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Dragon Warrior

Sign Up Fell Took [PG-13] [Character Profiles]

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[size=1][FONT=Arial]Please Make Note That This Is An Invite RPG And Only Those Invited May Participate.[/font][/size][/center]


Once upon a time, there was a path that split reality from the make-believe. Once you cross this path, your imagination will run wild as figments of fairy tales and stories of old come true and cause both beautiful and horrific truths. One side of the path was our world, normal and significant. The other was a place far more perilous and unimaginable. They called it Fell.

Those who enter Fell never return, but somehow tales of what Fell is like seeps out into our realm and plants curious thoughts in our heads. But if there's one thing for sure, Fell is a dangerous, evil place with something all humans fear--magic. Every man, woman, and child in the mortal realm shuns magic and users of the sort, therefore if you're caught or accused of being a witch or warlock, often the punishment is death. But some are much crueler. Some may commit you to a life of damnation by hurling you into Fell where you'll never return, but forever wanting to.

This is the tale of five individuals, who wish to escape the injustice of the world of Fell. Their long journey is filled with peril and madness. One is a famed witch hunter from the West, another is his loyal sidekick, then there are two mischievous witches (well, actually, one's a warlock), and finally their talking cat. Little do they know that once they enter Fell and are on their way to escape it, they have a much larger journey to embark on... that may lead to their deaths...

It begins when that one famed witch hunter and his accomplice enter a small village late at night...


[b]Dragon Warrior[/b] - [i]August Took, The Hunter[/i]
[b]Gavin[/b] - [i]Wilhelm Hasburg, The Inventor[/i]
[b]Sage Kaley[/b] - [i]The Witch[/i]
[b]RiflesAtRecess[/b] - [i]The Warlock[/i]
[b]Ozymandius Jones[/b] - [i]Widdershins, The Cat[/i]
[b]Citrus[/b] - [i]The Princess[/i]


[left]Okay, ladies and gents, welcome to Fell Took. Just a reminder, this is a darker fairy tale, but it doesn't mean it can't have lighter sides to it such as happy parties with the poor villagers or romance under the stars. It's a fairy tale, after all. Keep to mind while posting to include aspects of fairy tales in it such as trees coming to life or little animals showing us the way out of the forest. It's all very simple and can be loads of fun.

A major thing is to not post until your character really needs to be included in the story. This can suck for some of you, especially Citrus, but if your character shows up way too early, it ruins the story. For example, using Citrus again, she's a Fellen Princess, so if the five travelers aren't even in Fell yet, it'd be completely pointless for her to post, especially considering her purpose isn't even needed to be fulfilled yet. Now then, speaking of which...

The plot is simple. You are already aware of what Fell is like--one large fairy tale. The main plot doesn't really start until we meet Cirtus, whose character is very crucial to the story. At the beginning, my character and Jokopoko's will arrive in the village where a little later, the witch, the warlock, and the cat will cause some kind of accident involving their magic that will get the five of us banished into the woodland entrance of Fell. After that, we need to find a way out. On our way, we'll meet the Fellen Princess who will ask us to complete some major quest (which the RPG will be based around) and in return, get us back home.

There's no chapter system nor do we have a posting order. It's just simple... post when you want unless your character is unable to be entered yet. Witches and cat, you need to think up a good reason for getting the [i]five[/i] of us banned. There it has to be a reason why Jokopoko and me are seemingly involved in the crime. I think that's all. Quests can be posted in the Fell Took Library in the Underground.[/left]


[left][b]Name:[/b] You all know how fairy tales are. Depending on your character, choose a wise name. Make it sound like something from a story of magic. Check out the name Widdershins for example.
[b]Role:[/b] This is simple. Put down whatever your role is up in the cast list. For example, I'm the Cowboy Witch Hunter
[b]Appearance:[/b] What they look like. This should be obvious. (But not so obvious that the witch is wearing a flippin' pointed hat)
[b]Being:[/b] Describe them through personality to their past. NOTE: Some characters, for mysterious reasons, may have little to nothing here. This is so we keep their character more secretive for plot reasons. But if your character can have information on them, so be it. The ones you probably can have information here are me, Jokopoko, possibly the witches, and maybe even the cat. It's a choice you make.[/left]

That about sums it all up. All questions and comments go to the Library thread in the Underground, please. Once we have all profiles made, the RPG will begin!

