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Sign Up Aros Inc. (M-VL, possible S)


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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkGreen]... ... ... Welcome Citizen...access approved for veiwer I.D. #1156387 Class-D[/COLOR]
Document[/B]: [I]Timeline[/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen][B][I]Year 2035:[/I][/B]
-Cybernetic technology reaches new heights in bodily replacements. Arms and legs can now be fashioned that appear similar to a human arm, and have all of the same functions. Some are even upgraded with extra devices, for further enhancement of the subject. A massive boom occured in funding for cybernetics research and development, coming from several militaries acrossed the globe, as well as major pharmecutical companies keen on expanding their markets.
This advance in Cybernetics is mainly credited to the Modern Day Aros Inc.
Year 2061:[/I][/B]
-Corporate entity known as Aros Inc. has outcompeted, or merged with all of it's major competitors, absorbing into it's already considerable powerbase Microsoft, IBM, and several other massive computer technology business. Cybernetics continues to progress by leaps and bounds.
Mankind has also begun to colonize the moon, and terraforming projects are in the works for Mars. Provided the moon can be colonized.
Year 2065:[/B][/I]
-Several reports are made that Aros Inc. performs human tests while developing their products. The testing is said to range from Military applicability, to medical purposes. This coupled with a higher kidnapping and murder rate stirs the public into action, bringing Aros Inc. into a full investigation. All charges were dropped, with several federal investigators stating that nothing incriminating was found, and that the reports made were indeed false. Upon hearing this the public calmed and continued about as they always had.

[I][B]Year 2070:[/B][/I]
-The moon is succesfully colonized, with over 3000 people now living on it's surface. Plans to begin colonizing the Mars surface are in full swing, with Aros Inc. funding the operation.
The murder rate had also sky rocketed at this time, with police and gang warfare reaching new heights as Aros Inc. military products hit the black market. Several Brain implants are also looked into for the possibility of being the cause of mental instability.
[B]Year 2099:[/B][/I]
-Aros Inc. now fully controls the Moon Colonies, and has Colonies developing on the now terraformed Martian surface. Several thousand people now live on the moon, releiving the burgeoning masses of earth.
Several of Aros Inc.'s products have been proven to be unsafe without regular matinence, and/or medication, a majority of them being the brain implants, causing several defects to occur such as:
along with several other mental instabilities. This happens due to the fact that the electicral impules in the brain are disrupted by the electrical drain caused by the implant. This can create several chemical imbalances in a subject, producin several of the above mental deficencies.
These chemical imbalances of also lead to the emergance of telepathic abilities. Once secretely researched by the government, it has now become publicly spread with it's massive outbreak. This has lead to new waves of crime, and anti-criminal programs.
Year 2115, present day:[/B][/I]
-Aros Inc. now no longer has to answer to any government. The corporate entity now controls all of mars and a majority of the planet. Plans are being made for an eventually colonizing of Alpha Centauri, the closest star to the planet earth. The question of weather or not it's inhabitable has long since been confirmed, and space travel technology now stands to be able to travel there in at least 5 years.
Total human population of this space sector now stands at roughly 58 billion people, and 3.5 billion full cyborgs. Cloning technology has long been perfected, and fully legalized, in order to provide food for the teeming masses, and to create sufficient resources for those that do not wish for cybernetic replacements in times of need.

Aros controls the courts, the police, the military, and has it's own army of cybernetich gaurds, in these days of lawlessness. reports of rapes, murders, robberies and drug abuse all pour in litterally by the tens of thousands, and only 1% of these are ever seen in a courtroom, were it's thro...error... ...error... restricted file... access denied. thank you for veiwing, but this file has been cencored in the best interests of the public.

Brought to you by Aros Inc. ... ... ...
The Factions:[/U]

Aros Inc.: The most powerfull comercial entity to have ever come into existence. They run the business gamut from childrens toys to military cyberware. They are the government, law, Judge, Jury, and executioner. with the amount of control they have, and their own army to back them, Aros Inc. is a force to be reckoned with.
The 12 board member that make up Aros Inc. have [I]Never[/I] been seen in public.
The Symbol of Aros Inc. is that of a globe with a red curved Triangle in front of it, the words Aros Inc. acrossed it in white

E.S.C.T.S. (Earth Special Cybernetics Tactics Squad)-
Made up of the best Earth has to offer, this world wide Cyber police force tracks down only the most dangerous of cyber criminals. Headed up by Director Sims Zygon, few are the Criminal masterminds that can outwit these police bloodhounds.
The patch carrying the E.S.C.T.S. banner is simply their Acronym.
One of the very few Corporations "outside" of Aros Inc.'s control, they have since gone into business with Aros in order to further meld telepathic abilities with cybertechnologies. They exist outside of Aros Inc. only because Aros realizes the PsyLabs is the most advanced in it's field because it has remained outside of their "limited" scope of the human mind. The corporation is run by Joseph R. Finley.
PsyLabs Symbol is that of a human mind with telepathic energies swirling around it.

Named after Excalibur, the legendary sword who's name literally means "cut steel", for their ability to strike back at what used to be the "invincible" Aros Inc., no one knows their true numbers. where their headquarters would be, but flyers with their symbol are posted around the world, where people can see the crumbling aros symbol being pulled to peices by the hands of the many.

several other factions exist, but their number, and the constant rise and fall make it impossible to list them all.

