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Digimon: Immersion (PG13-V,L)


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Kiva lay down in the mechanism that would allow her mind to enter virtual reality. Even after two years, it still seemed impossible that what the machine would do was, in fact, possible. VR had been common enough in science fiction, but Kiva had never thought it would become a reality, at least not in her lifetime. It just seemed too complex. The necessary computing alone would prevent it from happing, she'd believed. But she'd been wrong. Oh, she'd been right about the complexity, and about the necessary computing power. In fact, security around VR equipment was very tight because of that. Nobody wanted a hacker to gain access to that much computing power, so access was carefully regulated, and users were extensively monitered.

Another problem that Kiva had seen was safety. Even if the equipment was perfected, made so that it was impossible for anything to go wrong, what happened if the power went out? Well, that hadn't stopped VR. The equipment was very safe, though certainly not perfect, and users were required to assume responsibillity for any damage they sustained while using the equipment.

The power concern was a big one, because if the power went out while one was in VR, one would, at the very least, sustain brain damage and partial memory loss, with death a very real possibility. Because of this, there were extensive precautions taken. If the power was failing, all VR units were programmed to immediatly pull the users out of VR. An instantanious extraction was possible, though it usually resulted in severe disorientation and nausea. Additionally, the larger VR facilities, including the one Kiva was at, had backup generators that would take over and provide power in the event of a power outage. The smaller facilities normaly did not have backup generators, and neither did places like community recreation centers that only had a few VR units. In those paces, use of equipment was not allowed durring conditions, such as severe thunderstorms, that significantly increased the risk of a power failure.

The necessary complexity of VR programs had been the main reason Kiva'd believed VR wouldn't happen. This was especially true of the program she would be using, [i]Digimon[/i]. [i]Digimon[/i] was an entire virtual world, fully interactive. Kiva'd thought that the complexity of such a program would prove impossible to overcome. Yet it somehow had been overcome, and the result was the most fun Kiva'd ever had.

As Kiva inserted her Digivice into the VR unit, she thought of the way her friends and family, especially her brother and sister, kept wondering how she could posssibly still be entertained by a program she'd been using for two yeas now. She'd explained it several times, but they never seemed to understand. Kiva didn't think she'd ever get bored with [i]Digimon[/i]. It was an entire virtual world, and there was a seemingly endless supply of things to do. It would keep her entertained for a long time.

Kiva knew that many people did grow tired of [i]Digimon [/i]after a while, though she didn't understand how one could get bored with such a program. They'd play for a while, then stop. Some knew they'd resume playing after taking a beak, so they'd have their accounts suspended so that they could keep their data and not have to start over from scratch. One couldn't play until taking the accound out of suspension, but there was no charge for the time during which the account was suspended. The charge that there would have been was subtracted from the usual monthly fee.

The VR unit had finished making preperations, and proceeded to insert Kiva's mind into VR. No matter how many times she did this, she didn't think she'd ever get used to the insertion. She'd managed to adjust to the fact that her VR ''body' was just a computer construct, even though it looked, felt ,and behaved identically to her real body. She'd quickly acepted that the seemingly real world of [i]Digimon[/i], and the amazingly life-like Digimon themselves, were nothing more than part of a program. But she would probably never get used to the actual insertion into VR.

[color=indigo]Kiva's thoughts were cut off by the brief moment of blankness that acompanied the insertion. Then she was in virtual reality. She took a quick look around, remembering what exactly she'd been doing during her last session, where she'd been when she'd logged off.[/color]
[color=indigo] [/color]
[color=indigo]"Welcome back," she heard a familiar voice say. It was Hawkmon, her partner. The befriended Garudamon was there, as well. One thing that did take Kiva a little while to get used to was the fact that Hawkmon and Garudamon, despite being in exactly the same position and condition as when she'd logged off previously, always had clear memories of the intervening time. She did, however, find it very useful, as they usually knew the status of whatever objective she'd been pursuing before logging out.[/color]
[color=indigo] [/color]
[color=indigo]"Good to be back," Kiva said. "What's the status of our objective?"[/color]
[color=indigo] [/color]
[color=indigo]"Still there," Hawkmon told her. "Nobody's beaten you to this one. A couple've tried to take her out, but without success. Looks like you've found a tough one."[/color]
[color=indigo] [/color]
[color=indigo]"That's how I like 'em," she replied. "It's much more fun that way."[/color]
[color=indigo] [/color]
[color=indigo]Kiva, Hawkmon, and Garudamon had been after Ornithmon, a powerful Mega-level, virus-type bird Digimon that had been causing some problems for local Digimon. They'd managed to locate Ornithmon's lair in the mountains, and had been at the base of Ornithmon's mountain when Kiva had logged out. Now, since it seemed that nobody had yet taken out Ornithmon, Kiva and co. were going to do battle with the powerful bird Digimon.[/color]
[color=indigo] [/color]
[color=indigo]Garudamon took to the skies while Kiva and Hawkmon waited on the ground. Garudamon's objective was to draw Ornithmon out. When Ornithmon emerged, likely expeting an easy victory over the Ultimate-level Garudamon, Kiva would trigger Hawkmon's digivolution all the way up to Mega, taking Ornithmon by surprise and possibly bringing the battle to a quick end.[/color]
[color=indigo] [/color]
[color=indigo]Of course, Kiva wasn't dumb enough to rely on that scenario, which was actually not very likely. Though Ornithmon would most likely be taken by surprise, she hadn't survived for so long by reacting slowly. Kiva was prepared for a longer battle with Ornithmon. Also, Kiva had confirmed that there was at least one Karatenmon with Ornithmon, presumably Ornithmon's offspring digivolved to the Ultimate level. Garudamon would engage Karatenmon, leaving Hawkmon, in his Mega-level form of Machinedramon, to deal with Ornithmon. Hopefully, that would be enough.[/color]
[color=indigo] [/color]
[color=indigo]It didn't take long for Ornithmon to emerge from her lair. Garudamon immediatly attacked, but Ornithmon was easily able to counter. Before Ornithmon could launch an attack of her own, Kiva triggered Hawkmon's digivolution to Mega. Machinedramon immediatly attacked Ornithmon, but Ornithmon was able to react fast enough to avoid a direct hit. Machinedramon landed only a glancing blow. As Ornithmon came at Machinedramon, Karatenmon emerged from the lair and was immediatly engaged by Garudamon. The battle was on.[/color]
[color=indigo] [/color]
[color=indigo] [/color]
[color=indigo]OOC: Here we go! Log in and get started. Those of you whose characters are new users (which is everyone who has not specifically stated otherwise), this doesn't necessarily need to be your character's first log-in, but it should be one of his/her first. There really isn't anything specific I want you to do, as this is a very free-form RPG. Just remember that I want both 'good' and 'bad' players (Sheath and shadowofdeath13, your characters would be good for 'bad' players, due to the Digimon they've befriended). Oh, and one last thing. I'd apreciate it if you'd use a different text color when your character is in VR than when he/she is in reality (like what I did).[/color]
[color=indigo] [/color]
[color=indigo]Okay, that's all. Have fun![/color]
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Hato smiled as she slid effortlessly into the VR machine and pulled out her digivice and quickly plugged it into the machine.

She loved the rush it brought everytime she logged into VR. In VR she was free to do as she wanted, without anyone to tell her what to do. It was such as shame that there weren't a lot of good challenges anymore, she had completed most of the more difficult bits, but there was always more and more things to do, like her current objective.

[COLOR=Red]Sheath smiled as she got her bearings quickly, she was in front of a large and rather ominous looking castle.

"What took you so long?" Beelzemon growled.

"Sorry, piano lessons, y'know?" Sheath taunted, "Anyway, status report?"

"No one's been dumb enough or brave enough to enter the area," Salamon answered, as Sheath started walking towards the castle.

"Good, it means that it's unlikely anyone will get in my way." Sheath smiled darkly, "And if anyone does..."

Inside the castle their were only a few challenges, a Phantomon here, a Kimeramon there, y'know the usual.

"Why does it always have to be winding staircases?" Beelzemon whined.

"Bee, quit being such a crybaby," Sheath groaned. She hated these winding staircases just as much as the next player, but to admit that would be a sign of weakness.

"Stop calling me that! My name is Beelzemon!"

"I'll call you whatever I want to ... Bee." Sheath said. Beelzemon made a desperate lunge at Sheath, but Sheath strafed to the side.

"Guys, we're here," Salamon said, issuing with a paw to the door[/COLOR]

OOC: I'll edit this later.
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Rain was patiently waiting in the machine that would, for the first time, send her into the VR world of digimon. She re-thought all the times she wished to play since its release but she had lived far from any facilities to actually be able to register. Once she turned eighteen though she decided to move out and find an apparetment closer to a place where she could play and today she had finally done it.

We was finally there in the machine about to embark on a new type of adventure. She had spend almsot an hour scrolling through the possible starting partner choices looking for the one she wanted. Once she was happy with her choice she was ushered with digivice in hand to a room where her game would start.

