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Sign Up Crystal Warriors [PG-LV]


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[i]There is a hero in all of us; you just need to unleash it.[/i][/center]

Welcome, one and all, to the world of Dae'mora. A world filled with magic, monsters and mayhem.

For centuries, the monsters of Dae'mora have been neglected by the other inhabitants of their world, the Humans. Although there have been many outbreaks of beasts unleashing their fullest potential powers on the Humans, no army has every managed to take control of Dae'mora like the Humans have.

There are 3 Nations in Dae'mora, each one serving a special purpose for the survival of the Humans. The three Human-controlled nations are Treada (ruled by King Tratus), Valera (ruled by Queen Esayal) and Haydeseu (ruled by Prince Jaspin and Princess Kulayla).

Our story starts in the Captial City of Treada, Treada City, where the king is confronted by one of his servants...

Dale walked at a quick pace towards the chamber doors, he had to tell the king immediately what he had just heard. The Guards let him by and he swiftly trotted inside, right infront of the king.

Dale bowed and removed the burgandy hood from his head revealing sharp blonde hair.

"Sir... this is- I barely believed it myself but- the man... he was so... strong." Dale stuttered on each word.

The king raised his hand. "Speak up boy, I'm not as young as I used to be."

"It's Elade, father... Elade has awoken." said the Prince of Treada.

The king, shocked, lowered his head and mumbled. "I knew this day would come. 50 years ago, when I was around your age, I imprisoned that evil being and encased his container with spells that only the Elvens and I would know. But it seems the day has come.. the prophecy is among us. We must retrieve the five Crystal Warriors and get them to collect the Crystals and defeat Elade once and for all.
"I managed to escape Elade's wrath once by imprisoning him, but this time I am far too old and the Elves have retreated into hiding since Elade was put away. Send a messenger to the leaders of Haydeasu, tell them it's time to unveil the Warriors."

"Yes father." said Dale. He put on his hood and briskly walked out the Chamber doors.

You are currently an adventurer that was summoned by the ruler of one of the three main kingdoms. The members accepted (there will be [b]4[/b] members accepted) will be the ones chosen by the leaders and you will all be gathered in Treada City to start you quest to find the crystals and destroy Elade.

Basically, I will choose four members to take part in my RPG, Crystal Warriors. The story will start off with the four of you just leaving Treada City and venturing into the wilderness.

I will post everyonce in a while (just to spice things up a bit) where your characters are, what day it is, etc. Some posts I will give you a mission to do (for instance, I post you talking to a Generic NPC while you are in a nearby town or village and you will get a quest to venture to the Cave of Lotus. There I will give you an OOC mission breifing with your goals and we will see how things go. Sometimes it may end in a climatic battle against a dragon, other times it may involve saving a stranded peasent. Who knows?

[b]Name:[/b] This would be where you state your characters full name and (if they have one) their nickname.

[b]Gender:[/b] Male or Female.

[b]Age:[/b] Let's stay between 18 and 50.

[b]History:[/b] Any important or interesting events that happened in your character's past from the day they were born up to the summoning of them.

[b]Personality:[/b] Your character's general behaviour. Let's just remember your character is a prophecy warrior out to save the world.

[b]Appearance:[/b] A typed out physical description is most appreciated, but a sketch or photo does fine aswell. Let's try and stay away from the generic anime character pictures (unless they are original fanart).

[b]Class:[/b] That's right! There are classes. Just state what class your character starts off as in our story.

[CENTER][SIZE=2][b]The Classes[/b][/SIZE][/CENTER]
Knight - [I]The generic hero warrior. This class is mainly a tank used to void damage off of other classes. Knights can use axes (one and two-handed).[/i]
Fighter - [i]Fighters are the main physical damage dealers out there. They are very muscular but swift. Fighters use hand-to-hand weapons (such as brass knuckles).[/i]
Priest - [i]The Priest is a magician trained in the arts of healing and protection. Priests don't use any weapons.[/i]
Wizard - [i]The Wizard is a magician trained in the arts of black magic and enfeebling. They use spells such as Thunder and Poison to kill their foes. Wizards carry staves to fend off enemies.[/i]
Thief - [i]The Thief is a stealthy assasin that hides in the shadows and strikes foes by surprise. Theives can use daggers.[/i]
Archer - [i]Archers are fighters that use bows. They can deal a lot of damage with their arrows but can also use some magic to deal extra damage. [/i]
Summoner - [i]The summoner is a magic-user that uses the spirits around them to summon elemental monsters to fight for them. Summoners use instruments and play songs to keep the moral of their summons up while fighting.[/i]
Minstrel - [i]A Minstrel is a force to be reckoned with. It is the inbetween of a Summoner and a Wizard, meaning a Minstril is a musician who can cause elemental damage using music.[/i]

[CENTER][SIZE=2][b]In Conclusion...[/b][/SIZE][/CENTER]
I'd like to remind everyone that I won't be 'controlling' this RP. I'll just be adding in storyline throughout it. Spend a lot of time thinking about and writing your sign-up because only the best get in.