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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][B]Name: [/B]Widdershins the Black.

[B]Role:[/B] The Cat

[B]Appearance: [/B]Widdershins is an average sized house-cat, maybe a foot and a half feet tall when seated upright. She is an even black from nosetip to tailtip, no traces of white anywhere. Even her nose is black. Her eyes are strange for a cat: grey-blue and sparkling with an uncanny intelligence. [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v257/OzymandiusJones/magic2.jpg]Picture.[/URL]

[B]Being: [/B]Widdershins is very much a cat. She likes attention [when it doesn't come in the form of little children pulling her tail] but she won't beg for it. As a matter of fact, she likes it much better when people beg [i]her[/i] to pay attention to [i]them[/i]. She's very picky as to who can pet her.

Widdershins started life as a typical kitten, black from birth. Life as a black cat was hard in these trying times, she ofter found herself on the run from towns, accused of being a familiar, or an understudy to the witches and warlocks good, upright citizens always feared. She was never really harmed, but spent many nights in the wild, alone, threatened by both the wild animals, who viewed her as domesticated, and the towncats, who viewed her as a threat.

All this changed when she met the them... A witch and a warlock, who - to her - are merely called the Two, not out of a disdain for their names, but because Widdershins, as a cat, will not call a loved human by anything but their Names, which is something humans are horribly unaware of. Not knowing their names, she merely calls them the Two.

The Two have Widdershin's entire loyality; although being a cat, she would never show it. They never use her as a familiar, nor anything else that makes the cat uncomfortable, and Widdershins willingly acts as their eyes and ears in towns where only a cat can go unnoticed.

Very rarely will she speak when confronted with a stranger; if she does speak to a stranger, it is either in insults or riddle poems that confound the questioner for long enough for Widdershins to take off.

None of them know how Widdershins aquired the ability to speak; only that one day, after meeting the Two, she woke up and was able to communicate what she was thinking, in the tounge of humans, none-the-less! This tends to be both a help and a hinderance, as the cat speaks her mind, and doesn't take kindly to small minded humans. She does NOT like being called anything but "Widdershins". No Kitty, no Shins, no Puss, and [i]specifically[/i] no "Widdy". She will enforce this preference with her claws. She also doesn't like water, but will venture near it if it means getting a fish.

As a cat she does have some minor abilities, all centered around sensing the true nature of things; magical and supernatural creatures have issues keeping her from sensing what they are.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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[left][b]Name:[/b] August Took
[b]Role:[/b] The Hunter
[b]Appearance:[/b] August runs by an average of 6'2" in height and that's without his hat. Being from the West, he dresses as a cowboy with the authentic cowboy hat, long dark brown trench coat, dark brown pants, black boots, dirty white shirt, brown vest, and brown gloves. He has long, brown hair that reaches his shoulders and a little past. His hat often obscures his eyes. He tends to have a bit of ruggedness around the chin region--shaving isn't his favorite activity. He's taken a fancy to pistols, of course, so he dons two at his waist and a few extra elsewhere. He equips himself with a simple shotgun on his back for larger and/or longer-ranged quarry. He's a skilled marksman. His inventor companion, Wilhelm, often makes him customized bullets for each creature or prey he has to hunt. Some are meant for witches, some werewolves, some monsters of the deep. Whichever, he has it. He has been known to swordplay a little, but don't expect it very often.
[b]Being:[/b] August Took--or by those who respect him, it's just Took--is one of the world's most acclaimed witch (and other mystical creatures) hunters and has never met defeat before. With the help of his long time friend Wilhelm Hasburg, he is always prepared for dangers from the abnormal and fairy tale-esque.