As instructed she inserted the digivice into the machine. She felt things change quickly.

[color=green]Suddenly her vision went black and changed. She looked around and realized what had been done. She smiled brightly. She was finally in! Her deep brown eyes scanned the area. She seemed to be in a small village of sorts. She wondered if everyone started in a place like this but soon her thoughts were interupted.[/color]
[color=#008000]The digivice in her hand began to beep. She glanced at the screen but was not used to looking at something like that and wondered what was going to happen. She heard a strange digital like noise. Suddenly the form of something began to appear above her.[/color]
[color=#008000]Within a few seconds the form was complete and the Digital creature floated down and landed on the ground. Being only about two feet tall and with brown fur it looked rather odd. It had two very long ears with two pink sripes on each one. The ends of the ears had three little points and the end was also pink. She had a pink mark on her chest and on the top of each hand and foot. Small black eyes stared up at Rain as she stared back down. This little digimon had three horns on its forehead. One of the main reasons she chose this digimon was because it looked kinda cute and because she liked horns.[/color]
[color=#008000]"Download complete" The digivice beeped and then went silent.[/color]
[color=#008000]"Hmm. You need to grow into those ears..." She said to the digimon.[/color]
[color=#008000]The digimon leaped up into the air and landed on Rain's head where she sat comfortably. "You need to grow into your hair." The digimon said in a sweet child like male voice.[/color]
[color=#008000]Indeed, her hair was long. Going down to a little past her butt it was quite long. It was light blue in color as well. A wind blew calmly and Rain's pink button up shirt moved slightly. She was wearing shin high tan pants and brown and pink sneakers. She also chose this particular digimon because of its colors. Rain liked Brown and Pink.[/color]
[color=#008000]"So I read on the thing your name was Lopmon. You looked kinda girly." Rain said.[/color]
[color=#008000]"Well yeah... But uhh Im not so no mushy nicknames alright?"[/color]
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[size=1]Matthew entered the chamber in which he would log in. He thought back to the last time he exited the Digital World. Him and his partner, Gabumon (I?ll refer to him as Gabumon until he meets Michel, IF he meets him), along with his befriended Digimon, Gatomon and Growlmon, had taken on 3 Ultimate level Digimon, all of them being MetalGreymon. It was a hard battle and he knew his Digimon needed to rest, so it was quite a few weeks till he logged in again.[/size]

[size=1]?I hope their wounds are healed?if not, I guess we?ll take on the smaller quests.?[/size]

[size=1] [size=1]Matthew then laid down into the VR machine and plugged in his Digivice. The machine started up, vibrating slightly and humming, a combination that would put Matthew to sleep if it wasn?t for the machine creating a new world in front of him.[/size]

[size=1]A sudden flash of light appeared in front of him and suddenly died down as a new world appeared in front of him. His Digimon friends were waiting for him.[/size]

[color=green][size=1]?So you finally decided to join us again?? Gatomon said.
[color=green][size=1]?Hey, you guys were seriously damaged last time and I just wanted to let you guys rest.?
[color=green][size=1]?We can handle it.? Gatomon said.
[color=green][size=1]?Maybe you and your arrogance, but we actually know when to quit.? Gabumon piped up.
[color=green][size=1] [color=green][size=1]?Come on guys. Lets stop arguing and find another quest to do.? Matthew said.
[color=green][size=1] [color=green][font=Times New Roman][font=Tahoma][size=1]The group walked out of the login center and headed out into the Digital World, unknown to what may happen in the future?[/size][/font][/font][/color]
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There was something utterly satisfying about going home knowing that you wouldn't have to wallow on work issues for long. Michel Léroux stopped at his favorite delicatessen only to buy his favorite sandwich. His visit got a smile for the cashier, a girl he knew by sight.

"As usual," she commented.

Michel winked at her before walking back outside and jumping on his bicycle. The two-wheeled vehicle zoomed down the streets unsteadily, one hand being busy shoving the sandwich in the man's mouth. It eventually screeched to a halt in front of the largest recreation center of the city.

The young man walked confidently in, greeted by a few usual patrons. Locating an unused VR machine, he settled himself down comfortably, swallowed the last bite of his sandwich and inserted his digivice into the slot designed for that purpose.

[COLOR=DimGray]For a short moment his mind floated in nothingness before the sound of waves broke the silence. Eiffel could see nothing. Then he opened his eyes tofind himself sitting on the sand of a beach, infront of tall cliffs. A paw landed on his shoulder. Without looking he knew it was smooth, scaly and yellow. Covered with a strange piece of blue fur completed with blunt red claws.

"Hey little guy, How's it going?" he asked, looking over his shoulder at the lizard digimon.

Eiffel immediately noticed the worried air on the two reptile-type's features. He frowned.

"Well..." the larger red, black, and white lizard hesitated.

"Don't say anything, big guy. Let me guess: the dragon clan has been causing trouble again?" he asked.

The two digimon nodded without a word while he got up. The small party began to walk along the beach toward an area where a narrow path climbed the side ofthe continental shelf. Eiffel sighed.

"I though they would not cause any more problem after we defeated Veedramon."

"That was before Kalika sided with them," Gabumon explained.

The man glanced at hispartner inquisitively.

"Her again? wasn't she partnered with a Tentomon last time we heard about her?"

"That barely lasted her victory over Metal Seadramon. Now she's got a monodramon."

Great. Now the worst power player of the game was guaranteed to go after him. And with an ultimate level level digimon no less. The girl switched digimon more often than anybody on the server. And she was going to help the dragon clan to take control of Sentry Peninsula.

"Not good, not good..." Eiffel muttered under his breath.
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[FONT=Arial]Leon looked at the VR machine then back to one of the helpers. He had done this before, but last time seemed like a deam. Would it work again?
"Go right ahead, Mr Strife." Said the helper as she left him alone. He took a deep breath and slipped in.
"Here we go..." He whispered as everything faded out.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue] Now Haku opened his eyes to his surroundings. His digivice peeped as the orange digimon appeared in front of him.
"What's up Haku? Been waiting for along time!" Haku didn't appy, but got up slowly from the ground. He was at the same place he lougout last time. The mountain seemed to reach endlessly into the sky.
"So up this mountain is the rare artifact you told me?' Haku whispered as he glanced at Agumon beside him.
"Yep, the trail should be close by." Haku nodded as he began to walk towards the mountain. His digimon partner followed close behind as they got closer to the trail. Just when Haku placed his foot on the cold dirt of the trail, fog began to form. Agumon stepped closer to Haku, as he brushed his dark blue hair out of his eyes.
"Looks like someone doesn't want us to go up..."
"How can you tell?"
"It happens all the time when something bad is about to happen. Stay on your guard." Agumon slowly nodded as he got ready.
"Ahhh, so you knew I was around." Haku felt cold air press against his face. A block of ice fell on the ground roughy near the campanions. A devish laugh ecoed around them. A evil digimon appeared before them. Haku instantly pulled out his digivice.
"IceDevimon...Champion. What brings you here?"
"You of course... You may not follow the trail and find my riches." Haku stared coldly at him then looked at Agumon.
"Time to rumble. Let's go Agumon." The digimon nodded and bounced in front of IceDevimon. Agumon reared back.
"Pepper Breath!" He fired a ball of fire at the Ice digimon. He grind his teeth as he flung his arm in the air to make a wall of ice. The wall was burned down, but Icedevimon was still in tact. "
Tundra feeze!" He roared as ice zoomed towards Agumon. He bounced to dodge, but got hit as his shoulder froze at the instant. He Haku rose his digivice into the air. He had just learned how to make Agumon stronger yesterday and he needed everything to beat this evil one.
"Time to digivolve!!" As the digivice glowed red. Agumon turned brighty white.
"Agumon digivolve to....Greymon!' The mighty beast appeared as he gave a mighty roar. Icedevimon looked at the vicious Greymon. The beast attacked first, lashing his long tail at his enemy. Flinging him across the mountain side.
"How did he get so strong?!"
"Finish This Greymon!!!"
"Nova Blast!!" A blast of fire boomed out of his mouth and towards the Icedevimon. He made his wall of ice, but it was useless.
"NO!!!" It was a direct hit. Greymon went back to his rookie form as the battle was over.
"You okay?" Haku asked to his partner.
"Better then ever." He nodded as the two went back to the trail, up the large mountain.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[font=Tahoma][size=1]A sudden symphony of electronic beeps and an injection into his arm. He closed his eyes and breathed.


[color=DarkSlateBlue]Eyes still closed, he felt his senses return to him; rain was falling in heavy drops. He opened his eyes slowly and remembered the setting he was in before he had logged-out the last time: a jungle, thick with vegetation and even thicker with other players and their Digimon. Zale had tried to stear clear of them for a while, but now, he felt the need to challenge.

A tugging at the sleeve of his black sweater made him look down. Labramon, a Rookie-level Digimon smiled up at him. Zale returned the gesture with a small smile of his own, and squeezed the Digivice held within his left hand.

With his right hand, he tapped a place on his belt and instantly, music began to fill his ears.