Where you come in:

Alright chop shop rejects, where do you come in at? are you a damned Aros Inc. Thug? Are you just an everyday person trying to get by in a tough world of steel muscles and enhanced cyberbrains? or are you one of the more rebellious types? out there fighting agaisnt the tyrannical powerhouse that Aros Inc. has become? Or ...has your mind been fried and your now a raving, murderous psychopath out on a run and gun bloodbath?
It's all up to you cutter, and frankly...I don't care which team you bat for, just so long as yer ugly mug doesn't try an stick me...

Sign up sheet & general guidelines of what I'd like to see:

It's been a long time since I've posted anything here, and for those of you that do know me, and my limited work, please bear with this little story of mine.

Violence will definetely be occuring as you struggle through your lot in life, and being graphic is okay with me, so those easily offended, please don't sign up and complain later. Language is a likely occurance in this upside down world gone mad, so again, if your easily offended by such things, please don't sign up.
Sexual content/refrences are okay to a point. do not be blatantly describing it in every sort of demeaning manner simply for a laugh. if it's going to be there, please be mature about it. Descriptions are okay, but any derrogatory material will earn you a quick boot from this story.

If it involves forced sexual activity, try to alude to it's occurance rather than describing it in full detail, as this is extremely touchy and makes me uncomfortable, and it will only be allowed if it is a depiction more of how screwed up your character is, rather than some sick pornographic story. again, if there is anything derrogatory about it, you get the boot. if I feel you may have accidently crossed the line, You will be asked to edit the post, and refrain from going to far again. another transgression, and your booted.
My apologies to the admins if I've in anyway violated standing rules. I'll make any changes to these rules as soon as it's made known to me.

Name: pretty simple
Classification: human, Cyber replacement, Cyborg, full body replica, and clone
Nickname/Codename: Depends on if your the average shmoe, or undercover agent.
Age: pick a number between 13 and 80 (80 only if your full cyborg
Sex: male, female, or sexless
Physical Description: can either be a pic, or a two paragraph+ description
Mental stability: If unstable, describe what afflicts your poor mind
Personallity: affected by stability
Occupation: describe for us what you do for a living
cybernetics: Can be determined by your occupation. (a store clerk normally wouldn't have a machine gun arm replacement!)
Faction: which side do you belong to? if any...
weapons: what do you like using?
Background: tell us a bit about your history

that should do it, please feel free to creat all sorts of technology, your only limited by your imagination, and the fact that there will be no GOD weapons. (i.e. I can destroy a city in one shot!) also creating a faction is also acceptable, though I will limit this to only four other factions. PM with faction descriptions, and cybertech descriptions.
I'll also get the story running more in depth as we go.
I will post my character after a few sign ups.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Phade

Classification: Cyber replacement

Nickname/Codename: Delirium

Age: 33

Sex: Female

Physical Description: When not in use the orbs act as a necklace. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Mental stability: Perfect.

Personality: Phade is inhumanly calculating and cold due to her cybernetics. Once a fun loving person, she can now barley tolerate anything deviating from perfect manners.

Occupation: Telepath for hire. As a psychic, Phade has a wide range of talents and makes for a perfect tool from ambassador to assassin.

Cybernetics: Image hosted by Photobucket.com Her face has been replaced by a smooth mask of metal, hiding beneath it an augmented brain. Her senses have been altered along with her finger tips allowing control of her orbs.

Faction: Psylabs

Weapons: Phade can control the orbs at her fingertips. She can merge them to form a small dagger or send them swirling at an opponent to create Swiss cheese. Phades? telepathic abilities, grossly enhanced by the brain augments, allow her to send her sight, hearing and voice with an orb to the limit of her mental reach (about 120 yards and that?s stretching it) leaving her body devoid of those senses. She can move small objects, but holding something for a long period of time or moving something weighting more than herself drains her to the point of uselessness.

Background: As a child Phade had some innate physic skill such as rolling marbles across the floor, small commands to animals, and reading surface thoughts. When Psylabs got a hold of her, experiments were done to intensify her telepathic abilities and teach her new ones. At first they allowed to live with her family but when the time came to take her face, her mother and father were appalled. They were quietly killed in an unfortunate house fire. With nowhere left to go, when Psylabs offered her a home Phade reluctantly agreed. There she was taken in by a Cyborg named Belager who became her mentor and taught her things about killing and espionage. She started taking missions at the age of 24 and has been doing so ever since.
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Name- Saynt

Classification- Cyborg Replacment(Half-human Half-android)

Nickname/Codename- Noir (Means Black)

Sex- Female

Age- 22

Physical description- 5'1 Pale skin with a muscular body. If a random person caught her glance they would suspect Noir to be full human. However her Long white hair and Ice-blue eyes give way to a different speculation. Noir wears a Black leather full body suit that clings tightly to her skin giving no room for imagination to her shapley hourglass body. A Sleeveless Trench covers the rest of the full body suit in a light characoal shade that helps the viewer see where her body begins within the black leather. Her hands are covered in Steel gauntlets and a long admantanium necklace in the shape of a Backward cross hangs around her neck.

Mental Stability- Perfect, However occasionally Noir is plagued by thoughts that she cannot recall or seem to reason why they are happening to her.

Background- Noir was the daughter of one offical whose work colonzing space and creating different types of cybernectics granted him great regard. However when Noirs father found out information that he threatened to take to the public a death occurred. The death was quickly covered up and no one remembers this famous man and all his contributions to Aros Inc. However Noir's father left something behind, after her father was murdered so was the rest of her family. Leaving a Half human and half robotic woman which Her father created to exact revenge on the Aros Inc. Noir remembers nothing of her past as a human woman only that her job is to wreck havoc upon those who dammned her father to eternal hell.