Good luck to you all![/font]
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[B]OOC:[/B] I'll finish the rest later when I've thought of it.
[B]EDIT:[/B] Finally done, may edit but let me know if I should change anything.

[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Naminé Valentine

[B]Gender:[/B] Female.

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]History:[/B] Naminé grew up with her father, because her mother had died while giving birth to her, and her father treasures her because she was the last gift given to him from her mother. Naminé's father was the town's minstel which is where she thinks she got her abilities from since minstrels are born with the power, as are wizards and summoners. As a money earning occupation, he was a musician to protect the town.

Since her father was a musician, she grew up with a love for music. Naminé's first instrument was the flute that she played constantly, determined to get better so she could become as good as her father was. She played the flute for two years before her father gave her a violin. She found the violin to be harder to play since she had to get her fingers perfectly correct for the right note to sound without it being scratchy. Her father convinced her to sing as well, so after she practised both separately, she put them together and it was very harmonious.

She liked to play for the townspeople because they liked her music, she would stand in the square everyday and play something different from the day before. She usually switched instruments, sometimes she played different pieces, sometimes she sang. Whatever it was, they would oftentimes stop and listen to her music. Her father was proud of her, and that was all she wanted, though they usually gave her money, she would refuse but they insisted.

Naminé learnt a variety of instruments of all types, mainly woodwind and string, though she did learn some brass and some percussion instruments. Her favourite by far was the ocarina, she couldn't explain why but she just liked it because it was so simple with only a few beginning notes which can progress with the right combination.

Naminé's father started to teach her how to use music to cast magic. She was a fast learner and caught on quickly. She mastered the simple spells in no time and her father was forced to teach her more advanced spells before she got bored of it. Soon even her simple spells became incredibly powerful because of how much power she put into it.

Naminé was also taught by other men in the village how to fight hand-to-hand and with a variety of weapons because she begged them to, after explaining that she might not have the time to play an instrument or sing. She caught on fast and was swiftly overpowering some of the town boys that were learning as well. She was strong and she put in a lot of effort, everyone was impressed with her determination for everything.

Naminé went out one day to practise in her secluded practise area as she usually did, it was far into the forest near the town so no one could hear her music nothing would be damaged by her magic if something went wrong. When she returned as night fell her father told her a letter had come, and it bore the king of Treada's seal. She broke it with him and read it, it was a summons to the city of Treada. How he knew about her, she didn't know, but she was honoured, and knew this was an opportunity to put her skills to use. Naminé gathered all her things and took off with a goodbye to her father, her ocarina in her pocket, and the letter that sealed her fate in her hand.

[B]Personality:[/B] Naminé was always gifted with a natural talent for music and a fast learning mind. She is completely dedicated to making her father proud of her in whatever way she can, especially by showing she strongly inherited his minstrel skills. She is kind to all that returns the pleasantry and tries to please others if possible. Her love for music is great, as is her power and ability to use her music to fight. But even without her music and spells, she's a formidable foe because she is able to fight hand-to-hand well along with using a variety of weapons.

Naminé is often a calm headed person unless someone really gets to her, which isn't too often. She's a very caring person and only uses her fighting and powers because she has to for the better of others, and because it's a necessity. She misses her father since he's all alone, but she has faith that he'll be alright because he's still strong and healthy.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/1746/50nup4nt.jpg]Here[/url].

[B]Class:[/B] Minstrel, the instrument she uses is an [URL=http://img396.imageshack.us/img396/9932/ocarina9kv.gif]ocarina[/URL], though she can use any other instruments lying around or if there isn't anything she can sing, they all work the same.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Sage ?The fiend? Rashna

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 28

[B]History:[/B] Sage was born in Valera on the night of a full moon, which in his village meant he was destined for great things. But Sage never knew about his birth and what it meant until he turned 16, but when he was younger he showed a knack for being able to sneak up on anyone. It sometimes got him in trouble but his skills of escape also were impressive at a young age. Sage only took these skills as what children do. Later in his years, after his 16th birthday, his father taught him how to use knives with uncanny precision and deadliness.

This came in handy later for young Sage, he soon out did his father. The only person that was better then Sage was an old man who had settled in his village not to long after his 18th birthday. Sage had heard stories of the old man, saying he use to be a master thief. Sage?s interest in the old man grew with time, and about 6 days of hearing stories he had to see the old man. So he ventured out into the forest that lied not to far from the village, there right on the edge was a house with an old man rocking back and forth on his chair. The old man was worn and his skin drooped, gravity and time had done their damage to this man.

