long black trench coat, he wears hard toed boots with a metal stud on the heel and black pants. He also wears a mask with demonic symbols and designs carved and painted on it, it also has black eye pieces so Azuroth won't be blind during the day. He has long black hair that touchs mid-back and horns on his head that are bent back, the armor on his hands is clawed tipped and has vampirce like fangs.
Personailty-[/B] Azuroth is cold hearted and blooded, he will kill anyone whether nessecary or not. He enjoys pain and suffering, even when it is induced upon himself, he also enjoys killing people. But it is his demons nature to like such atrosities in human eyes. He speaks his mind whether is offends someone or not, he doesn't care what people say about him, or if they hate him or not.
Bio-[/B] Azuroth as a child was very seclusive, he avoid most elven children because they would bother him because he was a demon. Demon children would ridicule him because he looked human, to demons, humans were the bottom of the chain and were nothing, Crushak demons were generally treated that way since they were the most human looking. He did have one friend, it was an elf named Edan Shannara. He was a prince in the elven society, so it was unusual an elven prince would associate with a Crushak demon when even his own breathern would disown him. Azuroth and Edan were good friends for several years, Azuroth wasn't as cold then and didn't appreciate killing as much as he does now.

They were good friends, until one day when Edan was assassinated, everyone assumed it was Azuroth. Because he was demon they thought he was the only one who was close enough to kill him, but they did not arrest him because it was only an assumption. And no real evidence ever pointed his way, Azuroth became even more seclusive and his emotions turned off. He no longer felt for anything bad that occured to demon or elven kind, since he went in to total suclusion he started to train his body.

Growing stronger and faster with his extensive training and read books that he could find on creatuers, races and anything that would help him in the future that was held for him. As the years went by the conflict between the new nation in the north and the three current nations was getting deeper. The northern nation was winning and the three were slowly fading, Azuroth saw this as his oppurtunity to do as he wanted without having to worry about the constant watch of the law and possible the chance to prove himself in the eyes of elves and demons. So he made and ready his equipment for the long journy ahead.
Element-[/B] Wind[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Ledah
race:Cat Demon
Magic: Defense, Unholy Barrier
Summoning:Bahamut Dragon King
Apperance:shoulder length green hair has brown and yellow cat ears at the top of his head wears a black kimono and hakama with the yin yang mark on his back.
Personality:says nwa at end of sentences. And is very friendly but when angered turns into the 1,000 man slayer.
Bio:after his mom and dad were murdered he slaughtered the muderers, after that he found out his mom and dad were really killed by his brother Sasuke. So he sets out to find him.
Weapon: Demon katana called Ookami the blade is black from the blood of all the people he's slain It gives off a evil aura.
heres pic of Bahamut
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Name: Shuda Memory

age: 24

gender: male

Race: Human

Weapons: a magical sword that can only cut stuff like Fire, gas, water, and other stuff a normal sword couldn't. It can't cut people or objects. [URL=http://www.runenews.com/images/sword3.jpg]Rune Sword[/URL]

Magic: can control the four basic elements.
Thunder- sends a lightning bolt at the enemy.
Fire- sends a fireball at an enemy.
Water- sends a blst of water at an enemy.
Wind- not really an attack, but can amke him fly and move objects.

Apperance: [URL=http://www.rpgfan.com/pics/hack/art-05-balmung.jpg]Shuda[/URL]
Perosnality: later

Bio: later

Element: fire
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkRed][LEFT][B]Name:[/B] Niya Tokura

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Gender:[/B] female

[B]Race:[/B] wolf demon

[B]Weapons:[/B] She carries with her a giant spear that appears to made of gold. The handle is a crimson red made from a strong blood red tree. The tree contained specail powers that enable her the ability to summon and use magic.

[B]Summoning:[/B] [URL=http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a160/shalix/Anime/Animal Demons/Tidamorna.jpg]Langia[/URL] can only be called by the spirtural powers of nature and the all knowledge of Niya.