[/color][/color][/size][/font] [center][font=Tahoma][b][size=1][color=DarkSlateBlue]they fall in line, one at a time.
ready to play, i can't see them anyway.

[/color][/size][/b][/font] [left][font=Tahoma][color=DarkSlateBlue][size=1]Though the music was loud, he could hear his surroundings quite well, which included Labramon telling him that his counterpart, Leomon, was off checking into some reports of mysterious Digimon. A shriek of laughter made Zale and Labramon turn around.

[/size][/color][/font] [center][b][color=DarkSlateBlue][size=1][font=Tahoma]no time to lose, we've got to move.
steady your hand, we've got to move again.

[/font][/size][/color][/b] [left][color=DarkSlateBlue][size=1][font=Tahoma]A Witchmon and her partner stood at the base of a large tree; both of their garments were soaking wet. The girl, with black hair and blue eyes, smiled at Zale; he just nodded to her.

Witchmon mounted her broom and flew towards Labramon. Labramon, expecting the sudden attack from a familiar foe, flipped into the air while twisting mid-air to face Witchmon as he landed.

[/font][/size][/color] [center][b][color=DarkSlateBlue][size=1][font=Tahoma]fire your guns, it's time to run.
blow me away.

[/font][/size][/color][/b] [left][color=DarkSlateBlue][font=Tahoma][size=1]Zale held out his Digivice. A spiral of data, numbers meaning nothing the human eye, surrounded Bearmon and began to glow. When they disappeared, Dobermon had taken the Rookie-level's place.

Dobermon snarled. Zale watched the girl's smile turn into a solemn frown.

[/size][/font][/color] [center][color=DarkSlateBlue][size=1][font=Tahoma][b]i will stay unless i may.
after the fall, we'll shake it off.
blow me away.

[/b][/font][/size][/color] [left][color=DarkSlateBlue][size=1][font=Tahoma]Dobermon opened his jaws and a stream of black energy launched itself at Witchmon; the witch dodged it, but the dog followed her and struck her in the back. She fell to the ground.

Witchmon's partner yelled at her Digimon to get up, and the Digimon obeyed. Lowering herself to the ground, Witchmon took her broom and raised it, ready to attack; but Dobermon was quicker and launched his second attack, which blasted into the Champion's chest and sent her flying into a tree, where she reverted into Salamon.

[/font][/size][/color] [center][b][color=DarkSlateBlue][size=1][font=Tahoma]only the strongest will survive.
lead me to heaven when we die.
i have a shadow on the wall.
i'll be the one to save us all.

[/font][/size][/color][/b] [left]

OOC: I know there's no dialogue; I did that for an effect I thought would be more... movie-like. I dunno. It was an idea of mine.

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OOC: Venge, please do not put all those smilies in your posts. Oh, and a note to Sheath and shadowofdeath13: based on the Digimon your partners have befriended, your characters should probably be 'bad' players. If they aren't 'bad' players, then they wouldn't have been able to befriend those Digimon in the first place.

Oh, and I can't remember if Garudamon is male or female. Does anyone remember which gender Garudamon is?


[color=indigo]"Giga Cannon!" Machinedramon fired a powerful blast from the cannons on his back. Ornithmon, who was, like most flying Digimon, very agile, was able to dodge the attack. She countered with Cosmic Ray, which did hit the not-so-agile Machinedramon. Fortunatly, Machinedramon could take a lot of punishment. Machinedramon fired again, this time managing to graze hisopponent. Ornithmon used Cosmic Ray again, but this time, Machinedramon was actually able to dodge.[/color]

[color=indigo]The battle between the two of them proceeded in that manner. Machinedramon would attack, then Ornithmon would dodge and counter. Ornithmon did occasionally break pattern and launch an attack before Machinedramon did, but she was very careful when she did so. She knew that she wouldn't be able to take a direct hit from Machinedramon and recover in time to avoid the follow-up blast, which would be more than enough to take her out. So she had to focus on not getting him. Machinedramon, on the other hand, could absorb a lot of punishment, but wasn't very good at dodging. To win' he'd have to land a direct hit on Ornithmon before he was dealt more damage than he could take.[/color]

[color=indigo]Kiva momentarily turned her attention to the battle between Garudamon and Karatenmon. Their battle was a lot more exciting to watch. The two of them were flying all over the place, attacking and dodging. They'd attack each other from a didtance, then move in for closer-ranged attacks befre seperating again. Fortunatly for Kiva, Garudamon appeared to be winning without too much trouble. Kiva's guess was that Karatenmon had only recently reached Ultimate, and so was still not fully used to her current form. Regardless of the reason, Garudamon was able to finish off Karatenmon without taking too much damage.[/color]

[color=indigo]After disposing of Karatenmon, Garudamon joined the battle against Ornithmon, who seemed to be winning against Machindramon. Garudamon hit Ornithmon with a Wing Blade, then quickly moved away to avoid Ornithmon's counterattack. Machinedramon took advantage of Ornithmon's distraction to aattack with Giga Cannon. Ornithmon reacted fast enough to avoid a direct hit, but the shot still did significant damage. Ornithmon knew that she didn't have a very good shot at winning now that Garudamon had entered the battle. The only thing she could do was flee, which she did. Garudamon got in one last hit with Wing Blade, but it wasn't enough to finish Ornithmon off. The Mega-level bird Digimon had escaped, but she wouldn't be causing any more trouble for a while.[/color]

[color=indigo]Garudamon landed beside Kiva and Machinedramon, who devolved to Hawkmon. "Nice work," Kiva said. "It's too bad that Ornithmon esccaped, but there's nothing we can do about it now. We'll probably see her again."[/color]

[color=indigo]"We should search for her," Garudamon advised, "finish her off before she cacn recover from her injuries."[/color]

[color=indigo]"That sounds good," Kiva replied, "but it won't work. This is a big world, and there's no telling where Ornithmon will go. We'll have to wait until she shows herself again. When she does, we'll go in again, and next time she won't escape. In the meantime, we'll just have to find something else to do."[/color]
[color=indigo]Garudamon grabbed Kiva and Hawkmon and took off. by having Garudamon carry them, they could get around very quickly. The large bird Digimon would get them back to Serenity City, where they'd find another mission, in no time at all.[/color]
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[font=Verdana][size=2][b]OOC: [/b]Argh, saw it and then forgot to come back and post! Sorry if I'm not posting regularly, exams are stressing me out. Only a week and a bit more to go.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][b]Takuya[/b], I thought all of Biyomon's digivolutions were female like her? *shrugs*[/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=black]Sakura slid into the VR chamber with the practised ease of doing so for three years and connected her digivice to the machine. She started to hum as she waited for the computer to register everything. There was a quiet whirring as it started up, and she entered the world of Digimon.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=navy]Sakura saw her three digimon waiting for her, Renamon; her partner of three years greeted her first, followed by her two be-friended digimon; Seraphimon and Piddomon. She smiled and looked around, she was in the same place from yesterday, in a forest clearing with a large lake.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"Alright guys, let's get a move on." [/b]Sakura walked forward and the group maneuvered around the lake and back into the forest.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]The group was after a Woodmon who was causing a bit of a commotion amongst the other forest dwellers, especially the Minomon who were too weak to fight against it.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Sakura hurdled a fallen log and kept going, her digimon were all in the trees somewhere. Renamon jumped through the branches, and her too be-friended angels flew above but stayed within hearing range. She heard some screaming and they all moved in the direction it had come from.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]They all arrived, Renamon stayed perched in a tree, crouched and ready to attack or protect. Seraphimon and Piddomon came through the canopy and hovered nearby. The Woodmon had brought friends, there were; three Mushroomon, two Woodmon including the original, and a Cherrymon.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"Go!" [/b]Sakura ran forward and the others rushed in front of her, Renamon teleported over and immediately began harrassing the Woodmon.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"Diamond Storm!" [/b]she roared as the shards fell from the sky, embedding themselves in the outer bark of Woodmon.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Renamon backflipped out of his reach and ran forward again for more.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Sakura picked up a thick branch and ran into the fray, swinging it as she would a baseball bat, clubbing the Mushroomon trio. They roared at her and jumped up together.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"Fungus Crusher!" [/b]they called in unison as they released their attack.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Sakura rolled away from the attack and used her martial arts on them, giving one a roundhouse kick when he was in reach.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"Fire Feather!" [/b]Sakura heard Piddomon say as he lit fire to the other Woodmon, he roared, not standing a chance and a ring of data surrounded him, meaning he was out of the battle.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"Hallowed Knuckle!" [/b]Seraphimon's punch connected with one Mushroomon and he flew back, colliding with the others, they all cried out as rings of data surrounded them.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"Illusion Mist!" [/b]Cherrymon opened his mouth and a fog surrounded them.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Sakura held her breath and pushed the goggles down off her head and covered her eyes. The fog created a blanket so she couldn't see anything else, her digimon were swallowed up and she was alone. Slowly the mist dissappeared and she was on a table held down by straps around her arms and legs. People surrounded her and each was brandishing a syringe, each larger than the other. Sakura closed her eyes and kept her breathing calm, she was used to digimon showing her what she feared most, and because of them she was amazingly slowly becoming immune to them in the mist and when it happened in real life. She wasn't as afraid of needles as she had been due to the game and the illusions.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]There was a cold touch to her arm, and she had no reaction, so she returned to the scene in the Digital World. She had overcome it without panicking and was safe. She pushed the goggles onto her head looked down at her digivice which she had clasped in her hand.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"Renamon, digivolve!" [/b]she called, holding up the device toward her partner.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]The screen glowed brightly and Renamon was lifted into the air as a blue bubble of data surrounded her, she made her change and emerged as Kyuubimon.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"Dragon Wheel!" [/b]she roared, curling up and releasing a phantom blue wheel of fire that had the head of a dragon.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"Fire Feather!" [/b][/color][/size][/font]

