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RPG Splices [M-LV]


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OOC: OK now to get the intro. Just to let everyone know, the rebellion has not started yet. The perfects have to decide on the plan of action, and the rejects have to try and stop them, or something close.


Aron looked around the yard, at the fence, the snow on the ground, and the guards every two feet. He smiled at the tought of ruling a large portion of the world.

"So, tell me, do you think it is possible for us to do it? I meant, the rejects outnumber us, two to one." Aron said, smiling at Dyru.

"It isss possssible. It would be hard." He looked around and shuttered.

"Let me guess, the cold getting to you?" Aron laughed as they both began to walk inside.

"You two, stay in the yard. It is not time for you all to come inside." One of the guards was yelling at the pair as they kept walking.

"Sssso it sssshall begin." Dyru managed to say as he grabbed the guard and injected venom into, killing him in a matter of seconds.

"Guard down! I repeat, Guard do-" gets cut off as Aron stabbs his claws into his back, killing him.

"Yes, you are right, it has begun." Aron smirked as they both continued inside.
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Alex was still in detainment, due to his aggressive nature. he still couldn't fully grasp what they had done to him, but it was apparent that he had been changed. Every question seemed to full the anger of whatever kind of monster he was now. He trembled and shaked with a combination of fear and rage, doing his best to maintain composure in this harsh atmosphere. He heard a scuffle outside in the yard, something was happening. He tried to look out his tiny 3 by 5 window, but was unable to dissern what was happening. He could here a guard shouting for a moment, but stop ebruptly. He knew that was a bad sign, something was about to happen, but what was it?
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Dyru walked into the building next to Aron and snapped one of the guards next without any sound.

"Can you try at least making some sound, it gets kind of annoying actually having to try to hear you"

"Sssorry. Sant selp sit" He stopped as they came across a group of perfects.

Aron nodded as they turned to hem. "It has started" Immediatly the perfects got up and soon fights broke out all over the complex and the sounds of dying people.
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Cooper sat amiss a bunch of files. Four of them to be exact, but she had to go through others to get to them. She needed to know what happened to her friends. They were her only family as far as she was concerned, having been wondering ever since the separation. Anthony, dead. They tried splicing him with a shark and something went wrong with his lungs.

She just skimmed the reading, there wasn't much time. She could hear the sound of trouble starting and the guard she had tricked to let her in here for a few minutes would get wind of it soon. It was growing closer. Maddie and Joe, both something wrong with the procedure. [I]'Those?damn?liars?just like tha rest.' [/I]
[COLOR=DarkRed]"Hey you, Autumn. Are you finished yet? I don't wanna get in trouble for this." [/COLOR] He was fidgeting.
[COLOR=DarkRed]"Oh no, of course not!"[/COLOR] Cooper said in her most innocent and regretful voice. Poor new guy probably wasn't filled in before being sent to this hell. [COLOR=DarkRed]"I'm finished. That meant so much to me, thank you."[/COLOR]

Walking out of the file room the guard had locked the door behind them and then picked up his radio. Then looked at Cooper before running over to stand at the corner watching for any movement down the hallway. He was watching Cooper at the same time, and she kept the innocent girl façade for a bit longer. [COLOR=DarkRed]"What's happening?" [/COLOR] she asked worriedly.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"A group of kids acting up, and they're headed this way. What do you know of this?"
"Nothing really," [/COLOR] she said as she moved closer to peer around the corner herself. He wasn't telling her everything he was told over the radio, and she knew because she could hear the whole thing. If the rest of the rejects saw her as a traitor, then so be it. The poor guy didn't know what hit him. The next stationed guard had already run into trouble.[COLOR=DarkRed]"So it really began, has it?"[/COLOR]
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Aron threw another guard trough a doorway and walked out after him. "Wether we finish our goal, it will be hard either way." Aron said, looking down the hall.

"I underssstand. Ssssomeone isss over there." Dyru slurred as he pointed to another doorway.