Personality- Noir is...hateful and a masochist. Pain brings her the upmost euphoria.
She is a lone by nature hanging out in the darkness and destroying who she can when she can. Noir has shown very little emotion but she expresses compasssion to those who have endured her fathers fate.

Occupation- Noir is a Taxi driver. She is hired mainly by revloutionists and other underground workers. keeping her idenity safe Noir mainly is a contact that many do not know of. Her weekly paycheck is paid by a virus her father created in the Aros system.

Cybernetics- "The Full metal Jacket" Her body is covered in a kevlar like material. Lacing that parts of her body that is naturelly cyborg. Her whole body except her mind and heart are full mechanized.

Weapons- Kage (Shadow) Hikari (Light) Two twin Magnums which steal energy from her body is used to often. She can acess them from her left and right thigh. Two special cartridges make Kaga and Hikari a type of plasma weapon when she runs out of rounds. Last but not least is Rekka(Flame). It is a bastard sword that is made from her spinal chord. Made from the same Kevlar like material and laced with a silver dip. The blade itself is made of black material. Rekka is the only bullet proof weapon she has. Noir also uses her skills as a martial artist as a combat specialist.
Noir occasionally downloads cartridges her father has hidden around to acess better skills in combat and stealth.
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alright so far so good with the posts. It's time for my character now...

Name: Korbin
Classification: Clone/Cyber replacement
Nickname/Codename: "drake"
Age: 21
Sex: male

Physical Description: Korbin stands at an even 6'ft. His muscled frame covered by a black longsleeve shirt, and a green utility vest worn from use. His black cargo pants are held up by a leather belt, modified with an extra strap that hangs mid thigh on his left.His sharp brown eyes are always narrowed, searching for any sign of danger. His features are handsome, yet still marked with a hint of boyishness that refuses to leave him.
A dark brown headband covers his forehead, to keep his spikey black hair from getting to his eyes, and his combat boots have been adorned with protective steel platting, as have his fingerless black kevlar gloves. anyone that happens to see him with his shirt removed see's his toned body has been decorated with surgical scars, gifts received from the different experiments that were performed upon him by Aros Inc.

Mental stability: He's stable. Mostly, the stresses in his life have led Korbin to sometimes having a short fuse. Making him dangerously explosive at times.

Personallity: More often than not, he keeps to himself, letting few get around the social walls he's built to protect himself. But those that do know him, know that there is no one else that they'd rather have at their side in a fight. The most loyal of companions anyone can have. Those that know him also know to give him his space when problems loom up to nag at him. He can fly into violent fits of rage, berrating those around him harshly. On rare occasions he physically assaults the nearest person
Occupation: Mercenary for hire. He's done work for the various corporations out there, along with the police forces. Including the E.S.C.T.S. He knows his way around weaponry, and as a result, as earned himself a spot on Aros's watch list

cybernetics: His arms and legs have been cybernetically augmented for greater strength and speed, though some feats are still beyond him due to the physical limitations in his back and shoulders.

Faction: Currently Korbin is acting as an agent for The Caladbolg resistance movement, though Aros Inc. isn't yet aware of this.

weapons: "Zephyr" a Modified ACP 45. Pistol, Navy blue flames run down the length of the black barrel. The Rubber grip has the name Zephyre etched into it's side. the extended clip carries 14 rounds, packed with explosive heads.
"Talon" A black shirisaya (basically a cane Katana) with jade coloring spider webbing out on it's casing. It's been equiped with a electronics baffler, that can confuse most electronic detection systems. he's commonly seen carrying this slung lazily over his shoulder.

Background: at the tender age of 7, Korbin was orphaned by a psylabs hit squad. His family had never done anything to attract attention, they had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was placed by the state in an Aros Inc. funded orphanage. He was secreted away from there by Aros agents and taken to a testing facility were he remained for eight long, torturous years. No insignia's were to be seen anywhere in the facility, so he never learned which people had done this to him, but he knew why they had. They needed guinea pigs to test out new "products" for the military.
He'd eventually become so damaged that they finally tested out new cloning processes on him. They hooked wires deep into his brain to retreive his memories, drew blood samples, took all manner of fluids from his body through various tubes, depositing them gently inside of a large machine attached to a vat, full of translucent green liquid. Upon the retreival of his memories, his broken body finally gave way to the rigors of his life.
It took the Aros scientists a matter of days to clone, and grow him back to his previous age. He had full memory of what they had done to him, even his last thoughts when his original body had died. They took his arms and legs, noteing that they had developed much further than an average human of his age could have.
He was found by police 3 days later in a dumpster, labled as a victim of parts & organ theft. his limbs were replaced with basic cyberware, and he was sent on his way out into the uncaring world, where he determined to better himself, acting as an mercenary to sell his developing skills to the highest bidder, and to find out who had done this to him, and exact his revenge, second, by excruitiating second.

that ought to do er, hopefully the posts will continue to come in. I'll post when this will start once we get a few more.
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[COLOR=Purple][FONT=Garamond]Name: Lem Subestre
Classification: Cyber replacement
Nickname/Codename: Blitz
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Physical Description:
Mental stability: Her implant dirupted the delicate balance of chemicals in her already twisted brain, causing sudden and ferocious mood swings accompanied by undeniable sado-masochistic urges
cybernetics: Mental implant designed to combat depression as well as bargain-basement hand implants making her fingers sharp metal weapons
Faction: Herself
Weapons: Her metal claws