[b][font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]"Seven Heavens"[/color][/size][/font][/b]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]The three attacks hit Cherrymon, he screamed out loud and the data ring surrounded his form. Sakura cheered as they had completed what they were set out to do. The six digimon disappeared, their data floated away, probably to end back up in Primary Village somewhere to be reborn.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"Alright, well done all of you. Let's go back to Serenity City and see if there's any other missions to do." [/b]Sakura threw her branch away.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Sakura got on Kyuubimon's back and Seraphimon and Piddomon touched a part of her golden fur. The four of them phased away and were immediately back in Serenity. Sakura hopped off and Kyuubimon returned to Renamon and they walked into the Mission Central, where whoever wanted to could get missions and be payed for them.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Sakura collected their funds and sat at a table to rest, her digimon all took a seat at the table. Renamon looked a little tired, it exhausted her to transport a lot of people at the same time after a battle.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"You alright, Renamon?" [/b]Sakura questioned.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"Fine, just a little tired." [/b]she replied, tail swaying slightly.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Sakura just nodded in acceptance and they just rested before picking up another mission.[/color][/size][/font]
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[COLOR=Red]"What does man love more than life?
Fear more than death and mortal strife?
What the poor have,
The rich require,
What contented men desire.
What misers spend and spendthrifts save,
And all men carry to the grave?"

Sheath groaned. A riddle. She looked at Beelzemon and Salamon, both of them shrugged. Great. She was on her own for this one. As she examined the riddle she thought there were no answers, because to every question the answer was nothing.

"Could it be that easy?" she whispered. Beelzemon and Salamon looked at Sheath intensely, could she have figured it out? "The answer is... the answer is... NOTHING!" Sheath shouted out and the large door opened, creaking on its ancient hinges. A blast of dusty air issued from it.

"Welcome, Sheath," a voice responded.

"Myotismon, what a pleasure seeing you again," Sheath said bowing.

"And what brings you to my castle?" Myotismon asked, "Take a seat, I expect we have much to talk about."

"No thank-you, I'm simply here to extend to you my offer again."

"Last time I saw you all you had was your partner, but I see you've been joined by Beelzemon."

"I am much stronger now than I was before."

"I see."

"Join us, Myotismon, we will be nearly unstoppable with you on our team."

"Many darklings have sought to befriend me, what do you have that they do not?"

"This," Sheath said as she pulled out a blood red jewel.

"I see... very well then, you have convinced me, I will join you," Myotismon said, standing.[/COLOR]

(OOC: Takuya, my char is a bad char, just a bit foolish at times, as you will soon see.)
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[color=green]Rain looked around. The small village she was in had several little digimon bouncing from here to there or playing. A few larger digimon took care of them and made sure none ran to far off or got into any trouble.[/color]

[color=green]Lopmon leapt off of Rain's head and scratched his cheek, "Unsure about what to do first?"[/color]

[color=green]"Well yeah, I mean I know i just started so i know i am not strong enough to do many things yet. So what exactly is there to do."[/color]

[color=green]"Well... Perhaps-" Lopmon began but as intterupted.[/color]

[color=green]"Perhaps she can help me then. You see what i need done does not need alot of power, just a little more power than me and my friends have." A little light purple head bounced over. It had two small ears sticking out and narrow red eyes.[/color]

[color=green]"Oh really?" Rain said clearly noticing that it was a Pagumon.[/color]

[color=green]"Yes. There is a place that used to be our home in the woods untill two Puroromon came to claim it. Of course me and my other Pagumon friend defended it quite nicelt. That is untill they returned with a Fanbeemon. Me and my Pagumon friend can beat the puroromon just fine but not have enough energy to fight off Fanbeemon. We lost our home and would like it back. Your partner looks capable."[/color]

[color=green]Lopmon was pleased to here that he looked capable enough to fight another rookie. Being just new himself he didnt want to seem weak in any way.[/color]

[color=green]Rain thought about this for a while. She wasnt sure she wanted to chose sides so early in. She knew that it was more likely insect digimon like in woods and she also knew of another detail.
[color=green]"Umm. Im afraid I will have to take a Rain check on that one." Rain laughed in her mind about what she just said but kept a stright face.[/color]

[color=green]"What? Why?" The pagumon narrowed its eyes even more.[/color]

[color=green]Rain smiled, "I just started. I do not want to get pinned as disturber of the peace so early."[/color]

[color=green]"What? Dont you beleive my story?"[/color]

[color=green]Rain shook her head, "Not really. You see Pagumon, known to be vicious, dont exactly turn into guardian angels when they digivolve."[/color]

[color=green]The pagumon growled, "Well then I guess me and my friends will have to teach you a lesson. One where its better to help the ones who ask instead of questioning it."[/color]

[color=green]A few moments later there were two other Pagumon sitting with the original that started this conversation. Rain did not feel any different about the matter.[/color]

[color=green]As one was about to leap a zap of electricity smacked it and it bounced on the ground and turned to see who attacked. A pinkish red digimon on all fours came over. "Seriously leave the human alone. Or me and the Lopmon will be the ones teaching you guys a lesson."[/color]

[color=green]"I never said I would fight Elecmon... But if I had to I guess I would." Lopmon spun in place for no real reson other than to sho off.[/color]

[color=green]The electric digimon nodded, "Yeah. Anyways Pagumon you better behave. Some of us are getting a little fed up with you guys."[/color]

[color=green]"Aww we want to live in the woods thats all. You guys would be rid of us then."[/color]

[color=green]Elecmon shook its head, "Yeah, right. You just want the Fanbeemon's honey. You greedy sweet tooth."[/color]

[color=green]Before another word was said the three bounced off towards a small hut. All grumbling unhappily. Elecmon sighed, "Young ones are a handful these days."[/color]

[color=green]Rain nodded, "Yeah I know. I have a little sister. Annoying brat. Anyways Thanks though I am sure Lopmon could have defended me if it was needed."[/color]

[color=green]"Yeah I know but its partially my responsability to keep those intraining digimon under control. So what is your name newcomer?"[/color]


[color=green]Lopmon nodded, "Odd name but I like it."[/color]

[color=green]Elecmon turned and pointed towards a city that was a ways away. "If you are new and such you might want to try going there. Perhaps you will find players who can help you with a few tips or perhaps fine a digimon in need of help but not the overkill kind. Something simple to start you off. Something that isnt so... questionable."[/color]

[color=green]Rain nodded and Lopmon leapt back onto her head, "Thank you. I guess our first stop will be that city."[/color]
[color=black]ooc: Takuya my character hasnt chosen a side yet. Pm me if you need more of good or bad and i can do either one. I tried counting and it seemed even but who knows if everyone will play. So if you need another bad guy i can do that. if you need another good guy i can do that too.[/color]
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[size=1]The quiet humming of the machines always soothed Angelina in a strange way, giving her some sort of peace from the reality she lived in. It always helped to know that she could escape from the world she currently lived in, allowing herself to become enwrapped in the virtual world known as [i]Digimon[/i]. She could still remember, vividly, the first time she had ever participated in this unorthodox fantasy, how the machine prepared itself and powered up to make itself useful and how she laid herself down into the machine, allowing it to ?hook her up? to the virtual world and bring herself to become one with virtual reality.

It was almost as if it were more than just a dream but as if it were reality itself. It felt real for everything and anything she felt, touched, smelt was real. She knew that no one would understand how she felt in this real world, how everyone expected so much from her and how she could give so little to fulfill everyone?s wishes. She knew that no one would comprehend all that she?s been through, not even her parents for what did they know? All they cared about was the perfect image of a family- a wealthy husband, a beautiful trophy wife, and the gift from God that they were given, nothing was good enough for them, it had to be perfect but perfect can only exist within one ultimate persona, who just happens to be God but just happens that she doesn?t wholly believe in him.

[i]Digimon[/i] was the only escape she had and before she began, she had learned of this from a friend on the internet, who explained how the entire objective of this game was and soon found herself wrapped up in the world of virtual reality but there was one thing that blocked her from ever experiencing the distinct euphony of this game and that was the permission of her parents. She knew they would never allow her to do such a thing and knew that if she had even asked, it would result in punishment. So, instead of asking, she?d merely write permission by herself and have her parents? sign it without them ever knowing what it was about and explain to them that she was volunteering at a facility that enabled her to further her knowledge of technology, sociology, and whatnot.