And as Sage approached him, the man showed lighting fast speed. Throwing daggers right past him, purposely, this was amazing to Sage. He asked the old man questions, coming every day to see what he had to say. Then one day, the old man got out of his rocker and hobbled down his porch steps. He then looked Sage straight in the eyes and told him he was a fabled thief, was the best in the three lands. Never was caught once, the old man took Sage as an apprentice. From that point in his life he learned every trick of the trade, becoming better then what any thief could match up to.

His knife throwing skills became immaculate in accuracy and how fast they were thrown. He learned how to silence his footsteps even more then he could manage, he was also taught how to escape almost anything. When Sage turned 20 he had become the master and the old man gave him a gift, he gave him a cloak that seemed to change colors with the background with a crest on it. The crest was a silver snake with a lions main, and dragon?s claws, eating it?s own tail on a black background. The old man also gave him twelve daggers, they were crafted to perfection and the handles were made of bone from a fallen dragon. Odd designs were carved into the bone to give them a more gruesome look. After he successfully became the next master thief he went home to celebrate amongst himself.

He returned to the old mans house only to find a gold dagger laced with jems and silver in the handle stabbed through his heart, that day Sage vowed to find and kill the man responsible. He now had thirteen daggers in his hands. He left his village in search of this man, and in his search be robbed wealthy lords and ladies of objects they never used and gave them to people who were suffering from there lords greed. He?s had to kill a few people to do that right thing, and because of his constant stealing and the occasional death here and there, he became better know as Sage the Fiend. And with every murder he had a very special black smith craft him a new dagger for each kill, Sage now had a total of twenty-two daggers in his collection.

The blue dagger he picked up on a job, he was told to kill someone that had been destroying the land so Sage took the job without question. He took the man directions directly to the targets home, seeing it was a massive mansion and looked out of place in the area it was stationed. He entered through a set of french doors on the tragets bedroom, just like any other job. But what he sooned discovered was his target was a very beautiful women, he found her reading a thick tomb in her library. He saw on the cover it was a magic book, this would provide to be an interesting kill for Sage.

He approched her like any other, silently making his past her stacks of books and papers that were thrown all over the floor. He made it to her and was about to finish his job when he spotted a dagger in a glass container, the blue glow pulled him away from his job. He couldn't help but open it, he took the glass panel off and took the dagger. The women spotted him and shot out of her chair, she had a horrified look on her face seeing Sage with the dagger. She spoke of the dagger itself being of a good natuer, it's glow was due to good energy that slept with in it.

Sage took the dagger willingly and did his job, taking out the women with eas but feeling the pain of killing a women of her statuer. Shortly after her death the land returned to a lush green field, Sage kept the dagger as his kill trophey. He still feels the pain of killing her and it haunts him still to this day, after that incident he had to return to his home to clear his mind and hopfully find a clue on his mentors killer.

He returned to his village one day only to find he had a summons to Treada, it said that four hero?s will meet in with the king and would receive further information upon arrival. Sage saw this as an opportunity to test his skills to there maximum. So he gathered the supplies he would need for the trip and set off, hoping to find the man who killed his teacher in his travels.

[B]Personality:[/B] Sage is a bit of a jokester, he may not look it but he does enjoy a good, thought out prank to play on his fellow man. He enjoys his trick of the trade he like's to steal things that he or others can?t afford. He tells all his friends that he keeps the items he steals, but in actuality he gives them to needy families or orphanages. He has a kind heart but doesn?t show it to strangers, trying to maintain his tough thief look. But because of his ever growing reputation his arrogance grows, so he sometimes forgets that he is only a man and can only do so much.
Appearance:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/Prince_Throne.jpg] Sage, ignore the orange lines and the chain in his arm.[/url] He's 6'0 and 180 lbs. Which is big person compared to other thieves in his trade.

[B]Class:[/B] Thief[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Laella Vyteth - Wildfire

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Age:[/B] 29

[B]History:[/B] Born into a high-classed family as a single child, Laella was spoilt from her first breath of air in the world. Her first pet was a cute fluffy monster which came with a complimentary monster handler, should the ball of fur attempt to attack anything - or anyone. Anything she pointed at when being carried through markets by her Nanny was immediately bought, even though Laella might not have even recognised it once they arrived home.