"So there is. You, girl. Who are you and what is your stance? Aron asked, walking up to her, caution all in his actions.
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Cooper looked at him carefully. She figured it to be best not to make them wait for an answer. She would 'study' later. [COLOR=DarkRed]"Cooper. As ta my stance, your side." [/COLOR]

She was half-leaning against the wallframe. One ear twitched slightly, but she had reasons herself to be careful.[COLOR=DarkRed] "Ya know my name, it's only fair I know yours." [/COLOR]
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The action outside was exploding out of control, this only made Alex more aggitated. He started pulling at the chains that bound him to the wall. His legs were bound at the knees and the ankles and his arms were bound at the elbow and wrist. His neck and abodomen were bound as well. He started to pull against the wall and started to growl, he could here the cries and smell the blood, but who was winning, he had to know. [I]'They're in my teritory'[/I] He stopped, and couldn't think of why he had such a thought, but still he was filled with rage as they drew closer to him. He could almost feel them getting closer, like they wre lurching over his shoulder. He couldn't take it anymore, with a loud scream he ripped the chains free of the wall and smashed throught the door. Guards immediatly rushed him and tried to get him under control, but he quickly crushed there bodies with single blows. He was becoming the monster they had made of him. The scary part was, he liked it. One of the others walked toward him "Which side to you take. Theres or ours..." He was cut short by a vicous bone crushing strike from Alex. Alex screamed again as he wailed his fists against the walls causing the chamber to rumble.
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Dyru studied the girl in front of him. "Sscooper sif sI sam snot smistkan"

The girl nodded. "And you are"

"SDyru" He went still as he spun and grabbed a reject by the throat. "She's sa straitor,sI scan ssmell sit son shim" He took of the mask around his mouth and bit into the rejct's shoulder making vemon pulse through his veins. He was dead in a matter of seconds. Dyru's tongue flickered in the air. "Ssall sclear afor snow"
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[color=#DF2020][FONT=Century Gothic]Jade hide from a corner seeing some of the people talk. She could hear everything there saying. Crap, she knew the one day people try to brake out. She didn't know why this place is so nice. Jade grinned and shook her head. Should she tell the gaurds there were escaping? No the guards didn't trust her anyways, what would be the point? The people that were talking were two perfects and a reject. She knew them because she always heard the sceintist talking. Jade turned around and found a gaurd staring at her with a frown.
" Oh..hello Mr.Guard Bossman.." Jade said with a nervouse grin
" Jade how you got out of your cell?"
"Er...well.." Jade took out a bobby pin and gave him her shackles " Well it was easy...well kinda off since you guys made mine giving lots of volts of electricity everytime my wrist twitch just because that one time I-"
" Hmph.." The gaurd took out handcuffs and put them on Jade
"Uhh i suggest not to do that...there is a break out. You should be worried about not been killed like your friends.."
"What?" The gaurd took out his gun "You stay here.." The gaurd moved
" Ya right.." Jade slide her hands from the handcuffs and swinged them around her finger " Okay......There perfects...I'm just a reject...I can't take them down there power is way to great. They can do to much damange outside this doors.Idiots on't they now is much safer here now?" Jade pondered for a bit, planing on what to do.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Dyru caught movment through the floor. "SYou scan sstay shere san sinterogate sher. SI sam shungry sfor sblood" He moved away over the floor and caught a guard and snapped his neck, then spied a rject off to the side. She went to move away but Dyru caught har by the wrist to where she couldn't move and brought the fang out of his wrist and up to her neck. "Swhat sside sare syou son"
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Cooper frowned a little bit. Traitor. Interrogation. She hadn't expected anything less, but the way the words were said made it sound like she was up the creek without a paddle again. [COLOR=DarkRed]"Alright Mr. Stern, we gonna stand here or's it gonna be an official matter?" [/COLOR] The girl got a cold look for the comment, but she just shrugged.
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Aron watched Dyru lave and let out a small smile.

"So, there is a person in that stern body. Well, you learn something more everyday."Cooper said, flashing a smile.

Aron turned back to her as his face went stern agian. "Very funny. My name is Aron. I really do not wish for you to call me Mr. Stern. Got it?" He watched her nod, a little sarcasim in it but an agreement none the less.

"Tell me Cooper, did you ever hear anything about a break out?" His works shocked her for a second.