In the end, it all worked out for here Angelina was, four years later from then, still entertaining herself with [i]Digimon[/i], taking away the stress that she carried and putting it all away here. She slowly closed her eyes and with a deep breath, all of reality soon became dark.

[color=#C82356]Slowly opening her eyes, Angel could see that she was back in the virtual world and within that world was Wormmon who placed himself on the shoulders of Reichmon, the befriended Warrior digimon, and beside him was RhodoKnightmon, a digimon whom Angel befriended, someone who loved to fight.

?We?ve managed to learn new information from the digimon that live here!? The gruff, almost growling, voice of Reichmon sounded. ?Where are we off to next??

?First, the information. Should I not know it before we leave?? Angel sounded cold, almost indifferent to her digimon as she would have been in reality. The digimon didn?t seem to care; they were nearly just as cold as she, if not parallel to her in personality. Angel waited for their answer. ?Well? The information, if you please.?

?We?ve been notified of a battle competition in the nearby city, a valuable reward for the winner of the competition. What the reward is is uncertain but I suppose it?s worth a try.? RhodoKnightmon spoke in an elegant fashion, almost as if she was of high order, speaking in a floral voice with soft tones yet having harsh accents beneath the voice. ?Oh, by the way, I?ve been notified by one of the Kiwimon that the city ahead is ruled by an iron-fisted digimon.?

Nodding her head, Angel looked to the direction of the flying bird digimon in the sky. She then looked in that direction and saw a small, yet tall structure in the horizon not far off from where she and her digimon were at. She closed her eyes and felt the breeze pass her by and as she opened her eyes, she directed her digimon to follow in that direction, knowing that she was bound to find a fight or two on the way and become entwined with battles within the city. It only pleased her so much to know what she was getting herself into, knowing that she couldn?t afford not to have a look-see of what this competition may be.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Arial] Agumon slammed on the cold mountain soil.
"I give up, go without me." Haku stopped and gave him an odd look.
"We're here already..."
Agumon looked up as his friend stood beside the large cave entrance. Haku turned back to the cave and peaked inside.
"Seems no one is in... Let's go."
"Okay." Agumon got back up and followed his human friend inside. There was enough light to see gold shinning around them.
"Look at all this gold!"
"We're here for the ruby. Let's split up." Agumon nodded as they searched through the endless gold. Haku smiled as he grabbed the ruby.
"Got it, Let's jet." Agumon was about to responsed when a great shake made them fall to the ground.
"YOU DARE DISTURB MY CAVE??!!" Haku turned to where the voice was coming from, a large digimon appeared from the shadows. Haku flipped his digivice up.
"Dinotigemon....Mega...Crap." He back off alittle, but jumped as the tiger roared.
"Let's go Agumon!" The companions turned and runed for the exit. They stopped as they where inches away from the cliff. Dinotigemon rushed out there, drowl running down his jaw.
"Time to take on the mega...Agumon!"
"Agumon digivolve to....Greymon!!" Greymon roared as he got in front of Haku. Haku knew it wasn't going to look good. Champion going against a mega.
"Nova Blast!!" He fired a giant ball of fire at the beast, but Dinotigemon dodged easily.
"Have a nice trip to the bottom.... Ground Fang!" He sent his teeth into the ground as the ground shook violently. A large crack formed around Greymon and Haku.
"Oh boy...." The ground instantly broke as the two went down the mountain and into the forest below.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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OOC: Sheath, I kind of figured out that your character is a 'bad' player. It just didn't seem that way in your first post. Just be sure to remember that in this RPG, Digimon which were extra-powerful in the shows (such as Myotismon) are no more powerful than other Digimon of their level (so Myotismon is no more powerful than any other Ultimate in this ROG). There is some variation, of course, but there are no Digimon that are too much more powerful than others of their level. Also, Revelation, please remove the Royal Knight bbit. You can still have RhodoKnightmon, but in this RPG, there's no such thing as the Royal Knights.

Oh, and I think I'll call Garudamon a female. If I'm wrong, then someone please tell me.


[color=indigo]After wandering through Serenity City for a while, Kiva sat down and thought about what she wanted to do next. She hadn't found any specific missions; nobody had had any specific things they wanted done. Well, none that interested her, at least. She had, however, heard plenty of information. Most notably, it seemed that the 'dragon clan' was going to try once more to take over Sentry Peninsula. Also, it seemed that there were a couple players who would be assisting them, most notably Kalika.[/color]

[color=indigo]Kiva had recognised the name Kalika immediately. Kalika had something of a reputation. She was constantly changing partners and digivolution lines, for former less frequently then the latter simply because of the fact that when one switched partners, one's new partner wasn't quite up to the level of the old one. However, digivolution lines could be changed without any such penalties. The so-called 'power players', who made a point of exploiting any Digimon's weaknesses, changed digivolution lines quite frequently, sometimes on an almost daily basis. Kalika switched partners more frequently than any other 'power player', and was known to cycle through befriended Digimon as well. If you were going up against her, it was best that you take her by surprise, because if she knew to expect you, she'd be fully prepared to take you on.[/color]

[color=indigo]Kiva never hesitated to exploit an advantage whenever she could, but she wasn't a 'power player' in any way. What she wanted was a well-balanced team. That's why she'd befriended Garudamon. Garudamon's speed and agility nicely complemented Machinedramon's power and toughness, and she was also a flyer. Yes, Hawkmon's Champion and Ultimate forms were also flyers, but Machinedramon was not. For another befriended Digimon, Kiva wanted one that could fight just as well in the water as on land. There was a Zudomon she was thinking of going for. Kiva wanted to have an option in any situation, not to optimize for a specific situation.[/color]

[color=indigo]Kiva'd actualy met Kalika before, a meeting that was peaceful and completly random. Kiva hadn't liked her very much. She'd come across as very cold. Kiva was well aware that [i]Digimon [/i]was nothing more than a game, but she prefered to accept it on its own terms, to act as though it were real. She had more fun that way. Kalika, however, treated Digimon with cruelty and disrespect. "There's no reason to treat them like people when they're not," she'd said. Though it was true that Digimon were noting more than the result of advanced computer programming, Kiva didn't like that kind of talk. It sounded way too much like something her extremely racist grandfather would say. Kiva'd walked away from that meeting with a strong desire to kick Kalika's ass around, but she'd never had the chance. Now, however, it seemed that she just might be able to get her shot at Kalika.[/color]

[color=indigo]"Let's head for Sentry Peninsula," Kiva said to Hawkmon and Garudamon. "It would appear that things over there are about to get interesting. It looks like the dragon clan is ready for another go at control of the area, and Kalika seems to have sided with them. I've been wanting to kick that bitch's ass for a long time. So let's get going, shall we? I don't want to miss the fun."[/color]

[color=indigo]Garudamon grabbed Kiva and Hawkmon and took off, heading for Sentry Peninsula. Hopefully, they'd be there in time for the action.[/color]


OOC: Hope you didn't mind me embellishing on Kalika a bit, Circeus.
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[color=Navy][size=1][font=Tahoma]The rain had stopped several minutes ago, but heavy drops of water were falling from the leaves of the high trees. Zale, Labramon, and Leomon stood at the edge of the jungle, the outskirts of which being rolling hills of green grass. The gray sky had broken up so that slits of golden sunshine, though artificial, shined through.

"It is beautiful, is it not?" Leomon asked; not really expecting an answer, but asking nonetheless.

"Beautiful as it may be," Zale said, half turning away from the borderline. "It is nothing but fake." Zale, his last words spoken with more harm than originally meant, walked into the jungle. Labramon followed him, backed by Leomon.

"What's wrong, Zale?" Labramon asked wearily; he knew his partner sometimes had a temper, but he meddled anyways.

"I don't know," Zale said, continuing his pace but allowing his friends to catch up. "I've been part of this 'game' for years now, and I haven't made one [i]human [/i]friend." Labramon heard Zale sigh quietly to himself, then his partner said, "But it doesn't matter. How about we look for another mission? It's been a while."

"Sure," Labramon replied; he went with his partner's feelings, no matter how much he knew Zale was hurting.

[size=2]OOC: Hey, if anyone wants to become friends with Zale, now's the time to do it.[/size]
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OOC: Takuya: no problem. Just want to point out that due to her recent change (at least, that's the reason i see for it) of partner, kalika cannot reach Mega yet.

Also I messed up a thing in my sign-up: theline I give is the planed line that michel built when chosing his partner. He cannot yet reach ultimate, but should do so inmy next post. (There's a background reason why he couldn't yet, I'm planning for explaining it later.)


[COLOR=DimGray]The place that used to be a small village was nothing more than a few smoldering heaps of rubble. The houses had been so thoroughly destroyed as to leave only dust under the digimons' feet. The only real trace of anypast construction was the small pile of stones that used to be a temple. Eiffel almost broke down in a cold sweat at the sight.