Through all the toys and attention given to the young girl, something good came of it. Laella's first story book was 'A Short Introduction to Wizardry', which her father read to her. He himself had always been interested in the magical arts, but had never quite had the knack for remembering spells and the order in which one had to arrange the words to make them effective. Being a child of just 17 months, Laella didn't really understand any of what was being read aloud to her, but she clearly picked something up from the constant daily readings. Her first words were unordered and almost unrecognisable to the human ear, but the magical sound they made was perfect. Her first words and spell were uttered at the same time.

Laella's father, Lord Vyteth, noticed the spell immediately for what it was, seeing as his eyebrows were singed by the flames errupting from his baby daughter's hand - which unfortunately had be pointing to the book, which then became a small mess on the floor.
Laella herself did not understand what she had said, but giggled that manical way babies do, and loved the result that came from her words. They became a regular thing, and the maids needed to be paid overtime each day to clean up burnt objects.
Meanwhile, Lord Vyteth had bought a second copy of 'A Short Introduction to Wizardry' and tried furiously to teach his young daughter a different spell from the basic book.

By the age of 6, it was realised by both of her parents and all of their staff in their household that Laella was clearly a prodigy. She had learned the entire introductory spellbook inside out, and was able to perform magic at parties as entertainment. She had such amazing control of her basic spells at such a young age. It was decided that she would be sent to a school of magic in the next district over in Treada's second largest city - the Scholars district. It was also decided that Laella would learn how to act as a lady, and to have special classes whilst she boarded at her school.
So, at age 8, Laella was enrolled in 'Madam Lillith's School for Young Ladies' which offered boarding, and Treada's branch of the 'Magic School of Dae'mora' which she would spend six days a week attendance.

The next ten years of her life were spent in schooling, all of which flew by. At the top of her classes in both schools, she ended up skipping ahead of her first year in the Magic School. And although completion of the school's curriculum was achieved after just eight years, Laella stayed behind for an extra two years to have access to the school library. Her teachers were more than happy to give her access to the books and scriptures the school's walls contained in exchange for help teaching their classes.

Laella was then placed under extreme stress when she was offered a job as a teacher at the Magic School, which she accepted. The amount of work that piled up on her desk each day was never-ending, and she was still trying to learn and practice magic herself. Students were awestruck by her ability to use magic, but found her classes too difficult to understand and ended up ignoring her.
When the school's head Wizards found out about the results her students were recieving, they did not care for reasons. Her innability to teach magic to others far outweighed her ability to use it, and she was fired from her position as vice-Head of Fire Magic.

So it was, at the age of 22, that Laella moved to Treada City, away from those who knew her for her magical talents and towards those who would merely assume she was another rich woman.
Here she bought a large appartment in the middle-high class district and began to learn how to fight with her magics. She was under the tuition of an extremely old man named Ronald Gritchting, who was very knowledgable in the ways of staff-wielding and dangerous magics. He was even rumoured to have been the Head Wizard in the Royal Army at some stage in his life, but no one could say when, for no one knew how long he had been alive for.

After a long and exhausting six and a half years, exactly one month before her 29th birthday, Laella decided to head back to her original home to see her parents. Along the way, she developed more fighting experience in one week than in any of her six years with the old man from Treada. Her spells were of immense power and precision, and her most powerful magics were her fires, flames and blazes. It was on her way to see her parents that she earned her nickname, 'Wildfire'.

One very unfortunate caravan was travelling along the road without guards, and was attacked. Laella was luckily within sight, and was able to blast the monsterous beasts into oblivion. When greeted, she was congratulated on her victory and thanked graciously. The caravan travelled with her to her home city, where the travellers Laella saved spread the word of a fierce battle between tremendous beasts and a quick-thinking mage, faster than a wildfire.
The nickname stuck, and she gained a new reputation as the greatest female Wizard ever to live in Treada. Of course, Laella knew this was not true, but she thought to herself, "Why spoil their fun?" and in her most lady-like manner, just smiled and waved.

[B]Personality:[/B] Ever since her first words, Laella had been a child prodigy. Learning was her forte, and reading a hobby. The extra attention (earned from being such a fast learner) - or in other words, study and work - led to the poor young woman becoming overly stressed. The added stress at younger ages led to a slight fracturing of Laella's emotional patterns.
She was and still is an ever-pleasant woman, but when placed under pressure she becomes slightly agitated and in worst-case-senarios often loses the ever important concentration needed to cast spells.
Always polite to whomever she may be talking to, Laella never resorts to foul language, keeping as lady-like as possible. A quick-witted woman, she is hard to insult.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://www.blizzard.com/inblizz/fanart/images/screens/ss176.jpg][U]Click[/U][/URL] (Laella is the female character in red robes)
~ A great many thanks to Mahamari Tsukitaka, the original fan-artist ~