Growing up in the United States, he was taught the basics of gunplay by his father, Lucious Took. The fatherly figure that he was made August the man he is today and it was truely a tragic shame when Lucious died. A bewildering fire that engulfed the small town they called home was what set him to rest and August wasn't even there. To return to ashes and dead souls was hard. No one can tell him what started the fire, but eventually he gave up trying to figure it out. After that, a series of unfortunate occurrances gave way to August's rough and unnatural life. He began drinking, smoking, and even killing. He became a true outlaw of the west.

That is, until he was caught. Nearly hanged, he was, but the rope snapped from being chewed through by rodents that made a nest in the marshall's jailhouse. He dropped to the ground, snatched one of his hidden pistols, and laid two men down in a second. The others ran, but eventually were taken out as well. Before the marshall could arrive to see what was all the hub-bub, August Took had already high-tailed it out of there, never to return to the west again.

He stowed-away on a vessel headed to England where he made his new life. It didn't start out as well as he had planned (he started drinking again), but he was recognized for his expert killing techniques and eventually given numerous jobs to shoot wild animals. After that, he was put on jobs to actually kill mystical creatures. It just so happened that they were a bit more difficult, but he was beginning to become quite good at taking out witches (mainly because most of them were just trying to live peaceful lives and meant no harm, even to a witch hunter). He was soon a witch hunter all around the world, and has even returned to the west from time to time. But not even the marshall in that town would try locking up such a dangerous and respected individual. Not even if he has a criminal past.

It was, of course, Wilhelm who had helped him a lot, but never seemed to get any credit. After all, it was Took who was doing all the killing. But he wouldn't be anywhere without Wilhelm and the two ride horseback across the countries and continents, taking out the slime and magical souls that envelop our fair world. Nothing can stop this untouchable duo...

... until now, of course.[/left]

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[SIZE=1][B]Name[/B]: Princess Celeste

[B]Role[/B]: The Princess of Fell

[B]Appearance[/B]: Unlike many princesses of Fell, Celeste is actually quite the beauty. Long blonde hair runs down to right above her behind. To match, she has icy looking blue eyes. Other princesses around Fell have been jealous of her, sometimes sending trolls to kidnap her. Her height and weight are other features that tend to make the other princesses green with envy.

Celeste finds herself standing at about 5?7?? and weighing in at 109 pounds. Her dress, which is a light blue, hugs itself around her slim build. Small snowflakes decorate the sleeves, as well as around the bottom of the dress. Many say that she is snow based with her features and her clothing, but Celeste says that she just loves nature in general.

When Celeste is out and about she wears a small vest and some leathery pants. The vest and pants are both a dark brownish color. She made them both herself, a mage of the cloth is she.

[B]Being[/B]: To be disclosed?[/SIZE]

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[font=trebuchet ms][U]Name:[/U] Davey Nightwind

[U]Role:[/U] The Warlock

[U]Appearance and Being condensed:[/U] Jet black hair covers gray eyes of sorrow. Has the look of a murderer, the true essence of his soul never appears due to insanity. He jumps back and forth between calm and crazy. He is obssessed with sharp objects, namely knives, and carries scores of them in a cloak like an alley dealer. Carries vials of poison with him always, he sabotages people, he fixes events, he knows when it'll rain. He is a murderer, he needs to do all of this, he has to know all of this, or he'll never stop watching his back. He dresses like the night because he is the night. The night wears black leather and stars of straps with silver buckles, auroras of rings. Rings of every color. Rings containing screams of the innocent, tears of sadness, and the warmth of love, among other things. These are his power. With out them, he is nothing. He uses a special knife which he made himself. There is no decoration on the hilt save a diamond-shaped hole at the bottom. His trick is that he picks a ring, unscrews the top of the ring containing the gem and screws it gem-first into the end of his hilt. Each ring represents a different power, a different emotion.

All of this is known just from chance sightings when Davey was less cautious. Here are some other things you may have heard about him, truth is debatable.