Eh, it's bedtime, folks. I'll finish this up sometime tomorrow after 6:30...I hate play practice. Three hours of practice, and I'm not even IN the play...[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Name:Berky Wolf

Classification: midget with cybernetic upgrades

Nickname/Codename:Spirtwind the Wacked


Sex: male
Physical Description: A crazed looking midget, around 3ft tall and weighing 60lbs. His body is adorned in tribal shamanic
tattos and often seen carrying a long, wooden staff with skulls and feathers strapped to the top. More often then not he is seen
wearing nothing but a loin cloth, and gauntlets made of bone. His smooth bald head is decorated heavily with
tattos as well, blending in with the long locks of hair growing on the sides, and back of his head, contrasting
with his glowing white eyes.

Mental stability: unstable, he suffers from Hallucinations, and delusions of being an ancient tribal halfling
shaman, both problems are cazed by cheap hand-me down brain implants, attatched by a druken back alley under-grad surgeon.

Personallity: Hyper-active, and paranoid. Constantly thinking there are little green people trying to eat him and his
pet weasle (that he thinks is his spiritual guide)

Occupation: Merc as long as the customer respects nature and does not call him a midget or a dwarf

cybernetics: Brain augmentations, enhanced thought processing and have opened up latent psychic ablities

Faction:nature, which ever pays the best

weapons: Skullcrusher, His staff that he takes everywhere with him that he thinks is imbued with shaman powers but are
really mechanic and eletronic upgrades that enable the staff to generate a curent of eletricity at the end of the staff,
he believes that he needs to meditate to restores its powers but it recharges on its own.
With his "shamin" powers he can read peoples thoughts though he believes he is communing with the dead, he can also dominate another
person with his mind thinking he is using he spirt though this tends to drain him and leave him in a weakin state.
on an interesting side note, he believes that, if he were to meditate for seven days to attune himself with nature, and then
use his staff as a foci for his "shamananic" abilities, he would be able to annihilate this dying world, so that nature
could reclaim it. He really can't do this, this is just the instability of his poor mind telling him that he can.

Background: Berky was never a quick thinker, he was all ways one of those kids who could never have a quick comeback or get those jokes,
in a way he was like a blonde. So he decided to try and save up some money and find him a surgeon to fix this, only
he couldnt save up enough money and had to go the cheap route and found a drunken back alley surgeon who some how messed up and left him
for dead, upon awakeing he could not remember his past or how he came to be in an abandoned building, there are few things that he remembers
(none of these things happened, they were just some how fabricated by his mind) and thinks he is to go out and protect nature. Through his
madness his understanding of right and wrong are warped and maybe a little wrong but under the right guide he could be brought back to an
almost normal state but this is unlikely to happen since he follows a weasle.
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Name: Johs Rok Tull, High Captain of Aros Inc.'s FLARE Squadron

Classification: Combat Enhanced Human

Nickname/Title: Devil Hands

Age: Unknown, physical capability of a 25 year old man and mental stability of a 45 year old man

Sex: Yes Please! j/k j/k.. ( male )

Physical Description: see attachment. The armor worn in the picture is very much like Johs Rok Tull's. Shining green eyes, silver hair at length slightly below the shoulder blades. His mtrTEK-6270 Cybernetic Battle Armor hides his hands from view.

Mental stability: Highly stable, possessed with vast intelligence and logic. Resistant to his own emotions though, however they do still affect him.

Personality: Cold, distant, calculating. He won't let anyone close to him emotionally, and never reveals what he truly thinks/feels. He is used to being obeyed without question by everyone, and although never without control of himself, he has very violent reactions to not being obeyed. He seems merciless, but is not mindless, JRT's intelligence and perception determine what he does in a given situation, not his bent for evil. High sense of honor, and when his honor is offended, he would travel to the edge of the universe to exact vengeance. Vastly jealous and incredibly decisive, few survive to know his more calm side.

Occupation: Aros Inc.'s FLARE Squadron Founder and Captain. Rank in Aros the equivalent of the Chief Financial Officer.

cybernetics: Every muscle in his body has been cyberneticallay enhanced for incredible reaction speed, strength, and endurance. It is said he can run 45 miles an hour for ten hours before becoming winded. His nervous system has been augmented to the limits of technology, and Johs Rok Tull's speed, precision, and grace of movement stands beyond unreal. Called Devil Hands because of the intensely cybernetically enhanced nature of his hands, giving him speed enough to catch low velocity shells, and strength to crush steel girders in their vicelike grip. The nervous system upgrades have given him an amazing tolerance for pain, and the ability to heal very quickly. JRT's brain was enhanced to give him speed and poignancy of thought far beyond a normal human. He is killable. But not easily.

Faction: Is employed by Aros Inc. Generally serves their interests, although to Johs Rok Tull, Johs Rok Tull's interests are the only ones that truly matter.

weapons: Has a cybernetically enhanced vorpal longsword he uses for killing specific foes. It's 8' blade is weightless, and effortlessly slices through all but the toughest steels. Also uses twin R785-EML sidearms, the most advanced personal firearms in the universe. They are self ammunition manufacturing pistols, with a mol (6.02x10^23rd) of slug force behind each semi-automatic firing. Very sleek, elegant looking weapons, their shells can pierce up to 9" of enhanced steel armor.