[B]Class:[/B] Wizard

~ Thanks for the tips Lrb, my mind was a little foggy last night ><'' ~

[B][EDIT]:[/B] I just saw how long my character's history was, sorry for the long read guys ^^", got carried away. I hope it's up to par.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][CENTER][COLOR=#990033][b]Name:[/b][COLOR=black] Yavela Dubrin [COLOR=#990033]"Yavie" [/COLOR][/COLOR]
[b]Gender[/b]: [COLOR=black] Female [/COLOR]
[b]Age[/b]: [COLOR=black]21[/COLOR] [/CENTER]

[b]History:[/b] [COLOR=black] Yavela was born into a life that not many could imagine, in the wilderness of Valera. Her father was a high knight for Queen Esayal in which he was dubbed "The Red Knight" for legend held it that whatever mission he was sent on, he would come back with his armor covered in the enemy's blood with a look so fierce that even the bravest of knights cowered. However, despite this tale, her father was kicked out service and was banished from entering Valera and would be killed on spot if entering any of their cities.

Instead of moving to a new nation, they lived out into the wilderness where not many travelers dared to go for there was rumored to have been many dangerous beasts, dark magic, and other horrific things. However, life in the wilderness was not so bad, you just had to be more cautious. Her father never told her why he was banned from the knights to make them live this way, but she even so she loved him dearly. She grew up in a camp with nine brothers and her father. Eventually, travelers and people who were homeless found there way to the camp and they let them stay with them since they had no where else to go. Yavela's mother died long ago giving birth to her only younger brother, Edon when Yavela was four years old.

The only female presence that played an important role in her life was ol' Miss Pine. An old woman who was abandoned by her grandchildren in the wilderness so they could benefit from her gold. She was a kind old woman and looked after Yavela, but nothing could replace the bond that was between her and her father. One day, however, her life would take a turn that would change it forever.

One day when Yavela was only at 16 she was given the task to hunt for some food and fur for clothes for her family when some wizard bandits had discovered their camp thinking they were thiefs and were hiding treasure. They raided the camp, destroying the homes and tents that were built, and killed everyone in sight. She came back with a bear fur in her hand and game in the other only to discover the blood of her brothers and father at her feet. It did not take her long for her to bury them but for her it felt like hours. Before burying her father, she took a locket he carried in his pocket which contained the letters E.L on them.

It wasn't shortly after that she realized that she had not discovered the body of Edon, her youngest brother. There was no ransom note, no body, but she knew there could only be one thing that could have happened to him and that was that the wizard bandits had taken him hostage. Why? Yavela never did find out why or where he went. Her father's misterious banishment. Her family being murdered. She begun to think even her mother's death could have been set up. Her father had always had high hopes for Yavela, saying she looked like her mother and would one day make a great lady. For her, her father was her hero and she wished she could be just like him one day.

It was that day that she changed from her mother's last name, Maekros, to Dubrin after her father. She would make sure they would remember that name once more, and she would create her own legend. She would kill the wizard bandits who destroyed her family. She would find her younger brother and would discover her father's past. For the next five years, she traveled to different nations and trained with her father's sword and became a skilled fighter then she could ever believe for her to be possible. It was then that she was summoned. Little did she know, that her anwsers would soon come to her quicker then she ever expected. [/COLOR]

[b]Personality:[/b] [COLOR=black]Yavela has always had a sharp mind. When she was younger, she loved to read books and stories and is great with strategies. That's probably why she is never the first one to approach someone. She seems to also have a split personality, in battle she is aggressive. She is also very opinionated and has a tendency to not see other's points of views right away.

She can be impatient when something she finds is important. Ever since the bandits, Yavela has had a hard time opening up to people, especially magic users. Ever since the incident, she has grown hatred for magic and the people who use it. Since most people know of magic, she tends to not socialize much. At heart she really is a good person and sometimes emotional but puts up a cold shield so she doesn't get hurt.

Despite her living with nine brothers, she can be quite feminine. She often likes to say "Just because I'm a knight, doesn't mean I can't be a lady as well" to those who scoff at her being a female knight. It's just one of those pet peeves that she can't stand. If you get on her good side, then she will be the person to go through when you have a serious problem. However, if you get on her bad side, it's best if you wait for some of the heated arguements and a few headaches. [/COLOR]

[b]Appearance:[/b] [COLOR=black][URL=http://www.ragnarokonline.jp/image/gamedata/character/charimage_large/Knight_Female.jpg] - link - [/URL][/COLOR][COLOR=black]
Yavela has a strong posture and a slim figure although that is almost always hidden in armor whether it be metal or leather. She is extremely tall for her age, with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair that hangs just above her shoulders. She often wears a silver headband to hold her hair back. Yavela is considered beautiful but she would rather be called fierce. She once had long hair but cut it to appear boyish and rough, but instead it just made her appear more innocent to men.[/COLOR]