"You've got to kid me!" he exclaimed. "They wiped the place? As in 'killed everyone'?"

Gabumon nodded without a word.

"Nakita Cove, Gobbleheim, Stable Heights..." Guilmon counted the destroyed villagees on his hands.

"How can they go on so rapidly?" the player wondered aloud. "They weren't that numerous last time around."

"That's because they've bullied dinosaur digimon to fight for them."

Eiffel jumped in surprise. Bothdigimon turned around sharply,ready for an attack. The intruder recoiled back, hiding behind a stone.

"No! please!"

Eiffel peered over the rock. An orange lizard with an overgrown head trembled behind it. He reached over and plucked him off the ground. The digimon squirmed in panick as he set it down on the rock.

"When was it?" Eiffel asked.

"Two hours ago. They went in and started to burn the buildings with everybody inside. There was that big Volcdramon and a woman that giggled. She..." he shivered at the memory. "She was so... Gleeful!"

"Great... Now she's on a power trip. She's going to destroy the wholepeninsula at this rate," the man muttered.

"Are you going to stop her?" the digimon asked, eyes wide with surprise.

"I'm at least going to try. I like this place. It should be balanced."

"Then removing a weakling should help!" a voice yelled behind him. "Armor Piercing Blade!"

Oh sh*

Eiffel, Gabumon and Guilmon jumped to the side, rolling as far away as possible. A wide, flat ray of orange-red energy cut through the exact place Eiffel had stood just a few seconds before. Incidetally,itcut through the Agumon's middle section. The rookie digimon exploded into data.

"Ah! I knew there had been a runaway," the champion said smugly.

Eiffel gave his partners a knowing glance. Gabumon was immediately engulfed in light. At the digivolution occured, the other rookie slammed into the adult, taking advantage of his stronger built.

"Gabumon, digivolve to..."

"Pyro Sphere!" the attack hit the three-legged champion on the side of the head. The dragon shook it off, Guilmon using of his distraction to step away.

"Boarmon!" The horned lizard completed its digvolution.

The large animal with a fiery mane rushed at the dragon and slammed its side into a tree.

"Nose Blaster!"

The point-blank fire blast was completely deviated by the armor covering most of his opponent's body. Ginryumon, which was its name according to Eiffel's digivice, smirked and grabbed Boarmon with his front claws.

"Battle Rod Break!"

The energy-encased head slammed violently against the metal plaque on Boarmon's forehead. The fire digimon staggered.

"Oh... He gives good head..." he let out, dazed.

Eiffel grabbed a rock from the nearby ruins.

"Big guy, distract him!" he yelled.

"Way ahead of you!" the lizard retorted, running straight at the champion's front.

Ginryuumon lowered his head as if it was a spear. Energe began to shimmer around his lower jaw. That was the occasion Eiffel waited for.


"Armor Piercing Blade!"

Several events occured simultaneous. Eiffel hurled the stone at Ginryumon's head just as a red beam of energy shot toward Guilmon. The rookie promptly jumped to avoid it and flipped in mid air toward the champion. The projectile hit the dragon square in the left and he snapped his neck up high, roaring in pain. Guilmon's feet landed in Ginryumon's chest, causing the champion to fall over.

"Boarmon! His stomach!" Eiffel called for the other digimon,who by now had managed to shook off the cobwebs.

He took a running start. His fire built up as he rushed toward the dragon's near-defenseless underside.

"Slaming attack!"

A huge fireball extended from the two fighters.

Guilmon and Eiffel at to run to avoid being consumed by the blaze.When the flames receded, only Boarmon stood up.

"Strong bastard," he commented.

"Well, they kinda have a reason to be cocky, you know," Eiffel commented. "Hey,you think you can get the tree of us to Arnett? We'll want to prepare the Clan a reception they won't forget."

"Sure, get on! i could get you all the way into Folder if you wanted!" the digimon joked.

Eiffel sighed. Guilmon and him climbed on the champion's side and the two of them sped for the river town. Kalika would want to battle a high-level digimon so that Monodramon could reach Mega as soon as posible, and Rosemon was the closest on to their position. Besides, killing her would compelely disorganize the plant digimons in the area, and control of the forests would be key to stopping the clan. He pondered on this as he checked his partner's current data.

"Hey Boarmon, guess what? You should reach ultimate soon!"

"That's good to know. We're going to need it," the digimon answered dryly.[/COLOR]
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[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]I'll take that invitation.
Let me know if you want anything changed, it wasn't done too well because I can't think properly at the moment. Plus I didn't have anything to base off since the sign ups don't have personality.

[color=Navy]Sakura watched as several people went past looking for missions, she noticed Kiva, and Kalika, she'd seen them around before since they had been playing for years like her. Sakura got up and stretched, her digimon were napping in their chairs so she decided to take a bit of a walk, see if there were any missions.

Sakura returned from her quick walk, none of the missions looked interesting. She woke her digimon and they took off, heading into the jungle to waste some time, because new missions were constantly coming in.

She started thinking about something else and wasn't watching as she bumped into someone, knocking them both back. Sakura looked up.

[b]"Sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going." [/b]she apologised to the boy. He looked a few years younger than her.

[b]"It's fine." [/b]he replied, continuing on.

[b]"Hey wait. I've seen you before. Your name's Zale isn't it? I've heard of you." [/b]

[b]"So what?" [/b]he turned, Labramon and Leomon stood by his sides.

[b]"Everyone says you don't want a human friend, you just like to stick with digimon. But I don't believe it, everyone needs at least [i]one [/i]human friend." [/b]

[b]"Why are you telling me this?"

"I'll be your friend if you want me to, I don't really hang out with others either. Been playing for three years and have only had human companions twice for missions."

[/b]Zale just watched her with an emotionless look.

[b]"It's not because I don't want to. I just, haven't." [/b]he said.

[b]"Then let me be your friend, I think we can go a long way together. How about it?" [/b]Sakura asked.
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[FONT=Arial][COLOR=RoyalBlue] Haku awoke rubbing his head. He looked under him to see Agumon with his eyes going all over the place.
"Thanks for breaking my fall buddy."
He helped his friend on his feet. They where in some forest along the mountain side, Sun was beaming through the trees.
"We better get this to the merchant. I hate to make him think we couldn't do it." It placed the priceless ruby into his pocket and followed a nearby trail. Several hours past as Agumon tried to keep up with him.
"Can we have a break?" Haku stopped. They have been walking for along time now. River water blazed past them as Haku took a seat on a giant bolder near him.
"Alright, let's take a break." He wondered how long would it take them to get to Serenity City.
"Take your time..." He said as he stared up into the sky. He then could hear the river water. It was gaining speed to fast. he looked down. It was moving alittle too fast. He looked on where the water was flowing from. There coming fast on the water surface was a digimon. It looked like it was being chased.
"..Agumon look...' Agumon took alook over and gasped.
" A Lanamon... She being chased!" Haku got up when he said that. Lanamon was running across the water when she got hit on the back. She fell near Haku as he pulled out his digivice.
"A Shadow Weregarurumon...Ultimate."
"I'm well rested, Haku!" said Agumon getting ready.
"Good, cause its time to digivolve!!"
Agumon digivolved to Greymon as he gave out his normal mighty roar.
"Careful, He's a ultimate!"[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[color=DarkSlateBlue]Zale half-smiled at the girl and hoped to God that she hadn't seen the small gesture. She was pretty, he thought; dressed in all black with black hair. If he didn't know any better, he might have thought she was his long lost sister.

"Yeah, I've heard of you." He stretched his hand out and she accepted it kindly. "You're more than welcome to travel with Labramon, Leomon, and I."

Sakura smiled at him. "Good," she replied. "I've kind of been looking for someone to become friends with as well."

Labramon looked up at the bipedal Renamon; though a Rookie like himself, she was much taller than he, and he felt a trace of intimidation. But he shrugged it off and was glad to have new friends.

"These are my friends: my partner Renamon, and my friends Seraphimon and Piddomon."

Renamon smiled at them, or gave a gesture that Zale assumed was a smile. The Angelic Digimon just merely nodded in a silent recognition.

Before Zale or Sakura could say anything else, a moderately strong twister began to twist around them. Leomon and Labramon, on instinct, surrounded their partner; Renamon, Seraphimon, and Piddomon did the same for Sakura.

The twister subsided into a green-and-orange blur, which turned into a group of seven Ponchomon. Zale pressed a button on his belt and his Digivice materialized in his fist.

"Labramon digivolve to... Dobermon!"

"Leomon, Dobermon, get ready," Zale said quietly. He looked over at Sakura, who had her own Digivice in her hand.