His final and favorite weapon is the MPD-5k76EMP Assault Rifle. Primary function is a massive, directed stream of lightning-like electric discharge, while the secordanry function is a rapid-fire shotgun type relase of tiny adamant wires, fired at incredibly high velocity. The secondary function is excellent for anti-personnel use, and is his favorite for crowd control.

Background: Nothing at all is known of his earliest days, other than he studied many forms of martial arts. The first known record of Johs Rok Tull is the enlistment form he signed to become a member of a S.T.A.R.S. team for the Aros Inc. security forces. He advanced through the ranks rapidly, becoming a general when he was an estimated thirty four years old. Aros noticed his combat potential, and put him through the most intense cybernetic enhancement of all time, creating what they thought would be the ultimate weapon.

They fell slightly short, although he is a weapon indeed. With secret funding and massive support from Aros, FLARE was formed, and quickly gained a reputation for being the meanest, nastiest motherfuckers in the galaxy. The FLARE members hold incredible respect and loyalty to JRT, a fact that Aros in uneasy of. However, in all of JRT's 213 FLARE missions, 213 were completed according to Aros Inc. directives. In the present day, he is continuing to function as FLARE Captain, although he has taken more and more vacation, disappearing for long stretches of time, and offering no explaination...

FLARE Squadron: Founded by Johs Rok Tull fifteen years ago as the dark side of Aros Inc.'s already dark military operations, FLARE Squadron specializes in assassination, terrorism, city assault, rebellion suppression, kidnapping, mass murder, etc. These men are the elite of the elite, and a 3rd class FLARE member is enough to take out an entire S.T.A.R.S. team. They can be killed, quite easily, as all of them are at least 85% human, however, their martial and acrobatic skill is non-pareil.

FLARE members are more fast than strong, accurate than destructive, lithe, elegant, and educated... if you mess with the best, you die like the rest. Johs Rok Tull reports directly the the President CEO of Aros Inc. himself, and is among the very few who have actually seen the President's face.

Force Landslide Annhiliation Research Enigma- FLARE
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Name: Treveylan or "Trey"

Classification: Cyber replacement

Nickname/Codename: Adder

Age: 19

Sex: Girl!

Physical Description: See pic below - minus the gun. 5' 4" tall, short blonde hair and big blue eyes. She likes to wear clothes she can move in. Tight tanks and fatigue cut pants are preferrable when not at work, sports bras and cycle shorts when she works out. She cleans up nicely when the occasion arises, but it doesn't that often. Her favorite colors to wear are black and electric blue -- but not all the time.

Mental stability: Stable. She can get a bit moody, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Personallity: Trey is usually cheery and wisecracking. She tries not to let an oppertunity to good-naturedly tease a person pass her by. She is sympathetic to other's pain by nature and does her best to be a good shoulder to cry on - or maybe just lean on a bit if the person in question happens to be too "manly" to cry. She's loyal and friendly, but inside she harbors a bitterness toward Aros Inc. As well as her own experience with cybernetics, she has seen too many people come though her clinic who's implants didn't go quite "according to plan." She feels that too much of what Aros Inc. does is experimental, and the people they use as lab rats have no say, and usually no idea what is happening to them till its far too late. People are not garbage to be used and thrown away. She loves life in all it's forms: plants, animals, humans - original or clone - it doesn't matter to her. She enjoys working out, cooking for others, reading -- and watching romatic comedies.

Occupation: Her public day-job is a physical therapist for people adjusting to their new enhancements. The clinic she works at is funded by Aros Inc., since most of the pacients are are also the coropration's clients.

cybernetics: Micro cybernetic enhancements in her muscles. They increase her dexterity and agility but they give no noticeable enhancement to her strength. Her mind is her own.

Faction: an agent for The Caladbolg.

weapons: Hand to hand combat. She uses black leather gloves that have inner metal-plating. For a distance attacks, she throws star pointed shiriken.

Background: "An Unwanted Child of A Rape Victim." is all Trey has ever been able to discover about her biological family. She grew up in various foster homes and orphanages, just another number among thousands. She discovered at an early that the only way to stand out in such an ignored crowd was to be especially good at something. Her something was gymnastics. She could fly over the mats and never lost her poise or grace on the balance beam. But, being a ward of the state, monies were tight and she was never able to break out of the local loop of small-time matches. However, someone out there thought she was good enough to turn into an experimental project.

Her memories are vague and jumbled about what happened to her. One night, near her fifteenth birthday, she fell asleep in her orphanage assigned bed. She was awakened violently inside a lab room with the fire of a thousand needles peircing the skin all over her body all at once. She remembers not being able to move, but screaming herself hoarse before passing out in agony.

When she came to, Dr. Mya was there. The young doctor had told Trey that she was "special". She had been chosen to frontier a new program that would hopefully raise athletics to whole new standards. All of her muscles from the neck down had been implanted with mirco cybernetics in the hope of being able to increase her gymnastic abilities 100 fold. Dr. Mya was kind and sweet. She helped Trey through the difficult time of re-learning to use her body, and how to adjust to her vastly improved flexibility, speed and agility. As an outlet for her new physical abilities, the doctor had Trey take up hand-to-hand martial arts of various forms. She'd never been overly fond of fighting, but it gave her the dicipline and control she needed. She learned quickly and made use of blending her gymnastics with the fightling styles to create a form all her own.