[b]Class:[/b][COLOR=black] Knight [/COLOR]

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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Andro Piot

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] 29

[b]History:[/b] Andro was born into a family stricken by poverty. His father farmed and raised enough livestock to keep his family alive, and his mother fought to keep her malnourished child alive. Living in such unhealthy conditions, Andro fell ill immediately after birth, and showed no sign of recovering. All hope had been lost, and the baby?s funeral had been prepared, when a priest recruiting holy men for his cause. He came from the Piot Monastery; a monastery known for their ability in white magic. In a moment of sheer luck, Andro was sold to the monastery, and guaranteed to become a strong man by the time his training had finished.

He was taken away at the age of two weeks, and upon reaching the Piot Monastery, was given extensive medical treatment. He recovered miraculously thanks to the white magic of the Priests residing there. Andro would grow and learn the same magic that had saved his life. He was trained extensively in both the realms of the mind and the body and was given a strict regiment by which he grew in skill of magic. By age 20, he had learned all there was to know from the Piot Monastery. He had all the required virtues, skills in magic, and knowledge of a Piot Priest. He had exceeded all expectations cast upon him. A baby on his deathbed had grown to a man of frightening strength and skill of white magic.

He remained at the Piot Monastery for the next nine years, honing his skills close to the point of mastery, training new recruits, and tending to the sick and needy. His life was complete in his eyes, and he desired only to help those less fortunate than he. There was a constant peace in his life, learning from the dying and sickly, that great wisdom and worth lay within their riddled bodies. He composed thoughtful poetry containing his daily meditations on nature. He prayed on the meaning of life, and found the answer within himself.

The solitude of the Piot Monastery was holy and undefiled - one untouched by time or hate or sadness. He sanctified himself, and found an unspeakable inner-peace.

Life as he knew it would change forever upon being summoned.

[b]Personality:[/b] Andro is humble, generous, charitable, and pleasant to both friends and enemies. His mild-mannered demeanor and calm attitude seem to subdue those around him from emotions such as panic and fear. He seldom grows angry or impatient externally, as he is practiced an maintaining a quiet façade, but on the inside, very human emotions exist. His unrivaled skill of self-control and repression are valuable assets on dangerous missions, and working with naïve or brash people.

Andro is a man of justice, and constantly hungers to help the poor and plead with the rich to help the impovershed. The issue is very close to his heart, due to both his family's history, and the deeply engrained teachings of the Piot Monastery. The topic of discussion is a very volatile one with him - the only topic that could lead the peaceful monk to great emotion and passion.

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y170/retri_trib/androcrop.jpg ][link][/url]
Andro?s blonde hair reaches to shoulder length, and compliments his dark blue eyes. He stands at average height, and has an athletic build from years of physical training during his study of magic. He usually wears white robes decorated with different shades of blue and small patterns inscribed on areas covering his vital points, which provide wards against physical and magic attacks.

He treads lightly upon the earth, gracefully taking every step. His internal peace is easily externally reflected in his daily mannerisms - he is always clean and exudes a gentle white vibrance. He speaks softly, as if he might shatter if his voice were to be raised. Even his words are soft - never harsh, offending, or ignorant, in his daily quietude.

[b]Class:[/b] Priest[/size]
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[color=#333333]Well, I honestly did not expect to get this many sign-ups overnight. A couple problems so far.

[b]Satori[/b], your sign-up is coming along very well but I guess what I didn't make clear enough was that nobody knows who the Crystal Warriors are yet. You are all being summoned to be tested.

[b]EDIT:[/b] Also, Mage is not a class. I'm assuming you meant Wizard?

That's it so far. Looks good, guys. Take your time.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#006aaf][SIZE=1][b]Name:[/b] Rain Avella [Goes by "Ray"]
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Age:[/b] 22

[b]History:[/b] The Avella family resided in a small city in west Haydeseu. Ray (born "Rain Imoko Avella") was the second of five children, and the only girl in the bunch. This is most to blame for her very boyish attitude. She was closest to her older brother, Dhiro. He was five years older than her, and he took care of her when their parents were busy, as he did all of his siblings. About three months after her youngest brother was born, Ray's father was killed in a beast attack. She was seven, and this was the first real important death any of the children had to deal with, though Marx, still a baby, was too young to understand.

Ray went through a period of about six weeks, where she avoided everyone and spent everyday in the woods where her father was killed, looking for the murderous monster. Her father had been a hunter, using a myriad of devices to catch the animals that lived in the Praer woods beside their small city. He had let her try out his bow a couple of times, letting her practice with sticks. When she went into the woods, she brought his arrows. On the last day of her temporary depression, she ran into the beast.