[color=Black]OOC: Sakura, your post was fine. Just remember: Zale isn't exactly cold, he's just shy.
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[color=green]Rain was walking towards the city. Lopmon was riding carefully on her head. Rain did not mind because Lopmon had short legs and was a good shade. They were no longer in the village and walking a wide dirt and sand path. Rain hummed a song as she walked and lopmon after hearing it a few times decided to join in.[/color]
[color=green]Rain looked around and then shifted her eyes to where she could see part of Lopmon. "Did you say something Lopmon?"[/color]
[color=green]"Nope but I heard it..." Lopmon used an ear to cover his eyes and look around carefully.[/color]
[color=green]"You should have just helped my brother." A strange voice came again but it sounded muffled.[/color]
[color=green]"I am not ready to pick a side so I refused. Get over it." Rain said stiffining up.[/color]
[color=green]"Oh we will. Once we teach you that lesson."[/color]
[color=green]"What can a bunch of Pagu-..." Rain was about to say Pagumon when three dog sized purple digimon leapt from the dirt sending sand rocks and dirt into the air. The dusty digimon glared at her. They were clearly not Pagumon.[/color]
[color=green]"You were saying what missy?" The one on the left said. He was larger and had a scar of sorts.[/color]
[color=green]"I will repeat myself. What can two Gazimon do?" Rain asked keeping her cool. She could sense Lopmon was a bit aggitated and ready to fight if he needed to.[/color]
[color=green]"What? There are three of us and you have a single partner of little power. What we can do is hurt you." One on the right said. This one was the smallest.[/color]
[color=green]The middle one held out a clawed paw. He was standing on his hind legs while the other two remained on all fours, "Enough chatter. Just go."[/color]
[color=green]With that Lopmon leapt down and landed in front of Rain. He prepared for an attack. The two Gazimon on the sides leapt at him and one tackled him.[/color]
[color=green]"Tiny Twister!" Lopmon began to spin extreamly fast sending one Gazimon flying into the other. "Blazing Ice!" [/color]
[color=green]He opened his mouth and sent a blast of ice at them. They both leapt in different directions to dodge but one of the Gazimon was not fast enough. His tail was frozen in a small ball of ice. He growled and flung his tail into the ground which broke the ice.[/color]
[color=green]The one that was just watching decided to join in but before he could slam a clawed fist into Lopmon he found a shoe in his side and it hurt. He looked at Rain who had just kicked him so hard he fell over. He leapt up and the three of them attacked Lopmon at the same time. After knocking the bunny to the ground the largest one opened its mouth. "Electric Stun Blast!"[/color]
[color=green]The electricity hit Lopmon who flipped and landedo n his back. His left eat twitched slightly. The leader opened his mouth to attack as well but felt something grab its tail.[/color]
[color=green]Rain yanked at its tail and swung him backwards away from Lopmon.[/color]
[color=green]"Leave Lopmon alone! I know which button to push!"[/color]
[color=green]"Ohhhh Im scared! Why would be scared of some bunny?"[/color]
[color=green]"Because of this." Rain took the Digivice she had put in her pocket and held it out to Lopmon. Lopmon was encased in a glass sphere of pink energy.[/color]
[color=green]"Oooh. Little bunny changing. Let see to what? Whimpy Bunnymon?" The small one joked.[/color]
[color=green]"Lopmon digivolve too..."[/color]
[color=green]The glast ball grew in size untill it was larger than a car. It exploded showering pink glass all over that vanished after a few seconds. A huge brown digimon landed on the ground in front of Rain. It stood taller than a house. He was brown and dark red. His greenish tanish ears twitched a little. He had three spikes on his head and a spike on each shoulder. His arms were so long they could easily touch the ground by his feet. [/color]
[color=green]"Endigomon..." He growled in a very low voice.[/color]
[color=green]"Wu-oh..." The three Gazimon said together.[/color]
[color=green]"I chose this Digivolution instead of Turuiemon mainly because of size. he is no weakling!" Rain shouted.[/color]
[color=green]"Cable Crusher!" Endigomon flung one of his arms down into the ground where the gazimon were. They all managed to dodge.[/color]
[color=green]Rain glared, "Bother me again and I will let him smash you and your pagumon friends. I want to enjoy this game you little bits of programming. Now scram!"[/color]
[color=green]The three all nodded and ran off.[/color]
[color=green]"Do you think they might find you a goody by doing that?" Edigomon looked down at her.[/color]
[color=green]"Meh who cares what those pipsqueekes think. Now since your... larger. Mind giving ME the ride?"[/color]
[color=green]Edigomon nodded and scooped her up into the palm of his hand where she sat comfortable. He began to run towards the city.[/color]
[color=green]"Yeah this is great." Rain said with a grin.[/color]
[color=green]Edigomon smiled, "I prefered it when I was on your head so speak for yourself."[/color]
[color=green]"I was."[/color]
[color=black]ooc: Is this ok Takuya? Not goody yet.... not baddy yet...[/color]
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OOC: Circeus, while your character is in the game, please refer to him only by his username. That goes for everyone else, too.

Also, I'd like to repeat something I put in the underground thread, just to be sure that it's clear. Though players constantly use game terms such as 'game', 'player', 'log out',etc., this does not suggest the concept of a game to the Digimon. To them, those are simply the words used. The Digimon have [i]no idea[/i] that they're nothing more than part of a game. Even being told that they're not real doesn't even suggest the idea to them. I hope that there's no confusion on this particular point. If there is, please PM me, or better yet, post your questions in the Underground thread so that everyone can see both them and my answers to them.

Oh, and you're fine, Frankie.


[color=indigo]Arriving at Sentry Peninsula, Kiva could see that she'd missed the start [/color][color=indigo]of the action. There had clearly been an attack already, and the dragons had definitely come out ahead. There were multiple destroyed villages, thoug the destruction had stopped at a certain point. Kiva knew that it would only be a matter of time until the dragons returned. If she was to join the fight against them, she'd have to find the resiistors.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]As Kiva looked at the destruction below her, she couldn't help thinking that this was one of the things she liked most about [i]Digimon[/i]. There could be massive battles resulting in a ton of destruction, but give the area a few weeks and everything was back, a nice feature that allowed for major battles and power struggles while simoultaniously helping to prevent serious changes in the world of the game. Oh, if a group like the dragon clan took control of an area, they'd stay in control, at least until someone managed to overpower them in combat and force them out. But the area would be fast to recover from the effects of battle. Destroyed villages would be rebuilt quickly, the area would be repopulated at a very fast rate, etc. That way, destructive battles could keep occuring without the risk of destroying too much.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Kiva spotted a human riding a Digimon. They appeared to be heading for Arnett. It was a good destination, as its position made it the likely next target of the dragons. It was where Kiva and co. had been heading. Upon seeing this human, Kiva instructed Garudamon to land in from of him and his Digimon. As Garudamon landed andplaced Kiva and hawkmon on the ground, Kiva saw that the Digimon being ridden was a Boarmon, and that there was a Guilmon as well. As she approached him, she was able to identify the human. She'd met him before.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"Hello, Eiffel," Kiva said. "I should've known you'd be here."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Nice to have you here, Kiva," Eiffel replied. "This one's going to be nasty, so your help will be appreciated. It seems that the dragon clan has recruited dinosaur Digimon. Theey've already done some major damage, as you've probably seen."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva nodded. "I saw. Hard to miss. You heading for Arnett?"[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Yes. It'll probably be the dragon clan's next target, and also the best place to stop them. I'm sure the Digimon living in this area have prepared their forces by now, and those forces will probably head to Arnett for the same reason we are: to stop the dragon clan's invasion."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"As bad as ever," Eiffel said.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Still acts like Queen Bitch of the Universe, then?"[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Seems that way."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Well," Kiva replied, "something's going to have to be done about that. You with me?"[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Eiffel nodded. "I'm with you. We'll show her a thing or two."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"If we're going to do that," Kiva said, "We need to get to Arnett before she and the dragons do. Man, this one's going to be fun. I love these major battles, and one like this will probably draw in more humans than just you, me, and Kalika[color=#4b0082][/color]. I'm going to enjoy this, that's for sure. Anyways, Garudamon can get to Arnett faster than Boarmon here could, so let her carry you. We'll get there much sooner."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Eiffel agreed. Boarmon devolved to Gabumon. Garudamon picked up both humans, Hawkmon, Gabumon, and Guilmon, then leapt into the air and made haste to Arnett.[/color]


OOC: Hope that's okay with you, Circeus. And to everyone else: feel free to join the party if you want to (you don't have to, but you have the option). Just remember that 'good' players would be against the dragon clan, while 'bad' players would probably fight on its side.
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[color=Navy]Sakura grinned and shook Zale's hand as he accepted her invitation to be friends. Neither of them had had much contact with other humans in the world of Digimon, but now they would stick together.

Renamon, Serpahimon and Piddomon came up behind her. Sakura introduced them to their new friends and they were accepting.

Suddenly a twister surrounded them and Renamon phased in front of her, with the two angels on either side. She covered her face with her arms as leaves and dirt were whipped up in the wind.

The twister subsided as quickly as it had appeared and there were a group of seven floating ghost cacti digimon in it's place.

[i][b]"Ponchomon, ugh, the male counterpart of Togemon." [/b][/i]Sakura thought in disgust as she straightened.