Despite Dr. Mya's best efforts, Trey's improvements were just not as impressive as Aros Inc. desired. She was merely 50 fold or so better, rather than the projected miraculous achievments. As soon as the doctor said Trey could physically function in society without causing unintentional harm to others, Aros Inc. shipped her back to the orphanage she had been abducted from. No word of apology for the lost years of her life. No recompense for the unasked-for agony that Trey had endured. Just a small note in her file recording her as cyberneticaly enhanced. And she never saw Dr. Mya again. The sweet doctor no longer even appeared in the city records.

Trey left the state system on her eighteenth birthday, only nine months after she had been returned. Wanting to honor all the kindness and understanding Dr. Mya had shown her, Trey chose her career as a physical therapist to new cybernetic implantees. But, in the backgroundof her heart, she has never forgiven Aros Inc. for what they did to her and what they have done and continue to do to other countless people. She joined Caladbolg in the hopes of stopping such inhumane cruelty. She's been an active member ever since.

OCC: Hope this works. If you want me to change anything, just PM me and I will!
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Name:[/B] Jamie

[B]Classification: [/B]Cyber Replacement/Clone

[B]Nickname/Codename:[/B] Number 3


[B]Sex:[/B] Sexless (Though I plan to us "he" for a pronoun)

[B]Physical Description: [/B] Jamie is about 5' 4". Though only 28, he looks like he's forty. There are already lines in his face and his hair is graying. He always wears the same style clothes; a neat button down shirt and nondescript slacks. He always wears white. The sybol of Psylabs is embroidered on most of his shirts.

[B]Mental stability:[/B] Generally stable, he suffers from some schizophrenia. This manifests itself in "episodes" brought on by extreme stress where the other personalities will take over.

[B]Personallity:[/B] Jamie is generally very cold and arrogant. He believes he is the best there is at what he does, and thus is better than everyone. When he has one of his episodes, though, he can be anything from unnaturally happy to violently angry.

[B]Occupation:[/B] Jamie works for cyberlabs, more than partially as a test subject. He also does pretty much whatever Psylabs needs him for, from interrogation to infiltration.

[B]Cybernetics[/B]: He has a cybernetic eye, which can be set to record everything he sees. He has implantations in his arms and legs to increase his strength and speed. There are also a couple implantations in his head specifically to enhance his Psychic abilities.

[B]Faction:[/B] His first priority is to Psylabs, but he supports Caladbolg whenever he can.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Jamie prefers to use his mind as his first weapon, talking his way out of most situations with some telepathic suggestions. If necessary, however, he can use handguns as well as many and better than most. He usually carries one on his person.

[B]Background:[/B] Jamie was a clone created from the genes of a powerful psychic in the employ of psylabs. He was created as a sexless adult, and thus never had anything resembling a child hood. The only friends he has are his "brother" and "sister", two clones created from the same basic genes as him. They were used in an experiment which proved that Jamie was more powerful without gender. He has worked for Psylabs for all his life, and doesn't plan to stop. He does, however, believe that Aros should be overthrown and works as hard as he can to further this ambition.[/COLOR]

Not bad...tell me if you want more detail or anything.
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Name: Olivia Heartliy

Classification: human/Cyber replacement

Codename/Nickname: She goes by Livia or Liv. Anyone working with the resistance knows her as "Heart".

Age: 19

Sex: Yep Shes a Girl!

Physical Description: Livia stands at about 5 nothin, with a very small build. Shes not exactly an athlete. She has shoulder length raven colored hair, which she wears in two very short pig tails. Her natural eye color is a vibrant emerald, but her left has been replacec by a cybernetic implant which is silver. Shes not much of the outdoorsey type so her skin is fairly pale. Her slender figure is covered by a pair of black cargo capris, and a powder pink T with a charcoal multi-pocketed vest. And her black skate shoes are steel toed. She wears fingerless gloves, a silver heart shaped locket, about a dozen braclets and three peircings in each ear.

Mental stability: She not exactly unstable, but she does have a serious nervousness problem, shes a little bit a scardy-cat, mostly around men, and is seriously claustrophobic.

Personallity: Shes the shy girl in the back of the room that eats lunch by herself. She has a sweet disposition but you have to get her to talk first, shes very quiet. Shes generally nice, but a little afraid of most things, espeicially men that she doesn't know well. She'll crack a joke at the perfect moment without eveing trying, and shes feircly loyal to those who manage to get close.

Occupation: Cybernetics repair specialist.

Cybernetics: Her Left eye was damaged in an attack and she had it replaced with cyber implant. It has simple functions really, it allows her to zoom in on an object, see in the dark, and a couple other minor things.

Faction: Caladbolg

Weapons:A pair of AMT Back Up 45 cal - stainless - double action hand guns.

Background: Well it wasn't exactl wine and roses for Olivia. She grew with an abusive father who somehow got away with killing her mother right in front of her. She doesn't talk much do to the fact that, and the fact that if she ever said anything she'd get the crap kicked out of her by dad. She kept herself locked up in her room most of the time keeping to herslef and tinkering with anything that she could get her hands on.
He oh so wonderful father alos found it necessary to lock her up in a closet every now and then, causing the claustriphobia. When she was 12 Olivia left while her father was out cold on the couch. Not quite sure what she was going to do, she found herself living in an abandoned apartment on the top floor of a rundown building in a very gloomy part of town.
When she was 16 she opened her buisness, Liv's Cyber Repair. Just when she thought life was looking like it was about to improve, daddy showed back up. Ransacked her shop, and her along with it. It all went down hill from there, 5 seperate times she has been attacked on her way to and from work and home. One of these muggins was bad enough that she had to get her left eye replaced. Naturally these happening make her terrified of any male figure 5'2 or taller.
She does repair work for the resistance and runs her some what succesful shop, all of this with the company of her 4 month old lab puppy named Ratchet. Oh yeah and all repairs to Caladbolg members are free!
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wow...five posts in one day, this is new for me. I'm happy with all the character postings so far. Though I think I'm going to ask that each new character join a faction, rather than being a merc now.
I would like to see a few people sign up as Aros Inc. employees, though this isn't mandatory. Keep em coming I'll start this after a few more days!
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[size=1][color=royalblue]Heh heh. This post came out to be just over a page and a half on MS Word...with size 10 Tahoma font. = =;; Teh evil is here!