They say that he at one point took a prince captive and demanded ransom from the king. By the time the money came to him, Davey had already gone insane and killed the prince in a fit of anger.

They say that he's in cahoots with another. A certain female witch, a con artist. She makes a mistake, he cleans up the mess.

The story goes that he was an innocent young boy, raised by an abusive father. Father killed mother, Davey grabbed her hand and screamed at father... and monsters came out of her wedding ring and ate the man down to his skeleton. Since then, he snapped, calm sometimes, and insane others.

Maybe he just pretends to be insane. Who knows?[/font]

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[B]Name:[/B] Illiya

[B]Role: [/B] The Witch

[B]Appearance:[/B] Illiya is just an average looking young woman, really! Well, sometimes she?ll use her illusions to change her hair color or her eyes?and once she did fix her nose. At any rate, her normal self is fairly, er, normal. Raven black hair that falls down to her mid-back, sometimes braided though her braids are always messy. Her eyes are wider, blue and usually staring at something just off to the left. She looks rather spacey actually and tends to have a bemused smile on her face. Her clothes are common as well, a simple dress and traveling cloak where she keeps a few special perfumes. But you don?t need to know about those, oh no no!

[B]Being:[/B] Don?t bother asking Illiya how old she is, she?ll most likely explain it in flower years and flowers have much different years than humans. Or witches for that matter. And don?t ask where she came from, because she?ll point a different way each time and explain that there?s a cabin?or a mansion, or a palace or a cave?well some place where she was born with her parents, or wolves or giants or a funny little man with a strange accent. Illiya isn?t so much fond of confusing people as she?s just a confusing person herself. Her speech tends to be random and the information changes constantly.

What can she tell you? She?s very good at illusions, it?s her specialty. She?ll go from village to village, weaving her spells, enchanting the masses and taking their gold. It?s not mean though, oh no! It?s a game, yes yes? Everything is a fun game and it?s how she makes her living. She also has her perfumes but those are for emergencies, oh yes. Illiya would much rather just spin her hypnotic spells, because they make people very happy! Or at least, they seem to.

Illiya has two companions she?s fond of, although it can be argued she?s fond of everyone. A warlock and a cat. The warlock joins her in her game, fixing her mistakes when she loses. The cat however is a special friend rather than a partner in the game. Illiya likes her very much and sometimes rambles to her. The cat says funny things sometimes, Illiya likes the cat, yes she does.

Overall, Illiya is a fine witch, a happy witch and well, rather loopy. But no one holds that against her.

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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Wilhelm ?Helmet? Hasburg

[B]Role:[/B] The Inventor

[B]Appearance:[/B] Grime, oil stains and safety goggles, ask people to think of three things they?d associate with Helmet?s appearance and that?s the list they?ll give you back. While Wilhelm and Took stand roughly the same height, the layers of grime and years of lab work would seem to have made him look somewhat shorter. Of course Helmet isn't really bothered by this, it's simply part of territory and besides Took is the one the ladies are interested in, while Wilhelm makes sure the pair get home safely. His black hair is mass of greasy waves, often awkwardly brushed over his ears and out of his eyes, the colour of which, a dark blue by the way, can be seen only if he removes his goggles.

His sense of dress is little better, he's the inventor, not a the rugged pretty-boy like August, his lab coat looks as if it hasn?t been washed in years, despite the fact it?s washed on a weekly basis but unfortunately dirt has no sense of time or keeping up appearances. Took is forever telling Wilhelm that if he wants to get a woman, he need to dress the part, to which Helmet often replies something about being their tech expert, and then under his breath makes a disparaging remark about Took?s mother. Underneath the coatings of dirt, scientist paraphernalia and anti-beings-of-numinous-origins weapons, Helmet isn't actually a bad looking fellow, his body was what you'd call chiselled at one time, but he seems to have let go in his training regime, still so very few women are ever interested in Helmet he?s concentrated more on his work than himself.

