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I was just wondering what Anime characters you think are legends? And which ones you think will become legends?

The ones that I think are legends are
-Rurouni Kenshin mainly because of his god like speed his belief that the sword is meant to protect people and their happiness and the fact that it takes an other persons' touch and warmth to make him realize this.
-Vash the stampede, I do not have a great reason for Vash being on my list, I think of him as a legend because in his short T.V series he makes you think you may not realize it but he does. He makes you think about how it is wrong to kill how no one has the power to choose who lives and who dies, even if it is your self want to kill your self, he shows just how much he values other lives and his willingness to help anyone, even if they were just trying to kill him.
-Jubei (ninja scroll) I have no idea why I picked Jubei. I think it might be because when I think of ninja's I think of Jubei always willing to sell his help/sword for a noble cause.
- Ken (Fist Of The North Star) is a legend in my mind because it was one of the fist anime that I watched and every one knows about FOTNS.
And Astro boy (yeah nostalgia) One of the first anime, if no the first, it is from the 60's as a cartoon and was a comic strip in the 50's so that pretty much sums up why I think that that is a legend. If I got anything wrong about Astroboy let me know

And the ones that I think will become legends are Ed and Al (FMA). I feel that they will become legends because of all of the struggling that they go through the fact that Alphonze is the more level headed one and that Ed is the more emotional one and that he will not forget about things and let the past lie. They show a true human-interest story, in a manner of speaking; the only reason that Ed becomes an Alchemest is so that he can get his and his brother's bodies back.
- Luffy and Zolo/Zoro (One Piece) I think that these two will become legends because they are great characters I am not saying that the rest of the crew are not great but I feel that these two shine a bit brighter. The whole crew has their own reason for doing what they do but Luffy's and Zolo/Zoro's I find are more Interesting.
-Naruto will become a legend because of the fact that he is so greatly loved by the Anime community that it will not let him just fade into obscurity. I have seen photos of a group of people dressed like him in the states before he was even officially announced there. And that is all that I can think of.

And to Dagger sorry for not giving reasons yesterday I had no time to put them down.
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Already legends

Vampire hunter D (Enough said). I feel D is well remeberd and is still popular. If you haven't seen either of the movies you need to. He was an appealing character, the weird thing was that there was nothing terribly different about him. Strong, brudding, silent figure even at the time ot the first movie was almost a stereotypa at that point. It's like he was a real person and something about the way he spoke and walked and fought just drew you in. That's why I believe he's a legend.

Evangelian- Shiji Ikari (sab, but true), Rei Ayanami, Auska Langley Sohryu, Misato Katsuragi. I think the characters here are not terrible signifigant on there own, but rather as a group. Because when you think of one of them, you think of all of them. The series itself was spectacular, but what made it great were characters like the ones I've listed, yes even Shinji. What made them so great was teh fact that they were human, and they showed this frequently. They weren't noble or even always brave. Some times they were depressing and even hateful, but tahts what made them such great characters was because it felt less like an anime and more like a documentary of the lives of these poor people who smiled on the surface but sufferd underneath it all.

Possible legends

FMA- Edward and Alfonse Elric. I have a good feeling that these two wiill be remeberd for years to come. These are two brothers on a quest, not terribly unique on it's own, but again you have to face not the plot but the characters themselves. Al seems to be the conscience of the two, he wants tot see the right thing done, also the fact that he's not physically tangible except for the armor is a nice touch. It makes him seem almost like a divine creature that we here on earth could never touch. Ed seems much more personal, he feels like someone who's easier to relate to. You can watch these brothers suffer together, but Ed seems to be the one who has the hardest time coming to terms with loss. I think we can expect to hear more of these characters for years to come.

Outlaw Star- Gene Starwind. Gene is one of my favorite characters in all of anime. I don't know if some of you already consider him a legend, but I don't feel he's reached that status yet. Gene was someone who lived by his own code, at least he tried to. He liked to think that he had no fate and that everything was under his control, yet the series seemed to show that he really was being lead along by something else. He was a great character to watch cause you could actually see him change and grow as the series moved along. In the begining he walked tall but was obviously was haunted by his own past and wasn't abl to move passed it. But once he met Hilda and moved to space where he found the Outlaw Star he seemed to become stronger and finally allowed himself to move on and leave his past behind him little by little.