"Well, I knew that this was to good to be true. It was only a matter of time before someone started it. Wasn't sure who it would be though." She looked in the direction that Dyru had gone then back to Aron.

"You two were the ones weren't you? You and the snake, Dyru?"

"Yes, we did it. We had been planing on it for a while now. But we are not the best combo if you ask me. A fox and a snake." Aron smiled as he began to walk twards Dyru.

"Hey, where are you going? It would be a little crazy for me to be here alone ya know." She tried to sound annoyed, and Aron knew that.

"If you want to go alone, then stand there, if not, come with me. But realize something, do not try anything, it would be stupid for a reject to try and take two perfects down." A smiled agian and turned the corner, looking at Dyru holding another girl be the wrist.

"So, Dyru, you know who she is yet?" Aron asked, looking at the girl.

"Sno, ssshe hass snot stold sme syet. Sdo syou sknow sher?" He asked, not letting his sight leave her.

"No, I do not. Do you know her Cooper?" He asked, turning to face her.

"Who are you guys? Did you start the break out?" The girl asked, her face mixed between anger and confusion.
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Alex started to bring down the tunnel, the bricks fell from the roof. He finally pulled himself together as the room fell in on itself. He took note of this and exited through the wall. As he smashed through he found himself amongst others who appeared to be hiding. They were others like himself, other reject projects. He looked around at them as they trembled and shook in fear. He asked them "What are you all hiding from? Most of the guards are already gone." They looked to him and one of the smaller ones steped out from the corner "Were hiding form the perfects. There killing all the rejects who won't fight with them." Alex looked around to them "Well, come on, fight back." The small one spoke up again "But they'd kill us." Alex looked around as they all nodded in agreement. Alex hffed "Not if we fight together. We out number them, you just need to try." As Alex spoke he could hear someone outside. As they spoke they seemed to lisp, like a hissing sound. Alex turned to the others and told them to leave out the hole in the wall. He could hear the voice getting closer and it wasn't alone, there was another one with that hissing one. Alex took a deep breath and smashed the door down in front of the two approaching figures in the hall.
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Like this Aron fellow needed to warn her not to try anything funny. Cooper wasn't that dense. She knew perfectly well the odds and chances. Suicide. Seemed to her like he carried a bit of weight leadership wise. An opinion on the Dyru dude was a bit harder to place, the desire [I]not[/I] to be in the other reject's position very prominent.

The girl shook her head. [COLOR=DarkRed]"Nah, not personally. Think her name's Jade. Word around tha block's she gives the guards a good run around at least three ta four times a week."[/COLOR]

She turned her head to look at Alex with some thought. Nope, couldn't place a name to the face off the bat. She heard so many things about so many people and different stuff that sometimes it got all jumbled a tad. [COLOR=DarkRed]"Before you even ask, I don't think I know him"[/COLOR] she said placidly.
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[color=#DF2020][FONT=Century Gothic]Jade frowned "Yep i do make a little trouble. Actually is only 4 times a day breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time. Ohh ya slimy here just killed my favorite guard to tease..." Jade twisted her wrist to certain way to get away from Mr.Fang Boy.
"Swatch.sit.." Dryu hissed
"This breakout..do you really manage to go outside there? You won't be accepted...is the human world..Were not human anymore.." Fay said tapping her fingers nails on her cheek "Look at fang boy he truely lost his humanity.." Dryu hissed at her
"I ssdon't slike syou.." Dryu hissed "sstraitor..sscan't I ssskilll sher?"
Jade smiled nervously "My time to leave...bye bye.." Jade jumped up on the roof top and yelled at the three. " I guess we'll meet again...i have a kine sense of this things.." Jade looked at snake boy and mimic his voice "Ssgoodbye sfang sboy...". With that Jade ran away. She knew the odds and she couldn't take out a perfect all by herself. She didn't want to much information slip. Hoped she kept it a secret on which side she was in.
"Crap I guess it truely has begun?" Jade sighed [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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Aron watched Fay go then smiled, "So, she is smarter than she looks, good for her, as for you-" Arom smirked as he turned to Alex.

"Ssstop sAron, sI swant sto skill shim." Dyru said, walking over next to Aron.