Before meeting up with Took in England, Wilhelm himself was a solo hunter of being-of-numinous-origins relying on a mixture of brute strength and his technical expertise. Unfortunately a run-in with a den of werewolves in France went real bad, real fast for him leaving him with more than two dozen scars across his torso, legs and arms. Of course very few people have seen his scars, and assume the genial tech expert leaves all the fighting to Took, August himself has seen them but the pair have never spoken about them for a very obvious reason, 98% of those scratched or bitten by werewolves die, the other 2% become werewolves themselves and Helmet doesn?t seem to fit in either territory. In terms of weaponry, Helmet is a man of many talents, August is the better shot, but Wilhelm is a mean man with a blade and is forever trying to give Took lessons to keep him alive longer.

[B]Being:[/B] Helmet and Took, the pair are a household name in the witch hunting business, the go-to guys when your neighbours start taking in black cats and mumbling over bubbling cauldrons. But of course the pairing wasn?t always so, and just as some strange twist of fate brought August into the witch-hunting business, Helmet has a mildly interesting story as to why he does what he does.

Nearly forty years ago, Wilhelm Hasburg was born in the German city of Munich, his parents were very ordinary folk, his father Heinrich was the owner of Heinrich Hasburg & Sons steel mill with Helmet?s grandfather Heinrich Snr. His mother Helga was a local school-mistress and wasted no time in convincing her husband and father-in-law that their young child was a baby genius, whether or not this was simply a mother having great expectations for her child or some accurate forecast of the future is unknown. Regardless by age nine-months, when most infants are mastering such verbal challenges as ?Mama? and ?Dada?, Helmet was capable of conversing with his father as to what he wanted for dinner or when he required the use of a bathroom.

One would expect that this kind of unbelievable intelligence would open more doors to Wilhelm than they would close, but sadly a lack of human contact outside his mother, father and grandfather would cause Wilhelm to all but hate his genius. Maybe it was that he was often much younger than his peers, and so couldn?t form friendships, maybe it was the perceived pressure of being a genius. Whatever it was Helmet begun to become very insular, and by age fourteen when he had finished his secondary education, he has lost all interest in anything but reading. Helmet would shut himself in his room for days at a time, just reading, regardless of the language as he spoke for than three dozen fluently.

Helmet?s bubble burst however when the mill began to fail financially, his grandfather was devastated and took to both the bottle and the bed, before long Wilhelm said goodbye to his grandfather for the last time. His father became obsessed with trying to save the mill, his father?s legacy and would pester his son for hours upon end for ways that it might be saved. Helmet loved his father, but the mill simply couldn?t content with cheaper imported steel from the Orient and despite his father?s tears Wilhelm informed his father that nothing could be done. Helmet was sixteen when the mine finally closed, his father had aged a decade physically in less than eighteen months and much as he tried to find some other niche in life to fulfil he just couldn?t seem to find anything that made him happy.

Maybe it was fate, maybe it was misfortune, who knows, but on his way to Berlin for a job application, both Heinrich and Helga were the victims of an ?animal-attack?. Of course animal attack was the word used by those who simply hadn?t the stomach to properly describe the scene, it was a massacre, and every sign pointed toward a creature that wasn?t supposed to exist, or at least that people didn?t want to believe existed... a werewolf.

They there?s a fine line between genius and insanity, and perhaps Helmet crossed that line when he had to identify his parent?s bodies, with his mastery of chemistry, metallurgy and half a dozen other subject that would be of use to him, Wilhelm started his hunt. Most people he spoke to either didn?t believe in werewolves or just didn?t want to believe in them, and he knew that werewolves like normal wolves moved in packs and often moved over great distances in very short spaces of time. Still Helmet wasn?t going to be denied his vengeance and managed to track and corner the pack in Hungary, some of the werewolves he killed in their human form, others he killed as they were naturally, but all of them he butchered, butchered them worse than they did his parents.