RahXephon- Ayato Kamina. Yet again, another kid with problems, but his just seemed to mount around him. This kid had to deal not with just losing his home, but his whole way of life. I know the series is more then just reminicent of Evangelian, but it's still a great series and it's headlining character Ayato Kamina is a great character. At least he's less of a pansie then Shinji right.
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[COLOR=#656448][SIZE=1]^ Please don't. T_T

[COLOR=#4F91E7][u]Zech Merquise[/u][/COLOR]
Not only is he a hero in the Gundam universe, but it seems he's a legend among Gundam fans as well 'cause his name keeps coming up in almost every discussion about excellent mecha pilots. Fans attest if Zechs was given a mobile suit of the same calibre as them god-moding mecha main characters use, he could very well demolish combined legions of Newtypes and Coordinators. And if that means nuking Kira in the process then I shall love Zechs all the more.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Times New Roman]Sailor Moon-because it the anime that got most people into anime
Goku-One of the most recognizable anime characters arounde
Spike (Cowboy Bebop)-Cause this show was so cool and people just love the character too much.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Navy]I think that these people should besome anime/manga legends because they are the best:

Riku: He was the most loyal and kind person in KH and he was also the most bravest

Edward and Alphonse Elric: They sacrificed themselves just so that they could see their mother again... I mean, come on... they gave up a right arm, left leg and an entire body just so that they could see her smile...

Sasuke: He is the most calm and collected person I've ever seen while also carrying a curse on his back

and last but definitely not least..

Kenshin and Kaoru: I mean, they've been through a lot together and they still have no reason whatsoever to leave each other. They live just so that the other person would be happy[/COLOR][/FONT]
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There are several I can list, but I'll only say one: Char Aznable.


Because he not only was an excellent pilot and character in the original Mobile Suit Gundam, but, what other character do you know of who has spawned as many clones as he has? The Gundam universe(s) is littered with those who can trace their lineage back to Char, including Zechs Merquis and Rau Le Creuset.

There is always that mysterious masked man who seems to have his own agenda. He formed a very necessary character archetype that every Gundam has.

Even if he wasn't a Newtype, he certainly had the potential. Beyond his skills, he also treated those around him with a certain respect. And, in spite of his high ranking, he still managed to convey that he was a youth throughout the tale.

There aren't many characters I can say this about, but , if I were to see him IRL, I wouldn't treat him any differently than I treat the rest of my peers. Not many characters come across that was. At least, not by what I've found.
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Thanks, guys. :)

There are some characters who I feel deserve to be legendary, but that doesn't necessarily mean I expect it to happen. That aside, though, I do think [b]Motoko Kusanagi[/b] from Ghost in the Shell, GitS: SAC, GitS: 2nd Gig, Gits: Innocence & etc. will become an iconic character if she isn't deemed one already, especially after the recent GitS TV series (which isn't as "cold" as either of the films). I guess she came to mind first because I'm waiting for the new edition of the first GitS movie to come in the mail, haha.

I suppose I'll second those who put down [b]Edward Elric[/b]. FMA really does go so much farther than one would expect from the first few episodes, and it outdoes itself time and time again. His character development carries a lot of the better moments.

And dare I mention the [b]Count[/b] from Gankutsuou?

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[QUOTE=Dagger]And dare I mention the [b]Count[/b] from Gankutsuou?

~Dagger~[/QUOTE][size=1][color=darkred]ALL HAIL THE COUNT. [/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]I think He might become a legend. He has a Good package, Intelligent, Charismatic, Partially Insane, Bent on Revenge, Skilled with pretty much all weapons, Rich, Pointy ears, Different colored eyes, and I could go on. Whats not to like about a guy who seems to steal the breath out of people when he makes an entrance. I like him a lot so to say.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]Lol something that I think is legend status is Kaneda's motorcycle in Akira. That think is sick, I dont know how many times I wish I could steal it out of the TV. I personally would paint it black, but thats besides the point that you can't not mention it when it comes to motor vehicles.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=#656448][SIZE=1]Meh, I don't know about the Count. I mean, in terms of personality and character design, I see nothing really special in him. He exudes the same aura as Folken, Muraki Kazutaka and... the Prince of Bozania from [i]Voltes V[/i]. But hey, I could be wrong. The Count [i]is[/i] kinda cute.

I'm surprised no one's mentioned [COLOR=#425E8E]Pikachu[/COLOR] yet. This electric ball of cuteness has got to be one of the most memorable, if not legendary, characters that came out in the 90's! It's easily the first thing that comes into mind when you say "cute monster," or "Pokémon", at the very least. The series spawned other monster-catching spin-offs (and thereby other mini-monsters) which were also loved, though not as much as the original. And with the thousands of Pokémon-related merchandise out there (on sale or already sold), Pikachu deserves a spot beside hallowed greats like [COLOR=#425E8E]Hello Kitty[/COLOR] and [COLOR=#425E8E]Astro Boy[/COLOR].[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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