"Well, Cooper, I already know who he is. His name is Alex, he is a reject, and his weakness is his emotions." Aron said, flexing his claws.

"And who might you be foxy? Wouldn't a pretty boy like you need to be scared like the other rejects?" Alex said, trying not to lung at Aron.

"No, not quite. I have no need to run. I can fight good enough on my own." Aron said, looking down the hall.

"Dyru, take Cooper and try to find others. If need be, go to the Golden and tell him that I will be there shortly." Aron looked back at Cooper and smiled. "Don't let him wrap his coils around you, he won't let go."

"Sthat swas suncalled sfor." Dyru spoke, a little mock in his voice.

"What, you don't want them to get hurt, leader boy?" Alex said as he smiled.

"Dyru, Cooper go now." He watched them leave then he turned back to Alex. "Truthfully, I could care less about them. I am only looking after my own hide, the Golden would kill me if anything happened to his team."

"Right, like I should beleave you." Alex nearly spat at Aron with that remark.

"Listen now, if you contire this, you will die, and quickly. There is no way a little beatle can match my speed. Let alone a reject beatle." Aron smirked and watched the anger grow on Alex's face.

"Right, get mad and get blind with rage, it will be your downfall." Aron said as he took a step back from the wall.
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[color=#Df2020][FONT=Century Gothic]((Occ: Err there a little typo Raze_3103. Fay is my Betrayal of The Knife name. Jade is here...i bit confusing sense you in the RP too...o.o))

Jade sighed as she sat on the roof top of a building "What can I do...there perfects and just little old me. Need to get other people to help. Yet the might not want to....humans can be so cruel to people like us..Why would the want out?" Jade bit her and looked up at the sky "Like when we be fighting in the streets destroying building and crap they be throwing stones." Jade mimic one some of the guards voices
" What are does things! What freaks!"
"Get out of our town! We don't need nothing for the likes of you!"
Jade scratched her head. Well she needed some rejects or luckily some perfects to help. Surely no one that wanted to join "Golden" team well parish.Don't they get it that here is the only place they can be safe. What would they want from the human world? Out there is way to dangerous.
Jade stood up "Okay i need some help from stopping them from leaving! Is not safe out there...out there" Jade look up at the sky again.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Dyru made his way to a large buidling where other perfects and rejects that were fighting for the same cause were at. "Sstay shere suntil syour slover sget sback" He easliy climbed up the side of the building looking for that runaway rejects. He stopped as he looked around even though he was blind. He already had her scent after he had gotten a hold of her and now there was no hiding. He caught wind of her scent and began aulting from building iwht ease, slowly getting faster and faster, closing the distance.
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[color=#Df2020][FONT=Century Gothic]Jade sighed and sat down on the roof. There not really much to do but to look for other people. She wonder if they thought she was on the other side. That make her in really big trouble! She hoped they thought she was undecided yet or maybe thought she was on there side. She didn't let anything out to seem she was a traitor right?
Jade gasped and moved to the direction she heard snaping wind coming from. Damn it that Dryu guy found her. He was getting closer by the second. Jade got up and started to run again. Running from roof top from roof top making some distance between them. She couldn't fight him but maybe she could out run him.
Jade thought and stopped for a bit. Maybe she shouldn't run. Maybe she could convience them that she was on there side. To decieve them, well she was a thief.
"Ssnake sboy.." Jade said mimicing his voice "ssover shere...."
"What do you want? I said i be seeing you guys soon, not this soon. Stop persuing me..." Jade said in her normal voice [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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Cooper let a quiet sort of almost growl like sound escape her breifly at Dyru's comment. Nonetheless, she stood still and waited with arms crossed and an impassive look on her face. She pulled out a ring of keys to entertain herself with. Looking at all of the different keys, the girl was a bit curious as to what they went to. Most likely other cells. But there had to be a few locked doors around with something interesting behind them. Oh well. The ring of keys found itself back in a pocket as Cooper sat down on the steps of the building.
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Dyru smiled as she pulled away. He wasn't built for speed but he could still catch her. He dropped down onto the ground and quietly made his away on the ground watching her body heat util she stopped. He half climbed half slithered up under nearth her on the roof and heard her voice.