Once he was finished however, Helmet found he had no taste for vengeance, no taste for gore and felt ashamed by becoming much worse than the animals he had hunted. However there were those who hailed him as a savoir, a protector from the dark creatures of the Fell, and quickly Wilhelm Hasburg developed a reputation for being the best in the business for killing werewolves. Five years later at age twenty-two while hunting a pack on the outskirts of Paris, Helmet made one mistake and it nearly got him killed, the pack obviously knew that Helmet was hunting them, knew his methods, knew his strategies and planned ahead for them. A usual den has only six to eight wolves, too many mean to little food and eventually they?ll kill one another to try and survive, that is of course unless you?re expecting between six and eight casualties when a hunter calls upon your home.

Needless to say even someone with Helmet?s intelligence can be fooled, and by the time he?d realised his mistake he was already lying in a bloodied heap on the floor. The wolves themselves died before they could make sure the job was done, but either Helmet died, or he turned so either way they won. Finding himself in the situation he did, Wilhelm Hasburg, the most expert wolf killer in the business could only laugh, they?d got him and got him good, and there?s was absolutely nothing he could do about it.

Karma is a strange concept, and Helmet doesn?t really believe in it, but maybe, just maybe that all the bad in his life up until that point meant that the universe owed him, and owed him big. Still Helmet doesn?t believe in fate but chance, anything that happens could have happened a million different ways but didn?t. Finding himself bleeding to death in an abandoned barn with no way out in sight, you can imagine his relief when a young woman came upon him, an a very beautiful young woman at that. She was strikingly elegant looking, like the master piece of a great Renaissance artist or sculptor, but she dragged him out of that barn and into a near by house. The very beautiful maiden then proceeded to dress all of Helmet wounds as he lay in a half stupor and provide him with some new clothing. By the time he was fully awake again, Helmet knew he was going to change, he had less than a week.

While scouting around the house, Helmet came across a very interesting little find, or rather a lot of very interesting little finds, about two hundred of them to be precise. Stacked away in a fridge in the basement were dozens of blood-packs, all of them were A-, which just happened to be Helmet?s blood type. Realisation dawned fairly quickly on Wilhelm, the beautiful woman was a vampire, and if he didn?t think fast, he was dinner.

Let it never be said that vampires are a very old fashioned creature, true they are nearly immortal, but when it comes to technological advances, they like to keep themselves well stocked. For along with having over two hundred litres of blood in a fridge in the basement, his keeper had a very odd looking machine in an adjacent room, and for Wilhelm it provided him with a very, very unique opportunity. The saliva of a werewolf is what transmits the virus the causes the change, it moved through the bloodstream slowly, changing organs, tissue, whatever it needs to complete the transformation from man to beast. But the machine Helmet had come across would appear to be the latest endeavour of the vampires to as much sustenance out of their victims, it was a machine to suck a person's entire blood stream out of them.

Quickly removing several dozen blood packs from the fridge, Wilhelm sent them up around the machine, in theory, if he could remove all the offending saliva from his system, then the change would cease. But to do so, he would have to drain his entire blood supply and refill it, the latter of course had to be done very quickly as to avoid death. A quick set of alterations to the machine and Helmet Hasburg activated the machine, within 1 millisecond of completely draining his system, the machine would replenish his body with the blood from the packs, he just hoped it would work. Quietly, and for the first time in many years, Wilhelm said a prayer to ask for success.

Of course since Helmet is still around the process was a success, re-sanguination as he would later call it in a mental note ridded his system entirely of the werewolf virus and the job done healing his wounds by the vampire maiden would prevent all his new blood from leaking out. Maybe he should have stuck to finish the vampire, he Helmet felt he owed her a debt and moved on from Paris as soon as he was strong enough to. In London a few years later he met up with one August Took, drunk and nearly destitute. Taking the young man under his shoulder, Helmet became the tech expert of the two, leaving the killing to be done mostly by Took who of course gets all the credit, still it was Helmet?s decision to become the inventor and maybe now after all these years his genius has finally been put to good use. [/SIZE]

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