She was an accidental expert. She hadn't even thought of how she was going to kill it when she started going out there, but she grabbed an arrow, aimed it, and released it. The rest of her shots were unaimed, but true to their mark. When she'd opened her eyes, the beast lay squirming and howling on the ground with both its eyes shot out, its nose poked with several arrows, and its neck and chest bleeding. The last arrow went through its heart, killing it quickly. Returning back to her home happy for the first time in almost two months, she brought back two of the beast's fangs and handed them casually to her mother, asking if she'd sew them onto her headband.

After that, Ray continued to use her father's bow and arrows, practicing with fruit on her brothers heads (even though they protested somewhat) for both still and moving target practice. She also became stealthy enough to sneak around them and shoot trick shots from trees above them without them noticing. She trained this way for over five years, and had become so skilled, some of the other city residents would ask her to show off at festivals, and go hunting with them (even though she was only twelve). Then, when Dhiro planned to move to the Capital City of Haydeseu, she decided to go along. Marx was now a toddler old enough for schooling, and the twins were both eight and already in schooling. They said good-bye to their mother and set off for the Capital City.

Ray and her brother were not used to city life, and it took them a while to adjust. Well, actually, it was more like the [i]city[/i] had to adjust to [i]them[/i]. Ray served as sort of a beast catcher and was seen practically everyday riding a large creature down some of the less busy streets of town, while Dhiro spent most of his time taming anyone from drunks to famous criminals as a mercenary. These were very unusual jobs, and to be brought so much attention by two out of towners was a big deal. After about two years, they'd raised enough money to move out of their small abode and buy a large home towards the center of the city, where most of their 'jobs' were.

Now fifteen, Ray had become the youngest professional beast hunter in Haydeseu's history. She was even paid more than some of the more famous hunters. However, she somehow managed to avoid getting a big head, and people would ask her in the pubs she went to with Dhiro why she hadn't used her fame to her advantage. Her brother credited it their humble beginnings, but she believed it was the idea of her father. But she didn't like dwelling on his death, so she often agreed with Dhiro's theory for her 'audiences'.

The beasts did eventually adapt to her use of plain, metal-tipped arrows. That was when she consulted a popular wizard, where he gave her three bracelets filled with magic. He couldn't specify for her, because not even he knew what was in them. All he knew was that it would become whatever she needed it to be at that moment, and would never run out. After his price was met, she left with her bracelets. But she never used them. Or at least, she didn't for a long time. She was fearful - genuinly [i]afraid[/i] - of what powers they held, and refrained from using them as long as she could. In fact, it was another five years before she did.

Ray used the magical bracelets once. It was during a hunt down one of the less populated sects of the Capital City, when she felt she was about to be killed by th wild, bloodthirsty creature, and ended up blowing the beast to bits. Of course, the incident would've been big news, had not King Tratus and the other rulers of the sections of Dae'mora announced a search for the warriors of prophecy. The news caught her attention, and she was startled when she was told she was being summoned to Traeda City. She parted with Dhiro, and brought along with her the weapons she'd grown close to, her new (even after five years) bracelets, and a photo of her family, back when she still lived in her small west Haydeseu town.

[b]Personality:[/b] Ray is very tomboyish, as you can tell by her nickname, which she chose herself. She enjoys playing around, and is very happy and bouncy most of the time. She hates having to be lady-like, and would rather go running around than have a formal dinner at home. Of course, she knows how to be civil and proper and no matter how much she detests it, she accepts the fact that it is necessary to be so at times. However, she does as best she can to keep the number of times she has to be to a minimum. She also gets upset when people think little of her for being a girl, when she is actually one of the most skilled archers Dae'mora has today.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Ray was named Rain for her practically translucent, crystal blue eyes, and as she grew older, her long, flowing blue hair fit her name as well. Ray wears a gray tanktop, blue gloves, a small, navy blue skirt, gray sandals, and keeps her hair out of her face with a headband that is decorated with embroidered waves and two large beast fangs. Her legs have many cuts and scrapes from her climbing and jumping between trees, but they don't bother her much. She stands at a height just above average (around 5'9"), and is very light and skinny, which makes getting to high, hidden places easy. She also wears a couple of bracelets that seem to be full of something like water that she uses to enhance her arrows with.

[b]Class:[/b] Archer

OOC: Amazingly enough, I'm [i]still[/i] not finished with the History section. xD I wrote too much for this. ~.~ Oh well. Hope I get in! (This idea is awesome, by the way. ;'D)

EDIT: Finally finished! Had to get it done before posting in the Arena thread. >.<; Not much added, but enough.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=darkgreen]Really excited about this, kudos to you!