"Looks like snake boy gave up

Dyru punched through the steel plating knocking her on her butt and stood there smiling. "Ssorry, sfound san seaiser sway. Snot snice sto smake sfun sof sthe sway speople stalk swhen sthey scan't shelp sit" He watched her move and cut off her escape. "So syou swant sto sdo sthis sthe sold sfashion sway"
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[color=#DF2020][FONT=Century Gothic]" I'm not making fun I'm just mimicing...you know one of my bat things i got. Since bats use there voice to get around. Sound waves and everything...i won't get technical because I guess you wouldn't understand. " Jade said with a sigh
"Now can you please leave me alone? I have nothing wrong...I said i will see you guys later. What you want me hurt you for just because your speech problem? Not my fault blame the scientist.." Jade closed one eye
"SsI scan't sshelp ssit..." Dyru said
"Okay now we don't have to do this any way at all. Lets just call it misunderstanding...now I'll leave now. Ofcourse you want to follow because you can't stand been so far away from me. You just can't part, Mister Romoe..." Jade smirked. She didn't let any information knowing which side she was on at all. She made no suspicion at all. Ever word was planned out and she had to decieve to get ahead. [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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Aron watched the reject, watched his movements, the muscles tensing and trying to relax. "Your letting your anger get the best of you. We both now that there is no way you can win if you let yourself get angry. You vision goes blank and you swing at anything alive." He smiled as he closed his eyes.

"What are you doing? Fight me like a man why don't you?" Alex said, nearly yelling at Aron.

"Because, now it is just a waste of time." Alex began to walk off as he heard an explosion." Dammit, Dyru."

"What happened? SCared to find out waht that was?"

"Listen, and listen well, next time we meet, your blood will be on my claws." Aron glared back at the beatle and then dissapeared down the hallway in a blur of speed.

A second later he saw Cooper sitting down on the steps. "Cooper, where did Dyru go?"

"Huh? Oh he went after that reject that got away from him earlier." She slowly stood up and brushed the dirt off of her back.

"Because, he should know better than to go after people alone, wether he is a perfect or not. People and animals can be tricky creatures." Aron looked around and closed his eyes.

"Hey, what are you doing? Hello, are you even listening?" Cooper began to sound agitated.

"Quiet. I am listening for something. Wether it be him or not, I should be able to hear it." After about half a minute, he opened his eyes and smiled at her.

"Found 'em. " He began walking twards them as a red light started to go off on his wrist. "Shit, its the Golden. Something happened and now its time for us to go and clean it up. Fallow me." He looked back at Cooper who only nodded. AFter a second, they both began walking twards the chopper pad.
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Tricky creatures. Lies and deceit, it was a system she knew well. [COLOR=DarkRed]"It might not be of any credit, but I think your friend'll be fine regardless. Besides. All human aspects aside, she's a bat. I read it in a file."

"That would still leave the human aspects to consider."[/COLOR]
Cooper shrugged a 'Whatever' in reply, and kept up her steady pace at a good distance of three steps behind. [COLOR=DarkRed]"Clean up?Why do I get the feeling it's not as easy as it sounds?" [/COLOR] It was muttered under her breath, but she could tell from the slight shift in posture that Aron had heard her clear as day as they approached the chopper pad's location.
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[color=#Df2020][FONT=Century Gothic]Jade heard the helicopter coming. Crap she didn?t expect them to leave so soon. Well she better stop playing games. Damn it when it was getting so much fun too. Jade stepped at the edge of the roof top.
?Your friends are about to leave. I guess you have to go. You don?t want to be left behind right? Unless of course you want to stay with me Dyru? Parting is such sweet sorrow?? Jade grinned ?Anyways your not my type?but you cat friend..err dog..wolf? Fox? What ever he is pretty cute. Tell him I?ll call him??
Jade smiled and stepped back falling off the edge of the roof. She waved at him before she left. Dyru looked over the edge. He found that she wasn?t there. No dead body in the floor. She didn?t knew how to fly but she disappered?[/FONT][/COLOR]
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