[b]Name:[/b] Ruya Hjorr

[b]Classification:[/b] Cyber replacement

[b]Nickname/Codename:[/b] K4t4oi, to keep up with the internet world. And it?s pretty much not like her name, so it?s easy to get away from the authorities.

[b]Age:[/b] Probably around thirty-five or so, but appears somewhere around twenty-four

[b]Sex:[/b] Female

[b]Physical Description:[/b] She stands at around 5?5½?, with smooth coffee-rose skin. Her left eye is ocean blue, her right, gold, since it?s a replacement. She has wild, messy, black hair streaked with silver. It?s short, to around her earlobes, but has two long ?sideburns? that reach to her shoulder blades.
Her behind-the-scenes lifestyle has Ruya wearing baggy, slacker clothes ? most of the time. In ?hacking? mode, she wears a baggy red, wide-collar sleeveless shirt, carpenter jeans, and strangely fashionable military-ish boots. In ?professional? mode, Ruya suddenly gets fashionable, donning a long-sleeved green shirt, a brown, form-fitting day jacket (the torso cutting right at the waist), baggy khaki pants and?the military boots. Heh heh.
Even though Ruya is a ?computer nerd?, she?s strong due to her realization that, in order to survive, one must have strength. She isn't a pushover.

[b]Mental Stability:[/b] Slightly unstable. She suffers from auditory illusion ? she hears voices. But Ruya is strong-willed, and doesn?t come off as really too unstable. She considers the voices to be interesting to talk to, since their opinions are ranged. But Ruya, being a hacker, wants to know where they come from, and is constantly trying to hack into her brain. However, she usually passes out before then due to a screw-up.

[b]Personality:[/b] She calls herself insane because she knows she?s insane. Who has voices? Ruya is a little goofy and wild, full of energy and spirit. She has the ability to become focused in the matter of an instant. She has a crave for knowledge, thirsting to improve her hacking skills and to build firewalls against the Aros network.
Ruya is also considerably intelligent, possessing knowledge on playing ?olden? instruments. She?s best at the oboe, followed by the cor anglais (English horn), and bassoon.

[b]Occupation:[/b] Owns a music store, specializing in the classical instruments. She considers her real career as hacking, but still trying to crack to the heart of the Aros network.

[b]Cybernetics:[/b] Brain, lower jaw, left arm, right knee, both ankles and both feet. She?s banged herself up through the years, and was born with undeveloped feet. At the age of two, her left arm was crushed in a series of ?accidents? (see bio). She randomly had her brain replaced for, obviously, her hacking. But it was flawed, and causes her to experience auditory illusion.
Ruya has had USB jacks (and covers) implanted right underneath her ears. They allow her to become more integrated into the internet

[b]Faction:[/b] Nothing, really. She?s just trying to help people out who suffer from Aros, and prevent the corporation from causing more harm to those with brain transplants.

[b]Weapons:[/b] A knife (5? blade) for random use. She has a hand-held machine gun stashed away [i]somewhere[/i]...but can't remember where.

[b]Background:[/b] Ruya Hjorr was born into a fairly affluent family. But when she was barely two, the business was taken down by Aros, who viewed it as a threat. During this time, Ruya?s left arm was crushed under the rubble of an exploded building.
With no money, the family split, and Ruya?s parents put her in an orphanage. Soon afterwards, her parents were murdered.

Ruya grew up in the orphanage, with no one interested in a child with deformities. She appeared happy on the outside, but was tortured and lonely on the inside. To break away from reality, Ruya divulged herself in computer and internet knowledge. She says she speaks four languages: HTML, l33t, 0101, and English. When she turned twelve, the home?s present to her were cybernetic feet

At the age of eighteen, Ruya was pretty much kicked-out of the orphanage, barely finding work as a cashier at a hobby store. She resided in an abandoned apartment complex with the other homeless people, fixing up what she could and illegally tapping into city-supplied resources (such as heat, electricity, and water).
Ruya finally had a stroke of luck when she was twenty-two, when her uncle came to the hobby store to buy model paint. Knowing the last name of ?Hjorr? wasn?t exactly common, he took his niece to live with him and his wife in the quiet, mild countryside. There, Ruya immersed herself in college-studies, majoring in business.

When twenty-six, Ruya just got up and left, shifting back to the city and opening up her music store. After a car accident, Ruya?s jaw and knee were replaced with cybernetics. From there, she requested a brain replacement. From there, the voices came, and she learned to (somewhat) cope with them.

Now in her thirties, Ruya is once again crashing in that old apartment complex, except now it?s renovated, with her residing on the fifth floor. With the curtains drawn shut and no lights on, people wonder what the resident does. How would they know she was one of the greatest behind-the-scenses hackers, K4t4oi?