[b]Name[/b]: West Atoulo

[b]Gender[/b]: Male

[b]Age[/b]: 22

[b]History[/b]: It was a cold night during the winter season when a black smith found a baby boy on the stoop of his work house. No note or name was left with him, just a baby blue blanket covered him from the cold. Being the kind man he was the black smith took him in as his own and named him West after his previous child who had passed away. Growing up in the outskirts of Haydeseu was difficult at times, but the different weapons and tools West's adopted father sold made just enough for the two of them.

At an early age West showed lots of interest in music. He would constantly "borrow" his father?s tools and pound on pots and pans as if they were drums. One day the wood carver who lived next to them noticed West playing his imaginary drums and invited over to his home. It turned out that the wood carver had been a summoner back in his younger days, there fore he knew much about music and West became good friends with the man.

West would visit the wood carver everyday and learn more and more about music notes, beats, rudiments, and other musical essentials. West would do nothing but practice during his spare time and loved every moment of it. For his birthday West's father and the carver worked together to make a set of black wood tenor drums, hooked together and tightened by his father's handy work.

As West's lessons continued, the carver tested him to see if he had the ability of summoning. When West was able to summon a small fire creature they both that the blood of a summoner ran through his vains. He started to learn more about the art of summoning elemental creatures. His talent in summoning was equal to his playing and the people of Haydeseu would come to sometimes watch him perform a show of music and summoning. West's life was going good for him, and he would perform for money, which helped him and his father. It wasn't until West was 15 that something happened that would change the way he lived.

West had left home for the day to visit a summoner in downtown Haydeseu, one who was very well known and very strong. West had a great time and didn't return home till very late. Though, when he arrived both his home and the carver?s house had been burned down. Many people thought it had been an accident, West's father must had left the fire going in his work shop and some hay had caught on fire and then it spread to the carvers.

The accident devastated West and for a while he lost all interest in his dream of being a summoner. He had no where to go and decided maybe he would find a living in Treada City, the capital of Dae'mora. So he set off with his drums and journeyed to Treada. There he met many people who were like him. He was inspired by many different people to continue his dream of being a summoner each one of them impacted his out look at life and he realised it wasn't going to be easy.

West's life at the moment is good, but he still struggles. He travels from place to place performing for people who give him a few coins. Usually there will be a kind person like his father was who takes him in for the night and gives him a nice meal, but West never over stays his welcome, in fear of losing the people he may come to love.

[b]Personality[/b]: West is a care free and spirited young man who cares deeply about people, but ever sense the death of his father and friend he is afraid to get attached to people because he thinks they may die and then he will feel the pain of loneliness. Asides from that though he very cheerful to everyone he meets, unless he has a feeling they?re a no good trouble maker. He is easily amused and has a big heart as well. He really likes children and likes telling them stories or performing for them (free of charge). He likes to joke around and isn?t shy. If he sees a stranger who looks upset he?ll try to cheer them up as best as he can. West is very brave and would give his life for anyone even if they?re a complete stranger.

[b]Appearance[/b]: [URL=http://images.deviantart.com/i/2003/41/0/9/Floating_Wess.jpg]West[/URL] He stands at about 5'10'' and weighs about 170 lbs. with a muscular build. If you can't tell, his eyes are yellow. In the picture that's linked West's hair is wet, normally he spikes it up so it doesn't get in his eyes. The outfit is the one he wears most often.

[b]Class[/b]: Summoner. The instrument he uses is the [URL=http://www.pearldrum.com/images/CarbonPlyTenors.jpg]Tenor Drums[/URL]. They are attached on the sash around his chest (held on his back). When he wants to use them he turns the sash around and the Tenors become level at his waist. He keeps two pairs of mallets on his belt.[/size][/color]
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Well, these are sign-ups are all looking very impressive. Although unfortunately I come baring bad news.

The adventure, Crystal Warriors, will not be launching for at least another week (4 days if we are lucky). Even though I am now out of school for two weeks, I still have much to do including Christmas Eve Service, Christmas Day get togethers, Birthdays, Anniversaries... The list goes on.

But with bad news, good news is always sure to follow. I have added another class to the list in my first post. Minstrel is at the top with a short description. So go ahead and read it.

[b]EDIT:[/b] The list is here.

[CENTER]Naminé Valentine - Minstrel
Yavela Dubrin - Knight
Andro Piot - Priest
Rain Avella - Archer[/CENTER]

I'll PM those accepted when I start the adventure. It may be a couple days though. To those that weren't accepted (especially KKC), good luck next time. The decision was horribly difficult for me to make and took 2 days longer then I had thought it would. Thanks, everyone.[/color]
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