[B]Magic:[/B] Defensive and offensive fire spells.
Spirl vortex- Creats a giant fire whirlwind that traps its prey and burns them to death.
Barrier of death- Creates a barrier of fire and anyone that approaches it gets burned immediatly.
Regular fire- just a normal fire attack that blast it's prey with fire.

[B]Apperance:[/B] [URL=http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/celestial.jpg ]Niya[/URL] That is her but her outfit looks more like [URL=http://images.quizilla.com/E/Elemental-Cat-Demon/1110932299_h252520bow.jpg]this[/URL]

[B]Perosnality:[/B] Mostly quiet. She is more intune to nature than what most demons are. But even though she's quiet she is strong a fast. She carries a personality of a visous wolf in battle but outside she seems more to herself. Unable to communicate well with others, she just ticks to nature instead of the human or demon race.

[B]Bio:[/B]Niya was born into a loving family, with a bright mother, a very wise father, and a rambunctious little brother. Just your regular adverage family. Niya felt sort of useless at her home. When her father left for a hunt he always take her 7 year old brother. Niya asked her father ever time why he did this. He knew that she was a better fighter than her brother and wouldn't be in any danger. But her father only said," A fight isn't a place for a girl. Help your mother in the kitchen." So the only reason she couldn't help in the hunt was because she was a girl. Yes it was true. In her tribe, the demon girls were only good for making herbs and remedies for the males.
Niya would always leave her home to wonder in the forest. She connect more strongly with nature that the other demons. She had more knowledge then what they did also. She told her felo demons of the knowledge she knewn but all they told her was to put it to good use and help with the herbs and remedies. After sick and tried of her denials she left. She packed up her things and left her tribe and not once did she look back.
On leaving her tribe, she heard of the elders, from her ability to speak with nature, who were searching for the Tokiens. She decided to help in with the search. "Maybe I could be more of use on the search. Seeing of all my knowledge and able to speak with nature could be of use. Plus, they could use a warrior," she whispered to a forest creature as she straddled on her weapon and headed out.
[B]Element:[/B] nature

Ooc: There you have it. Any problems PM me.
-BlackTigerGurl :catgirl: [/LEFT][/COLOR][/FONT]
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Name: Cheesa

Age- 145 (Looks 21)

gender- Female

race- Elf

Weapons- A light blue shorsword with a crystal hilt. The sheath is also a sharp edged crystal that is clouded wth the shade of fog and mist.

Magic- She mostly uses healing magic, but she knows a little off. as well.
Heal: this heals all injuries
Whirlpool: summons a giant whirlpool that entrapes the target
Lichta: A strong magic power that can cause all ailness to leave a targets body and enter anothers.

Summoning- The brothers of water (Below),. These are the three brothers of water, they are small, only comming to the waist of Cheesa, but they each pack a powerful punch.

Appearance- Below

Personailty- She is very propler, and sweet. She will not hurt anyone unless there is no other way around it. She would rather talk about the past than fighting for the future. She does, however, have a strong dislike of most demons. She becomes very angry when she gets around them.

Bio- When Cheesa was born, she was dubbed one of the strongest water elfs there had ever been. She nearly killed all of th doctors that brought out of her mother, but they were lucky enough to have her father there, another powerful water mage.

As she grew, she became even stronger, and finally decided to use her talents to protect the people around her. She was involved in the begining of the war at the center of Acosan, and was then sent to the other areas to train the soldiers how to protect themselves from the guns.

element- Water
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Name: Sarin

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Elf

Weapons- A Large Ice colored dia katanna.

Magic- Mostly Off but a little Def as well
Hail: Sends out a barrage of huge spikes of ice
Glacier: Creates a strong wall of ice
Blizzard: Surrounds him, his enemy and the surrounding enemy with dense snow

Summoning- You see it but the red blades are ice blue.

Appearance: You see it

Personailty- Quiet and uasually stays to himself unless someone asks him a questions or he has something on his mind.

Bio- His mother died having him and he accidently killoed his father when he was expiramenting with his powers. He was taken ion by another family who helped him conrtol his powers

He was then sent away to become a soldier in the war at Asocan and has used his powes to save as many lives as possible

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