If anything needs changing, just say the word Kitty, and it's done. Hehe...kitty. Ahhh, the good old days....XD
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name : Zeke Bandy
classification : cyber replacement
nickname/code name: crusher
age : 27
sex: male
physical apperance: Zeke is 6'2 with shoulder length black hair that hangs over his green eyes . Zeke has a muscular build and a devious grin , his right arm is completely machine which he constantly customizes and is more than twice the size of his left arm with a huge fist thus being dubbed crusher. Zeke usually wears dark blue jeans and a black muscle shirt with black converse and a oversized
green hawiian shirt.
mental stability: just fine
personality: Zeke is one laid-back dude and a total woman-chaser but when its time to work he puts on his serious face.
occupation : owner of a junk shop .
cybernetics: right arm which he lost in a accident he was driving a truck filled with bombs toward an Aros building his got stuck as he tried to jump out and was blown off by the explosion .
faction: revolutionist.
weapons: a 6inch switchblade , his fist ,and molotovs
background: Zeke grew up on the street never knowing any of his family and moved around alot , not wanting to be stuck in an orphanage but he still wanted a home and a family .so eventually Zeke started to steal to make a living , first it started out as small stuff like jewelery and food but it turned into TV's and weapons so Zeke decided to get some help and met some revolutionists who then led him to the accident were he lost his arm and was then taken in by a kind hearted old junk shop owner who was years later killed by Aros soliders during a raid on Aros inc.
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[COLOR=#847348][b]Name:[/b] Type 341A5-XM
[b]Classification:[/b] Full body replica
[b]Codename:[/b] ?Lucia?
[b]Age:[/b] 50
[b]Sex:[/b] Feminine

[b]Physical Description: [/b] see attachment
Lucia stands 170 cm tall and even taller when in her service boots. Though she is enlisted as a soldier in Aros? forces, she is allowed to don plainclothes provided that she keeps hidden a control number found at her right arm. Her whole body surface is laminated with a polymer similar in appearance as human skin, making Lucia a perfect mock-up of a biological human being.
[b]Mental stability:[/b] Very stable, although there are moments after cyberbrain maintenance when Lucia?s sensory systems are assailed by random images and audio drawn from different networks. This condition is expressed in an emotional output parallel to human dementia and may last for a good half day. ?Lucia? is the only replica who is known to exhibit such a defect.
[b]Personality:[/b] Inside Lucia, right about where a human?s pituitary gland would be, is Aros? latest EmoTIon? engine. It is one of three isolated core engines that cannot be accessed in anyway except through direct disassembly of her shell. Her program is said to be patterned after the combined personalities of an Aros board member and her creator.
If one were to define Lucia?s program with just one word, the first that would come to mind is ?focused.? Completing mission objectives is always top priority and her superiors? orders are absolute. She has been known to ignore the safety of other beings because such a parameter was not specified in her instructions.
Off-duty, Lucia adopts an inquisitive persona with an unquenchable thirst for information. She likes to follow people around and try to explain their actions through logic and probability equations.

[b]Occupation:[/b] Lucia is assigned to Aros Inc.?s Information Control Division and is under direct command of the Board Members.
[b]Cybernetics:[/b] 100% illegal. Most notable is the internal design of her limbs which greatly augments her physical strength and gives her unparalleled agility. Her whole body case is made out of an alloy that eliminates noise and forms a mini-?dead-spot? inside her. Direct access to all of Aros Inc.?s satellites keeps her programs updated and enables her to crack through networks.
[b]Faction:[/b] Aros Inc.
[b]Weapons:[/b] Lucia?s structure permits her to carry nine types of projectiles which can be controlled by pressure on her palm. These projectiles range from semi-quantum acid capsules to modified explosive charges.
She has also been programmed with a default set of melee techniques that can be supplemented by calling up combat files from Aros? military database.

Quoted from Type 3415A-XM's manual:
[indent][i]Experimental Model # 341A5, dubbed ?Lucia,? was developed by Dr. Odessa Aniron in 2065 as part of a weapons research program commissioned by Aros Incorporated. It entered military service immediately after it was formally adopted in 2067. Type 341A5-XM was assigned to Public Affairs Division as a combat specialist and commanded six other cyborgs in the division?s elite Section 9

It had a major system overhaul in 2100, following an accident in the Moon?s Sea of Tranquility. Dr. Aniron and four specialists were killed. Section 9 was disbanded and the remaining three members were put in suspended animation. Only Type 341A5-XM was released. It was reinstated and assigned to the Information Control Division in 2106 where it now works as a field operative.

It has undergone 274 upgrades and 984 maintenance checks to date (refer to page 7 for its history of repairs).[/i][/indent]

[b]OOC:[/b] Please PM me if I need to edit this signup.[/COLOR]
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alright! Another Aros Inc. sign up! and a good one at that! everyone is in so far, except Holy Gunman. Please work on your characters background etc., and your in.

I'll be posting up the rpg very soon in the square, maybe as soon as later today or tommorrow, but the sign up postings will still be open for a [B]FEW[/B] days so they will close soon after it starts up.

also, I've posted up a Q&A sort of thing in the underground, it has a few other tidbits about the world of Aros Inc. you can also openly discuss the direction of the story, give me your opinions, etc.
oh yes, and Zhara, finishup your character and your in as well.

take care! Have Fun! and good Luck! :D

Alright, I'm certain that now there aren't going to be any more posts, so... the sign up thread is now officially closed, thank you all who are currently participating. I hope you all enjoy the story.

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