Sakura looked over as Labramon digivolved to his Champion form, Dobermon.

Sakura grasped her digivice, pulling it from where it was clasped onto her belt. She held it out at Renamon who nodded.

[b]"Renamon digivolved to... Kyuubimon!" [/b]the mystical nine tailed fox emerged from her data bubble, and jumped forward, with Seraphimon and Piddomon flying off too.

Sakura looked over again and Dobermon and Leomon leapt into the fray. She chuckled quietly to herself, Zale and herself had just met, and they were already into a battle together.

[b]"Fox Tail Inferno!" [/b]Kyuubimon cried as the tips of her tails glowed with blue fire, before spreading out and attacking each of the seven Ponchomon.

[b]"Apollo Tornado!" [/b]Piddomon spun quickly, releasing a tornado of fire that seared the cacti ghosts.

[b]"Tequila Knucle!" [/b]a Ponchomon floated forward, connecting with Kyuubimon who was pushed backwards from the force.

[b]"Dragon Wheel!" [/b]she released the phantom fire wheel which crashed into the Ponchomon that had attacked her, turning into data particles.

Sakura kept her eyes on the battle, she thought they could handle themselves fine without any outside help, instead if she got in there, she might be more of a burden than a help because they'd have to worry about protecting her and not accidently hitting her with an attack.

Sakura resisted the urge to help out and instead looked at her new friend. They looked incredibly similar and could be mistaken for siblings. She just shook her head and smiled. They were both glad to have a human to talk to and have as company.
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[color=green]Endigomon made it to the city rather quickly and devolved to Lopmon. He sat on Rain's head as he rested. He thought about the earlier little dissagreement and figured nothing of it. Rain was in thought as well but none of it was very important.[/color]

[color=green]They wandered through the city. There were several people going from here to there and some sounded wierd when they talked. Rain knew they must be out of country or something. She saw several types of digimon and digimon of many levels. It was amazing. In all her dreams she would have never figured a game like this could ever come into existance but it amazed her how awesome it looked. Lopmon was breathing heavily into her face before she realized she was just standing there staring.[/color]
[color=green]"Are we going to become a decoratiion?" He asked.[/color]
[color=green]"I would hope not. Hmm I wonder how long I shall stay on, when should I log off." She thought aloud.[/color]
[color=green]Lopmon blinked, "Huh?"[/color]
[color=green]"Oh nothing." Rain sat on a bench and decided to wait it out for a bit. Just watch and see what she could see. After all this was a world where she could do anything she wanted basicly.[/color]
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[size=1][color=black]Sorry I haven't posted yet, things have been rather crazy lately and I keep saying I'll do it later and something pops up.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray]Marquis slowly walked into a VR unit, his black and charcoal gray digivice loosely held in his had. He clanced up at the VR unit's number, 13. It was the unit he always used, ever since he started. [/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray]He was a veteran player, with a rather infamous reputation in the digital world. No one ever seemed to use the unit because of it, or if they did, they made sure it was before or after the hours Marquis came, but few were willing to risk it. It was a big center anyways, there had hardly ever been a shortage of rooms.[/color][/size]

[color=dimgray][size=1]Swiftly he inserted his digivice connecting it to the VR unit like he had done so many times before. He sat down in the unit and pulled the VR headset on. He closed his eyes as the program loaded flashings different system specs, and info. His body twitched slightly as the program seemed to pull his conscience out of his body into the world, the World of Digimon.[/size] [/color]

[size=1][color=darkred]Welcome Back Requiem the screen flashed just before he found himself in complete darkness. As his eyes adjusted he remembered the setting of the cave he had left of at. As he slowly glanced around he picked out his partner, Impmon. His green eyes had a strange glow to them in the dark. [/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred]The next figure he saw was posted up against one of the cave walls. It was one of his befriended digimon, Lucemon Fall Down mode. His angelic wings stuck out in the darkness, while his demon wings were strenuous to pic out. He would have to say Lucemon was the more powerful of his befriended digimon, mainly because of additude. Requiem had to best him in combat for him to join, and he put up a good fight for an Ultimate, though it just made him want him more, it was at that time Impmon gained his Mega level, Beezlemon.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred]Turning he noticed the glowing eyes of Pumpkinmon. He was an rather odd digimon, you couldn't really call him bad, but he wasn't good either. Though it seemed he was more inclined to the darkness. Requiem had chosen Pumpkinmon on more of an aestetic basis. He liked how the digimon looked, despite his reputation Requiem had something of a soft spot for cute things, especially when they are slightly odd or creepy. Along with halloween being his favorite holiday, he found himself drawn to Pumpkinmon. Though in reality he was searching for a more powerful ally, he was hoping for a Chaos Gallantmon, a digimon he almost chose for his partner. Though a strong aquatic or dragon digimon would work too. Until then Pumpkinmon would suffice.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred]"So any news?" Requiem asked looking down at his partner.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred]"Well, we have recieved a challenge from a girl and her Biyomon" Impmon said with a smirk on his face.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred]"Oh really, it's been awhile since we got a challange" Requiem laughed.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred]"Well she seems angry about that whole Angewomon incident last time" Pumpkinmon added.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred]"Hmmm, well what info do we have on her digimon?" Requiem asked his mind tracking back to the fight against Angewomon.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred]"Well she starts off with Biyomon as you know, then digivolves to Valkyrimon by Birdramon then Silphymon" Lucemon stated shifting his body towards the human.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred]"This might actually be a fight, I almost feel sorry for her.............almost" Requiem laughed "Wel lets hope she can back up her talk, for if she proves to be alittle challenging I might just beat her digimon, I do give respect when it's dues, but if it is not, she will find out how true the rumors are" He finished the last word coldly, clenching his fist.[/color][/size]

OOC: Ok, I think my character is bad :p, though I'm not quite convinced.
I hope that is ok Takuya, lol sorry if it sound like he is invincible, thats not what I was trying to do, I just wanted to emphasise that he has been playing the game for quite a long time and he is quite ruthless when provoked (exept when wild cute digimon lol unless they really piss him off) but other than that he kinda just minds his own business and does whatever he wants, very impulsive.
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OOC: Okay, shadowofdeath13, Beelzemon is a Mega-level Digimon, not an Ultimate-level. I just looked at your sign-up, and you did indeed put Beelzemon as your partner's Mega-level form. I'm guessing that your calling Beelzemon an Ultimate-level was a simple mistake. Correct it, please.

Oh, and while you're at it, shadowofdeath13, please remove one of the two Beelzemon forms from the digivolution line in your sign-up. Clearly, I should have mentioned this in the Underground: there is to be no going past Mega. Once a Digmon reaches Mega-level, that's it. Now, if you want to use a Digimon such as Beelzemon Blast Mode or Gallantmon Crimson Mode, that's fine. Just use that Digimon as the Mega-form. If you want Beelzemon Blast Mode, for example, use that as your partner's Mega-level form instead of Beelzemon. Just be sure to remember that in this RPG, Digimon like Beelzemon Blast Mode and Gallantmon Crimson Mode are no more powerful than any other Mega-level Digimon.


[color=indigo]It didn't take[/color][color=indigo] long for Garudamon to reach Arnett. She landed near the greatest concentration of Digimon, placing Kira, Eiffel, Hawkmon, Gabumon, and Guilmon on the ground. Looking around, Kiva saw that the Digimon around her didn't exactly look welcoming. She could guess why. "Don't worry," she said. "We're here to help."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Proove it," one of the Digimon, a Woodmon, demanded. "Proove that you aren't with the dragon clan."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"I'd have though that would be obvious just from looking at us," Kiva replied. "Eiffel here has a Gabumon, a reptile Digimon, with him. The dragons hate reptile Digimon."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"She's right," a Lillymon put in. "The dragons wouldn't tolerate anyone with a reptile Digimon. These people are certainly not with the dragons."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Woodmon backed down. "Okay, so you're not with the dragons."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"That's right," Eiffel confirmed. "We're on your side."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Any information on the enemy?" Kiva asked.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"There's a lot of them, and they're heading this way," Lillymon replied. "All able Digimon in the area have gathered here. This is where we'll make our stand."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Can you stop them?"[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Maybe, but it won't be easy. The dragons have a powerful force. They have dinosaur Digimon fighting for them, and we've confirmed that they have at least one human, as well."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Kalika," Kiva said. "She'll be a major figure in this, and you can bet she'll be ready to exploit every weakness you all have. Leave her to me and Eiffel. She won't be expecting us, and by double-teaming her, we should be able to take her out without too much trouble."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"We'll let you handle her, then," Lillymon replied.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Lillymon was about to say something more when a Searchmon flew over their heads. It came zooming out of the woods into Arnett, making a loud noise the entire time. "That's the signal," Lillymon said. "He's one of our sentries, and he clearly just saw the enemy approaching."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"It's time, then." Kiva said. "You ready, Eiffel?"[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"I'm ready," Eiffel confirmed.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Then let's do this."[/color]
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